‘They don’t know it yet, but they’re going to pay for it’: Defiant Trump insists Mexico WILL finance controversial border wall despite President Nieto telling him the opposite hours earlier

by DAVID MARTOSKO, DailyMail.com
September 1, 2016

A defiant Donald Trump told a giant swell of fans Wednesday night in Phoenix that he will build his famed border wall, and reiterated that Mexico will foot the bill.

‘We will build a great wall along the southern border. And Mexico will pay for the wall. One hundred percent,’ Trump said.

‘They don’t know it yet, but they’re going to pay for it.’

Trump met Wednesday afternoon with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto, and praised him in Phoenix as ‘wonderful.’ But he held firm on sending Mexico City a bill for the wall’s construction.

‘They’re great people, great leaders, but they’re going to pay for the wall.’

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  • Walter Flatt says:
























  • Robert Russell says:

    Trump will eliminate NAFTA for sure also eliminate free trade. How could you not wan’t Trump as our president he will get our economy going?? Trump he will know what to do, deport illegals & build the wall Mexico will pay for it. LOL!

  • Walter Flatt says:
























    1. CharlieSeattle says:


      The 1965 revision to the Immigration Act removed the 1952 restrictions.


      The Hart-Celler Act of 1965:
      Established the basic structure of today’s immigration law.
      Abolished the national origins quota system (originally established in 1921 and most recently modified in 1952), while attempting to keep immigration to a manageable level. Family reunification became the cornerstone of U.S. immigration policy.

      Allocated 170,000 visas to countries in the Eastern Hemisphere and 120,000 to countries in the Western Hemisphere. This increased the annual ceiling on immigrants from 150,000 to 290,000. Each Eastern-Hemisphere country was allowed an allotment of 20,000 visas, while in the Western Hemisphere there was no per-country limit. This was the first time any numerical limitation had been placed on immigration from the Western Hemisphere. Non-quota immigrants and immediate relatives (i.e., spouses, minor children, and parents of U.S. citizens over the age of 21) were not to be counted as part of either the hemispheric or country ceiling.

      For the first time, gave higher preference to the relatives of American citizens and permanent resident aliens than to applicants with special job skills. The preference system for visa admissions detailed in the law (modified in 1990) was as follows:

      Unmarried adult sons and daughters of U.S. citizens.
      Spouses and children and unmarried sons and daughters of permanent resident aliens.
      Members of the professions and scientists and artists of exceptional ability.
      Married children of U.S. citizens.
      Brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens over age twenty-one.
      Skilled and unskilled workers in occupations for which there is insufficient labor supply.
      Refugees given conditional entry or adjustment — chiefly people from Communist countries and the Middle East.
      Applicants not entitled to preceding preferences — i.e., everyone else.

    2. MarcoPolo says:

      Aside from your caps lock being stuck, it sounds like you’re just an angry old fart who is off his medications. But I could be wrong!
      BTW, That’s something you’ll never hear from a Republican!

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Trumps speech ………in Mexico …………was weak and flaccid, not what a leader should be like, not what his supporters want to see.

    Trump said he did not discuss who would pay for the wall when asked. Later, President Enrique Peña Níeto said Mexico would NOT pay for it.

    Maybe Trump should stand down and support Senator Jeff Sessions instead.

    Senator Jeff Sessions is much better qualified and has a vocabulary better suited for the campaign than Trumps 3rd grade, play ground BS.

    Reset! …………………….Sessions/Pence 2016

  • VanceJ says:

    Well their is more than one way to skin a cat.!!! Go Trump.!!!!!

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    Add the wall payment issue to the pack of lies from Trump’s mouth to America. He says payment for a 1000 mile wall will come from Mexico. Pino Nieto said shortly after their meeting that MX will not pay for any wall. Trump said there was no discussion of payment for the wall. The MX president said ‘no way’. When will base republicans wake up and see they vote against their own interests, against jobs, against equal pay, against higher paychecks they’d get from Democratic administration of the nation. That all supposes that congress will also turn blue to eliminate routine Freedom Caucus and Republican Speaker/Majority Leader opposition to everything progressive. To live like a Republican, someone once told me, vote Democratic and it’s true.

    1. Fabman says:

      You are a left wing loon, GTFO of our country you fucking traitor!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        You and Trump are the poster children of dictators worldwide. Just get rid of opponents instead of negotiation, understanding, talking with them. You are anti-American and anti-Constitution with such nonsense. Bet you think you’re patriotic–but so did Mussolini, Hitler, Saddam Hussein and the Iran Ayatollahs for their countries, also dictators. I’m not your ‘enemy’ you mental midget.

        1. Fabman says:

          It’s you and your ilk that is destroying this once great country…do us all a favor and shoot yourself. I don’t expect you to understand or agree, just do it.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Maybe your aggressive and murderous intentions cut it with non-thinking base voters, make them think, but it has the opposite effect on progressives like me. The malaise in the nation is a product of disasterous republican and right wing policies of retrenchment and regression, even shutting down government. It only makes the majority of voters determined to isolate you folks again–like happened after the 1964 Goldwater debacle. In 1964 and 1965 great advances in civil and voter rights were passed. You can’t get that from shooting yourself on the left–a mindless and dangerous concept you Trump backers are infamous for today. Watch the upcoming Goldwater landslide with Hillary and congress installed for progress, not destruction like your side fosters.

          2. Fabman says:

            You have either got to be a complete idiot or a fucking liar. You morons have doubled the debt, destroyed health care, brought terrorists to our country to kill our citizens, allowed illegal aliens to come take our jobs and commit crimes undeterred, destroyed the middle east, sold guns to mexican drug lords while taking them from honest citizens, flooded the country with refuge’s from waring nations while letting our veterans die waiting for care, you allowed this ridiculous BLM thing go on and cops to be murdered in the streets and on and on and on….you fuckheads are an enemy to this country, DAMN STRAIGHT I WANT YOU GONE!

          3. Anouk says:

            DrBillLemoine belongs to the school system. He is one of those Communist teachers who are poisoning the mind of young people with their political Marxist ideas.
            No wonder why America is sinking with this kind of moron.

          4. DrBillLemoine says:

            The idiot is one who doesn’t know Bush2 debt from surplus under Clinton totals $10 trillion in budget, another $5 trillion off budget. That leaves $5 trillion for 8 years of Obama, the lowest increase in modern times. The liar is one who says we have open borders when ICE and border patrols are taxed to the max and got a $3.5 billion dollar increase from congress instead of $4.7 asked by Obama. The morons are those who think illegals are all criminals, take your skilled jobs, and rip off the welfare programs with no IDs. Oops! That’s you folks.
            This is a nation of immigrants so you are history-ignorant. Drugs come in to be purchased by you and your pals. And 32,000 non-cops are murdered here with your absent gun policies. Your thinking is akin to the best jihadists who you abet in Iran nuke negotiations with letters from Senators, believe all the propaganda from ISIL and are shaking with fear they want you to have, and you don’t think straight enough in your drug induced haze to solve any of these problems in DC or state capitals. Finally you resemble the best dictators trying to eliminate all opponents and call us enemies instead of fellow citizens in the same boat trying to fix problems. I WANT YOU GONE is straight from the lips of Hitler, Stalin, Ayatollah Khomeini, and other murderous dictators in history. Get an education.

          5. Fabman says:

            And this is exactly why you need to be removed from this country. you are 100% full of shit.

          6. DrBillLemoine says:

            Well, then, that includes about 5 million Trump voters and you.

          7. MarcoPolo says:

            Aside from the unchained anger that seems to roil beneath your breath, I’d guess you haven’t spent any time traveling abroad to witness how other people live?

            Flag waving Nationalism isn’t what is needed now, it’s intelligent, and prudent Progressive policies that will secure our future.

            General paranoia is only going to infect the body and mind. Better to seek medical/psychological attention soon!

          8. Fabman says:

            Additionally it was republicans who passed laws against discrimination NOT Democrats like you liars like to pretend. 13th amendment to abolish slavery passed 100% republican support-23% Democratic support. 14th amendment, to give citizenship to freed slaves, passed 100% suspport from republicans, ZERO democrats. 15th amendment to let blacks vote. 100% republican support, ZERO democratic support. Obamacare passes with 86% democrat support and zero republican and turns into a disaster for our country…. Democrats are the party of slavery and oppression, NOT republicans. You are either an imbecile or a liar. I suggest you look it up.

          9. DrBillLemoine says:

            You missed the documentary about LBJ passing the civil and voter rights laws in 1964-5. Republicans made the difference, didn’t promote those equality laws. You can’t cite post-civil war legislation to prove your party’s points today after so many changes. Dixiecrat Democrats are now Southern Republicans including the KKK. You missed the party changes over the past 50 years. Where were you? I was in the thick of it in the Deep South.
            Republicans likewise stonewalled Obamacare so your statistics are phony for an argument to help 20 million poor and working poor people get healthcare and even save their own lives. You, Rip Van Winkle, have missed much history happening under your nose; or, you are a very young person who didn’t live under those changes. Take a modern U.S. History course and catch up, if you can.

          10. Fabman says:

            you are so full of shit, how do you sleep at night?
            You left out what LBJ said when he signed that order “we’ll give them welfare and have those Ni**ers voting DEMOCRAT FOR THE NEXT 200 YEARS”….YEAH. YOU FORGOT THAT PART. Obama care was supposed to save us all money but instead costs skyrocketed while coverage has decreased….nevermind. you have your head so far up your ass you could never see the sunshine. Liberals are immune to facts so i won’t bother. The reality is, 8 years of liberal policies has been destroying this country and Americans are sick of it. The jig is up, no one believes your bullshit anymore. You had your crack at it and you fucked everything up. I dont give a rip what you think, you are wrong and you will be replaced. Period. Get used to saying “President Trump” you fuck. Then, when he fixes things you assholes will try to take credit. Sick of you assholes.

          11. DrBillLemoine says:

            What’s your beef with LBJ–the ‘n’ word or passing equalization laws for Americans? He wasn’t promising welfare, but voter and civil rights. Did you forget LBJ said the South would be lost to Democrats thereafter?
            I’d say you are ultra-selective in your facts. Tell the whole story without spin and get my attention as a thinker, an independent actor, not partisan. Obamacare has resolved more issues than you relate–again you are spinning facts.
            Again you misread the electorate. People are fed up with know nothing and do nothing-ism. You are fed up with Democrats. Credit goes to the Rs who have blended the two but you can tell them apart with Trump and Cruz.
            Finally I gave up the cursing of others at about age 10. You must be hung over from the military and/or Trump under-educated, ill informed bunch. Good luck after November.

          12. Fabman says:

            Eat shit and die you lying bastard…

          13. Anouk says:


          14. DrBillLemoine says:

            Out of ideas and debate points, we all see, Mr. Unaccountable Anonymous poster.

          15. Anouk says:

            Very well said Fabman. I agree with you 100%.
            Donald Trump for President of the United States of America.
            America First.

          16. Fabman says:

            I’m 58 and have watched you assholes destroying our country the whole time. Yeah, I am a witness to your crimes, and I won’t be fooled. You corrupt mother fuckers are done….and thank God for that.

          17. DrBillLemoine says:

            You are still wet behind the ears and haven’t paid attention over the decades. Evidence–you smear everybody with the same brush out of ignorance or laziness. You ignore those on the right who today in DC are breaking Constitutional law refusing to vote on SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland and shutting down government. Doesn’t take much to fool you overlooking those 2 facts alone.

          18. Fabman says:

            and when Democrats do it you seem to forget the facts….bottom line, fuck you and die you commie bastard.

          19. Anouk says:


          20. Anouk says:

            The way he looks, he might have AIDS.

          21. DrBillLemoine says:

            Go back to your Trump rally and learn more ways to demean opponents, you loser.

        2. Anouk says:

          You really pathetic indeed.
          Donald Trump is a Great Patriot and he is trying very hard to save this country from a complete destruction.
          You are so pitiful and you shouldn’t put a Dr in front of your name.
          Doctors are people who save lives. You are destroying lives thinking like you think.
          Move to a Communist country and leave the good Americans alone.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            So you think it patriotic to split up families, threaten allies in Central/South America and Europe, advocate nuclear proliferation in developing Asia??? The only hint of destruction you fear is from you and your kind backing dictator Trump, an egotistical lone ranger with no friends to run government even if he were elected. That’s a recipe for graft and fraud you say you’re against. No businessman fat cat can ever understand America in their isolation and wealth cocoon, something you should learn quickly. He has no clue about jobs, infrastructure, taxes, immigration and foreign policy.
            So with no real policy ideas, you attack me, a far right tactic that never works and resembles the best environment that dictators set up. Get a clue, get a job, find somebody to test your wacky ideas outside friends and family and think again. What you are proposing will resemble a communist leadership here in River City that will oppress you and Americans. Let’s have a response with an original thought from you.

          2. Anouk says:

            Barack Hussein Obama is the narcissist dictator and the destructor of this country.
            You are the real enemy of America. You are supporting a corrupted liar who is a criminal and a crook.
            You are part of what is wrong in America. Again, an advice for you is to move to a Communist country.
            BTW, I always speak my mind and I don’t need help from someone who hates this country like you do.
            My heart belongs to America and I love this country enough to fight against bad apples who are poisonous like you are.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            Psychologists call your thinking ‘displacement’. You accuse others of your failings. You want dictators, destructors and narcissists think of Trump.
            You are also quite un-American and dictatorial: I’m not an enemy, just a political opponent. Are you a chain of command, don’t think just do it, jarhead Vet who can’t think for himself? Every dictator AND YOU simply want to get rid of opponents, not work with a fellow citizens. It’s not lying, genius, it’s politics. Learn the different.
            Your heart isn’t pro-America; it’s pro yourself. Egotist.
            Your heart is to hate fellow Americans, quite un-American. This isn’t Iraq and Afghanistan where you shoot enemies; it’s America where you work together to solve pressing problems. I’d call YOU the bad apple.

          4. MarcoPolo says:

            By the way you emphasized the opening of your comment, referencing the full name of our President, you reveal your true nature. Xenophobic!

            I’m not sure our great country is ready for a White guy in the White House?!

          5. Anouk says:

            In case this is an interest to you…remember …Muslims kill homosexuals. You may have to hide out with Hussein Obama or Hillary Clinton in their cave of deceptions.

          6. DrBillLemoine says:

            You must be one of those haters Trump is resurrecting. KKK member I’m guessing.

          7. Anouk says:

            This is my last answer to you. Why waste time with someone who doesn’t know the difference between integrity and honesty, and corruption and hypocrisy.
            To support the criminal corrupted liar Hillary Clinton says enough about you.
            You are part of the destruction of America.
            Very sad indeed.

