Trump blasts ‘out of control’ media for ignoring early successes

President Trump struck back at the news media and mounted a defense of his still-young administration Thursday, saying the press was “out of control” with attacks on him, and that the White House was running like a “fine-tuned machine.”

At a hastily arranged press conference, Mr. Trump accused news organizations of ignoring his successes and attempting to undermine him with “fake news,” saying that much of the news media was working to protect the special interests and status quo in Washington that he was elected to destroy.

“The media’s trying to attack our administration because they know we are following through on pledges that we made, and they’re not happy about it,” he said at the freewheeling press conference, where he answered questions from a variety of new outlets for more than an hour.

“I see [news] stories of chaos, chaos, yet it is the exact opposite,” said Mr. Trump. “This administration is running like a fine-tuned machine despite the fact that I can’t get my Cabinet approved.”

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  • Bob says:

    Chump’s only success so far, is hiding his TAX RETURNS FROM AMERICANS AND AVOIDING PRISON FOR RAPE CHARGES!!

    1. ABO says:

      Oh great yet another lefty moron.

      1. Bob says:

        Great response WHEN YOU HAVE NO RESPONSE, skippy!!!!

  • Walter Flatt says:











    In 2013, the Boston Marathon Bombing resulted in 4 Innocent people, (including a child) being killed and 264 people injured by Muslim males.


    15. In 2002, reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and beheaded by – you guessed it – a Muslim male. (Plus two other American journalists who were just recently beheaded ).

    14. In 2002, the United States fought a war in Afghanistan against Muslim males.

    13. On 9/11/01, four airliners were hijacked; two were used as missiles to take down the World Trade Centers and of the remaining two, one crashed into the US Pentagon and the other was diverted and crashed by the passengers. Thousands of people were killed by Muslim men, women and children. Shootin, blowing themselves up, knives, etc. they are out to kill all who will not convert to them.

    12. In 1998, the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by Muslim males.

    11. In 1993, the World Trade Center was bombed the first time by Muslim males.

    10. In 1988, PanAm Flight 103 was bombed by Muslim males.

    9. In 1985, TWA flight 847 was hijacked at Athens, and a US Navy diver trying to rescue passengers was murdered by Muslim males.

    8. In 1985, the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked and a 70-year old American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard in his wheelchair by Muslim males.

    7. In 1983, the US Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by Muslim males.

    6. During the 1980 ‘s a number of Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon by Muslim males.

    5. In 1979, the US embassy in Iran was taken over by Muslim males.

    4. In 1973, a PanAm 707 was destroyed in Rome, with 33 people killed, when it was attacked with grenades by Muslim males.

    3. In 1972, a PanAm 747 was hijacked and eventually diverted to Cairo where a fuse was lit on final approach. Shortly after landing it was blown up by Muslim males.

    2. In 1972, at the Munich Olympics, Israeli athletes were kidnapped and massacred by Muslim males.

    1. In 1968, Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by a Muslim male. 47 years since 1968 and this just keeps going on and on. These events are actual events from history. THEY REALLY HAPPENED AND IS STILL GOING ON TODAY TRUMPS RIGHT AGAIN.

    Islam is a terrorist way of saying we are going to kill you infidels.
    barack Hussein Obama cannot say Islamic terrorism BEDCAUSE HE IS ONE.

    We Can’t Seem To Pinpoint The Problem ALL THE BELOW WAS MUSLIMS,

    The Shoe Bomber
    The Beltway Snipers
    The Fort Hood Shooter
    The underwear Bomber
    The U-S.S. Cole Bombers
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    The Bali Nightclub Bombers
    The London Subway Bombers
    The Moscow Theater Attackers
    The Boston Marathon Bombers
    The Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers
    The Air France Entebbe Hijackers
    The Iranian Embassy Takeover,
    The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers
    The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack
    The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers
    The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers
    The Kenyan US, Embassy Bombers
    The Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers
    The Beirut Marine Barracks bombers
    The Besian Russian School Attackers
    The first World Trade Center Bombers
    The Bombay & Mumbai India Attackers
    The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers
    The September 11th 2001 Airline Hijackers


    Islamic Jihad :
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  • Lindapmueller says:

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  • roboteq says:

    President Trump is a wealthy 70 year old with a beautiful family. He does not need to cater to anyone in order to set up a better future for himself. It appears the only thing President Trump wants for himself is a legacy of having been a president who did good for the nation that allowed him to have such a blessed life. The media is backing the wrong horse by backing Progressive liberals who are not going to benefit the media over the next…4 years minimum, most probably 8 years and possibly, with Pence, up to 16 years.

  • Tiger says:

    Today found out what Obama did 17 days before he left office. We know now he set it up for information to be shred by NSA with 16 MORE agencies so an inside Coup is going on. The main media working with O, the Democrats working with him, all stalling on Trump’s nominations, all continue talking Russian Connection, Unfit to Serve, Impeachment because the leaks are so huge with so many people able now to check all information sooner or later they believe they will succeed.

    Take a look. Good that Trump asked the Justice Department to find those who leaked. Now many Whistlblowers coming out to tell truth. Won’t be Russiangate, will be Leakygate.

  • Jim says:

    That is President Trump, even this release is disrespectful!
    What I want the Media and the so called Protestors ( I call them Domestic Terrorist) is: WHY DON’T YOU WANT AMERICA ….
    #1 SAFE AGAIN?
    #9 W H Y ?

    When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe .
    Thomas Jefferson

    The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.
    Thomas Jefferson

    It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.
    Thomas Jefferson

    I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.
    Thomas Jefferson

    1. ABO says:

      Well done Jim, accurate and very well presented. Thank you.

      1. Jim says:

        Your welcome , and Thank you!

  • Luke says:

    They’re not used to reporting on success stories, there were none from the previous administration..

  • Webb says:

    Liberal MSM are only interested in the petty things…
    Not the effort Trump is putting time in on…Nothing yesterday on the Coal Miners Jobs. Nothing about Democrats Obstruction on Cabinet Picks…
    Liberal MSM and The Democrats are going Nuts trying to Vilify Trump…
    30 days of The Trump administration…has surely Upset The Apple cart in DC and Liberal MSM…Thanks Trump!

  • Rick D. says:

    I find it interesting that the liberals tout that they are the party that endorses free speech, tolerance, love-not-hate, etc., yet they are the ones who speak in hateful tones and write scathing criticisms of anyone (and most notably Trump) whose political beliefs and affiliations are different from them.

    1. Anouk says:

      Most of the liberals are a bunch of ugly hypocrites.

    2. ABO says:

      Liberals are not in the least tolerant or inclusive as they claim to be and are in fact the very definition of bigotry; hatred or complete intolerance for any creed belief or opinion that differs from one’s own. They prove themselves bigoted by way of their own actions.

      1. Rick D. says:

        Very well put. I agree with you completely. Liberals are only liberal if you support their distorted perceptions of life.

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    President Trump’s first 100 days are going smoother than the muslim communist’s did, in spite of the immature and inaccurate representation of the situation by our communist mainstream media.

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    ‘Making America great again’ is more than Trump pumping out Executive Orders, the biggest of which was rejected as illegal by courts. Meanwhile congress has no bills from the administration to save Social Security, expand jobs, or any other ‘promise’ by campaigner Trump. It’s a big scam by Trump and Ryan who have done virtually nothing of importance to America.

    1. Webb says:

      . “It’s a big scam by Trump and Ryan who have done virtually nothing of importance to America.”
      Wrong…They Won The Election!!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        So you believe Trump’s bragging that after 28 days in office he’s fulfilling promises? What has he accomplished? Be specific. Ryan wants to voucherize medicare, unadvisable and desired by nobody in America. Both camps only talk about tax reform, healthcare fixing. Nothing of substance after congress under Republicans for 6 years; nothing by Trump due to inept nominees and incumbents in White House and office.
        You are simply equating election as a success–nonsense.

