Trouble on The Hill

by Adam Shaw |
February 1, 2017

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi launched into a blistering attack on President Trump’s Supreme Court pick Tuesday, accusing Judge Neil Gorsuch of being hostile to everything from clean air to children with autism – a hint of likely Democratic resistance, as some Republicans eye a potential “nuclear option.”

Trump nominated Gorsuch to the Supreme Court on Tuesday, choosing an originalist judge seen by supporters to be in the mold of the late Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, whose death in February 2016 opened up the spot Gorsuch is now seeking to fill.

Pelosi made her pointed remarks during a CNN town hall, in which she called Gorsuch “a very hostile appointment” and “well outside the mainstream of American legal thought.”

“If you breathe air, drink water, eat food, take medicine or in any other way interact with the courts, this is a very bad decision,” she said.

“What saddens me the most as a mom and a grandmother, though, is his hostility toward children in school, children with autism,” Pelosi said. “He has ruled that they don’t have the same rights under the [Individuals With Disabilities Education Act] that they could reach their intellectual and social advancement under the law — he has said that doesn’t apply to them.”

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  • tryscavage says:

    Pelosi? She needs something…? Oh yeah…a straight jacket.

  • GoldenGirl2u says:

    Same old crap just another day in the land of Democrats, after the election you would think they’d have gotten a clue, but noooo, they are stuck on stupid. Pelosi, Schumer, Durbin and the rest should be voted out the next time they come up for election. Drain the swamp continues…

  • Shelly Shannon says:

    Nancy Peloci is a huge reason the Democrats lost this election, thank God, and they still haven’t learned a thing. O’Reiley just spoke up against a big fat lie she told yesterday. The most hypocritical party I’ve ever heard especially when it was an ananymous vote for judge Gorsuch when he took judgeship for the 10th circuit. All I can say is these Democrats are totllay inept.

  • ricktenny says:

    I think I have a solution for all of this ranker from the Democrats. We all know a state can secede. I’m thinking the other 49 states get together and evict California. They all love Obama out there, so there’s the King. Then there’s Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer and a whole host of lesser known political lunatics that would make up the kings court. It’s a win, win. They get their own little kingdom to spend as much as they can print. They have all of those celebrities with very very deep pockets that can finance any ideas they all can dream up. Now, We The People, left behind in our racist country, get to never have to listen to their $h!t again. Win Win.

  • PPTA says:

    I think she is a plain piece of SH**. But since I grow a vegetable Garden every year, The kind of SH** she is I could not fertilize with for fear of contamination.

    My Garden is 40 feet by 80 feet. I give 2/3 s of it away to my neighbors who can not grow one. Each year it gets a bit larger.

  • snowyriver says:

    One question for fancy Nancy: We know that the party of the president elect is supposed to vet him before inauguration.. Who vetted Obama, because he does not meet the requirements of our Constitution to have been in the office of president?

    1. GoldenGirl2u says:

      She did

      1. snowyriver says:

        She did… sounds to me like She broke her Congressional oath of office.. What is the ruling for that?? Should be immediate expulsion from Office.

        1. GoldenGirl2u says:

          She signed his Eligibility Papers, I agree, but as we all know, nobody did anything the last years to hold anyone accountable for anything. Lawlessness ran amok.

  • Rick D. says:

    Is she the stupidest Representative of all time or what?!!! Her rantings are laughable; her thoughts are rambling fragments of nonsense; and she is an utter embarrassment to her constituency. She has ZERO credibility-a joke!!

    1. Retired says:

      The ZERO credibility also goes for the people who elected her to Office or did she buy her way in??

      1. Rick D. says:

        You’re right! But, keep in mind that she’s from Cal. and those loony people seem to have no problem nominating those who are intellectually challenged & out of touch w/reality!!!

        1. Retired says:

          She is a Rich old bag who could care lees other than make a lot of noise.

  • Gregg Jensen says:

    Yeah, a BLISTERING ATTACK from that pus-oozing scab Nancy Pelosi. She is an irrelevant yapping Chihuahua.

  • Mike Thomas says:

    The sad part is voters keep her in office, Why? That leads me to believe most of those living in California need a huge wake up call, maybe a huge quake that will send them into the ocean?

    1. GoldenGirl2u says:

      Sure makes you wonder if there isn’t truth behind the illegal and dead votes in Cali., huh?