          8. DrBillLemoine says:

            You can’t see the forest for the trees. Hillary has been under attack for decades as a strong woman. No change in the presidential and pre-nomination times. It’s politics as Comey dismissed any criminal intent for slips in email sending, something you can’t let go but doesn’t rise to criminality. You also confuse lying for politics, in which a very busy SecState does her job and doesn’t look back or second guess herself. Ever been that busy worldwide like her? Then you can’t relate or sympathize.
            When it comes to corruption, there is a blurry line as she met with world leaders doing the nation’s business and it’s hard to distinguish from foundation interviews. Millions of voters and I believe she’s innocent as a lawyer and politician, just careless with the press of work and travel. It’s a lot to put on the shoulders of one person to run such a large worldwide Department with conspirators on the right always seeking some chink in the armor. You are farther right than you imagine because other conservatives also looking to discredit a presidential candidate have not found impeachment charges that will stick or criminality as you call it for prosecution after congress spent millions of your tax dollars and spent so many years looking. Your zeal for a solid American to fall is very sad indeed.

        3. Barrustio says:

          I bet your idea of patriotism is forcing the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for abortion inducing pills against their religion to further promote licentious, irresponsible promiscuous behavior at the cost of the taxpayer the way Hillary wants, eh? I bet killing 1 million babies a year is also your idea of being a patriot.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            I see you are dipping into various posts rather than stating a coherent policy proposal of your own–a typical right wing problem. Regress, retrench, shut down, stonewall–never advance. Then you dream of nonsense and throw it at the wall hoping to stick. Taxpayers at the top income levels must pay more–like Ike required. Ditto their corporations. Those factors rake off 90% of current income and don’t repay the nation–there’s no trickle down. They own 50% of national assets–there’s no supply side economics as you’ve been asked to swallow wrongly. And you are a woman hater denying them their freedom of choice on self-protection in mental and physical health, response to rape and incest. Bet you think you are patriotic with that wacky thinking.

          2. Barrustio says:

            “Dipping into various posts” is more indicative of multi-tasking and seeking varied opinions rather than sticking to one flawed “coherent policy”. Blather about what others may be doing to make nonsense stick is a typical left wing problem…detraction from one’s own log in the eye while pointing out the speck in your neighbor’s. The economics that you would prefer, is the type that keeps minorities enslaved for the sake of a vote while hoping they never wake up to the fact that most economically failing cities in America, have failed under the pitiful “management” of Democrat administrations…Detroit and Chicago are good examples. To use rape, incest and the health of a woman to excuse the extermination of a million babies a year is truly pathetic. Wacky thinking??? You might want to reconsider calling ME a woman hater when your “conscience” advocates the killing of babies when at least half of them would grow up to be women.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            So are you saying any position you could take would be flawed or incoherent? You just dip in as Mr. Anonymous to make trouble? Are you also ignoring the drumbeat of 6 years or so among know nothing and do nothing congressmen and supporters to rip off the nation’s assets and income? Freedom Caucus, bought and paid for by the 1%, allows the fat cats to get richer while you peons fight your own party moderates.
            Talk of slavery is perpetuated by Southern Whites and white supremacists–and you. You don’t know (m)any blacks to know they are free, independent and focused thinkers, while you focus on a tiny criminal element and nonexistent voter fraud. You simply aren’t looking critically at anything including my explanation of Detroit and Chicago. Your arrogant superiority over women is also old fashioned and outdated. They have freedom of choice in America–keep out of their business. You got enough troubles sorting out your own thoughts and problems. I’m pro life and recognize women’s right to self-determination in America, but not in your chauvinist mind.

          4. Barrustio says:

            I have several “Catholic” friends who also CLAIM to be pro-life while “supporting a woman’s right to murder their child”. They don’t quite understand that my “arrogant, old fashioned, outdated superiority over women” God-given conscience, tells me the difference between right and wrong. They don’t quite understand being a Catholic is like being pregnant…you either are, or you’re not. You can’t be a liberal and a Catholic. The white supremacist narrative that Hillary is pushing off on Republicans is fodder for the gullible in view of the praise Hillary had for one of her mentors, the Keagle of the KKK Robert Byrd. Perhaps you should forget critical “thinking” and engage in a bit more critical “research”.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            You are lost in your own mind. Christians, which you prove not to be, know God gives women free will to sin or not, to abort or not. It’s not up to you or government.
            It’s not gullible to tell the truth, that Duke and the KKK support and run for office and are supported by, Republicans, not Democrats. That includes #3, Steve Scalise, in the House leadership. It’s fact, not a phony narrative like Trump presents–and you.
            You don’t know that Dixiecrats are now Republican either. That’s from personal experience in the Deep South. Where is your easy chair located–Los Angeles?

          6. Barrustio says:

            I believe everyone knows God gave everyone a free will. He also gave us the Ten Commandments, one of which clearly states Thou Shalt Not Kill. No it’s not up to me or the government to tell someone not to sin but someone should speak out about the killing…don’t you think?
            If you’re going to tell the truth then tell it all, don’t leave Robert Byrd out. If only Democrats were as concerned about Muslims running for office as they are about the KKK I might consider them somewhat patriotic. While I detest ANY hate group and their ideals, I should point out that I have not read of any acts of terror at the hands of the KKK as compared to those perpetrated by Muslims or even Black Lives Matter and their ilk.
            My easy chair is about as DEEP South as you can get…Texas.

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            You must be Jewish as we Christians have 2 Commandments. There’s a difference between Pentateuch with women subservient, vengeance abounding, Pharisees like you making up rules about God’s will and Gospel with its plain talk and a pure example. Speaking out about abortion is good; making laws like VA, TX, ND, NE, MS and other red states is not. Leave the women alone.
            You are fixated on Byrd but he was a Dixiecrat. Now his type are Republicans and suppressing black voters, denying them civil rights redress. I’m not concerned about Muslims in office–many are at local, state and national levels–why are you? They are vetted by voters and maybe more patriotic than you.
            And don’t tell the world you don’t know vile acts by KKK.
            And your TX is Deep South but a world apart–reference the talk about the former Republic. Now we see you support Sen. Cruz who sneaked into office and sabotages America from within congress. TX is not really Deep South–MS and LA and AL are; ref. George Wallace, Orville Faubus and David Duke, now running for R-LA senator.
            I have friends in Houston and Dallas, nearly was Superintendent in Ft. Worth–none of them begrudges Katrina refugees fleeing disaster, nor are they on welfare.

          8. Barrustio says:

            I also have many friends in Houston who joined me in helping the the refugees…I don’t remember me mentioning begrudging or accusing anyone of being on welfare though some might have been.
            Sen. Cruz “sneaked” into office based on the confidence of people who didn’t need to resort to using dead people and who understood that it is at least as important to show ID to vote as it is to cash a check or do any other type of business with the government (oh my!!! the hardship, the discrimination)
            Funny you should mention George Wallace wasn’t he a Democrat and wasn’t it LBJ who said “I’ll have those n****** voting Democrat for 200 years”. You would have people believe that Democrats and the KKK were 100 years ago and that they all changed and passed on the racist baton to the Republicans. What a farce…wasn’t it Bill and Hillary who thought it was funny to go to a Halloween party in blackface?
            Christians are not to obey the 2 greatest commandments at the expense of the Old Testament. “Pharisees like me”???? heheh…putdowns are always the liberal’s last resort for trying to justify/qualify an issue which a calloused, desensitized conscience (or what is left of it) feels the need to have another who doesn’t share those kind of values, to accept.

          9. DrBillLemoine says:

            You are SUCH A SPINNER. Cruz acted to depress votes and sneaked into office, now acts like he’s so substantial.
            Again are you going to pretend you didn’t see the party switch post-1964 through the 80s. Duke is running for Senate as a (gasp of surprise) Republican. You lose the argument.
            You know nothings still don’t understand voter rights and voter IDs.
            Black people know their fellow travelers. When we talk, they know me as ‘one of us’. You would be quickly identified as ‘not’. You walk, talk and act like a duck, so you are a ….It’s called discernment.
            Finally there’s a different (you don’t comprehend) between truth and Gospel vs. callous and desensitized.

          10. Barrustio says:

            The only challenge to Trump in the primaries was Cruz, so I guess he “sneaked” into that also. The ONLY reason he is not the nominee is that the liberal media that is now trying to tear down Trump, gave Trump 2 billion in free air time during the primaries to ensure that a candidate who would have made mincemeat out of Hillary in a debate would never get the nomination.
            This “know nothing” as only a pompous ass would call me, happens to be a Hispanic who understands voter rights and voter ID’s very well.
            As for your ASSumption as to how I would be received by Black people…it is a prime example of what I meant by, a title not being a good gauge of someone’s intelligence. Fortunately for them, my Black family doesn’t subscribe to the idea that a party which advocates for the decimation of half of the unborn Black babies in America, is in line with their values or conscience…and THAT is discernment YOU don’t comprehend.

          11. DrBillLemoine says:

            Hard to resist a media-savvy demagogue–Trump. Cruz was a distant second but just as phony. And of course you fell for both of them, but Trump was on air more.
            BTW it’s not debates that people use to choose–it’s policies. Trump has a phony wall. Hillary has everything else. Unless you are a know nothing.
            If you understand so much, why hide behind a phony name, not standing up for your righteous ideas.
            So which is it, black or Hispanic? You challenged my title, not the reverse–that’s anti-intellectualism. I’m known everywhere as doc, or Dr. Bill or Dr. Lemoine, out of respect. You must feel inferior hanging everything on labels like liberal or doctor. Deal with the issue about Trump. Your family doesn’t know it’s Gospel or Democratic advocacy. It’s a free will issue that some macho Hispanics reject for female dominance or chauvinism. It’s not your place outside your own wife to decide on abortion. Stay out of others’ bedrooms and doctors’ offices.

          12. Barrustio says:

            Demagogue…ah another favorite “label” you liberals like to hang on Trump. Never mind that Hillary promises as much liberal goodies that she can’t deliver, as Bernie, such as abortion on demand up to the last second before delivery and at the expense of the taxpayer. I will gladly stay out of a promiscuous woman’s bedroom as long as she stays out of my pockets and not ask me to pay for the consequences of sluttish behavior. Pandering to Blacks even to the point of patronizing with her fake “Ah ain’t nowhar’s tard” accent. But you don’t consider THAT phony, do you? Demagogue…yeh. Even Democrats are starting to see through Hillary’s BS. Well, the smart ones anyway.
            I didn’t challenge your title, I challenged the pomposity of your attitude based on doctorate. So what is for Political Science, Liberal Arts, Business Administration…what?
            Abortion has nothing to do with macho Hispanics or free will …it has to do with the willful, conscious desire to take a life. Amazing that these people are the same ones who advocate for gun control because guns kill people.
            BTW Barrustio is not a phony name that is what my mother called me. My name is Roberto Luna Gonzales, I have nothing to hide. My friends call me Bobby. You may call me Mr. Gonzales…and my family is both Hispanic and Black…we don’t discriminate when choosing the person we wish to live our life with. We do discriminate against certain “values”.

          13. DrBillLemoine says:

            Again your dipping in is quite shallow. Hillary has plans for equity, equality and fairness for the middle class. What are you–a fat cat? You will also profit. None of your taxpayer money pays for abortion.
            Do you know she spent years in Arkansas speaking the language?
            Learn how to google me and find out my background. There’s nothing pompous about truth and reality.
            Abortions I know about are not what you say; they were for the health and well being of the woman. Guns are another matter, another distraction you introduce.
            My original ID comment still holds. You post with a name only family knows, to avoid accountability for your nonsense. Considering your relative ‘cosmopolitan’ life and ex patriot status, I see your lack of depth and currency in American political affairs. If you lived in America, you’d be a Democrat from your family background. Seem out of place attacking them from such distance. The swastika tells volumes about your peer influences. BTW I loved the parts of Italy visited years ago with one class I took abroad for doctoral dissertation research and writing. Hasta la vista!

          14. Barrustio says:

            If you believe no taxpayer money has gone and will keep on going into abortion, you probably believe that there was nothing wrong with Planned Parenthood dismembering babies including live one’s for profit.
            “Health and well being of the woman” my arse. It is a well known fact to most people that the majority of abortions (many of them, multiple) are done out of convenience, often from “repeaters” who are either too ignorant or too irresponsible to prevent that which they do not want. Judging by your comments one could easily come under the impression that you might be one of those “doctors” who dismembered children rather than try to live up to the Hippocratic Oath.
            I am a fifth generation American who did two tours to Vietnam so that you could have the freedom to speak out of your arse, so stick your “ex-patriot” bullshit where the sun don’t shine. My ancestors were here before the refuse of other nations hit these shores.
            I DO live in America and my family for the major part WAS Democrat but we shed the ignorance. I don’t fear anyone that I should have to “attack from a distance”. I live in Seguin, Texas and am at the Court St. Coffee Shop every morning for anyone who has the balls to “visit” with me. As for the swastika, it more befits Hillary and her followers who obviously want to do away with religion as the first order of a fascist regime. So yes, hasta la vista y que no te pegue la puerta en el culo.

          15. DrBillLemoine says:

            While money is fungible, no federal money goes to abortion by law. It’s upsetting to ordinary people about body parts, but physicians do it routinely. No big deal.
            Convenience or mental/physical health, abortion is the woman’s decision–keep out as there’s no reason for you or government to get involved at all. You are guessing at their mental state and repetitions.
            Perhaps you’ve heard of live births as a concept. Pre-birth for doctors not religiously inclined draw a line at birth. I don’t know as an education doctor but ‘d & c’ procedures are quite common.
            Considering your MX education, how are you an American at all, a veteran or even concerned with American politics living in abroad? My dipping in comment about you was prescient.
            Thanks for your service, but don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back for it. You did your duty back then, not in the volunteer force of today. You could enjoy vets benefits I can’t. I helped many vets starting college with a learning center, screening for optimal course placement and general support.
            After that point, your xenophobia stinks. We are all immigrants but you are bigoted against certain groups, clearly un-American thinking and maybe behavior. No military oath can excuse such closed mindedness and I find in these pages many vets who never transition to civilian life and thinking.

          16. Barrustio says:

            There’s no “guessing” necessary as to a woman’s whorish/irresponsible behavior when she has had 2 or more abortions.
            For your information I wasn’t drafted, I volunteered for the armed forces of yesterday not the liberally pussified forces that Obama has given us. I can enjoy my benefits because unlike you and your ilk with a yellow streak down their backs who fled to Canada, I paid my dues and put my life on the line so that we may have people like you berate us.
            Xenophobic??? You are laughable…what you consider “closed mindedness” is an idea driven by feelings of inadequacy in the knowledge that the warrior’s experience of war, is something that the “:sheltered” will never understand. It seems to me that a REAL doctor, would understand why some vets “never transition to civilian life or thinking”

          17. DrBillLemoine says:

            I’d agree about even one, let alone more abortions, but it’s still Gospel and law to allow women their choice. Who are you to butt in?
            I don’t know how you dropped out and later went to college. At least today’s troops have a high school diploma to enlist. You basic conservatives have no respect, not even for your own troops. What a hypocrite. You are patting yourself on the back again. Arm broken yet? You volunteered, and nobody’s berating your service, just the aftermath evidenced here.
            And BTW your service was aimed at precisely what you hate today, allowing citizens free speech. Forgot your Constitution?
            I support vets, including you, and want better treatment that conservatives in congress don’t provide, only Democrats like Obama. If you are leaning on PTSD for sympathy, I’ll refer you to a doctor and always vote for those who will vote more resources for vets.

