Ted Cruz wants U.S. citizens fighting with Islamic State banished from country

Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, told a crowd of 3,000 at a conservative summit in Dallas that Americans fighting with Islamic State militants should be exiled from the country saying, “we need to not let into this country any American who is fighting with ISIS.”

But some conservative politicians say that banishing American jihadists doesn’t go far enough, and that those who leave the country to fight for militant groups like the Islamic State, Hamas, or al Qaeda should be stripped of their citizenship.

On Friday, former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, who is running for a U.S. Senate seat in neighboring New Hampshire, called for Congress to pass legislation to strip “homegrown terrorists” of their American citizenship.

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  • Etienne A. Kouakou says:

    I am not sure if banishing them is the solution. I do believe, however, that they should be brought back home to face the full force of the justice system. They’re enemy combatants, and leaving them where they are gives them the opportunity to perpetuate their evil acts.

  • The redhawk says:

    same Idea told on FOX news by SEN candidate BROWN from NH…GREAT IDEA that already GB PM Cameron has proposed to Brit Parliament regarding Brits Turn Coats… Now if Only we had a leader in the WH instead of HAMLET….and if only By “flexibility” ODIMBO had not meant that it means for him to Grab his Ankles and walk backwards so that ISIS and Putin can “have their ways”……..

  • peter says:

    I agree and if after fighting with the enemy and they return to this country, they should be tried for treason and executed.

    1. The redhawk says:

      Or shot on sight that is all that turn Coats traitors deserve…

  • Charles90210 says:

    There’s an abundance of insights in George Washington’s 1796 Farewell Address, and it gives one a pause to see the state of our union in 2014

    “Citizens, by birth or choice, of a common country, that country has a right to concentrate your affections. The name of American, which belongs to you in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of patriotism more than any appellation derived from local discriminations. With slight shades of difference, you have the same religion, manners, habits, and political principles. You have in a common cause fought and triumphed together; the independence and liberty you possess are the work of joint counsels, and joint efforts of common dangers, sufferings, and successes.

    While, then, every part of our country thus feels an immediate and particular interest in union, all the parts combined cannot fail to find in the united mass of means and efforts greater strength, greater resource, proportionably greater security from external danger, a less frequent interruption of their peace by foreign nations; and, what is of inestimable value, they must derive from union an exemption from those broils and wars between themselves, which so frequently afflict neighboring countries not tied together by the same governments, which their own rival ships alone would be sufficient to produce, but which opposite foreign alliances, attachments, and intrigues would stimulate and embitter. Hence, likewise, they will avoid the necessity of those overgrown military establishments which, under any form of government, are inauspicious to liberty, and which are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty. In this sense it is that your union ought to be considered as a main prop of your liberty, and that the love of the one ought to endear to you the preservation of the other.

    These considerations speak a persuasive language to every reflecting and virtuous mind, and exhibit the continuance of the Union as a primary object of patriotic desire. Is there a doubt whether a common government can embrace so large a sphere? Let experience solve it. To listen to mere speculation in such a case were criminal. We are authorized to hope that a proper organization of the whole with the auxiliary agency of governments for the respective subdivisions, will afford a happy issue to the experiment. It is well worth a fair and full experiment…

    In contemplating the causes which may disturb our Union, it occurs as matter of serious concern that any ground should have been furnished …

    One of the expedients of party to acquire influence within particular districts is to misrepresent the opinions and aims of other districts. You cannot shield yourselves too much against the jealousies and heartburnings which spring from these misrepresentations; they tend to render alien to each other those who ought to be bound together by fraternal affection. The inhabitants of our Western country have lately had a useful lesson on this head; …they have been witnesses to the formation of two treaties, that with Great Britain, and that with Spain, which secure to them everything they could desire, in respect to our foreign relations, towards confirming their prosperity. Will it not be their wisdom to rely for the preservation of these advantages on the Union by which they were procured ? Will they not henceforth be deaf to those advisers, if such there are, who would sever them from their brethren and connect them with aliens? ”

    George Washington FarewellAddress 1796

  • Mark Whidden says:

    ISIS is Washington’s creation… Deport every stinking representative who didn’t speak out this fact. Including Cruz.

  • Trish P says:

    This is treason. They should be tried and executed (or a long federal prison term).

  • Brian Morford says:

    What is wrong with the system is that no legislators go to existing law and simply amend it. It’s always a race to make headlines and introduce NEW legislation. We have no idea what is on the books How it is interpreted, how it is used, if it is used or if it is even relevant in todays world….
    Take a big bite by going through State and Federal Law and modifying what is used and omitting what isn’t. Make them simple and easy to follow so the people can understand them and that would be a good beginning. If TREASON doesn’t apply the way the law is written to include an American Citizen fighting for the enemy then change it.

  • David Hendrick Behrens says:

    Won’t happen… Obama won’t let anyone in Congress take away American Citizenship of a peace loving Muslim, it doesn’t matter, if they want to go join ISIS and want to kill Americans, Obama will allow them Rights, to return back to America,.. Obama said that years ago, “No discrimination will be allowed against Muslims” he wanted to make that a law…………………………….

  • disqus_r3cPjzSRkA says:

    what kind of line of bullcrap have those US people been fed. i’m going to try promising 72 virgins if they will mow my lawn

  • GEARJAMMER409 says:

    To bad though that Congress and Senate is in on this. These matters on border closing could have been handled long time ago. Something is fishy all the way around?

  • Driver_S says:

    I totally agree. Anyone that is a US citizen that joins and makes an allegiance with any terrorists or enemy has committed treason. They must be barred from returning, charged with treason and stripped of their citizenship. Any and all assets confiscated and disposed of. Our borders must be secured and strict policies in place for anyone but our military personnel coming from these Islamic countries must be administered. Any supporters known to be in the USA need to be interrogated, abolish any and all tax exempt status of CAIR and all other known organizations with ties to terrorists. That includes Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood buddies.

  • WiSe GuY says:

    It isn’t going to happen. The terrorist in the Whitehouse belongs to iSIS.

  • Peter Locke says:

    As a citizen as well as veteran, I agree on the ‘should’ but am very worried about the ‘how’. If these adherents of terrorism are to be stripped of their citizenship, it should be done according to the Constitution. That probably means being tried for treason. That would mean an arrest warrant being served as soon as they re-enter the U.S. That would require they’re having broken a law…hence legislative action by Senator Cruz.

  • Martin Todd says:

    As a U.S. veteran I wholeheartedly agree, let not those who waver their alliagence to a despotic radical religious agenda ever have the honor to be called a American agian. And let those freedom loving Americans here know the dangers which we are currently ingaged in with the sacrifice of our liberties to fight terrorism, Americans would be wise to take heed of our founding fathers warnings about this, were James Madison warned, “If tyranny and Oppression comes to this land, it will come under the guises of fighting a foreign enemy.” And Ben Franklin who said, “Those willing to give their Liberties for safty diserve not liberty or safty.” Hence the National Defence military authorization act, that guts the habous corpus, without amending the Constitution as is required by it, by changing the Constitution, which George Washington called a,” Usurpation, which are custamary weapons by which free nations are destroyed”. Goggle his farewell speech to read, towards the end. U.S. vet.

  • Henry Ray says:

    I totally agree…that or put a .22 behind their ear and bury them with a jar of pickled pigs feet

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