The List: Here Are The 20 GOP Turncoats Who Voted For Loretta Lynch

What good is it to have a GOP majority when members of that majority vote in favor of the radical Obama agenda.

Loretta Lynch is an Obama radical who makes Eric Holder look like the late-William F. Buckley and these 20 turncoats made it possible for her to be the next Attorney General of Barack Obama’s Department of Injustice.

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Here are the 20 Republican turncoats who voted in favor of cloture for the nomination of Loretta Lynch. Since it takes 60 Senators to vote for cloture, if only 7 of these 20 turncoats voted against cloture, the nomination of Loretta Lynch would have died…

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  • Robert J says:


    1. Davey says:

      When obama leaves office, can she be replaced?

  • Robert J. Colarusso says:

    Sun 04/26/2015

    What can one say except that they are the most irresponsible, cowardly, puke faced lying scum!
    At least I know what the Demorats stand for and will go all out to get what they want. I have more respect for them than thos 20 two faced cowards. That’s the least I can say for these so called modern Re-Pukes. Since Nov 2014 they have sold us out twice. One was for the amnesty and the other was the AG matter. I would’t urinate on them if they were on fire. A friend of mine in Wisconsin told me that the Demorats today are the ultra-liberals and the Republicans are now the liberals. What they have done was to bring us one notch closer to complete anarchy and/or Civul War II. Vote for none in either oarty. Vote independant.

  • Marine68 says:

    History does indeed repeat, and as always, Traitors and Tyrants seem to repeatedly believe that they will not only succeed, but come away unscathed. They should recall that in every instance, those that do not die in the offing, will die in the ending. The People are more numerous than they, and become more ferocious with every new slight.


    It’s a shame. The republicans have never stood up to this mixed breed bastard in the white house. working people in this country should push the illegals out of the country. We don’t have enough jobs to go around now pass amnesty, and there will not be enough benefits and jobs to support the legal Americans. Of all races. <Make convicts build the border fence. And stop all trade with Mexico. It's time all working Americans To stay home for two weeks. Maybe that will get get some action.

    1. Jack marsh says:

      You are asking Americans to boycott Mexican products. Not going to happen. It might cause someone a little inconvienence. We the people could control our country by boycotts if we would. Too many too passive to bother.

  • , too am very disappointed in the senators. They act like Obama ‘”egg head” elected them and he is paying their salary. I got some bad news for them dems and repubs, they all need to be thrown out onvtheir blessed assurance for voting for such a person as Lynch. I suppose they don’t want to live in a land of the free and the brave.most irresponsible people on the face of the country. There is one senator which by the way is a repub don’t want to hear the “I” word. Shame on him He should be the one to be impeached.

  • John says:

    I would ask anyone thinking about seeking political office or currently a public official when was the last time they have read the Constitution. Failure to do and act in accordance with that document will result in poor leadership as evidenced by the Loretta Lynch nomination.

    1. JediMom1 says:

      John, I agree reading the Constitution is the first step. Then these lazy idiots need to research exactly who these people are, what they stand for, who they admire, what books they have read & taken away (to use or discard) and not always get there “marching orders” from the Lame-stream Media or the “Dim-oc-rat” or the G(grab-ankles)OP party. Do Your OWN research! Learn who these people really are & what they do. There is an old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together” It is actually common sense. (Sorry, there is no common sense anymore, just hypocrites,liars, tools, fools & politicians). I agree with President Washington, who said that the Party system will ruin America. I believe it has! I declare NO party & march to the beat of my own drum!

  • GASD says:

    Traitors one and all, just like the POTUS himself and all his minions.

  • Harold says:

    With republicans like this , who needs the democrats , These republicans? better known as closet democrats!

    1. Donald Mccormick says:

      Those republicans were voted into office to defeat Obama and NOW they are renouncing that pledge to make America, a FREE America AGAIN! ! !

      Obama is trying to MAKE America into Obamaland, or HIS IDEA of what HE THINKS America should be even IF most of Americans do NOT like what he is doing to us.