  • Orvis Pigg says:

    The only good statement I can make about Pelosi is that she is a good example of what a congressman should not be in every respect. Downright pathetic. Of course being from CA is only a partial reason. I can’t imagine anyone with any intelligence having the audacity to say what she says.

  • Luke says:

    demonrats are becoming more and more unhinged, the American people now have the means to observe this childish behavior and me, I’m loving it that they will take it up the wazzoo Nov 2018, never forget..

  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    see what happens when you let the crazies out of their padded cell, lock these idiots up for good, i’m telling you these democrat women are worse then rabbid dogs

  • Knowledge Transfer says:

    She [if she is a she] is a worthless and wicked witch. Sprinkle some holy water on her and watch her turn herself into a combustible pile of cinders.

  • Leftshot says:

    First of all Pelosi is the Minority Leader in the House. Second, the Senate confirms these nominees, not the House. So Pelosi’s opinion and proganda doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

  • ONTIME says:

    Nancy Pee is a blathering medicated basket case, not worth listening to because she cannot discern the truth from her lies…The DNCommunist Jackass Party is looking more like the suck-face mule it has become…diminishing membership, supporting OW riots and Soros paid thugs, ranting and raving about little of nothing to avoid Pres. Trump nominations, they are a sad piece of history now and their leadership needs a major overhaul if they want to remain a opposition party………..

    1. GoldenGirl2u says:

      Noticed how Pelosi has realized that the African American Community has started seeing that the Dems. have been oppressing them all these years so now, Pelosi has turned her sights to Muslim Americans. Saw her on Capital steps telling someone(don’t know who the guy was) that he needed to tell the people he is Muslim. What an piece of garbage she is. She is also the person behind giving us 8 years of Obama.

  • Jigsaw says:

    Why hasn’t someone thrown a straightjacket on this insane idiot yet? Law enforcement better wake up before she actually hurts someone. She personifies what liberal thinking and brain washing does to a person. What a waste of money we taxpayers spend giving providing these idiots with a living. Shame on the people that vote these basturds into public office.

  • McFerguson says:

    Pelosi can yap about Judge Gorsuch all she wants. But she’s a San Francisco loon and nuttier than squirrel droppings. And, being in the House, she doesn’t have a vote…

  • Lee Zebold says:

    The problem with Pelosi and her fellow libs, she doesn’t see what a fool she makes herself with these outlandish claims. The more they go on with this protest crap, the more they alienate themselves from the people who want change. (most of us)

  • texexpatriate says:

    There is always trouble on the hill, and as long as there is a Democrat Party there will be a political party trying to impose Marxism or its twin on Americans.

  • Athanasios1 says:

    Nuclear…he has it and he will use it. Now I know what he meant!

  • mudguy1 says:

    The more the Democrats keep acting like spoiled grade schoolers the better it is for the rest of the country to see how stupid they are and that nobody wants spoiled grade schoolers leading our country.
    The way Pelosi and Schumer and the other Democrats act is why I will NEVER vote any Democrat EVER.

  • David Stewart says:

    Pay attention, Commiecrats! You MAY learn how a Republic is supposed to operate!

  • Jean Langford M. says:


  • Rock says:

    Just seeing the first line of the article “House Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi” says it all… If SHE is the “leader”, the Dems are extremely desperate and obviously didn’t have a hot steamy pile of d0g$h!t to appoint first !

    1. gvette says:

      You are correct. The left is desperate! They are losing ground, and they can’t stop it.

  • Rock says:

    If Pelosi is against it it HAS to be good for the country ! The ancient shriveled prunes time has passed, she needs to go home and stay there…

  • Horace Milstead says:

    I am beginning to think there is a pandemic in the San Francisco area….after watching an accomplished idiot by the name of Eric Swalwell being interviewed by Tucker Carlson last night, I am still left shaking my head in disbelief that normally intelligent people could actually vote for such idiots…..

    1. gvette says:

      It’s actually called San Fransicko!

  • Betty says:

    witch POLOSI is afraid law to protect those she has attack again and again might be upheld maybe her belief in abortion is saner than a man who believes in life

  • goldie says:

    Shut up Pelosi, and CNN for broadcasting this hag.