          18. Barrustio says:

            Vets don’t “lean” on anything or anyone for pity. What is pitiful is that you berate those who gave you your free speech, if it weren’t for them you would be speaking German.
            I wasn’t patting myself on the back, I was responding to your comment where you implied I was DRAFTED rather than the ALL volunteer Army of today.
            As for your referral, the last thing any vet needs is a referral or help from your type.
            Questioning how a high school dropout got into college is exactly what those students taking courses for their masters and doctorates did also. They just couldn’t understand a system that allowed someone who didn’t “pay their dues” by finishing high school could be allowed into college. Let me explain. I didn’t spend 4 years in college acquiring information that would clutter my brain with material that would never be used in real life, I learned the techniques and methodology passed on by the masters of my trade which I passed on to my students who for economic reasons or just a “choice”, decided to live a life which didn’t require wearing suits.
            I taught Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology to high school students and kept them from dropping out as I did.
            After 27 years of giving the students my heart and soul, a principal who had spent about 2 years actually in the classroom and who was pushing to climb the social ladder to a superintendent position, decided that Collision Repair was too “menial” to be a “21st Century” course for Barbara Jordan High School for Careers in Houston. So she replaced me with a more “cultured 21st Century, Art Appreciation Class”. My students are employed all over Houston and would have no problem putting your BMW back on the road after you crash it. But I have yet to hear how many Picassos came out of that Art Class. Perhaps you can Google “Efficiencies” Barbara Jordan High School for Careers…The Houston Press.
            Am I patting myself on the back? You will probably think so. I’m just saying that I am enjoying the fruits of my labor. I am proud to have served my country and I’m proud of what I have done for our children, I sleep wonderful at night.

          19. DrBillLemoine says:

            Neither you nor any military unit gave me ‘free speech’. It’s promised in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights, and maintained under that documents’ objective ‘provide for the common defense’. Equally important is the 2nd goal of government from the preamble, ‘promoting the general welfare’. All must be defended, your military role. My civilian role is to use that freedom to expand the 2nd objective, personally and professionally. And would it be German or Japanese linguistics?
            I’d be a little more thoughtful about your second point. Vets need me and progressives to expand the VA Veterans Administration beyond the paltry money it got last year from Republican appropriations, about $1.5 billion less than the president asked for. It will take more than the $4.7 billion proposed to rectify vet’s wait time and prevent serious problems like suicide. That’s what you just rejected by disrespecting me and my ‘type’.
            I’m sorry for your poor involvement in education development. By contrast I advocate the James B. Conant ‘Comprehensive High School’ and my community school included auto repair, television production, real estate sales, notarial preparation and other practical courses. I support technical colleges with free tuition and wrote curriculum for the IBEW International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers which has closed, selective apprentices, in order to open up their selection process. I was the first computer programming and systems analysis teacher in my school, before certification was even designed or colleges had majors in IT. But you should know that I was opposed, undermined and blocked at many turns because the bureaucracy didn’t want open community schools. That’s a state and local school board problem you can work on as I did. Not only do I sleep well, but I dream of the opportunities provided and students elevated due to my work–and they appreciate it too with many awards, good jobs, stellar education supplied. I am hailed from the curb by students while in my classes, given the best parking and front seats by students and parents when visiting their churches, visited by past students who were inspired to higher callings by my teaching. My parents and students wanted me to replace their school and principal destroyed and lost after Katrina. I’ve turned down public kudos for doing my job. As I said, I’m not military but just as patriotic and useful as you. And I oppose Trump, the original topic, because he will reinforce many of the policies that keep us from progressing like I’ve always worked for. He’s simply a blowhard out for himself.

          20. Barrustio says:

            Right, no military unit gave you free speech. I’m sure you are a firm believer that freedom is free. Yes it would definitely be German linguistics, certainly you don’t think the Germans would decimate all inferior races and let the Japanese live, do you?

            I’m glad you’re not patting yourself yourself on the back for your patriotism while enjoying the freedom of speech to call those who fought for you to have it, “non-thinkers”.

            Thank you for your concern of my “poor involvement in education development” but I am grateful for my students who don’t share your views, philosophically and otherwise. They are very grounded.

            Oh yeh…about Trump…under Trump, about the only ones who won’t feel any progress might be the LGBTQ and the pro-abortionists. I do believe jobs will rise as will the Hispanic and Black communities because he knows that failure will further send their communities back to the Democrats. I do agree that he is bombastic. Hillary on the other hand we don’t know anything about what she will bring to the table since she has been avoiding the press like the plague. But you can be sure that she will not relinquish the power nor the money of the Clinton Foundation and it’s foreign donors just like she wouldn’t relinquish her server or the emails that might incriminate her.

          21. DrBillLemoine says:

            Freedom is granted by God, not your military. Check ETO and PTO events for smiles from God. But your axis comparison shows more bigotry. Where do the Italians fit your nonsense scheme?
            It’s your arm that’s broken soldier, not mine.
            See more prejudice appears. LBGTQs deserve equal protections under the Constitution, but not by you and Trump. You don’t seriously believe the party of the Deep South will permit blacks and Latinos to have decent jobs equal to their own. Think again. Actually Hillary like RMNixon before has dozens of policy papers backing her campaign rhetoric; Trump–none.
            That’s what will produce a landslide tsunami vote soon. You should do as much good as CGI.

          22. Barrustio says:

            You see the protection of rights of conservatives with deeply held religious beliefs as prejudiced against the LGBTQ. Nobody said anything about denying their rights what I said was that they may not see much attention given to their agenda under Trump because he may be too busy tending to the rights and concerns of the other 97% of the population.
            Oh the Italians??? Do you really think Hitler would let Mussolini live after a victory?
            Yes Hillary has many papers which may just as well be toilet tissue. Yeh, they predicted a tsunami against Reagan also. Let’s not forget that Hillary got “schlonged” by a community organizer of whom Bill said “a few years back he would be fetching our tea”. heheh.

          23. DrBillLemoine says:

            If you are still in Italy, you don’t see the nitty gritty of equal protection politics. Evangelicals are seeking advantage in law against gays–no public service, no marriage. It’s not just religious beliefs but attempted encroachment in law they want–unconstitutional in every respect.
            Under Trump we’ll see little or nothing done as he draws every action, every media coverage, everything to himself–assuming he has any agenda beyond a bogus wall.
            BTW Hitler loved Mussolini like a brother who led the way into fascism on the continent. Rescued him, elevated his status. And Italians are white and non-Jewish non-communists.
            Except for his crooked nature RMN had it covered policy wise with his papers as does Hillary who is on the side of people, not corporations, of equality, not wealth.
            Trump will lose again like Romney, two rich businessmen detached from reality and citizens’ needs. Aside from his personality, he really knows nothing about government and politics, takes no advice from anybody. He knows nobody to flesh out any government, if elected.

          24. Barrustio says:

            What YOU see as an “advantage” in law against gays, evangelicals see as a defensible right to not have the government dictate or encroach on their rights to not be complicit in what their firm beliefs see as an abomination. They have the right to “marriage” now…why encroach on the rights of religious people who do not subscribe to those beliefs? Advantage my ass.

            The truth is, you don’t know what it will be like under Trump

            As for Hillary, she may have some papers for whatever they are worth but one thing is sure that she has covered as well as RMN is the “crooked” part… yeh she is for equality and the people, not corporate donors…although by comparison to Trump’s donations which come from everyday people, she has the big dollar donors from corporations and foreign interests seeking favors. try to deny that one according to info now divulged about the Clinton Foundation.

          25. DrBillLemoine says:

            14th amendment equal protections is color blind, pal. Evangelicals since PRobertson ran for president have sought advantage for their beliefs–unconstitutional though it might be and they pretend not to know. We don’t need theocracy anywhere since the Pilgrims arrived. It’s all phony and they’ll pay at Judgment Day.
            Truth is, we all know what Trump will bring. His shirts and the rest are made abroad; he travels overseas to make himself money; pals around with dictators and their henchmen–Putin and Maneforte; knows nothing about foreign treaties or heads of state; builds when he gets a profit using illegal workers; has his followers beat up dissidents; aims to deport millions of productive people. Etc.
            You still have nothing illegal about Hillary; see my post for another conspirator from the right.

          26. Barrustio says:

            NOBODY including evangelicals are advocating a theocracy…are you for real??? You have a doctorate…I expect more from you
            The truth is…we don’t ALL know what Trump will bring just like we didn’t know what Obama would bring. He promised “hope and change”…well he certainly delivered on the change…not necessarily to the advantage of all Americans but certainly those who are easily swayed for the next election cycle.
            Odd that you point out that Trump “pals around with dictators and henchmen” but would give a pass to Obama and his kissing up to the Castros, bowing to a Saudi King and basically kissing up to any America hating Muslim within reach, all while passing the baton to Hillary.

            YOU have nothing illegal about Hillary…all reasonable people do and they see very well how the DOJ is in cahoots with her illegal wranglings. Worry not about the evangelicals, the life hating liberal WILL pay on judgement day.

          27. DrBillLemoine says:

            Pastors and their flocks are not stupid. So why are they not separating church and state as Gospel commands? Gay lives are sinful, but why aren’t evangelicals ‘loving’ the sinner while condemning the sin? Ministers know the Bill of Rights prohibits discrimination in the 14th amendment. So why are they demanding gays not be served in church or public establishments? Religious folk know they are to love their neighbors as themselves, yet they bar church doors to LGBTQ participation in church services and schools? You tell me why that isn’t asking government and courts for ascendancy or primacy in dealings with lawmaking and public accommodations? That’s seeking theocracy, the hegemony of church over state; BTW that’s exactly what Muslims do in the Middle East in Islamic States. Why are we following their example while at the same time condemning Sharia Law and immigration of Muslims here in America?
            Heads of State like Obama and top officials like SecState Clinton must meet and greet foreign dignitaries and heads of state, like them or not. It’s different from seeking out Putin and deceased Venezuelan president Chavez to conduct money making business as Trump’s Miss Universe contests, having Trump’s shirts and other products made abroad to sell here to out-of-work textile workers. Can’t you see the difference between mandatory and optional affiliations? Trump even hired a Putin henchman (Manaforte) who helped the Russian take over Ukrainian government for a season till ousted by democrats.
            You are dealing in Hillary’s case with supposition, appearances, innuendo and worse cases that have been dismissed and debunked long ago by august congressional committees, grand juries, internal administrative investigators as nonsense. Yet you continue the drumbeat of accusations on the same topics without substance.
            BTW I’m a ‘liberal’ (called progressive) Democrat and hate abortion. Your labels are askew.

          28. Barrustio says:

            Bill, Bill, Bill…Muslims are chopping off heads and you want to compare what Christian conservatives do in America to THAT. Let’s be reasonable. Loving the sinner does not entail bringing him into the fold in acceptance to that which is not according to the word of God is to enable the sin and hardly indicative of “loving the sinner”. Adulterers, thieves and other sinners don’t get a free pass so if LGBTQ cannot handle the chastisement that is included in the Gospel then they need to find a more liberal Church that is more accommodating of their sin. If by “being served” in the Church you mean allowing homosexuals to be married in the Church against it’s own tenets simply because the law of the land allows homosexual marriage, then you are advocating against that for which you are arguing….separation of Church and State.
            Homosexuals argue to be serviced because it’s their right to be serviced never taking into account that in order for them to have their rights, the rights of others (the majority) must be trampled upon. But no, I want my Bishop on the pulpit not in the White House. I also wanted the mayor of Houston out of the Church but she insisted on demanding the sermons from pastors, ignoring separation of Church and State. If the State sees fit to say homosexual marriage is legitimate, the Church has every right to say it’s an abomination…seems to me that her actions border on the actions of a Communist state where the leaders feel that “deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to BE changed”, obviously for the purpose of pleasing the few at the expense of those who share different values.
            As for the “sins” of those in business as opposed to the sins of those who have used administrative powers given them by the people for personal and monetary gain while selling access, I wouldn’t have to worry about which one carries the heavier weigh of error. There is supposition on Hillary only according to the liberal media. It is certainly more than “appearances and innuendo”…there is NOTHING which has been debunked. Comey merely has stated the obvious…with THIS administration’s Department of “JUSTUS” there is little chance of prosecuting…Lynch made that obvious when she met with Bill in a blatant display of “in your nose”…”Catch me if you can”.

            I have a friend who is a “Catholic” liberal Democrat who is is also pro-choice but “hates” abortion. heheh.

          29. DrBillLemoine says:

            No, ISIL barbarians are head lopping, not Muslims. Let’s be clear. They only ‘label’ themselves Muslims, but are a criminal sect among 1.6 billion peaceful Muslims. They are, however, like most Middle Eastern nations combining government and theology. It’s not me that’s afraid of Sharia Law or a handful of home grown jihadists, it’s base Republicans including evangelists. I won’t abandon Gospel in a panic about ISIL; no Christian government for me. The Constitution stands as is for me.
            Think of it–how are LGBTQs to learn of their sin and repent outside of church teachings; yet I’ve personally seen a pastor and church officials bar lesbians from entering the church and attending Sunday school. That’s not love, nor charity, nor Gospel, nor Christ’s 2nd commandment. It’s pure bigotry. I won’t ever vote for a PRobertson, MHuckabee, any clergy for public office. I have held public-type office as a teacher and parent and was motivated by my faith, but not to ensconce it in law.
            Now to me Gospel is unchanging, not liberal church or conservative church, but Gospel. ‘More accommodating’ to me means a sect apart like the Sadducees that Christ railed against. Any pastor can have couples repeat a marriage vow and sign the municipal documents required while telling gays they are not married in the sight of God. That’s what we’re supposed to do. That jeopardizes no religious marriage ideals or pastoral tax privileges or tax exempt church status. If churches are public accommodations, they MUST serve the public–all people. You see the difference. My way, Gospel, is charitable; refusal to deal with gays is illegal and apostate. I’m not responsible for directing dictator-like anybody’s actions, but I’ve been consistent for years through Hobby Lobby, gay rights and all.
            I wish evangelicals were told in sermon by their pastors exactly what I just related to you. They don’t and thereby combine church and state.

          30. Barrustio says:

            “Dime con quien andas, Y te digo quien eres”…an old Spanish adage which translates into ” Tell me wwhom you are with, and I’ll tell you who you are”.
            You have every right to not vote for a Pat Robertson or Mike Huckabee based on your personal views being at odds with theirs just as they have the right to not vote for any pro-abortion or homosexual candidate with equal justification for THEIR views.
            If the Gospel is the way then one should have no problem understanding that some people don’t feel the need to have to associate with or “serve” those who by association impress upon the children of evangelicals that one finds the behavior of such individuals to be acceptable rather than an abomination before the Lord. So that is neither illegal, since even though most churches are “public” they do not operate under the same rules as the government under separation of church and state. ..and neither is it apostate to follow the gospel.

            I’m sure you DO wish evangelical were told in sermon by their pastors what you just related. But you will never understand the reason they don’t. Liberal or conservative…the Church was never instituted to provide aid and comfort to the enemy (Satan) nobody said it would be easy to abide by certain tenets. But there are always Churchs and individuals willing to let evil slide by and those are usually easier for many people to digest.

