‘There will be more’: Chilling 911 call after the Chelsea explosion

A 911 caller issued a chilling warning moments after the Saturday night bomb that rocked Chelsea — saying, “There will be more.’’

“I’m looking at the explosion down the block. There will be more,” the unidentified male caller threatened, law-enforcement sources told The Post Sunday.

As the suspect behind the terrifying blast that injured 29 people remained on the loose, officials revealed similarities between the pressure-cooker bomb that blew up on West 23rd Street, a similar undetonated device found on West 27th Street, and the pipe bomb that exploded hours earlier at the Jersey Shore.

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  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Defending your person, your family, your country from attack and invasion from those forcing a violent, terrorist, genocidal ideology on western civilization …is …not …islamophobia …or racist. …It is just common sense.

    islam is NOT a race!
    islam is NOT a religion nor of peace either!

    islam is a sick and twisted terrorist ideology that is completely incompatible with western civilization!

    Deport all muslims, citizens or not, from the west at once!
    Ban all muslims from traveling to the west, …FOREVER!

    The people the USA, Europe, Britain and Canada must throw down their treasonous leaders forcing this evil upon them.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Obama’s treasonous illegal alien and muslim RAPEfugee resettlement policies along with Soros sponsored BLM race baiting have created an ongoing “SECOND 9/11” terrorist attack against all Americas and the Police!!

    It a Soros funded, MoveOn .org instigated, False Flag, US Government sanctioned “PURGE” against its own citizens and the police!

    Congress allowed this to happen by FUNDING IT 100% with the recent passage of the Omnibu$ $pending Bill.

    Obama’s solution is to take away our guns with one hand and attack us with the other hand.

    Obama is a Liar and Traitor. Impeach this P0S now you skulking cowards!
    One small problem. …There are more traitors in Congress than patriots!

    …Trump/Pence 2016

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    The DHS & FBI are not watching the terrorists for our benefit, to protect us.

    They are “managing” the terrorists in order to stage “FALSE FLAG” attacks designed to promote Obama’s treasonous agenda.

    More “Fast & Furious,” American style to come.

  • John says:

    Sorry NJ Lady but anyone that voted for o or will vote for C has either been brainwashed, is a terrorist sympathizer, or a puppet.

  • Front Sight says:

    Trump can’t give a specific plan to defeat ISIS; because, with Obama in the White House, the tactical and strategic situations are changing hourly. What may be true today will be outdated tomorrow.
    Filling the body bags with pig guts will be very hard on the pig population. Fill the dead Muslim’s mouth with pig guts and sew his mouth shut.

  • barbarakelly says:


  • sox83cubs84 says:

    These WILL continue…as long as we have Muslime sympathizers, Communist Democraps and simpletons like President Puke and Queen Cankles in charge. TRUMP/PENCE 2016! Make America Great (and safe) Again!

  • KayO says:

    This is exactly what Obama wants to justify his federal police state. We see how these terrorists are being used to usher in Obama’s (Communist’s) agenda.

  • Tyronne Shoelaces says:

    Have you checked for him at the WH? He’s probably having a beer with the homosexual muslim running the country.

  • Velma Saccone says:

    Death to Islam. Deport all muslims including Obama and don’t let anymore in our country.

  • Askjrsk says:

    Thanks Obama. We are now unsafe, filled with terrorists radicalized to kill us. Make way for more you say? Where can we give you our guns that you protect us? Be sure and give away more money that we don’t have.

  • Tiger says:

    There will be and every attack wakes up other Americans and they will vote Trump. He has been right on every issue and with every attack again Americans will be waking up and looking suspiciously at every Muslim they see. Sadly people this isn’t a bigoted or racist remark this is fact, the people killing us, wanting to kill us and planning to kill us are Muslims.

    There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and polls show that over 25% of them want us dead that is more people than in this entire country. They are a formidable foe and we MUST put a hold on all refugees. We MUST deport all refugee men from countries that are terrorist supporters, we MUST monitor the mosques again we were doing that and we MUST take the cuffs off the agencies that know where these people are, the Training Camps, are we insane to allow them to have them? O says they have 2nd Amendment rights also, REALLY to practice killing us and waving their flags? I tell ya O needs monitoring also.