    2. gvette says:

      LMAO… a court that has been over turned so much, they get dizzy! In case you don’t really get it, you DemonFucks go out judge shopping when you see something you don’t like. You demonRATS don’t care about the country. You care about power. Well, you lost it. Why? People are tired of losers!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        You’d have to be specific about 9th District overturns for anything meaningful for discussion. That was not the only court coast to coast that rejected Muslim ban, so broaden your perspective.
        Despite the juvenile name calling, you are ignoring that congress stole a SCOTUS judge from Obama. Wrong move.
        I’ve thrived under both parties and now am retired. It’s not due to losing anything. Partisan nonsense you spout about ‘caring’. Where was the Republican congressional care by running up the national debt to $15 trillion? Where was the care in deregulating Wall St. so they crashed the economy in 2008?
        You aren’t very perceptive about sources of trauma for Americans like me.

        1. gvette says:

          From the Nation review.Although recent years have seen other circuits competing with the Ninth Circuit for the title of “Most Reversed,” the Ninth still appears to hold the unquestioned title. The Ninth Circuit’s best showing in recent years was October Term 2009, with a 60 percent reversal rate in the 15 cases on which certiorari was granted. The Sixth Circuit got the prize for highest reversal rate that year, with seven cases resulting in seven reversals, while the Seven Circuit came in a close second (91 percent reversal rate in eleven cases).

          But in 2010, perhaps seeking to reclaim its position at the top of the heap, the Ninth Circuit was reversed a startling 19 times (79 percent), three times as many reversals as most circuits had cases before the Supreme Court. The same pattern continued in the 2011 (71 percent) and 2012 terms (86 percent), when the Ninth Circuit was reversed more than twice as many times as most circuits had cases before the Court.
          As for the crash in 2008, you might want to look at the timeline from Billy’s housing bubble.
          Oh, and the debt is 20 Trillion. That also equates to the 124 trillion of unfunded federal debt

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Reversal rates only signify that circuit decisions are farther to the center than the conservative Supreme Court. It’s immaterial as a rule; one must specify the case to have a meaningful discussion.
            Banks are responsible for vetting mortgage applicants. There are standard guidelines for income and expenses that were violated–the banks’ faults. Clinton had nothing to do with each loan, enough of which were insubstantial and forfeited when the economy crashed and millions of jobs were lost quickly. The bubble maxed at about 2005-6, well before bank failures starting with Lehman. It’s a common misunderstanding of bubbles and economic turns.
            Obama added about $5 trillion to the Bush residual. Where do you get the 124 T debt figure from as it’s not a common metric.

          2. gvette says:

            You are so funny when you are wrong. Specific cases. The case doesn’t matter Bill. What the fuck do you drink? you’d better stop, it’s fucking up your ability to look at facts, and understand them. Over turns are over turns. Period. In terms even you can understand, they were wrong! I was wrong.
            As for the unfunded debt, I stand corrected. It’s 127 trillion.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            Still no source for the 127 T???
            Deliberately or not, you overlook differences in political slants of courts. 9th on West Coast is more liberal; SCOTUS on appeal is more conservative (till last year).

          4. gvette says:

            You’re suppose to be smart. Can you type in current unfunded federal debt in your browser? Is that to much for your education level?

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            No problem here. States are taking care of business. My own state-of-record gets awards for excellence in management. Since states are the culprits you reference in Forbes, and most of them are Republican dominated in governance, it’s a choice of giving fat cat donors tax breaks in the state budget OR slowly raising the funding for retirees. You figure out the politics. No state will default on payments and most will continue to raise COLAs Cost of Living Increases frequently. Why are you worried?

          6. gvette says:

            One of the other fun things I check, are the unfunded debt, of those states you think are doing so well. Turns out, they aren’t. One of my favorites is CA. Moonbeam Brown. 400 billion. I think that’s a DemonRAT state!

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            It bears repeating; there’s no problem there. States under their own laws are resolving unfunded debt, faster or slower, sooner or later. Each state has it’s own drumbeat.

  • CBUJAN says:

    Republican President Donald Trump has held office for just three weeks, and yet the shameful liberal media is doing all it can to proclaim his presidency a failure. Consider this OpEd in today’s New York Times:
    But here are the accomplishments of the Trump Administration that the liberal media either choose to ignore, discount or discredit as cited by radio host Sean Hannity:

    * Nominated strict Constitutionalist Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court
    * Ordered federal agencies to ease the burden of ObamaCare
    * Taken action to freeze new impending regulations
    * Withdrew the U.S. from the flawed Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal
    * Instituted a federal government hiring freeze
    * Banned U.S. NGO’s from receiving federal funds to provide abortions abroad
    * Signed executive actions advancing the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines
    * Ordered construction of a border wall
    * Issued an executive action to strip federal money from sanctuary cities
    * Moved to implement extreme vetting of refugees from terror hotspots
    * Issued an executive action to rebuild the military
    * Ordered the Pentagon to draft a decisive plan to defeat ISIS
    * Imposed a five-year lobbying ban for administration officials

    Now think back to the first few weeks of the Obama administration, when he took office in 2008. At that time the media was running report after report citing Republicans, including the RNC Chairman, who denounced conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, because Limbaugh said he hoped Obama failed in his efforts to implement radical liberal policies.

    Do you see endless media reports today denouncing Democrats for their efforts to derail the Trump Administration and GOP Congress? No. Instead we are told that the Trump administration has already failed – as liberals organize a new impeachment drive against Trump.

    We’ve been telling you how we saw the exact same type of efforts being used to try and de-legitimize Scott Walker in Wisconsin when he tried to implement conservative reforms. And we rallied support to push back against liberals in Wisconsin, and we’d like to replicate those efforts too rally support for the Trump/Pence administration and the GOP Congress.

    1. Ramon1710 . says:

      Going to the NYT for political information is like going to a toddler for advice about life.

      1. gvette says: only read left leaning rags. What do you know?

        1. Ramon1710 . says:

          Concluding that I read “left leaning rags” from my disdain for the leftist NYT, are your sure you’re OK? Things don’t seem to be quite sinking in.

          1. gvette says:

            As you seem to be harpooning CBUJAN for his post, I’d say you don’t always get it!

          2. Ramon1710 . says:

            No, CBUJAN is on the mark. If you see harpooning, I would seriously consider getting cognitive help. Perhaps you weren’t able to comprehend what I’d written. Still, the diagnosis is the same.

          3. gvette says:

            I believe these are your words. “Going to the NYT for political information is like going to a toddler for advice about life”. I know what he said was the truth.

    2. Reasoned thinker says:

      CBUJAN — I totally agree with you . . . including your comments about rallying support for the Trump/Pence administration and the GOP Congress.

  • Kiki says:

    The news media are communist, that’s it, plain and simple. they are trying every way to prevent the great renewal of American dignity from getting to the real American people. How else would you explain what they are doing.

  • justinwachin says:

    The news media is largely made up of people with a liberal worldview. Those reporters are going to look at the Trump administration differently than they viewed the Obama administration.

    The success of the Trump administration will be determined by the voters based on what gets accomplished. If peace and prosperity breaks out the voters will give President Trump the credit for it.

    By the way, all presidents seem to inherit a mess. The same will probably be true when the next president comes into office.

  • Tiger says:

    They asked for it. He smacked them down, took them to the ropes, put them on the defensive and they can’t control him, lie about him and make him fear them. They lost all credibility during O’s reign of terror and then they doubled down on their Death Spiral with the elections.

    Trump is right we don’t listen to them and he was right they would say he ranted and raved and was here there and everywhere. They are as predictable as Aunt Sally’s gout.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      The main stream media is hardly on the ropes. They are making money hand over fist and and are doing very well. The ratings for CBS, NBC and ABC on there bad days are still better then Fox on there best. Fox is the largest Cable news channel not the largest news channel. Both the NY Times and the Washington Post are gaining not loosing readers. Trump wants to control the media like Putin does but he can’t. He wants you to believe anything he says no matter how false his facts are. He likes to say that the main stream media is dishonest but in fact it’s his own actions that are being presented by them and they are not going to let him get away with lying to us. It’s their job to shine the light on his actions and he wants to keep you in the dark.

      1. Shannon Carr says:

        Yeah, right. Just like the reporter who called Melania a hooker. Pathetic!