    2. dmttbt says:

      These republicans and democrats are what is known as organized crime. Don’t look for gangster looking people, look for these well dressed wealthy people who make laws and then exempt themselves.
      look for people who voted in social security as a retirement program, they may not admit that now but that was what it was being sold as. At the very first they gave people a choice to buy into SS or not. I would say that 90 % did. The ones who did got a good deal because they had to pay in a couple or so hundred and then they were eligible for SS. Then the rest of us had no choice, we had to pay in all our working life and each person & their employer paid in 15.3 of wages for SS & Medicare. It was just as much a Ponzi scheme as anything Bernie Madoff pulled. It has been bankrupt for quite a few years and they don’t tell you about that. Anything the government does for you is no bargain and almost always unnecessary.

  • Pam says:

    People, the time has truly arrived for an Article V Convention of the States. We need to bring our Nation back in line with our founding principals. A good start would be: 1. Clarify/Abolish the 14th Amendment to eliminate anchor babies and “birth tourism”. Anyone not born of two natural born citizens should NOT be given automatic citizenship. Nor should they be allowed to run for President. 2. Abolish the Congressional “Golden Parachute” pension system and institute strict term limits (since the population has failed to grasp that they have the power of term limits with their votes). These people all go into office with some kind of professional background. If they can’t find a way to make a living after they have served their terms, that is their problem, not ours. 3. Any and all laws passed SHALL apply to all elected “officials”, ABSOLUTELY no exemptions/exceptions (if they can’t live under the laws they pass why should we have to). 4. No spouse or “significant other” of a president or member of congress shall be allowed to run for that same office. [We all know that in “Hill’s” mind she is really running for a 3rd term; and those of us who lived through the first 2 know she is correct]. 5. Abolish the departments of Energy (completely useless, formed by Carter with the goal of making us energy independent, but has only ever been a place to give relatives/donors/sycophants well paying jobs) and Education (belongs at state/local level).

    1. Michael J. Bruning says:

      We need to repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments, as the Government uses are tax dollars against and the U.S. Senator’s, once appointed by the State Legislatures, believe themselves to be immune from public scrutiny as if they are the House of Lords under a King. They thumb their noses at the very people who put them in office and once entrenched in that position, based upon all of the lies they’ve sold us, they take the position that their job is for life and that they can do whatever it is they desire. An Article V Convention would be nice if we could remove the Amendments that support government tyranny, such as the 16th and 17th Amendments….to be sure.

  • Gene1357 says:

    No way any US Senator or M.O.C. has any business in a Chief Executive position. Not Rand, not Marco, not Ted.
    POTUS, a Chief Executive position, requires executive experience.
    Serving in Congress qualifies one to became a “K” Street lobbyist; nothing more.
    In my humble estimation, US Senator Jim DeMint, conservative US Senator from South Carolina, resigned from the US Senate to head Heritage Foundation. He is the most qualified potential candidate for POTUS to have emerged since Ike saved Euro-civilization.
    DeMint’s Heritage service is the primary reason Cruz and Paul are in The Senate, and even in consideration.

    1. Being the resin for Cruz & Paul being on the ballot, if true, is enough reason to ban DeMint from any office in the land.

      1. JediMom1 says:

        Willy, What are you going to do when your Beloved Dim Party plays the GENDER Card on You!

        You are a FOOL & a TOOLl! Go ahead make yourself IRRELEVANT! My sons are better MEN who have minds of their own and think for themselves. YOU Willy, are no Mental Giant, your thinking does not consist of a Future of Freedom but of Slavery.

    2. JediMom1 says:

      I totally agree! I love Jim DeMint. He is awesome, but I don’t think he wants to run. He has a much better position at the Heritage and a lot less media “drama” & attacks

  • podunk1 says:

    We’ve entered a state of total lawless corruption… from sacking the US productive infrastructure and moving it to Maoist communist Chinese slave camps that produce the US consumption goods for RINOS to sell to jobless citizens on credit… to the every minute/year/out attack on the Constitution, God, and everything this country once represented!

