The One Thing Liberals Hate Most About Ted Cruz

by Daily Caller
March 25, 2015

Since Ted Cruz announced his presidential candidacy Monday, liberals and their allies in the mainstream media have barely been able to cough out their insult-filled headlines The Washington Post asked if he was a “smug know-it-all,” while The Atlantic talked about his “paranoid style.”

Why is it that Cruz is so hated? Obviously, he’s a conservative and a Christian, so he’s bound to get it just like Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann. But the hatred for Cruz is pathological. Liberals seemingly can’t control themselves when they think of the junior senator from Texas. Any time I’ve mentioned Cruz around one of them, they descend into a gargling mess of name-calling — even more than usual.

I believe it’s more appropriate to put Cruz into a different category, not just with politicians like Santorum and Bachmann, but with the all-around most hated conservatives in left-wing America: Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and the late Andrew Breitbart. Like those media icons did on AM radio, cable TV, and the Internet, Cruz is finding alternative ways to reach people without having to deal with liberal-dominated joints.

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  • Nick says:

    The next president of the USA!

  • RCB says:

    Ted Cruz can and will straighten out all of Obama’s lies and mandates. Ted will put America back on the “Strait and Narrow Road”. If you want to keep your freedoms and live in a country which believes in our Creator God (The One & Only True God) and be able to freely pursue “The American Dream”, YOU MUST VOTE FOR TED CHUZ!


  • Jim says:

    I’m a dyed-blue lib, but with repeated exposure I find I LIKE Cruz. I’d vote for him over Mrs. Clinton.

    1. Paul Atchison says:

      Ted Cruz is the most moral and intelligent candidate in the field.. Anyone not supporting him does not have the best interest of the American people.

    2. peter pirzadeh says:

      Jim, that’s because you are a realist and don’t seem to buy into liberal’s rhetoric about their ideology laced with their partisan bias at any cost. For once, Cruz is telling it what it is. COUNTRY IN DECLINE. He happens to be the one who has the balls to say exactly what it takes to to take the country back. About ten to twelve scandals in this incompetent adminstration.

    3. joan hamblin says:

      I wold hope so. I kind of hope that Hillary is the Dem candidate. She is so obnoxious. That’s a more polite word than I would have said.

  • Txomin M. Ibarlucea says:

    I have the perfect combo, even though it’s not even legal. Ted Cruz, as president and his father, as a Vice-President. Has anybody heard any of his speeches. Both of them are great at it, and they mean what they say.

  • Annabel says:

    Playing the game of politics is fun, it’s what we like to do but who the president will be depends on who the Bilderburgs approve and then the Allumuinati.

    1. robert says:

      You are probably right. We fool ourselves into thinking we have a say but who knows.

  • SJC says:

    I really wish that people could comment for or against something on these different sights without all the trashy talk. Being downright mean is one thing but just being trash mouthed is another. I think Ted Cruz would be a great President. After Obama who can denounce that? We have someone with a plan, a desire and a willingness to fight for what is right for America and not a desire to destroy it. Can you not see the difference in the decency, the hate, the moral decay of America since Obama. Thank God for Ted Cruz.

