Ted Cruz Plummets with White Evangelicals ; Trails Donald Trump by 17 Points

January 26, 2016

A new weekly tracking poll from NBC News finds Donald Trump opening a big lead over Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) among evangelical voters nationwide. The poll, conducted by NBC News and Survey Monkey, shows a 14 point shift in favor of Trump over the past week.

According to the survey, Trump has 37 percent support among evangelicals, while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has the support of 20 percent of evangelicals. Last week, Trump led Cruz by just 3 points in the tracking poll.

Dr. Ben Carson is third among evangelicals with 11 percent while Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is fourth with 10 percent. Both candidates saw slight up-ticks in their support among evangelicals over the past week.

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  • The Redhawk says:

    Looks like Donald Dick head by missing the FOX debate is the one that PLUNGED to a DISTANT SECOND PLACE… and almost wound up in THIRD place!! OK Donald Duck are you going to Blame Fox for SCREWING IT UP???

  • annarose13 says:

    Cruz is a Liberal in disguise. We DO NOT want him in the White House, NO VOTE for Cruz!!!

  • Dodie1990 says:

    Ted Cruz’s rush to the religious right to pander to religious voters is too obvious. Phony.

  • TOM says:

    That is what happens when Your conservative heavy weights throw you weight in Cruz corner. People are tired of what has been will always be. It is time for people to get back to the basics know your neighbor, practice your religion, raise your family, support yourself, quit looking for handouts and freebies

  • Mys77 says:

    People , I understand the anger, but anger is not a policy, it is not a plan, and it does not provide a solution to the mess Obama has created. Trump hates everyone, and I mean everyone…you cannot be an effective leader, or a respected one, when he is seconds from blowing up, say something mean and derogative like a child, and cannot edit his thoughts or demeanor. Personally….i am not thrilled with any of the candidates …..and to vote for Trump, just because you hate Hillary, is not exactly a ringing endorsement of the best candidate to represent America!

  • billrauh says:

    I guess Cruz’s wife wasn’t the porn star quality that Trump’s wife is.

    1. Ken Richardson says:

      Couldn’t be any worse than a transvestite we have now.

  • D Guest says:

    Trump said today he’s friends with Pelosi, Reid and Schumer and is planning working very well with them which means implementing the Dem agenda.

    1. Frankdidit says:

      Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I wish people would do some research before spouting off a bunch of BS. Just because Trump said he would work with these democraps does not in any way indicate he will support their agenda. Apparently you only see what you want to see. I would say that you have not watched Trump in action. If you did, you would not have written what you did.

  • D Guest says:

    This is BS. Evangelicals in Iowa favor Cruz over Trump by 12 points.

    The networks have historically manipulated polls to affect the outcome of the election. They famously did this in 2004 when everyone thought Kerry would defeat Bush handily.

  • Ken says says:

    Is Cruz about to pop out of the closet as a RINO and his wife in tow as the Mrs. Cruz RINO? Career with Goldman Sacks and the United Nations sure does give her great qualifications. Ted is not sleeping with the enemy – as a couple they are the enemy.

  • steven60 says:

    I am happy for Trump, but I never trust anything that starts with NBC.

  • victoriadelacy says:

    Trump when asked could not even say that he had ever seen a reason to ask God for forgiveness for anything throughout his life. Since he has never so much as repented for his sins and asked the Lord into his heart for salvation, how then can he be deemed a Christian with any credibilty, and why then do evangelicals even entertain the notion of supporting him? Further, when you look at the record and listen to Trump speak on the topic at you tube you hear him talk about having no intention to even so much as curtail abortion in America, even to the extreme of sanctioning partial birth abortion. God states clearly in Proverbs 6:16-17 that He hates hands that shed innocent blood. If the Donald were truly any actual Christian, how could he possibly hold such a nonchalant view toward the baby murder known as abortion? Common sense tells me that Trump is more likely a DeathocRAT in Republican clothing and for that reason alone does not belong on the ticket for the presidency under the mantle of the GOP party of life. It will be my hope and prayer to see Cruz rise above in the polls soon followed by taking that nomination and going on to victory in November, to the rescuing of the republic!

    1. Margaret Copeland says:


      1. flodnar says:

        And he never persecuted women to cover for a rapist.

      2. victoriadelacy says:

        Correct about Hillary, yet the one with the experience serving we the people in public office on the Republican side is Ted Cruz, not Trump. Trump would only hand the elefction to Hillary – vot for Ted instead to save America!

        1. Robert says:

          Ted Is a Lawyer, the congress is full of Lawyers, look at the shape this country is in. The biggest Co. in this Country is The Federal Government, It needs a Person who has the knowledge to guide a Large Organization
          that is Successful, because the Lawyers who have been running it are fools.

          1. victoriadelacy says:

            Ted is a proven conservative patriot. It was great to hear earlier today that Brent Bozell, Rush Limbaugh, David Limbaugh, Dana Loesch and Glenn Beck are all solidly behind his candidacy, too. Not all lawyers are corrupt. Phyllis Schlafly also approves of Cruz and she has been a respected legal eagle for many decades.

          2. Frankdidit says:

            Victoriadelacy. Please, wake up and smell the BS you are putting out about lawyers. After 25 years as a State Trooper, I have said for years that the American Bar association has this Country by the throat in a down hill drag. This also goes for the medical profession. I use the word profession when in fact I should use the word business because it is no longer a profession!