  • Momma Beth says:

    Didn’t DiBlasio say that this was NOT an act of terrorism? Of course, he is an overpaid, liberal idiot

    1. John says:

      He is also the one that bribed Iowa lawmakers to grab guns when we need self protection now more than ever before.

  • Born in the South and proud says:

    Maybe we need to clone Prince Vlad the Impaler (of Romania in mid 1400’s) he understood how to fight the muslim horde invasion.

  • James Maxwell says:

    The tip of the Terrorist ice berg is appearing in the news at last. Now to watch
    to cover up by the Oval Office and Hilde-da-liar begin. The democratic
    socialist party is circling the wagons to avoid having to call an attack by
    RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST what it really is. It is part of the plan
    by the Oval Office to lead up to declaring Martial Law before the elections.
    Any else see the pattern that is developing and the results of such action?

    1. Mike says:

      Martial Law Will be the Beginning of the next GREAT AMERICAN REVOLUTION !!!!! Moms Dads Police Army Navy Marines Air Force National Guard, ALL AMERICAN And WILL STAY THAT WAY .. WE will bring the Obama camp down to it’s knees and the Convention of states
      Will Clean House In congress Taking back what is ours. Money will not matter NO AMOUNT OF MONEY WILL SAVE YOUR ASS IF YOUR ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT !!!!!

    2. John says:

      we have been wise to little o for 7 years and have known all along what he was up to. public servant #1 has shown his true colors. Please wake up America.

  • Frankie Boy says:

    Hey Obama you Ahole:
    Unless you are willing to live with these idiot Rag Heads, don’t let anymore of these A–holes into this country ! Look what you have wrought since your tenure began ! You my jerk president, hate this country !
    Please you Liberal idiots, think about your grandchildren ! Don’t vote for the Flim Flam Artist ! All Hillary thinks about is her putrid undeserving legacy !
    Vote for Trump !!!

    1. Christine Cuneo says:

      “Unless he willing to live with these idiot Rag Heads”???? He is one of them

  • Dennis B Anderson says:

    The man is right there will be more but it will be from the citizens of we the people. Were going vigilante to make it so there wont be a muslim that feels safe anywhere in the USA. Take your home grown crap back to the sand dunes and eat camel dung. We gave you muslims a chance now were cutting off genetalia for rapists on the spot. Were killing terrorists on the spot you get no trial. Were going to help you along your way. Were going to take care of your families also. Imagine an infidel cutting off your head in front of a bunch of infidels what shame youre going to fail. Dont worry about the ones you leave behind your leader Obama were going to hang and send your cut throat family to the fema camps until we can deport them good ridence. We can do without your oil and your 13 century thinking theres no room for you in the 21st century. Maybe this is how the neanderthal and the homosapien parted. Inheritance insanity! Is it a shame that the rest of the world can do without a group of people that they need to be exterminated from the face of the earth.
    Theres no living with Islam the rest of the world has out grown it !

  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    still think big brother will keep you safe , how many must die before you get it , they are always 10 minutes late getting to the crime seen , it was not this bad before , now it’s almost an every day thing , thank oboma and hillary for this , while they are out there fund raising and filling there bank accounts , people are dying because of them

    1. John says:

      Remember Richard call him by what he is Public servant #1 He would really like that name.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    No trial, no deportation, just a bullet to the head, enough is enough!! And the caller is right, there will be more attacks, this Prez. has been setting this country up for 8 years !

  • Mike Tanco says:

    And this Muslim President wants to bring thousands more into our country. Wake up Congress and the American people, it’s a way to develop cells in all 50 states. This President is the modern day Trojan Horse.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      So is Hellary, she want 5 times what Obama want on these made up refugees!

    2. Joey Smith says:


  • BOC says:

    A vote for Hillary is a vote for more of this, much more of this on steroids! Another weak kneed, bet wetting pussy ideologue, or in Kankles case a DICK, will bring this country of snowflakes to their knees.
    Should the unimaginable occur and Bill’s husband is elected, those of us not in the snowflake class will have to decide if we’re going to go meekly into the night or take another course of action.

    1. Mike says:

      I remember the chant from Obama , It’s time for Change ! Well he left out a word, SHORT Change ‘ed We Will RUN THE BASTARDS OUT ON A RAIL.

