Trump calls for GOP unity; says party risks losing Senate

June 12, 2016

TAMPA, Florida — Campaigning in the crucial battleground state of Florida, Donald Trump bashed Democrats and Republicans alike Saturday, from Hillary Clinton to former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on the right.

Addressing a crowd of thousands at the Tampa Convention Center, Trump tore into “Crooked Hillary,” as he calls his likely general election opponent, over her use of a private email server while secretary of state. He called Romney a “stone, cold loser” for not backing him as the presumptive Republican nominee.

Trump said the Republican Party “has got to get their act together, come together to win.” He slammed Republicans in the U.S. Senate who oppose his candidacy.

He spoke confidently of his own ability to win the presidency, but warned that Republican seats in the House and Senate could be at risk if Republicans don’t rally behind him.

“The Republican party has to be tough and smart,” he said. “If not, I’m gonna win but a lot of other people are not.”

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  • Kanawah says:

    Let us hope so.
    To survive,. America needs a democratic president and a strong democratic senate.

    A democratic house would also be good.

  • patriot37 says:

    Obama endorsed Hillary claiming she THE most qualified person alive today to be elected President! In 2008 Obama was not aware of Hillary’s abilities and certainly did not endorse her for President! Inquiring minds want to know… why was Hillary not chosen to be VP? If that had happened she would have been the Certain presidential candidate. Could of been, well never know, will we?

  • justinwachin says:

    Donald is right. The Republican party needs to unite. Whether we like it or not, he is going to be the presidential nominee. Everyone who shares the Republican ballot with him is going to be affected by how well he does. There are many who vote a straight party ticket.

    My hope is that he will be able to accomplish many of the things on the conservative wish list during his first term.

  • Eric Rohn says:

    Wise up people! Almost any Republican is better than any Democrat! Romney is so so far out of line He blew his chance and should now sit down and shut up. Romney, like so many others, do not seem to understand that Trump is the people’s choice. Anti-Trump movements, if successful, will only serve to promote Hillary and she is far worse than Trump could ever be.

  • Wingedgodd3ss says:

    Thanks JJ! I just don’t understand people who are more concerned about the party than our country. Several nominees were not conservative but now it’s a big deal.

    1. JJ says:

      I mean it is very simple. We either vote for Trump or by not voting at all we are voting for Hillary. We can’t continue going down this same path that we have been on for the last 8 years. Trump is our only hope to get us back on track. I just pray that it is not too late to straighten things out.

  • American Me says:

    If the people don’t wise up and come together it is over.America will only be a memory.Come together and vote Trump for President.Lets give the man a chance to” Make America Great Again”.

  • takeitbacknow42012 says:

    Mr. Trump did not need to run for President. Can you imagine what he and his family have to deal with on a day to day basis? No one in their right mind would put themselves through this UNLESS they really wanted to SAVE this country! I truly believe that’s why Mr. Trump is in this and we owe it to him to back him 100% so these “republicans” need to put on their big boy pants and stand up and support him so we don’t end up with Hillary. If we do we are headed downhill and we can totally blame them for not helping with this election that IS the MOST important in our entire history!!!!

  • Nellie McConnell says:

    Trump for president. He has addressed all of my concerns for our country. Especially immigration, border control. Economy. Refugees not screened. Illegal criminals. Kids (14-18 male) crossing our borders, housed in Military bases! Clinton’s exclusive order, 1993, GUN FREE BASES. GOD HELP US.

  • ONTIME says:

    if the GOP acts and shows their RINO cowardice to the opposition it is a fact they will have again sold out the party as they usually do……………..yes the DN-Communist will have the incentive to take over all of the government….

  • Delia Holloway says:

    Trump said the Republican Party “has got to get their act together, come together to win.” He slammed Republicans in the U.S. Senate who oppose his candidacy.

    Read more at 1776 Coalition:

  • Observant_One says:

    Romney was a loser the last time he ran for office, apparently little has changed since then. Once a loser, always a loser. Must be a genetic thing.

  • kathy diamond says:

    WE THE PEOPLE ARE WATCHING. We can see & understand what the Republican Party is doing & we can also see what Mitt The Morman is doing. Any damage to the Republican Party will be from within, these fools are eating their own. As far as Mitt goes, I would suggest to Mr. Trump , ” Don’t even respond to his statements” It’s become clear something is very wrong with this man, I think he’s NUT’S don’t wast your time Mr Trump, he is nothing & he is not worth it

  • champion2211 says:

    The way they are going to loose the Senate isn’t because of party but they will loose their seats because they haven’t followed the laws of this country and it seems just sat on their butttttttttts and not also done their jobs. You should have pushed it to impeach Obama and pushed it to have Hillary Clinton prosecuted for her email’s and other crimes. This is why you might loose the Senate. Overly it wouldn’t do any good to put more Democrats in your place as they didn’t do their jobs either so we will just see what the people will do about you. You have done a very sorry job since you have been in there,.

    1. Wingedgodd3ss says:

      And defund obamacare but the Rinos who made big campaign promises failed. Trump 2016!

  • Mary says:

    Yes Trump is right again, the establishment is being childish and foolish, your only hurting yourselves by being stupid and won’t except your nominee, I know I won’t vote for any of you if I have the chance, you are not mature enough to be in that position, LICK YOUR WOUNDS AND GET YOUR HEAD ON STRAIGHT, ONLY WAY YOU WILL WIN. YOU ALL SIGNED THAT AGREEMENT AT DEBATE #1 THINKING YOU WOULD GET TO OUST TRUMP BUT IT BACKFIRED, DIDN’T IT? So you better do the right thing right now before it’s too late for any of you to win elections again.

  • Sigrid Egan says:

    Yes, Listen Mr. Romney and others!

  • rifftop says:

    Never realized what a hack Romney actual was. These “club” republicans are like the elitists that used to keep blacks out of the golf club. Trump doesn’t fit their “club tastes”, even though Romney gave away the election to Obama, they have a lot of nerve trying to derail a guy that will actually fight to get the nation back on track to security, economics and strength.

    1. Wingedgodd3ss says:

      Thanks riff! That’s a perfect description of Romney and the other rinos.

  • SDofAZ says:

    I agree with Trump but where the rinos and dems are concerned, if there is a good conservative as in AZ waiting to replace a rino or dem as in McCain in AZ vote for em. Ward to replace McCain in AZ. Go Ward! And Pelosi and Rat Ryan need to go in WI and CA. Vote for their replacements also. In WI Rat Ryan has a conservative running against him that is good. Vote for him NOT Rat Ryan. In CA vote out Pelosi.She is an old career politician and a big part of the problems in DC. Vote her OUT!

    1. Wingedgodd3ss says:

      I really hope Paul Ryan gets Cantored!!!!

  • donl says:

    The Republicans better get on the ball and get behind OUR candidate, or we will become a Socialist state.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      I’m beginning to think it’s the plain!

  • Skip V. says:

    Romney should be Hillary’s VP candidate for the work he has done and is doing to diminish Donald Trump.

  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    republicans have spent to much time around democrats and now they have the same mental disease as the the dems , as for trump winning the white house i hope so , but i don’t see anything changing because congress will still be run by the same freaks , and will block every thing he tries to do, you see it every day , republicans looking for anything they can find to attack trump, they don’t want to fix nothing

    1. rifftop says:

      I agree with all you say, but I hope that Trump , being a bulldog, will expose the deadbeats in congress. He doesn’t hold back and will hammer them for inaction. He has no favors to pay them, no lobbyists that want a return on their money. Also he can veto and stall the garbage they try to pass…….so sometimes just stopping the “garbage train ” from stinking up everywhere, he might put a crimp in the ongoing hell we already have.