    2. flodnar says:

      Jerry Falwell Jr. just endorsed Trump. DO you believe he would do so if he felt his father would turn over in his grave. In a job interview when asked “what is your greatest fault”, how do you respond? Most of start with something that will make the interviewer comfortable and is probably BS. Never let your enemy see your weakness. Your sins are between you and your maker.

  • Webb says:

    Remember the W/H Is The Objective for Conservatives…
    Hold The House and The Senate…The next 4 to 8 years, there will be a lot of Decisions made in Government and The Supreme Court, lets make those decisions Conservative Ones!
    Trump or Cruz make the choice…

  • stan lee says:

    Trump has gotten much mileage out of the Liberty University appearance.
    I don’t believe he could have done it had the senior Falwell been alive.
    Still, I see Obama characteristics in Trump, both are narcissistic. Trump would fancy himself as a “one man government.” His words are not to be challenged, for if they were, the challenger would have acquired a very vindictive enemy.
    He’s a “loose cannon.”

    1. Margaret Copeland says:


    2. Robert says:

      Stay home or give your vote to RINOS or Hillary

    3. Frankdidit says:

      Yes and I am ready for it. Know anyone else who can handle the republicans in Congress. After all, the American people elected these Republican gentlemen the House and the Senate and what have they done. NOTHING THEY PROMISED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mudguy1 says:

    This what the Rino Establishment wants everybody to believe.
    There are only two polls that are any good. A Fire Poll and a Dancing Poll.

  • Henry J. Gilbertson says:

    Cruz is not eligible!!!!!!!

    1. Frank Rosenberger says:

      What are you another monkey see monkey do.

  • 7818TD says:

    This Race is not about Conservatives, it is about taking the White House back from these Liberals, it is imperative we vote for a person who can Win!!!

    1. pmbalele says:

      Please do not hide the truth in your heart. You hated the WH was occupied by African-Americans. You were raised to believe the WH was built for White Presidents. Dumb

      1. Ken Richardson says:

        Bawahaha, that is such a lame statement, but then you always use them. Oh, what color is Hillary and Sanders? Will that make all Dems the same as your statement? Also I guess you are for Carson now right?

      2. drrocko says:

        Naw – Barrack made me a bi-racist ! I hate his white half equally !

      3. skipsart says:

        Your lame race card excuses no longer work around here.
        So beat it……..Take that however fits……..LOL !!!

      4. yourseviceman says:

        That is right , Why you think they call it the white house . If it was mean’t for a black president it would be called the black house . You brought it up I didn’t

        1. pmbalele says:

          You made my day. Dr. Carson should have known that. Repubs and TPs hate Blacks. Carson should have never joined GOP.

      5. stan lee says:

        I believe that you, above all else, convert discussion or comments to “race.”
        While I don’t agree with 7818TD, the only word “Race” he used was in relation to the race of competition among those on the Republican slate.
        I think you ought to examine your own heart and what’s in it, there’s an obsession you need to deal with, and to attempt advising anyone what you perceive is in his heart has made you a bigot looking for bigotry under any circumstance.

        1. I Seigel says:

          Yeah, I gotta agree with you. I think pmbalele’s comment was out there.

        2. pmbalele says:

          Don Trump is right to refuse FoxNews debate. And I am pleased Trump did not back down on Bill O’rielly today. Reagan was the same. He refused stupid questions from news people. And especially Bill O’rielly who thinks his mouth is powerful to influence people to vote for anybody. Look, Bill O started the Benghazi and E-mail issues. Repubs in Congress were scared of Bill O and took to investigating those as scandals-spending $20 mi. Those were not scandals. Thank God Trump refused this non sense from FoxNews and Bill O’rielly. Trump is no buffoon. And that is how he is going to deal with domestic and foreign issues. Tough.

    2. The Redhawk says:


  • Ray Calloway II says:

    Cruz never should have tried to make fun of anyone who was trying to quote scripture. Making fun of him goes against everything he was supposed to be standing for in terms of being evangelical. At least Trump was trying. Bad, bad, bad mistake!! Trump sees a huge void in the political arena and is going to fill that void by spending his own time and money. How many others can say that…2nd Amendment, Illegal Immigration and ISIS will be what wins the election for Trump! Get onboard and let’s MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

    1. Vernial Batts says:

      Trump is going to expand the government, make deals with Pelosi and the Democrats, increase Ethanol subsidies. He is clearly someone who has bought politicians. Now he will be Narcissist in Chief contrary to what you believe. You’ll see.

      1. Margaret Copeland says:

        I don’t believe he will! I agree with 7818T who says we MUST take back the White house and Trump will do it. He will stand up to Hillary unlike Romney or McCain would do. WE WILL WIN with Trump!

        1. I Seigel says:

          Other than building a wall, what will Trump actually do? Make deals with Pelosi? For what? To get stuff done? What kind of stuff? Stand up to Hillary? To what end? They might wind up being about the same types of leaders!!!

          1. Ken Richardson says:

            Hillary has nothing acomplished, Trump can pull us out of this hole we are in with his experience. He can bring this nation back to greatness and respected once again.

          2. I Seigel says:

            How? By doing what, exactly? I’m not disagreeing with you. I’m just wanting to know. And describe the hole we are in. Is it economic? Military? Or just a general mood of the population?

