The End of ‘Wet Foot, Dry Foot’ for Cubans?

January 13, 2017

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is ending the “wet foot, dry foot” policy that granted residency to Cubans who arrived in the United States without visas.

That’s according to a senior administration official, who said the policy change was effective immediately.

The official said the U.S. and Cuba have spent several months negotiating the change, including an agreement from Cuba to allow those turned away from the U.S. to return.

The move comes about a week before President Barack Obama leaves office and is likely the last major change he will make to his overhaul of the U.S. relationship with Cuba.

The official insisted on anonymity in order to detail the policy ahead of an official announcement.

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  • Girlie58 says:

    Obama made it a point to accommodate the communist government by disallowing the cubans to flee from oppression. Therefore, More cuban slaves available for the castro fsmily and government.

  • wellilltellya says:

    he is doing this to HIDE HIS MUSLIMS that he is bringing in wholesale fashion while AMERICA is watching the cubans ? and also creating all kinds of equal opportunity committees so the muslims will have a group fighting for them ? and have the africans to thank for helping him DIVIDE AMERICA

  • justinwachin says:

    It sounds like President Trump may have another Obama policy he will get to reverse.

    In other words, President Obama has no problem taking in thousands of Middle Eastern refugees when it is suspected that terrorists are mixed in with them, but he will not accept individuals risking their lives to flee a communist dictatorship a short distance from our shores.

  • Bay0Wulf says:

    #1. I am AGAINST Illegal Aliens / Immigrants
    #2. I am AGAINST “Refugees” who are from areas where we can’t get any idea of Who They Are and are Unlikely to Integrate into Our Social & Governemental “Norm”. I believe we have to find a better way to deal with such people rather than simply bringing them to Our Country …

    This “Wet Foot / Dry Foot” thing, does this mean that Obama has essentially agreed to deport the Cubans back to Cuba? Does this mean the Castro, Jr. Regrime has “guaranteed” not to “punish” these people?

    I’ve known many Cubans having lived and worked in the Miami-Dade Area. Cubans tend to be very hard working, diligent and honorable people who work hard to take care of themselves, their communities, their families. (Their kids? Welll … that’s another question)

    Cuba is actually a place where it makes sense for us to be accepting “Refugees” from. The people of Cuba are, in fact, persecuted for several reason … not simply financial. We … the USA … helped to create the problem the Cuban People find themselves in due to our problems with the Cuban Government.

    I don’t know what Obama is playing at with this “new” idea of his. I do not see Obama’s “Deal” with Cuba to be to anyone’s benefit but the Castro Jr’s Regime. I don’t see any way that he USA, the US Citizenry or the Cuban People benefit.

    I think that if We are going to continue to accept ANY “Refugees”, Cubans should be among the first accepted … provided that we can somehow ensure that the New castro Regime doesn’t do another “Prison Dump” …

    1. chock says:

      I don’t mind them coming but they can’t get welfare.

      1. Bay0Wulf says:

        Cubans don’t tend to follow that route.
        I am in agreement with you 100% except … they should be given a thorough “head to toe” medical evaluation and be brought up to date in terms of vaccinations and similar items.

        In terms of Refugees from wherever, I think that given they arrive with practically nothing, that there should be some sort of “Loan System” to give them a chance to get their feet under them that they are required to pay back once they do …

    2. Pete says:

      Thanks for the reminder, the Prison Dump was another dumb idea of Peanut Farmer.

  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    i figured out why oboma did this , he thought he could buy the cuban votes and it backfired and they lost florida , it’s called revenge, just another one of his hissy fits

    1. Pete says:

      Just another example of a little man doing petty things out of spite. Just six days and a few short hours and we will begin the process of placing our country back to solid ground.

  • Patriot says:

    I think that is revenge for them voting for Trump in Florida.

  • Tiger says:

    The Cubans don’t come here to kill us like the hundreds of thousands of men from countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Tunisia, etc. I would have preferred he stop the ” Headhunters and Slashers” program of letting refugees and criminal illegals into the country.

    1. chock says:

      They come for the welfare.

      1. Tiger says:

        Well most Cubans I have known did work and work hard taking more than one job like immigrants of old I could be wrong God knows everyone takes advantage of America today.

        1. Pete says:

          If they came from mainland Cuba they have had a life of living hell. When they get here and have a chance to make something of themselves, nearly all of them do remarkably well.

          1. Tiger says:

            They like my mother and grandfather who were imprisoned for the duration of WWII know the score and have been up close and personal with Communism, yes they are good folks. America hasn’t suffered a war since our Civil War but there is going to come a time when we may. Muslims are not going to stop killing us.