        1. bobnstuff says:

          So what word do you use for a person who takes their cloths off for money? Hooker might be a little strong but only to a degree. They did apologize for the remark which is more the Trump does for his name calling. I’m sure the First Lady is a very nice person even though she is the least educated First Lady in a very long time. She has to be strong and forgiving to put up with her husband.

          1. Glenda Jordan says:

            Your comments are the more proof of the stupidity of the donkey party! If it’s “formal” education you refer as claiming the First Lady is least educated…fyi she has more “formal” ed than Barbara Bush (who never attended college) and she speaks SIX languages to boot!!! Seriously bob between some of your posts yesterday and today…me thinks you need a day of rest- clear your head, take a laxative (clear out some “stuff”), something…anything!

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Barbara Bush went to Smith College. You should always check your facts. Nancy Reagan was also a Smith Girl. You have to go back to Mamie Eisenhower to get a less educated first lady and she went to finishing school. The last three First Ladies had masters degrees.

          3. Glenda Jordan says:

            I did check bob and wikipedia does not note such! I do recall hearing back in the day one of the First Ladies having attending secretarial sch…possible that is what Smith College is?? AND…I could give a rats azz ’bout those you speak of w/masters. Now days much is bought and has notta to do w/ ones intelligence-case in point look @ the loony professors @ some of these colleges and the cupcakes hiding in safe spaces coloring after a nite out on the town to riot!!

          4. bobnstuff says:

            Smith is one of the top Women’s Colleges in the country. I’m Sure Mrs. Trump is a nice person but I’m equally sure that she is in way over her head as First Lady. I’m sorry that you have a limited understanding of higher education in our country.

            I would have been more impressed with our first lady had she not lied about her education in the beginning.

          5. Glenda Jordan says:

            Hahahaha I have limited understanding re: higher ed?? Actually I have a great deal of understanding w/ higher ed but I appreciate your “zinger” there….you are much more tolerable as a funny lil’ troll rather than the “stuffy” bob and stupidity often shown in your posts.

          6. gvette says:

            LOL…Good one, Glenda. You know Bob. he knows more then everyone, or he trs his best to make people think that.

          7. bobnstuff says:

            I don’t have to know much on this sight and in fact the thing I know is how to look things up and read.

          8. gvette says:

            You only read crap from mainstream news, that doesn’t always do a lot of investigating, to back you up. Just like you enjoyed all the crap that MSN left out, to protect your nigger.8 years they covered for the gay boy. No one hates truth, more then you!

          9. bobnstuff says:

            That what you think, I’m all over the place. I do tend to like sights that have more then one employee and aren’t run out of someones basement. Back before the internet I learned how to do proper research, you should always get a range information from as many sources you can and go to prime sources when you can. What I find interesting on this sight just how little research people do and how easy it is for them to believe things that make no sense at all.

          10. gvette says:

            LMAO… like snopes? Two people in their cellar, that have now been wrong so much, it isn’t funny. Then there’s always the old favorite So far to left it isn’t funny. See Bob, not only do I read them, I also follow the money as to who backs them.
            I know you hate Trump, but i see Soros is still spending millions keeping Barry’s collage records sealed! You know, the ones that will show he was a foreign student!

          11. bobnstuff says:

            My guess is you have never gone to any fact check sights. They do a pretty good job of showing you why the say what the do. You have never followed the money, you shouldn’t lie like that. I have followed the money and Snope gets their money like most media sites from ads. It’s funny that everyone wants to give Soros credit for supporting all kind of things that he doesn’t being one of them.

            As far as college records being sealed, tell me about Trumps college records. All college records are sealed and it’s not all that easy to even get your own. Trump likes having records sealed, go look for the court records on the man some time.

          12. gvette says:

            Bob, I didn’t give you funding information. When it comes to snopes. all i said was it’s a couple, sitting in their cellar, with a computer, just like we use. As of late, they are wrong, more then they are right. I didn’t say Soros funds Factcheck.
            As for Trumps collage records, I don’t know why he choose to keep them quiet. The one thing about Trump, we know he was born in the US.
            You like to read. I ran into this.

          13. bobnstuff says:

            8 million followers. They are now doing fact checking for Facebook. I would say that Snopes basement must be pretty crowded by now.

            Trump refused to release his transcripts.

            Trump now excepts Obama’s birth certificate.

          14. gvette says:

            Bob, you liberals are fucked up. Why don’t you grab a copy of “Liberalism is a Mental disorder”, and read it!

          15. Retired says:

            You sure got bobnstuff figured out , he is AFU in the head ,says everything the opposite of what is really going on.

          16. gvette says:

            I told him to go buy a copy of “Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder”. I doubt very much he’ll do it! Yes, he is interesting. I’m trying to be kind!

          17. bobnstuff says:

            Did you know that they is this large group of people who are not liberals or conservatives. They are called moderates. As a moderate nether Bernie or Ted are your cup of tea. Trump would be a moderate if he wasn’t trying to suck up to the right wing. It would also help if he wasn’t crazy.

          18. gvette says:

            Actually the only one crazy here, is you! Lets get that straight right now! As for Sanders, he’s a socialist curmudgeon, that wanted free everything for everyone. Dumb fuck couldn’t tell you how it was going to get paid for, though.

          19. bobnstuff says:

            I know a lot of people that liked Sanders but I agree that he was a pie in the sky kind of guy. Clinton was a little better but she had just to much baggage. I was a John Kasich supporter. I agreed with about 75% of what he said. I did know that he understood the working man and budgets. I also know he wouldn’t get the nomination but he still got my vote in the primary. Trump was my last choice along with Ted.

          20. gvette says:

            I liked Kasich. Then I found out some of his funding was coming from….wait for it….Soros!

          21. bobnstuff says:

            I don’t see Soros as any worse the the Koch boys. Kasich grow up in the real world, no silver spoon. He grow up in a neighborhood they call the Rocks. McKees Rocks Pa. You can see downtown Pittsburgh from there. You can also smell the chemical plants just down stream.

          22. gvette says:

            You don’t see Soros as bad. I suggest you read about what he has done. He hates this country, and is trying to help destroy it.

          23. bobnstuff says:

            If you look at the Koch brothers you will see they are no better and they spend more money. As long as it takes a billion dollars to be elected president we will have the best government money can buy.

          24. gvette says:

            The Koch brothers actually own businesses, and employ people. George Soros has many foundations, and is only out to destroy things.Do me a favor, instead of this, read about him. I have, and I know what he does!

          25. bobnstuff says:

            Have you ever looked to see who Soros really is and what he believes. Forget what people like Rush and Glenn say and look for yourself. If anyone has ever put his money where his mouth it is Soros. He is a Capitalist and believes in democracy. He has work hard to spread both ideas across Eastern Europe in the post communist era. If you like Trump as a business man you should love Soros. He started with nothing and now is over seven times richer then Trump. He made his money making money for others. He also understands the economy better then almost anyone alive. He didn’t like Bush 43 because his policies were setting up a crash in the worlds economy. He was right. He views thing for the view point of the world economy and understands that no economy can survive by it’s self. As far a jobs go the companies he has money in employees hundreds times more people then Trump does, real estate doesn’t create all that many jobs. One last thing, Soros holds stocks in a lot of companies but in fact doesn’t run any of them himself. He invests in others.

          26. gvette says:

            I see you’re talking out of your ass, as usual. trump owns 500 businesses. He employs thousands of people. Every thing he does, isn’t tied to real estate.
            I guess you don’t know that in 1992 Soros broke Englands economy. He made a billion dollars.I guess you didn’t read that far. Soros doesn’t do anything good, for anyone but Soros! LOL…jobs? What jobs. He does not create jobs!

