Ted Cruz And Mitch McConnell Urges SCOTUS To Reject ‘Gay Marriage’

by CNS News
April 5, 2015

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz are among 57 Republicans in Congress who are calling on the Supreme Court to uphold state bans on same-sex marriage.

The congressional Republicans said in a brief filed at the high court Friday that the justices should not impose “a federally mandated redefinition of the ancient institution of marriage” nationwide. The Republicans said the court should let voters and their elected legislatures decide what to do about marriage.

The court will hear arguments on April 28 in cases from McConnell’s home state of Kentucky, as well as Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee. Same-sex couples can marry in 37 states.

Last month, 7 Republicans joined 211 Democrats and independents in Congress in support of same-sex marriage nationwide.

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  • steven jacobs says:



  • Philip Mckee says:

    I just can’t understand how this same sex marriage, they call it discrimiitation, why should they say that? No thought about others, seems to me they want everything for them and we have to take it, I think I am discrimitatation is reversed. Why should the perverts have more rights than the rest of the people. That shouldn’t be allowed.

    1. Keni_Washington says:

      People who deserve equal rights as guaranteed under the 14th Amendment are not “wanting everything.” And unless you are a man who craves one of the men who are about to marry another man, why would you care about two men who are marrying? Is your life so pathetic that people who are paying absolutely NO attention to you threaten you? Get your own guy and stop worrying about men and women who are minding their own business. Does it sort of thrill you to call them “perverts” when you have no idea what they are doing in their private lives? Do you fantasize about “homosexual perverts”? Do you secretly want to be with them??? Sounds like it!

  • ChuckL says:

    As marriage includes procration as part of the definition, this so called “GAY MARRIAGE” is a farce to replace all of the legal cohabitation laws of the country with the word “marriage”.

    The legal living together arrangements of homosexual persons was authorized by cohabitation laws long ago. As two males or two females are not capable of producing offspring, one of the requirements of marriage is not met.

    We have seen this theft of words from the language before. The most well known is the theft of the word “gay” which before it was redefind to mean homosexual had the meaning of:
    1. Excited with merriment; manifesting sportiveness or
    delight; inspiring delight; livery; merry.
    [1913 Webster] and…
    2. Brilliant in colors; splendid; fine; richly dressed.
    [1913 Webster]

    It was also used regularly as a girl’s name.

  • mark says:

    I continue to be highly irritated by the constant use of the term “Gay Marriage”. “Gay” means Happy and Carefree. There is also no such thing as “Homosexual Marriage” unless both the man and woman are homo. EVERYONE has the right to get married, as long as you follow God’s rules. I.E….Homo’s are NOT being discriminated against.

    1. Keni_Washington says:

      “God’s law” as represented in the Bible — even all 875 + versions over the past 2300 years — endorses: stoning women and children, slavery, royalty, dictatorships, beheadings and every abomination reasonable people can imagine. ISIS has nothing on the Old Testament!

      Leviticus didn’t just warn against gays but also our children. Whoever in hell the legendary “Leviticus” was, he was a psychopath who would be in prison today – no matter how much you folks on this blog want to follow his sick shit.

  • Nancy Moody says:

    I would like to know the names of the 7 Republicans who sided with the Godless Democrats and Independents. We could work to get them voted out of office the next time they run. Thank goodness there are some Republicans who will stand up for the sanctity of marriage and the laws of God.

  • GQ4U says:

    Same-sex couples can marry in 37 states and most are due to judges overturning the will of the people as was done in California’s prop-8.

  • CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Mo copy of the Constitution, the federalist Papers, The Declaration of Independence ALL point to the FACT that the Supreme Court is still SUBSERVIENT to the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

    To date there has been no Amendment to the Constitution that alters that basic FACT.

    And the Constitution CANNOT be changed by judicial fiat, nor by legislated law, nor by any action from any person or group of persons in the executive branch.

    1. GQ4U says:

      Geezer — you are 100% correct. Limited powers means limited.

  • ROY says:


    1. GQ4U says:

      Judges overturned Prop-8, the state constitution ban on gay marriage, against the will of the majority of Californians. The people were robbed by the courts.

  • William Wynn says:

    We are in the times of the signs of the Scripture. Those whom God has made ready should be living the lives that only they can live. Those who have not been made ready for this, the beginning of the end of the History of adamic man; will continue to live as the fallen beings they are.
    Do you know Christ, You have been invited to accept the pardon for the payment of your sin nature, your sins plural are forgiven, as are all the sins of man.

