Ted Cruz wins presidential straw poll at 2014 Values Voter Summit

For the second consecutive year, GOP Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas was the top choice in the presidential straw poll at the Values Voter Summit, one of the premier annual gatherings for social conservatives.

Mr. Cruz took 25 percent of the vote. Dr. Ben Carson was second at 20 percent, and Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee was third at 12 percent.

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  • Lily Haley says:

    I would prefer a governor since it would be best to have someone with executive experience. Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal are not constitutionally eligible, so I wish the pollsters would stop adding them to straw polls. I wouldn’t want Bush or Christie or Huckabee. I don’t know who else conservative enough might be running.

    1. heroay says:

      Gee, Lily, how come you KNOW the real story behind the smoke screen, and 99% of posters do not? Are they all zio-trolls for the Rothschilds?

  • I Seigel says:

    So out of the 2000 people who attended the event, 500 for voted for Cruz. That wouldn’t even be enough for a high school class president! But yes, let’s declare him the frontrunner right now. Of course, they’ll have to amend the Constitution first. Like they were talking about for Schwarzenegger a while back.

    I’m hoping for a Cain vs Carson Celebrity Smackdown! Maybe they could get Saint Sarah to be the celebrity referee.

    1. heroay says:

      Just another wag the dog’s tail show, by the zionist mafia ruling this country since 1913. Were it not for the Internet, these creeps would have enslaved, massacred, and disposed of us for quite a while. But as they have sown so shall they reap. The Prophecy WILL be fulfilled: Beast to Abyss for all eternity.

      1. I Seigel says:

        They’re everywhere, you know. At your food store, probably contaminating the stuff you eat. At your bank, skimming YOUR hard-earned money. At your local schools, brainwashing your kids. Serving you food in restaurants, secretly spitting in your food. Even at your favorite gun store, slipping in old and unreliable ammo into the boxes you’re buying. The news people, the cops, the city council – all Zionist mafia. Unless, of course, you’re living in a bomb shelter in Idaho.

        Come to think of it, maybe that’s where you should go.

        PLEASE remove your “upvote” to my previous comment. I would really hate to think that we’re in agreement on ANYTHING. I even have to wash my hands after replying to you.

        1. heroay says:

          “They’re everywhere”…

          CORRECTION: ‘they’ do NOT work, nor risk their cowardly lives. They use paid kisser patsies, even, on threads like this one. Am surprised you are not better informed. Or dis-informed, same thing. As for the ‘shelter’, THEY have these, for years. However, those who know better have said these would become their graves, should ‘they’ decide to play ‘smart’ and then go underground. Maybe you should think thrice, before you trail your mastas.

          As for the ‘up’, sorry, i used my dog’s ‘cookie’ with a glove to punch the ‘up’ on yours, but already threw away the glove. So, it STICKS. Just do NOT touch it… (Your mouth is what you should wash, instead.)

  • regulus30 says:

    you mean like your non-American Kenyan now sitting in the White House;;; you liberal bigot, once obimbo was allowed to hold the office anyone can NOW YOU IDIOT get it “heroay”.

    1. heroay says:

      Pfft! “MY” Kenyan?? ME “liberule”, because i X-Posed zionist mole-israhell first kisser Rafael Cruz?? Now that IS idiocy on steroids… and your pic shows it’s time for getting another shot, before you tear your padded cell.

      1. regulus30 says:

        atta boy get ignorant and show us all your beautiful inner self. hahaha ;; and I will have another just for you ;;judgmental low life ass666holes like you are why this nation is f**ked up ; get it reggie>

        1. heroay says:

          “get ignorant”…

          What DUMB comment is THAT?? Just your own pic tells the crowd what kind of ignorant leech you are. Don’t get enough welfare stamps to trade for wine, regulated69?

          1. regulus30 says:

            keep up the playground rhetoric it is very impressive and you might stop marking your own comments with a like, I love the class and intellect of your style; Kurt Vonnegut Jr. said your prose style should represent you personality;; we can all see who you are by yours.

          2. heroay says:

            unregulated69, don’t bother with your child psychology for diarrhea kids: i read that OLD book, and i can tell when each of you zio-trolls hits the wall and recoils like a F-O-O-L.