          3. Ken Richardson says:

            All 3 would be correct. Everything Obama has done has brought us down. Add U6 back to unemployed and you get 24% not 5%. Depression was 25%, banks are starting to fail, check JP Morgan, gone into red. We will hit 25+ trillion debt by end of year. We have less than 2.5 billion in actual cash, everything is on paper.

          4. I Seigel says:

            If all you say is true – and it would be easy for the Wall Street money experts to verify – then why isn’t our credit rating dropping like a stone? Why is the dollar strengthening? Why have more jobs been created in the past 6 years than in Bush’s 2 terms? The debt might be huge, but there’s no panic about it in the “money world”. How do all these facts jibe with your fears?

          5. Ken Richardson says:

            75651#.VqgZbp9MEwg This from one of the leading firms for correct info. The reason our credit rating hasn’t dropped is that we are still paying the Bill’s,
            why do you think we have run up $20 trillion in debt last 7 yrs? The reason for the dollar strenghening is because other country’s failing, causes money to flow into our safer dollar, which is not a good thing because it makes our money more valuable and others less, so cost more to buy our goods, so less is sold to other countries. The reason for so called more jobs is because of cooking the books since 2009, check the U3 & U6 figures. Why do you think 94 million are out of work? Business insider? Really? Lol. I have a bridge to sell you in the dessert cheap.Bloombergs? You don’t make money in stocks do you. You probably own bonds too.

          6. I Seigel says:

            Sorry, but the link you posted doesn’t seem to work.

            The only mention of JP Morgan Chase that I could find on that website is news that they’re adding to their loan-loss reserves. If that’s what you’re referring to, that’s hardly a reason to think they’re now “in the red”.

            OK, you don’t like Business Insider. How about just a Google search for JPM’s financials. Or do you think Google is biased, too?

            No indication here that they’re now in the red. Just the opposite, really. Their stock continues to do well, no warning signs.
            And yes, I do have some bond funds. You don’t?

            About the 92 million unemployed: so you’re not disputing the figures that more jobs have been created in the past 7 years than during Bush’s administration? And why do you think so many aren’t working? That number includes students, people that have chosen to retire but could still work if they wanted to, people who are injured, etc. Not all 92 million are looking for jobs. And then there are the infamous moochers….

          7. Ken Richardson says:

            I would be willing to bet you have never fact check those figures with gov figures from previous years. You also don’t relize that maybe because of more people actually working then, actually correct unemployment with U6 then, which adding U6 now would be higher unemployment and so the seemingly higher numbers is because more people actually working then leaving less people needing jobs vs less working now by 16% so more needing jobs.

          8. I Seigel says:

            I wonder if ANYONE reading your post can make any sense of it. I can’t follow your math to save my life, and I was a good math student in college.

          9. Ken Richardson says:

            There are 33% less people working now.
            There was more people working then, so less people needing jobs.
            Less hiring was done then because more people worked, so fewer needed.
            Less working full time now, so twice as many needed to fill same “job”
            So instead of say a 1000 full jobs, we have 2000 half jobs, thus the higher so called jobs numbers. Check U3, U6 and % of working force available then and now. We are not doing well.

          10. I Seigel says:

            Ken, assuming that your figures are correct – and I won’t dispute them just now – are you blaming someone for the situation? Are you blaming the corporations for not hiring more American workers? Are you blaming the corporations for moving offshore where they can take advantage of cheaper labor and very lax environmental and labor laws, and these banking laws that allow corporate inversions so they pay no US taxes? Surely you don’t think it’s Obama’s responsibility find these people jobs? Don’t forget, the free-trade agreements, like NAFTA, weren’t IMPOSED by Obama or a Democratic president or Congress. The TPP and others were pushed very heavily by the right-leaning Chamber of Commerce and Republicans in Congress. So, whose “fault” do you think this situation is?

            And let’s also look at the labor situation. Why are so many young people unemployed or underemployed? Why so many college students can’t find work in their fields of interest and are working lower-wage, “burger flipper” jobs? Why is their student debt mounting up? And why are so many working people not taking vacations anymore? By many accounts, we’re not even leaving our desks anymore for a lunch break. Why are so many more people taking anti-depressants and other powerful drugs? How many people are confident of their resources to have a comfortable retirement? What does Martin D Weiss say about these questions?

          11. Ken Richardson says:

            Where do you get your mis-information? NAFTA was pushed and signed by Bill Clinton.
            The combination of higher taxes and insurance required by Obama on business is major issue in slowing of hiring full time and only hiring p/t.
            People are not taking vacations because they do not have money. Middle class is becoming poorer, more on welfare. Most of our issues now are lack of leadership in gov. Too big of gov.
            When You have issues of not having job or know of any opportunity in the future, it tends to cause personal self worth issues.
            Even better education doesn’t get a job that doesn’t exist.
            You can read what is said about retirement, he has expert on the subject.
            If you really think everything is great in our country, then you can’t see the forest for the trees.

          12. I Seigel says:

            Ken, I don’t think I have ANY misinformation in my comment. Maybe you’re reading what you WANT to see, rather than what I actually wrote.

            What’s the question about NAFTA? I didn’t say that it wasn’t promoted or signed by Clinton. What I said was that it wasn’t IMPOSED by a Democratic president. The Chamber of Commerce (conservative) wanted it, just as they wanted the TPP and every other free-trade agreement. And Republicans as well as Democrats voted for it. THAT’S what I said. Is there any misinformation there?