    Come to Him today, When you are drawn to God in Christ, It is your time to believe Him, not about Him. You do not want too quench the Spirit of God when you are being dealt with. Peace with God through Christ The Savior. Jude 24,25.

  • screw all of you polititions who go along to get along. grow a spine & do what’s right. if it offends someone at least they’ve heard the truth & maybe you’ll turn some one from the error of his ways. sin has consequences. is it better to offend God or man, you decide

  • Edward Miska says:

    It appears that Democrats he one brain which they have installed into Obama & anything that comes out of it must be OK. OK can stand for Over Killing every racial issue and being OK to blame someone else for the bad results from their bad legislation. Discrimination should not be tolerated in the US, but special rights should also not be tolerated. This nation grew because of the influx of people from very different areas who became a melting pot of people. This administration is trying to create a nation of people who will not join others to continue the melting pot system & become like the tribal countries in the middle East. This is a prescription for the destruction of the US.

  • Bob says:

    Being GAY is a mental illness per the Drs I the mental field

    1. William says:

      It s a treatable mental illness if people would just go to this web site they will find out more.

    2. Rob says:

      Sorry Bob, homosexuality is NOT a mental illness regardless of what doctors may state. If doctors are saying this then it is a very limited number. Homosexuality is nothing more than sin against God. God unequivocally forbids homosexual activity. The Apostle Paul describes homosexuality as a wicked perversion. Romans 1:26-27. God will hold homosexuals fully accountable for their sin as told in 2 Peter 2:4-10. However, there is hope for homosexuals – God forgives and cleanses persons of this sin.
      Today we celebrate Resurrection Day. This celebration is for what Jesus Christ did for ALL mankind throughout the ages…He went to the cross at Calvary and through His death PAID for the sins of mankind. Now all one must do is by faith believe in the name of Jesus, seek Him as the Savior of their lives and by faith trust and follow Him making Him the Lord of their life.
      I trust that if you do know Jesus Christ and have not ask Him to forgive you of your sins. If you have not right now would be a great time to do so! Just ask Him to forgive you of your sins, repent and follow Him. The Bible says to believe on the name of Jesus and you will be saved. Trust Him today because no one is promised tomorrow or for that matter, their next breath. Today is the day of salvation!

  • John VanderKelen says:

    Bravo for those who have the fortitude to stand up for what is right. I decry that there number is so few. May the LORD not hold this sin against them that are cowards for refusing to speak out!

  • podunk1 says:

    Failure to identify the crime prevents the simple solution! WE HAVE SIMPLE SUPREME LAW that’s enforceable in every district of the USA that will protect victims and punish criminals! EVERY judge and official in the USA is oath/duty bound to support and defend the Constitution against ANYONE who violates the Constitution or their duty to protect it, regardless of rank or status!! Start by confronting local law enforcement and judges with the simple facts of supremacy herein. Truthfully publish the findings (good or bad) in letters to editors, in talk shows, in the internet and everywhere else! FORCE THEM TO ACT!

    The Constitution is supreme law (anything to the contrary “notwithstanding”) of the land and every public official and judge in the USA is bound subservient to it by oath (Article 6). All legislative powers (laws) are vested in congress (Article 1-1). The only command in Amendment 1 “Congress shall make no law” is absolute! The objects it applies to are religion & free exercise thereof, and freedom of speech, press, “peaceful assembly”, and petitioning government. Amendment 13 “Neither slavery nor INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE… SHALL EXIST WITHIN THE USA”! One can’t count today’s violations. Use Amendment 7 “guaranteed” civil jury trial and damage determined suits to break the traitorous progressive judicial mockery!

    Treason (betrayal of oath/duty) includes levying war (use of armed force to enforce treasonous actions against the Constitution) and adhering to, aiding, and abetting enemies of the Constitution (Article III Section3). Reality is nationally organized groups of progressive executives, legislator, and judges, establishing legislation, regulations, edicts, and fiat enforcement to make laws in contempt of “shall make no law” and just about every other Constitutional covenant!! The open “progressive” insurrection and rebellion banner and battle cry is “Fundamentally changing America”! Historically, treason has been a capital crime world-wide. That power rests with congress. Amendment 14 Section 3 bans any oath bound official who engages in insurrection OR rebellion from holding ANY office in the USA and Section 4 bans any assistance to offenders (personal liability).

