Trump and Clinton trade fire, insults in hard-hitting speeches

June 23, 2016

Donald Trump delivered a blistering attack Wednesday on Hillary Clinton’s record as secretary of state, accusing her of milking oppressive regimes of tens of millions of dollars to benefit the Clinton Foundation and calling her a “world-class liar.”

Clinton had the chance to throw it back at Trump at a campaign
appearance in Raleigh, N.C., but saved her counterpunching for the end of her speech — in terms she’s used before. She accused him of peddling “empty promises” and having “no answers.”

The dueling speeches only served to sharpen the tone of an already brutal 2016 race.

Speaking at his New York City hotel, Trump said Clinton “perfected the politics of personal profit” and “doesn’t have the temperament … or the judgment to be president.”

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  • eddie says:

    right on rick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUMP for PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….. : )

  • downdraft says:

    Solution for H. Clinton problem:
    We are allowing the D.O.J., Attorney General…AND, I suspect, the FBI also, to take us down the rosy path!
    IF the FBI DIRECTOR is afraid of the AG, and OBAMA, and HILLARY…then is of no use to anyone…even his men will quietly nurse anger AND EMBARRASSMENT as they observe him, a weak and pathetic excuse for leadership.
    I thought he had the gonads, but instead he will go down in history as FBI’s “On-The-Take” director, and is against US if he “folds” on the Hillary crimes
    Then we are all lost and without ANY REPRESENTATION…just this meek little man who can’t even do his job HONORABLY!
    The Director of THE FBI…IMPEACHING a liar and coward is the beginning of the solution.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    The headline for this auricle should have been, Trump Exposes Clinton by telling the truth, Clinton fires back with bull manure.

  • DAWGNUTZ says:

    To my understanding, “The Donald” has never let an American citizen(s) die a gruesome death. The FACTS are that the same cannot be said for Killary!!

    1. Jan123456 says:

      die a gruesome death.

      Can you say “hyperbole”? I knew you could.

      1. studi30 says:

        Ambassador Stevens naked body was dragged through the streets and set on fire. Can you say you are a Proctologist delight?

        1. Jan123456 says:

          Nope, not even close. Where did you get that from? Any firsthand evidence at all?

          I will put up whatever you use as evidence up against several congressional investigations that say you are wrong.

          1. studi30 says:

            I guess you didn’t see the movie 13 Hours.

          2. Jan123456 says:

            No, movies are not evidence. They are entertainment.

            I guess you don’t read actual evidence.

          3. studi30 says:

            Your liberal evidence is entertainment. The movie is the true story told by the ones who were there. But I’ll wager that you believe a Michael Moore movie.

          4. studi30 says:

            I guess you missed the actual pictures posted on Muslim sites. I guess you never saw pictures of the embassy in flames. By the way when Bush was the Prez there were armed contingents of Marines guarding every embassy we had. Obama withdrew them and left our Americans defenseless. Obama stopped the space shuttle program and our defense against nukes also.

          5. Jan123456 says:

            I don’t disagree the embassy was in flames. My question to you is Christopher Stevens’ cause of death. You evidently take entertainment, made for profit, as evidence.

            That’s all I need to know about you.

          6. studi30 says:

            You don’t know crap about me you Proctologist delight. I don’t know much about you and don’t care. You espouse the leftist leaning liberal line and that is all I need to know.

          7. Jan123456 says:

            I know you only believe what you want to believe.

            Now, I know you believe what you see in movies.

            However, multiple Congressional investigations confirmed that Stevens died in a hospital of asphyxiation.




          8. studi30 says:

            YOU only want to believe what you want to believe. Yup I believe what I see in movies like Avatar and Star Wars. I guess you are afraid to watch 13 Hours because it will cause you butthurt with the truth.

          9. Jan123456 says:

            btw…I would be interested in seeing “the actual pictures posted on Muslim sites”. Please provide a link to one of those Muslim sites.

          10. studi30 says:

            Search YouTube Al Jazzeera sites. Al Jazeera is the national news network of the Muslim Middle East.

          11. Jan123456 says:

            If you had one of those links, you would gleefully (and rightfully) shove it in my face. When you tell me to look myself, I have to believe you have never seen one on a Muslim site yourself, you just HEARD they are there and believe it.