  • Tiger says:

    She is like a very old bottle of wine and her cork has fallen off.

    Keep talking standing on your head Pelosi.

    1. Ramon1710 . says:

      I think she was vinegar to begin with.

      1. Tiger says:

        They are unhinged and crazier than I ever thought. Liawatha Warren is fun to watch.

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      2. Dennis B Anderson says:

        No one has touched Palosi Galore since the Nam war?Like Mississippi everyone knows its down there, but no one gives a damn.

        1. Carl Lewis says:

          D.Anderson, speaking for me and my beloved Magnolia Staters, I say kiss our collective asses!

    2. gvette says:

      LOL…thanks for the chuckle, Tiger.

      1. Tiger says:

        Ahhh you got it she is talking out her backside. Welcome.

        1. Retired says:

          Didn’t know she had a front side that functioned ??

    3. Barbara Miller says:

      Just like old Donald Trump. An old bottle of wine, except he never had a cork to begin with. That’s one of the main problems now, the majority of Democrats and Republicans should have been given the boot a long time ago. They are old and out of ideas. We need younger minds in there. I thought Hillary and Trump were too old to be our president. And with me saying that, I’ll be 70 in a few months !!!

      1. Tiger says:

        Trump has shown he has more energy than most very young people. His cork surely is still in tact he has a 10 year old son.

        The many RINO and Democrats Yes should go.

        1. Barbara Miller says:

          That’s exactly why he’s going on a vacation after only a few days in office. He’s full of energy !!!!! I like being fair about things. I’m not one sided like you Republicans. There’s too many old geezers running our country and they need to go. Republicans and Democrats alike. There should have been limits set right from the get go. As for Trump and his sex life, well I wasn’t talking about that. I was referring to his brain……smh !!!

          1. Tiger says:

            He isn’t on vacation and he has done more in a few days in office than O did or anyone in years in office. You are nothing but one sided and wrong sided. Nobody knows where he is going.

            Get stuffed.

            His brain runs circles around yours, are you a billionaire? Could you ever be president? No your just a spawn of the leaders who programed you.


          2. Retired says:

            You hit that one right, the man is like a computer with lots of room for more information .

          3. Tiger says:

            Love it and he even owns his own mansion, not like that dust maggot O.

          4. Barbara Miller says:

            He leaves for vacation on February 3rd. You know why he’s getting things done because he has all Republicans to work with where Obama didn’t have all Democrats to work with, that makes a huge difference. Could you ever be president, are you a billionaire. You’re nothing but a one sided spawn of your own party. BTW, don’t tell me to get stuffed, know what I think of you, the best part of you ran down your mother’s leg !!!

          5. Tiger says:

            You know what I think of you? Your mother had a botched abortion.

          6. Barbara Miller says:

            Yeah, my brother !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          7. Glenda Jordan says:

            Barb is a bitter ol’ biddy….another lol for us

          8. Tiger says:

            I can’t get over how nasty these women really are. Their posts are riddled with really ugly stuff. I sure am happy she is not my neighbor.

          9. Tiger says:

            He is going to have a working vacation at his home, unlike Obama he has one the way that Reagan and Bush did.

            Obama didn’t work with anyone he went it on his own, now he is on his own.

            Get stuffed.

          10. Barbara Miller says:

            You sure do know a lot about his personal business. What do you do, walk around attached to his jock strap…….up yours !!!

          11. Tiger says:

            Barbara unlike you I don’t get near jock straps and I read the international news and our news daily.

            You ought to try it sometime, might not be so up your own ass.

          12. Barbara Miller says:

            You must get near something of his, you know all about his cork !!!

          13. Tiger says:

            The only cork I get close to is my husbands you obviously are an expert sniffer outer of corks and jock straps.

          14. Barbara Miller says:

            You’re the one who brought up the cork when you mentioned Trump had a 10 year old son. Your mind was in the gutter not mine. I was referring to his cracked brain as a cork !!!

          15. Tiger says:

            Here is something I picked out just to annoy you enjoy. All over the net seems Michael has had it with that Obama slime.


          16. Barbara Miller says:

            You’re not annoying me, this is all internet fun to me, after all no matter who is in there, whatever will be , will be. I’m just glad me and my husband are retired and living comfortable and other than Trump getting the country blown up it doesn’t affect us. I guess you call Obama names because his skin is too dark for you !!!