  • Oregonpapa says:

    Are Trump’s trade policies with high tariffs really putting America first? Here’s some historical perspective on the subject:

    1. rifftop says:

      he will drop the tariff idea……..once he is shown the regulation problems that actually debilitate business here. If there is a tariff, it would be selective…..meaning on abusive trade products (ie dumping)…also he would have to by edict (like Obama) make the tariff , non transferable to the cost of the commodity to the consumer. Also rather than a tariff…….just ban unsafe, faulty products. Anything that causes illness, or fails in its purpose…….gets on the banned list. Already that could be people, pet food, sheet rock, any toys with lead paint…..the list is long. So just exclude products, item by item as UNSAFE, DEADLY OR POOR QUALITY. I’ve studied how China produces for overseas markets, they are liars, cheat and have no quality controls……..including food, or personal products, medicines etc.

      1. Nellie McConnell says:

        We need to stop buying foreign canned food and frozen products. It took me a month to find an oven that was American made.
        Government buys can food for food box’s for low income. F.I.N.D gave us 75 cases of tuna. 5oz each can. To small for us to open the cans so I bought one home. It was the guts of the fish. I don’t know who buys these products but it’s fraud, bad management. Nothing wrong with trade but it is normal for an American inspector to wait 9 months to a year to get into packing plants.
        Check labels. Front of frozen vegetables! CA grown! On back, Chinese vegetables! Must be an Chinese Owned packing plant!!!
        Fish from China is farm raised. Not regulated by our government.
        OUR GOVERNMENT IS ONE BIG WASTE OF TAX DOLLARS! TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT! GOP! GET IT TOGETHER! ! You are putting your own political future down the drain!
        VOTE TRUMP.

        1. rifftop says:

          We do not buy any fish from China……..and avoid any other food from there. It’s not inspected there and it’s not inspected here. I’ve been to China and they eat where they crap. It’s not as if the US doesn’t have the land, oceans etc to get food, it’s just some political scam…….to push the FREE TRADE AGENDA. Somebody in the realm of business, government and trade makes a fortune off this arrangement, and does not care if they feed us poison, feces or anything else. They flood the market with PREPACKAGED , FROZEN FISH FROM CHINA. I toss it back and look for either US or Canada products in that realm. I also do not want vegetables from China……..if enough people exercised their brains and leave the CHINESE FOOD STAY IN THE STORE, EVENTUALLY THEY MIGHT FIGURE IT OUT AND FIND NEW SOURCES, BUT AGAIN AMERICANS ARE STUPID. It’s not about choice, since Chinese quality is low……and you really do not save any money……or not enough to take the risk of putting foul food in your body.

          1. Nellie McConnell says:

            I found frozen vegetables. Front said CA mixed vegetables! from China. The Chinese have been in Mexico. for years. The Chinese kids are born in Mexico. You have to be a citizen to own property there. Chinese own farms. Cheap Mexican labor. You will find vegetables with Chinese name for farm. Mexico gets free water from All American canal. Farms here have hard time competing with cheap Mexican produce. PLUS WATER SHORTAGE. CA STATE HAS TO CONSIDER WATER SHORTAGE WHEN BRINGING MORE REFUGEES. AND ILLEGALS. COST TO TAX PAYERS. OBAMA’S NEW WAY TO GET TAXES HERE IS TAX UNION BENEFITS. HIS VACATIONS AND MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD DONATIONS WOULD BUY A FEW NICE MILITARY AIRPLANES.

          2. rifftop says:

            Obama is a traitor, and destroyer. I remember when they turned off the water to Calif. farms, because of some fish, minnow or some such idiocy…….then the farms using the water…..DRIED UP and disappeared. That area supplied the US with a large percentage of its veg/fruit crop. WHEN THE MORONS IN THE US WAKE UP AND REALIZE ALL THE DAMAGE THAT POS OBAMA HAS CREATED, WE MIGHT HAVE A CHANCE TO RECOVER. He has done this to enhance the Mexican produce, as well as the factories moving there, to china etc. He has cut off water, over regulated, used EPA rules to squash business, has forced more imported food, clothing and other products……… SEND US DOLLARS OVERSEAS……THUS LEVERAGING THOSE OTHER NATIONS TO GROW, WHILE WE SUFFER, LOSE JOBS, MONEY. He is a criminal and has manipulated our resources, jobs, environment to our detriment, while helping foreign entities……..AND IMPORTING MORE OF THEIR BOTTOM FEEDING REFUGEES. Now the morons want to elect Clinton…….A FEMALE VERSION OF THIS ROTTEN COMMIE HACK.

          3. Nellie McConnell says:

            Very difficult to find anything American made. Toyota is big in the USA non union. Actually built more space in plants. Better made than GMC, FORD OR CHEVY. After Obama got in office GMC had an increase of plants in China. Last count was 13 plants. Obama area was Illinois. No jobs, Union not protecting American jobs.
            Japan will not allow a Muslim Mosque in Japan. Muslims can’t own a business. Don’t know if the Muslims are allowed in Japan.
            My daughter bought a new truck but she needed a one ton. She wanted a diesel and Toyota don’t make or sell diesel in USA. Nice truck but I don’t think she will get the service out of the Dodge she has with the Toyota. If Toyota sold diesel trucks here, GMC would be out of business.
            Don’t like foreign countries buying our land and packing plants.
            Smithfield being bought by China is not a good idea for our country . wonder if it is inspected by American inspectors.

          4. rifftop says:

            The truck thing is a bit changed than years ago. Besides the fact all companies suck and get parts all over the place, set up plants……and often make different models than offered in the US. Today, however the US blows off Japanese trucks. Ford is the biggest seller of trucks with repeat customers. They make many versions, engine choices , bed sizes, cab types etc. I’ve had more acquaintances have problems with Nissan midsize……..and the Tacoma is mostly a kid’s mud hop truck……..shallow cargo box, low to the floor seats and again less choices. The bigger Titan and Tundra……..still do not have as many choices and options. Most of the Japanese trucks ride hard. I got a new GMC Sierra 4×4 crew cab last year………and the ride is great…….room for 6…….and you can add all kinds of “toys”. I hope it stays “GOOD”, but like all this stuff…….vehicles are a crap shoot. Motor Trend gave the Canyon/Colorado…… truck……for midsize, as it just came back on the market, almost bought one since I like the size of the truck, but I bought the full size for the same money…….they weren’t making a deal on the new Canyon……..also the full size was much more comfortable as I am 6’4″. I’m not too partial to Dodge, but there are a load of them on the road, and their status has improved……..the US has the better diesel engines Cummins etc……and since the US produces (again parts from around the world for all brands) the most super duty pickups, dual wheels, dump trucks and others……the Japanese never got into the “rugged” market actually, and some of that does wind up in the standard trucks. Again good luck with whatever you have…….it’s all a game of chance, with these companies.

  • Worried Vet says:

    I agree with all of these posts. We have to come together , elect Trump and vote GOP no name opponent for everything else. Get rid of the lifers they screwing us.without a kiss.

    1. Ted Crawford says:

      I fully intend to vote GOP, for Scott Walker, NOT Democrat, for Trump!

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        Another vote for Hellary, Walker’s not running!

        1. Ted Crawford says:

          It is what it is, a vote for a Conservative Republican rather than the Liberal Democrat you’ve delusionally chosen to follow!
          Conservative have been desperately warning and attempting to awaken, with all manner of empirical data and evidence, the Electorate since June 16, 2016! Instead of vetting the Messiah Trump, they chose to be willingly obtuse and disingenuously venerate him!
          “Logical consequences are the Scarecrows of Fools and the Beacons of Wise Men!” Thomas Huxley

          1. Edith says:

            What it is, is there are two candidates for Nov. 2016, Crooked Hillary and Donald Trump. Delusional you have decided to let others decide who will win, Crooked Hillary or Donald Trump by throwing your vote away in a misguided political tantrum.