    The Constitution was written as is for the people in the English language.

  • Gtreg137 says:

    Indiana has become a place of anti-Christian bigoty.. If you are a Christian know you that Indiana is now a place that will be hostile to the Chrsitian faith.. They have walking the way of perverts and pedophiles… Indiana Christians neeed your prayers and I think Indiana Christians should throw out the republican party traitors… I tried to warn them not to walk the path of the bay bullies.. To not be a bunch of Anti-christina bigots, but alas my words have fallen on deaf ears… Mike Pencil-neck needs to be ousted as governor… He has no right to violate the rights of Christians.. He is nothing, but a democrat pretenderand a bigot…

  • James in Texas says:

    Sadly, the SCOTUS has been stacked with Marxist/ Progressives plus John Roberts, and will “Make Law” with another decision. The decision for the upholding of the ACA was the prime example of the Courts making law, Period! And, before anyone replies, look it up, they (scotus) “determined” it was a tax, which the Law itself did not indicate!

    1. ChuckL says:

      James, The tax is the “penalty” which as it is a taking for the benefit of government , is a tax. However because of its application, it is a Capitation, which is prohibited by Article 1, Section 9, clause 4

  • mike says:

    Is there more important things in the world than this crap.I live in sodom right by gomorrah

    1. ChuckL says:

      This is the meaning of words. When the meaning of a word can be changed at the whim of a small group, then the ability to converse inteligently with others is defated.

  • Raymond Ambrozaitis says:

    Ted Cruz must be a massive kick to the groin of Alan Dershowitz( sp?) The Professor once had high praise for the Canadian born Cruz. Now he rewards his mentor with the stupidity of trying to turn Supreme Court decisions into a popular vote thing..Any ninth grader knows the SCOTUS does not litigate. They do not make new law, well they are not supposed to at least. Encouraging them to do so actually violates the Constitution and the Separation pf Powers. Now that Tommy Turtle may not realize that as he is a lying moron and a total disgrace to Kentucky ( as if Kentucky does not have enough to be disgraced about). Of Course as we all have seen Justices like Scalia and Thomas have no qualms over violating their oath and the Constitution, Hopefully Roberts will hold those clowns in check along with Kennedy.

    1. George Carl says:

      What they are asking is that the decision whether a state wants to legalize gay marriage is a matter for the individual states to decide. It is NOT asking for a ruling on gay marriage, merely to uphold the constitution which states clearly that anything NOT specifically written for the federal gov’t to decide belongs to the states to decide. This is NOT making law. It is upholding law.

    2. David in MA says:

      Roberts gave us Obama care when he “legislated” by changing the penalty to tax and the idiots in congress missed their chance to re-vote it and shoot it down.

      1. Philip Mckee says:

        So true, Roberts changed the law by his calling it a tax, the whole time they were calling it a penalty, and said wasn’t a tax but chief justice Roberts fix that and said it is a tax. He took it upon himself to change that law. The whole time they debated this mess of a law to start with they all called it a penalty NOT A TAX???????. That can not be done lawfully. Same with California the State supreme court went against the will of the lawfull voters that should not be allowed.

        One day everyone will meet the Supreme Judge, and will not have an answer for what they have done. Will be like the days of Sodom and gomorrah, will be over before one knows about it, but going to be too late for many people.

    3. ROY says:


    4. ChuckL says:

      By basing approval of a law n the presence of a Capitation in the law, John Roberts has shown that he is not qualified for his poistion. Of course this is true of many judges and most politicians who have demonstrated that they do not understand their oath of office.

    5. David Medley says:

      Hey Raymond, what else is Ky disgraced about? I have lived here for 78 years and you could not pay me enough to live any other place. Ky is steeped in history. Ky is modern and also has deep connections to it’s past.

  • Gerry says:

    Why is it always the Repubs that have to try and halt obama’s rediculous agenda ??? Are there not any demoCOWARDS with enough courage to go against this fraud. They have a fraud of a president making a bad cartoon out of America and everything America used to stand for and the demoRAT party remains silent and sheepishly just follows. What a total mockery of America. I urge the SCOTUS to ban the whole demoRAT party along with the rinos who are catering to obama and his ruination of the once GREAT AMERICA from ever participating in politics in this country.