          17. Tiger says:

            Never considered his color he is half white but did consider his policies, his record as a Senator, his books and his family upbringing.


          18. Retired says:

            What upbringing , being King of the Chicago bath House is nothing to be proud of. His juvenile record was sealed because he was a punk with a rap sheet.

          19. Tiger says:

            Too boot he gave up his law degree caught in lying under oath and either give up the law degree or be disbarred. What a looser. All over the net that he and Mike getting divorced. Read a book about the O’s and she was going to divorce him long ago but convinced to stay with him because he would be a Senator and then president. Wonder when in 2008 and Hillary could have won why she changed her mind or WHO changed her mind?

            Look what else O did.


          20. Retired says:

            Thank Soros and the UN for O .

          21. Retired says:

            Sounds like you are sniffing used corks .

          22. Barbara Miller says:

            Well I do like my Chardonnay when I go out to dinner !!!

          23. Retired says:

            So you admit to sniffing Used Corks ??

          24. Barbara Miller says:

            That’s one way of telling how good your wine is besides pouring some in a glass and swishing it around then sniffing it. I wouldn’t touch wine from a bottle with a metal cap. That is what you call cheap wine……ask any Italian that !!!

          25. Retired says:

            I grew up in a town called little Italy , lots of Europeans that made whine the old fashioned way without the chemicals to drive the wine . One could drink it all day long and not get a buzz.

          26. Barbara Miller says:

            Well there were lots of good things back in the day but you sure won’t find that kind of wine in restaurants. Don’t know of anything that’s not loaded with chemicals anymore……sad !!!

          27. Retired says:

            That is so true and then they wonder why so many die of Cancer.

          28. Retired says:

            Glad to help out.

          29. Tiger says:

            FAKE news hitting Europe my fiend in Sweden sent me this.


          30. Retired says:

            The media is making Trump look like a fool in the EU , because they fall under a handful of people.

          31. Tiger says:

            Time to take down the tents and clean out the cages.

          32. Retired says:

            The natives in the EU are getting fed up with all the people brought in, some day they will wake up that the UN was behind the refugee movement.

          33. Tiger says:

            I hope so.

          34. Retired says:

            Maybe you should try a jock strap instead of sniffing G strings..

          35. Barbara Miller says:

            G strings aren’t my thing. I’m not a lesbian !!!

          36. Retired says:

            I know a lot of straight women that wear them .

          37. John Wirts says:

            YEH! That’s why Hilary was your HONEST, YOUNG,CANDIDATE!!!!!

          38. Barbara Miller says:

            I said Hillary and Trump both were too old. I didn’t go to the polls and vote for either one of them !!!

          39. Jim Strong says:

            If you did not vote, then you should keep you big mouth SHUT.

          40. ourzoo10 says:

            AMEN..If you don’t vote..Then you give up any right to Bytch..

          41. Barbara Miller says:

            I didn’t say I didn’t vote, I said I didn’t vote for either one of them. You are allowed a write in vote…….remember !!!

          42. John Wirts says:

            Yes, since those were the only viable candidates, you voted for NO ONE! Since You didn’t vote YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          43. ourzoo10 says:

            He doesn’t take vacations, says they would bore him.

          44. John Wirts says:

            O’bummer took enough for the next 10 presidents! Usually in the middle of a crisis, so he didn’t do his job golf and contributing to the public debt was more important!

          45. Tiger says:

            When it comes to the RINO and the Progressive/Communists I am in full agreement, term limits have to come they are past their prime and they are rotten to the core.

            As to Trump I believe his brain works better than most leaders we have ever had and he won’t take crap from anyone. Unlike O he is a man and loves this country.

          46. Barbara Miller says:

            Oh his brain works alright when it benefits him and him only. The only thing that Trump loves, is old Donald himself. He’s not capable of loving anything accept himself. After loving himself, there’s no love left for anything else !!!

          47. Tiger says:

            NO that was O’s brain, when it benefited our enemies and his Muslims and illegals.

            Seems the 20,000 plus people who went to his rallies across this country felt the love. I know Hillary had nothing like Trump and he does love this country and has said so for 25 years.

