Tea party bitter with GOP over governor races, says Ken Cuccinelli was robbed

Tea partyers rejected the notion Wednesday that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will make inroads with the grass-roots movement after his landslide re-election win, saying the tough-talking Republican is another Northeast “RINO” and pick of a corrupt GOP establishment.

Tea party leaders emerged from Tuesday less enthusiastic about Mr. Christie’s win than they were angry over the loss by Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II in Virginia’s race for governor, accusing the Republican establishment of undercutting a conservative candidate who they say could have won.

“Knowing that Christie was going to win that race without their help, why would they not help Cuccinelli more?” said Amy Kremer, head of Tea Party Express. “I believe they did not want to help him because they don’t want any more tea party conservatives in power anywhere, because they don’t want to fortify the ranks of the Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Ted Cruzes of the world because we are a threat to their power structure.”

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus dismissed the attacks, telling The Washington Times that the RNC funneled more than $3 million to the Virginia campaign and saying he is as disappointed as other Republicans that Mr. Cuccinelli lost.

However, the recriminations and the tea party reaction to Tuesday’s results signal that the election did little to quell the internal battle over policy and tactics that has riven the party for several years.

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  • merr7242 says:

    It certainly show how badly the teabaggers are that even the GOPs are voting against them. It’s about time that people woke up and smelled the “coffee” party.

  • Jrmags says:

    The Tea party has been infiltrated by leftist liberals intent on internally weakening the republican tickets for Congress across the country, it worked for Reid in his last election in Nevada, it’s worked in Indiana and other States and it will keep working as long as republicans attack each other.

    I hope the Tea Party comes to it’s senses before the democrats win both houses of Congress in 2014, talk about helping the liberals ruin America.

  • victoriadelacy says:

    Our local party has suffered RINO take-overs in the past and at one time defeated it here in Prince William County. Unfortunately, it only takes a brief few years of complacency to see the party begin sliding back down into that abyss leading to the ash heap of history again. We need far greater party vigilance and now is the time for the conservative base to rise up and conduct a newly orchestrated trake-over of the party leading it back to the conservative foundations. If that fails to happen…and SOON, then conservatives may take their hard campaign work and membership dollars to a more dependably conservative alernative. The establishment moderates cannot afford to lose that financial support represented by the conservative base. It has been done before and it can be done again. All it takes is unity and determination. We will soon see how much they really want to endure and win going into future elections.

    1. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Thy are a sleezzy bunch, like slimy slugs that can slide under a door.

  • Myron Smith says:

    Republicans and Tea Party need to work together when possible. Conservatives will lose again, third parties = Conservatives lose. But the Republicans seem to not be working with Tea Party. Continue to Lose!

  • modernminuteman says:

    I hate the rino’s even more than the democrats because of how they have destroyed our conservative party. they are nothing but traitors!

  • elton123 says:

    I support the Tea Party over any GOP person (and, that includes Christie)

    1. victoriadelacy says:

      Thankfully, we do have a huge number of T.E.A. Party Republicans, too – and they are literally the hope of the survival of the party of Lincoln and Reagan going into future elections!

      1. Ed Kitting says:

        Ted Cruz,Mike Lee I would love that administration. Pelosi and Reid would go nuts.

        1. merr7242 says:

          And we would become what we are headed for – becoming a 3rd world country. It is a travesty what the teapublican’ts are doing to this country! They would rather we lower taxes on the rich – trickle down economics doesn’t work and never has. They have stood in the way of progress for the past 5 years because they can’t stand that a BLACK man is in the Oval Office. Now, that bodes well for the country? How can they say they love America and show that they obviously hate Americans. Make the rich richer and the poor poorer – What a wealthy country we are! We are not the country that our framers projected in the constitution.

          1. Ed Kitting says:

            So once again it’s racism to the rescue. Barrack Hussein Obama has made no progress,he has instead headed down the road to more Socialism, Big Government,call it what you will. If opposing that makes me racist,then I’m proud to be one. The race card might have worked on Clinton but that ship has sailed. If Hillary gets elected in 2016 what’s it gonna be then when someone opposes her ,sexism?
            We are not the country tat our framers projected in the Constitution: you might want to read up on your history,many of them were pretty wealthy.
            Do you have a job? If so you might want to thank a rich person,or the taxpayers. It takes capital to start a business,and that capital comes from capitalism the thing the left is doing their best to destroy.
            Government does not create wealth,Government steals wealth. And in Obama’s case spreads it around to the Jason Greenslates of the world.

      2. merr7242 says:

        The party of Lincoln and Lincoln himself is turning over in his grave with what you just said. Lincoln was not a republican in the sense you mean it today. Read about that – learn something about history.

    2. Ed Kitting says:

      I agree, Christie as the GOP nominee ensures me voting 3rd party.