          2. Ted Crawford says:

            Unlikely that Trump will even still be in this race by November, just saying! It is not now, nor was it ever his intention to be the President! He’s accomplished his intended goal, a total disruption of the Republican resistance to his long time pal Hillary! All that remains is for them to structure a Face Saving Exit Strategy!

          3. Edith says:

            Like I said Delusional. Even Trumps most critical opponents, pundits and frenemy’s have dropped this line of thinking. Keep up.
            TRUMP 2016

          4. Ted Crawford says:

            Whatever blows your skirt up! Trump is on his “I’m being treated unfairly” kick again, it’s as adolescent this time as it was the last!

          5. rifftop says:

            Vote for Hillary…….you are too far gone……..or must live is some kind of communal bubble. Trump is not a messiah……..or anything……you just don’t like his blunt, open demeanor. You want more soft talking, babbling make believe conservative who loves puppies, children and flowers? COME ON THE COUNTRY IS CHOKING ON THE SOCIALIST CRAP the liberals have infected our schools, government, media into this weak, bleeding nation, with a collective mindset of undeserved guilt, everybody good, America bad, we owe the world nonsense. You seriously need to look at other nations and their oppression, rationing, imploding economies, lack of individual rights, rising terror and failure to protect their own citizens. Go live there if it looks good……..but to elect another MARXIST in the US is pathetically stupid.

          6. Ted Crawford says:

            I’m NOT the one floundering around in desperation and delusion, like a drowning man,desperately clinging to a paper bag full of air and ignoring all the planks that have been floating by!

          7. Wingedgodd3ss says:

            Your are ignoring reality.

          8. Ted Crawford says:

            The reality I’m concerned with is the one that we’ll all be facing on November 9!! Even you will understand then the nightmare that the next 8 years will be! Indeed, given what Hillary and her Progressive Senate will do to SCOTUS, will, at least for the foreseeable future, mean there will be NO Conservative in the White House!

          9. Rodney Steward says:

            It’s Trump or the SLUT! Rodney Steward

          10. Ted Crawford says:

            It’s NO contest! It’s Hillary. She still leads in all polls, as she has throughout this entire Clown Show masquerading as a Presidential Election, in all polls! :
            Rasmussen: Clinton 42 Trump 38
            Reuters: Clinton 46 Trump 34.8
            Fox News: Clinton 42 Trump 39
            RCP Average: Clinton 44.1 Trump 40.3! This Dog and Pony Show is over, unless Obama loses faith in Hillary!

          11. Rodney Steward says:

            So what part of socialism is it U like, and your against guns and freedom, because Hellary has said that the Constitution needs to have a lot of work done to it! And get use to the shooting like we had this morning in Florida, because Hellary loves her muslims too, they’ve pumped a lot of money into her NWO foundation! Be careful what U wish for!! 🙂

          12. Ted Crawford says:

            Now there you go again, off in the weeds! You mistakenly assume that our only choices are Trump or Hillary, that is simply NOT the case!

      2. rifftop says:

        you are missing the point………Walker is not a viable candidate, you are just taking a vote from Trump to put Clinton ahead. We dont’ have to LOVE Trump, just accept his faults, which are far less destructive than letting Clinton get in……..a complete disaster. If Cruz or Walker or Rubio had won……..I would have supported any of them as well. The problem is not the nuances of Trump, Cruz, Walker…………it’s a MUST STOP CLINTON CONCEPT. After 8 years of a muslim/Marxist criminal……do you want more of this hell?

        1. Ted Crawford says:

          What I want is irrelevant, obviously! What we will have, unless Obama loses faith with her, is Hillary as the 45th. President! No other outcome has been possible since May 3, 2016! By the way, Trump is really no more viable than Walker!

          1. Wingedgodd3ss says:

            Trump is viable. He won the nomination. Walker is out. Support Trump or just vote Hillary. But please spare us your “principled” drivel. Those are the same principals that brought us Obama .

          2. Ted Crawford says:

            Now there’s a very telling comment! By all means you and your group must avoid anything even resembling “principles”. Principles are an anathema to Cultists!

          3. Wingedgodd3ss says:

            No those principals were what the evangelicals employed to sit out and brought us a Muslim pres.

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    Donald, there are reasons people from Republicans to Democrats and everybody in between support you in the primaries. That’s about half of primary voters on average the past year and that’s half of all voters roughly or 25% of the electorate. That leaves 75% who don’t like you. You have insulted in rallies women, handicapped, reporters, Latinos, blacks, Mexicans, Asians and more who comprise the thinking and principled people of this great land. Personally I’m glad you supply the face of the base Republicans, the DC congressional Freedom Caucus members and bigots everywhere. Makes it much easier for November voters to reject you and all down ballot folks who aren’t like the rest of us, who don’t listen to constituents, who are ready to resolve national problems, who don’t want government to shut down or to shrink, who value social programs like social security, medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, Obamacare, housing subsidies and other compassionate laws that aim (as the Constitution actually states) to promote the general welfare. A great country takes care of its own, doesn’t insult them.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      And everything U have mentioned has been a total failure by the brown clown!! I guess U like his Idea of these refugees coming here too, well how did U like the mass killing in Florida by a muslim terrorist this morning!! Now the death toll is up to 50! Doesn’t look like we’re taking care of our own here does it U pathetic FOOL!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Total failure–social security, medicare, etc.? You don’t know any retirees or sick people? Ask them about failure. The tipoff you are simply a political hack is the racist ‘brown clown’ crack. Ordinary citizens discount anything you bigots say.
        Re Orlando, there are weak minds everywhere in the nation (and world). Malcontents are sick puppies more than terrorists. We can do more for mental health and promoting the general welfare if Republicans in DC and the 31 red states will get out of the way so we can resolve pressing needs and alleviate the pressure on those unstable folks. Prosperous, happy and well adjusted people don’t commit mass murders. You and your ilk are blocking resolution of many problems–till November’s election tsunami against you ideologues and cheapskates.

        1. ezekiel22 says:

          I am sorry but the shooter was upset about seeing two guys kissing?
          The shooter gives allegiance to ISIS before the shooting. You are barking up the wrong tree doc.
          This is just the onset that I have said is coming. I spoke truth that you denied. It does not take a weak mind to hate.
          While I am sure you will join the cry for more gun control I think maybe armed citizens instead of unarmed victims might be called for. After all you would be surprised what I can do with base metals, rust, muriatic acid, hydrogen peroxide, dry cell batteries, etc. I could claim a similar body count in less time and still be undetected. Face it this attack was an Islamic terrorist strike in your backyard abetted by a system that gives its okay.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Without adequate resources for generations, we don’t study mental illness lately. Who knows what can trigger great rage in the mentally ill or psychopathic or sociopathic mind? Do you?
            I’d say from reports that this guy was a basic hater who latched onto ISIL as an excuse for his ultimate outlet. Explain how that’s wrong if you can. And I’d also say it’s a weak mind or mental illness that makes for hate filled people in anyone.
            In a densely populated urban society like the USA we certainly need more gun controls. Out in the countryside where I grew up it’s more feasible to hunt and target practice as I did, but that’s only a small fraction of the country–that folks like you use to justify overall laxity under the Constitution that could stand 2nd amendment laws as I’ve proposed in the past. Tell me why convenient guns are always chosen for mass murders of terrorist, not your fictitious bombs that appear irregularly. I’m not saying that misrepresented Islamic principles can’t induce this psychosis, but they are not Islamists any more than murderers and crooks are Christians. Do you really think your gun freedoms abet terrorism?

