Ted Cruz Challenges Obama: ‘Lets Have a Debate on Your Refugee Policy’

November 19, 2015

GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is challenging President Obama to a debate over his policy plan to bring tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States.

“Lets have a debate on your refugee policy and if you’re so certain that allowing tens of thousands of refugees, including potentially ISIS terrorists, is a good idea, if you’re so certain the American people are with you, then I would encourage you to come,” Cruz says, five days after Paris was attacked by terrorists, including at least one who reportedly traveled to Europe pretending to be refugees.

Cruz told reporters gathered outside the Capitol Hill Club Wednesday morning that it’s “unbefitting” of the President to launch insults and personal attacks against Republicans who have voiced concerns about potential terrorists coming to the U.S. through the Syrian refugee program.

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  • Faithful American says:

    Ted Cruz has ALWAYS been COURAGEOUS and HE is the BEST candidate America HAS for PRESIDENT in 2016!

  • VM Sheppard says:

    Ted Cruz is an honorable man who believes in balanced budgets, small government, and the Constitution. I believe he’s the best candidate running. Is he perfect? No, I’m sure if you dug deep enough you could find a flaw or two. He’s human, just like you and me… but, I believe his faith in this country is genuine, and that he is the best candidate to get us out of the mess we’re in.

  • reagangs says:

    Ted’s the man. Ted, a real Constitutional lawyer verses a half-baked wanna be Constitutional lawyer that studied it in order to be able to distort its meaning and get around it. Ted, studied the Federalist Papers and believes that America can still be strong, again, in spite of all the radical liberals, progressives, socialist and commies (a definite minority) trying to “fundamentally change our way of life”. Hopey and changy will not get it.

  • Joseph Le Bard says:

    What obama keep his brothern from futher destruction and mayham come on now he’s not going to keep them from our shores his plan to bring down America depends on these muslims terrifying woman an children an keeping havoc at a constance for U.S the debate is over time for action we will meet them at the shores an airports guard our boarders an fight till the last muslim standing.

  • The Redhawk says:

    Ted you’d have to DRAG him by his FLAT FEET or DUMBO SIZED EARS from Under his DESK to get him to Stand Up and Debate you

    1. Faithful American says:

      It is totally CLEAR that YOU know absolutely NOTHING about Ted Cruz, NOT a “Rhino” Republican but a TRUE CONSERVATIVEI
      Furthermore, you evidently NEVER have WATCHED Ted Cruz in ACTION on the US SENATE FLOOR, because he is ALWAYS debating AGAINST the SOCIALISTS/COMMUNISTS/MARXISTS in CONTROL of the so-called “Democratic Party”! He has done SEVERAL MAJOR FILABUSTERS on the SENATE FLOOR for HOURS on END, including a RECENT one where he spoke for something like 12+ HRS! Cruz is considered one of the most BRILLIANT men in Washington, DC and also the BEST DEBATER, by BOTH the political parties, you DUMMY! Cruz GRADUATED from YALE or PRINCETON (I forget WHICH and is an EDUCATED LAWYER)! Where did YOU graduate from HIGH SCHOOL? If you even DID, that is?
      As for your CHEAP SHOTS at Cruz–LYING that he SUPPOSEDLY has “flat feet and dumbo sized ears” (which he DOESN’T)–indicates YOUR LACK of MATURITY and that YOU are LIKELY a RACIST!

  • bobnstuff says:

    The Junior Senator from the state of Texas think the President of the United States should debate him. He isn’t a party leader, in fact most of his party leaders dislikes him, He isn’t leading in any polls in his run for president. Just who does he think he is? Obama has 14 months left as president, he isn’t likely to ever run for office again. Presidents don’t debate with congress, I don’t think a standing president has ever debated a Junior Senator so just why would he do it now. Ted does like to make headlines, I just wish he had something of value to say.

    1. Joseph Le Bard says:

      Like wise.

    2. vladilyich says:

      The President doesn’t HAVE to debate any human being, regardless of who they think they are or their political office. Life sucks Republicans, get over it.