    1. DianneInTX says:

      The liberals hate Ted Cruz and are going to degrade him to the very end because #1, they are afraid of him. No matter who they run after the last liberal in the White House, Ted Cruz is a Constitutional Conservative, Scholar and Attorney and has been fighting for America and Americans since the day he set foot in the Senate in 2013 and much more qualified than anyone they have now or will ever have until the Democrat Party goes back to the party they were several decades ago. He has been called every name in the book, threatened, I’m sure, and degraded by liberals and their lapdogs, the MSM in this country for the last two years. If you will notice, Ted Cruz has stood firm and he has moved forward with more intensity than Barack Obama is moving toward fulfilling his communist, socialist, Marxist, Nazi ideology and agenda in this nation. Ted Cruz will not back down from these criminals or anyone else. I’ve heard many of you say Ted Cruz doesn’t have the political experience to run. That is absolutely hogwash. Barack Obama didn’t even have the life experience, much less the political experience and being the narcissist he is, he didn’t even have the intelligence to surround himself with people who have the experience in every department and entity of the federal government to make him look good. Actually he did surround himself with those who proved what his agenda really is. Obama had never had a minute’s experience working in any area of the private sector and we have no proof of the education he had which I seriously doubt is even an undergraduate degree. In order to be what he claims to be, one has to attain the ability to speak to people without the aid of a teleprompter and he should be able to ad lib some of his speeches which he has never been able to do. Wherever he is, so is the teleprompter and if he is adlibbing which he does from time to time, the speech is full of lies and miscues because he hasn’t the ability to retain factual information that is given to him and he really doesn’t care. He filled his administration with friends and ideological complicit colleagues. He is, of course, a puppet for Soros and Jarrett but Ted Cruz is a puppet for no one. There is not even a point of comparison between Obama and Ted Cruz. You don’t have to wonder when Ted Cruz speaks if he is telling you exactly how it is because that is all he knows. He already has a plan to lead this country back to the point we were before we lost our minds and elected Obama and even further to that, he has a plan to make it better. He will not hesitate to deport those illegals who are in this country nor will he hesitate to secure our borders. He will restore our military to it’s former strength so that if we have to defend ourselves, we can. It was Obama’s plan to reduce our military strength to 1/2 what it was when they returned from Iraq to make us militarily weak and it has certainly worked. He has known the military will not fire on American citizens so he has been militarizing local law enforcement who will do what he says. Ted Cruz will throw out all the trash in Washington and start with the decent, honest, Red-Blooded Americans who want to take back this country. People are scared of Ted Cruz because they don’t know him. Rather than listen to all the liberal and MSM drivel that is posted about him, you need to do your research and your homework and you will find that Ted Cruz is what America needs right now to lead her our of this cesspool we’ve gotten ourselves into. He is the only who on the list whose only agenda is restoring America and not only reforming but removing the criminal entities in the Federal Government whose primary focus has been to torture and torment the American People. The Federal Government belongs to WE THE PEOPLE, not the other way around and Ted Cruz is well aware of that, unlike the present illegal in our WH. Every single person in the Federal Government works for WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America, we don’t work for them, although we have been for the last seven years. It’s time to take our country back and Ted Cruz is the man who can get it done, without fail. There are many liberals who don’t like him and possibly some conservatives but those who don’t like him fear him, don’t have the strength and courage and resilience he has and it won’t ever stop. He will surround himself with the best in the areas he needs because he doesn’t believe he knows it all contrary to recent statements and unlike Obama and he will wipe the slate clean with those entities within government who have long outlasted their effectiveness, i.e., the IRS whose position it was to be tax collectors and they have become an agency that illegally targets people and organizations who have opposite political agendas than the present administration, the ERA who aim is not to protect the environment, it is targeting and destroying necessary industries in this country in order to further a wind and solar power agenda which will never to be able to provide the amount of power needed in this country. They refuse to consider products that will remove toxic chemicals and heavy metals out of our air, ground and lake/river waters which ultimately flow into the oceans and gulfs surrounding this country. I know this first hand because we offered them solutions they refused to consider. Rather than listen to what others tell you, do your own research and compare the candidates. Of those on the list, there are only a couple who are truly what this country needs to lead this country forward and make it as good or better than we had before and that is Ted Cruz. He realizes he needs the right administration to support him but more than that he is always well aware and has stated in every speech he makes, WE need to take our country back. He is soliciting and will want the help of the American people, all working together to get it done because that’s the only way it’s going to happen.

    2. PapaStrutt says:

      Amen! I think a good ticket would be

      Ted Cruz – President
      Ben Carson – VP

      1. Trudy R. says:

        Funny, I had the same thought. Cruz for President and Dr. Carson for Vice President. Dr. Carson could figure out a good healthcare program.

      2. Val says:

        Amen, papa! What a powerful slate!!!

  • In addition to posting on this site, if all of you would email your Senators and tell them to impeach that lying son of a bitch, Obama, maybe we could get of him.

    1. Roy Mars says:

      Actually, it’s the House of Representatives that has to impeach a president. Then the Senate tries him. It’s a two step process. To impeach is the same as to indict. In the case of a president the House is the equivalent of a Grand Jury. They decide if there is enough evidence of wrongdoing to take the step of sending the matter to the Senate for trial. The trial takes place in the Senate and the Senators then vote on whether to convict.

    2. Instead of that, where are the God-fearing men who will stand up, and arrest him, Obama, for treason. He is doing his best to undermine the constitution and our
      American way of life. That’s treason in the highest order!

    3. Paul Atchison says:

      I have written to my Congressmen and have begged for impeachment…..Will other follow my example?????

    4. joan hamblin says:

      Richard, you are absolutely right. Venting on any website makes us feel better, but calls and letters to legislators is what is needed. Look up your U.S. Senators and REpresentatives today. Then Get On The Phone!!!

  • Raymond Ambrozaitis says:

    Since there can not be any surprises in why liberals and progressives dislike Ted Cruz a much more appropriate and informative article would be why do so many on the right despise him. In actuality I hev heard much greater hatred from the right. A pity it has to be that way, isn’t it?