    2. Vangie Martinez says:

      Yes and No. Yes some of them do come for Refuge but you know that Castro will send those who Murder or have been in Prison for Crimes against Humanity Criminals. Just like Mexico Allowed. It’s just sickening what obama did with everything and it’s also the most Disgusting thing that those in Hollywood are cheering him on about it not only them but so called Christians. I personally know some who thought he gave a “Wonderful Speech” and they were so “Touched by it” and Thanking him for a “Good” Job. GAG!!!! It’s SICKENING. It’s like really you do no that this man has committed Treason, Tyranny, Espionage and Sedition and a whole list of other things. It’s like do you have ears and eyes to see, hear and observe how Diabolical this man is as well as Clinton’s and what they have done.

      1. Tiger says:

        These people are going to not change we are totally divided between Communist/Socialist vs our Republic. That is it in a nutshell. Yes O is everything you said but then remember that Main Media was in O’s pocket and never reported any of this. Not only that nobody ran the riots O was met with in Europe last tour telling him to get out.

        They just don’t know and they won’t now because with the Mantra of FAKE news still ongoing nothing put out that is truth will be believed. We are in for the fight of our lives.

        1. Vangie Martinez says:

          Tiger thankfully BUT GOD:) Yes we are going to be in a fight for our Country but the Dust will settle. With that said we are going to have to be and stay vigilant in continuing to speak and fight for the Truth and Prevail in Prayer. Never stop Praying and for us not to ever ever fall asleep again.

          1. Tiger says:

            Won’t and don’t. Great post.

      2. Tiger says:

        I get the Catholic magazine Crusade and believe me they are sure telling the truth about Islam and all that O did and pushed.

  • Ken says says:

    Can the USA pull Cuba up to the level of a 3rd World Country – why bother??? They are happy with their nanny state and the 1956 Chebbys

    1. Tiger says:

      I feel sure Cuban relations will be re-evaluated by Trump’s administration.

      1. chock says:

        I hope not. We let 20,000 in legally every year. Don’t need anymore welfare suckers.

        1. Tiger says:

          That is why it needs to be evaluated we really need to stop all immigrants for a few years. The president has that right.

    2. Vangie Martinez says:

      Ken, Have you ever been at the bottom of the Barrel and been in a position of being Below the Poverty Level? NEVER Think that just because people may “Seem” to be Happy with their Nanny State really are not. I’m not Cuban but from what I have seen with the Cuban People they are Far from being Happy or even Happy with their Nanny State and the 1956 Chevy. They and others like me who have been there and done that are far from Happy. We do what we can with what we got at the time. Perhaps you need to have a taste of being Below the Poverty Level and see how Happy you are and what you will be Happy with. Perhaps then you will understand not everyone likes taking from the Government but because of serious Hardship and Circumstances they have to to be able to Survive. How would you like it if some one said why bother with you? I truly hope that you never lose any thing that would cause you to have to ask for help. As for me I had a very good job with the Government and I became sick and had to go on Disability. I make $884.00 a month no thanks to obama’s very generous $3.00 raise for Social Security Disability. Some got a $2.00 raise and some of the People on Social Security Retirement got a whole $1.00. YA! We are really living it up taking a dole off of the Government. I lost my Retirement, my Pension and all the Benefits and Pay Raises for WHAT!? $884.00 a Month. And I’m fighting to keep my home and land. I can’t even get the Loan that I need because of the Government Regulations and Stipulations for me to keep my home another thank you to the obama Regime for that. Go to work and get a job you say. Love to but now I’m dealing with a Critically Ill husband who I don’t even know if he is going to be around to have his Transplant in 6 Mo. So for now I will take my $884.00 a Month and try to use my time that I have left to be with my Husband and Focus on him. Ken you are a total Ass and don’t know anything about anything except to Criticize, Condemn and Judge People when you do not know the FACTS or ANYTHING!

      1. Ken says says:

        You are a self appointed judge like the __resident in the White House. We have two Cuban families that are good friends – migrated here with their parents – worked hard – got an education and became Citizens. The Cubans that stayed in Cuba and sucked up to the Castro boys because they were “all going to live well off of other peoples hard work” – the typical story and the same result and reality kicks in. They have had 55 years to “drain the Cuban Swamp” but have not done it. You choose to judge me but are brain dead about any facts about me. That makes your judgement equivalent to a brain fart. I don’t know anything about you other than what you have disclosed in your post and the only suggestion I would make to you is to take a good look at where you screwed up your situation and see if you can help other people prevent screwing up their life that way. lol

  • David Stewart says:

    Always a touchy situation when one deals with a Communist despot; in this deal, there are TWO of them!

    1. Tiger says:

      Yeh but the touchy feely sentiment is only one sided, Castros can’t stand Obama. After his visit Cuban papers said America had a Stupid Negro for a president.

      1. Pete says:

        Not the last of Obamas “friends” to reveal a loathing for the man once he is out of power.

        1. Tiger says:

          O is disliked all over the world. They see him for what he is nothing.

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