Tea Party hits Reid with ethics charge over Koch brothers

Tea Party Patriots has filed a complaint against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) with the Senate Ethics Committee to protest his repeated attacks against Charles and David Koch.

Jenny Beth Martin, the co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, filed the complaint, charging Reid with “unlawfully and unethically targeting private citizens.”

The complaint further states that Reid “has misused Senate staff or resources to engage in partisan campaign activity in violation of federal laws and Senate rules.”
Reid has repeatedly slammed the Koch brothers, two of the richest men in the world, for funding attack ads against Democratic candidates.

Americans for Prosperity, a group backed by the Kochs, reportedly plans to spend $125 million on the midterm elections to help Republicans capture a Senate majority.

Reid has called the brothers “un-American” and accused them of “trying to buy America.”

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  • B White Eagle says:

    Liberals don’t like it when other parties use their methods to gain control over all political offices!!! Now they are crying foul!!!

  • Parfie says:

    Oh just to make sure I’m clear, that the REID FAMILY TRUST did not PAY ONE DIME for it either….he’s evil….pure evil.

  • Parfie says:

    Jealous Much? Reid needs to GO! We MUST engage, count the votes, BE THERE! I’m so sick of this asshat who has The area around Cliven Bundy’s Ranch, you know that BLM property? It’s been transferred into THE REID FAMILY TRUST! How the Flying Fingers, does ANYONE privately own land on “public land”? I’m sick of that bastard!

    1. pilgrimson says:

      For over five years, TEA Party events have drawn untold thousands…no
      solutions. We follow distractions: in March it was thug police in
      Connecticut…in April it was a Bundy circus in Nevada…this month, Operation
      American Spring in D.C. says they will camp out until Obama and five other
      communists leave office so they can replace them. Good luck with that. Contact
      congress? That will do no good. It has been done for five years now to no avail.
      they just ignore us.

      The most powerful act you can take to restore America without bloodshed:
      Where they can stand trial and and be convicted, here is how it can be done.
      With the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™

      If you believe that too few Americans will take action, the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ needs less than half of 1% of the people to prevail. It is not electoral politics, it’s law enforcement.

      AmericaAgain! is a plan of action unprecedented in history. Not an event, but a practical, peaceful, powerful, perpetual way of life. In development for seven years, AmericaAgain! is the Manhattan Project of this century.

      When your member of Congress violates the Constitution, the AmericaAgain! legal section targets them for criminal indictment in their STATE court, and follows up until the politician either ends the criminal activity, or serves time in the State Penitentiary, with the State court seizing his assets.

      Trey Gowdy can get much better than Benghazi hearings; AmericaAgain! will soon launch our ‘Recruit Trey’ campaign to attract him as AmericaAgain! Chief Counsel.

      Stopping the cartels and taking our lives back is totally up to We The People — and we believe that Trey Gowdy is the perfect man to lead a new way of life. (In this Politico article today, apparently some people think a few death threats will turn this former prosecutor from his job. Perhaps they don’t know a criminal prosecutor’s daily life, but they picked the wrong dog for that fight.)

      A Second American Revolution legal and without the bloodshed!

      You Can Help. Check us out & Give Support >

      1. Parfie says:

        I am checking out the site you gave, Thank You! Please check out a site out for me: http://www.saveoufamilyandhome.com THIS IS A SITE ALL HOMEOWNERS MUST READ, as it states, that We The People are NOT buying our homes, as we originally believed! many of us WILL NEVER GET our Deed/Clear Title, to our homes! This man has over 11 THOUSAND pages of proof, and a checklist homeowners can do to see if “they are victims of this scheme”. Do this for your home, because the Largest Bankruptcy in US History, has an effect on most of our Mortgages…how screwed is that! PLEASE CHECK! Thank You!

        1. pilgrimson says:

          Thank you Parfie. I was not able to open the site but I know that exactly that what you say is true, I have read about it in another site a while ago.
          I however will search another way to open it and will check it out. Again, thank you.

          1. Parfie says:

            My bad it’s here http://saveourfamilyandhome.com

            Mr. Bolton, thank you for writing this article, for ANY journalist, TRYING to tell the truth, is Generally not slated for a long life…..sorry…

          2. pilgrimson says:

            Thank you Parfie, I was able to open it. Will be forwarding it to my mail list. Again, thank you.

          3. Parfie says:

            Thank You Pilgrimson 🙂 I have joined yours :). Thanks for trying a second time…we TRULY need to help each other during these times. PANDAunite.org is helping people get NDAA undone at the LOCAL level. Cities/County’s etc…worth a look as well!

          4. pilgrimson says:

            Amen Parfie,
            I will look into PANDAunite.org as well.
            Thank you, you are a jewel.

          5. Gentile says:

            I just found that web site. It is a must for Homeowners as they may not have legal title/ownership when Mortgage paid. They are Indentured servants, paid the mortgage, yet own nothing & will be to old to fight for their home.

            We must stick together as Americans & fight these Federal Reserve/Wall Street Crooks.

            Greg Morse has spent 30 years uncovering this mountain of secrecy, now, we must help him. He guides Homeowner in a way we can follow.

            Thank you Greg Morse.

  • anotherview2 says:

    Call a spade a spade has always been in fashion among those citizens who believe in knowing and spreading factual information.

  • Merle Dickey says:

    They seem to forget they have George Soros and some big donor in Vegas that do the same for them.I would be ASHAMED OF MY PARTY IF i WERE A DEMOCRATIC

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