          27. bobnstuff says:

            Trump has about 2400 employees. Of which only half have 401K through him. Some of those 500 companies have no employees. As far as breaking the bank of England, Soros saw a chance to make money because the British were being stupid and as a good capitalist he jumped on it. You are complaining that he made money. I guess if you had the chance you would walk away. He made his money investing for other people. He did a very good job and made a lot of money for his investors and himself. Now you are trying to say this is a bad thing? Trump takes an old ladies home to build a limo parking lot and he’s great. Trump makes money going bankrupt and says his investors should have known better and you elect him president. And as far as jobs, the companies Soros invests in employ millions of people. He doesn’t create the jobs he helps provide the money that builds the companies that create the jobs. He is a true capitalist, isn’t that what you want. As far as who gets his money, it’s the people with the plans, the people he believes will do the best job for the country and for the economy. If there is anyone who wants us to have a strong economy it’s the guy that makes money from it.

          28. ABO says:

            Well you’ve been absolutely successful in proving that you don’t know much and also that you are tremendously comfortable with the hypocrisy of the left. You may think yourself extremely bright because you have figured out how to look things up but you don’t seem to understand how to comprehend what you read once you get there.

          29. Glenda Jordan says:

            O yah know bob…probably getting near 2yrs I been visiting this site. Most times I pass by his posts but every now and again I can’t help myself lol

          30. gvette says:

            LOL…I know what you mean.

          31. ABO says:

            With absolutely no success, gvette.

          32. gvette says:

            Sometimes entertaining. He’s a good DemonRAT though. He can twist stuff just like the MSN does!

          33. ABO says:

            Very well said and absolutely accurate, Glenda. Liberals are always incredibly supportive of women as long as the women in question are liberals. If those women happen to be conservative they are trash. Same as their attitude toward blacks, Hispanics and Asians just to name a few. bobnstuff’s response to your post just below is a prime example of such. He simply spouts the liberal talking points, as derogatory as they may be toward those they pretend to support.

          34. Glenda Jordan says:

            Exactly ABO…I deal w/ many of these women you describe on a professional basis but I thank God I deal w/ many more that stand on higher ground (conservative). Funny thing (I had just told “retired” recently) when I first came here bob was one of the first I made comment to-a woman’s response comment to me was “I think you’re new here, bob is our resident troll don’t waste your time.” I always keep that in the back of my mind and try not to waste too much time.

          35. ABO says:

            You really are an incredibly pathetic moron, bob. Seek help.

          36. Jim says:

            Again, wrong, she speaks 6 or 7 languages, has had a very good education, and if your are being honest, (doubtful),
            you and the other libits, would be respecting her as Jacquelyn Kennedy was.

          37. bobnstuff says:

            You claim she has a good education? Please tell me about it. My resurrect only show a a communist era high school and less then a year of college. From there she made her living being beautiful. Jacqoelyn Kennedy was much more then just a pretty face. She was educated and knew politics. She helped create the modern roll of the first lady.

          38. Jim says:

            I am honored to tell you more! But first think about how educated you are .. and what your doing with it!

            How many Languages do you speak?

            She went to College do be a designer for one year, came and became a designer! maybe she is smarter then you, it only took her a year to do what many CAN NOT DO after YEARS of college!
            As for Jacquelyn Kennedy, her LOOKS is what got her there!
            And First Lady Trump is the perfect first Lady!
            So Kennedy did a good roll model job!

          39. bobnstuff says:

            This isn’t fair, I only speak three languages and read two dead languages. I only have a four years of college but have certificates in five different field. I hold a patent and have owned four different companies. I have used every single class I took in college one way or another. Even though I only have a bachelor degree I have taught some college. This is only part of what I’ve done but it really doesn’t matter. I have had a lot of fun and figured out early that I could do almost anything I wanted to. I have been a very lucky person to be in the right place at the right time. I’m not trying to brag but you asked.

            As far as our First Lady, she spent a number of years being a cloths horse. It was only after she got Trump money did she become a designer and had she not had the money she would even still be in business. It’s not that her designs aren’t good but just good or even very good doesn’t make it these days. If anything her looks work against her as a designer. Being a clothing designer is a very tough business.

            I don’t know if you were around for JFK and his White House but it was an amazing time in history. I don’t think there has been a time before or after that will match those days. It was the pure class of Jackie Kennedy that created Camelot. I’m a life long Republican and JFK wasn’t the god history has made him but you had to admire Jackie. If you ever get a chance, watch her tour of the White House after she had restored it. Pure class.

          40. Retired says:

            The pure Class leaves you out , you have no class for all the claims you make .Where did you get your education at Berkly or another commie school like it .

          41. bobnstuff says:

            Trump daughter and I have something in common, We both went to Penn State although I was there a few years before her. You know why the sky is blue? God’s a Penn State fan.

          42. Retired says:

            Trumps daughter would not give you the time of day, you are out of her class league .

          43. bobnstuff says:

            It’s hard to say. I have never had problem hanging out with money, it was all around me growing up.

          44. Retired says:

            The only thing growing around you is the shit you drop.

          45. bobnstuff says:

            Between the neighborhood I live in and my dads family there was some real money. I’m sorry if you are jealous.

          46. Retired says:

            Why would I be jealous of you BS.

          47. ABO says:

            He really is entertaining with his demented delusions isn’t he, Retired? Always provides a good laugh.

          48. Jim says:

            I am 70, and I was around then, and to be honest, the only thing that made Kennedy great was Oswald!
            The whole Kennedy clan was a bunch for of drunks and womanizers. Remember Marilyn?
            Mrs. Kennedy spent more time with other men then she did with John F. K.. But I don’t hear you speak of that!
            She married Money and she re-married Money! and you talk about Mrs. Trump the way you do? All that education missed the point of an education, I guess that explains the Zombie Languages.
            I am glad you did not want to Brag, but your story tops the Fire story you told about President Trump!
            As far as you being an educator, that explains how screwed up the youth of today is so stupid, at least the youth,Sheep, that follow the brain dead!

          49. bobnstuff says:

            I leave out a lot of the things I have done over the years and the list is in fact about twice what I listed but that most people find it hard to believe it at first unless they have known me. While in the White House Jackie was the Saintly one of the pair. You might remember she was pregnant but miscarried. After JFK was shot she did what she needed to do to keep her children safe. I don’t think she thought any better of the Kennedy’s then you do.

          50. Retired says:

            Being a nude model does not make a person a hooker . do you call Vana a hooker who is on tv weeknights for how many years now ???

          51. bobnstuff says:

            It’s all in degrees. It’s a fine line between art and porn.

          52. Retired says:

            Neither one were into porn like you must be.

          53. Jim says:

            The difference is when Trump calls them out .. He is right on spot, when the Media calls The First Lady a Hooker, their way out of line, It “dwarfs” the phrase FAKE NEWS! They are just plain PIGS.!

          54. Jim says:

            I believe that was in response to the First attack from Cruz., About Mr. Trumps wife …. or, is he to whip out and be another Obama? HELLLLL NOOOO, And as it is well known, attack Trump get attacked back X’s 2 and he was and IS, the victor, “AGAIN”.
            And us, that favor President Trump, will take his lead, and reason with his attacker’s …. short of reason X’s 2 or even 3, can now be expected!
            Now help him MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

          55. bobnstuff says:

            My point is Trump isn’t above name calling of other peoples wives. Personal I think being disrespectful to the First Lady at this point and is wrong. I’m having problem finding any of the US media calling the First Lady names. Do you have a link?
            Just so you know the story that Trump was reacting to was fake news that Trump went for.

          56. Jim says:

            Actually it was a Cruz Campaign ad on TV, nothing fake about it.
            Second, MSN, CBS, NBC, EVEN FOX, RAN THE STORIES ABOUT THE STORIES, her speech, her cloths, her accent of all things, Yes there is a lot of bad press covering The First Lady. before and after becoming the First Lady.

            BUT, you know what Bob, It is time to move on, the past B.S. is like the Hatfield’s, and McCoy’s, every one has a new or different story about the facts, when the facts have become so blurred no one can even see the Facts!
            The matter at hand RIGHT NOW , is how can we as Americans make America Great Again?
            I don’t care who is promoting the dream that America become first for the People of America, the point is: It is what all Americans want! So what the hell is the problem? Really WHAT?????