          31. DrBillLemoine says:

            Come on, think a little. Personal beliefs including religion direct one’s life to do things, treat people and situations a certain way. But when you go into business serving the public, laws must be followed, meaning equal service to all under the Constitution. You can’t discriminate legally against abortionists or gays in business dealings. That includes special tax categories for clergymen whose churches are open to the public. Beyond the law, Gospel shows us Christ associating with many kinds of sinners, loving them while hating their sins, unlike what you advocate here.
            Tax exemption for church and pastor means they must take care to faithfully obey the laws while practicing their religious beliefs. I explained how that can be done but you didn’t respond to a simple solution.
            For Christ, affiliation didn’t mean acceptance of sin; how are evangelicals different?
            Understand this–obeying Gospel means loving sinners, not their sin, means affiliating with sinners, while condemning their sins. It’s a delicate balancing acts apparently that evangelicals can’t walk, or worse don’t want to walk seeking special exemption for their nonsense.
            Clearly you have little faith to speak of letting ‘evil slide by’ as prayer and my suggestion above are completely compatible with Gospel–not isolation, rejection.

          32. Barrustio says:

            Even though the law of the land says that homosexuals may “marry” it is NOT illegal for ANY church to refuse to consecrate what they consider an illegitimate marriage even while welcoming the public. So I don’t know where you got the idea that a Church is required by law to violate it’s own tenets.

            YOUR perception of what I am advocating here is erroneous. I don’t wish to deny access to any homosexual entry into the my Church because it already doesn’t, however, I do not sit in judgement of those who prefer to love their neighbor from a distance with full knowledge that as soon as you lovingly point out the error of there ways, are likely to become agitated, angry or try to get you to accept their behavior as the “progressive” new norm, simply because you ask that they “go and sin no more”.

          33. DrBillLemoine says:

            You didn’t read or didn’t understand my ‘solution’. Pastors may both follow their Gospel beliefs and government regulation. Anything else is a search for ascendency, for primacy prohibited by our nation.
            I hear what you say personally, but I’ve witnessed a pastor and church officials deny admission to lesbians, forbid them to attend church school. I’m certain from articles on the right and posts in these pages beyond that that evangelicals in general don’t want to deal with people and their sins in the LGBTQ arena. I can only guess why, and your post is a partial answer, but it’s apparent from court cases and rhetoric you and they are not concerned with Gospel and/or its intersection with government mandates. Consider this–did Christ avoid the woman at the well, deny Matthew a place among the disciples, just 2 examples to follow. It’s not progressive at all as you say, simply thinking and praying for wisdom. Remember affiliation is not acceptance. I worked with gays for years in Disney theaters and had no problems with my religion or their lifestyle. I’m no different from others called ‘pastor’ or you as a supposed church member.

          34. ezekiel22 says:

            You better check what Ohio is trying plus check out what California has tried recently. Both are actually trying to invade the church and institute humanist dogma. Rosseau would be proud.

          35. DrBillLemoine says:

            Are you saying R-OH Gov. Kasich is becoming more liberal? Doubt it. Any ‘invasion’ you imagine is enforcement of law. You have yet to understand my position on clergy and church officials or members who can follow both beliefs and law.

          36. ezekiel22 says:

            No Bill you have made God in your image. You have proven that many times.

          37. ezekiel22 says:

            It is funny you mention Arkansas and hillary in the same breath. She can change accents like you do socks. Hillary also promised cheesecake in every household should she get selected. It does not mean she can or even will deliver on any “promise”. It just means that more suckers voted for her both dead and alive.
            Since it is pretty well agreed by both sides of the political spectrum that Hillary would just be an extension of obama. The middle class has suffered enough as has the poor under obama so why extend that record by voting her in? Hell, considering that the majority of the !55,000 jobs “created” last month were low level service industry jobs there is nothing to brag about.
            You are a know nothing when it comes to abortion so why do you even bother? You just turn a blind eye to murder sanctioned by the state. There are other options besides death that you should work for but refuse.

          38. DrBillLemoine says:

            For the nth time, I’m pro-life.
            Gospel and law both say women have their choice. I’ve been directly involved in such a choice and the abortion made me very sad but supportive of the woman. Why aren’t you supportive? Get over it.
            Obama made many campaign promises we thought he’d never achieve. But despite monolithic opposition, he did most of them. Hillary will also. No cheesecake for you, Mr. Negative Deadhead.

          39. MarcoPolo says:

            I trust you’re old enough (as am I) to remember lynchings of Black folks during the Fifties and Sixties?
            I don’t know what else to all that, but “TERRORIST” activity! And it was perpetrated by WHITE CHRISTIANS.
            Egads! Let’s ban all white male Christians from entering the country!!!!

            That there are Muslims in office currently, and will no doubt be many more in time, is not something to be compared to the KKK. Sadly, the KKK still exists, and Trump has given it new wings!

            God help us all, wherever She is!

          40. Barrustio says:

            The 50’s and the 60’s were not the heyday of the KKK although those times did allow Robert Byrd, George Wallace and LBJ to thrive. Yes we do have our share of homegrown terrorism. My point is why invite those whose ideology has hate for everything Western and whose agenda is conquest by population. Eeven Stevie Wonder can see what’s going on in Europe and Trump has nothing to do with that.
            Yes the KKK does still exist but I have seen nothing from them that even approaches what Black Lives Matter is doing, but i guess you will blame Trump instead of Obama for that. You would also probably blame Trump instead of Obama for the cop killings in Dallas.

          41. MarcoPolo says:

            Women who make the free choice regarding their OWN PERSONAL healthcare decisions, need no pity party from those who somehow think that BABIES are what need saving.

            Why should any MALE have anything to say about it?
            And for the record, babies aren’t aborted…. fetuses are.

          42. Barrustio says:

            That’s the typical argument from those trying to qualify/justify what they in what little there is left of their calloused desensitized conscience of what they know is murder.
            You feel no male should have anything to say about it unless you want to keep it and he doesn’t to the tune of child support for 18 years. May I say double standard?
            ANY man whose pockets will be fleeced by the irresponsible promiscuous behavior of someone without a conscience, has a lot to say about it. If Hillary has her way, the tax payer will be footing the bill for these sluts.

          43. MarcoPolo says:

            I’m guessing that you’ve never had an unplanned pregnancy occur on your watch?
            ‘Keep in mind, not everyone who chooses to abort, is the “slut” you accuse them of being. Sometimes it’s your mate, sometimes it’s your daughter, etc…

            There are many more very personal reasons for a woman to elect abortion than just the inconvenience of carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term. So unless you yourself get pregnant, leave each and every woman to make her OWN decision on this subject. Autonomy rules in a FREE country!

            I’m guessing that you don’t approve of sex for fun and sport, or even profit? Just RELAX, not every sperm needs a name!

          44. Barrustio says:

            Heheh…I never looked at sex as a sport but I guess it could be rather strenuous for some… but I don’t care who and how anybody engages in it as long as they stay out of my pockets in their efforts to correct the consequences of their actions.

            There are many reasons a woman can choose as an excuse to have an abortion, there’s not a single one of them that has brought me to the point of silence in the face of murder.

            No, I have never had an unplanned pregnancy on my watch because I don’t believe in being lackadaisical about prevention but even if there were an “unplanned pregnancy” on my watch, I could never make me agree to murder. It is likely that not all who have abortions, are sluts and there may be some where the life of the woman is at risk. I am talking about the sluts…they know who they are.

          45. MarcoPolo says:

            I should have clarified my point regarding sex as a sport, in that it should ALWAYS be fun, and nobody needs to keep score!
            But once you go from Amateur to Professional, everybody seems to look down on you. That’s too bad, as sex can be a profitable business as well as a fulfilling pastime.

            Surely you don’t expect the ‘working girls’ to be able to avoid the occasional pregnancy? Nor should you expect them to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.

            Clearly, you don’t acknowledge, much less approve of women (or men probably) who are in the Sex Trade, but it seems there are always folks like you who think they have some strange Right, to condemn and or restrict others from their pursuit of pleasure and happiness.

            Murder is when you kill an already born human being. Abortion is negating a fetus by it’s owner.

          46. Barrustio says:

            Heheh…surely nobody should expect the “working girls” to be able to avoid the occasional pregnancy or subsequent murder. So yes, there’s always going to be folks like me who think we have some strange right to condemn and or restrict “others from their pursuit of pleasure and happiness whether it be prostitution, homosexuality, incest, bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, S&M and whatever else tickles your fancy…we’re such prudes.

            Murder is when you take a life. If I purposely stop your beating heart I will be accused of murder. So by your standards a fetus is a slave since it has an “owner” …never mind that it took two people to produce it. ..and everybody knows that a slave can be terminated at the will of the slave owner …right?

          47. MarcoPolo says:

            It matters not, how many people it took to create a zygote/fetus, so, to your question, YES!
            Or your prudishness may expect the pregnant woman to be enslaved to a life of raising a child she never wanted? That happens all too often, and no amount of outside insistence has helped.

            I’m not saying you have NO right to be upset, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t feel compelled to protest. I’m merely pointing out that as free citizens, who have laws to ensure our liberties, we must allow others to live by their own standards…Right?

            Bless you for caring, but hands-off womens’ wombs if you’re a man.

          48. Barrustio says:

            The law of the land allows a woman to kill her baby, so I have no say so in that, it’s true. The world might be better of with one less liberal. But that doesn’t mean I want one killed.

            The main things I don’t want is the government asking me to go in my pockets to be complicit in something which I don’t believe is right. Nothing prudish about that…just reasonable.

          49. MarcoPolo says:

            Correct! And I too protest ANY of my tax dollars going to fund things that I feel are avoidable…like illegal Wars! Yet, I still can’t ask our Government to select just how and where my money is spent. You also are deprived of that luxury. So we’re both making our cases clear, regarding how our money is dispersed.

            Moot point? Hmm?

          50. Barrustio says:

            I have never considered acceptance of the willful taking of a life as a moot point. Forcing people to do something against their religious tenets is not comparable to wars on which Congress “legally” votes and which is Constitutional. I don’t find the right to kill a baby anywhere in the Constitution but perhaps a more sane government can make that a bit more clear.

          51. MarcoPolo says:

            I have close friends who are Quakers. And some others who are Mennonite. Neither of them condone War. I find WAR to be an insidious act of inhumanity to man, that often times just perpetuates itself. Therefore, I am a conscientious objector. But that doesn’t preclude me from paying taxes that support it!

            Religious tenets strongly dictate one’s behavior and tolerance. So I suggest we are both equally bound to the edicts of our laws that are by “Caesar”, and by “God”. Agreed?

          52. Barrustio says:

            Strange that so many people who are against war for any reason and the death penalty are totally unacceptable while still supporting abortion

            I believe in yielding to Caesar that which is his, I just wonder how we could have decided that the right to life was not God’s but Caesar’s.

          53. MarcoPolo says:

            Your observation does not go unnoticed regarding the oxymoron of birth and death.

            Perhaps I can explain my position as such:
            Supporting War, requires a lot of conditions that relate to intent, resources, treasure, strategies, etc.

            Supporting the right to abort an unwanted pregnancy involves just as much mental anguish as War, yet the ONE facing death is wholly different than those who face death in a Warring conflict.

            A soldier who chooses to go to battle generally has invested eighteen years or more of LIVING. Perhaps even parenting a new life as a father. There is a LOT MORE associated with THAT individual, versus that of a single fetus, who has ONLY just emerged as a yet developed human!

            It may seem that I have NO respect for the developing fetus, but that is because nobody has convinced me (yet) to hold them as equal to an already born human. But you can keep trying if you wish.

            The irony of our Societal conundrum gets even more skewed when the Religious Right, who generally vote Republican, rant loudly in support of de-funding clinics that perform abortions, yet are the same group that wants to cut Welfare/Child support to struggling mothers after the baby is born! That seems outrageously hypocritical!

            To your point regarding life or death being decided by God…. May I assume you are against euthanasia? Self determination be damned?

          54. Barrustio says:

            You would have people believe that Republicans want to cut welfare tot he elderly and needy because the simply don’t care about them and would have no problem watching them die Perhaps you should Google a comparison of charitable giving by Republicans as opposed to Democrats. Catholics are some of the most Charitable people in America but Biden and Pelosi are not two of them. What the religious right “rants” about taxpayer money going to fund abortions which we know PP has engaged in even though it’s illegal,,,just like they have engaged in other activity like dismembering baby body parts and selling them for profit. What the religious right wants to do is cut welfare FRAUD from the leeches who are milking the system
            By your rationale it’s alright to determine that a child one second before being born is not equal to someone who is already born.
            Since I believe God gave you life, I believe it is he who should take it away…so yes I’m against euthanasia.
            Trying to equate the “anguish” of a person who willfully wants to take the life of her child with the anguish of someone who might be killed in battle is not even fathomable…to me anyway.

          55. MarcoPolo says:

            You and I would agree there is some degree of Welfare fraud, but not to the degree that some opponents would have us believe.
            Charity has been given a black-eye. I just wish our politicians would live for one year, under the same conditions as so many of their constituents. But their sight is blinded by less altruistic demands, like Military spending, and Campaign finance! Sheesh!

            I know many people who receive their medical attention from Planned Parenthood. Both male and female. If it weren’t for Government assistance, many of these deserving folks would be left to suffer, so that’s a reality we must deal with.

            As for abortion services….would it be your wish that there were NEVER another one performed in the United States? That’s a reasonable wish, but far from any reality.

            This being a society of secular laws, it would be wrong to govern from a purely ideological/theological perspective.

            I see no problem selling body parts, as my wife and I are both registered (whole body) donors upon expiration. Why should any viable tissue be wasted after death?
            Whether one determines LIFE to be in existence at the moment of conception is a matter of perspective. After all, even sperm is alive! But we don’t give each of them individual names.
            Simple rule of autonomy: If it’s not YOUR fetus, growing inside YOUR body….you have no ruling over it!

            I’m sorry if this seems cold to you, but my reality is based upon reality and reason, and not superstition.

            The Golden Rule is still the best guide. Now if Religion could just come of age, we might see progress!

            Thank you for your honest and cogent exchanges. That’s not common among so many others.


          56. Barrustio says:

            Religion “coming of age” for many would to subscribed to Hillary’s idea that “deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases HAVE TO BE (not should/could) changed…does she mean, subscribe to her beliefs by force?

            The fact that if I willfully and purposely stop your heart from beating, I will be deemed a murderer is based on reality, not superstition. Don’t you find it odd that most people feel that when a person’s brain ceases to function for all purposes most people are alright with “pulling the plug”…however many of those same people have a problem acknowledging that when brain activity starts, that PERSON is alive. Hard to have it both ways

            In a similar fashion I find that many gays who believe they are “born that way” due to a gene that is present in them from birth for the major part also support a woman’s right to abortion on demand and without apology. However when you ask them is a gay gene were discovered that could be detected before birth, would it be alright for the mother to abort that child “on demand and without apology” based on her desire to not have a gay child. Wow…they hit the roof and call that bigotry. You can’t have it both ways, it’s either on demand and WITHOUT APOLOGY or it’s not.