  • Robert Ross says:

    All the dumrats know is to discredit a winner because they back a loser. I believe that CRUZ can bring back our REPUBLIC and tell the dumrats to shove it up their goats behind. Obunglers democracy is an unstable trip to slavery. Ask anybody to find the foul word, democracy in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. Our Founders did their utmost to keep this Great Nation from becoming a democracy. It is a very unstable form of gov.’t for only the elite rich to control the WE THE PEOPLE. We are a REPUBLIC !!!!!

  • Neta Rice says:

    Hummmmmmmmm, Seems as if I heard at one time our muslim in chief was a Christian. My how things have changed.

  • David in MA says:

    1. I like Cruz.
    2. However, I also believe he is not Constitutionally qualified to be president.
    3. I believe Cruz was elected a Senator improperly, he was holding Canadian citizenship until he said he renounced it in 2013.
    4. Cruz has a very impressive legal background, look it up online.
    5. I would like to see Cruz as the Atty. Gen. of America.
    6. I watched him on T.V. when he was at Liberty University and could not help but think he would make one heck of a T.V. Evangelist Preacher, I thought I was listening to Jerry Falwell.

    1. Neta Rice says:

      David in MA,

      You don’t think that Cruz is qualified even though he was born to American citizens? I have two nieces who were born in Japan and Scotland while my brother was serving in the Air force. Yes, they are American citizens. How about Obama, who was born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia, claimed Indonesian citizenship when he came to the United States as a foreign student? To my knowledge he has never even bother to apply for American citizenship.

      1. Paul Atchison says:

        At last someone who know the facts on the Muslim Indonesians here illegally…

    2. Wood says:

      Enough with the unconstitutionally qualified, he was holding Canadian citizenship Bull crap !!! You elected a illegal president that couldn’t even produce a decent FORGED birth certificate. In case your dumb ass don’t know it his MOTHER was and is an American citizen and that QUALIFIES him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. USMCret says:

      And do you really believe that Obasturd is a citizen when all the evidence points to his criminal fraud and a fraudulant birth certificate. You sir are a joke if you believe that Cruz is not a natural born citizen. Get your head out of the hole you put it in.

      1. Amen USMCret. Well stated. I’m a Veteran too. The voters chose a Muslim anti-American Socialist over a Christian American. The same ones who say it’s alright to murder babies but not sentence to capitol punishment hardened criminals with prison records. Where has morality gone to?

    4. Robert Ross says:

      TREY GOWDY as A G !!!!

    5. SJC says:

      I do not understand why so many people cannot state their feelings whether negative or positive without so much trash spewing from their mouths. David as for you comment I just wanted to say that Ted Cruz has every legal and moral right to be president. The fact that his heart is leading him to bring America back to what she was is a blessing in disguise. He can walk and talk without notes or a monitor and say what he feels from the heart. He has a real dream for America to bring it back to the America we all loved while Obama had a dream to destroy America and has almost succeeded at doing it. I cannot get over how immoral, and how America seems to have no sense of decency, or respect anymore. Obama has demoralized this nation and we need someone with values to lift it up. I think Ted Cruz can do that. I have read the comments before yours and after and it amazes me at how trash mouthed people can be. Your comments were not like that just confused.

    6. Cruz had dual citizenship as has many other Americans. That has already been settled and he IS qualified to be President. Seems only the uninformed don’t know that.

    7. Dee says:

      Do more research on Ted Cruz. Ithink he is eligible to be president.

      1. robert says:

        This isn’t as clear as you think. The constitution is a little vague on this point and the SCUS has never ruled on it. The question is do we want another Harvard Lawyer as president? If you really want some one to get the country going the right way, John Kasich.

  • podunk1 says:

    Cruz terrorizes progressives with the Constitution… like sunshine catching vampires a little too far away from their darkness to save themselves. An oath bound official who does not enforce the Constitution against all enemies including themselves, is far worse than the simple traitor who denies someone their Second Amendment rights… because the enforcer’s failure to enforce undermines and overthrows the Constitution and begs violators to violate. The real cancer is the oath-bound enforcer who uses powers of office to legislate, regulate, enforce, and punish to desecrate the written Constitution…That defines the capital crime of treason, be it outright war or giving aid and comfort to enemies of the USA OR the Constitution which is the heart of the USA. That also is the image of the Maoist/RINO progressive majority that hates Cruz, as well as others like him (Trump, West, and a “minority of others).

    1. As I recall, it was Duyba who first totally ignored the constitution.

      1. David in MA says:

        Clinton started all that we are trying to correct now, and the boy from Kenya who wants to be king is happy as heck, even though he hates the Clintons…..
        Hey, slick, hag, what is the dirt you have on Obama the Lesser?
        LETS HEAR IT!