          57. bobnstuff says:

            I agree it’s time to move on. I will disagree with one small thing though. I really hate the Make America Great Again slogan. I have spent a lot of time studying history and can find no time that was any better and a lot that was much worse. There are a lot of things going right and some are at risk for the sake of making a few people richer then they are. Yes there are some problems and they need dealing with. I just hope and pray that our present government is up for the task. So far I’m not hopeful but it’s early in the game.

          58. Jim says:

            Bob, call it it what ever you want, but the meaning is very clear! Making America BETTER, is what he is saying. and it was much better, If you do not believe our Country can be BETTER, then I fear your a lost sole.
            Murder in the streets, Terror, all over our Country, some reported some not so much, but real just the same. Your about the same age as I am, and I ask you, can you leave your home with out securing it like Fort Knox? I use to leave for vacation, and leave the doors unlocked, no fear of terror, break ins, vandalized or any of that stuff. I am pretty sure you was able to do the same. Being able to do that would in it’s self be making America great Again.
            So you can play with words all day, if it makes you feel better,…. But COME ON BOB, HELP MAKE AMERICA (____________) AGAIN! fill in the blank with YOUR feel good words.

          59. bobnstuff says:

            I don’t know where the key to my front door is, I don’t lock my car 98% of the time and I have had no problems. My local police fired a gun for the first time in the line of duty last year but that was because of some mentally ill guy at a gas station. They only winged him. There is a little crime around me but not much. I don’t live in fear. You are safer today then twenty years ago. You think crime is under reported in the media but if anything it’s over reported. I hear about crimes from all over the country thanks to 24 hour national news channels. Thirty years ago I read three news papers, two regional and one local, now on any day I might read parts of twenty or more papers. Before CNN and Fox News you got only a hour or two of news each day. I remember when we got cable for the first time, thirteen channels, I now have three hundred. Simply put we get a larger volume of news but a much worse quality of news. I read a article once that said people who watch Fox News are worse informed then people who watch no news. Having watched Rush I can believe it. If you want to talk about fake news the three Kings of it are Rush, Glenn and Hannity. There others that go farther then them on line and on the radio. The stories don’t even have to make sense to go viral. My three all time favorites are the FEMA camps, Con Trails and the Earth Quack generator. All three are totally fake but people will swear they are true. You have people like Alex Jones providing the “News” to our president. Anytime the person giving you news shouts at the mic you can be pretty sure he’s lying to you. Our President doesn’t like the media not because they lie but because they they tell the truth. They point out that the Emperor has no cloths on. I find it interesting that it’s the fake news channels that have sold a large number of people on the idea that the real news media isn’t to be trusted.

            As far as creating a better country, it will only happen when people start believing in our country again, when they believe that our government is looking out for all the people and not just those that gave them money or just those that voted for them. Until the idea that the government is the problem dies we are never be the shining light on the hill. It’s not the media that’s the enemy or the government. It’s ignorance and hate that is holding us back. Until people start thinking for themselves and start working together our country will be stuck right where we are.

          60. Jim says:

            So, you really are delusional, did it hurt a lot when you GOT WINGED, At the gas station?
            Your story shows how out of touch you are with the rest of the Country, even on a farm in middle America, they realize the danger in America!
            So you must be serving time in some prison, or mental hospital, because you are a kept man, and they should keep you there. Your a danger to yourself and others.

          61. bobnstuff says:

            I have gotten along just fine without fear. I’m sorry if you think it helps you but in fact it doesn’t. My nieces husband is a policeman in my area and has worked in some of the worst areas and when working in my neighborhood he complains that all he gets to do is deal with drunk drives. You are afraid of terrorists, do you know the odds of being hurt by one. Your fear show just how good a job of brainwashing they have done on you. Most of the danger in America is in your head. That gun you have for protection has increased the likely hood of you being shot by a power of four. That locked car only slows you down when getting into it. That lock on your door keeps honest people honest but won’t slow down anyone who really wants to break in. When you choose fear the terrorist have won. You have been sold a bill of goods and you love it. My family moved into my house in 1961 and it wasn’t till 1970 that we locked the front door for the first time. It’s been lock only a few times since.

        2. ABO says:

          Your last word describes bobnstuff to a “T” Shannon. He is entirely incapable of thinking for himself and as such simply posts the current liberal rhetoric, word for word and unerringly.

      2. Leslie Woodhull says:

        WRONG. Trump is RIGHT & he needs to go after those who leaked the information because OBAMINATION-ITES are trying to affect a COUP & WE WILL. NOT TOLERATE THEIR INTERFERENCE!

        Also, the media is NOT doing well. We are BOYCOTTING THEIR STAINS AND THEIR ADVERTISERS.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          If he goes after this leak then he should also go after all the other leaks in the last year but he won’t because he liked those leaks. As far as your Boycotting the media and their advertisers I’m sure they really don’t care although you had better not plan on buying anything, going anywhere or even using the computer that you are on since most advertisers buy the larger market numbers and go after the money. Sorry but that means the main stream media and the educated middle class as well as women not the Trump supports.

          1. gvette says:

            LMAO…good one there Bob. It’s your educated libtards, and DemonRats out burning, looting, and destroying everything. I guess you fit right in with that crows!

          2. ABO says:

            I would tend to think that bobnstuff, idiot that he is would likely get lost on his way to the riots and demonstrations and hence be absent. He is an obvious simpleton and is in no way worth responding to, gvette. Just sayin’.

          3. gvette says:

            I think you are correct. I need to distance myself from him. He sure hates facts.

          4. ABO says:

            He does indeed hate facts and truth with a passion.

          5. Jim says:

            You have a choice, be a part of the solution or part of the problem … so for your the latter!
            If it turns out he can find the leakers (LAW BREAKERS) , he will ask for an investigation including those from as far back as the Clinton era, and before that, if possible. These people have taken an oath and it is a felony to violate it, regardless of who they broke the law about!

          6. bobnstuff says:

            He had better watch because congress is has had so many leak it you could use then as a screen door. In the case of the Flynn story had it not been leaked our country could have been in danger, at least that’s what the FBI and CIA believed. Trump likes to talk about national security but in this case he might have put our country at risk because of his loyalty.

          7. Jim says:

            Wow, #1 Trump asked Flynn to resign, because he was not forth coming with V.P. Pence.

            #2 Flynn was not even confirmed to be anything at the time, and was a U.S. Citizen and was wire tapped.
            But your not concerned about the rights of a Citizen … AMAZING!
            #3 While speaking to the Russian person (can’t remember his name), he asked him NOT TO OVER REACT at Obama’s sanctions, which was a VERY SMART thing to do! Otherwise, you might be complaining about the reaction from Putin. instead of being a sheep BAAAAAAAAAAAA!
            I will ask you again ….


          8. bobnstuff says:

            Flynn was out of line because of his role in Trumps staff but it wasn’t the phone call that was the real problem. I’m pretty sure that if Trump hadn’t put him up to it he wouldn’t have had a problem with it even though he should have known better. The problem was his lying to the VP. That’s where he crossed the line. Then add the fact that Trump was warned about a problem with Flynn and blow it off. If Trumps staff doesn’t trust his Vice President they should be there.

          9. Retired says:

            That does not answer the mans Questions ,why you don’t want to see the US great again???

          10. bobnstuff says:

            Give me a date that we where greater then we are today. At what point in history did we have a greater country. I want the very best for all Americans. Nothing less will do. If Trump can create a better world for all I will be the one up front cheering him on. I’m not holding my breath.

          11. Retired says:

            You just counterdicted yourself .I/m not holding my breath . The 50s and 60s most had good paying jobs . the only ones that were hurting were some auto workers . 70s were not bad either until union busting started . The Unions got blamed for wages and not the Gov. for putting controls on manufacturing .

          12. bobnstuff says:

            So you support unions, it was the unions that created those good paying jobs. You also support high taxes on the rich and on business. 75% to 90% capital gains tax. We had the draft to provide red meat to a war we should have never been in. Do you remember the race riots, They make the ones today seem minor. If you think the work force participation rate today is low they are 8% worse back then. Healthcare was much simpler, you just died. If you had a heart attack you died, cancer, you died. Our steel industry was doing well because everyone else had there mills bombed. I should also point out that the air was so bad people died from it and our rivers were open sewers.Those good old days weren’t all that good and the very things that were good are the same ones that Trump is fighting against.