          2. ezekiel22 says:

            Sorry but I do not hide from reality as easy as you do. Understand that we were warned beforehand of this attack. Also understand that I had checked out other sources that reiterated the same thing using independent resources. I said we would be attacked and some chose to say I was spreading hate and fear. I think the case is made that I spoke truth.
            You unfortunately have tried to assuage your feelers by attributing this shooting to mental illness. Considering his father’s connections to and support of the Taliban in Afghanistan where he is from as well as the fact he put himself on the presidential ballot there and condemns the Pakistani government it is not mental illness. It is simply pure and simple hatred of Christians and the western values and democracy.
            I am not too worried about us shooting up people. I checked statistics that showed since 9/11 that Christians and confederates have committed zero attacks but Muslims over 36,000. So I feel fairly safe since police are not everywhere and as it turns out gun free zones are free fire zones. Israel does not have a problem with an armed society so why should we. You might want to check out the Muslims celebrating the deaths in Orlando.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            As long as there are discontented, underserved, under-treated mental cases, we’ll have domestic terror. There are some sociopaths and psychopaths everywhere. No sane person with means is a terrorist domestically. No stable person bites the hand that feeds it. You simply feed off the ISIL propaganda, as I’ve repeated said about the right. Travesty!
            America is not Israel, not in location, conflict with arabs or apartheid, though right wing haters do their best with the latter. Guns aren’t the answer; it’s ‘treatments’.
            Still the fearful, insecure right winger, we see!

          4. ezekiel22 says:

            Get real honey. You are one of those with itchy ears hearing only what you want to hear choosing to believe lies refusing to heed the truth.
            According to AP they noted the father’s affiliations. My sources a bit more detailed as they are underline how radical his father is. Perhaps you should learn about radicals that do bite the hand that feeds them. History is full of them so that blows your sanity meme. By extension you can also determine that his home life was pretty fundamental Islamic since his father is basically Taliban.
            Judging by the tenor of your statement you are still playing ostrich hiding from reality. So tell me how this shooting did not happen and was really just a bad rumor started by right-wing fear mongers. Tell me how 50 people died and 53 wounded because we just do not understand. I told you many times that what has been happening in Europe will happen here. Yet you continue to ignore the body count because it offends your sensibilities.
            As an added more the Arizona chapter of a gay group has endorsed Trump. They get it.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            Lots of double talk there. Nobody mentioned rumors or hiding from anything. Where did that come from, your own hiding from reality?
            Europe is overrun by migrants from battle zones providing good cover for terrorists. That wasn’t even the case with Belgium and France attacks lately, so stop mixing them together.
            The Orlando perp was a lone operator, with contradictory statements of affiliation with Al Qaida and ISIL. He’s the perfect example of what I’ve said, a malcontent with psychological problems who acted out. The FBI now reports that they knew of him but didn’t/can’t monitor him with scarce resources, exactly what I’ve also said. It’s you who aren’t paying attention to facts. Tell your congressman and senators to increase homeland funding and expand surveillance as I’ve prescribed.

          6. ezekiel22 says:

            Doc you are doing the hiding because this does not fit your worldview. You have no answers so you ridicule. Time to get yourself educated.

    2. rifftop says:

      who are OUR OWN? Open borders, flying in thousands of Muslims from Somalia, Syria………who hate the west? Taking money from seniors Medicare to pump up Medicaid and Obamacare to help his army of indigent illegals and Muslims. This is not rational…….but suicidal. If you want to donate YOUR MONEY TO THESE GROUPS……..PLEASE GO AHEAD. I resent being forced to contribute to terrorists, their families and all the trash that come here to attack American citizens, carry diseases, kill our people, stomp our flag and curse our laws……NO THEY ARE NOT DESERVING OF COMPASSION. THEY ARE NOT OUR OWN. It is oppressive to be forced to pay for, live with, be exposed to the same trash that hates us and wants to kill us……completely disgusting……..from the Obama regime……through the entire rotten left wing.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Donate money? Are you referring to taxes? Everybody who claims citizenship should contribute to the nation.
        Hate the West? Nobody is opening borders or ‘flying in’ haters of America.
        Taking money from seniors? Budgeting for healthcare and Affordable Care takes no money away from good programs like medicare. ACA revised hospital patient care to save multi-millions that perpetuated a revolving door so hospitals would readmit many people released before cured. Medicaid is run by your state and they are loathe to ‘fix’ what brings in millions of federal dollars to balance state budgets leading to much abuse, fraud and waste. Tell your governor to redo Medicaid.
        Money goes to terrorists? Immigrants from Syria (not Somalia) are vetted for 18 months to screen out terrorists. It could be better or longer, but America is always front and center to help those subject to murder, rape, contagious diseases, drug and sex trafficking; why not you?
        These are American traits around for many presidents over decades; aren’t you American?

        1. ezekiel22 says:


  • Oregonpapa says:

    If Trump wants to unify the party, then he needs to change his rhetoric about imposing high tariffs and punishing our trading partners. He’s proposed a 45% tariff on imported goods. That is nothing more than a tax on the American people that will limit choices in the marketplace.

    Come on Mr. Trump … start talking about free market capitalism, free minds, individual liberty, honest money and getting the bureaucrats in Washington D.C. back into the handcuffs of the Constitution. Do that … and more of us will back you with enthusiasm.

  • Dennis Dumas says:

    The damn Republican Party is forgetting about the potential SCOTUS appointments! After this election cycle we can rest assured that Rubio, Ryan, and McCain will be gone for good, and they have no one to blame but themselves!

    1. Oregonpapa says:

      Well, Rubio says he isn’t running again, so he will be gone. McCain, maybe … if the people in Arizona stop falling for his lies about how “conservative” he is. Ryan? Nope … he has an 80% approval rating in his state.

      1. Dennis Dumas says:

        Not in the first Congressional district who he is elected to serve! Paul Nehlen is raising substantial opposition to Ryans re-election!
        Same in Florida, Carlos Berof is also mounting a substantial opposition to the next in line for the seat, Ron DeSantis who is giving up his 6 th district congressional seat! He knows he would not be re-elected for a third term as he has angered many in the district including me!

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          Who are these people, never heard of them, are they Cubans!

        2. Wingedgodd3ss says:

          Ryan is going to be cantored!!!

    2. Wingedgodd3ss says:

      And thank God. Ryan Rubio and McCain are rinos.

  • Philip Meadows says:

    Republicans do need to get on board or else lying Hillary will be our next president.” We can’t afford for her to keep or depen the policies of Obma.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      Right, with her we’ll continue having these terrorist attacks like the one this morning in Florida that killed 22 and wounded 42 others at a night club! We will continue to see more and more of this sickness, and we have Hellary just like Obama wanting to take our guns, and now more than ever we need them for Sh$t like this!! WAKE UP AMERICA!

      1. Sigrid Egan says:

        I totally agree. I wished mitt Romney would just stop his tirades against the only Republican candidate with an overwhelming majority vote of the will of the American people.

        1. Retired says:

          Romney is a sore looser for the establishment.

          1. Cleverfun says:

            Romney IS the Establishment!

          2. truthseeker says:

            Romney belongs to his Church and they tell him what to do . That is just how the Mormon Church works. Their Love of money is all they truly care about and contradicting the Bible 50 times. The more I learn about the Mormons the more I realize why the hide up in the Mountains of Utah. Harry Reid is another good Mormon.

          3. Cleverfun says:

            Mormon or Moron? maybe Both?