          12. studi30 says:

            I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, especially a low IQ , gullible moron like you. You obviously don’t know how to watch a YouTube video. I answered the question about where I saw the videos. If you aren’t intelligent to look for yourself no skin off my nose.

          13. Jan123456 says:

            OK, I look at one…no IDEA if this is what you claimed is an “actual pictures posted from Muslim sites”. Actually I do. YouTube is not a Muslim site so you have not substantiated your claim at all. I maintain you cannot.


            All this does is confirm what the government reports said that locals took got him out subsequently taking him to a hospital.

            Yet, you’re going to continue to believe what’s in a commercial film.

          14. studi30 says:

            No moron that is not the YouTube I saw. Talking to you is like talking to a child suffering from severe mental retardation. That looks like Muslim footage posted on YouTube. If you don’t speak Arabic like I don’t how do you know what is even going on? By the way Trey Gowdy is coming out with the 800 page Benghazi report soon so the crap you are trying to pedal is total horse crap.

          15. Jan123456 says:

            Hey sweetheart, you’re the one who refused to tell me where to find “the actual pictures posted on Muslim sites” That’s because they don’t exist. As I said, if you had them you would gleefully shove them in my face.

            Keep up with the times, Gowdy released his report several hours before your post.

          16. studi30 says:

            Sweetheart? Are you a faggot as well as a liberal moron? I told you where to look. If you aren’t intelligent to find them don’t attack me. Those YouTube came out years ago. I’m not a childish liberal moron like you so I don’t shove anything in anyone’s face like the braindead liberals do. Gowdy released his report several hours before my post? I think I’m the one on top of everything, not you. If you had seen his YouTube you wouldn’t have gleefully shoved it in my face as it would have confirmed that you were a moron.

          17. Jan123456 says:

            Well, if you have to resort to ad hominem attacks instead of a link, you have admitted defeat.

            Surrender accepted.

          18. studi30 says:

            Very good deflection for you inability to even look for links. Surrender? I’m not even battling you, you braindead moron. You’re just a pleasant diversion on this site. A bit of whimsy shall we say

  • mudguy1 says:

    Trump’s comments were not insults they were the truth. Clinton’s comments were insults because they were all lies. Speaking the truth is never an insult. When ever the criminal Hillary speaks it is an insult to the American people.

  • justinwachin says:

    Way to go, Donald! Hillary Clinton is incompetent and corrupt. She would destroy America if she becomes president.

  • jsftbb says:

    everyone knows what the B%&*H and they also knows she belongs in Prison and not in the White House but she’ll get off scott free and they still leave that Bas$%d in as our president he has never been my president and never will be he is a fake

  • peter says:

    Hillary is a Criminal!

  • bobnstuff says:

    I don’t suppose anyone here checked the facts. I’m sure Trump didn’t. Everything here is old news and has been shown as untrue or half truths but I’m sure no one here will know that. It’s sad that people are so easy to mislead. My favorite one is giving Obama and Clinton credit for NAFTA. I haven’t seen one thing Trump has said about it that was true. Sorry for pointing out the fact that your god has feet of clay.

    1. Ramon1710 . says:

      Presenting data to support your claims will make you look less like a name calling 7 year old, troll.

      1. bobnstuff says:
        Look at the details, Dates and Times, Facts. You may attack who reported it but these facts are everywhere.

        1. Triple J Jackson says:

          Look just because what their research shows he is off Not Lieing. And he may be the one telling the truth and their number may be off. The sad part is if Hillary was awake when Chris Stephens E-mail her and called her And she just Flat out ignored his request for help. That should make every one terrified of that Evil witch ! What happened to no man left behind.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I think it’s a pretty safe guess that she was awake at 3:45 pm when it all started and it was pretty much over by 11:00 pm. In all those hearings they never found the government at fault for their action, each time the government was cleared and this was by republicans. You need to remember it was night there but afternoon and evening in Washington. There was no three AM call on this one.

          2. Triple J Jackson says:

            So your point is she just ignored him and let him be murderd. And told the special forces troops that we’re ready to go on the tarmac loaded up to go, To STAND DOWN! And then blamed it on a damn video and lied to all the Family’s. I can keep going. But my point is The truth is She is a evil traitor no matter if she was asleep or not. And she has and does take money from Terrorist Ran countrys And she has ran up the debt. So you defending her is like defending Ted Bundy and saying he didn’t cut those girls up with a hatchet he used a knife.
            What that woman has done and will do is terrible and wrong and the ignorant people that defend her Or vote for her are just dirt bags. Hell even the gays are starting to wise up and see she is using them for votes and then bringing Muslims here And placing them close to them so they can kill at will without having to go far.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            No stand down order was given. Hillary couldn’t have given it if she had wanted to, she was Sec. of State not Sec. of Defense. She can’t order the military to do anything.