  • James Maxwell says:

    This is further proof that the GOP is useless today. They no longer
    represent the Conservative voters who belong to the Republican party
    but are more concerned with their “Old Fossil Club” and keeping
    the RINO’s happy than actually representing those who vote conservative.
    We have seen them ignore good strong candidates who are TEA Party
    Conservatives in favor of those who are weak moderates such as
    Christi. This has cost us two major election and resulted in Obama
    getting into office. The results have been a disaster of financial expansion
    to our National Debt, no border security and Obama care.
    Unless the GOP wakes up and gets rid of the Old Foggies who are
    stiffening the party they will become a thing of the past. They have
    not actively opened the party up to new members and especially the
    youth of the nation but rather have continued to rely on the same
    tired old tactics that have cost us elections and an a roll in how
    our nation is run. We have seen the democrats roll over the
    speaker of the house and many RINO’s cave in to the democrats
    ever time an issue comes up for a vote. We cannot and must
    not continue like this if we are to survive.

    1. merr7242 says:

      Quit whining. You should have done something when you could instead of just voting party line no matter who was running. You guys have put a bunch of clowns up for president and no wonder your party has faded. Think about what your true values are, not just what party you have voted for (against your own best interests I might add) before you throw your vote away on someone who doesn’t deserve your vote. The GOP needs to vet their people better. Mitt might have made it into the White House (god forbid) if the teabaggers hadn’t made him walk everything he said back and spit out another crazy plan. Etch-a-Sketch Romney!

      Don’t take me wrong, I am an Obama and Obamacare supporter. GWB killed your party and no one wants someone with GOP after his name to be allowed to ruin this country again. The GOP might be totally dead. Priebus is a wet dishrag and can’t be taken seriously.

    2. border grams says:

      You have summed up the problem beautifully. Thank you

  • Ed Kitting says:

    Priebus has made his intentions known regarding the tea party and that is to purge them from the gop,so his disappointment at Cucinelli’s loss is laughable. Let the GOP run Christie,I’ll vote Libertarian or Constitution Party,I’m sick of being told I need to accept the lesser of two evils.

    1. victoriadelacy says:

      The conservative base needs to unite behind our conservative candidates like Ken Cuccinelli. If not for the fracturing that occurred due to Bill having a tantrum and some others going off the deep end with him into support for other party candidates, we COULD have been seeing a Governor Cuccinelli take the governorship next, but the unity was sorely lacking and even the Bible tells you that a house divided cannot stand. The DNC has used that tactic successfully against us many times over – you would think we would have learned something from it by now and ceased to let it take it’s toll on our electoral outcomes – are we really that clueless as a party? It’s either clueless or suicidal – the time for conservative unity to save what remains of the party is now. We did that once before successfully in the nineties…it is time to get the same effort going again.

      1. Ed Kitting says:

        Cuccinelli may be conservative I personally don’t know that much about the man to say he is or isn’t it. Don’t mistake for the John McCains,the Lindsay Grahams,the Mitch McConnells to be of the same house with the conservative base. There is no point voting for a republican if that republican is not going to actually stand up for shrinking the government,for securing our borders and deporting illegals,to stand up against tax increases.
        If they are not willing to do that then why do I care if they have a r or a d? McConnell is not in my view worried about conservativism,he is more concerned with gaining the gavel in the Senate. Also do not confuse Libertarians or Constitution party people with Republicans,they’re not of the same cloth.
        Thank God for that.

        1. victoriadelacy says:

          The honorable pro-life platform of the Republican party may have more in common with the Constitutiion Party than with that of the Libertarians, no obvious conflict there. Ken Cuccinelli had his conservatism proven through the honorable way in which he stood for those values as both our state senator and then attorney general. The man did not just talk the talk, he genuinely walked the walk as well. Graham is only conservative to my knowledge in his defense of human life which is in our GOP platform, yet he has been known to be fiscally liberal. McCain everyone knows is just about a DNC member in RINO clothing and he is a close cousin in that respect to McConnell so yes there are some notable RINOS in the party but there are also some very commendable true Republicans such as Ken Cuccinelli, in the Senate Ted Cruz and Mike Lee (to name a few), in the House there are quite a few more and in my Va. House of Delegates there are enough in the Republican majority to hopefully be able to stop newly elected governor McAuliffe (many have now nicknamed him McAwful) from ruining the state. We must be grateful for and strongly support our proven conservatives while continually striving to add to their ranks with each successive election. Right now in my state there are enough in the House of Delegates to make the protective difference and I thank God for that – their patriotic willingness to fight on our behalf is going to be essential once the new gubernatorial term begins. Vigilance on their part is going to be equally essential. The good patriots I know there on the Republican side are definitely up to the task.

          1. Ed Kitting says:

            Good post. Can I assume that if the GOP nominates Christie in 16 you will join me in either going Constitution Party or Libertarian? I’m still learning about the Constitution Party but from what I’ve seen I like.