          48. Barbara Miller says:

            You are so full of yourself, I watched Hillary’s rallies. I saw how huge they were. If her rallies were soooooo small, how come she got 3 million more votes then him. BTW I’ve lived here in Jersey for almost 50’years and I’ve never heard Trump speak of how much he loved this country He’s more well known here for all his bankruptcies that we tax payers got stuck with !!!

          49. Tiger says:

            LOLOLOLOL my God you are so so damned stupid to honestly believe people who watched these rallies didn’t see the differences in the crowds. LOLOLOLOL She didn’t get 3 million more votes and since you stupids have insisted on an investigation you got it. Already with the recounts they found open ballot boxes, people filling out absentee ballots in a back room and thousands of votes not even counted. You people going to get it next election when your illegals, dead people can’t vote. For crying out loud your Obama said on TV that it was OK for illegals to vote and California alone has given ID and DL to millions of illegals.

            Yeah I lived in New Jersey you people are not known for your brains.

            Suck it up you lost.

          50. Glenda Jordan says:

            Tiger between you and retired I can’t stop lmao…went through this thread quick-wish I had more time

          51. Tiger says:

            The ignorance is overwhelming. Then I realized Glenda that these schlepps got nothing but FAKE news, they never knew that over 20,000 people at every Trump rally, they saw doctored up video and they believed Hillary was getting all those crowds. Then the FAKE polls showing Hillary so far ahead they believed it. No wonder they are still in shock the were FAKED out and the FAKERS FAKED themselves good. Even Hillary said if I am so far ahead in the polls why is Trump winning all those states?

            I tell ya we are dealing with total boobalinks.

          52. Glenda Jordan says:

            I deal with that ignorance on a daily basis (Northeast coast). Although hilter took most states here it was by small amounts and I know for fact it was due to some that are lazy-uninformed voters that are followers and watch msm. Another large problem is the elderly voters…I’ve heard it said time again (by those in their 70’s,80’s & 90’s) “I’ve voted Democrat all my life and not going to change now”. They just don’t understand or want to come to terms that while they don’t want to change their demo party has and become the commie/marx NWO party…sad. Also if they don’t get Fox News or Newsmax they are hearing trash on tv (not many have other sources like internet). We just have to keep on for those that will take their blinders off.

          53. Tiger says:

            It is a phenomenon that will be written about in the history of this country, how America lost it’s news to FAKE news. Europeans see it but they have their own problems with Liberal media.

          54. Glenda Jordan says:

            “FAKERS FAKED themselves good” love it!

          55. Tiger says:

            Thank yep talk about FAKING yourself up the kazoo.

          56. Tiger says:

            Oh here is the latest and I hear the new Mantra out of the mouth of Pelosi Trump is reckless and feckless looking for a way to Impeach him. Meanwhile the Democrats, yes elected Democrats along with Hollywood calling for a Coup and the assassination of Trump along with killing us, yes calling for widespread bloodshed our blood. We see it on their signs they believe the military will be on their side, silly rabbits.


          57. Glenda Jordan says:

            I heard something ’bout this in passing…when I was @ work doing five things @ once so couldn’t pay much mind to it. Thanks for the link!

          58. Tiger says:

            Welcome yes I know you don’t get too much downtime and I once told a group of clikkity clackity heeled banshees who came to analyze our floor and how we could save time and money, why don’t you just put feedbags on us and catheter us would save on lunch and pee breaks.

            The nurses laughed heartily whilst the banshee appeared put out. Wonder why? LOLOLOL

          59. Glenda Jordan says:

            LOL you are funny and I would bet a joy to work with! Actually you remind me of a DNS…place I worked in the 80’s…she was so much fun w/ a pinch of sarcasm and attitude. I even named my son using her last name. Time for rest….’til next time Tiger

          60. Tiger says:

            Thank you yes I was the joker, the clown and the one who talked back big time and I am proud to say when I was boss I worked every shift every month to keep up with our needs.

            Our needs are many and nobody but we understand it. Coming home and wondering did you give the right IV to the right person, your feet aching and never enough time to do everything and working with sorry nurses who don’t hold their own. I had them come to the toilet knock on the door and say your patients light is on. Boy Howdy when I got out they were lucky their lights were still on scorched earth under their feet, so much for working together.