          4. Triple J Jackson says:

            That’s not what the Soldiers said that were waiting on the green light and if you don’t think She gives the orders to clear the help then Why did The request sent to HER get ignored by Her? She and who ever else were letting that happen for a reason. And then to lie to the whole country about it blaming it on a ANTI video is all Her. So keep drinking the koolaid but the truth is that bitch is neck deep involved. And The only people that don’t see it just keep their eyes closed. If Trump would have had anything to do with that he would have been in prison.
            But hey “What difference does it make ” per Hillary Clinton. I guess your going to tell me she didn’t say that either.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Those hero’s that were trying to get on a plane that had no orders to do it and who were sent to guard the embassy, you mean those guy. Stevens call the chief of station who then called for help. The military was called in and at that point it was their job. Check the record, we have paid millions to get those facts. Once they arrested the people involved they said they used the demonstration over the video as cover.

            The What difference does it make was over nit picking that did not change things, It wasn’t dismissing Stevens death.

            You choose to believe a story which has been proven false but supports you point of view. You don’t care that four men are dead, you just want to attack Clinton.

            Look at the facts, these were the people running things.

          6. Triple J Jackson says:

            Look here you son of a bitch don’t tell me I don’t care that those Americans were Murderd ! I’d beat the living shit out of you if I was with in reach of your dumb ass.And another thing you are getting you fucking information from CBS who got it from who Hillary and Obama let them get it from. I got mine from A high Ranked Soldier that I trust and have trusted with my life before. Now go watch CBS And drink bleach. And I hope one day you need help and no one comes for you. I think about people like you and It makes me sick that I have lost so many brothers defending your stupid blind ass.

          7. bobnstuff says:

            You sure didn’t care enough to dig for facts, you except the crap that right wing talk radio feeds you. Do you even know what killed Stevens or where he died. Have you bothered to look at a map to see the location and what it would have taken to get there. Can you even find Libya on a map? You believe what supports your world view and claim anything that doesn’t is a lie. You do know that there have been a number of hearings dealing with this event and try as they like they can;’t pin any real blame on the President or Clinton. Do you even understand that the last person that would be giving orders in this case would be a non military person. Take the time and go looking for facts. Ask your High Ranked Soldier about chain of command and who can give orders to who. As far as defending our country, there has never been a war my family hasn’t fought in. Also from your comment you didn’t even bother to see who was talking in the piece. Yes you really cared.

          8. Triple J Jackson says:

            I’ve been t her you piece of shit! And don’t tell me how orders are given and don’t tell me about your “facts” I spent enough time taking orders from C.O.s that we’re handed down from Washington from politicians that surly had no idea what was going on. And I’m done with you go look up Crap on msn or Google or CBS or what ever Fantasy fact Crap you dig you doctored numbers from. I know how the system works and I know exactly how shit rolls down hill. I feel for your family for being service men and having a liberal snot blues buss riding candy ass like you. And I know this because I don’t know Any that’s not one in the service that can stand Hillary from the grunts to secret service that has had detail with her.
            Piss off puke!

          9. bobnstuff says:

            You are a jack ass aren’t you. Just to be fair I will give you one last piece on this so you might just understand the facts of the matter. Here are three time lines of the events of the night.




            These are some of the hundreds of articles I have read on the subject. The Daily Kos is the best one that is short enough for you to read but still gives good details. You will notice in everyone one help was sent. Take the time and educate yourself. Just for the record I’m not a librial, I just don’t like lies. Ambassdor Chris Stevens deserves the truth to be told and his death should not be used as a weapon to attack those he served.

          10. Triple J Jackson says:

            There you go again punk boy. With the Washington post liberal lies. Your the Jack ass. Why don’t you go sign up go to Paris island and to the sand box and see how thing’s truly are.
            There’s nothing like Being 60 feet up with pressure busting your drums in a bird to make you see the truth. Oh and by the way Libya is a pure shit hole just like the rest of those shit hole countrys. Which your Queen wants to make the best country in The world like. America for Trump the Armed forces for Trump the police for TRUMP The free people for TRUMP Hell even the Gays are for Trump now. And the liberals illegal aliens and Muslims for Hillary. What does that say?