          2. merr7242 says:

            I find it odd that you said “in his defense of human life” regarding Graham. What does that even mean. I ask because food stamps were cut by $40 billion while the working poor are starving – including babies and young children and military families. What a slap in the face that is to military families when they have their breadwinners” out in the field fighting for their country and their families at home fighting to stay alive. And, when our soldiers come home, they don’t get the health care they need and suicide with PTSD. Oh, the things I had about the GOP.

            I have one question. What is it that you like about “Republicans such as Ken Cuccinelli, in the Senate Ted Cruz and Mike Lee”? As a woman, I am surprised you tolerate that tripe they are filling you up with. I don’t know if you are in your child bearing years – I sure am not – but what if you had a bad pregnancy and couldn’t get a doctor to help you get an abortion to save your life? Do you think it is up to the government to be in your bedroom? That doesn’t sound like small government to me.

          3. border grams says:

            Well they are certainly in the bedrooms now. We are paying for birth control, abortions and every thing else that individuals should be taking care of themselves. Get real

        2. merr7242 says:

          IMHO, the “republicans” (I call them teapublican’ts) don’t care about anything but pleasing people like the Kochs who give them money to do their bidding. This is tearing this country apart because it makes them even more money hungry than governing for their constituents. It is about becoming a millionaire instead of trying to help people. If they care anything about small government, they wouldn’t be manufacturing planes and other military equipment that isn’t necessary while cutting $40 billion from people who need food stamps – the so-called working poor – which includes military families. Support our troops includes people in congress too. They certainly are not doing that now. Patting soldiers on the back and then denying them care for PTSD after they have fought for their country is just WRONG. But, the GOP is selfishly only thinking of themselves.

      2. merr7242 says:

        For the GOP to ever be taken seriously, there needs to be a line drawn in the sand to keep the teabagger types from making such insane statements that turn off young people, minorities and women. With all of the idiotic things that people like Rand, Ted and Paul R say, it is no wonder that there are defectors from the party. As a liberal/progressive, it is alright with me though. The GOP has the House right now and not one thing of import has been done in 5 years. It is common knowledge that the House has pledged not to do anything to make President Obama look good or pass any legislation that would help this country. There have been a lot of people who have been negatively affect by this attitude and they have switched sides. Can you blame them – $40 billion cut from the Food Stamp program. The GOP likes to flex their muscles and bomb countries but, when the military families have to go on food stamps to feed their family’s, it is a huge slap in the face to them when the GOPs cut their food money. What a pile of doodoo!

        1. Ed Kitting says:

          So self reliance,personal responsibility are evil huh? Letting people keep what they’ve honestly earned no good huh?
          Adherance to the Constitution,can’t have that.

          You claim to be progressive,well you are progressing towards financial Armegeddon. In case you haven’t noticed, there are trillions of dollars coming in unfunded SS mandates,there are $2.6 trillion in iou’s that the government has written to cover the money they have stolen over the years,which if you break it down runs about $30 billion per year over the life of the progam.
          God knows how much they have stolen from Medicare.
          This is what big government gets you.
          I’ve seen too many people who will not work who continue to get assistance,food stamps,welfare etc,now I get to pay for their health insurance. The left opposes any work requirements for this assistance so there is no motivation to ever get off the dole.
          I have no great love for the GOP because they are like the Dems more often than not self serving as can be proven by their ever expanding bank accounts.

  • dad666 says:

    They funneled money into the election to aid the financing of a third party candidate which deluted Cuccinelli’s voter base with his liberal ideas.
    In most circles thats called SABOTAGE. They think we are stupid.

    1. Jeanne Stotler says:

      NO, Dem,s did, they knew his apperance would take votes away from Cuccinelli, I read somewhere where they found DNC bking him,

      1. dinkerduo says:

        They were/did!! A top Dem. bundler funded Sarvis and of course they knew he’s take vote away from Cuc.! Otherwise the shister–seller of the Lincoln bedroom under Clinton–slimy a$$ho!e with a huge bunch of baggage wouldn’t have been elected–if there is even such a thing a elections anymore!

        1. Jeanne Stotler says:

          I think you missed a few descripted verbs, but yes the Commonwealth was blindsided.

  • Charles Kimberl says:

    Priebus was about as concerned about Cuccinelli winning as McConnell was on the cloture vote and support of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul over the Obamacare showdown. The national GOP has turned into a gutless RINO gathering and needs done away with.

    1. victoriadelacy says:

      What it needs is yet another conservative unifying and collective uprising to take the party back – it was done before in the nineties and could be done again. Let’s see how many Republican patriots take this crisis seriously enough to determine to do somthing about it before it is too late.

      1. modernminuteman says:

        We need to start by taking back the senate pronto!:)

        1. victoriadelacy says:

          I have been waiting to see who the next conservative Republicans to have the courage to run against both Warner and Kaine will turn out to be.

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