            Whether the companies are hiring full-time or part-time might or might not have anything to do with Obamacare. And who’s to say whether the companies would offer full-time work or not. Full time ALWAYS implies benefits of some kind or other, and if the the companies can skip out on their employees and screw them whenever they can, why shouldn’t they? Maybe you should support unions to help workers get the benefits they need, whether full time or part time. And wouldn’t that be a reason to support a system where the employer is completely out of the picture? Where’s the Republican alternative plan that they’ve promised for the past 6 years? Oh yeah, the new Speaker Paul Ryan says one is coming very soon.

            Why do you think I asked all those questions about retirement, work, holidays, stress, etc? I absolutely do NOT think that everything is great in our country. Those questions are part of my concerns. But I don’t blame Obama. I blame corporate greed, and I blame the Republicans for not expanding the tax on wages above $125,000 that would adequately fund Social Security, so that people into their 70’s could stop working and give up their jobs to younger people. THAT would also help the high unemployment problem among younger people.

            Try to get out of your echo chamber, Ken, and try listening to others, rather than just hearing and reading what you want to.

          13. Ken Richardson says:

            Ok I listen to you words and only saw deceit and misinformation. You think that being unfair to others, punishing them for being successful is the thing to do. Why not cut all the things that are free by gov., do the opposite of what they are doing now to get true job growth. You don’t think about the results of your failed thinking. What are you going to do when taxing doesn’t work? Why do you want to do the opposite of what works? All 70 yr olds already are retired that I know of. Young people now days have no motivation, because nothing for them. Maybe if your Obama would take care of Americans first instead of refugees and illegals – $157,000 per family would pay SS in a hurry, instead of people that do not acclimate.

          14. I Seigel says:

            So it’s not clear from what you wrote if you’re apologizing for jumping to the conclusion that I was being deceitful and lying. Either way, it causes me to ask: just because someone disagrees with you and supports their argument with facts, do you automatically assume they’re lying and deceitful?

            I’m also not sure what you mean about “being unfair to others, punishing them for being successful…” How did you get that out of what I said? Do you think that someone making $500,000 a year – an orthodontist perhaps, or a investment banker – should pay the same amount of taxes to Social Security as a person making $125,000 a year? What about someone making $3M, or $20M? Should they pay the same tax as the guy making $125,000? If they were to pay tax commensurate with their earnings, how would that be a punishment? It seems the punishment is on the lower paid worker, because a much bigger proportion of his salary is going to Social Security than the big earner’s, don’t you think?

            And what free things from the government should we cut? Subsidies for homeowners along the Mississippi River or along the Trinity River so they can get flood insurance? You’ve said there are so many millions of people out of work – do you want them to not have access to food stamps or the emergency room, or child food programs? Because you’ve already said that they are wanting to work and aren’t moochers. Do you want to cut subsidies to ethanol producers, or the oil companies. Do you want to save money and not enforce clean water laws in Flint, Michigan, or put out forest fires in Montana or Colorado? Do you not want the CDC to be working on treatments or cures for the Zika virus or Ebola?

            Please give us your ideas, Ken. And let’s not be deceitful or lying.

          15. Ken Richardson says:

            There was no apology needed for something you did, from me.
            I see you wish to use poor examples and try to make it look like the gov has to get control over all. If we had jobs, we wouldn’t need to enslave 50% of the people with poor run government subsities and no future. Flint issue is a city issue with poor leadership and no concern for it’s people( Democrat city too) what reason does federal need to be in it? Just like methane leak in California, another city issue. We do not need to spend federal money for state or city issues, when they can take care of it.
            All corporate business make donations, please don’t act foolish with intent.
            You act like the rich don’t pay more in taxes. You must have forgotten Obama’s tax increase on rich. What is your plan when those taxes don’t work to solve problem? Tax regular people like Obamacare does? I noticed you only answer questions with questions and no plan for logical path it will cause. Why do Democrats always do things that cost tons of money, yet fail, all the while saying “oh this is to help this poor person, this is to protect earth or some other emotional grabbing plea”? In the last 7 years we have increased debt by $20trillion and yet all that money hasn’t reached the poor. It went to bankers, then lent to big corporate business. Big business got foreign workers in to pay less and take away jobs from Americans. What’s up with this? Why do Democrats want redistribution of our tax dollars to other nations? Why are they anti American?
            No I said they are the new corporate, you are saying they are bad. They are not paid as well as oil company employees and they don’t have Obama fighting against them, when America depends on oil. Do you think that is right? Do you not use gas? Do you think it is also right for Obama to pressure coal electric plants so they end up closing, costing thousands of jobs? All this for climate change and yet Kerry says even with 0 carbon footprint, it wouldn’t change a thing in the US. That it’s all about money redistribution. Is this your ideal of fair and right? Lying and stealing from Americans under false pretense? Do you not believe in America and want it to be great again?

          16. I Seigel says:

            You’re Martin D. Weiss’s little boy, alright! Good luck!! I think you’re going to need it.

            And you know, you’re right! To hell with all those whining Republican states when they need fed help. When Texas has big refinery explosions, wildfires and drought and floods, fu*k ’em, they don’t need federal disaster money. When hurricanes and blizzards hit New Jersey, to hell with them – no federal aid. Fires in Idaho, floods along the Mississippi, all Republican governors crying for a government handout. F*ck all them weenies.