          4. truthseeker says:

            Mitt Romney stated at the end of the race when he came out of hiding. He really did not want to become the President. He needs to shut his mouth . Trump and a lot of us supported him and to find out he did not want it in the first place. He and Hilary gave the POTUS to Obama for money and favors. This is an opinion and not based on any facts. I say that because we have enough investigation that are not going anywhere to add another one to it.

          5. Retired says:

            You are not the first nor will you be the last to say that. Obama was handed the election the second time thanks to federal Judges stopping Voter Id Laws.

          6. truthseeker says:

            Did you notice Marco Rubio was following President Obama as he stepped out of /// Air Force One//// today (June 16, 2016-Thursday) ? I am so glade he suspended his campaign, but if you notice he did not Cancel it. Which means they are going to pile up on Trump during the General Election.

        2. Ted Crawford says:

          Don’t look now, BUT, 40% of ONE party does NOT represent a majority , never mind “an overwhelming majority’ of even that Party, much less the American people!! Maybe 25% or 30% at best!!!!

          1. Wingedgodd3ss says:

            I think your numbers are wrong.

          2. Ted Crawford says:

            June 9:
            Rasmussen: Clinton 42 Trump 38
            RCP Average: Clinton 44.1 Trump 40.3
            June 10:
            Reuters: Clinton: 46 Trump 34.8
            Fox News: Clinton 42 Trump 39

        3. birdman says:

          ole romney blew it last time and just needs to just set down and shut the f@@k up

          1. rifftop says:

            For a Mormon, he’s very vile. He lost for obvious reasons against Obama. No fight, no exposure of Obama crimes and messes. He refused to actually win….so Romney is dead wood…….should have no input, no validity and useless to this nation.

      2. Retired says:

        50 dead and 53 injured as of the latest report.

        1. Cleverfun says:

          Very sad day for America but no matter what, we should all stick together and remember to pray for the victims no matter what life-style they adhere to.

      3. rifftop says:

        Yep…… its 50 dead, 53 wounded by a MUSLIM. This is a global war……that the idiots here refuse to recognize. Clinton would be just a female duplicate and worse of Obama the US Imam. This is why a drastic shakeup is necessary. But the hacks in congress/senate….don’t want their little scams and deals to be intruded…… they attack Trump…….who merely is stating the obvious. We sit here and agree to stop the illegals, control migration and keep muslims from entering the US while they continue to be a threat…….AND THE HACKS, PUNDITS GO NUTS……..WHOA……..YOU CANNOT RESTICT PEOPLE, THEY GOT RIGHTS!! The insanity of it is so outlandish, the enemy is already here……in the WH, DC, schools, media……..and what a hill to climb to clean out the scum. These rats hand over out money to the illegals, the muslims…….now at $20,000 per head…….just getting here…….then add on more as they get housing, food, utilities, schools etc. It’s criminal, it’s an insult and these dirt bags need to go to jail.

        1. evelyncm says:

          You are 100% correct.

        2. birdman says:

          hillary would just oshit head with a tampax

          1. Cleverfun says:


          2. rifftop says:

            one of her “ex” secret service agents……said she is a maniac………screams and is really a wacko. But of course that would be sexist. Our local newspaper put a front page story about the glory of Madam Clinton as “breaking the glass ceiling, and having all the QUALIFICATIONS”……BLAH, BLAH……so of course I had to respond in an editorial. This incompetent psycho is JUST WHAT WE NEED……..if you want to end this territory as a sovereign nation. So many stupid people living in the US……..and this rotten regime keeps importing more muslims, 3rd world derelicts to bleed us dry. So many morons cannot see past their OBAMAPHONE.

          3. birdman says:

            i offer this idea along with the phone give a gun with all the black on black murders in time there would be no democrats, i am not a racist,for i don’t like biden either

          4. rifftop says:

            What’s funny……they want to put Tubman on the $20….She was a REPUBLICAN/ PRO LINCOLN AND PRO 2ND AMENDMENT…because she felt blacks needed the right to be armed to protect themselves from the lynch mob , KKK etc in the south. The lefties are so stupid. We will enter a new mode of thinking…..ending the PC crap… more apologies for stating the truth, no more “editing” of events and circumstances to “cleanse” the story to avoid exposing muslims, illegals and rotten politicians. The sociailist/Marxist politicians in DC have created this “guilt” or racist reflex…….if you criticize Obama, dislike NAACP, Black Panthers, Black Caucus, LARAZA, AZTLAN, CAIR or any radical, hate mongering ethnic groups. The racist label, homophobe, xenophobe or any of the bogus crap the left tries to use to degrade rational, factual ideas or speech are defunct. The left wing after Obama, Clinton, Kerry and all their hacks……has shown them to be inept, corrupt, divisive, and frauds. They are contemptible because of their subterfuge, using gender, race, economic levels, and ethnic groupings as their tools to create false rights violations and scenarios long gone from the American culture.

          5. birdman says:

            rav on ,i agree

        3. Nellie McConnell says:

          CA took 65,000 Muslims in San Diego area. Average family had 6 kids, some men had more than one wife. Each wife gets Welfare. WOULD THIS BE FRAUD??? Over stay visa women having baby, baby goes home AMERICAN CITIZEN, comes back and stays i. FOSTER CARE SET UP BY CHURCHES OR STAY WITH FAMILY. THESE KIDS ARE NOW IN SCHOOL HERE, PAID FOR FOSTER CARE. DO WE NEED A BIRTHRIGHT LAW TO STOP THIS FRAUD??!!
          CA DIDN’T TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION (WATER). Terrors! Crime against USA citizens and women and kids who want to get out from Muslim laws. HONOR KILLINGS!

          1. rifftop says:

            YES, YES Nellie…….California is being destroyed….and it’s such a shame, since it always had opportunity, resources, coastline etc . The scum destroyed the CA economy, and flooded it with illegals as well. We have the same problem in the east…..lots of indigents sucking up welfare, housing, medical, food stamp money……on separate programs and funding. I detest the churches, will not attend or donate a nickel, even though I am Christian. They kiss the ass of the migrant illegals here, they fill out applications for them to get handouts, they have food banks for them. When these “Hispanics” are dumped in our public schools, it turns out they are illiterate in their own language as well…….thereby dragging down the test scores for the entire school, town and state. I won’t get into the crime factor. Lot’s of that goes unreported and doesn’t make NATIONAL NEWS WHEN AN ILLEGAL KILLS OR ROBS SOMEBODY. Muslims are INCOMPATIBLE IN OUR SOCIETY…PERIOD. No amount of exposure, education, training will change that fact…….but because we have a muslim, Marxist in the white house, we will suffer until the day he’s gone….AND WE MUST NOT LET THAT SHREW WIN. I don’t care how blunt, or nasty Trump appears…….it’s the only chance to reverse or stop this downward spiral caused by Obama. The amount of fraud, crime, corruption by this regime is outrageous, and he uses his race to deflect all attempts to investigate or indict him or his hacks. He is a vile, sneaky, operative for the globalist agenda, funded by Soros.

      4. birdman says:

        update,turns out the death count is now 50,congress get off your assand put the brakes the on turdfaceand his minons

      5. Cleverfun says:

        …more terrorist attacks followed by a very serious, concerted effort to abolish the 2nd-A..

        Any time someone tries to do away with it is the first clue that nothing good is in store for ALL of us!

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          All to please the UN, that’s the beast, their the ones pushing for the NWO! We’re one of the only countries left that haven’t given our guns away, and this is Hellary’s job in their order!

          1. Cleverfun says:

            Rodney…. google the UN Small Arms Treaty and see who signed it. The Agenda is am “Australian Style buy back program” (at first) followed by an incremental tightening of the noose into flat-out gun confiscation.