    1. Dee says:

      That’s the dumocrats don’t have enough sense to go against obummer. They have the same agenda.

      1. Stanley O'Bryant says:

        I don’t understand you republicans concerning Obamacare. We live in the richest country in the world, why shouldn’t everybody have healthcare ? This is crazy. You don’t want people to have access to healthcare ? This is not only selfish of you republicans, but evil.

        1. When I was a young single mom in the 1950’s, I had absolutely free health care at the Robert B. green clinic and hospital in downtown San Antonio.Everybody had free health care available to them. Health insurance( called medical insurance in the old days) is not charity health care. Health insurance is a commodity to be bought by people with middle class or higher incomes to protect themselves from bankruptcy in the event of a catastrophic illness or injury. I did not try to buy health insurance untill I had an income and savings to protect. Untill that time, I relied on the free charity health care that was readily available. The free health care in San Antonio was paid for by a combo of the altruism of wealthy Robert B. Green and Bexar county taxes. Now, we have gradually allowed federal government intrusion into health care which used to be purely professionalwith no government control. We have also allowed government to interfere with insurance which should be free enterprise business. The results are now impending governmental bankruptcy. Young people do not even any longer understand the very good charity health care we once had. Neither do they understand that insurance was once independent free enterprise business providing a service people could purchase if they had incomes to protect., Is there any hope that we can retrench as a nation and remove the federal government from the health care professions, from the insurance businesses, and from the education of our children ? ? ? The federal government has obviously made a mess of all these things that used to work so well! ! ! Is ther any hope that we can gradually remove government from our institutions that were once working so well? Do enough intelligent very old people still remember how much better it was before we allowed all the government intrusion? / Is there any hope, or are we doomed to bankruptcy? ? Bobbie Sena

          1. ChuckL says:

            This could be solved in one presidential term if the president would only veto every bill that was not 100% Constitutional. Or if the bill was simply so large that it could not be read in less than one hour by a person with only a high school education. This would of necessity prohibit the use of “legaleze”.

            As the Constitution is only slightly over 3000 words, this should also be the size guide on any bill submitted for signature into law.

        2. ChuckL says:

          There is no provision in the Constitution that authorizes the federal government to provide care or insurance to anyone. Therefore this is a power reserved to the States and the people. See the Tenth Amendment

        3. David Medley says:

          Stanley, what it’s about is to get the government out of our health care system. This is nobama’s way of turning this country into socialism.

  • David in MA says:

    OK, Ted,
    Here is your chance to show the people what the next Attorney General of the United States of America has, argue this before the SCOTUS.

  • Maybelle Cross says:

    Gay Marriage is against God’s teaching. Read the Bible and you will see the truth as I have just told you. When you disobey God, when He returns or before he will punish you harshly for disobeying his Biblical law. Trust me. It will not be an easy punishment and will last forever. Think about your life and your trust in God and obeying Him daily before judgment day comes soon (may be today, tomorrow, next wekk, but trust me, it will be soon). God is the only one who knows when the End day will come but all the signs listed in the Bible have already taken place. God is the Ruler of the world and the only one who can punish you for wrong doing and it will be swift and eternal! You have time to change your ungodly living now, but you will not always have that choice. God could even come in the middle of today! God bless America and annihilate those who do evil. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. John 3:16.

    1. David in MA says:

      1 Corth. 6:9.

    2. BILL says:

      The time is growing very short for today you have, but tomorrow may not come. So better to turn to the SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST TODAY WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE. Just like in the days of Noah, they would not listen and the flood came them all away except for Noah and his family. It could be a heart attack, car crash, a stroke, or many other things that could take your life. Thank you, Maybelle, for your post. Jesus Christ loves you so much that He died on the cross, was buried and rose again to provide the ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN FOR HE IS THE TRUTH, THE LIFE, AND THE WAY.

    3. Stanley O'Bryant says:

      I’ve been a Democrat all my life, but have to agree and go along with you Republicans on this immoral issue of transgender rights and same-sex marriage. I’m so frustrated with my party for backing this mess that I’ve considered switching parties. Same-sex marriage is not about sex, it’s about tearing down the Christian ideal that God established of what a family is. All these judges and supporters of same-sex marriage are really saying is, ” God, I know what you say in the Word, but we are going to walk our on way”. America is going to hell in a hand-basket. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah ?

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