      1. John says:

        Tar and feather them

        1. Mike says:

          Then pluck the feathers with triple 000 buck .

  • Stash Holly says:

    Barbarians at the Gate and Obama-Clinton-Kerry Administration are 100% responsible for all deaths and injuries that occurs from the moment he took office. President Bush kept America safe from 9/11 until he left office, 8 years. The Idiot In Chief Obama can’t keep us safe for 6 months, he can however hit a golf ball, but National Security is not really on his priority list. Helping to Murder Americans with the help of his fellow NAZI MUSLIMS, yes he can do that.

  • Dan says:

    Welcome to the new normal. Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama want to bring into our country hundreds of thousands of muslim refugees who’s ideology preaches death to the infidel…..Donald Trump for President!

    1. David Tierney says:

      The 5 richest countries in the Middle East don’t want them and won’t let them in. Why the hell should we let them in? To bad our messed up, so-called leaders don’t pay attention.

  • 7papa7 says:

    Bring them in wearing body bags and filled with pig innards. Do not send them to prison where they can convert other weak minded prisoners. These terrorists are the sickest of the sick. Death to islam.

    1. Robert Briggs says:

      I agree with 7papa7
      Bring them in wearing body bags and filled with pig innards. Do not send
      them to prison where they can convert other weak minded prisoners.
      These terrorists are the sickest of the sick. Death to islam.

      Hillbilly Bob.

      1. 7papa7 says:

        We will only win this war if we go at them harder than they come at us.

        1. NJ Lady says:

          Our President would never allow that, I don’t think.

          1. John says:

            after 7 years are you NJ Lady still a puppet of the Public servant #1 ?

          2. NJ Lady says:

            After 71 years of life I have never been anyone’s puppet, John.

        2. Maudjeddins1 says:

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          1. retired cop in marana says:

            Go away, this is not a job posting board.

        3. Dolores Adams says:

          We’ll have to wait ’til Trump is president because this usurper president we have now will protect his muslime buddies.

          1. rifftop says:

            yep……that’s why the lefties are nervous……Clinton fears not winning as the truth will be exposed and hopefully some indictments to follow. Imagine this disgusting Clinton still babbling about bringing in more muslims to sprinkle around the US as future “Jihadist seeds”……the woman is a traitor………and anybody voting for that puke bag needs mental help.

          2. Janis Love says:

            This is whats difficult for me to understand. How do people that are suppose to be relatively intelligent not see thru her and Obama as well. I find it to be very clear, no question.

          3. John says:

            that is because you are intelligent. You are not like the brainwashed generation that just regurgitate what they are told by main stream liberal media. You Janis have a brain and still think for your self. A dangerous person not brainwashed by mr o,bama or his minnions

          4. Janis Love says:

            Thanks John. What I am is a 20 yr Air Force vet who gets emotional when I see our flag displayed. It’s so hard to see what’s come after 22 yrs of retirement.

          5. Cindy Cottey says:

            Look at the ignorant Blacks that are getting paid Millions of dollars to play sports and yet disgrace our country because they feel they are being mistreated by America! Are you kidding me? They’re living the American dream. They have money, fame, freedom of speech and yet they have the audacity to refuse to stand and respect our national anthem? We should boycott the leagues, teams, and games until they’re fired!

          6. Janis Love says:

            I’ve never wanted to feel racist. Right now it’s a tough time because of what u mentioned and of course Obama has brought all this crap on.

          7. rifftop says:

            they actually perpetuate the concept of being stupid when they insult the rest of us. Making millions playing a stupid ball game. I blame the team owners. The bum is WEARING THEIR UNIFORM, THEIR TIME, THEIR STADIUMS AND DOING A PROTEST??? BULLSH.T. THE OWNERS NEED TO GET IT THROUGH THEIR MONEY GRUBBING HEADS THAT THEIR ANTI AMERICAN PLAYERS WILL CAUSE THEIR SALES AND FAN CLUB TO SHRINK. I personally detest football, mainly because of these pigs that play……mostly dred locked, ghetto talking trash, overpaid. Same for basketball. We do not buy anything from their shoes, shirts, ticketst……..NADA. Not a dime in my house is spent on any football or basketball crap.