          11. bobnstuff says:

            No one in my family has ever chosen to become guards. We Go Army. Also who wants to be a grunt. Now Trump knows what it’s like to be in the military, he went to a private military school. He has a great record of serving our country. Now you claim we aren’t the best country in the world. Well what country do you think is better? Go ahead give a countries name and then go move there.

          12. Triple J Jackson says:

            You stupid Jack ass. I said your queen wants to make the best country in the world like those shit holes you want to bring those terrorist here from.
            America is the greatest country in the world !
            That’s your problem you think You know what your talking about. And you ain’t never served or you would feel the same way about Hillary. That witch won’t even let a man in uniform be in her sight because she hates America just like Obama.

          13. Timothy Raffety says:

            Triple J Jackson I’m on your side of this argument, I just watched Hannity on Fox news a couple of nights ago, his guest was a Navy Seal who was in charge of his Seal team on those Black Hawk helicopters, just sitting there with their rotors going almost full take off speed waiting for the go ahead order to come down from Killary, she told them to stand down, not to proceed with any mission to the Embassy, he talked to her on a secure line(radio) and asked what would she do if they went ahead anyway? Her answer was that she’d see their military careers ruined and all of them in Leavenworth if they dis-obeyed her orders. That my friend is straight out of the mouth of a Navy Seal on what really went down. I think that I’d tend to believe someone who was actually on the blackhawks then I’d believe any news medias lies. So I wouldn’t try to argue with a SHITHEAD like bobnstuff, ya cain’t reason with dip shits with their heads so far up their ass all they know is shit. Take care my Patriot Brother, I also was in the U.S. Army “68-70”, 1st-35th Inf, Div.!st. Rifle Company 2nd. Platoon, came out a Specialist 4.

          14. Triple J Jackson says:

            Yes I knew this before the media ever talked to those seals. I still have quite a few that come hunt with me every year. And I know what happened but it’s like telling a donkey he’s a donkey when he thinks he’s a son of triple crown stud.
            When the truth is he’s a straight Donkey half of a Jack ass!
            Thank you brother for your time in the jungle. I was over in the 90s and it was just as bad then too. These conflicts do nothing but make politicians rich and get our men good young men killed. Just so piss ants can be a Jack ass.

          15. Jan123456 says:

            Bob, this is one I keep in my hip pocket as it can’t be discredited as “lame stream media”. Just read the executive summary and the “Finding #s”


          16. Jan123456 says:

            Even the GOP led House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’s investigation into Benghazi said there was no stand down order and no denial of security.

            Just read as little as the executive summary on the first couple pages here.


            How exactly did she “run up the debt”?

        2. Ramon1710 . says:

          MSN, yeah, that’s a real credible source, troll.

          Sure, everywhere.


          1. bobnstuff says:

            The facts don’t change. All you need is a clock and map with time zones on it.

  • Dan says:

    Donald Trump is a Patriot! Calling this evil bitch out for her scandals and crimes is something none of the other candidates have done. They’re all cowards. Make America Great Again…VOTE DONALD TRUMP!

  • Tiger says:

    Trump gave a speech that was the best ever, in my books by a candidate taking out, with truth, with facts one right after the other his opposition. He is the first candidate, in my lifetime who tells it like it is, doesn’t hold back like McCain or Romney and takes the varnish off the table to show the rot it covers underneath.

    People in this country have one last chance, it won’t change our devious process of electing a president but it might even overcome it and force the procedures to crumble. If the people of this country, overwhelmingly vote for Trump this will be interesting.

    I once trusted Comey, the head of the FBI to do the right thing and actually thought he would get Hillary, but after I saw him yesterday being in with Lynch on the Orlando attempted cover-up I know that won’t happen.

    This country is quickly sliding into the Communist hole of dark, dank and stinking times for the people.

  • Shelly Shannon says:

    Go Trump!!!

  • Rick says:


    1. Tiger says:

      I once thought Hillary would be convicted due to Comey being an honest man with dignity. But yesterday I saw him standing with Lynch who said he and the police chief in Florida were in total agreement about scrubbing the posts by the terrorist in Orlando and changing the story.