            I have no problem with viable tissue being used for research since I also am a donor. However I don’t subscribe to PP engaging in illegal acts which were proven but got a pass under this DOJ.

            I don’t know what part of the country you live but I have neither friends nor acquaintances, male or female who are getting their healthcare from PP since most everyone around here sees PP as an abortion mill.

            I don’t want a government based on ideological/ theological perspectives but I also don’t want a government devoid of values who would force those with religious values to subscribe to that which is totally against their beliefs.

          57. MarcoPolo says:

            Nobody wants to be forced to do anything, but I personally believe (regarding your opening point) that Hillary’s comment about a change that is needed, is in regard to the old-school mentality that people still bully others because they are different, ie: Gay, Muslim, Agnostic, etc.. She made that comment shortly after the mass shooting at the Impulse Nightclub. So it was in effort to remind people that there are still those who hate others just because they don’t understand them. I doubt she was professing use of force!

            On the topic of a Gay gene. Science has shown that during fetal development there are two periods where issuance of Testosterone that bathes the entire fetus, thus rendering change within that encourages growth of a penis, or a vagina. tahen in a few more weeks, another issuance of Testosterone determines the masculinity, or femininity of the fetus. Much can go “wrong” at any of these points, but nobody should deny that people develop differently, and masculinity and femininity are variable among the millions of individuals that exist.
            PBS has a stunning program showing this event. And it is certainly educational!

            To your point about whether a pregnant woman would ever choose to abort a fetus if she were guaranteed it to be born Gay or Lesbian…. I just can’t imagine why that would ever prompt an abortion! Do you know any parents who don’t love their LGBT child?

          58. Barrustio says:

            I wasn’t questioning the love most parents have for their LGBT child. Most abortions are done for convenience and since what many women want, is access to abortion on demand and WITHOUT APOLOGY. So if a gay gene is identified early in a pregnancy and the woman deems a gay child as an inconvenience, she shouldn’t have to apologize for aborting that child based on prior knowledge of what it would be, right?

          59. MarcoPolo says:

            And why should it matter to you, or anyone other than the pregnant woman how often, or for what reason she chooses to abort?
            Since for many women, being pregnant is an inconvenience, and abortion is a rational option for those who feel that is their liberty.

          60. Barrustio says:

            Thanks for your honesty, most people to whom I have posed that question and who support abortion on demand and without apology usually take exception at the thought that anyone would abort a child who would be gay (calling it bigoted) but have no problem with aborting a Down’s Syndrome baby.

    2. Barrustio says:

      You would actually have people believe that the open borders, cheap labor, and the milking of our welfare system advocated by Hillary and the Democrats will actually result in more jobs, equal pay and higher paychecks for Americans???? People only have to look to Chicago, Detroit and other places in America where Democrat run administrations have run those cities into a rut from which they will never recover to realize that you are full of it. Dr. my foot.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        There are no ‘open borders’ with Mexico. It’s simply an unrealistic populist slogan that any wall is better than what we’ve got already. We have labor now that’s too cheap to support many Americans, as congress refuses to back infrastructure road and bridge and cybersecurity building; labor has stagnant wages for 30 years; cheap technical college training, apprenticeships expansion and incentives for business to resume retraining employees with pay that the CEOs are siphoning off from profits will bring us into the 21st century of technology and clean energy. Cities are not directly related to that and suffer from failure of Republican governors to support their cities of a different political persuasion. Chicago the #2 city suffers from poor management, systemic policing and autocratic leadership; Detroit suffers from white flight and bad former car company management. New Orleans suffered post-Katrina from bad FEMA (that’s Republican management) and political failure by Jindal generating budget deficits. Voters react and install Democrats after the dying starts, they are segregated with poor and inadequate jobs.
        You, like many on the right, are not mining the data, and solving the problems, that Hillary can fix with like-minded congress. NYC was bankrupt and resurrected; New Orleans is coming back under Democratic mayors. Detroit and Flint and 4 other cities run by Republican appointed czars, that replace democratically elected officials were driven into fiscal crisis with lack of state revenue sharing.
        And you show yourself to be anti-intellectual.

        1. Fabman says:

          You have shown yourself to be a liberal liar and threat to this nation…please leave now.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Your ultra-right bluster and aggression don’t work with progressives, only your own kind. We don’t abide dictators.

        2. Barrustio says:

          Anti-intellectual??? Well, I haven’t reached the level of arrogance that allows me to pat myself on the back and consider myself one while supporting a candidate who for all purposes has been proven to have engaged in behavior which is unscrupulous, illegal, criminal and a danger to America. You citing New Orleans and trying to pin it’s failure on Jindal only shows that self perceived intellectuals often don’t do their homework. Perhaps you should read up on Jindal’s record as compared to Democrat administrations before him. Perhaps you should also consider the MAYOR of NO during Katrina since I was talking about cities…and be thankful that NO had Houston and the whole state of Texas (Republican run) to save their asses. With a like minded Congress, Hillary would solve exactly what Obama solved when Democrats had hold of both houses…nothing….except maybe get more questionable money into the Clinton Foundation.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Your answer to my support is to question my degree, my intelligence. Don’t pretend to be obtuse about it. Or, maybe you are.
            You’ll see in November the millions like me who want a progressive president and congress as any charges you name have proven insignificant.
            Any failings of Gov. Blanco were resolve with her ouster. Problem was Republican Jindal stepped in and totally screwed the state in general, without a Katrina excuse. Explain away his billion dollar deficit now being tackled.
            Here’s more wacky thinking by you. Houston and TX did not save anybody, were simply relocation sites for distressed families aided by FEMA, not so much a city or state governed by a Republican. I really don’t have time for your pettiness and hounding of Hillary. I speak to national issues and resolving them–jobs, taxation, immigration, infrastructure that go beyond cities and states.

          2. Barrustio says:

            That’s the problem with liberals, they don’t consider the input of cities and states (you know those little things that make up our nation) as a contribution to national issues.
            But here’s some wacky thinking for you…one the one hand you talk about the failure of FEMA during Katrina but then you take away credit from Houston and Texas for the help they gave and give it to FEMA. May I say…heheh. By the way Katrina WAS a national issue but your idea of speaking to and resolving them, is to lay blame for something you know nothing about, on Republicans. Where were YOU during Katrina. I was in Houston helping the “refugees” with no payment from FEMA.
            I didn’t question your degree nor you intelligence, my comment was in response to the pompous fashion in which some people flaunt a title and questioning the intelligence of others with comments like “when will Republicans wake up etc…” as if you possess a super intellect. I am a 10th grade dropout who went into the military at age 17, worked all the odd jobs one can imagine. With the help of the military I was able to take teacher certification courses to teach high school. In the process I had to take courses with people who already had their bachelors and who were working on their Masters or Doctorates and who took exception at a “commoner” being deemed eligible to take the same courses as they. It was even more offensive to them when I received a better grade than they did. It was then that I came to the realization, that intelligence is INBORN…nobody can take it away from you. Education at any level is merely exposure to information which only makes one more knowledgeable, not more intelligent. I have run into more than one highly educated fool. So no, I was not questioning your degree nor your intelligence.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            Again you sit in your easy chair and generalize to ‘liberals’ when I told you I’m a progressive. Pay attention–words have meaning. You lost me on the ‘input’ comment, probably seeking deliberately to be vague, a common conservative trait.
            BTW I was miles from Katrina’s center for the duration. Afterwards my church housed police and FEMA workers from around the country, which let me eat for free while remaining residents like me signed up for compensation from FEMA. Good for you for helping, but you break your arm patting yourself on the back for charity instead of remaining silent for God to know.
            And stop dodging your brief smear of me as ‘Dr.’. The truth isn’t in you.

          4. Barrustio says:

            Some words have two meanings, some meanings two words …liberal is synonymous with progressive. Liberals only adopted the word progressive because it just sounds “better”, when liberal took on a bad connotation. Just like “pro-choice” sounds so much “better” than “pro-abortion”…but it means the same thing.
            Input/contributions…don’t need much clarification.
            I’m not patting myself on the back, just letting you know that Democrats don’t have a monopoly on charity and research will show you the disparity in charitable giving from the two parties…one which claims to be for the downtrodden.
            I was in Houston during Katrina, Rita, Ike and got 18 inches of water in my house during Allison. I got $5000.00 from FEMA to get by on before contractors could get to my house for rebuilding. I wound up rebuilding my house myself due to shortage of contractors. It took me a year. What my insurance paid would never have been close to the cost of rebuilding had I not done the work myself. Intelligence is inborn.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            Wrong again, armchair quarterback. Hillary is a progressive; Bernie, a liberal. You make up stuff to suit your own biases wrongly.
            Charity knows no political party. Do you not know the meaning of that word? Voters know the difference between Trump and Hillary. Watch what happens in November.
            By contrast as God takes care of his own, I lost 7 shingles in Katrina, had no groundwater. My roof was repaired the second day by a church member friend’s carpenter. All other neighbors had water and their shingles littered my property. In evacuation mode is FL, I not only got home insurance and FEMA living expense money, but free lodging and breakfast at a big hotel whose manager I befriended with my fellow evacuee for a month. What’s your point with the issue remaining Trump???

          6. Barrustio says:

            Often, armchair quarterbacks can throw more touchdowns than people who think they can actually play. Hillary is a “progressive” with thinking so liberal that if an abortion failed, she would be fine with the baby being terminated anyway, based on the thought that the mother did not want the baby and it was the abortionists fault that the abortion failed.
            You are correct on one count…charity knows no party. Parties however, do know charity…some more than others. Research who gives the most…conservatives or liberals who profess to be for the downtrodden. You will be surprised regardless of which site you search.
            You are absolutely right, God does take care of his own. He granted me the patience, persistence and the confidence that I could restore my home with my own two hands and the sweat of my brow without the need to ask for help.
            The issue is, will people decide to elect someone who is bombastic, irritable, crude and audacious and has as much experience as a community organizer when it comes to politics or will they elect someone who’s actions regarding national security are questionable at best, who has shown total disregard for her own words when it comes “women who have been raped should be believed” if it applies to Bill, who has called the surviving family of those lost in Benghazi, liars, whose attitude is “what difference at this point does it make” and many other areas where she has already been tested and failed. No, we don’t know much about Trump and how he might lead but we know enough about Hillary to be able to “discern” how much truth is in her words.

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            You really do ‘dip in’ to politics. Everybody but you knows Bernie ran to bring conservative/moderate Hillary to the left. You just got ‘sacked’, QB in your own mind.
            With Trump the subject here, I know his phony fundraising for veterans was a public relations flop months ago. Except for media scrutiny and follow up, he might never have given them the money, the crook.
            You have totally lost it now. The former SecState has questionable actions–what a nut.
            We better believe Trump’s words which are disastrous. Nuclear proliferation in the Far East. Respect for dictator and Ukraine invader Putin. Threatening NATO’s future. What a dunce! Check the record and see how successful Clinton was in those areas. You haven’t and won’t like the rest of your conspirator pals.

          8. Barrustio says:

            If you ask the majority of soldiers who they are supporting they will say it certainly is not the candidate who sat by while people died in Benghazi and who could endanger their lives in the future with her lax sense of national security. As for the minor discrepancies in the fundraiser, it could hardly meet the questionable “pay for play” money by the Clinton Foundation donors for easy access and personal favors that Hillary sold.
            Trump will keep Putin well in check unlike Hillary who will just follow through on the backroom deals Obama Putin about “I can be more flexible after the election” and with Iran, Castro and the lack of sense of urgency about the idiot in N. Korea who Obama never kept in check. It seems everybody has punked out Obama. Clinton was successful in logging in flight miles and “landing under sniper fire”.

          9. DrBillLemoine says:

            I don’t ask soldiers used to chain of command non-thinking about much. As vets, they are former trained killers and see life with that mentality, calling political opponents enemies and demanding those like me with differences to ‘leave the country’, exactly what a dictator would say and do to opponents. I’m a fellow citizens and deserve that respect, not an ‘enemy’ which in rational people conjures the images of ISIL, Putin and Kim Jong Il. It’s permanent fixation at a juvenile level indicated by childish cursing and name calling. If that’s all you know, your peer group, you are in a tiny minority who expects lots of veteran care but disrespect the very people who would fix veterans affairs.
            State Department has a security force but relies on U.S. Marines for embassy and consulate protection in part. With the 911 anniversary and covert action of ISIL in NW Libya, rebels used a video to take action on a negligent ambassador travelling with little security into a known enemy area. The SecState isn’t responsible for ambassadors who opt to take risky excursions near enemy territory to get close to his people. It was a mistake that respect for the dead isn’t mentioned often, so Hillary gets the blame wrongly.
            As for meetings, I’m dismayed by the combination of CGI activities with government duties. She should not have been meetings with foundation donors while a government employee, a mistake she’s said. With her being a reputable smart and activist person like me, I can understand her ability to separate those functions, but it looks sleazy. Testifying before a legislative committee once for a bill I proposed for parental input into educational decisions at all levels wearing teacher, parent and community hats, I was wrongly labeled a principal. Word got back to my boss who complained so I had to rectify the mistake entered into the legislative journal by a legislator, not me. It happens and we learn, then moving on. In Benghazi lives were lost inadvertently so stop blaming Clinton, a distant boss, simply learning and moving on too.
            For N. Korea, it’s in China’s sphere of influence, not America’s. We have no authority or connections, no ambassador or military connections with the pariah. It’s irresponsible to think we can influence anything directly while pushing China to rein in their neighbor.
            Ever watch the Harrison Ford movie, ‘Clear and Present Danger’? Flying into dangerous territory, there’s always the reasonable fear of sniper fire. We duck and move first and it’s pretty traumatic for a civilian I can imagine. Planning to teach a class in Nigeria years ago, I arranged for armed security to protect us foreigners, Americans who could be attacked for any reason by insurgents operating there. It’s understandable.

          10. Barrustio says:

            You don’t like labels like, liberal and doctor but you’re fine with labeling all soldiers as “non-thinkers” and then you wonder why anyone would resort to cursing, you stupid son of a bitch…have you ever done anything for your country other than leech off of it?. Thanks for the laugh…you have your head up Hillary’s ass so far you could tickle her tonsils. Hillary doesn’t give a shit about any veteran…or you, she’s about Hillary.

          11. DrBillLemoine says:

            It’s not the subject of labels I don’t like, it’s their misuse. Words have meanings, something you don’t appreciate. What else would you call chain of command obedience than non-thinking? I appreciate an argument, facts, analysis, synthesis and making conclusions from them. Ever take high school physics? Any math or computers in your background? How about writing or editing for publication? They require precision I expect from others. I’ve spent a career, even several alternate careers contributing to my country’s people, not some idealistic notion of ‘patriotism’. Killing others isn’t my idea of it.
            My politics requires careful comparison of acts, policies and effective efficient use of knowledge. That means Democrats have it, Republicans don’t. You got the Trump-Hillary dedication backwards, obvious to all who’ve seen the last year’s campaigning. The choice is clear by those criteria.

          12. Barrustio says:

            What you appreciate, is “thinking” that that YOUR contributions are greater than the “non-thinking sacrifice of he who would lay down his life so that others may live”. But “I” have things backwards…heheh….thanks for the laugh. You actually consider Hillary a patriot.