          8. rifftop says:

            stop supporting professional teams, no tickets, no shirts, hats , nothing……..drop them like trash……and stop friends or family from spending money on that garbage. The team should have fixed that dope Kaepernick . He’s in their uniform, their time, their stadium…….inother words working for them………protest on his own. So I blame the team owners etc……..I DONT SUPPORT ANY OF THEM……..THAT INCLUDES BASKETBALL, BASEBALL, BOXING…..NOTHING…….NOT ONE DIME.

          9. Brett D. Gilman says:

            “Look at the ignorant Blacks…” are you kidding me? Put on your hood and go burn a cross! No…wait…you might actually do it! Please keep YOUR ignorance to yourself. God help you.(not)

          10. Sarahjfitch4 says:

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          11. CharlieSeattle says:

            Fraud Alert!! Fraud Alert!! Fraud Alert!! Fraud Alert!! Fraud Alert!! Fraud Alert!! Fraud Alert!! Fraud Alert!! Fraud Alert!! Fraud Alert!!

          12. Retired says:

            The greed of the Dollar and free living are the supporters of the Democrats.

          13. Anouk says:

            I agree with you. It is hard to believe to see how many
            so-called smart people are in fact so stupid.

          14. rifftop says:

            Actually they are stupid, the lefties spent the last few decades infiltrating colleges, then public schools, changed the curriculum and added the PC tone to everything……..so after a couple generations, they had just enough dumbed down people to buy their socialist crap and vote for these rats. Soros funded a lot of their scams and now we have this “idiot segment” that is so mentally defective …nothing can really correct it. All that is left is hoping just enough independents (in thinking) wake up and do not vote for that wretch Clinton. It really hinges on those “undecided” or middle of the road types.

          15. rifftop says:

            These lefties have hijacked education and media……so for the last 30-40 yrs lots of twisted PC, mind polluting crap has been shoved into people’s minds. Since they have little concept of history, political science to make comparisons or judge for example how Marxism has failed in every country that tried it and caused hunger, genocide, oppression and war. Schools do not teach students to be intelligent , patriotic citizens. The teach U.S. BAD, EVERYBODY ELSE GOOD. They teach history out of context with constant babbling about slavery or Indians…….rather than teach it in the context of its time. While other countries slaughter its own people, starve them, create slaves ………the socialist curriculum blames the US for every evil……..even crap that happen before the US existed as a nation. Most of these under 30 yr old cannot place wars in their proper time, relate any events to its outcome or who were opposing sides in a conflict, cannot recognize important figures in history and what they did. We do not have an intelligent population, relative to our times…….they are easily lied to, have little reference points to make decisions in economics, personal finance,security, immigration, trade, energy or the environment.

          16. Cindy Cottey says:

            I totally agree that Hillary and her husband Bill are traitors and a disgrace to the American people. Obama has done everything possible to ruin our Country and beliefs. He uses a Social Security number that belongs to someone from the late 1800’s. He has used numerous other social security numbers. Why has he not been charged criminally for Idenity Theft?? He is backed by Palestineans, and Muslim countries. He has stripped us of our Religious Freedom to pray as Christians, going so far as court Marshalls if a Service Member of Armed forces prays out loud to Jesus Christ our lord and savior. What this evil satatic worshipper has done and Hillary will destroy our America if she succeeds as President. Please unite and stand together and Vote for Donald Trump! It is our only hope to restore our country. Our immigration laws must be changed to protect us.

          17. Brett D. Gilman says:

            OK, genius. It’s called a court MARTIAL, not a MARSHALL. Your SSN # claim is outlandish and exactly the kind I’d fake news your racist friends complain about.

          18. 7papa7 says:

            Of course he will, he has been for the past 7.5 years no reason for him to stop now. He can’t be any more of a traitor than he already is.

          19. Retired says:

            The Clintons are no better than Obama and the Democrat Party.

    2. Born in the South and proud says:

      Good reason to keep Gitmo open, send them to Gitmo, hard to convert those they cant get too.
      Trump 2016 God Bless America

      1. 7papa7 says:

        I totally agree. There is absolutely no good reason to close Gitmo. We need a place to send all the terrorist scum that we catch.

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