          13. Retired says:

            You better go sign in on the ward , meds might still be able to save you . But that is highly doubt full .

          14. bobnstuff says:

            I think you might be the one to check your meds because your memory is going. I remember the 50’s and 60’s. The unions built our middle class.

          15. Retired says:

            The middle class jumped because more women went to work instead of staying home and that started in the later half of the 60s. in the latter 70s the unions started to loose except for the Gov. Unions which the Democrats depended on .

          16. bobnstuff says:

            Unions topped out in the early sixties and the fall of the middle class really became a problem about ten years later. No more big wage increases. The two income family was a result of the decline of the middle class. A family needed the second income to maintain their standard of living. Add in the changes in the tax rates in capital gains you got less investment in industry and more wealth growth on the top end. Companies like US Steel pulled money out of their core industries. By the end of Ford’s presidency and through Carters the economy was in sad shape. High inflation was eating up any savings people had and for all practical purposes cut wages, your paycheck just didn’t go far enough. It was no longer a choice, women had to leave the home and get a job. I’m sure you remember the WIN buttons, Whip Inflation Now. There were a lot of other things going on in the seventies and eighties that helped bring down the middle class but many of them are either still with us like the income disparity and the lack of reinvesting profits back into the companies. WW II really gave the middle class a boost and the fifties were great for them but the growth just didn’t last.

          17. Retired says:

            Is opposition your Middle name ??? You just counter dicted yourself again Must be Alzheimers getting to you .

          18. bobnstuff says:

            I will make it easy for you. It was greed on the part of the rich and their control of the government that has killed the middle class. Cut taxes on the rich and you hurt the middle class. Cut them enough and you end the middle class.

          19. Retired says:

            Just like a good Democrat , you change the subject . { no such thing as a good Democrat anymore ] Who pays you to Post ??

          20. Jim says:

            WHY do you assume President Trump put Flynn up to

            I believe Gen. Flynn was doing this out of Honor, and wanted to help make America start off with a new look to America, instead of anger, and revenge.

            From what I have seen of President Trump, he would do that job himself, not take second place with a staffer.
            Remember you claimed his ego would out weigh his judgement. And your WRONG AGAIN.

            It took a pretty big Man, to ask for Flynn’s resignation after the praise he gave him and the trust in him for the job, he wanted him to handle. I think President Trump still likes Gen.Flynn and if the temperament was better, he could have explained he ( Gen. Flynn), the reasoning behind the conversation with Russia, but again, the Democrats and the mindless followers domestic terrorist cause people to second guess what they do. ……….

            Must men would not have had the guts to do this.


          21. bobnstuff says:

            Trump as much as said he had put Flynn up to it today. I think Flynn fell on his sword for Trump on this one.

          22. Jim says:

            Oh, I missed the news today, too damn much hate out there. I needed a break from all the idiots and the bias news reports.
            Every since President Bush, the Media has been relentless on the Republicans. That had a lot to do with switching to the Republican party, that and Clinton.
            I voted for President Trump, because I have always said, if you hear some one running for office that talks and has the same values as you do, THEN LISTEN CLOSE AND THEN VOTE FOR THEM! At first I was not sure about Trump, but the more he said the same things I was saying, the more interested I became.
            If the democrats would do the business of the people that put them in office instead of licking their wounds they would see they are missing a great opportunity with President Trump, because he has said quit a few things that they wanted in the past. Just bunch cry baby fools. I know a lot of people switching because of the action by the Democrat party.

          23. Anouk says:

            The anti-American Bobntuff is not answering to your question because he doesn’t want America to be Great again.
            He must be a pal of Soros and Obama. Both Evils.

          24. Jim says:

            None of these Anti-Trumpers answer the question.
            I have been asking most of them and NOT ONE ANSWER TO DATE!
            They are waiting for SOROS to tell them what to say.
            It is odd how easy it is to STUMP these libits, with one simple question.
            Give it a try on your posts and see if you can get an answer.

          25. ABO says:

            bobnstuff never does answer the question. He simply deflects and tries to pass off his ridiculously convoluted opinions as fact.

          26. Retired says:

            I have asked him the same question why he hates the US supporting liberals and lies.

          27. Leslie Woodhull says:

            The blame stream media does not own everything we use-nor can it come close to controlling what we, the MAJORITY, know is true. Trump has NO PROBLEM with credibility as far as those of us who voted for him are concerned. He’s fulfilling his campaign promises with all due speed and I’m happy along with all of his supporters. We can let him take a few moments to get his team into place. The thing is, that BOTH SIDES OF THE ESTABLISHMENT ARE ON THE SAME SIDE. There really are not 2 parties, there’s one party-one side just wants to go faster towards progressivism than the other side does.
            However, Trump does not play by the rules the media thinks he has to play by and they can’t stand it! BUT WE LOVE IT!!! KEEP TWEETING TRUMP! WE’RE ON YOUR TEAM!!!

          28. bobnstuff says:

            Sorry but almost everyone that does national advertising buys the big three. Also Trumps supporters are not the majority, if they were he would have gotten over 50% of the vote, sorry but 47% doesn’t give you the majority. Also have you notice that Trumps cabinet is going around telling people that what Trumps says isn’t what he means. If his own people have to spend time fixing what he says just how much credibility does he have.

        2. Tiger says:

          Right on because he is mostly alone in this fight. Even FOX goes against him and allows a weasel like Juan Williams mock him, surprised me today when Varney allowed it. So he isn’t going to stand for it and I for one loved it.

          1. GoldenGirl2u says:

            I agree, Shepard Smith is really bad too, stopped watching him along time ago. I know they claim fair and balance but it just makes me want to turn the channel more often than not. Bob Beckel back on the five while Juan was gone was really disappointing.

          2. Tiger says:

            Boy I don’t watch anyone but Cavuto, Dobbs and Varney that is it. Beckel back wow that is nuts.

          3. GoldenGirl2u says:

            I don’t know if maybe he was just filling in for Juan Williams or not but it was pretty disgusting to hear his radical left garbage again.

          4. Tiger says:

            Take a look at this. Last 17 days in office O wrote an EO allowing NSA to share information with 16 other agencies, never allowed when he was in office. No wonder so many leaks. Wait til the Justice Dpt finds these people.

          5. Jim says:

            Shepard Smith is no winner ether!
            I lost faith with that guy when he jumped on the band wagon about Hurricane Katrina attacking President Bush.

          6. Tiger says:

            Never liked him. Take a look at this. In O’s last 17 days he wrote an EO giving NSA permission to share information with 16 other agencies. Explains the leaks, Imagine the numbers of O people inside who are checking all out daily to bring Trump down , my thoughts a Coup.


          7. Jim says:

            Fake President is OBAMA, elected by Racists to prove they are not racist.

            Seems like President Lincoln and President Jefferson figured out the Democrats MANY YEARS AGO!
            ” America will never be destroyed from the outside.
            If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because, we destroyed ourselves.” … Abraham Lincoln

            “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation…
            One is by sword… The other is by debt.”
            John Adams 1826

            My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
            Thomas Jefferson

            And when you consider that about 4 Million NON- ELECTED people are the underlying working for the Government ELECTED people, That is WAY TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT.
            and the proof is revealed on a daily basis lately!

          8. Tiger says:

            Oh yes exactly and by the way Thomas Jefferson also had big battle with the courts and warned about how they would overstep their powers and they have.

            This is for sure a “War from Within.”

      3. Jim says:

        What a crock of sh#t! people like you and the media are putting America at risk … Russia and Iran both see dummy’s like what your advocating, is a weak Country and even worse a Country with out a leader.
        We have a leader, a damn good one from what I have seen so far.
        His name is President Donald J.Trump!
        If you can do better then YOU should run for office!

        Even better yet, Help President Trump make America great again, You can tweet him with your best ideas, and make sure America is Great again!

        Be a proud American Citizen go direct to YOUR Legislator and make your voice heard!