          17. Ken Richardson says:

            Just like a true Democrat, unable to answer a reasonable question with a reasonable answer. All your replies are that of a drama queen, bloated and surreal.
            I do respect Mr. Weiss’s educated proven facts, but I am not anyone’s boy. I listen to many and over time have learned which ones know what they are talking about.
            You on the other hand have no facts and rely on emotional usurping.

          18. I Seigel says:

            Like I said, you read or hear only what YOU want to, and you don’t listen. Try it sometime. Because I have answered many of your questions, and I’ve provided loads of facts. You’ve chosen to ignore them, which you have every right to do. But because of your extremely close-minded attitude and unwillingness to listen and engage, I really see no more purpose in this exchange.

          19. david says:

            the Chamber of Congress is not conservative by any means

          20. I Seigel says:

            You’re kidding, right? Name a Democratic candidate – for president or any other office – that the Chamber of Commerce has supported. Do they support labor unions? NO. They support free-trade agreements because it’s about TRADE and business and profits, all things that Republicans and conservatives have traditionally supported.

          21. david says:

            lets us start with Obama lets go with Bill Clinton they did support Jimmy Carter and right now with Hillary Clinton and her e-mail scandal right now they are not supporting any candidate right now and yes they did support both Bushes and as a former small business owner myself they only way I could get any support from the Chamber of Congress is I had to pay them yearly dues and that was just to get a plague and a certificate to hang in my store and if you think that they do not support unions you had better recheck because every time the unions endorsed a candidate the Chamber of Congress usually endorsed the same person and I came from a union controlled area and every one there knew had bad both of them are

          22. I Seigel says:

            You might have been dealing with your local Chamber of Commerce, but I’m not in a position to disagree with you. I’m pretty sure the US CoC doesn’t send out plagues or plaques. And they have rarely – if ever – endorsed or supported labor unions.

            What I AM in a position to do is a little research. I went to the US Chamber of Congress’s website, and looked up who they endorsed in campaigns.

            In 2000, their endorsements were split pretty equally between Republicans and Democrats.

            In 2008-2012, I found 14 endorsements. I can list them all, if you want. But only Joe Manchin from WV was a Democrat. Thirteeen out of the 14 were Republicans.

            I didn’t go beyond the first 2 pages of endorsements. There are at least 9 pages, and if they didn’t endorsement someone, than they congratulated someone, almost all of them Republicans.

            These are facts you can verify if you choose.


          23. david says:

            NAFTA was actually started by George W Bush but Bill Clinton did push even more and then signed the bill into law

          24. david says:

            please check out the department of labor website for any unemployment numbers they do run as u1 -u6 and the years to check would be 2009 -2015 and then go back to 2007 numbers and you will find a big difference when you check it out

          25. Ken Richardson says:

            http://www.moneyandmarkets.com/forget-oil-stocks-banks-getting-battered-now , try that or just go to their website, Moneyandmarkets.com. they are non bias and devoted to the truth. They show facts and figures you need to see. Find out how far you are off, seriously.

          26. I Seigel says:

            Like I said Ken, the only mention of JPM I found on their website was about their loan-loss reserves. Please just copy and paste the juicy bits I’m apparently missing.
            What kind of bias do you reckon Business Insider has? Is it a Bloomberg publication, god forbid? Other than MoneyandMarkets.com is there another business source you can refer me to?

          27. I Seigel says:

            Hey Ken,

            Since I’ve never heard of MoneyandMarkets.com, I wanted to do a bit of research on it. It’s the website of Martin D Weiss, as you can see from the banner area across the top of the webpage. I just did a Bing search on him, and this is what I found. I’m not making any value judgements. You do that for yourself, if you choose. But I’d probably choose to get my business news from other sources. That’s just me, though, and I wouldn’t pretend to offer advice to you, like you were kind enough to do for me:


          28. Ken Richardson says:

            I have been with them for yrs and they are very accurate. But good luck to you.

          29. I Seigel says:

            Yes, and good luck to you. We each choose to get our information differently, and that’s why there are so many sources of it. To each his own.
            By the way, if you find anything that casts doubts on Business Insider, please post it. I’ve never been to their website and don’t use their information, but it certainly looks legit. Just like MoneyandMarkets, until you scratch beneath the surface.

          30. dfinch says:

            The U6 is 9.9%.

          31. faxxmaxx says:

            What do any of the other candidates know about business that will boost the economy? What do they know about fixing our infrastructure? What do they know about negotiations? What do they know about corporate inversion and how to reverse it? How do they all feel about bringing in foreign workers ( I know Cruz wants them increased by 500%) ? Who did Trump take PAC money from, like all the others? How will Cruz change things when everyone in congress wants him to fail? Are you interested in a president similar to Obama who says it’s my way or the highway and refuses to meet with the other side? If you do, then why did you hate that trait in Obama? A politician knows zero about anything other than expanding laws. That’s all they do. They’re all lawyers, which is why bills are hundreds of pages long. What do lawyers know about the needs of workers? When was the last time you heard of a politician giving of his time or money to ordinary people in need, I don’t mean contributions to a large organization that can be a tax write off, I mean paying off a couple’s mortgage or flying a sick child to a hospital because his family couldn’t afford to. Every four years these elitist politicians grovel to the masses, pretending they care about average families. Trump lives his whole life actually walking the walk. Maybe we can actually get things done in Washington that both sides will benefit from. Gee wouldn’t that be different.