          13. DrBillLemoine says:

            My contributions here for instance were about the article, and you have brought us far afield. It takes little or no ‘thinking’ to see bloggers on the right dodge, blow smoke, distract, deter, deflect, bait and switch or simply ignore the issues at hand. Nobody here said anybody’s contributions are ‘greater’ than another’s, just different. It’s according to our abilities, interests and talents. I’m not so interested in killing others, taking orders without question, conforming to military regimens, if you haven’t guessed so far. I am interested in people and helping them to self-actualize, improve themselves, get another viewpoint, test their ‘thinking’ and hear from a progressive. Those things are not often sought nor appreciated in these pages, only confirmation and support, the sociologists and psychologists say. I call such folks, block dwellers, those who don’t get out of their homes, off their blocks, out of their neighborhoods, travel among the states or out of the country. That includes the military mind which seems to do such things but comes out of it unchanged for reasons we haven’t space to go into here. You think of people as patriots or enemies. It’s more mindless classification that serves the country poorly but is all the righties can muster for ‘thinking’. It’s no laughing matter when a sitting president doesn’t meet your criteria and gets opposed, vilified and road blocked, say in congress, when their efforts are even in your favor. That’s the alt-right, ultra conservatives, Freedom Caucus, Tea Party and military ranks today. Yesteryear it was the John Birch Society, Goldwater/LeMay militarists, and last year, the 47 Senators on the right giving ‘aid and comfort’ to the real enemy Iran during critical nuclear non-proliferation talks, and ex-Speaker (wonder why?) Boehner inviting Netanyahu to speak against America in congressional joint session. It’s also voting 60+ times to repeal the healthcare of over 19 million Americans who don’t get VA help free. It’s Sens. John McCain, a military vet, and Graham pushing to invade Syria and Iraq again against all common sense, Sen. Cruz and his carpet bombing ISIL or wannabe commander in chief Trump seeking tactical nuclear weapons use/Far East nuclear proliferation/NATO destruction in the name of pandering. I’m not for returning to the military draft but today’s and your volunteering for the service is not what it should be–defense of the nation as one among many options for public service. Yes, your thinking is distorted and inflated about your ‘service’. You are simply another part of the greatest nation on earth (today, unlike Trump’s slogan), as those in the ranks and general staff have amply provided, good at their jobs, but subject to human pride and weakness just like us all. Stop the egotistical nonsense or Trump support which is hardly ‘patriotic’ or even ordinary American morality and ethics. Nobody’s a better citizen than another, or an enemy–just different.

          14. Barrustio says:

            Viva la difference. You attack patriotism as not being even on the same keel of “even ordinary American values and ethics” but seem to be devoid of both. You ask me to stop the “egotistical nonsense” but wholeheartedly engage in it from you fifth sentence on. Your pomposity is of so high a level that you “think” that anyone joins the military because they are “interested in KILLING and taking orders without question”. No I don’t classify people as patriots and enemies but if I did, I would know where to place you. With friends like you, who needs anemas. In your haste to lay blame on “warmongering Republicans for Iraq” you seem to forget that it was done with the support of Democrats, one of whom was Hillary Clinton.
            Your definition of an act of altruism is one in which an individual seeks to help others “self-actualize, Improve themselves (to your satisfaction), get another viewpoint (like agreeing with yours in a non-thinking fashion), test their thinking and hear from a ‘progressive'” (like you). But others are “block dwellers”…well I’m glad you don’t like labels. heheh.

    3. ezekiel22 says:

      You might want to rephrase that phrase referencing higher paychecks and better jobs under democratic administration. If anything the last eight years have shown the opposite. The U-9 numbers are the worst in over 40 years for labor. In the concern for the middle class it is worse. Real income adjusted for inflation has actually shrunk per average family of four. Health insurance rates as you know across the board are up 24% this year from last year. Ilinois is up 55 % Indiana up 60% Florida not doing good either. It is the democrats that have hurt everyday people a lot. Minorities are suffering even more with leadership in unemployment, welfare roles per capita, inceased Food Stamp use. Those are not bragging points.
      NObama had a real chance to do some good including being given a bunch of blank checks in his shovel ready jobs jokes. Instead he paid off Solyndra and okayed turtle tunnels. You might consider going to The Trump website. Infrastructure is addressed.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Your mind is ‘four sheets to the wind’–always, as here. Obama’s 8 years a part of an republican oppression for 30 years–unions, employee retraining, expensive education, lagging compensation for automation, and the like. With mindless opposition to everything, we have a mess and too much poverty. Meanwhile your republican corporations were reined in somewhat by Obamacare and they are finding loopholes now, pressing the cost savings in many ways. It’s not Democratic policies that deregulate Wall St. so we crash; ditto, false trickle down and supply side theories that don’t work for laborers. Fatter paychecks are the answer and Hillary will get them with suitable congress. Jobs are the answer for fatter paychecks with Hillary, Bernie and Warren leading the way, maybe the Senate in January.
        Do you actually believe anything Trump says with his flipflopping and double talking? Talk about naïve and gullibility.

        1. ezekiel22 says:

          Yeah, I guess charging middle class and lower middle class $365.00 a month now going up an average of 40% is totally fine. What subsidy? I guess $6000.00 deductible going up to over $8500.00 is a good thing. At least it has cut down on obesity since it is food or coverage forced by law. The fine BTW is also going up to over $2100.00 per person. There is one option you may want to check. Muslims can and do opt out of the exchanges since they consider insurance a form of gambling which is forbidden. Equal protection under the law only covers those that are in a protected class I guess since Catholic nuns get sued by the feds as does Hobby Lobby.
          You mentioned a suitable Congress. In the race we are dealing with I see a lot of misrepresenting of facts that are easily refutable made by the dem puppet. I say that because of her past partisan actions and lack of actions. Hoary Reid has given his blessing which means that there are major strings attached. I am keeping it short this time so that you can take your meds. You get sorta discombobulated when you get tired. lol

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Healthcare coverage ain’t cheap, but people deserve a choice which they have with Obamacare.
            Presidency and Senate–pretty much in the bag. House depends on the margin of landslide.

          2. ezekiel22 says:

            Try that for a campaign slogan doc. You may starve but what the hey at least you will be healthy. You could try this as well, who needs rest anyway. Pay up. Get a third job. So what if you are doing the job of 3 people at least you get to pay a $6000 deductible and up. Yeah that so what attitude is a real winner.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            Why do you bother posting without a brain connected? The 2012 election was a referendum for healthcare by Obama and he won in a landslide. Nobody starves under Democrats, but Republicans cut food stamps, housing subsidies, refuse to pass minimum wage hikes and equal pay bills. Those things under Democrats would provide a living wage for most people, obviate a third or second job, keep some people at home with children. Your cold heart is showing again–against decency and respectability for millions. Your policy would kill millions of citizens seeking or now getting better healthcare.

          4. ezekiel22 says:

            Your being really funny again. Love your insults though. What seminary class did you learn from? Is there really a class on demeaning people and still try to claim the high ground as well as being an example of mature Christianity. I may want to check the syllabus.
            Your hyperbole is false. Millions were not dying before and they will not now. You know the law so you know that inference is erroneous. It is ironic you deny the truth about jobs. A waitress today told my wife and I her three jobs while we talked about our adopted family and regular too. She even showed us her family. Shockers!!! They were mixed just like my church. Don’t you think that if she could spend more time with her family it would be beneficial?
            You are the one being heartless. There are other ways and better to fix or redo healthcare however ideologues like you only want to toss money to a system that they broke further. Just ask the daughter of Sen. Mancin.
            Your side issues you brought up you better be careful with. I might embarrass democrats further by mentioning unequal pay in both WhiteHouse and State Dept. I might bring up hostile work environment in both areas. I might even bring up the fact that the Southern Poverty Law Center is a money making machine run by white guys. Sorry I forgot to mention there was only 28 white guys running the hate group. No blacks allowed.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            Still don’t recognize truth from insults, I see.
            You missed the televised health fairs with terminal illness diagnosed and now covered by ACA.
            Under Hillary and higher pay and/or minimum wages, your waitress can lose a job or two and live respectably. Not if you have your way.
            Still the Alzheimers kicking in–we’ve debunked your unequal pay nonsense long ago. I don’t know your nonexistent ‘hostile’ reference.
            SPLC is busy again thanks to your party fighting Obama. Blacks are more than busy with their own fights in states. Try again when sober and/or lucid.

          6. ezekiel22 says:

            I see at the drugs have took hold of your brain. You are lying again which is not very Christian of you. You even follow racists like the SPLC without question. What a dam fool you are. I know I know you do not like your brain power questioned but maybe if you used it once in a while it would be different.

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            Name calling and false accusations again when you haven’t an argument or fact. And fighting hate groups isn’t racism as the law proves. Try again with substance.

  • James Brooks says:

    Yes i believe Trump when he says they will pay for the wall,Trump is a very smart man and he has a plan he will tell us about later.TRUMP 2016

    1. Dolores Adams says:

      Let’s all pray that Donald Trump IS THE NEXT PRESIDENT. If by some chance Hillary Corrupt Clinton get the nomination, we’ll all be screwed.

      1. Anouk says:


      2. pmbalele says:

        You two, please stop bringing God into Trump, TPs and Repubs problems. in 2012 Pat Robertson went with his parishners and prayed that President Obama lose the job because he was Black and that Romney get the job because he was White. Robertson’s little god did not listen; and President Obama won. GOP, like FoxNews which drummed up Benghazi and e-mail so called scandals, is done. Yesterday Trump went to Mexico. Today Mexico president is calling Trump as dumb, fake and liar. Trump is done. He better goes back to his 3 wives at Trump tower. And you two still trust Trump. Join me and vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

        1. Fabman says:

          Oh my god…WTH is the matter with you?

          1. pmbalele says:

            Definitely there is something wrong with Repubs and TPs. Did you read about this Repub Gov. La Page? Now after exploding in his office he is faking to seek spiritual help. As a conservative he should seek counselling from Roger Ailes of FoxNews. May be both will love to harass office women. I just cannot understand Repubs and TPs. I believe they were abused when young and now they want revenge against American people. We have to stop them. Let’s vote for Hillary.

    2. pmbalele says:

      It is too late for Trump to win the WH job. This is worst year to Repubs and TPs. Repubs and TPs are whining today why Trump visited with Mexico president yesterday. TPs an Repubs now know for sure Trump has lost the WH with his visit to Mexico. Now Mexico president is calling Trump liar and fake. That is very low for a foreign president to call you fake. I do not blame him calling Trump fake. Trump is immature because he was raised on golden plate. Look, he promised to build an electric fence to kill all Mexicans and Latino kids trying to enter this country illegally. Trump forgot that there are 20 mil Mexican-Americans and 35 Latino-Americans with relatives still in Mexico and Latino countries. I do not think Trump did a good job other than alienating Mexican-Americans more than before. Further American women are angry for Trump calling them “Fat.” “Pigs” “Dogs” “Disgusting animals” “ugly”. That is why Trump is going to E. Europe for another young woman as if there are no beautiful and strong American women here. Do you know who is taking with to Europe for wife hunting: Roger Ailes now Trump strategic political adviser who was accused of groping office women for 20 years; Pence the anti-abortion, Herman Cain the underwear groper, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Gov. Sanford, Newt, the ugly Giuliani, Bill O’rielly who has just divorced and now accused for groping Tantaros and probably Hannity the school drop-out. Trump has refused to release his tax returns; telling us IRS is still auditing him. That is a lie. We are also told he directly banks in Belize – and IRS cannot find where is income went; and he wants regular people to vote for him. Trump should forget getting votes from American women; Trump should forget getting votes from Blacks and racial minorities for calling us “My Black friends” – well he may get one vote from Dr. Carson who is looking for Affirmative Action Trump job program. So if 89% women will vote for Hillary; 99.99 % Blacks and other racial minorities will vote for Hillary; 65% White males will vote for Hillary; so Trump is left with 12% racists and bigots to vote for him. If I were Trump, I would just hang up and go to Trump Tower and enjoy life with my 3 wives. Please vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am. I will be there to help you.

    3. MarcoPolo says:

      What’s preventing Trump from disclosing his plan NOW? Strategy?!

      Why is illegal immigration such an issue now, seeing that immigration from the South has been on the ebb since 2008?
      Personally, I think it’s just a flash-point issue that ignites those who fear becoming the new minority…namely WHITE Americans!

      Paranoia sells!

      1. James Brooks says:

        Well marco I really think you should just go back to your country I guess Mexico and vote for who you want and be happy there.

        1. MarcoPolo says:

          Surprise! I was born in Florida! You know? The dangly peninsula part?! Sorry to disappoint you.
          But then, why can’t you accept immigrants who have different ideas. After all, it would appear by your avatar, that you’ve partnered with an immigrant? Yes?

    4. MarcoPolo says:

      So what is Trump’s BIG plan that he couldn’t share it with the public NOW?

      The notion that he has a plan but isn’t willing to explain it, seems very strange, doesn’t it?

      “Trust Me!”….”Believe Me!” Those aren’t phrases we trust when said by a Used Car salesman. Why is it acceptable pablum when Trump says it?

      1. James Brooks says:

        well I guess you should just vote for hillary and be happy with the results.

  • David says:

    There seems to be a DISAGREEMENT about ‘the wall’!! Multiple Mexico Executives have said the WON’T PAY & Trump has said multiple times THEY WILL PAY. Ignoring the FACT that our CONSTITUTIONAL SYSTEM doesn’t allow for UNILATERAL ACTION I expect either 1) Fiscal accounting ‘shenanigans’ to ALLEGEDLY show Mexico paid for ‘the wall’ (they probably won’t send a ‘check’) or 2) a broken promise by a (anti)Politician.

    1. Fabman says:

      They will pay…just watch. meanwhile, STFU because you obviously have no fucking idea what’s going on.

    2. Barrustio says:

      I see not a “check” but an indirect payment of a reduction in aid to Mexico which will pay for the wall….either way Mexico WILL “pay” for the wall.

      1. David says:

        An ACCOUNTING SHENANIGAN! Mexico (and other countries too) doesn’t have a RIGHT to money from the USA!

  • gerald Hughes says:

    To Hades with the wall.
    President trump should ask for volunteers.
    Staion them at 1/4 mile inervals, shoot anything crossing illegally, leave the bodies lying there, 3 months their will be no criminal aliens crossing .
    I can give the USA 3 months a year, I would supply my own weapons and ammo and sleeping bag.
    All it would cost the USA is 2 MRE’s a day/.

  • Shelly Shannon says:

    Trump doesn’t intend on asking Mexico for a check to pay for the wall. Rudy Juliani said they already have a plan on how to pay for it. They intend on taking it from illegal immigrants who send money back to Mexico. When he says Mexico will pay for it, he doesnt, mean hand me a check. After his speech last night the Hitlery campaign is probably panicked royal.

    1. Barrustio says:

      Actually it will probably come from reducing the 500 billion they get from America to begin with. Mexico will just get a few billion less to pay for the wall.

  • nokabosh says:

    Road tolls would pay for it.