            When in charge in the Army and anywhere I made sure all assignments fair. That really urked people who had a system going to make their nights as easy as possible. I remember when I went to Kansas to help get the hospitals up to snuff to meet the needs of sneaking in our men from downrange out of the eyes of the pesky frikken media. the major looked at me and said you the head nurse now, I been up 3 days and nights when I come back in AM you better have this place straightened out. Said gladly ma’am.

            Lots of government nurses who were pushing the army nurses around in our own hospital. So when that shift came in I had already assessed every patient and knew who needed what level of care. So in strolls the big ole fat government nurse and she starts to handout assignments, I already had her number she was an RN and she lorded it over the LPN’s who could run circles around her useless ass, I walked over, took the assignment sheet and said I am your Head Nurse now and here are the assignments I made. They are made according to your skill levels and I looked at her and I said since you are one of a few RN’s here is what you will be doing and I socked it to her fat ass. The LPN’s loved me and I loved them some were government and some military.

            When I went back years later to visit the base on my way to a new assignment, I stopped in at the club we used to frequent and sang a song or two. Someone from the audience came up to me and hugged me and said remember me. I said I sure do you cute blondie you we showed that fat ass a thing or two during that war. She said ma’am because of you I became an RN and I follow your lead. I never been so proud.

            Take care dear.

          61. Glenda Jordan says:

            Ahhh reading your post my mind flooded w/ memories…between the two of us (60+ yrs experience) we could probably write a thick book! I also worked w/ many of the lazy loonies over the years and honestly depending on the circumstance I’d rather have a CNA’s help…they’ve shown me a few tricks of the trade and then there’s the nurse or two that has stood looking dumbfounded asking “what do you want me to do?” LOL Funny thing I remember…1980 or ’81 (days when nurses had to wear white) the Asst DNS (who then was a former military RN & very strict) said @ a meeting that nursing staff must wear white undergarments as well (I kid you not!) I spoke up and asked “and who will be checking to make sure this rule is followed?” Oooo boy! If looks could kill-I would of died that day lol

          62. Tiger says:

            LOLOLOL too funny and yes CNA can surely teach a few tricks and the new RN’s are so not ready and so not able to do anything but throw their weight around seems their Clinicals today don’t have much hands on. I had one fresh BS and that stands for Bull Shit degree now a days that thought she was going to come out of school and run a floor. I said nope, I was DON you have to do floor work for at least two years. So I sent her in to insert a catheter and she broke sterile field, I stopped her, took her outside and she admitted she had never inserted a catheter, or accessed a port or anything, glad I am partly retired.

            Yepper a book and it would be funny. I remember 6 of us trying to straddle and put a catheter in a 350 pound woman. What a hoot. The LPN said OK someone has to blow and it will kiss us so we can see where it is. I thought I would die laughing.

          63. Glenda Jordan says:

            Sad but doesn’t surprise me…times have certainly changed!! I’ve worked w/ many new nurses that didn’t learn many things that I trained for as a nurses asst. in the late 70’s! My bro an RNP (worked ERS) had told me yrs ago the more schooling the more paperwork you’re required to do. That’s why these BS nurses think they leave sch and go into a desk job of sorts….depending on the job/facility they work. Many want administration work and go in the work force w/ their degree but it doesn’t read A+ in documentation skills C/D nursing skills ” actual hands on”

          64. Tiger says:

            Getting worse all the time. Once upon a time an RN was skilled in everything and by golly did everything on the floors and that included shoveling crap and emptying trash and cleaning the patient up along with their potties. It was tough work but you worked in teams RN, LPN and CNA and you got through it together.

          65. Glenda Jordan says:

            Absolutely! It was two RN’s that trained me as a nursing asst…unbelievable by today’s standards what I learned from them and did on the job. Back in them days we all did all!! My youngest gdaughter’s 1st bday…off to the par taaay 🙂 Good day Tiger

          66. Tiger says:

            Hey have a great one we have 4 birthdays in Feb, two grand daughters my father and my youngest son.

          67. Barbara Miller says:

            So you’re saying she didn’t win the popular vote and the bankruptcies are lies also !!!

          68. Retired says:

            You sound just as bad as AK Not So Lady.

          69. Tiger says:

            Already there is a group that is investigating the voter fraud and they found over 800,000 illegal ballots. It has just begun. Wait and see for yourself.

