This Black Activist Wants To See Cops Shoot White Children In The Back

by The Daily Caller
April 21, 2015

Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winning author Toni Morrison took a harsh view on the issue of racial disparities in the justice system during a recent interview.

“People keep saying, ‘We need to have a conversation about race,” Morrison, 84, told The (U.K.) Telegraph.

“This is the conversation. I want to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager in the back,” Morrison said. “And I want to see a white man convicted for raping a black woman. Then when you ask me, ‘Is it over?’, I will say yes.”

The comments come following a series of high-profile cases in which white police officers have killed black men.

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  • Wendell says:

    Most of the time when someone is shot in the back they’re running away from the police
    when they’ve been told to stop after committing an act of violence !

  • stevenjacobs says:

    if a white kid behave the way these black “angels” have been behaving he WILL get shot.

  • jackster52 says:

    The lunitic needs to be locked up!!

  • Russ says:

    So ignorant, I wont respond, except to say; she looks like Jaba the Hutt.

    1. dot says:

      I don’t believe she wants a policeman to actually shoot a white person in the back. the reason she said this is because they are always saying the cops need more training if that is the case then why is it that only black people are getting shot and not white people. there is something wrong with this picture need I say more.

    2. ROY says:


  • enubus says:

    Sounds like black dementia

  • danalind says:

    Maybe if the black community and black parents would teach their children the lessons of love and respect for others and responsibility for their actions there would be less black children shot in the back while committing crimes. I am tired of whites being blamed for all the ills that the blacks face.. most of it is that the fault of the black community and black individuals who refuse to accept responsibility of their actions.

  • tom343 says:

    Someone who supposedly speaks for black militancy with the authority granted by her awards is just silly and lame. Morrison chooses to play to the balcony instead of putting some thought and effort into the problem. And the problem is not finding out why black and white cops shoot some black youth. It is why some black youth follow such aggressive, criminal and suicidal paths. And what can this big/time Nobel prize laureate come up to end this deadly, scary, unproductive culture. Maybe a self-proclaimed genius like Toni can come up with a plan that would be constructive to ‘her people’. Better, maybe she can act like a citizen of this country instead of pandering to criminals.

  • John says:

    What kind of a woman would wish evil on someone else? Or is she so desirous of attention that she feels the need to command attention by irrational statements. She seems to lack any noteworthy credibility.

  • joe fez says:

    i don’t see any news about the black guy that killed a couple on their honeymoon, or the black guy that killed a white mother and her baby. black cops shoot white people but you never hear about it. so, toni morrison take your ” i wanna see cops shoot white people ” and take it up with the blacks that are always running from police. you figure out why they do.

    1. Greg Hrab says:

      Joe; You have avery selective memory! To bad that such memories are
      blocking real solutions.

  • Beverly Archer says:

    This is as bad as calling the American flag racist it’s ridiculous

  • Pam says:

    Apparently a Pulitzer for Fiction (1988) and a Nobel for Literature (1993) doesn’t guarantee that one always pays attention to current events. But, then again, since the MSM doesn’t bother to cover inconvenient truths, who can blame her for being ignorant. August 9, 2014, black off-duty officer forced to shoot and kill white thug terrorizing a family. Ever hear about it? August 11, 2014, black officer shoots and kills white unarmed thug leaving a convenience store. Ever hear about it? And that is just the two that happened closest to “the Ferguson Incident”. Whites do not riot when one of their own does something that leads to his/her own death. Whites do not even riot when an innocent person is killed. That is tragic, but we realize that no amount of discord will bring that person back or undo events.
    Unfortunately, the black population has been given a pass because the “tolerant, inclusive liberal elitists” are riddled with guilt drummed into them by their professors. You see, they just KNOW that the “poor black man” is inherently inferior in so many ways that they MUST be allowed certain advantages. Just not enough advantages that they learn enough to get themselves and their families off of the democratic plantation and out of the hell holes created by “fair housing”.

    1. Keni_Washington says:

      It is a fact that the economic underclass in any society is more likely to commit street level and often violent crime. Every society knows that the fix for this is economic opportunity. The problem in the US is that high-level white collar crime that is doing damage to hundreds and thousands of people is rarely prosecuted.

      The bigger travesty is the history of policing in the US: Only rarely in the 239 year history of the US has there been a slave catching, kidnapping-into-slavery, mob: lynching, castration, burning, beating or shooting of “free blacks”, that have not been led by, protected and attended by uniformed policemen. And there is also the mass killing of labor rights protestors and even women’s rights organizers before they had the vote. Today psycho-cops who prey on completely innocent black – AND WHITE – victims are still front and center. If I was a psychopathic killer my most fun-filled and widely protected position in the world would be a policeman anywhere in the USA. One get’s tired of hearing “not all policemen are corrupt racist thugs.” Well so many are it’s a national crisis that has nothing to do with “how black families raise their children.”

  • Scott says:

    I have a novel idea. Maybe the blacks should quit committing the majority of the crimes and then they won’t get shot. In Detroit, the statistics are that the blacks commit 80% of the crime. Also, these are the crimes that main stream media want to have in the news to incite people. Other crimes against the whites are not incitable to them.

  • Judith says:

    So Sorry Toni feels like she does. This issue isn’t about black and white it’s about breaking the law or not. White teens get shot just as often as blacks we just don’t cry about i as much as the blacks. Because they want to make it about race not justice. You break the law there is a good chance you might get shot specially if you run. And don’t stop when told to.

  • wiseguy says:

    Apparently he doesn’t know about the black cop that shot the white, unarmed teenager in Utah.