    Alexander and Corker are in it up to their necks with illegal aliens all the way into Obamanism where everything is regulated into a state of chaotic tyranny in an environment of goaded hatred! We can’t even produce lead, let alone steel, aluminum, copper, or 1/2 of the petroleum needed to SURVIVE! A nation that can’t produce the tools of war or even feed itself is anything BUT FREE!!

    Alexander and Corker voluntarily pledged oath to defend the Constitution and laws against any enemy, anywhere, anytime, without any reservation according to Article 6 & 2nd oath. With full knowledge of their actions and Lynch’s intent to not support the Constitution and law, they joined forces and voted for CLOTURE with progressives to engage in opposing Constitutional authority, thereby legitimizing the progressive revolt against the Constitution and country they in fact swore allegiance to! Aiding and abetting is treason! Crimes of insurrection OR rebellion individually qualify for the same capital offenses, which minimally require banning them from any US office (Amendment 14 Clauses 1, 3, 4, 5). Unfortunately Eric Holder’s refusals to defend have been sanctioned but the congress that just voted Holder’s understudy (Lynch) in to expand on the overthrow of the Constitution!

    Article 6 demands and empowers every official and judge within the USA, by individual sacred committed oath, to defend against such travesties and mockery without any hesitation. That appears as hopelessly corrupted as Sodom and Gomorrah just before they disappeared in a ball of fire.

  • Zilda says:

    I was extremely disappointed to read that Ron Johnson from Wisconsin voted in favor of Loretta Lynch. That proves he cannot be trusted to follow his word. It causes me to think he campaigned as a Republican just to get the vote. What a shame.

  • nancy mccue says:


  • Dave in PA says:

    Robert just when did you undergo your full-frontal lobotomy ?
    It’s people like you, with your syllogistic thought process, who have elected the zoo parade of jackasses currently running our government.

  • the redhawk says:

    Do ANY of these BALLS FREE Capitulators really Believe that Loretta Lynch will Prosecute the Clintons?? Lerner?? Koskinen???
    Is it time to VOTE EM ALL OUT next time they run for office as BALLS FREE RINOS????

    1. Beverley Estes says:

      How when they rig and cheat. Evil has no rules they want what they want and get it any way they can at every ones expense. Only they will be the looser as that is what HELL is in my opinion.

    2. Of course not, just as Holder didn’t prosecute Bush/Cheney or any of their co-conspirators for their war crimes

  • Nan says:

    What did our founding fathers do when the KINGS ruled…..they left, they refused to be ruled under TYRANNY. The Conservative Uprising was alive and well in 2010….and slowly but surely, “we’ve learned how the system works”…and we all know that many in both parties ran for office for all the wrong reasons. We know that many candidates say what they know the voter wants to hear..TERM LIMITS WOULD limit most of the Washington DC & Political corruption…All states need to have RECALL capability, and the American voter not only NEEDS to vet the candidates, THEY MUST VET THEM. Then, change the rules in both houses…ONE change would be to only vote ON ONE ISSUE AT A TIME, post on a public website for 1 week, then vote…. As we are nearly 19 TRiLLION DOLLARS IN DEBT, with loss of many freedoms and liberties that our forefathers fought for… seems that we need to RETURN TO THE CONSTITUTION AND HOLD THE FEET TO THE FIRE OF ALL (BOTH PARTIES) for the damages they do to our nation. END THE LIFE LONG RETIREMENT BENEFIT FOR ALL LEGISLATORS….serve your time and then go home to live under the laws you passed….

  • robert says:

    What is this country coming to when the President can’t even appoint the AG he wants with out the republicans blocking them. The the ones that do the right thing get blasted for it. The very people who clam to be trying to save the country are destroying it. These people don’t understand how the system works. They will destroy the Republic!