            It ALL sounds great on paper but the actual “roll out” may become an issue.

            No telling what absolute dirty tricks an out of control US Gubment has up their ugly sleeves. I am sure without reservation that the #1 goal is self-preservation!

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            I will soon as I can,I talked with a guy from Australia on the net the other day, and he said that things had gotten so out of hand with muslims and others coming in, that the Gov. has almost decided to give back their guns! He said it has never been so bad, and everyone now has figure out it’s not the Guns!! Things are going to get nasty my friend!!

          3. Cleverfun says:

            just remember… #GODWILLWIN

      6. Philip Meadows says:


        1. Rodney Steward says:


    2. Wingedgodd3ss says:

      Yes they do-I just I unsubscribed to Cruz news after I received a sniveling “I’m not ready to endorse Trump yet” message.

      1. Oregonpapa says:

        You think Cruz is “sniveling?” Come on man … Trump has NO platform. Do you honestly think that high tariffs is “putting America first?” When will Trump, like Cruz, start talking about free markets, honest money and individual liberty? Have you heard Trump mention even one iota about getting the federal government under control? If so, when and where?

        1. Ted Crawford says:

          All Trump and Clinton are interested in now is the success of his Exit Strategy! The opening gambit was his outrageous attack on Judge Curiel, with more, much more, to come! By November, if not long before, even a large portion of his current Cult will find themselves unable to vote for him! Slick Willy is, whatever else he is, a consummate politician and political strategist!

          1. Oregonpapa says:

            Ted … unfortunately, most Americans today, thanks to our government monopolized school systems, are devoid of a historical perspective. What really scares me about Trump are his trade policies. If these young guys posting here in support of Trump would just Google Smoot-Hawley, they may end up with a different take on Trump. What say you?

          2. Ted Crawford says:

            There is nothing perfect in human existence, however the results of Tariff’s very nearly meets that standard, Tariff’s are always effective, ….at damaging the morons that attempt to employ them!

          3. Sigrid Egan says:

            Give me a break. The CLINTONS are the most dishonest people in America.

          4. Ted Crawford says:

            Exactly! Which causes me to wonder how ANY Conservative could possibly support one of their good buddy’s like Trump!!

          5. JJ says:

            You have that right!!!

          6. Wingedgodd3ss says:

            That judge is a racist. Do you read anything or just listen to cnn? Do
            You know what la raza is? That judge is a Clinton supporter.

          7. Ted Crawford says:

            Were you to read something other than Trumps propaganda page, you might understand that the La Raza Lawyers Association has no affiliation to the National Council of La Raza.
            You might also know that Judge Curiel required an armed guard due to a Death Threat from the Arellano/Felix Cartel for his prosecution of that organization! By the way Judge Curiel was originally appointed to the bench by a Republican!

          8. Wingedgodd3ss says:

            And a rapist and molester. Yep slick Willis is that alright.

          9. Ted Crawford says:

            And YET, you willingly follow his Pied Piper down the Garden Path to Hillary’s Presidency!

        2. rifftop says:

          why would he tell the lefties his plan?…… Hillary, not a single concrete idea….and it works. This is a dumbed down culture……too many facts and figures glazes over the zombies. It’s a real simple concept, Trump hires better people to “fix” the various department enterprises. He has talked about FREE MARKETS….where were you. FREE MARKETS is a joke if all the players are not following the rules. You cannot have FREE MARKETS in trading with countries that have nationalized/ subsidized manufacturing, with controlled wages (low). Economies in third world shitholes do not pay minimum wages or union wages, its subsistence wages…….hence competition is non existent. He definitely needs to remove constrictive regulations…which is what business is actually complaining about…….Individual liberties……..are not part of the left wing agenda…..they believe in collectivism and bigger government. They don’t even believe the constitution exists to protect individual liberties…..that is why they attack it.

          1. Oregonpapa says:

            rifftop …

            So, in your estimation, a heavy tariff charged to our trading partners is “free trade?” Trump talks a lot about China’s money manipulation right? Do we not manipulate our money through the Federal Reserve? The FED has kept interest rates artificially low for a decade now. What’s your take on “Quantative Easing?”

          2. Wingedgodd3ss says:

            Yes the fed sucks-but how in the world could our country pay the interest on the massive debt we have? That’s right-we cannot.

          3. Oregonpapa says:

            Uhh … how did we pay our nation’s debts before the FED came into existence in 1913?

            The Treasury Department created the money and it was backed by precious metals … silver and gold.

            The current Federal Reserve bank is the third central bank to exist in this country. The first two were abolished.

            The FED is a member of an international banking cartel, not unlike the oil cartel known as OPEC. They manipulate the money supply, both the contractions and the expansions. By doing so, they cause booms and busts. It was the misguided monetary policy of the Federal Reserve, along with the Smoot/Hawley act that drove us into the great depression beginning in 1929.

          4. Wingedgodd3ss says:

            Oh I totally agree with you. You are right-our country never should have done away with gold/silver backing. But I fear whatever gold we had is long gone. I’m just saying with the amount of debt that Obama racked up we could not afford to raise the interest rates or I think it would cause a Greece-like crash.

          5. Oregonpapa says:

            If you haven’t read Alan Greenspan’s essay on gold, its a must for every American. Here it is.


          6. Wingedgodd3ss says:

            It’s called leveling the playing field. How much do you think China imports from us? They kill our products with tariffs but we just let them import whatever…

          7. Oregonpapa says:

            Well, you’re right of course … but who suffers and who makes out? My contention is the Chinese consumer suffers and the American consumer makes out.

            Imagine you’re in a row boat. A Chinese guy is sitting in the bow and you’re sitting aft. The Chinese guy pokes a hole in his end of the boat. Would you be better off “leveling the playing field” by poking a hole in your end of the boat too?

            Do a little research and Google Smoot/Hawley and find out what heavy tariffs did to our country’s economy in the past.

            Instead of instituting heavy tariffs, what Trump should be talking about is disbanding the EPA with all of their onerous regulations imposed on small business.

            Look, Trump has made a big deal out of Carrier – the air conditioning manufacturer moving to Mexico. The truth is, the EPA had continually forced Carrier to redesign their product every two years. Just the retooling costs to comply with the ever changing rules are driving them out of the country.

            The problem with the county,in spite of what the Progressive would have us believe, isn’t capitalism and free markets … its all of the non elected officials in the bureaus passing internal regulations and treating them as law. What happened to the Congress and Senate?

          8. Wingedgodd3ss says:

            Yes you are right. Idiotic regulations are killing our industry. Several gig agencies need to be dissolved!

          9. rifftop says:

            Go to various city airports…..where Chinese live, migrate. When they travel back to China…….they used to load boxes of goods here to “carry” back to China, because the same products (ie clothing, electronics etc) that are made in China……..are not sold in China, thereby those travelers buy the “made in China” crap here and take it back to the same place it was made, but not sold in China. Today, I dont’ know, because of the increase of fees to take baggage and cargo…..they might have slowed down……..but the point is…….NONE OF IT IS FAIR TRADE, EVEN OR BALANCED.

          10. Oregonpapa says:

            Okay, your point is well taken … but my point was, who’s the winner and who’s the loser?. I contend that the U.S. consumer is the overall winner and the Chinese consumer is the overall loser. Just because the Chinese government puts restrictions on their citizens, should our government put the same restrictions on us?

            Do you remember when our sugar beet growers lobbied Congress to put high tariffs on imported sugar? The price of our sugar skyrocketed over night. Where a pack of chewing gum cost five cents one day, the next day it cost twenty-five cents.

