Top intelligence official claims: Obama admin. funded terror network ‘for the next ten years’

Reported details of the high-profile prisoner swap that freed Bowe Bergdahl over the weekend are not telling the full story, according to a high-level intelligence official involved in efforts to find and rescue the Army sergeant.

The Haqqani Network, a terrorist group operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan, freed Bergdahl on Saturday after holding him captive for five years in exchange for the release of five Guantanamo Bay prison inmates.

A senior intelligence official with intimate knowledge of the years-long effort to locate and rescue Bergdahl told the Washington Free Beacon that the details of that exchange do not add up.

The official, who requested anonymity because he is not authorized to speak to the press, speculated that a cash ransom was paid to the Haqqani Network to get the group to free the prisoner.

The Obama administration taliban-bergdahl-trade-officials-say/” target=”_blank”>reportedly considered offering cash for his release as late as December 2013. The State Department has repeatedly refused to say whether the deal that released Bergdahl involved any cash payment.

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  • Enubus says:

    And there you go, an Islamist radical in the White House!

  • barbarakelly says:

    That person knew his plan what he was doing when he became a Senator. He only needed a short time to find his path for destruction of our country. And he has been putting knutches on his belt. He is such a 2 fisted liar and is a very sick piece of a human being. His cunning and conniving to slow and then total destruction of us. Just like is has always wanted our guns to make us totally defenseless then we get attacked. From being a nurse who is retired now you learn to observe and I look into his eyes and see darkness. even with some of his facial expressions are telling. You can read the hatred on his face when he thinks we are blind in seeing it. Congress and the Senate need to find away to stop this aggression on our country. These men better find the Ba**s to stop our destruction and do it very soon. We are running out of time, PEOPLE.

  • AnnaGraceS says:

    barry soetoro is an accomplished LIAR of unparalleled proportions so if anyone believes the details that were released to the media are the real details of this criminal trade then you’re dumber then a doorknob!! barry aka barrack Hussein obozo gives our tax dollars away like it is sand and has no end!!! barry should be arrested for TREASON and thrown in prison to await trial then hung from the tallest tree on the White House lawn!!

  • robocop33 says:

    It would not surprise me in the least! I heard a rumor that some $50 Million in foriegn aid has been directed for the ‘rebuilding’ of Afghanastan and it went to the Taliban.

  • Jeff Noncent says:

    that is what the president want for this nation

  • barbarakelly says:

    If any of this article is true– we then have over what we need to impeach is bugger. We do not supply the terrorist. What in tar-nation was he thinking..He knows nothing of this nation. Hell he didn’t even know your right hand over your heart, nor did Michelle. and by the way NO to michelle being a senator. God forbid. These 6yrs of obama is enough.

  • jak says:

    I hope there wasn’t an exchange with funds. If there was Obama should be called to answer for it.

    1. robocop33 says:

      Obama needs to be arrested for exchanging thes 5 senior Taliban Leaders alone!

      1. jak says:


  • JCWS1 says:

    Odrama could / should be the next person of color to be hung for High Treason against the United States. Start hoping that Congress will grow a pair soon.

  • barbarakelly says:

    Would someone in Congress get rid of the red tape so we can impeach this bugger for treason and aiding the enemy. When in the hell is this going to STOP

    1. JCWS1 says:

      When anyone in Congress grows a pair…

    2. Merle Dickey says:

      it will then go to the senate and they will reject it.

  • Harvey817 says:

    If this is true and the US House of Representatives does not stop the funding, treason is within all that do not stop it!

  • Mike Spanjer says:

    oli north said the same thing

  • Graywolf12 says:

    Don’t bet the farm that they did NOT get $$$$. It is expensive to fight a terrorist war, and someone has to pay for it. Why not us> After all they will use it against us for the good if islam, which Obama said he would side with if push came to shove.

    1. Tricia Anthone says:

      If we can find and verify that payment, we can skip the impeachment and have Obama arrested along with all those who participated in the deal and the cover-up. That would take us all the way to Speaker of the House as interim President. While I’m not wild about the timid Boehner, it would at least pull the key players of the Obama admin out of power so that we could stop the bleeding.
      Our country is in enemy hands and until honorable people in positions of power (there are some) grow a set and move to block these criminals, they will continue and accelerate their destructive agenda.

    2. hpinnc says:

      Why shouldn’t he give them a cash bonus? He figuratively speaking, has the combination to the vault [ if we still have one ], he also can “crank up” the money printers, if & when he wishes. He does anything else he so desires, without fear of ANY repercussions from congress. He has “free reign” to do about anything he desires to destroy this once great nation. He definitely is NOT one of us. He does not share the same “ideals” as we do. He is not interested in the well being of this country, in fact he is trying as fast as he can to turn us into a 3rd world communist dictatorship with him being the dictator. He does not have a clue as to what American Exceptionalism is.The idiots who voted for him are too stupid to know any better, so he seems to have everything going in his favor. I think if the congress cannot find enough articles to impeach him on, then the military should step in & do it for them.

      1. Graywolf12 says:

        Obama voters, HAY he gives us free stuff. IQ slightly above freezing.

        1. hosss says:

          Right on Graywolf.!!

      2. asenior2 says:

        hpinnc, I was of the impression that the guy in the W H did not actually win but manipulated the process and stole the election.
        Hope the voter integrity will be mended by November.
        Of, course, “Free Stuff” didn’t hurt.

        1. hpinnc says:

          I surely hope so too. I hope the voter ID will help. The Free Stuff no doubt gets a lot of votes from the lo-info voters who are so stupid, they don’t even comprehend what is going on in Wash., or even care.

