The White House Is Bringing In Microsoft’s Kurt DelBene To Run The Obamacare Website

The Obama administration is set to announce that Microsoft executive Kurt DelBene will be brought on to succeed White House official Jeff Zients in leading the overhaul of, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius announced Tuesday.

“Kurt has proven expertise in heading large, complex technology teams and in product development. He will be a tremendous asset in our work,” Sebelius said in a blog post.

“Kurt will work closely with me, the White House, and the teams and senior leadership in place at HHS and CMS to see this project through its next important phase as the CMS team continues to build on their initial progress.”

Sebelius said that DelBene has agreed to serve in his role for at least the first half of 2014.

DelBene is the husband of Rep. Susan DelBene, a Democratic congresswoman from Washington.

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  • junkmailbin says:

    ho boy, nepotism at its finest. Lets hire a spouse of someone in congress. What a load. I could look at the bright side. We will have constant updates to fix things at ere never done correctly and than buy another system.
    The bright side is they did not hire someone from Apple who is a complete Jobs O cite. WE would be told that the way it is, is correct and you need to adjust
    MS is in the pocket of The Government just like Apple

  • casey222 says:

    Not only are additional millions of our tax dollars being leached into the debacle of ObumerCare, but being a part of this government and being able to hobnob and shuck and jive with the WH inner circle surely beats lobbying. Other than for the above and under the table deals and payoffs, why would an executive of a highly viable company jump ship to work for this government?

  • frankenbiker says:

    Wonder how much this is going to cost. The fcking web site alone is going to cost us well over a billion dollars to get up and running. How much more do you think the program itself is going to roll in at? Tens of trillions, while the goatfucker told us that it wouldn’t cost us one dime in additional spending. Anyone remember that little quote?

  • ed28 says:

    WTF??? Isn’t this POS, Obamacare supposed to be nearly done? Are Obama and his idiot minion Sebelius lying some more? Or, still? Why do we need this big gun if things are as rosy and good as Oblowhole states? We don’t need a new executive from Microsoft to run Obamacare, we need to bring in a new executive who can run the country.

    Just because Obama is holding on to dear life for this failure does not mean that we need to hold on to the bigger failure, him. Time to go!!!

  • kenvandoren says:

    Why would they bring in someone from a company whose software historically has been released with lots of bugs and “fixed” on the fly? If I had a nickel for every hour that MS software has WASTED for me because of bad design, I could retire. Bad choice.

  • James says:

    Well then all you will have to do is sign on and when your screen freezes push control, alt and delete. Shut down window and then reboot the whole system. This should get you to the second page on the web site. Then hold down the space bar and scroll over to the ads on the right side. Click on them and wait 3 minutes while windows hunts for the site. Then you will get the 409 error message telling you to reboot the system and if the error continues, contact your server.

    Shut down your computer, go outside and raise your fist to the sky and repeat “curse you Microsoft I want black hat” three times. Come back in boot your computer and wait several minutes before powering down your modem to reset it. Then type in the web site URL and wait for windows to find a blank page to load. Then after about an hour and a half you will get the actual
    signing up page and you will get you have timed out on the web page.

  • WiSe GuY says:

    Now is the time for real Americans to switch to Linux.

  • Jrmags says:

    There goes more millions in program set-up fees and more progressive lead back cover for Obama! Didn’t Obama and a host of liberals claim the site was working well after the fixes? What a fantasy life these liberals enjoy!

  • Upaces says:

    Guess Michelle’s old friend really messed things up. Wonder how much she was paid?

    1. WiSe GuY says:

      700 million

      1. Upaces says:

        Hollly Crap!!!

        1. frankenbiker says:

          and that was before the “fixes”. LOL

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