    1. Sue says:

      It’s becoming a country that is being run by a commie who has NO interest in keeping the US a viable nation. This potus, raised by commies and principles that adhere to the muslim ideology, is running this nation into the ground just as he planned when morons like you elected this guy into office twice!

      Do you hate your country too???????????

    2. the redhawk says:

      Well your Answers are available obout BORK… and Others that the HEADSINASS DUMMIE C RATS FILIBUSERED when a GOP CIC put forth his choice for AG… You BONE HEAD!!!

    3. Walt Tendee says:

      Some of us do support the way the system IS SUPPOSED to work and that is with THREE BRANCHES acting as counterchecks to prevent tyranny. Some in the Congress are more interested in feathering their nests for money and are jumping the fence to the side where they think the grass is greener for their futures with a “to hell with the nation” attitude. The Obama regime sides with Islamic intentions and an ideology that is anti-Jewish and anti-Christian. The United States of America was not built on Islamic laws, Islamic dogma or an attitude of murder of those who disagree with Islam. The US Constitution prohibits Congress making any law(s) respecting religion–OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF. The US Constitution IS THE LAW OF THE LAND, not Sharia Law. Now let the turncoat RINOs explain why they supported the nomination of Loretta Lynch for US Attorney General.

    4. Doug says:

      Robert, your ignorance and poor memory amaze me. I guess you’re just a typical liberal. For years, Republicans just rubber-stamped cabinet members for Democratic presidents. But of course you remember Judge Bork, right?
      The Democrats ripped him to shreds so that today, when someone is screwed, we say he/she was Borked.
      The ‘system’ is that the Senate has to approve the appointee. Maybe you should learn how the government is supposed to work?

    5. Dale says:

      You really don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s not ok when republicans do it, so why is it ok when dems do it. Seek the truth and you will understand. It’s Obama and his ilk who are ruining the country, not those who adhere to the Constitution.


      ROBERT; I have only one thing to say to you. Enjoy your “FREE” cell phone on the ay to the F.E.M.A. (Concentration) camp

    7. Mi Trucker says:

      Robert the dems are the one destroying the country.

    8. JediMom1 says:

      You obviously don’t understand (nor do the 20 Traitors) the meaning of OPPOSITION PARTY!
      Go Crawl under your rock or bury your head in sand. Even my 18 & 21 yr. old sons understand that it is the “Dim”-oc-rat party that is ruining America & their futures! People like you allow the DOUBLE STANDARDS to continue; screaming (w/ the Media help) anytime any Republican does anything while saying there is Nothing to look at with what HILLDOG & O’ (vomit) Do & Lie & Lie & Lie about. After you collect your money from your Anti-American party for your uninformed Posting, go grab your “Rules for Radicals” book and read who your “heroes” admire & dedicated their book to: Satan. It states: “Lest we forget at least an over-the shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins–or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own Kingdom–Lucifer” Saul Alinsky Yeah! I read it to find out EXACTLY who you twisted people are. Nothing but people who ridicule and attack. So today I’m giving you a taste of your own medicine! I know you Dims always get your way either by Lying (3 major lies about Obamacare) and that you don’t care. But just remember there are young people who are watching you, like my sons and totally hate your methods, motives and means. So enjoy YOUR destruction of America while you can because we are in-touch with a higher Power and believe in prayer and Miracles!

  • Dave in PA says:

    The only question that remains is – “Can America survive the relentless assault inflicted on us by these subversive, treasonous liberal traitors” ???

    Every democrat is nothing more than a diciple of Saul Alinsky.

    Scott Walker / Marco Rubio is the answer, and hopefully, they won’t betray us !

    1. Raymond Ambrozaitis says:

      LMAO Walker /Rubio !!! Good line for a stand up comic

      1. Sue says:

        We have a comedian in office now…or maybe he’s just securing his agenda of destroying the US, the one that allowed you to vote as if you lacked brain matter.