            The bankrupt events in Trump’s long career were already looked into and he again did nothing against the law and nothing more than what others, even your beloved millionaire and business Progressive/Communist Liberals have done.

            You people wanted the investigation into the voter fraud, you got it and you going to eat it when you see Hillary did not win any Popular vote and by the way Trump won 31 states wake up.

          70. Tiger says:

            Starting to show and remember once again California gave millions of illegals ID and DL and they did vote. So wait and see what a glorious day when you people have a serious wake up call.

          71. Tiger says:

            Hillary fell out at the 2016 9/11 event the ghosts of those events didn’t want her there.


          72. Tiger says:

            She lost, she was a liar and stood for nothing the people wanted. Get over it.

          73. Retired says:

            Now I understand why you are messed up living in New Jersey , left that state years ago because of high taxes and goofy laws. NJ is a extension of NY City, just like Va. is a extension of WDC.

          74. Tiger says:

            I just realized, it dawned on me all you watched was Main Media news and they never showed Trump rallies and they played up with camera angles Hillary’s. They even gave FAKE polling and even Hillary asked if I am so far ahead in the polls why is Trump winning all these states. So you people never understood, cause you didn’t see it Trump was the Bomb and the obvious one to win this election. My Lord I have hit it, by George you people are filled to the brim with FAKE news.

            Thank God for videos.

          75. Barbara Miller says:

            No you’re right he doesn’t take crap from anyone but he’s not very presidential, he’s not reserved at all. He acts and talks just like someone from the wrong side of the tracks, calling people a dope, stupid, etc. Maybe you were raised that way and it’s acceptable but to me it’s not. The person I voted for was John Kasich. I just can’t imagine if he were president, acting that way !!! Then again I am 69, maybe manners and good breeding is outdated !!!

          76. Tiger says:

            You people would never survive a boot camp experience or being in the military. You would wilt like little butter cups in the heat. When did this country become filled with such soft and mush brained people like you? You are old enough to remember Patton and other generals and you should know about Harry S. Truman and Roosevelt and his Rough Riders, you should also know about LBJ and many more.

            Look Barbara this isn’t some game we are playing with our country, it is serious business, seriously dangerous right now and that comes from the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security heads that were investigated by Congress. We don’t need PC, this PC has made pussyfooted farting lazy and seriously stupid soldiers in our military. O took out all our best officers from the top down and replaced them with pansy asses and milksops. Our enemies follow no rules, they don’t honor the Geneva Conventions, they don’t appreciated Good Manners, they burn people alive, drown them alive, decapitate, mutilated, crucify and have committed Christian Genocide across the ME and the UN finally had to declare it.

            This is a war for the survival of many countries across this world by a ruthless, seriously barbaric enemy and we now have a MAN in the WH who understands it and has put the right generals back into place to win, not only for us but the world will benefit from ridding our countries of this evil.

            When it is necessary I am lethally without manners and as a trained soldier, yes I can kill my enemies and not cry about it because I live in the Real World not the PC pukey, pissy, moaning, little whimpy infested Left and liberal world. No wonder they were able to infest our country the public schools have made sure we have generations of FOPS.

            You and your insults run off me like water off a ducks back and I don’t see you as all that mannerly, you stoop quickly to name calling and you are a cork sniffer.

      2. Ed Watson says:

        Barb, we have a younger mind in office now, not a lazy do-gooder who couldn’t make a deicision other than to pile on more regulations and trash the Constitution. Those OLD ideas of socialism that have NEVER worked are gone as will be the hordes of pople that will now have to find work not live off the teat of the rest of us. I’m 85 and still ticking. Go cry somewhere else.

        1. Barbara Miller says:

          Of course Trump has the mind of a 20 year old, his poop doesn’t stink and he’s the second coming of Jesus Christ…….correct !!!

          1. Retired says:

            Ar4e you working with a full deck , sounds like you are missing most of it. You non voters should just shut up.

          2. Barbara Miller says:

            I voted, I submitted a write in vote !!!

          3. Retired says:

            A write in is just as bad as not voting, that proven with Wallace and Parot . How.many Electoral votes did you write in get ??

          4. Barbara Miller says:

            Well I wanted someone who was well seasoned for the job and a person with class and that wasn’t Trump or Clinton in my opinion. So I submitted a write in vote for John Kasich !!!