      Comey has turned on O many times and I was stunned at this proclamation. What kind of threats does the O administration utter to take out the honor of a once good man? This was a wake-up call for me. Something is drastically and deeply wrong with this and our country.

      1. Timothy Raffety says:

        Most likely they threatened his family or someone very close to him, beware of the men in black suits and dark sunglasses, they do exist, ask Jesse Ventura.

        1. Tiger says:

          Yes they do exist and out in the boonies where I live my neighbor has seen them along with the black choppers. He has pictures. They were checking up on him he is a sky watcher and was using a huge light to shine up and send signals.

          Well today O got his jaws slapped the Supreme Court upheld his immigration protection EO unconstitutional and won’t stand. Clear evidence he should be impeached.

          1. Timothy Raffety says:

            My Mom and I both agree that impeachment proceedings need to be implemented ASAP, Hussein can do a whole helluva lot of damage in his last 6+ months in office, the longer we wait the more damage done, just like cancer, if left untreated death comes, and that’s what’ll happen to America, klintoon and hussein are a cancer that is starting to metastasize,then it’ll be a lot harder to cut out and eradicate.

          2. Tiger says:

            I am in full agreement and it needs to happen but I can’t see it with this cowardly bunch.

          3. Alan Doud says:

            It is already too late. The corrupt have taken total control. The cancer is full blown. In another time O would have been impeached long ago.

          4. Retired says:

            No ,Removed from office.

          5. Tiger says:

            Whatever it takes.

          6. John E Strom Jr. says:

            Which, as usual, he will ignore. Where is the gutless Paul Ryan? Working to undermine Donsld Trump. This country is sick and it includes almost ALL Democrats AND Republicans.

          7. Tiger says:

            The entire kitnkaboodle needs a taking out.

            The UK sure told Cameron and the EU now our turn to tell O and the Progressives and the UN to take it somewhere else. We don’t want it.

            Now all over Europe, including the UK people are praising Trump. They like his message and we are all in the same boat with these Tyrants.

          8. John E Strom Jr. says:

            We CAN get rid of TWO worthless establishment GOP types. Gutless Paul Ryan has a primary challenger named Paul Nehlen who is a true conservative. If any of you want to see Paul Ryan DUMPED now is the change. Send him some $$$. The other idiot is John McCain, the number one turncoat in the senate. He is being challenged by Dr. Kelli Ward in the primary and she could use some $$$ too.
            We need to clean the barn out – to many jackasses!

          9. Tiger says:

            Good information.

          10. Timothy Raffety says:

            Tiger I thought that you might like this one! My wife and I stepped out of a cafe and noticed a cop writing a parking ticket. We went up to the cop and I said, come on man, how about giving a senior citizen a break? He ignored us and continued writing the ticket. I couldn’t help myself…. I called him a butthole. He glared at me and began writing another ticket for having worn out tires. So my wife called him a scumbag. He finished writing the second ticket and put it on the windshield along with the first, then he started writing more tickets. This went on for about 20 minutes, the more we abused him, the more tickets he wrote. He finally finished, sneered at us and walked away. Just then our bus arrived…. so we got on it and went on our way. We always look for cars with “Hillary 2016” bumper stickers. We try to have a little fun each day now that we’re retired. It’s so important to have fun at our age!!!

          11. Tiger says:

            This is the funniest thing I have ever in my days read in a long long time.

            Love it.

          12. Timothy Raffety says:

            Did you get on that link I sent you TPNN?

          13. Tiger says:

            Hey Timothy no I didn’t was it deleted? You know where to send it for me to get it. ;p

      2. Retired says:

        They are all afraid of racial repercussion if the truth comes out, just look at who are US born converts to the Muslim crowd..

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          You have a point, but they are making it worse, and they are creating a hatred towards Muslims. I have to wonder at times if this is deliberate, or just another example of shear p c stupidity.

          1. Retired says:

            It was reported already in the 80s that the Muslim was the fastest growing Religion in the US and no one was paying attention.

          2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            No one paid any attention to it, probably because most people didn’t know anything about it. Far too many people probably equated Arabs with oil, Belly Dancing, Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves, camels, and pyramids. I will bet that less then 25% of the U S population even knew where the middle east was/is.
            Then too, in the late 1960’s when the Egypt/ Israel War took place Islam was even mentioned. If it wasn’t for the illegal drug culture Afghanistan, and Lebanon might have remained nameless.
            Wonderful education system in this country, isn’t it.

