Susan Rice: ‘Not 100 percent correct’ on Benghazi, but no regrets

National Security Advisor Susan Rice insisted Sunday she used “the best information we had at the time” when she described the deadly Benghazi attack as a spontaneous protest in 2012 — but Sen. John McCain wasn’t buying it.

The Arizona Republican said he was “almost speechless” after learning of Ms. Rice’s comments on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” which marked her first interview on a Sunday talk show since her disastrous September 2012 appearances to discuss Benghazi.

“I’m almost speechless because it’s patently obvious, first of all, that Susan Rice had no reason to be on the program, she had no involvement in it [Benghazi],” said Mr. McCain on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

Ms. Rice was U.S. ambassador to the United Nations when she told several news outlets in September 2012 that the attack was a “spontaneous reaction” to an anti-Muslim video on YouTube, an account that has since been widely discredited.

“Second of all, she read talking points that we are now beginning to believe came from the White House which were absolutely false,” said Mr. McCain. “We now know that the CIA station chief on the ground sent a message immediately saying, ‘Not-slash-not spontaneous demonstration,’ and of course the information was totally misleading, totally false.”

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  • Frank Lucketti says:

    You know that mouth piece obama has in the press room is as white as you can get, but the black stain on his face and lips will never come off. I would not ever want to be in his shoes on a job interview after he is let go of his current position, because lying and nose in ass is not on any job resume I have ever read.

  • hora says:

    Liberals are piece of shit, lie and never will accept any responsibility of all shit doing, because all are mental unstable and many another mental problems. We need recover a republic and take out business all liberals, one time and forever.

  • David Hendrick Behrens says:

    That lying liberal Obama lackey. She knew that Obama and Hillary, Petraus and Panetta and others, all watched that attack live, via drone cameras and they all knew almost immediately that it was Al-Qaeda doing the attack. So she is again just trying to BS her way thru it again, as she did on TV, repeatedly pying..

  • mudguy1 says:

    Every time John MaCain opens his mouth I turn a deaf ear.

  • john says:

    No regrets, tell that to Ambassador Steven’s family. You witch.

  • I Seigel says:

    Not sure if I ever remember a headline, “Cheney not 100 percent correct on Iraq but has no regrets”. I would like to be proven wrong, if someone could provide a link to that news article. Thanks very much.

  • gort1959 says:

    The press and the people are allowing this administration to get away with murder. I think it s too late. We are doomed to mediocrity at best. Hopefully I am wrong but special treatment of the “downtrodden” political correctness, lousy education systems ran by socialists, etc. have all becomes so ubiquitous we have passed the point of no return.

  • Independence_R_US says:

    Seems liberals all get to use the Obama excuses & appoligies. Well I was wrong, but what does it matter? I know it was stupid but I was told to say it, So I’m not responsible for utter stupidity. It was Mitts fault really or maybe Fox news.

    Theses folks are full of lies & deceit. We still don’t know the truth, the folks that perpetrated this atrocity have gone unpunished. Obama & Hillary aren’t being held responsible. So it’s liberal politics as usual.

    Now we’re to forget all this & lay blame on the guy in jail who supposedly made a vid. All the while the liberal political machine cranks up more lies about all their other debacles.

  • ed28 says:

    Only one as incompetent as Obama could hire and promote someone as incompetent as Rice.

    Only incompenet people could have elected someone as incompetent as Obama …. TWICE!

  • antiliberalcryptonite says:

    That’s ok honey, hell has a reservation for you. Right next to 0bama and Hillary, eternal torment…forever…

  • ray says:

    Obama voted Liar of the Year by the Liberal Washington Post. He was voted 4 pinnoches by the WaPost. He was voted 3 pinnoches by the WaPost for his lie about the number of sign ups to ObamaDontCare. WOW! Talk about a pack of liars!

  • Art Hock says:

    Black or white, she is still an idiotic liar.

  • Strength_Honor says:

    Quid pro quo, “you lie for me and I’ll promote you.” Everyone knows the deal but nobody can prove it. Welcome to Obama’s White House.

  • Barto says:

    Based on “the best information we had at the time” says Rice, which is a blatant lie to back up the previous lie she told over and over after even she had to know that the lie had been proven to be a lie. Someone must pay for Benghazi, not her for lying but Clinton and Obama for it was under their watch that they let this tragedy occur….although it would seem something should be done to Rice and all the other Liberals who tried to help perpetuate the LIE.

  • jondarmes says:

    It looks like Susans lightened up since the last tme I saw her, you know, I guess that’s what they mean by bald faced liar.

    1. ray says:

      but she is still black, that means you can not say anything bad about her or you will be labeled a racist by the adoring press.

      1. Jeff says:

        Screw this black crap, and screw this regeim, they are nothing but a big fraud that needs to be hauled out to the trash! Their day is coming! If you would like to call us racist we don’t care, we are standing strong.

        1. ray says:

          agreed, but that is not the way America works these days. If you are a member of some preferred group, blacks, gays, Muslims, transvestities, etc you are a special class that requires the protection of the govt.

          1. Jeff says:

            That’s why we need to change this. I think things are going to get ugly here before this next election, that is why we need to stand strong, and we will eventually take our country back.

      2. junkmailbin says:

        as for not saying anything bad because she is BLack, here goes, She is a lying black communist bitch. She gets her marching orders from the Commissar, Valerie Jarrett.
        A well qualified person my patudie. She has been in the eop boost program from birth. This has allowed totally incompetent blacks to get degrees,they do not qualify for, get hired without qualifications, and hold high government jobs while being totally clueless except for kissing butt and following orders

      3. jondarmes says:

        But Ray, No matter what the New Pravda news tells you, there are a lot of worse things you can be called than racist. Lets see, How about faggot, or pedaphile, or facist, or communist, or even worse, DEMOCRAT? Now wouldn’t you rather be called a racist?? Can we think of any more??? Oh, How about Lying Liberal Black Democrat, can we top that???

  • ray says:

    I am so tired of being lied to by these proven liars. You can not believe a word from anyone in this Administration. When the press does not follow up and question those that lie, all Americans lose as their govt becomes the govt’s govt. Obama, as Liar of the Year, told the Lie of the Year as awarded by the liberal Washington Post. That says it all.

    1. Frank Lucketti says:

      You know that mouth piece obama has in the press room is as white as you can get, but the black stain on his face and lips will never come off. Just saying

  • JONDO says:

    Obama’s rule for working for him, if your not sure about something ( LIE )

    1. ray says:

      Rice is the face of a lie. They knew, there is now evidence they knew the night of the raid, but still they lie. Of course Gregory does not challenge Rice on her lie by pointing out the fact it has become apparent they knew.

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