    3. Robert Myles says:

      Push did come to shove and we all see the result. Obama bowed and gave them everything they asked for including billions in Ransom money

  • I Seigel says:

    And you don’t think the Haqqani Network would brag all over the place that they got cash, if this story were true?

    What the heck is the “Washington Free Beacon”? What kind of a bogus “news” rag is that? And they’re “quoting” an unnamed “senior intelligence official”, one that I’m sure has a top-secret security clearance that he’d risk going to prison if he spoke to this “news” organization? What a BOGUS story. Complete crap. The Washington Free Beacon could have interviewed any of the nutjob conspiracy theorists that frequent this website for an opinion just as meaningful and legitimate.

    1. Barto says:

      At this point in time most of us will believe that Obama will do anything to further his agenda and we will believe almost anyone over Obama the liar and his administration he has trained as liars.

      1. festmatt5440 says:

        They are all ‘ puppets ” .of George Soros .

    2. Tricia Anthone says:

      I’d be pretty sure that a gag-order was part of any deal that involved the transfer of cash anyone connected to the Administration to anyone named on the list of terror orgs.
      It’s a felony to provide material support to anyone named on that list and were that to come out and be verified, it would provide the “smoking gun” sought by people who’d like to remove him from office and charge him with crimes for his near-obvious favor of the Sunni Islamists in every foreign-policy decision.

      1. hpinnc says:

        Tricia, perhaps this is his favorite brand of islam. That may be why he has so eagerly handed out cash & military weapons to the muslim brotherhood in Egypt, Syria & Libya. I think he is one of them.

        1. Tricia Anthone says:

          Yep I see that too. Sunni Muslims – at perpetual war with the Shi’ite (sp?) seems to be the side he comes down on consistently – Libya, Egypt, etc. He goes way out of his way, even breaking the law, to put the US in service to them.

      2. I Seigel says:

        Can we agree that most of these terrorist groups would like nothing more than to embarrass the US, to create havoc and sow suspicion among the US and its allies?
        If we can agree on that premise, then please tell me why any of these groups would agree to keep quiet if they could produce a “smoking gun” that could very easily accomplish their goals.

        1. JCWS1 says:

          These terrorist groups love Odrama, he is funding the muslim brotherhood thru numerous outlets. Our money is being given away by Odrama to fuel the murdering of our troops.

          1. I Seigel says:

            And they love him for killing Bin Laden, and killing their people and civilians in all those drone strikes? And supporting Israel? Get real. You people will find a conspiracy at a kid’s birthday party

        2. Tricia Anthone says:

          I think they know that Obama is among the easiest people they will ever face in high office of the world’s sole superpower. Obama’s the goose that lays golden eggs. They may want eventually to cook that goose. But not before they’re pretty sure it’s done laying eggs.

        3. frankenbiker says:

          Because then they’d be killing the goose that lays the golden egg, the US taxpayer. So they’ll keep their mouths shut, kidnap some more American soldiers, and ransom them off. Yet if it comes out that, this is what they’re doing, it’ll stop immediately, the ransom part, not the kidnapping. And only muzzie goatfcking soldiers, Owevomit won’t pay for real patriotic soldiers.

          1. reggie says:

            That’s for sure. He’s letting one rot in Mexico. Land of illegal guns.
            BTW, have you noticed how many times he’s admitted to being mu (s) lim, and people take it as a joke, George Stephan opoulos had to correct him and remind him of his ‘Khristian’ f (a) ith. If you can find a longer version of the st (at) ement on YouTube, watch his eye move ment immediately afterward. Am tired of blogs being removed, sorry about the break up of words. D is qus removes thumbs down and not-happy statements.

      3. Merle Dickey says:

        aiding and abetting terriorists

    3. frankenbiker says:

      I have to side with barto on this. Owevomit and his hand pi ked team of liaf extraordinar s would do, or say anything to make this goatfucking muzzie occupying the white mosque look good. Besides why would haqqani say anything? They’d be cutting off the goose that lays the golden eggs, US taxpayers. Imagine the uproar if if were found out we PAID to have a traitor returned in exchange for five of the Talibans brightest, and deadly operatives.

      1. Tricia Anthone says:

        Yep – I agree. Unfortunately a great many people take their “news” only from the MSM which is still “under the influence” of power rather than reporting on those in power. So the vast majority of Americans will never seek out info on what the Admin is doing with the power we’ve given them.

        1. frankenbiker says:

          That’s why its up to us to spread the word. I’m sure you have a Facebook page, I do and the only thing I put on it is politics that you won’t see from the MSM. Use it, if you have a twitter account, use it, spread the word that the lame street media refuses to do. Watching MSNBC is painful, its disgusting, it kowtows to this regime like no other station, take a look at its ratings, dropping like a brick off the sears tower. That should tell you something. More people are getting news from the internet, and Fox. While Fox still has it moments that disgust me, they’re still the only station that is holding this regimes feet to the fire.

    4. Tricia Anthone says:

      I’d further guess that the reason the “price” paid for Bergdahl (that was made public) was so high and potentially damaging was to secure silence on the cash-payment part of this and previous dealings by the admin. I think Obama has been buying silence from these groups for a while – how else can we explain Obama’s behavior in Libya, Egypt and Syria? In each case, unseemly and inexplicable favor is shown the Sunni-tied Islamist groups.

      1. reggie says:

        His father was Sun ni

    5. Don Jusko says:

      Well I Seigel nutjob, since you are too lazy to Google the Washington Free Beacon, I did it for you. You better believe they are bigger than you lead us to believe. Now I know your a troll.

      1. I Seigel says:

        You’re kidding right? A right-wing website, basically one-man operation? THAT’S your “legitimate news source”.?

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