          3. Retired says:

            You got it right with our education system.

          4. Abel says:

            That’s what happens when you hire Communist/Socialist teachers and allow it to expand without saying anything, giving a Socialist/Muslim government the power to control the educational system. I doubt 25% of the people in this country have any idea of what they believe, or what their Qur’an and their “Prophet” tells them to do. I can’t feature why women citizens of the USA, with their many privileges and freedoms, wanting to revert to Sharia laws and be beaten by their husbands; it can only be through their ignorance of Islamic/Muslim people, IMO.

          5. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            heck of a good question.

          6. Retired says:

            PC stupidity is the worst offender and some is deliberate.

        2. Tiger says:

          Hummm I wonder.

      3. John E Strom Jr. says:

        Why do you think Obama, THE most partisan president EVER, would pick a white Republican – known to be a straight arrow? Obama most likely has dirt on Comey and Comey has just become another useful idiot for Obama to cover up the murder of Justice Scalia, defame Apple [to draw our focus away from both Hillary’s crimes and the murder of Scalia? Obama and the Clintons are both evil and corrupt. All have committed treason but who is going to hold them accountable? Only Trump IF we can get him elected. Otherwise, [to quote Ann Coulter] it’s Adios, America.

        1. Tiger says:

          Because Comey has gone against O several times and bucked him. That is why. But for the rest yes all true. Only hope is Trump for sure. Only candidate to ever come forward, address issues that nobody wanted him to touch, continues to expose all the dirty laundry in the Establishment and to take this country and might I add, Europe by storm.

          Europe drowning in refugees, crime waves and rapes and trouble by the scores, no weapons, no second amendment now talking about it and wanting it and needing a Trump.

          He is a miracle in and of himself but it will be by Almighty intervention or a Civil War to get him in.

          1. John E Strom Jr. says:

            Tiger, I beg to differ re James Comey. I know of NO instance where FBI Director Comey has “bucked” Barack Obama. Not once. He was chosen to deliver the body – in this case Obama did some long range planning to sink his talons into the United States Supreme Court and needed someone with [supposedly] pristine credentials to do the job. I seriously doubt the Clinton FBI investigation will amount to a hill of beans. He’s there to stall for time. He also provided cover for the assassination/murder of Justice Antonin Scalia which was probably carried out by Hillary Clinton re Sydney Blumenthal who has been her hatchet man for decades. Why would every thread of her e-mail scandal or the Clinton Foundation or the Clinton Global Initiative need to be ‘nailed’ down? Not to mention 91 dead bodies – or 92 if I’m correct about Scalia. The stench of the Clintons and Obama is telling. If Hillary wins – and the GOP seem bound and determined to make THAT happen – the country as we know it is gone. Probably forever. The court will be packed with leftists and that will be the end of the 1st amendment and the 2nd as well.

          2. Tiger says:

            When the California terror attack happened O called Comey in and tried to make him down play it but Comey called it Terrorism anyway. Comey went before congress and told them how dangerous the refugees are and he, in front of O called the problem Radical Islam.

            But as to the rest he is proving to be our enemy all the way.

          3. John E Strom Jr. says:

            Hi Tiger, Thanks for your post.

            I’ve been gone for a few weeks so I missed that. Still it’s taken way too long for Comey to conclude the e-mail issue – unless there is treason involved – which I believe there is. If there is my guess is it will be covered up if Hillary agrees to step aside and Biden becomes the nominee and she end up as a Supreme Court justice or some other cushy position. This whole thing stinks to high heaven and Obama is lower than a snake’s belly.

          4. Tiger says:

            Agree with everything you say. That is why when he showed his true colors with Lynch I was shocked. Sadly surprised.

            I always said she would not be the candidate and thought it would be Biden/Warren.

            As to the snake O is the very exiting portion of the snake.

          5. Jan123456 says:

            unless there is treason involved – which I believe there is.

            What actions meet the Constitutional definition of “treason”?

          6. John E Strom Jr. says:

            Hi Jan,
            The current fool in the White House he’s violated his oath of office on multiple occasions. His MAIN duty is to “Defend and protect the United States of America from ALL enemies, foreign or domestic.” He has failed. In fact he has purposely violated his oath of office by keeping our borders unsecured and by facilitating the Syrian refugees who we KNOW have terrorists imbedded and made NO attempt to sort them out.

