Tea Party-backed candidates look for Cantor-style upsets in Senate races this week

by FoxNews.com
August 5, 2014

Tea Party-backed candidates this week are hoping to follow in the footsteps of a little-known economics professor named Dave Brat who stunned the establishment with his primary win over then-House GOP Leader Eric Cantor, as they target Republican incumbent senators in Kansas and Tennessee.

The first test will come Tuesday, when Dr. Milton Wolf tries to end Kansas GOP Sen. Pat Roberts’ 33-year run in Congress.

Roberts, a three-term senator first elected to the House in 1981, still holds a double-digit lead in the polls, in a race where the candidates’ gaffes and miscues appear as wacky as they are damaging.

Wolf, a radiologist who also happens to be a second cousin of President Obama, has taken heat for Facebook postings of X-rays of gunshots wounds — while Roberts has awkwardly attempted to laugh off questions about whether he indeed lives in Kansas.

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  • ralfo says:

    Pat is definitely a Washington insider & the only time he will show up in Kansas is when a tornado named “Milton” blows his a$$ out of DC, over the rainbow to Oz & then back to the corn belt. Adios!

  • USCBIKER says:

    Raymond is one dumb MFer if he doesn’t comprehend what healthy debate and competition are. I wonder if he thought the same when Obama “ate” Hillary in 2008? At least she found a guy to eat her, Bill sure won’t LOL.

    1. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

      Wow you just exude intelligence with that response. If I laughed any harder at you I would hurt myself. Thank you.

  • Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

    When eating their young does the right prefer fries with that?

    1. BH says:

      Whether they do or not, either way is better than ignoring the problems and illegalities to support the incumbent, like the Democrat Party does (can anyone say Charlie Rangle?).

      1. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

        Amazing how Teapublicans who live in glass houses throw stones as if they are some sort of new innocent breed of moron!! I remember a camp in Tampa for Children where they actually prayed to a cutout of Republican President George W. Bush and that was wonderful, right? As for Charlie the ethics committee did in fact punish him. If needed I can list it all here, but you think you know all about it perhaps I shall wait for now. And none of you answered my question.

        1. BH says:

          LOL, that’s a new one to me. Had not heard of any prayers TO Bush, only FOR Bush. But then there are the stories where “teachers” have the children singing songs that extol Obama. And how many years before they actually did anything in Rangle’s case? And even after that the Democrat Party supported him.

          1. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

            Funny how my reply simply disappeared. Will try this instead. Among other sites which if you follow my suggestion you will soon see You Tube has a clip of children doing exactly what I said they were being taught to do. Not extolling a President but praying to a cardboard cutout of one. As for Rangle and your particular dislike again you really need to get over it. He was caught and dealt with and I must say he was dealt with lightly not unlike a Republican Senator from Louisiana who likes to wear diapers while partying with whores and who remains in office today.

          2. BH says:

            While I don’t agree with the way it was being handled at the camp, they were praying FOR Bush and asking God to be with him. That is unlike the children in videos where the schools have taught the kids to basically pray to Obama as they praise him. That to me is very troubling given the public school setting, where is Freedom From Religion when you really need them. I don’t know that much about Vitter, but at least he repented, and I could not find any reference to a continued problem. However, there is the issue of on William Jefferson Clinton who is STILL held in high regard even with all of the abuse of power (over women) and rape allegations and lying under oath. His impeachment was for lying under oath, not for his trysts with an intern in the Oval Office (in the peoples house). You want to talk about a real war on women and not a made up one?

          3. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

            That is simply untrue but hey if you wish to distort go right ahead. Videos are self explanatory and no spin can change it just like facts Could not find a reference on Vitter ? Again a lie. First he was caught in DC but then later it was discovered he might have stopped in DC but was still seeing the ladies in Louisanna.Again facts are facts just because you do not like them they do not change

      2. I Seigel says:

        Oh, you mean Tom DeLay? Or did you mean Mark Sanford?

        1. frankenbiker says:

          Truth is all incumbents need to go. As for scandals I could care less what happened five ten years ago, but the ones currently haunting, or maybe plaguing the current regime, do bother me. Also, that democrats are doing their best to open up our borders to hordes of invaders, bringing disease and who knows how many terrorist.

          1. I Seigel says:

            Once again I’m surprised to find myself in partial agreement with you. Regarding incumbents, would you support term limits? We had a Congressman Nethercutt who originally ran against Speaker of the House Tom Foley. His main campaign issue was that he was for term limits. That was about 15 or so years ago. He just retired from the House very recently, or is about to. Once they get in, they can’t get off the money trains. Reps and Dems both.

            But my point to BH was that he chooses Charlie Rangel as an example of the Dems supporting an incumbent with problems and illegalities while (seemingly) ignoring the similar examples from the other party.

            And now this new fear of disease at the border. No examples yet of ACTUAL disease, but the fearmongers are already hard at work. I’m sure Glenn Beck is a major contributor, but since I haven’t heard him in a long time, I’m just guessing.

          2. frankenbiker says:

            Glenn Beck is an idiot, but like I said, there is corruption on both sides of the aisle, and that needs to stop. Term limits would be the first step in ending this corruption, the other would be to stop a lot of their benefits and perks of office. One has to wonder how someone can become a multimillionaire, with a job that pays $175k a year after only one or two terms. Kick back and graft, that’s how.
            Now as for diseases walking in across the border, you have to admit that these illegals are coming from country’s that don’t vaccinate, they haven’t the medical resources to keep their citizens healthy and there is no telling what they may bring into this country. I’d rather err on the safe side, rather than just let them walk in. There are ways to become a legal citizen, we have immigration laws, LETS ENFORCE THEM.

    2. CTH says:

      Dumbass, What you describe is a socialist attribute, but not limited to their own children. Another of their strong points is brainwashing all our children but telling lies and calling it education.

      1. I Seigel says:

        You just love words like “socialist” and “statist” and “communist”. Do you actually know what they mean? Because you certainly don’t use them in any kind of context that indicates that you do.

    3. screaminclyde says:


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