Ted Cruz booed lustily as he refuses to endorse Trump, Gingrich gives endorsement on his behalf

CLEVELAND – Texas Sen. Ted Cruz tried to link arms with Republicans at the party’s national convention on Wednesday, but was booed lustily by delegates when he ended his speech without offering Donald Trump his endorsement — or even saying he would vote for the New York billionaire.

As he appeared on stage, Cruz basked in a minute-long standing ovation. Cruz finished second to Trump in the crowded Republican primary campaign and congratulated the GOP nominee on his victory.

But as close as Cruz came to saying he wanted Trump to win the White House came when he said: “I want to see the principles that our party believes in prevail in November.”

Cruz didn’t tell the convention crowd that he plans to vote for Trump. Nor did he ask his supporters, hundreds of whom encouraged him to run for president in four years at an event on Wednesday afternoon, to vote for the newly minted Republican nominee.

Interrupted by chants of “Trump, Trump, Trump,” Cruz paused and said with a smile, “I appreciate the enthusiasm of the New York delegation.”

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  • Delia Holloway says:

    Cruz is done as far as I’m concerned. We were watching Dr Carson during the primary and later decided to support Mr Trump due to his ability to get things done. We still feel Dr Carson will be an important part of our countries solutions and could possibly run for President in the future and win. Cruz was not ever our choice although if he had won the primiary we would have supported him. Since he lied about supporting the winner and then did even dirtier by agreeing to speak at the Rep Convention, knowing Mr Trump would win, he still could not hold to his word. We have enough liars in Washington, don’t need more. With CRUZ as far as we are concerned, “We’re done.”

  • annie.o75 says:

    My dad works for. Dell. In Texas….taking a survey. They hate Cruz..even before all this. Cruz. Is slime…….my family has lived there for many years..and they say. Cruz is like a baby. Always whining about something…can dish it out but can.t take it…Cruz. Is done in. Texas He never had a chance in the debates…talked out of his. Butt. !!!

  • dawntoo says:

    It wasn’t just the NY delegation. Cruz misjudges everything.

  • annie.o75 says:

    Trump played it right…Cruz made a lot of haters last night…gotta love it..and poor Cruz was sooo stupid. He didn.t even know it. !!

  • Rodney Owen says:

    Mitch McConnell and Ryan are both liers also .
    Im still a Cruz fan because he is fighting for our rights every day along with Mike Lee and others .
    I will not disinfranchise away from Ted .
    I still wouldn’t blame him for taking care of his family first.
    In that order!

  • annie.o75 says:

    Really Peter smith???? With the name calling!? What are you. 4?? Can.t get your words across with the nasty words?? Shame on you…color yourself Gone dude !!

  • col says:

    Cruz showed his true colors last night. He was a lying jerk when was running for election and he proved that he is still a jerk. He doesn’t care about the country he only cares about himself and making himself look good. Now everyone knows why he was the most hated person on the congress.

  • stoth says:

    We will be voting for a senator in the near future. Cruz needs to find a new career, and not in politics.

  • Donaldo says:

    I expected no less from Cruz, Kasich, and Jeb Bush. They just proved why the people wanted a non politician. In typical political fashion they signed a pledge to support the eventual nominee, promise but didnt honor their promise. That’s typical. I guess Lyin Ted really fits now! They lost all credibility, and I would never support any one of them in the future. They might as well join Hillary’s campaign because that’s just who they’re helping. A$$holes

  • downdraft says:

    Our focus HAS to be on Hillary now…NOT Cruz who is history for the moment…AND Cruz followers can be brought into the fold, at least as willing voters for preservation of the Constitution by voting for Trump…
    They still can fight for Cruz in 2024…(if he doesn’t still have the “foot-in-mouth” disease)

    So lets remember…Trump got the vote and the “nod” this time…not Cruz!

  • jcadla says:

    Cruz is a self-serving bum and not fit to represent anyone, much less the nation. With any luck, lyin’ Ted effectively ended his career last night.

  • Arbie Viau says:

    What a complete POS!! I had a feeling that the twerp would pull off something, but you know I’m glad he did because it should show the people who were staunch supporters of his just how ugly and deceitful he REALLY is, if they are honest with themselves. He is no better than the Clinton’s, who are CLOSE friends with the Bush’s and of course, Cruz was groomed by the Bush’s while working for George W.’s administration. I’ve lost all respect for anyone that was recruited by and for the Bush’s, they are as much a traitor as Cruz is. Their behaviors are un-American and are totally the “elite establishment”.

  • robert sanders says:

    TED TED TED TED. Your history

  • shirleypatriot says:

    Cruz showed who he really is…Ted First…America Last! We now know who you are…a Zero!!

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