          7. Jan123456 says:

            John, Have you ever tried to enter the US from overseas? If so, I don’t see how you can say that our borders are “open”.

            That being said, you said you believe he has committed treason. Please read the US Constitution and tell me how he has met its definition.

          8. John E Strom Jr. says:

            Are you serious? Illegals stroll across the border my the millions. Others come on visas and just forget to go back home. The government claims there are 11-12 million illegals here. It’s more than 30 million illegals here in the USA and the government lies to us. Have I travelled overseas? Yes, I’ve travelled to well over 100 countries and all seven continents.

            I suggest you review what is meant by our borders being open. They ARE open.

          9. Jan123456 says:

            They are not open. Neither is every inch constantly monitored.

            I suggest you review what is meant by open. Go to Europe and drive from Germany to Belgium to France. You don’t even have to downshift when crossing the boarders.

    2. Dolores Adams says:

      I listen to Judge Jeanine Pirro on FOX news and the last one I heard was that H.Clinton would not be indicted for her crimes. Too many dumbocrats and Obama are behind her. I sure hope she is wrong. The Clinton’s have gotten away with too many illegal things and need to pay for their crimes.

      1. Jan123456 says:

        The Clinton’s have gotten away with too many illegal things

        Please provide evidence of “too many illegal things”. Sources appreciated.

        Yesterday, Trump was interviewed by Jake Tapper and stated that Hillary’s server had been hacked. When pressed for details, he gave a “well, people have said that” type of answer. No proof, no facts, no nothing.

        Do you have anything better?

        1. John E Strom Jr. says:

          Jan123456, you sound like one of those fools, after Clinton’s impeachment, who would willingly offer Bill Clinton oral sex. You are eyeless in wonderland.

          I’d be interested in your explanation, for example, about those 91 bodies of people – mostly young – who died under strange circumstances. Or is that 92 bodies! This American (that’s me) thinks Hillary “helped” Justice Antonin Scalia assume room temperature. What a convenient death, giving Hussein Obama, the chance to pack the Supreme Court.

          1. Jan123456 says:

            OK, John. We will go one by one.

            Scalia. Why do you believe Hillary was involved in his death? Give me any evidence that she was involved in the death of a 79 year old overweight diabetic who was also a heavy smoker with COPD and was confirmed to have coronary heart disease as well as sleep apnea by the attending physician for Congress and SCOTUS, Rear Adm. Brian P. Monahan. (btw, average life expectancy for males in the US is 77 years)



          2. John E Strom Jr. says:

            One by one? OK , let’s give this s try. Hillary has a BIG e-mail problem. A HUGE problem which probably includes a laundry list of crimes including espionage, extortion, influence peddling, racketeering, treason and murder to name a few. Evidence? Well there ARE those 55,000 e-mails she tried to hide! Can you
            spell “Gucifer”? Or Russia? Both of whom hacked her home brewed server. Then there are her lies about turning over ALL of her e-mails (a lie) and those 2200 e-mails (at least) classified Secret, Top Secret and ABOVE Top Secret that she and her minions handled and mishandled. Finally there are those 91 dead bodies. Or is that 92 dead bodies that were mostly young sho were close to the Clintons.

            Then you have corrupt Barack Hussein Obama who would KILL for a third Supreme Court pick
            which would “lock” the Supreme Court for decades. He would have a SOLID five leftist votes against just TWO conservative.

            For calling “the phuking dogs” (Hillary’s own words – slightly different spelling) she would do
            Obama a solid. She would “off” Justice Antonin Scalia and Zobama would back FBI Directir off of her e-mail scandal. One filthy hand washing the other.

          3. Jan123456 says:

            Your original subject had to do with 92 bodies. Can we finish that one (start by giving me the next body for which you have done zero independent research and only accept right wing conspiracy theories) so i can do it for you.

            Then we can go on to other subjects.

            Although I can’t resist asking those who have no technical expertise…what does “home brewed” mean? (btw, I recently retired from a Fortune 100 Company in which I spent 25 years in IT, the last five in Corporate IT security)

          4. John E Strom Jr. says:

            Jan123456, I’m sure working in the mail room for those 25 years gained you a great retirement. Go impress someone who has no brains.
            Home brewed? Not too swift are you. How about Hillary’s Rube Goldberg server. Comprehend?
            With your expertise you should be able to handle a Google search for those 91 bodies surrounding the Clinton Crime Family but I doubt you’re interested. You’re one of those bimbos who would willingly give BJ’s to Bill Clinton.