    3. VM Sheppard says:

      You’re right about one thing, bobnstuff, most of his party leaders do dislike Ted Cruz. Do you know why? Because Ted Cruz will not compromise his principles just to “get along”. Since his principles are based on upholding the constitution, it’s a trait that I admire the most about him.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        They don’t like him because he doesn’t work well with others. Our government relies on give and take. No one gets 100% of what they want and all points of view get their say. Ted doesn’t understand that. Having principles is one thing, refusing to see others point of view is something different altogether. Ted represents all of the people of Texas not just the right wing. or even just the republicans but all the people. Texas has some problems, poverty being a big one. What has Ted done to help the poor and the elderly. Has he done anything to make their lives better? Texas has a long border, what has Ted really done about improving the protection of it? Mr. Cruz represents himself and votes based on what he wants which is not always what is best for the people of Texas. Texas has a lot of military and ex military, what is Ted doing to help them? Because we pay our military so well many get food stamps, a program Ted would e happy to end. The ACA has had a big effect on is our Vets and their families but Ted would like to take that healthcare away from them and millions of other Americans. Mr. Cruz is working very hard to become president, it would be nice if he would try to get back to Washington to vote in congress. I guess making 50% of the votes is OK. It could be worse, he could have Rubio’s voting record.

        1. VM Sheppard says:

          It is the Pride of your Party that is dividing this country – racially, politically and spiritually. And, rather than attacking someone who is working to restore the respect that your candidate destroyed, maybe you can educate us all on what it is that you admire about Obama. We’re all listening. We would like to know of ONE thing that he’s done that we can all be proud of. HELP US SEE SOMETHING – ANYTHING!

          In addition to that, it was your candidate who said that our military should pay for their own medical care because our armed forces are a voluntary organization, and they knew what they were getting into when they signed up. What has your candidate done in 7 years to make military life better? Your candidate won’t take the advice of his military advisers, and he blabs every step they take (or plan to take) to the press so the missions will have limited success (if any) before they even begin. Tell us, Bobnstuff… anything that he has done that we can be proud of.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Lets get a few things straight, I have no candidate as of now, they all are pretty bad but the three worst are Trump, Cruz and Carson. If you haven’t seen the good things that have happened in our country t’s because you either don’t understand what is happening or you don’t want to believe that are President can do good things. Have you ever heard about wage pressure, that’s what happens when the job openings out number the people looking for jobs. We have that right now. The low wage employers are complaining that their profits are going to be impacted by the increase in labor costs. The largest retail employer in the country has had to increase starting wages by 25% to get employees.
            On the world stage our country has managed to get all the players to work together on a number of things, Countries that we had only been in conflict with sit down at tables with us to try to solve the problem we all face. We are not using gun boat diplomacy and we aren’t sending people put to die without trying to get a non military solution first and went we do send troops we have the support of our alias. Not rushing into sending troops makes us stronger not weaker.
            We have the strongest military in the world. We should, we spend more on it then anyone else. The world of war is changing and our military is changing with it. A new tool has changed everything, Drones! Where you would have sent a scout out to check things now you send a drone. They are cheep and if they get shot no one dies. What I find funny is that all those kids playing their video game that we thought was a waste of time now give us the best drone operators in the world. Who would have guessed. There have been a number of other upgrades, We have a new fighter jet, the Hummer is on it’s way out. Every cut in the military that has been done under Obama was from the Pentagon. They are the ones that created the list of things they didn’t need and it was Congress that fought the cuts because he wasted money was wasted in their states. The Army had tanks they didn’t need an were becoming obsolete but congress had them reconditioned. Now the site in long lines under tarps most likely never to be used.
            On illegal immigration without help from congress he has lowered the number of illegals in our country and we can locate a lot of the ones that are here. All those delayed deportations involve applying for it by the ones getting it, we have a list of names an address’s that could be used at a later date. Also these programs get them out of the shadow economy so they pay taxes. At the same time we have more border agents then ever before and with out the money asked for to do the job our borders are the most secure they have ever been. One other little thing, there are more Mexicans leaving our country then coming in. NAFTA has created jobs in Mexico and improved their economy so they will stay home. A strong Mexico makes us safer, think of it, would you rather have a rich neighbor next door or a poor one.
            The crime rate has dropped over the last 7 years, we are safer today even if the media doesn’t want you to believe it. Go look at the numbers.
            Now lets look at Ted’s record. In congress he has had one bill he wrote passed into law. Most of what he does is negative, he likes to vote no. Just saying no is not leadership. If Ted was a good leader you would think his fellow congressmen would follow him but the most he can get on ay given day is a small handful which is why his bills go nowhere. If you can’t get your own party behind you how are you as president going to get anything done.