            Because of the sugar tariffs, our food processors had to come up with a more viable way to sweeten their products. Enter High Fructose Corn Syrup. Now, today … the average American consumes 58 gallons of HFCS per year. Did you happen to notice when America’s obesity problem started? That’s right .. with the introduction of HFCS in our processed foods and drinks.

            And by the way, for anyone reading this, start reading your food labels. If the product has High Fructose Corn Syrup in it, put it back on the shelf. you’ll be amazed how many products you’ll start leaving behind … and your “behind” will be much happier for it too. 🙂

          11. Nellie McConnell says:

            China is big in Mexico. If you watch the labels on produce. There will be a Chinese name for farm but from Mexico. Cheap labor. Mexicans. Obama gave farm workers here, 1.00 hour raise. Problem with this! Farm workers get mom. WAGE + piece work puts them about 20.00 an hour . CA putting our farmers out of business. CA paying our farmers “NOT TO FARM”. DON’T WANT CHINA TO OWN OUR FOOD SUPPLY. MEXICO GETS FREE WATER FROM ALL AMERICAN CANAL.
            CHINESE CAN BUY FARMS WHEN KIDS BORN IN Mexico. Mfg items from Chinas prodicts might be free trade through MEXICO.

          12. rifftop says:

            correct………as I said, but too many people think everything is just dandy, fair and even………just because the word “fair” is used.

          13. rifftop says:

            We do not have TRADING PARTNERS. Who would that be? The Chinese are not partners, they are self serving commies, using the capitalist system and bogus “free trade” crap to flood our markets…with cheaply made products……they do not pay workers to the standard of living that we do in the US. Manufacturing is owned by the STATE in China. They also do not hold to contracts that they sign ….to make products as specified, they cheat, cut corners…..and there is no court for the foolish US companies to file a claim for breech of contract. Free trade is just a concept, not a reality. We surrendered our manufacturing base……because the corporations told us…….OH WE CAN MAKE IT CHEAPER IN CHINA…….THUS SAVING AMERICANS MONEY………WRONG! They just pocket the difference. Also China blocks products made in the US (consumer products)……except for industrial materials……..such as concrete, lumber, aluminum etc. Trading Partners is a void concept………same applies with Mexico, India. All they are interested in……..obtaining US dollars to shore up their poor monetary systems . There are few conservatives in the Repub party anyway. What we want…….regardless of the “label” is controlled borders, no more handouts to illegals, remove the anchor that draws the illegals, muslims etc to the US. We want all the poorly made crap from China to be banned (poison food, poison sheetrock, poison lead paint on toys, and low quality clothing), item by item that comes here……..if found “bad”, ban it and make it here, or buy it from another nation. Why does every product need to be from China? Lot’s of countries have people for labor……why not spread the “wealth” around…… MORE DIVERSE in our products????
            Trump’s questionable “conservatism ” is a much lessor problem than Clinton’s insanity, anti male, anti second amendment, pro muslim, Mexican , open borders, anti military, tax to death the middle class agenda. Trump’s shortcomings are much less an issue than Clinton’s values, policies, philosophies and psychosis. Her constant rant about women’s rights is completely off the wall, sexist and undisciplined.

          14. Oregonpapa says:

            While I agree with much of what you’ve said, you are missing a major point … and that is the complicity of our own federal bureaucracies.

            Trump has made a big deal out of the Carrier Corp. leaving the U.S. He’s even said that Carrier, if he is made president, will pay a heavy duty on every air conditioner they try to sell in the U.S. What he … and you are missing is the fact that the EPA has continually changed the regulations on Carrier’s products, causing Carrier to retool every two years or so. They can no longer afford to do that and stay in business in the U.S.

            Its not just cheap labor in foreign countries that are driving our business overseas. For the whole picture, we have to factor in onerous regulations, high taxes, excessive union demands and anti-capitalist, over the top, environmental rules.

          15. rifftop says:

            I am fully aware of the EPA, and other agencies causing Carrier to be regulated out of manufacturing here. Trump will get educated real fast on the “unelected” agencies that write their own laws. I did know about the constant AC standard changes. I wish these companies would also use any media or outlets to blast the public about this insanity, rather than take the beating and leave in disgust. If they want relief…….they (manufacturers) should collectively request a meeting with Trump………and lay out in detail the trouble they get from these fascist agencies. Trump needs to set up his own board of inquiry to air these problems from the corrupt government.

          16. Oregonpapa says:

            We’re on the same page.

        3. JJ says:

          Well, all I have to say is just vote for Hillary or don’t vote at all. But don’t come a crying and a begging when things get much worse than they are right now. And if you don’t think it can get any worse, you just wait until Hillary gets in there. Hang on to yourself and your family because it is going to be a heck of a ride!!!

          1. Oregonpapa says:

            Now why in the world would I vote for Hillary when she represents the criminal class in our federal Mafia?

            I look at Trump, as I did Obama prior to his first election. As someone who could make a huge difference in putting America back on track and uniting We The People. Of course, Obama did nothing of the sort, opting to divide the country ala Saul Alinsky and Cloward/Piven.


            My fear with Trump is that he is devoid of any comprehension of the workings of free market capitalism due to his years of garnering favors from the political class through campaign contributions. His rhetoric about punishing trade partners with onerous tariffs is just a case in point.

            Will I vote for Trump? What’s the alternative other than a dumpy old criminal Marxist in pants suits?

            Here’s my hope with Trump: One doesn’t build a billion dollar enterprise without surrounding one’s self with competent people. Let’s wait and see who he says will be in his administration and go from there. His list of probable Supreme Court nominees is promising. We still have five months to observe his actions and statements. Hopefully, he’ll start becoming more presidential and less confrontational.

          2. JJ says:

            Your last paragraph is exactly how I would have responded back to you. Trump is a breath of fresh air compared to what we have in office now. We never know what a President will do once in office. But because Trump has been a successful Bussiness man, I know he can get the Economy rolling again. Secondly, I believe he will keep us safe. Trump is no dummy. If a problem arises that he can not solve, I am pretty sure he is going to have only the best people working with him. I know we are all gun shy with what we have had for the last 8 years, and we are all apprehensive. All we have is Trump. We either vote for him or we don’t and that just gives Hillary a vote. I think we should all stay positive about Trump. There are plenty of people reading these posts that may not actually have their minds made up. And when we talk negatively about him, when we have no idea what he will do, we could persuade someone else not to vote for him. Trump thinks too highly of himself to be a failure. He would not want to go down as the worst President ever unlike that thing we currently have in office.

          3. JJ says:

            Btw, I never never thought Obama would be a great President. I had read and knew too much about hiim. His past associations alone should have told everyone in this country that he was not what this country needed. Example: Wright/Bill Ayers

          4. Oregonpapa says:

            I felt the same about Obama from the beginning. I caught on early when he was questioned by “Joe the Plumber.”

          5. JJ says:

            Good deal! It pays to be observant and study up on a person before we go to the polls and push that button for them!!!!

          6. Wingedgodd3ss says:

            Yeah that whole we need to spread the wealth around is code for we need to redistribute hard working people’s money to the slackers.

          7. Oregonpapa says:

            The whole game of the Progressives is to take from producer Peter and give it to collectivist Paul, thereby guaranteeing collectivist Paul’s vote every time.

        4. Nellie McConnell says:

          Reducing immigration, illegals, sending criminals to home countries. Birth right laws, cutting Welfare to illegals and no more refugees that are not screened. Terrors and health issues. No more kids crossing our borders. Send them back to Mexico even if they are from South American countries. This is Drug lords making money off someone. These kids are ending up in human trafficing3. I live close to borders and have access to news you probably don’t get. Colexico taken over Drug gangs. Lots of home invasions. Killings! Rape and kidnapping. Much worse sense 2008.