  • Tiger says:

    I feel sure they will. I listened to their press conference after their meeting. The president talked about the problems with guns, drugs and drug dealers crossing the border from both sides and Mexico has become so dangerous, with people being decapitated, Muslims have joined in with the gangs and mass murders. Yes they will help build that wall. The president also realizes the importance of the trade between us and said they do more business with us than any other country and he did touch on the NAFTA and that yes they needed to take another look at it.

    Would surely be nice to see Mexico cleaned up, it’s corrupt officials taken out and travel safe between the countries but if we think we are in deep trouble they already right down in the toilet and will take a real heavy hand to pull them out.

    1. “The President?” By that I suppose you are talking about our Treasonous, traitorous, commie man who is sitting in the Mosque House? Yep, exactly one week TO THE DAY did Obama go down to MEXICO, meet with El Presidente, and then the ALIEN INVASION into TEXAS happened. In leaked emails, they called it the TEXAS FANDANGO! To hell with them all! The suffering, the misery that they caused will come back to haunt them! They know a thing or two about running guns themselves1 If not for the death of Border Agent Terry, their gun running scheme, Fast & Furious would have transpired without a hitch. And all those drugs? I have gone down to the border with our OATH KEEPERS. We find those drugs, then we video destroying them because so many officers are on the take. So please, stop with the “Our President” for he has never been mine. I knew from the second paragraph of the first speech he ever made who he was and what he was about, and for the rest of the government to allow that…sickens me to think of it.

      1. Anouk says:

        I agree! Barack Hussein Obama never been a real president but a traitor to this country.

        1. Tiger says:

          I agree also the article is not about O and the Mexican president but Trump and the Mexican president’s meeting. Good grief. I clarified my commnet.

          1. Anouk says:

            Don’t worry Tiger, we all know here you are a Great Patriot and we really enjoy your comments and pictures.

          2. Tiger says:

            Thank you but you also all know, I can’t spell worth a poop, my grammar is horrible and I post so fast I think all you know what I am thinking so kudos to her for letting me have it and reminding me I need to slow down. “)

          3. reggie says:

            Yep, you did, loud and clear. Is it Friday yet?

          4. Tiger says:

            LOLOL well no but close.

          5. reggie says:

            Now it is, another day, another dollar. Then rest time, yeah right. Glad it’s a new month, gotta be better than the last one.

          6. Tiger says:

            It is something what you said. It is another day and up to us to make it a good one. A new month and up to us to make it a good one. This government under O has taken the wind out of many of us, we have watched and we have pleaded with our reps to stop this and that, we have spoken on Talk Radio in our areas or written in our local papers trying to get the spotlight on sheer evil in our WH and now with only a few remaining months, for the “Black Muslim Plague” left of his term we are getting noticed. Wow how bout that, all this time and all this corruption and we are at the edge of the abyss, looking into it and maybe, finally someone like Trump will pull us back and put us right.

        2. MarcoPolo says:

          You and P. Kathy Kleiman paranoid much?

          1. Anouk says:

            Nope! We are just well informed and disgusted about this disaster Muslim destructive traitor we have in the White House.
            Very sane people agree with this statement. Others who are brainless keep their heads in the sand and pray to Allah who wants them to practice female genital mutilation.

          2. MarcoPolo says:

            I’m not sure how many of your Muslim family or friends practice female genital mutilation, but none of mine do.
            And exactly what does that have to do with anything?

            The concern of many should be, how will most of you feel after Hillary is elected?

      2. Tiger says:

        No Kathy I was talking about Trump and the Mexican president. I hate O. So you can cool down. The article was about Trump not O.

      3. Barrustio says:

        Go to MEXICO???Hell the president didn’t even go down to Louisiana to see about Americans drowning.

  • Taking care of business! says:

    Easy! Threaten to close all the American owned companies in Mexico.They’ll take the hint.”How high, POTUS Senor Trump?”

    1. McFerguson says:

      Rather than threatening to “close all the American owned companies in Mexico,” all the POTUS would have to do is lower the corporate tax rate in America to 15% and all kinds of companies will flow here without being forced to. Right now America’s killer corporate tax rate of 35% is the highest in the industrialized world. Lower it and they will come.

      1. Taking care of business! says:

        You’re right. I’d forgotten that important fact. Thanks. God bless you and yours, Tcob!.

      2. Rodney Steward says:

        Yes Sir, this is one thing Trump has mentioned!

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      Or, stop the almost 1 billion$$ we give them every year to just be our friends!

      1. Barrustio says:

        1 billion???? You’re off by 499

    3. Barrustio says:

      A president advocating the capitalist system would be hard pressed threatening to close American companies anywhere…that would amount to nationalization of free enterprises and wouldn’t fare well with the American people. He’s better of just reducing by a few billion, the 500 billion in aid that Mexico gets from America and impose tariffs of American companies in foreign countries importing their products back to America.

      1. MarcoPolo says:

        Excuse me! 500 BILLION?
        That’s as much as our National budget for the Department of Defense! (Which in my opinion is WAY TOO much!)
        Imagine all the Schools, Daycare, Homeless Shelters, Hospitals and Clinics we could build with that money?

        1. Barrustio says:

          Yes 500 billion. If that WERE added to our national defense we wouldn’t have to worry about pitiful little Iran threatening our Navy abroad. Our military is NOT strong that makes our national defense WEAK.

          1. MarcoPolo says:

            Proportionately, the U.S. spends (wastes) exponentially more money on its Military than ANY other Country on Earth!

            More money spent on that industry will only bankrupt us for certain.
            Some people think that “Might is Right” to be the only modus operandi. But clearly, Intelligence is the appropriate approach to problems that cannot be solved by force alone.

            Let’s not make the same mistakes like Vietnam or Iraq! That would simply be insane!!!!!

          2. Barrustio says:

            I’m not talking about conquest, I’m talking about defense. Soldiers don’t milk off the system, parasites who abuse the system through welfare fraud, a rampant violation of our immigration system that rewards illegals by providing them benefits of healthcare, food stamps, schooling, and welfare is what will bankrupt us for certain. Not only that but will further endanger citizens who will be killed by those who hate us, as demonstrated by 911.

            Many people felt that involvement in WWII was a mistake.

          3. MarcoPolo says:

            Since the attackers on that fateful day in September of 2001 were living among us, it is clear that we need some form of detection that will result in apprehending said perpetrators.

            Two of the Terrorists were living within one mile of where my wife and I were working for the better part of a year. There is a great likelihood that we passed them in the grocery store several times. They were taking flying lessons in Venice Florida, a small city just to the South of where I live. Ironically, former President George W. Bush was within two miles of our Studio/Home on the morning of September 11th.

            All this is to illustrate that in spite of the best precautionary measures, there will always be situations where nothing can be done to stop some tragedies.

            There will always be people who hate us, for one reason or more, but we need to know whether it is something we have done to warrant their hatred before we decide they are wrong for doing so.

            I personally don’t share the same paranoid feelings that Trump is stoking, regarding immigrants. So I’ll continue to be amused by his rantings, and the public’s astounding ability to fall for the Snake Charmer, that is Chump, er, I mean, Trump!

          4. Barrustio says:

            So Bush was a couple of miles from your home on 911…so where is the irony??? Or did you mean coincidentally?

            To question what “we have done to warrant their hatred for us” is to excuse the murder of innocents…something that Obama has done very well in his world wide apology tour.

            Trump is not stoking paranoia as much as he is bringing attention to what people have been feeling long before he came on the scene and spoke the unspoken. The real snake charmer is the one who has avoided all media with the knowledge and fear that soon she will be asked the question that trips her up and expose her vile nature to even her strongest supporters.

          5. MarcoPolo says:

            Perhaps ‘coincidentally’ would be grammatically, more accurate. But irony was almost always around the corner when W was referenced…ie: Bush being a Republican, was ALWAYS soft on illegal immigration.
            His speeches and/or press conferences espoused a “near amnesty” allowance for the multitudes of Mexicans who he claimed were only coming to America for a “GOODER” (his exact word!) job!

            In the instance of the turmoil in the Middle East region, I implore you to find the absence of provocation on our behalf?
            Surely, the radical Islamists who harbor both Religious, and Cultural animosity towards virtually ALL western attitudes, will be galvanizing for opposing sides. Decades of meddling by Nations and International Bankers (not to mention Arms Sales) have done nothing to quell division, and the fallout of faith by those who seek some semblance of stability congruently with the forces of sheer anarchy for the sake of establishing something totally new, seems inevitable.

          6. Barrustio says:

            Let’s keep in mind that Bush is a Texan and as such experienced first hand the work ethic/good side of the the illegal immigrants. So just because he was sympathetic to productive people, doesn’t mean he gave criminals a free pass. You might want to check the illegal population of Huntsville and other Texas prisons. Amnesty was never a part of the equation.

            911 was perpetrated mainly by Saudis so I am curious to know just when we have provoked or attacked the Saudis. The reality is Muslims need no provocation to do us harm. Their common ideology dictates that in order for them to be true to the Koran, Mohamed and Allah, ALL infidels must be destroyed. I got just that, as an answer to my question “am I an infidel who must be destroyed” from a Muslim “friend”.

          7. MarcoPolo says:

            Two good points to which I agree….somewhat.

            Currently, in America, we have created an enormous system of incarcerating people for profit. That’s changing somewhat with the DOJ saying they are discontinuing the use of Private For Profit Prisons.
            So, does that mean they will just move that population to an already over-crowded State or Federal prison?
            We’ll just have to wait and see!

            Given the current atmosphere created by Mr. Trump, I would welcome George W. Bush! As much as we despised him, he would be a refreshing change!

            As for your having asked your Muslim friend what the Quran dictates, I suppose they were simply quoting verse. Do they seriously hold that YOU should be killed? So why didn’t they just kill you?

            The vagaries of Organized Religion have gone beyond the pale, as too many hold onto archaic texts whose “lessons” are based upon warring tribes of yore. I say give it up! Religion is going to be the ONE thing that destroys us ALL!

            God help us wherever She is! If you believe in that sort of stuff. Hmmff!

          8. Barrustio says:

            The final agenda is total conquest…my “friend” didn’t kill me only because the “time and place” wasn’t conducive to remaining free after he did it. Cowards like the odds in their favor like a whole bunch of them raping women in Europe or casting homosexuals off building when surrounded by like thinkers, or by beheading Christians when they can’t fight back against the enormous numbers. There is nothing vague about their ideology or beliefs.

          9. MarcoPolo says:

            Message received!

            However, I’m still holding out that those of whom you refer, are but a small slice of Islam. Just as most Christians don’t relate their religion to that of the Westboro Baptist Church.
            So far, none of my Muslim family members, or friends have claimed that charge. There are such persons as MODERATES, you know?
            Muslims outnumber Christians, so by that alone, I suppose they might feel a false sense of victory, or Christians may feel a false sense of doom?

            To indict an entire religion for the act or attitude of a small sect of that religion, would be foolish and wrong. I won’t do that without further convincing.

            But the phrase “Total conquest” should scare everyone! No matter WHO is claiming it.

          10. Barrustio says:

            Comparing “moderate” Muslims to Christians other than Westboro is a bit like night and day.

            All I need to convince me is to look at how many Christians are chopping off Muslim heads as compared to the other way around and without condemnation from their own.

            What drove the Crusades was not a “false sense of doom on the part of the Christians”… the dominoes falling under Muslim oppression is well documented…history documents the intent of the Muslim nation prior to the Crusades and total conquest would have taken place were it not for the Crusades.

      2. Al Johnson says:

        500 Billion … LOL … WHERE did you get that BS number ?

        1. Barrustio says:

          Excuse me…correction 500 million. Does that make you happier?

          1. Al Johnson says:

            BIG , BIG difference … Chump change compared to how much we waste …

          2. Barrustio says:

            Many would consider those 500 million a waste also that’s not counting how much we waste stateside for Mexico providing benefits, welfare, schooling healthcare, jail space, food stamps etc. to illegals

          3. Al Johnson says:

            I see Trump’s fear mongering has gotten to you , but that’s not the problem . The real welfare queens are the corporations who pay little or nothing in taxes and pay their employees so little they qualify for food stamps while they rake in billions . And who pays for that ? You and me … https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/26a6274cd1c3af26062671c32b16c18b3e64a6ba680d00aa3a558221e6352bf1.jpg

          4. Barrustio says:

            If there’s any fear mongering, it is at the hands of Hillary who is giving Americans a “vision” of what it would be like under a racist KKK driven administration. She would have you believe (and obviously you do)that Trump would enslave and lynch Blacks, as if Black people are stupid and can’t see that she only visits their deplorable conditions when she wants to get their vote by saying it will be worse under someone else.

          5. MarcoPolo says:

            Funny, the only time the KKK is present, is at or near a Trump Rally! Why is that I wonder? Oh, right, it was Trump’s entry into the Presidential race that enticed former “Exalted-Head-Dragon” David Duke, to run for Governor, claiming Trump stands for lost American values! Hmmm!

            Trump cannot win after insulting virtually every minority among us! Yet his poll numbers suggest, that there really ARE as many hateful bigots still ‘out there’!

          6. Barrustio says:

            What the polls show is that there are so many people that are determined to have a WOMAN president at any cost…even at the expense of the security of all Americans. They are willing to give her a pass on actions that would have landed anybody else in jail. So one could say the the hateful bigots are the people who hate Trump so much that they would forsake their country in their efforts to display it.

            If you change the channel from the CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the MSM you will find that many Hispanics like myself and many Blacks who see beyond the efforts of the left to paint Trump as a racist, have no problem with a wall which will establish a clear border. We know very well what are own are capable of. Many intelligent Blacks are willing to speak about the Black on Black crime rather than concentrating on divisive inflated rhetoric about cops killing Blacks. Hispanic-Americans are very well aware also of the gang related activities brought from Mexico and beyond by illegals. No Black or Hispanic is insulted by the truth.

          7. MarcoPolo says:

            I suspect there are some polls that specifically queried whether one would prefer a woman over a man in our current Presidential race.
            That being said, I don’t think those alone would be sufficient to WIN. However, the way Trump seems to denigrate women,isn’t going to garner him many more voters than he already has!

            When I was traveling in Italy during the (Bill) Clinton years, the excitement felt by the locals there, over Bill Clinton, were made even more so by the fact that Hillary was his wife and confidant! Now, why so many Italians were excited by Hillary some twenty years ago, I can’t say, but that’s the reaction she still elicits today!

            My wife and I supported Bernie Sanders, but knew his chances were slim, thus, we are voting for Hillary because of her vast knowledge and constrained demeanor. That is something Trump cannot seem to muster.

            It would appear that you’re reading polls I’ve never seen. As support for Trump seems to be based in the Old South mentality of fear and loathing…but that’s not representative of all his supporters.

            By the way, a WALL already exists, so why talk of building yet another one? Here in Florida, the bulk of our crops are harvested by migrants because the pay is so low, no American will work for that rate.
            Perhaps our national “race to the bottom” has perpetuated the “LOW, LOW PRICES” at the Market, thus requiring low wage at the outset of producing goods?