          2. Debra says:

            obama is the greatest disgrace this country has ever been forced to endure. He is a flat out embarrassment and he makes Putin look like a super hero.

        2. Debra says:

          You really have no idea what the hell you’re talking about…do you?

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I have looked at all 215 bills he has sponsored or written. I have looked at who is following him in congress and I have look at his record in government service. Have you? He is not a leader, who in government is going to follow him? As I have said even his own party will not follow him. He reminds me of a little boy jumping up and down trying to get attention. If you want to see what happens when no one follows the president look at Obama and at least his party doesn’t want to throw him under the bus unlike Mr. Cruz’s party.

  • 7papa7 says:

    Asking obama to debate and look like the fool he is, is like asking the hildabeast to tell the truth. Neither one will ever happen.

    1. MATTHEW IYAMU says:

      You are fool not the President.

      1. VM Sheppard says:

        Don’t you have some koolaid to drink?

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Cruz, you and Congress has allowed this for years.

    Stop pimping for the press with your FAKE outrage!

    Deport ALL illegal aliens and muslims………….NOW

    …………………………….or STFU!

    1. setemfree says:

      I agree with you Charlie, 100%. They are All talk, They could stop the no good pedophile Muslim if they wanted to.

      1. VM Sheppard says:

        You’re almost right setemfree. But, since it’s Obama who is the Commander in Chief (and who has the exclusive authority and obligation to direct our military), I guess he just doesn’t want to stop them. Hmmm. I wonder why that is?

  • The Redhawk says:

    Sorry TED.. that JUG EARED Chamber POT will run and Hide in Iran before he’ll ever DEBATE anyone on REALITY… his Total DELUSION has him “CONFUSED” ..

  • Luke says:

    obumba has already said in his book that he would stand behind the mooslems if push come to shove.
    obumba is a muslim enemy of America, when will the liberal media jackals wake up?

    1. The Redhawk says:

      and ISIS will send him some “GIFT” as Their NUMBER ONE RECRUITING TOOL based on his INCOMPETENCE in KEEPING the USA safe!

    2. reagangs says:

      Obummer was reared in a muslum and commie family and friends atmosphere, he admitted that. The Clintons rubbed elbows with the likes of the 1960s and 1970s commie led riots and protesters and old Sal Alinsky, a card carrying commie. Obummer lived with Bill Ayers’ family, card carrying commies, while in school in Chicago. Most of his staff and advisors (Valerie Jarrett) are all commies and just love Mao, Ho, Castro and Che along with the radical islamo-jihadists. This isn’t rocket science or doesn’t require a PhD. Along with $$billionaire Georgie Soros and his UN and EU elite minions, drones and sheeple, they want a One World Order (communism). Just read the UNs Agenda 2030 proposal.

  • Webb says:

    We have An Administration that has Lied To Us, The American Public on a hole
    host of issues…Surely we can’t trust this administration knowing their Ideology that Syrian Refugees may not be Terrorist, it only takes one to cause Destruction!!
    Cruz In 2016…

    1. CharlieSeattle says:

      Congress has allowed this for years, AND DONE NOTHING!

      1. The Redhawk says:

        Yeah… all those YEARS UNder Pelosi and Reid’s Control were the ones when the mOST damage was done…..Since then some ‘BRAKES” have been put on…IF you Study FACTS….. without a Veto Proof Majority and Reid Filibusters the Senate is in no position to GET IT DONE … YET!

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