      2. Annabel says:

        If you really want to go back far enough it was not Bush but Abraham Lincoln.

      3. Irisheyes says:

        Please elaborate on GW Bush. He had the approval of congress to invade Iraq, and there should have been a number of troops (10,0000) left there to protect the country. Its BO’s fault for pulling out all the troops, that is why isis is there now!!!

      4. Paul Atchison says:

        Something wrong with your memory…Probably blinded by the Omuslim cool-aid….

  • robert says:

    My distaste for Mr Cruz is not because he is a Christian although I see non of Christs love in the man. It not because he is a conservative, there are some I respect and admire. It his lack of understanding as to what governing is all about. The congress is a place were the left an right come together to find common ground and work with each other for the good of the country. I see non of this in Mr. Cruz. A president must lead by consent, not by bullying. This man is not a leader and would make President Obama look like a saint.

    1. Blea says:

      You are so sadly confusing someone who has strong core beliefs and character with the current administration and its party…HOW MANY LIES ARE YOU GOING TO SWALLOW BEFORE YOU REALIZE YOU HAVE BEEN HAD??
      A simple suggestion…try reading the constitution…following it was usually how ALL past presidents behaved. Dear Leader is an absolute EMBARRASEMENT, Comrad.
      I am waiting to SE who is finally nominated to run…Cruz is in the crowd…
      BTW, why aren’t you excited about THE FIRST HISPANIC running for the job…ummm, remember the fauning over BHO…a stupid criteria to elect anyone…but somehow the press isn’t interested in HISTORY IN THE MAKING, this time.

    2. 2004done says:

      I am curious, which conservatives do you respect and admire? (to make obamao look like a saint would take a miracle).

      1. robert says:

        I voted for both Ron Paul and Ross Perot, both good men who’s actions and words lined up. To bad about Mr. Paul’s son turning to the dark side, even though I trust him more then most of the Right Wing. Just who in government do you figure will follow Mr. Cruz? His own party doesn’t respect him.

    3. Paul Bastin says:

      Your empty words prove your ignorance of conservatism, and of Ted’s stance. And please don’t act like it isn’t because of him being a Christian, we can see thru that.

      1. robert says:

        Name one thing he has done that shows the love of Christ. He is everything Christ was against. Could you see him throwing the money changers out of the temple? Could you see him feeding the poor? Is he a peace maker? I see no Christ in this man words or actions.

        1. Philip Mckee says:

          U are blind and cannot see, Obamanites have that problem.

          Ted Cruz treats people right, like Jssue does.

          1. robert says:

            When did he do anything Christ like? Does he take care of the poor, the old, the sick? Give me something positive he has done for anyone who isn’t rich. He puts on at robes of a Christian to get votes he doesn’t live the life. He is all about the money. Through his actions he will be known.

    4. John says:

      It would be IMPOSSIBLE to make obama look
      like a saint! Nothing in this world could ever
      make that happen! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!

    5. Lois says:

      You’ve got to be kidding. Mr Cruz is 10 times the man obama is. He sides with the Constitution and that’s what the liberals are afraid of.

      1. Philip Mckee says:

        I second that and agree, he abides by our constitution that is why he is a much better man than Obama, will ever be. U can put that in the bank,,,!!!

        1. robert says:

          He’s big on the first and second amendment but a little week on the 15th. For some reason the right forget about the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments.

        2. robert says:

          He’s big on the first and second amendment but a little weak on the 15th. For some reason the right forget about the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments.

    6. It is impossible for a Bible believing and logically thinking person to compromise with anyone on moral issues such asthe legal killing of innocent babies or the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. I could never compromise on such issues. I want leaders who could not compromise on such issues. It is also impossible to compromise on the need to stop illegal immigration and over regulation of private enterprise if we are to survive economically. Again , I want leaders who have the God given intellect anr wisdom to see these crises as they really are and to lead us back to constitutional law and practical common sense before it is too late. Both ted Crua and Ben Carson seem to be such leaders. I hope and pray there are more.

    7. Nunya B. Inniss says:

      “A president must lead by consent, not by bullying.”?? What the Hell do you call what Obomination has been doing his whole presidency??? He’s the ultimate tantrum throwing, insolent child, bully.

      1. robert says:

        If you think Obama is a bully just think how much of a bully some one with little or no party backing would be. Ted doesn’t play well with others.

    8. Philip Mckee says:

      I don’t agree Robert, he is doing the same thing as your saint OBLOWHOLE,AKA Obama the king dictator, liar-n-chief leading from behind, Obama ditthers while America is burning.