            Trump is simply a dangerous and loose cannon that we cannot afford as leader of the largest and most powerful nation on the planet! I DO fear that Trumps supporters who have been lurking in the “woods” thus far, will cause damaging retribution over his defeat in November, and that might possibly unleash yet another category of Terrorist that the Republicans will also blame on Obama!

            Sad and somewhat scary indeed!

          8. Barrustio says:

            Ask ANY woman if they feel it’s time for a woman president and see what the answer is. Then ask them if Hillary should be that woman and they will probably give you as positive a response as they would if you asked them if Trump should be president.
            Keep in mind that the narrative of Trump “denigrating women”, many women will agree, started when he called a particular someone, an “ugly fat pig” based on HER demeanor as a hateful, profane, vulgar hoggish thing, that is hardly recognized as a “woman” by most standards.
            Italians are socialists who are also VERY liberal, in spite of their mostly Catholic backgrounds. So it is understandable that THEY might be”excited” to see a woman so liberal that she would stand by her man in spite of all his indiscretions. She MAY elicit the same reaction today by those who still feel that way about such values, in others those actions elicit only disgust.
            You will see Hillary ads and the media are definitely keying in on Trump’s use of profanity but if the media were to be fair they would also expose Hillary’s real demeanor which is known to many who worked around her including her secret service detail. I believe there are several documented instances where the wrath of Hillary was displayed to state troopers working for governor Bill Clinton all the way back to Arkansas. Snopes is run by a liberal couple but even they can’t disprove the language that Hillary has used on more than one occasion, even at a dog show of sorts at the White House where she told underlings to “get those f^*&ing dogs out of here”. She is no saint, so regardless of how clueless Italians feel about her, what is important is what AMERICANS feel about her.
            As an American, my father at one time was making $35.00 a week but managed to support a large family without whining about low pay or asking for a handout.What people need to accept, is the fact that ALL people start at the bottom of the ladder and work their way up. What’s missing is the desire to teach a work ethic to our children rather than pass on a legacy of dependency.
            Hillary has obviously done a great job perpetuating the message of fear, that Trump and all his jackboots will come and enslave all minorities or lynch them. The mere mention of an “Old South mentality of fear and loathing” is as insulting as “they cling to their guns and their Bibles” and requires as much forethought.
            YOUR fear of those “lurking in the woods” should be meaningless in view of those who have destroyed all vestiges of values and morality in America and who make no attempt to hide but push their perverted agenda and openly try to destroy any semblance of Christianity that might hinder their lust, or appeal to their desensitized, calloused consciences. Great empires have fallen based on immorality…witness Rome.

          9. MarcoPolo says:

            That was well said, Barrustio!
            I don’t agree with it entirely, but you stated your opinion very well.

            I still find Hillary’s demeanor far more palatable and Presidential than Donald’s. What I have a very hard time believing, are the poll numbers. WHO ARE these people who are voting for such an immature sophomoric imbecile such as Trump?! (You being the rare exception, of course!)

            Most courteous people find Trump’s personality to be too brash, crass and unrefined. But that’s just 50% of the voting public! Then there is the other 50%! A country divided.

            Quite interesting times indeed!

          10. Barrustio says:

            Well it’s good to know you agree with some of what I said…nothing wrong with good intercourse…of the verbal type of course…not that the other type is bad or anything 😉

            The people voting for Trump are the polar opposites of those who would rather settle for someone whose blatant lies and illegal wranglings make no difference whatsoever.

            I’m considered brash, by some, but even I, find Trumps behavior to be crass, arrogant and self-absorbed… that’s why I don’t understand why people who voted for Obama wouldn’t vote for Trump. They’re opposite sides of the same coin. Yes, very divided wonder how we got here? Can we blame this one on Bush too?

          11. MarcoPolo says:

            “…that’s why I don’t understand why people who voted for Obama wouldn’t vote for Trump…”

            I don’t see your parallel in that analogy.
            “opposite sides of the same coin” (?)
            I’m still not getting it? Please explain to my simple brain?

            In my opinion, there is NOTHING similar between Trump and Obama.

            Obama is reserved, reasoned, conservative (and unfortunately TOO conservative!)
            Whereas Trump is just the opposite! Brash, crude, uncouth, sophomoric, and impetuous! Exactly what we DON’T need in the most powerful office on the planet!

            And yes, there is still quite a lot left to blame on George W. Bush and his disastrous sidekick Dick Cheney!

          12. Barrustio says:

            Obama is the epitome of arrogance, pomposity, petulance, brashness, condescending and insulting, all while NOT being “sophomoric” (because he does have the delivery of a good community organizer) and many (not his devotees) see HIS approach as uncouth…though subtly smooth enough to make himself palatable to many.

            There is nothing conservative about Obama other than he sent Biden out to test the waters before he expressed his support for gay marriage. I guess you could consider that, “measured’ but is reasonable only to people who think like him, that’s probably the reason he fired over 130 generals. There is also nothing “reserved” about him, he will tell you exactly where to get off, except as opposed to Trump who does it directly, he will do it in doublespeak.

            For Obamaites Bush will remain the whipping boy that will allow them to never hold Obama accountable for any of his own failures, the worst one of which is the fact that he has brought racial division to this country that no White president before him or after him will ever surpass.

          13. MarcoPolo says:

            Can you truly name an Obama failure that wasn’t predicated upon the obstruction by the Republican party bosses?
            I know Obama had more than enough resistance for his social programs, but he managed to succeed regardless!
            Obamacare may not be Universal/Single-payer style healthcare, but it’s a good start.

            I still am trying to see how you think Obama is any of those things you cited in your first paragraph? Seriously! I’d like to hear qualification to those charges.

            I think the majority of people who dislike President Obama, do so because he is BLACK! And THAT is not a racial divide that you can blame Obama for creating! The divide came from the Hillbilly mentality of America’s less informed citizenry. Quite sad that the mindset of some are determined to remain ignorant!
            I don’t think the White House is ready for a WHITE male President yet!

          14. Barrustio says:

            Oh no, not the blame game again…if it wasn’t Bush’s fault it was the obstructionist Republicans in Congress…even when Obama had control of both Houses. I won’t even delved into that exercise in futility.

            The “social” programs/agendas that Obama has “succeeded” on, I can count on one hand. Obamacare which was a fiasco for two years and which resulted (contrary to Obama’s promise) in people NOT being able to keep their own doctor or their own plan and which carriers are now dropping right and left for fear of going bankrupt. You can’t insure ALL Americans on the tax dollars of the few while at the same time offering benefits meant for Americans, to illegals and gifts of $20,000 for every “refugee” that comes in. At this rate we will be forced to totally demilitarize or go the way of Greece. Of course the other two main “social issue successes” have resulted in people being sued for not baking perverted cakes, nuns being sued for not providing abortifacients against their Constitutionally protected religious rights and tax payers being required to be complicit in murder by being forced to support an entity which dismembers babies for profit, with their tax dollars.

            For those sold on the “statesmanship” of Obama and his finesse, trying to understand my first paragraph is best done not by my words but by Obama’s own words. It’s easy to Google “Obama’s arrogance in his own words” or “100 examples of Obama’s arrogance”.

            The difference between a “Hillbilly” and those who make everything about Obama’s race being responsible for the disdain people (not just White people) hold for him, is very telling. Witness them able to laugh at themselves and stereotypes people have about “hillbillies” with “you may be a redneck if…”. Imagine trying to use the same derogatory word as “hillbilly” as applied to a Black person in a comedy routine and you will be able to see the double standard. It is incorrect to say Obama is Black…he is NOT. Not ALL Black people like Obama or agree with his policies. What would you say if White people began saying that Black people don’t like Obama because he is White. It is the inability to fathom the reality of these two worlds that I see as ignorance. “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds turn ugly”… if that’s not a statement of division or choosing sides, I don’t know what is. There are many other instances where Obama has fed the narrative that Whites are oppressing Blacks and cops “hunting” Blacks “unarmed” young men. He owns the divisive state we are in…he created it, socially and racially. So while your assessment that the “White House” is not ready for a White president yet, you may have to say, the racists, are not ready for a White president yet. OR you could say we have had a White president for the past 8 years and he has “done great”, let’s get another one in. 🙂

          15. MarcoPolo says:

            You’ve just made a mess of yourself! I hope you’re okay?
            That blather about President Obama being all that you and the fear mongers think of him, is simply hilarious!

            Seriously, when you’re ready to have a grown-up conversation, I’ll gladly listen. But to think that Marriage Equality and Black Lives Matter are too far past your tolerance points, is ridiculously myopic.

            I trust you feel that all the unarmed and innocent black youths who have been gunned down by local rogue Police officers, is something President Obama has constructed?

            You really haven’t been following the news. And I’m not referring to the Lamestream Media either!

          16. Barrustio says:

            Well, I did mention that those sold on the “statesmanship” of Obama would not understand.

            A “grown up” conversation regarding marriage “equality” would have to include the tolerance points of the left who hold Christians and their beliefs with great disdain. To me ALL lives matter and when those members of Black Lives Matter can take time out from their looting, rioting and burning long enough to go protest in front of Planned Parenthood who is all too happy to decimate half of them, or they show some concern for the Black on Black crime or actually try to do some good for the Black community by going to New Orleans and making a difference, they might have a convincing argument. Yes there are a few rogue cops but certainly not to the point that Obama would have you believe.

            If YOU followed the news or researched something other than the liberal sites you would find that even though Blacks are responsible for a disproportionate number of crimes, Whites are killed at twice the rate as Blacks and Hispanics fare about the same. So this fantasy of Black oppression by Whites is another Obama lie…just worse than “you can keep your doctor”…I have never heard of a president involve himself in local law enforcement issues that are beneath the dignity of a president. Starting the rhetoric that would deem Zimmerman guilty before his day in court with his “If I had a son he would look like…” bullshit. Or the need to intervene in a menial dispute that necessitated a “beer summit” to settle, because one of his butt buddies got his feelings hurt. WTF.

            Yeh, I made a mess of MYself? 🙂

          17. MarcoPolo says:

            Perhaps you might remember the former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush when he put everything on hold to rush back to Tallahassee to augment and intervene into the personal life of a dying patient, Ms. Terri Schiavo, who was deemed “brain-dead” and had in place, an agreement to DO NOT resuscitate. Yet, Bush thought it his duty to “manage the situation”.
            So much for involvement into matters below one’s job description. Say nothing about Obama’s desire to make clear that EVERY citizen is HIS responsibility, and those police officers who require redressing will get what they deserve through the justice system.

            Apparently you missed the meaning of Obama’s reference to Travon Martin. And truth be told, IF President Obama were to father a (male) child with Michelle….it would probably look like Travon!
            Who would his kid look like, if not black?

            Obama was simply showing compassion at a time that required it.

            Why is it that so many (generally white) people can’t handle having a Black President who has dignity (Racists would call him Uppity), and given his academic credentials and his temperament to keep his cool, I am just amazed at the degree of denigration that some people show for him!

          18. Barrustio says:

            That you would compare a GOVERNOR intervening in a matter of life and death to a doctor who was upset because a cop was doing his job protecting his very domain and a MISTAKE was made, is typical. To err is human…just how many other people have gone through the same if not worse…no it was his buddy and he wanted to spread his peacock feathers and display his power that, NOW I’M IN CHARGE…that was petty bullshit and most people know it. You obviously did not Google what I asked you to look up on Obama. I would love for Jimmy Kimmel to get Obama supporters to identify who’s quotes those are, Trump or Obama. Chances are, based on the arrogance most would say Trump. Jimmy has done it often just to show the ignorance of the “non-hillbilly” Obama/Hillary supporters.

            You’re assuming the the White in Obama would never overpower the Black in Michelle and the boy would be born Black. As I clearly stated, Obama is NOT Black.

            The reference made about Trayvon was an appeal to the weak minded that a White (actually Hispanic but for propaganda purposes) man purposely and willfully killed an unarmed young boy for the sheer pleasure of it. Never mind that the boy was a thug who had been busted for marijuana, needed his Skittles for his “fix” attacked Zimmerman and busted his head.

            Many Blacks consider Obama uppity, I guess that makes them racist too. Oh yeh, that’s right Blacks can’t be racist. I’m sure Jeremiah Wright made no impression on him but then you probably feel Wright was just pointing out the folly of the White man when he spewed his hate and you probably think Jessie and Sharpton are civil rights advocates.

            It’s that kind of thinking that allows a slut to falsely accuse a bunch of White boys of rape, ruin their lives and reputations and suffer no consequences.

          19. MarcoPolo says:

            Your response is also typical of the “White Man” power stronghold that has pervaded our country for far too long.
            Sorry, but that paradigm has shifted!

            Just how much of an individual’s DNA has to be BLACK, to qualify them as a black person?
            The old “rule” of ONE DROP?
            Recent paleoanthropological discoveries have determined that there really is but ONE race. And it’s NOT exclusively “Caucasian” OR “Negroid”!
            So why does it even matter what one’s “racial” origins are? Seriously!

            On the issue of Trayvon Martin’s drug record, do YOU seriously think Marijuana is still a viable offense, sufficient to rise to the level of punishment? I’m guessing you don’t partake?

            Jeremiah Wright was RIGHT! The good Reverend was, and is, an inspiration for those who respect God’s domain. The folks who don’t ascribe to Black Liberation Theology have no concept of Spiritual diversity. And YES, Rev. Jackson and Mr. Sharpton ARE civil rights advocates. Have you been sleeping through civics class?

            The Olde South is finally reaching its end, and it couldn’t come soon enough!

            Thank God, wherever She is!

          20. Barrustio says:

            I don’t see this as a paradigm shift as much as a bastardization of the values of the Democrat party to which I once belonged. Being Hispanic, I guess my response is as typical of the “White Man” power stronghold as any response Obama may have made since he IS White…that is…unless he would deny his mother.My understanding is that if a child is born to a Christian father and a Jewish mother, the child is considered Jewish but I understand that it is just the opposite for Muslims. Perhaps that’s the reason for Obama’s statement that “I will stand with my Muslim brothers, should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.

            I have to agree with you that there is only ONE race.

            As for the rest of my post, according to your response it appears I had you pegged just “Sharply, Jess Wright”. 🙂

          21. MarcoPolo says:

            Clever, and a perfectly accurate assessment of me……THANK YOU!
            Obama’s “Whiteness” is completely irrelevant of course. But apparently NOT to some folks. Sad!

            It seems that Religion and Politics are still a flash-point. Wouldn’t it be great, if there were no religion?
            Ponder that, as did John Lennon.

            May you continue in good health my friend.

          22. MarcoPolo says:

            Well stated, Sir!
            An abomination of course, but definitely a real eye opener!

          23. Al Johnson says:

            Yea, fear mongering… Isis is gonna get us , what a bunch of BS . meanwhile, in the US last year more people were killed by 5 year olds than Islamic terrorists, but let’s worry about Isis. SURE …As far as the KKK, you do know they are ALL Republican, don’t you. As far as blacks, your sentence is word salad, makes no sense…

        2. DarkGoldMan says:

          Come on, Al. Where’d you run off too? You drop by my discussion and lay down an easily disproved turd of a comment, the run away like coward.

          Come back and take the proverbial beating that you deserve for being so ignorant.

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