          32. I Seigel says:

            And you think that Trump doesn’t just pretend to care about average families; he really does care? Ok.

            I’ll try to answer your questions, since you asked (rhetorically?)
            Trump knows about negotiations. He knows about business. There’s nothing I’ve seen or heard that makes me believe he knows (or cares) about fixing our infrastructure. He knows about corporate inversions, tax shelters, tax dodges, bankruptcy courts and doing whatever he needs to do to his workers in order to increase his profits (he’s trying to bust the labor unions in Atlantic City as we speak. And who would he rather pay sub-minimum wages to? Illegals.)

            About lawyers – as much as I hate them, I have to admit that a knowledge of the law is necessary in order to run government and write legislation. Or else you get laws with lots and lots of quirky little clauses and phrases that experts drive huge holes through. Like corporate inversions. And you get laws and situations that tie up the courts for years until the Supreme Court “legislates from the bench” because the law was written so poorly.

            Back to Trump – he may be all the wonderful things you say he is, I’m not disputing any of that. But having lots of knowledge or experience in business, just like a general having a great deal of military experience, does not make for a great leader, one who has to find ways to compromise and cajole – and bully – others with equally huge egos to agree to their way of thinking. And not just compromise with other AMERICAN leaders, but his equals on the world stage – Putin, Netanyahyu, the Ayatollah, Merkel, Kim, etc.

          33. faxxmaxx says:

            Never in my lifetime has a newly elected president ever walked into the Oval Office without first choosing a cabinet of lawyers. Might I remind you that Ronald Reagan was never a lawyer. You can collect lawyers until the cows come home. In Washington it’s not a problem.
            On the issue of egos. If you don’t have an ego the size of say, Trump’s, you don’t run for president of the United States. Only an ego can give you that confidence. They all have it. Some just hide it better.
            As far as cajoling goes, a good negotiator who has done business worldwide with corporate CEOs needs little in the way of instruction by say John Kerry or Barack Obama. So I think compromise is the least of Trump’s shortcomings. He spends his life negotiating. Do you worry that he’ll be an embarrassment? Can anyone embarrass us anymore than Obama? But in all seriousness he’s not an upstart who needs to be taught proper protocol to hold a White House dinner for 200 guests. He does it all the time in Mara Lago. He knows how to be a gentleman and also how to be one of the guys.
            As far as his workers go, he’s been vetted. No illegals. From what I’ve seen, he maintains them for years and treats them fairly. He has more female executives working for him than males and pays them well.

          34. I Seigel says:

            I agree that ego is a very important thing for a leader to have, whether he or she is a politician, a general, or a CEO. I’m not sure what point you’re making about lawyers. That’s right, Reagan wasn’t a lawyer, but he surrounded himself with lawyers. Trump would most likely do the same. So would Clinton. No, I don’t worry he’d be an embarrassment. Yes, he could embarrass us more than Obama. I’m sure he knows how to be a gentleman. I’m sure Clinton knows how to be a lady. Yes, he probably does have more females than male executives working for him. So did the Hef. They are all 10s.

          35. faxxmaxx says:

            Nice to have a reasonable discussion. Thanks for the opportunity.

      2. Ray Calloway II says:

        You’re right, we’ll see…I’m glad you also believe he will win! So do We the People!! He’ll bring job back, make great deals for America, deport illegals, secure our borders, SUPPORT the Constitution and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AND SAFE! ALL AMERICANS WIN!!

      3. Ken Richardson says:

        I doubt the gov could be more bloated than it is now. Yes you have to make deals with Dems, sometimes it’s give and take in gov.

    2. Shofar threading says:

      Cruz, you say, shouldn’t be “making fun of anyone” vis-à-vis Trump and his Corinthians saga and (you) questioning his evangelical background and of Trump, “at least Trump is trying” excuse? No, he isn’t. Well, maybe he is — and in this instance for the evangelical votes NOT because he’s transformed into a Bible-LIVING Christian as he keeps reiterating his Presbyterian ties in which he says he is so proud. Proud of your faith? That’s ludicrous! And incongruous.

      And he is the one who started way back with insults (un-Christian) to Carly (later with a phony “explanation” every women knows was a crock) and proceeded on down the list. He is great at those one-liners putting down people. I’ve had enough of that cr—ap from my years in television way before his entry in that medium.

      f you accept his latest mantra of he “can work with the Democrats” (as he cites Pelosi, Reid, Schumer) well, then, you haven’t been looking how that’s turned out for Republicans over the years when they tried that scenario. Trump isn’t the Messiah. Don’t fashion him as one nor give him, nor anyone, total devotion.

      This group of potential nominees have all now shown very, very big flaws. It may even lead to a write-in vote from me. But, actually, as
      annoying/angering to me is the seduction of the Trump supporters by their chosen just as those who were entranced by Barack Hussein Obama when he first came on the scene.

      This election takes much prayer. We’ve already started it. My vote will be in God’s hands and I pray the Holy Spirit will also be in the hearts and minds of everyone else’s, not simply the words nor “charm” of fallible man.

      1. Robert says:

        You have 3 Choices Trump, Bernie or Hillary if you don’t vote it will be Bernie or Hillary. If you vote for a Republican who has no chance of winning you will split the vote giving a victory to the RINOS who will pick the candidate to be the nominee and it will be a RINO who gets the nod. Think about it.