        Domestic Terrorist blocking streets threatening stores if they sell the Trump named products. In-fighting in the Senate and Congress and YOU, supporting the disgraceful actions of the media, are putting America AT RISK!

        1. bobnstuff says:

          I hate to break this to you but our President couldn’t lead his own staff out of a burning building. He would die stopping and bragging that he could make the fire hotter and the flames higher. President Trump is a salesman, not a sales manager. Also don’t hold out hope for congress to get anything done unless it puts money in the election chest. We have the best Congress money can buy.

          1. gvette says:

            Well Bob, when you own 500 businesses,and employ thousands of people let us all know. You are still fond of the gay community fuckup, that has never done anything meaningful.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            How many of those business turn a profit? There are a few think to think about this. He doesn’t even know what all his business do or which are still active. He thinks he is still in the steak business and still publishing his magazine. both are long gone. Ever wonder why he has so many businesses instead of just one that does a lot of things. How can you say you run a business when on average you can spend less the eight hours per year doing it. If you have ever run a business you know it takes more the 8 hours a year.

          3. gvette says:

            Well Bob, if you would actually read about how trump got to where he is, is because he doesn’t work an 8 hour day. He’s a builder. He likes success. You see, talking to you about it, means nothing. You go by your DemonRAT talking points. You like losers.
            Like I said before, you have to go to publications that actually do research. You don’t like them, because you, like the rest of your ilk, hate the truth. Case in point,
            Now I know you won;t like it, because it didn’t come from the MSN.

          4. bobnstuff says:

            Do the math, 500 business 8 hours per business never taking a day off is 11 hours a day. I’m pretty sure he has business that take a lot more the 8 hours per year to run.
            As far as your site. They claim that Obama gave up his license to practice law but in fact he suspended it and can get it back when ever he wants it. that story can be fact check by going to the Illinois Bar web sight or at a number of other places. There have never been any charges against him. These are all public records. The story was made up.

          5. gvette says:

            There weren’t any charges because he gave it up. Which part of that don’t you understand? So, with no charges, it won’t show up in the bar web. I thought you were smart. You keep telling us you are, but your posts prove differently!

          6. bobnstuff says:

            You do know that there is a difference between giving up your license and suspended it so as to not have to pay the fee each year. It cost money to maintain a law license and if you aren’t using it you can suspend it and not pay. You have bought into that fake story big time.

          7. gvette says:

            Yes, I know the difference. When you surrender it, you avoid prosecution for wrong doing. It also doesn’t get put on their record.

          8. Jim says:

            What happened to the SEALED RECORD STORY?

            Oh, it does not fit this B.S.!

          9. bobnstuff says:

            I think you are confused. The Bar Association records are public, your education records are private.

          10. Jim says:

            Yep that’s me! These stories makes my head spin.
            never having to hide things like some, I don’t know much about sealing records.
            How come you know so much about it?

          11. bobnstuff says:

            My son needed his school records and for some unknown reason the school didn’t believe he was who he sad he was. He didn’t have a photo ID and it was explained to us that the records are private and unless he could prove who he was he wasn’t getting a copy. These were his own records. If you don’t believe me call any school and ask for someone you know went there records. Schools will send transcripts to each other but only once they have a signed release.

          12. Retired says:

            That is not the story as it came out of Chicago, if he or Mickel can get their license ,someone was paid off to do it .You have no clue about Ill.

          13. bobnstuff says:

            You need to spend a few hours finding the facts of the matter. I’m not going to waste my time going over them again just because you will believe any crap feed to you. Did you happen to notice that not one of the stories have any proof. you have been had once again.

          14. Retired says:

            You have no clue about the illegal crap that goes on in Ill. as far as buying your way . Obama was proof of that , he would not have gotten anywhere without Jarret .

          15. ABO says:

            bob likes the losers because he’s one of them. He posts nothing but unsubstantiated opinion and liberal talking points and actually believes that his blather makes him appear intelligent, which proves him to be delusional. Excellent response, gvette.

          16. gvette says:

            Him, and AK are like two peas in a pod. She lives in Alaska, can’t see much, but can see the Mexican border. It’s a laughable moment!!

          17. ABO says:

            Right, gvette, what a pair. At least AKLoony does have some actual knowledge of what she posts, bobnstuff is just a delusional idiot who thinks his opinions should be unquestioningly bought as absolute fact. I’m not defending AKLoony. I’ve had many, many long running clashes with her, but she looks like a genius compared to bob.

          18. gvette says:

            “but she looks like a genius compared to bob”. Wow! I like that, and seeing what I see of her, that really makes him look like a bottom feeder!!!

          19. ABO says:

            He looks like a bottom feeder because that is exactly what he is, gvette.

          20. Jim says:

            You really NEED HELP!
            A Lobotomy could do the job, Exception, you first must have a brain!

            It is that organ (muscle in your case), between your ears!

          21. Retired says:

            Nothing between the ears except daylight on the other side.

          22. ABO says:

            Sorry, Jim but the strange noise you are hearing is the sound of the wind whistling through the entirely empty space between bobnstuff’s ears.

          23. Jim says:

            I know it is not nice to laugh at the Socialistic mentally infected, but that was funny! Thanks for the humor ABO.

          24. ABO says:

            Humor??? I was being absolutely serious, Jim 😉

          25. Jim says:

            Yep I get it, and agree, but it does lend humor to a subject, so full of hate, and from time to time I have to take a pause.

          26. ABO says:

            I know what you mean, Jim. Hang in there

          27. Jim says:

            You should give up your day job, and go to work for SNL, They need more drug induced speakers, to fill the time spot.

        2. Anouk says:

          Great post Jim! I agree100%.

    2. Lindapmueller says:

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  • Leslie Woodhull says:

    The Establishment Elite from both parties are trying everything they can to keep Trump from being successful. The BLAME STREAM MEDIA is being paid by SOROS et al to report negative stories only. The OBAMINATION-ISTS in the ‘intelligence’ community are working to undermine Trump by leaking classified info to the media whores who’ve sold their souls long ago to evil. Those leaking material should be very, very careful. The NSA knows who they are and Trump will find out who they are and they will be incarcerated for a long, long time.
    Beware of ‘news stories’ that only spread rumor and list no proven sources.

    1. chocopot says:

      “The BLAME STREAM MEDIA is being paid by SOROS et al to report negative stories only.”

      Things would not be so bad if the media were only reporting negative stories. What they are actually doing is making things up as they go along to create a picture that is way worse than the reality. Their goal is to overthrow this government, and Mr. Trump needs to fight back far more effectively since we now know our own intelligence agencies appear to be working on a coup.

      1. Reasoned thinker says:

        chocopot — The thoughts you present are really scary to contemplate, but . . . . very frankly . . . I have the distinct feeling that you are correct! Clearly, the media people are making stuff up, and I do believe that your idea that their (i.e., media people’s) ultimate goal is to “overthrow the government.” I really like the idea of setting up (REAL) investigations to ultimately root-out the subversives previously “planted” in our agencies. Go Trump! .

    2. GoldenGirl2u says:

      As is Obama Org. such as the Organize for Action and I am told there are at least 2 others. He needs to be investigated and stopped, should have been impeached along time ago. He is pure evil and is not going to stop his radical agenda only gonna make it worst, we are in a fight for this country. Pres. Trump really needs to “Drain the Swamp” ASAP.

  • bobnstuff says:

    Does Trumps attacks on the media good for anyone. When the media reports the attacks Trump attacks them for it. When Trump misspeaks and they point it out he says they are being dishonest. Is this cycle helpful for anyone? Would the president not better serve the country by being much more careful in his statements and not misstate things like numbers that are very easy to check. Would he not be better off not trying to tell the world how great he is and instead show the world he can do what’s needed? Trump needs to stop campaigning and start being presidential.

    1. Tbear says:

      “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain
      stupid” – and you must be working overtime at it!!!!

      1. Anouk says:

        Great picture of our Great President Trump.
        America First! Go Trump.

      2. GoldenGirl2u says:

        Awesome Picture!! Would love to have that on my wall!!