          5. Jan123456 says:

            So, all it looks like is you can make accusations with not one shred of evidence to support. Why am I not surprised that you not only have NOTHING to link Hillary to Scalia, you also can’t present anything on the other 91. Because nothing exists. Googling for non-existent information is futile. You know it and I know it.

            And you have no idea how to describe exactly what “home brewed” means. All you can do is mindlessly parrot a term used by others.

            And when all you have is ad hominem attacks, you have admitted defeat. Surrender accepted.

          6. John E Strom Jr. says:

            Piss off you left wing apologist.

          7. Jan123456 says:


          8. John E Strom Jr. says:

            That is easy for you – you’re ALL ass. Adios

        2. Dolores Adams says:

          I wish I could. I looked for the info that I received and couldn’t find it. I received new info and it wasn’t the same, so I guess I tossed the old one. Listen to Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox news and she will tell you a lot of
          things about Hillary Clinton.

          1. Jan123456 says:

            Delores, Doesn’t there seem something odd that you can sincerely believe the Clintons got away with “too many illegal things”, yet you can’t come up with a single one?

            I have listened to Judge Jeanine as recently as last night. However, you cannot call her (or the Fox network itself) an objective source for information on the Clintons or Obama, for that matter. I read Pirro’s article on Hillary…yet nothing she wrote is specific and targeted. Like most anti-Hillary rhetoric, it has no independent, first hand information. It just uses the common pejoratives.

            Read below my response to John Strom on his allegation that Hillary was involved in Scalia’s death. He also had zero evidence, just repeated rumors.


          2. Dolores Adams says:

            I couldn’t find my information, so had to go on line and do a search. Here’s what I found:
            1.Clinton turns IRS into Gestapo
            2. Covering Bill’s dirty deeds
            3. Looting the white house
            4. Filegate: FBI files on GOP enemies
            5. Hillary’s muslim brotherhood princess’

          3. Jan123456 says:

            Delores, I read wnd also and this is just a list basically cut and pasted from that right wing site, hardly impartial on the Clintons.

            If you do research on these…from independent sites, you will see that the wnd view has been debunked. Let me give you just a few of the easier ones.

            1. Shockingly, the IRS’s intimidation tactics continue into
            the Bush administration, which has failed to sack Clinton’s IRS Commissioner Charles Rosotti.


            Trump complains about being audited for 12 straight years…then under whose administration did this START.

            What you need to give me is a quid pro quo…audits happen. Especially if they’re complicated and involved large income and deductions.

            2. The “looting” of the whitehouse were items that were items that belonged to the Clintons. The pieces did not arrive until after the Clintons did.


            3 Vince Foster’s death was determined by a coroner, the DOJ, the FBI and the Robert Fisk invesitgation and the Ken Starr investigation to be a suicide. What’s your point?

            4. Clinton body count…it included dozens of people who perished with an acquaintance in a plane crash as well as Vince Foster – see above. Are they somehow responsible for every acquaintance that has died?

            5. No, she was not fired. Jerry Zeifman said he did not have flattering memories of her (fwiw, he didn’t have flattering membories of many on the committee) and “if I could have fired her, I would have”, but did not. The assignment only ended when the committee’s work completed.

            BOORTZ: You fired her, didn’t you?

            ZEIFMAN: Well, let me put it this way. I terminated her, along with some other staff members who were — we no longer needed, and advised her that I would not — could not recommend her for any further positions.

            6. E-mailgate – boy if Trey Gowdy could have included any wrongdoing on her part in the last Benghazi investigation, he sure would have. The report (section 5) talks about the server, but no evidence she did anything wrong.

      2. John E Strom Jr. says:

        That is why we need to elect Donald Trump. Hillary is guilty of many crimes. A president “may” pardon her for some crimes but I don’t think he can pardon her for either murder or treason. I think she may well be guilty of both AND the good news – there is no statute of limitations on either crime. The other bit of good news, if we elect Donald Trump, Obama can’t pardon himself and HE is guilty of treason as well. Let us hope Donald Trump is elected.

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