        1. D Guest says:

          All pretty much the same.

        2. Shofar threading says:

          Start praying. You might find a hidden treasure of answers. Read my note to Ken, although I doubt that will give you more insight.

          1. Ken Richardson says:

            Interesting that you “shofar”, most don’t know what it is.

          2. mallen11 says:

            People can pray all they want to but if they do not pray under the power of the Holy Spirit their prayers go no where.

          3. Shofar threading says:

            Surprising, Mallen, and do you not think I know this?

          4. Ken Richardson says:

            I agree with her. Its also why the”eye of a needle” is something to concider with so many Christian’s in the world. Could this mean many will fail?

          5. mallen11 says:

            I know you do. I was hoping that others would read it.

          6. Shofar threading says:

            I’m glad I “read” you wrong because I value your opinion. {:-) <

      2. Ken Richardson says:

        It won’t be, because he gives us the choices to decide. Don’t be foolish and think he would change his words for an election.

        1. Shofar threading says:

          You didn’t understand a word I wrote. “Change His words”? Who on earth said that? And change from what? Are you trying — and I DO mean trying — to tell me prayers aren’t heard and answered by God?

          Maybe you don’t have a one-on-one relationship where you converse with Him, but He’s given me (and many friends) answers to more than one problem.. He lays things on one’s heart and that’s called an answer. No handwriting on the wall but on the heart. And I WILL get my answer. Understand?

          “A scoffer SEEKS wisdom and does not find it, But knowledge is easy to him who understands. Go from the presence of a foolish man, When you do not perceive in him the lips of knowledge.” Proverbs 14:6-7

          1. Ken Richardson says:

            You have a good “man” view of his word. I bet you think if you pray for winning lotto numbers, you would get them. Tell me, do you pray for the. Roman pagan holidays of Halloween, Easter and Christmas? If you do you would be praying to other gods. I follow Yesuha and the Toran. Maybe its your “understanding” that needs correction.

          2. Barrustio says:

            I can always count on someone like you to be on these sites.

          3. Ken Richardson says:

            Yes just as I know someone as yourself will be on here.

          4. Barrustio says:

            Sooo, do you feel fulfilled after sex?

          5. Shofar threading says:

            No, I don’t have a “man” view; I’m a woman. And you’ve said enough for me to rest in this:

            “If you are insulted because of the name of Christ,
            you are blessed, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you. 1 Peter 4:14


          6. Ken Richardson says:

            Not insulted by Nick name of Yesuha, as Jesus. Man was termed as identity of species, not gender. Man is the reason there are 632 ” religions” in the US. Can all be right? Most were started by a different ” man” wanting his opinion to benefit his choices of how he felt, such as one religion says no divorce, so new one was started that allowed it. Some use snakes, most don’t, etc.

      3. Barrustio says:

        Amen to that…”make America great” is just a different flavor of the same Koolaid as “hope and change”.

        1. Shofar threading says:

          Only with a more vociferous candidate. Anger is justified in certain circumstances but when used to attempt to falsely destroy someone’s character I do not see that as something Christian.

          1. Ken Richardson says:

            Do you really think any politician can be thought of as that?

        2. Ken Richardson says:

          No hope and change was to break America, like it is doing.

          1. Barrustio says:

            The GOP establishment is responsible for allowing Obama to do what he did and THEY are backing Trump…what does that tell you.

          2. Ken Richardson says:

            Actually the GOP isn’t, sorry. What does that tell you?
            Also every time the GOP didn’t go Obama’s way he threw a fit and called them names ( very un- presidential), remember?

          3. Barrustio says:

            The GOP knows it’s a two man race and they sure as hell don’t want to deal with Cruz…Trump would be an easy mark wit his lack of experience.

      4. Ray Calloway II says:


        1. Shofar threading says:

          Guess you never heard of the headline “Dewey wins!” (over Truman), hmmmm?

          1. Ray Calloway II says:

            Let me know how holding on to that hope and a prayer works out for you…Good luck with that!!

          2. Shofar threading says:

            Let us pray you lose that mirror you’re holding — and soon……

            “For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.” 1 Corinthians 13:12

    3. josebear5 says:

      No not me I don’t like Trump he is like a chameleon he changes to what every the people want.

      1. Ken Richardson says:

        And Hillary does what?

        1. Michael Lloyd says:

          Lie, deny and lie some more.

        2. josebear5 says:

          The same thing Trump does.

      2. Michael Lloyd says:

        You are whacked. What number is that on your approved to use talking points?

        1. josebear5 says:

          No I have don my checks on the people ruing and Trump change his mind depend on who he is talking to. no thank you.

      3. Ray Calloway II says:

        And what the People want, the People get. That’s exactly the way it should be!! And will be under TRUMP making America great again!

    4. D Guest says:

      And when did he do that, exactly? Some pundits did, but not Cruz. Stop lying about him.

      1. Ray Calloway II says:

        Not lying. Cruz told a joke trying to mock Trump’s attempt to quote scripture. I saw it live. Went like this. In front of an Evangelical crowd in Iowa Cruz said “2 Corinthians walked into a bar….” That’s the truth.

    5. Barrustio says:

      Trump is alright with men laying with men and women killing babies…the people supporting him are NOT Evangelicals.