      U talk a good talk seams to me U can do the job, why don’t U jump in and show them all how it is done????

      1. robert says:

        I didn’t say that Obama was a saint, I said that Mr.Cruz would be ten times worse. At least the president has his party supporting him.

    9. Peted says:

      If you think you know more about governance than Senator Ted Cruz, run for office and prove how much or little you know about governance!

      1. robert says:

        Bin there done that, what office have you held?

    10. David in MA says:

      Robert, what you state is the description I understand is what a one party system is.
      THAT is not what the founders created, they loved debate.

      1. robert says:

        Our founding fathers didn’t believe in parties. That came later.

    11. Wood says:

      Robert get back under your rock !!!

    12. kenneth heller says:

      You need to check your spelling of the word non, it’s none! Liberals all think alike

    13. Richard says:

      If what you think should be. What about (harry reid) not letting any republican bill passed through the House of Representives even get to the illegal president?

      1. robert says:

        296 laws got passed in the last congress, 474 got voted on. How many Democratic bills got passed in the house? It went both ways.

    14. PUNISHER says:


      1. robert says:

        I’m looking for a vice president not a date. The job of the vice president is to get bills through congress. It’s not a job for scrappers. Sarah also has done very little with her life when you look at her. She dropped out as Governor and hasn’t really done much other then kill McCain’s chance to be president. As I have said before Ted is big on the 1st and 2nd amendment but gets lost as the numbers get higher.

      2. robert says:

        The 16th amendment gave us the IRS so to support the constitution you should support the IRS.

    15. Edward Peterson says:

      Saint who? St Corruption? St Cronyism? St. Incompetent, St. DumDum, St Narcissis ? Al l apply Robert,, take your pick.

  • Taking care of business! says:

    I love to hear the senator speak. But just how conservative do you think Cruz is? He’s a former member of the NWO’s Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), just like Hillary, and his wife is a Goldman-Sachs VP, an evil global investment, etc. company. I don’t trust any of the Tea Party favorites. Ever notice the two NOT listed on a Tea Party “vote-for”: Donald Trump and Lt. Col. Allen West. Neither can be bought. Trump will get American back on her economic-feet and the Lt. Col. understands the workings of both the military and the Congress, having been a congressman, and how the Executive is SUPPOSED to work with the Legislative, unlike the dictator currently, and illegally, residing in the People’s House. Trump/West 2016! Spread the word! Take America back! No more bought or corrupt presidents or VPs!

    1. Gramma says:

      The media are waiting for the next John McCain liberal to fawn over, then discard him after he/she succumbs to the flattery!

    2. Philip Mckee says:

      I sure do agree with that, Trump/West 2016 go 4 it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Wood says:

      Not a chance…..

    4. PUNISHER says:


  • James in Texas says:

    The reason they are going after Mr. Cruz as hard as they are is that “they” have already chosen the GOP candidate, Jeb, who they know they will beat like they beat McCain and Romney. The major reason the GOP keeps losing to the Liberals is they always let the likes of the New York Slimes, The Washington Com Post and the MSM select the next victim to slaughter! Cruz frightens them silly, Period!

    1. 2004done says:

      As a New Yorker, I resemble that remark! Jeb IS the left’s choice (Dems + RINOS) because a ‘moderate’ has very few basic values, and can be persuaded by the largest reported numbers.

      1. Philip Mckee says:

        I Concur.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. louise says:

      the reason the gop keeps losing is because they keep shooting themselves in the foot. Ted Cruz does not have enough experience in national politics or governing to win a national election.
      I don’t believe this country is on the far left OR far right. I could not vote for him.

    3. Philip Mckee says:

      I do believe U are correct.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. David in MA says:

      jeb is a joke.
      just like Christie.
      RAND PAUL/SARAH PALIN ~~~ 2016!

      1. robert says:

        Please no Sarah, If Mr Paul gets to run I would like him to have a chance. If you want a women give him MS. Rice or some one who knows that not speaking is better then sticking your foot in your mouth.

        1. Nunya B. Inniss says:

          Well now we finally agree on something. Ms. Rice has the brains, experience and backbone to get the job done but alas, she is too smart to run for that office.

  • James Maxwell says:

    I thought it was just me that saw the reaction of the useless left towards
    Ted Cruz. For them it seems to be an automatic reaction like a vampire
    to the Cross or Sunlight. If you exposed them to the TRUTH, Christianity
    or Sunlight they go into convulsions and began to smoke, rant and then
    their heads explode. Rather run to watch in some ways. The only
    thing that seems to calm them down is to have an abortion and try to
    justify killing an unborn child.

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