      2. the redhawk says:

        Well Raymond now that you have admitted to be a HEADINASS Obama Voter, I suppose that you’ll be wanting either SOW Shillery or FAUX INJUN Waren to represent the Party of Alinsky Socialism ( once known as the Democrat party)

      3. You can take your not love for our country and keep OUT!!!!!

    2. Dale says:

      Scott Walker and Ted Cruz will be the answer…. NO WAY Marco Rubio…he’s for amnesty (and Common Core). Where does that leave the people trying to come here legally. NOT OK. RUBIO…NO, NO, NO.

    3. Jack says:

      Dale…that is a winning team…(both speak fluent Spanish…Marco got 60 percent of the Hispanic vote in Florida (decision/important state in Generals). Obama/Jarrett/Holder(now Lynch)/Johnson are well on their way to destroying us…their plan all along….DOD already done…now working on US LE system. In a hurry now…less than two years left to complete the destruction of anything, any American has know/loved about his/her own country. TKS Robert….you are a big part of any American’s problem….in our attempt to save the last free country in the world….sorry, you will lose and they will lose…..we are bigger and better than all of you combined. JLS

  • Gerry says:

    All 20 need to be voted out of office ASAP. They have proven where their loyalties lie. They might just as well stand up and say — we vote to help obozo continue his destruction of America by voting yes to his completely absurd nomination of lynch who will make holder look like an altar boy. These 20 have completely turned their backs on the people who voted them into office and on America. They definitely need to be sent packing.

  • Elaine Goodspeed says:

    Finally some Republicans did something positive in Congress. The Reps. have done nothing but be obstructionists and should not be getting paid for what they have been doing, which is NOTHING! Can’t wait for the next election when they all lose their seats. Of course they have a few gems like Louis Goemert, Steve King and Ted Cruz. Let’s get rid of the bums!

    1. 2004done says:

      I, too wept a few tears when the dems weren’t able to give away what’s left of our country. But rejoice, when the 1%ers (hillary, warren, reid, et al.), get done, our prosperity & freedoms will be gone. (You DID know that the dem-controlled Senate was where all bills from the house went to die; didn’t you? So obstructionist might be thrown at the wrong house, but repubs are NO BETTER than dems. Term Limits for Everyone!

    2. Sue says:

      And pelosi is your diamond in the rough? Talk about stupidity!

    3. Walt Tendee says:

      Goodspeed you and Ambrozaitis need to find yourselves a totalitarian country where Sharia Law prevails and move there immediately. We can do without your anti-American attitudes in the United States.

    4. JediMom1 says:

      Elaine, You obviously don’t believe in the US Constitution! Your are not fooling ANY of US. Now, Go collect your George Soros POSTING money. You have nothing Brilliant to say anyway here!

  • It is time that the Patriots of America “RECALL” those in Office at the Federal Level! They no longer represent America That many gave their lives to defend! The Names above are ALL Turn Coats!!!!

    All who love these United States and all that it has Traditionally Stood for; need to stand and be counted and petition a recall !

  • James in Texas says:

    DWW, I also didn’t vote for Cornyn, because if he is an Republican, then Joe Biden has a brain, Period! I blame the RNC for folks like Cornyn, unlike the DNC they will do nothing to help us cleanse the RINO’s from our Party. Why, because they know that it is all a game, named “Show Me the Money”, and the “old Established Republicans” believe that if We, the people ever awake and get “Mad as Hell” they will all be forced to do something that scares them to death, have honor and also have to “work for a living” rather then steal it from the people, just like the DNC, Period!

  • dww says:

    I’m even ashamed to live in Texas since our senator (cornyn) is a turncoat. I tried time and time again to keep people from voting for him, but they did anyway. I am an old lady in Texas, and I guess I need to start right now for 2020 even though I probably won’t still be here!!!

    1. Gerry says:

      Yes you will dww just to vote the bum out of office !!!!

      1. Steve says:

        Yeah Gerry…….I got really tired of this “Corn-yun” fellow several years ago. Behind that smug smile is nothing but a self-aggrandizing – self serving Rino. He needs to go.

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