  • Frank Rosenberger says:

    I will have to agree with Joanne!! Trump has always back NY and NYC political views which are ultra liberal. I think he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing and and if elected will do what Donald does best, Take care of Donald and his pocketbook. I’ll back Cruz!!!

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      I don’t think so Frank, gave Joanne a few reasons why, bet there are more.

      1. Frank Rosenberger says:

        Don’t get me wrong if Trump wins the nomination I’ll vote for him I just don’t think he’s the best choice.

    2. ketrout says:

      Think about it, Obama and his administration increased the debt more
      than ALL of the other presidents COMBINED!!!! And with Hillary or
      Sanders, could possibly double it in the next 4 years if either are

      1. PatriotGal says:

        ketrout, the news just proclaimed that in ten years, our debt will reach $30 TRILLION because of the deals (Iran, etc.) done by OWEbama and the budgets passed by Congress.

        1. Robert says:

          Our GNP is only 25 Trillion, Our economy will collapse once it goes over 25 Trillion.

    3. Margaret Copeland says:


    4. Robert says:

      He won’t get the Nomination. If you split the vote Hillary or Bernie win.

      1. Robert Early says:

        Excuse me ! Who is spliting the vote?Why not try pointing at a mirror? If most voters support trump, then that is the positive side. It’s the naysayers that split the vote.

    5. D Guest says:

      Trump is the Democrat Party’s Operation Chaos. They knew that a Dem would have trouble this year so they decided to run candidates in BOTH parties. Their candidate in the Republican primary is Trump.

      1. Robert Early says:

        Wow ! What kind of crazy theory is that?

        1. Robert Early says:

          No Dem alive would possess the necessary intelligence to create a Trump-like character. Your suggestion simply can’t happen.

    6. Ken Richardson says:

      He was a rich person taking of himself, just as you would take care of yourself. As president he would automatically get more opportunity to make money. If you think even Cruz won’t do the same, your wearing rose colored glasses.

  • Joanne says:

    Forget it, I’m a conservative, I won’t vote for Trump, don’t believe he’s a true conservative, he’s a flip-flopper!

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      A flip flopper now, or are you talking about his past.
      Since he entered this contest I have not heard him flip flop on anything of any importance.
      In his past he has supported a number of people from all political stripes, he played everyone, and they all owe him, he doesn’t owe anyone anything.
      It is very possible that he has seen the light, and means what he says. He is not an Obama or a Clinton, not even a Sanders, has he offered any free stuff, like phones, has he said that this country comes first.
      We need to have people wake-up, then do the right thing, he along with millions of others are doing just that, so are they all flip flopping too, maybe so, but you know what, it is about time.

    2. Greg says:

      Right on, it’s pretty amazing how easy it is to manipulate someone’s mind and thought process. Donald is the furthest from even a rhino republican. But he has choreographed a very shrewd campaign strategy!! All anyone has to do is look at his actions, look at his stances on anything 9 months ago!! There all the opposite of his stances now!

    3. ketrout says:

      Who really cares, every elected official flip-flops! At this point we do not need a true conservative, we need someone that we start moving the GOP in the direction of getting things done. Not like what has recently happen where the GOP gave Obama everything he wanted and then some. IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP!


      1. studi30 says:

        Whoever is the Republican candidate will get my vote.

    4. Ken says says:

      As a Conservative you should be looking for a way to stop the government insanity and save what is left of the USA. Staying home and sucking your thumb and whining won’t save the USA and in 8 years you won’t have to worry about having the opportunity to vote.

      1. Frank Rosenberger says:

        Where did you come up with thumb suckling are staying home??? We’re trying to figure out which Republican is best for the country and your whining about it. Trump admits he works well with demos today good or bad? Cruz ultra right wing conservative that could set us back 10 yrs, ( good or a bad thing)??? Now instead of Thunder suckling come up with intelligent ideals.

        1. Ken says says:

          Hey Frank – #1. you say your a Conservative
          #2. you won’t vote for Trump
          #3. Trump is not a Conservative.
          I’ll agree with 1 and 3 – there is not a Conservative in the whole GOP pack of candidates – mostly RINOs, closet RINOs, panderers and Carly hanging in for a VP slot with any candidate that will have her. I’m glad that I woke you up – now pick a candidate that will turn the tide of the USA and start supporting that candidate. Thanks for your reply.

    5. Margaret Copeland says:


    6. Robert says:

      You split the vote The Rinos win or Hillary or Bernie.

  • trishae61 says:

    I don’t trust any of the medias polls, Iowa’s Des Moines Registar is showing Ted Cruz in the lead, theirs is a much more accurate poll then NBC’s or CNN’s

    1. Robert says:

      Get Ready for Bernie or Hillary then.

  • rowleya says:

    Cruz only candidate I’ll vote for Prez

    1. paulyz says:

      Would you rather we have another Democrat-Socialist running our Country, picking Supreme Court Justices, diving deeper into unpayable debt, much more Illegal Immigration, & Unfair trade? Come on, Trump or Cruz will be both fine, even Rubio or Carson, compared to ANY Democrat-Socialist!

      1. Robert says:

        Rubio is a RINO Establishment Candidate, Carson is so far behind he can’t catch up.

    2. Margaret Copeland says:


    3. Robert says:

      Give the Nomination away then, that will help a lot for Hillary

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