          5. Retired says:

            The only place to have write in is at the state level until WDC recognizes a third party and that will never happen as over the years both parties made sure of that. It is called job security. That is why so many feel that term limits are in dire need .

          6. Barbara Miller says:

            Well we will probably never see term limits, not the way we would like them to be but I wouldn’t mind it at all if Kasich was our President. Whatever is going to happen, will happen. It’s out of my control. I just want to enjoy my retirement now after 34 long years. It’s been a long time in the making !!!

          7. Retired says:

            Hope you can enjoy retirement as I have. My cards fell in place at 55 and it’s been great . The thirty and forty year olds are not going to have it as good as most live for the day and not the future.

          8. Barbara Miller says:

            I retired at 55 and 8 months. You are so right about the younger generations they won’t have it as good as us. I have one son who saves everything and the other one lives for today. He has a great retirement package, hopefully it will be there for him but his spending makes me a nervous wreck. Trust me, he wasn’t that way. I’m a true tight wad….lol.

          9. Anouk says:

            A vote for Kasich is a vote for a bottle of vodka or gin.
            He is an angry drunk.
            Fortunately, he didn’t win.

          10. Barbara Miller says:

            Well he couldn’t be any worse than that cracked brain Jekyll and Hyde that’s in there now !!!!!!!

          11. Anouk says:

            Listen to you is to listen to a lunatic weirdo who is paid by Soros.
            You seem to suffer of hangover. Too much booze maybe.
            BTW, President Trump doesn’t drink alcohol.
            He gave up his beautiful billionaire life to save America from people like you.

      3. John Wirts says:

        From what I’ve seen of the young people, most of them are refugees from an insane asylem

        1. Barbara Miller says:

          Well that sure is a slap in the face to the up and coming young politicians in the House of Representatives !!!

          1. Retired says:

            You are the one mentioning politicians, did you look at the pussy hat crowd ?? Or was you one of them??

          2. Barbara Miller says:

            You mean that thing that Trump likes to grab !!!

          3. Retired says:

            Evidently he did not go for yours and you are bitter about him rejecting you. Have a good day.

          4. John Wirts says:

            Key word MOST, if they fall into that category too bad for them. If they don’t good for them and get to work!

    4. Retired says:

      That bottle has turned very sour and developed mold on top.

      1. Tiger says:

        They are seriously warped people. I am so proud Sessions finally in as AG and let the games begin.

        1. Retired says:

          I don’t think there will be many games, Trump is proving that . Do your job or you are History and not like in the past were they were put in another position.

          1. Tiger says:

            So tired of all this rebellion against the laws regarding illegals and Muslims, one would think these people have a death wish when we know it is all about their base, next election if the illegals are gone and can’t vote think of where they stand, our in the cold.

          2. Retired says:

            That was why I had stated Trump should have said all refugees and Immigration. That way no one could call discrimination.

    5. John Wirts says:

      Yes!! and old bottles of wine with no cork turn into vinegar!!!!!

    6. rhuland says:

      not to mention turning to vinegar

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Trump needs to tweet an expose’ of some of Nancy’s past blazing hypocrisies. As for pointing fingers, Pelousy (as in lousy) needs to be revealed for the self-serving witch she is.

  • Liz EntrEkin says:

    Amazing the same woman who forced Obamacare through, uses her children and grandchildren while supporting killing others unborn children, can’t string together a three sentence reply that makes sense NOW believes a man with a sterling 100% unchallenged approval to federal court is abysmal — sheesh this person needs to retire to a desert island somewhere.

  • Tom says:

    Anything Nan is against I am 180 degrees for. This gentleman that has been selected has a sterling record! Because his politics are not left wing wacko Nan has her panties in a knot. Good Lord she is pathetic…

  • tom cook says:

    Nancy Pelosi is fit for one thing: being boiled in oil, then gutted alive, then drawn and quartered.

    1. Rock says:

      Her pics look like all but the last has already been done.

  • Ghost Forever says:

    Good Lord Kalafornication get rid of Plastic Pelosi!

    1. ClarenceDeBarrows says:

      And Diane Feinstein, along with a host of other disgusting liberal, progressive, Marxists as well!

      1. Ron Long says:

        I wish we could.

        1. Jim Strong says:

          There is a way.

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