    2. McFerguson says:

      Sound to me as if two “Never Trumpers” got up early this morning…

    3. Kiki says:

      You are wrong, so your saying just don’t say anything in the defense of his cabinet. Just sit back and let them take him down? I don;t hear any campaigning, just defense against the left.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Why does he insist on pointing out how well he did in the election. He got the job. He didn’t have a great victory, he just squeaked by. When the democrats blamed Bush for things the right got all up in arms but now Trump is blaming Obama and it’s OK even though much of what he is saying isn’t really true. He keeps trying to sell us on how great he is instead of showing us how great he is. There is a big difference. If you don’t hear is campaigning you must not be listening.

        1. Marge Schimke says:

          He squeaked by! He won 30 states out of 50 and over 2600 counties to Hillarys 489. You call that squeaking by. I call it a landslide.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            775,000 people voting differently in three states would have changed who was president. That’s not a landslide. The swing states were very close votes. Clinton got more total votes and the democrats got move votes.

          2. ABO says:

            bob’s an idiot, Marge. he’s not capable of understanding any of it and he’s certainly not worth a response.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            This is coming form someone who has nothing to say. ABO is the total waste. I guess living in his mothers basement has gotten to him, or maybe it’s the booze

          4. ABO says:

            Like I said…

      2. Reasoned thinker says:

        Kiki — You are totally correct.

  • Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

    Fulfilling a pledge is not automatically a success. Is 45 really unaware of that? If you pledge to do something harmful and succeed at it is that really a success or just having done something harmful?

    1. McFerguson says:

      Precisely which pledge is it that you’re suggesting is/was harmful? Or are you simply pushing a “fake” news story to stoke the flames of hate and discontent? Inquiring minds would like to know…

      1. BOC says:

        He must be speaking of the pledges, all classics “If you like your Doctor, you can keep your doctor”. “This legislation will decrease your premiums $2500.00 per year.” , “I will shut down the coal industry”.
        All these pledges have been devastatingly harmful, the country at large, along with the industries they have affected.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Will you hold Trump to the same standards? He said no one will loose their healthcare and the replacement for the ACA will be great and everyone will be very happy with it. He also promised a GDP growth of over 4% and to bring the steel industry back to Western Pa. Trump has made a lot of promises but the biggest one was to bring the country back together. Are you going to hold him to all his promises?

          1. BradleyHill says:

            Are you going to wait and see what President Trump does or will you smear his intentions like your left-leaning media does to him day after day?

          2. bobnstuff says:

            I have no choice but to wait but I really wish that Trump would spend more time working on fixing things and less time tell us how great it will be and how great he is. I truly hope that he can get his act together and run the country. What I will not do is sit back and let him lie his way through things. For someone who said he would like to bring the country back together he sure seems to be working on keeping things divided. I thought that he was supposed to be the president of the whole country and of all Americans but I don’t see him even trying to make peace with the half of the country that didn’t vote for him.

          3. gvette says:

            Funny Blob. There’s a steel mill in Ohio that just reopened. Your ACA, onigger care is imploding. You hate to admit it though. It’s a little hard to judge GDP growth in 4 weeks! You’re nigger has almost the worst GDP growth on record!

          4. bobnstuff says:

            You had better give Obama credit for that one since they started planning to reopen it over two years ago and it had only been down since 2009. That’s not happening in the Mon Valley, there are no mills left to reopen and hasn’t been any for almost twenty five years. It’s funny how the Slapping a 236% tariff on Chinese Steel will do things or you. You need to also give Obama credit for that.

          5. gvette says:

            That’s in spite of Obama, Bob. Now as for steel. Crucible Steel is close to where I lived. Several of the people that work there, were customers of mine. All that crap that came from China, had to be remelted, because it was so poor. They know more about steel, then you do.

          6. bobnstuff says:

            The Chinese make crap steel. No one who cares about their product will use it. One of our local plants bought some and ended up selling it for scrap it was so bad. Trump had no problem using it though in his buildings, anything to save a buck. You might just be surprised just how much I know about steel and the steel industry. You might say it’s in the family. One thing for sure Trump knows nothing about it or why it left Western Pa. We still do make steel in Pittsburgh, lots of steel but we have no mills just sitting around unused.

          7. ABO says:

            Yet again bob spouts his fabricated nonsense with absolutely nothing to back any of it up

          8. bobnstuff says:

            So tell me every thing you know. You can tweet it in one tweet I’m sure.

          9. ABO says:

            That all you got, Dimwit?

          10. bobnstuff says:

            I try not to get into a battle of wits with an unarmed man. I have read back on your posts and find that you really have nothing of use to say. So sad.

          11. ABO says:

            That all you got, Dimwit?

          12. BOC says:

            Of course I will Bob. I’m not some mind numbed robot lefty who would support their candicate no matter the ineptness, lack of competence or qualifications for the most important position on Planet Earth. It took 8 years plus the last 4 years of Bush o put this country in the horrible shape we find ourselves in today. He’s has held the mantle of POTUS for exactly 4 weeks. Let’s give him a chance and some time, before we cast dispersions upon his presidency and throw the baby out with the bath water.
            The assault by the left and the so called media is relentless, petty and immature to say the least. I like the fact he’s not another feckless career politician and a person who had had tremendous success in the “real” world.
            The press’ all in doubling down of this whole Russian affair and it’s positively ridiculous because no one has come with any evidence other than hearsay for various intelligence personal. Plus even if any of the accusations about their meddling or complicity in attempting to effect our election were true, it definitely helped HRC because after all as the empty braggadocios’ pronouncement that the crybaby left have been making is that she won the popular vote!
            Anyway I like his picks for cabinet posts, the progress made in such a short period time and the fact that he is taking it to the left and beating them up with their own words and methods. Now he has the “Pen and the Phone” and the Harry Reid Senate voting rules to boot. Karma is a B#$%H!!
            Politics is a blood sport and the left has been taking the limp wristed bed wetting Republicans milk money for years by using the power of their massive propaganda machine ,the MSM.
            The Republicans’ now have a voice and he’s beating up the bullies, who are being shown for what they really are; spoiled sport cry babies and the press can’t prop them up or separate Trump from his supporters, for which I proudly count myself among the throngs of Deplorables.
            Relax, and continue to post on this board. I think civil discourse is a way to learn from one another. Plus wait and see what transpires and also try to be fair and patient as he grows into the job. How many violent protests did you see when Obama was elected? The answer is none, not because we agreed with his ideology or his policies, but because we’re Americans and most of us grew up respecting the office of the POTUS. That no longer seems to exist however as the AstroTurf protests bought and paid for by Soros and his dirty money have shown since 1/20/17.
            Whatever your feelings are regarding President Trump, he is formidable in the fact that all he really has is himself and his supporters. Also, I hope those in the establishment understand this and any real attempt to undermine or remove him will be met in the most harshest of terms, whether at the ballot box or in a manner that makes these protests look like a pool party in your Aunt Sophie’s backyard.
            Anyway,I enjoy debate and I try not to make it personal unless attacked first. Then it’s on and I’ll beat back most anyone in a “Your Momma’s So Fat” comebacks!

          13. bobnstuff says:

            My problem is I spend to much time educating myself about things. I spent enough time on Trump to write a book on his history. It’s his history that keeps me from trusting the man. He has a history of making bad judgments. In business you just end up taking peoples money or destroying some people lives but no one dies, or not many in Trumps case. I really wanted to like him but I just can’t. As far as his cabinet picks he’s running about 50%. Half are reasonable people who should be able to get the job done. Then there’s the other half, people who have no business in the jobs they are being given. Why would anyone give the department of energy to Perry? He has zero back ground in the area. Our head of the Department of education is another bad pick but she did give a lot of money to get the post. The only good thing is the Sec. of Education has little real power. Nikki Haley is wasted in her post. This is one of the brightest people in the party today and I’m 100% sure she will do a great job in the UN but I was hopping she would get more power. Our new Sec. of State could have a problem with his ties to Russia and oil but I really hope not. I was surprised just how well he did in his hearings. Our Sec. of Defense also surprised me in a good way. I just want Trump to stop running for office and to start doing the job. someone needs to take his phone from him so he will stop Tweeting.

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