  • Paul Veazey says:

    I am a lawyer. I have been in the courtroom when a white man was convicted of raping a black woman, Ms. Morrison.

  • Sunidaize says:

    I am so tired of listening and watching segments of the Black Population rise up in anger and outrage over disasters with their loved one’s that could have been avoided if: crimes were not being committed, Police Officers didn’t feel threatened, attitudes were more aligned to situations at-hand. My “white” family lived in an all black neighborhood (only three white families total) in the heart of Detroit….we got along great with our neighbors; but, had to move the day my lunch box (I was in first grade) was taken from me by four black boys (about 6th grade) who slit by lip to my chin…..we moved (as did almost all other white families) to the burbs……there were no black people….there were no threats…there was hard work and being proud of our neighborhoods……even respectable black families (usually with money) moved into their own guarded communities!!!!!! There was never any public announcements made about my ordeal as back then crime and bullying were a little different than it is today. We learned, adjusted and moved on….
    I was working Downtown Detroit when the riots broke out and they brought in the 101srt Airborne Division to fight the blacks from blowing up gas stations, incredible looting, fighting each other, and burning themselves out of their own homes. I have been listening to the black population cry “poor me” since I was a child and unfortunately learned not to trust blacks (as most had hidden agendas and ugly baggage/issues about white people). I agree with the gentleman about the crime involved…….most of your issues involve people committing crimes and being emotional/physically destructive…..most white people are fortunate/smart enough to avoid commiting crimes….they’re too busy working and living by the rules. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are many, many fine, upstanding black people who work just as hard to have what they have….maybe it is time to really review and examine all the facts….Martin Luther King wanted all people to get along and doing so through peace (even in their demonstrations)….through him much was accomplished to assist the black population (affirmative action) that was not offered to white people…..we complained to each other; but, rarely made public spectacles out of ourselves. I agree with Police Officers wearing cameras….for obvious reasons….many of us are weary of misguided attitudes……if you do the crime////you do the time…..I don’t care who you are…..if you don’t want your life altered forever, keep tabs on what you and your loved ones do–getting into trouble only asks for trouble…..and you will find it…especially if you’re black–unfortunately, history speaks volumes. You’ve come so far…..use your heads…..don’t blow it!!!

  • icemancold says:

    This Black Bimbo needs to crawl back into the hole she crawled out of and shut her pie hole. If these prro BLACK Teens would get off the drugs,off welfare get a job earn a living and stop trying to prove that they are gods gift to the world maybe they would not be getting shot when they try to take a police Officer’s weapon.!!

  • Art Hock says:

    Another case of an idiot getting a Nobel Peace Prize.

  • James Maxwell says:

    Humm, the second Nobel winner and still a loser all the way. Take responsibility
    for your action and you won’t be in harms way when the crime goes down.
    If you threaten a police officer the odds are you are going to suffer, and if
    forced the officer(s) will shoot you dead. Stop being a criminal and your
    life will improve, it doesn’t matter if your are Black, Brown, White, Red or
    Yellow, you threaten an officer and you pay the price.

    1. Bob Kite says:

      This Racism crap is getting old! I know of several White Men convicted of raping White Women! I am also sure Black Police Officers have shot Whites in the Back! The difference is Whites know a Thug, White or Black, and don’t cry about it. We also are Adults and don’t Loot & Burn! Protest is one thing but acting like Mongrel is another! Grow Up!

      1. ETHEL says:

        it is apparent that you know nothing about overt have never experienced it. so good for you. you do not hear about black policemen shooting out of the blue like white policeman. all i know is GOD will prevail,and what is done in the dark shall come to the light!! the devil is already defeated!!

    2. ETHEL says:

      it does matter what color you are. have you heard of any white people who have confronted the police being gunned down or beaten to death while being a criminal.also the blacks who were seeking help after a car accident being gunned down not only by white policemen but also white homeowners who could have helped them but didn’t and automatically just gunned them down.the blacks in these cases did not have guns on them or had any intent to cause harm in any way!!when you watch a white person confronting police on TV they will talk them down and tell them most of the time that they know someone in their family.the white criminal may even have agun poited at the police.but they continue to try and calm them down. the black man wheather they have a gun or not is murdered.

  • James in Texas says:

    This woman has been awarded, acclaimed, honored, and yet, she takes it for granted that she was “Born a poor Black child and thusly, a victim”! Ms. Morrison, God made you Black, if you believe that this was a mistake, then take your grievance to God. Black is not a race, it is a color given and can not be changed. Only attitudes can be changed, children can be raised better in a community of families with both a Father and Mother. I remember when the Black family was strong, and the Black community was a good place to grow-up. Whatever happened to that community?

  • bill says:

    Wishing a child to be shot and a women to be raped. Why would you honestly even think that in your blackest dreams?
    I guess they do give that award out to stupid people too.

  • Tom says:

    Boo Hoo! Why give any air time to this insane individual Toni Morrison?
    Several years back there was a teenage white boy shot and killed by a black police officer. There was no outcry as the teen was a threat the police officer just like the blacks are treating to officers today black or white. “Toni stop your crying and wetting your paints and get a life”!

  • Peted says:

    Besides a Nobel “Peace” Prize and Pulitzer, Toni Morrison wants blood on her hands!

    1. Shay says:

      This article proves that those who choose Nobel Peace and Pulitzer award winners have no common sense. They are probably surveying kindergarteners for the winners these days. These “honors” are honors of the past. They no longer have meaning.

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