            “Thirty Eight Ways to Win when You Are Defeated.” Arthur Schopenhauer, (1896)

  • heroay says:

    This post is, of course, a joke. We all KNOW about these rigged ‘voting’ machines, right, Mr. Sherfinski? Since Rafael (‘ted’) Cruz is NOT an American citizen, but CANADIAN. Canada won’t release him until the US grants him citizenship first, since Rafael Cruz WAS born in Canada, from ONLY ONE American citizen parent, and the CONSTITUTION, not me or you, demands a “NATURAL BORN” for president (for LOYALTY to his natural country, ONLY). That is, born IN the US from BOTH American citizens. The rest is subversive propaganda to install “just anyone” the usurpers of US Gov since 1913 so desire. NOT!

    Rafael Cruz has plenty of times demonstrated that his NON-natural born loyalty is NOT to the US First, Second, and Third, as it should. He IS X-Posed across the land already. And this post is already circling the globe.

    1. regulus30 says:

      three words for you ;; BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.;;;;your hypocrisy is breath taking.

      1. heroay says:

        Mmm… you mean, Obongo the illegal alien from Kenya, usurper of the Tarnished House, and subversive agent for Zion? THAT one too, is a poster boy for ALL kosher infiltrated agencies, but fortunately, or miraculously?, while both parents were US born, his mother was stopped at the airport in Kenya, and had to dump that zio-mole at the Mombasa hospital. And neither is Obongo a Muslim, he is a half-spawned ashkenazi so-called ‘joo’. Stick back your label on your DUMB forehead after you are locked back in your padded cell.

        1. regulus30 says:

          go to “CONSERVATIVE NEWS ALERT”; pan down to the bottom and read what his fellow countrymen are saying.

          1. heroay says:

            “CON-serva-turd joos alert”?? 99% of propaganda blogs ARE zio controlled-owned-censored. Just reading your spill makes anyone throw up.

          2. regulus30 says:

            political drunk;;go sober up; you are also the one wearing the diaper ;juvie.

          3. heroay says:

            “political drunk-blah-blah”… From your own mastas:

            “It is ironic, but true, that while the fool refuses to be taught, he is eager to teach others from his abundance of “wisdom.”

            “Drive out the scoffer, and contention will go out, Even strife and dishonor will cease”

        2. regulus30 says:

          I love this stuff;; YOU ARE SO PIZZED OFF YOU CAN NOT CONTROL YOUR VITRIOLIC spital;you make my day;

          1. heroay says:

            “SO PIZZED OFF”…

            Not, but you seem SO wacked-off when you hear the truth, you must have your diapers full by now.

          2. regulus30 says:

            no truth coming from you ;bro

          3. heroay says:

            “no truth”… From your own mastas:

            “Fools tell awful jokes”

            “Though you pound a fool in a mortar with a pestle along with crushed grain, Yet his folly will not depart from him”

        3. regulus30 says:

          so now we consider all British subjects American citizens;; you are finally making sense reggie.

          1. heroay says:

            “Brit subs = Amero citz”??… You hit the wrong wall trying to escape.

          2. regulus30 says:

            just because you are mentally challenged it doesn’t make everyone else that way. poor soul

          3. heroay says:

            unregulated69, stop toeing on your KB while you watch your latrine mirror (on the floor). Stop ‘sharing’. Keep your ‘virtues’ to yourself.

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

    I can’t vote for Dr. Carson because he does not have the experience yet in the government sector. He is a nice man but I think he must start as either a cabinet secretary, or as a senator. There are many others more qualified than he is and there must be intelligent choices.

    Please don’t use affirmative action in politics anymore. We must learn a lesson from electing Barrack Obama. I think people voted for him because US needs black president in order to clear the name for being racist.

    1. Derrick E Truett says:

      Ironically America is no more racist than any place else on this planet. Its just pushed as being that via the propaganda. The irony is voting in a black man for the color of his skin is racism being spun as anti racism. Just like reverse racism is spun as anti racism. That pretty much sums the entire liberal anti racism agenda as racist and anything but anti racism. Liberals have now been on the side of both colors depending on which they see can be used to gain and maintain their power, wealth and control. Does this mean some men of all colors, creed and education are not bias? Of course not and that will never change which is in and of itself the reason the entire thing is a scam and fraud. His experience, his view of the second amendment and the fact that he was allowed to thrash obama at the Prayer breakfast is enough reason for me not to vote for him. Not that obama didn’t deserve it but from what I’ve seen I seriously doubt he would have been included in the activities and allowed to do that if something wasn’t up with the man.

    2. Marine68 says:

      I won’t vote for Mr. Carson because he is wishy-washy on the Second Amendment, and that alone for me is a non Starter. More and More it is looking like Its purpose, will in the near future be enacted out of need for Patriots to reinforce the Declaration of Independence.

    3. Lily Haley says:

      Carson might make a good surgeon general.

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