        5. Wingedgodd3ss says:

          No platform? Return education to states? Protect the second amendment? Appoint conservative judges? Return illegals to their countries? Encourage corporations to stay here? Make countries pay for our military protection of bring them home? Rebuild our military? Do you live under a rock?

          1. Oregonpapa says:

            No Wingdfgodd3ss … I live entirely on the surface where I see things very clearly.

            Its one thing for a candidate to make broad statements and promises… and another to state how these things are going to be accomplished.

            Have you (and Trump) forgotten that we have three co-equal branches of government? From where exactly, would Trump derive the constitutional authority to accomplish all of his promises on his own, or will he need the majority of both houses to approve, and subsequently the courts to uphold???

            We have just come through almost eight years of a wanna-be dictator … do you want another eight?

          2. Wingedgodd3ss says:

            Yes but at least Trump has said he will work with the house and senate whereas Obama has a pen and a phone.

      2. PatriotGal says:

        Wingedgodd3ss, thank you so much. We MUST come together. Is Mr. Trump perfect? No, but none of us is. He is far better than KILLary. TRUMP 2016!

        1. Retired says:

          We have no other choice to keep the Clintons out of WDC.

          1. Nellie McConnell says:

            Especially Bill and Obama. I wouldn’t want these guys campaigning for me..

      3. Nellie McConnell says:

        I cut his web page a long time back. If he is a Christian.I DON’T WANT TO BE ONE!! I am a Christian, NOT PERFECT! Pray for him.
        Republicans in Congress don’t want to lose their PORK MONEY. MAYBE SHE IS PAYING?!

        1. Wingedgodd3ss says:

          Exactly. They don’t want to lose their money and they are afraid Trump is not going to hide it. He will blow it wide open…

      4. Patricia A Galle says:

        Ted Cruz is the only small hope conservatives really have. He is actually eligible, having won 8 primaries. I will pray for our party to do its job and disqualify Trump, but I doubt they care enough to do so. I would love to see Scott Walker run as his VP. That would be an unbeatable team. Trump inserted himself on our ballot, and won delegates in open primaries with Democrats voting, which devalued and diluted our real votes. Ted Cruz won big in closed primaries. He better not endorse Trump ever. Trump is a life long far left liberal Democrat, and that is proven. He is a close friend of the Clintons and George Soros, also proven. Trump has only 40% of GOP votes, and those are mainly angry white men. 80% of women won’t vote for him, and neither will our husbands. 65% of College graduates won’t, 65% of Christians won’t, 90% of millennials won’t, 90% of blacks won’t, and 90% of Hispanics won’t. You cannot win a national election with those numbers, not to mention; he has the largest unfavorable rating overall, of any candidate in history. He can’t beat Hillary, because his past is filthy, and it will all come out. He is only running to beat Cruz and ruin our party. If our party doesn’t listen to us, and remove this fraud, real conservatives will not pay dues or donate to them.

        1. Wingedgodd3ss says:

          Where are you getting your numbers? How do you think Cruz even has a chance? If they try to disqualify Trump there will be a huge backlash and Revolution. I’m not an angry white male but I am angry. I’m sick of the GOP telling me who THEY think is conservative. Romney? McCain? Really? They were total rinos and thanks Romney for giving us the obamacare blueprint. Of course I voted for them but damn I wasn’t happy. I think Scott Walker has done a marvelous job in Wisconsin but he did not resonate well in the primaries and I don’t know why. I was a Cruz supporter based on what I read about him but after I started seeing him and listening to video clips of him determined that he is a sniveling whiner. He flat isn’t like able and made few partnerships in the senate. How in the world would he ever accomplish anything as president? He would not have. He would have been stonewalled at every damn turn like he was in the senate. And had he won which (he didn’t-he was trounced) would have been painted as a far right wing wacko and would have been crushed in the general election. Trump wasn’t my first choice but he is our last hope. I don’t give a damn about the “party” and I don’t care about republicans. Our country needs to rally behind Trump to beat Hillary and he can. I don’t care who voted for Trump-he will get Sanders supporters and that doesn’t bother me a lick. All of the self righteous “principled” a$$holes who didn’t vote for Romney because he wasn’t a “Christian ” ushered in a Muslim. How’s that working for us??? It’s people like you who are going to be the final nail in Americas coffin. You better wake up and get behind the nominee we have and quit your whining. It’s too late to think some fractured party has a chance. Third party runs almost always split the conservative vote except for Nader in recent history. Politicians on both sides are afraid of Trump and it isn’t because of his personality. It’s because they cannot control him with money or keep him quiet on corruption.

    3. Sharron Freitas says:

      First Mr. Meadows, you might want to check your spelling. Thinking like Trump will get you nowhere.

      1. Ted Crawford says:

        What it has gotten us, baring action by Obama, or even more unlikely Divine Intervention, is Hillary as the 45th. President with a fully compliant Progressive Majority Senate and a seriously compromised House!
        King Priam is turning over in his grave, his lesson to humanity, once again ignored!

      2. Dolores Adams says:

        Haven’t you ever made a mistake. So now you are the spell-checker.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          One of Hellary’s tramps!

        2. JJ says:

          She made an error in her punctuation when she tried to correct you. Sharon was not paying attention when the teacher introduced punctuation to her class. She must have been having a liberal dream when her teacher was introducing commas.

      3. Rodney Steward says:

        This is not a spelling class, a$$!

        1. JJ says:

          Sharon can not even punctuate correctly!

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            🙂 she didn’t have much more to say did she, come in there JJ!

      4. donl says:

        Yes miss Prissy!!

      5. Elaine says:

        If you want to play that game, you neglected to place a comma between “First” and “Mr. Meadows”. Suck it up, buttercup.

        1. rifftop says:

          madam Sharon……left the room……..she used the word “thinking”…..and realized …….she is not allowed as a lefty to do that. Look at the people they elect………like a horror show of deviants, thieves, psychos, racists, traitors. Look at their list of alumni…..after Obama……Clinton, Kerry………we still suffer with Pelosi, Schumer, Conyers, Boxer, Feinstein (not much longer), Reid (not much longer either), Debbie Wasserman Schultz (has the same glare as Pelosi), Weiner is trying to reemerge. The Clinton and Obama muslim staff leaders….”HUMA ABEDIN”, VALERIE JARRETT(yep a muslim backround)……..and a horde of other creeps, haters and con artists for the Soros Global agenda.

        2. JJ says:

          Absolutely, Elaine!!! You are so correct!!!!

      6. Wolfman says:

        Still think Hillary is on the right track with an open illegal alien invasion policy in view of the of the muslim attack on the GAY NIGHTCLUB in Orlando. Thinking like Hillary will get you more of this . You are obviously homophobic for supporting an LGBT pro-murderer like Hillary!!! ( just thought I’d include some of your lefty tactics …doing an unjustified generalization ….to demonstrate the ignorance of this type of attack… and how old and tired the tactic is as a viable alternative to a real dialogue).

      7. Sigrid Egan says:

        How petty Madam, it is most likely a typo and totally unimportant.

        1. JJ says:

          Sharon can not even punctuate. She is something to be talking about someone’s spelling.

      8. PatriotGal says:

        Ms. Freitas, as for “thinking like Trump” getting us nowhere…if, as nowhere you mean being a multi billionaire, if as nowhere you mean running for POTUS of the once greatest country in the world, well, count me in. TRUMP 2016‼️

      9. rifftop says:

        Gee…….Trump didn’t get very far in life with his thinking? Maybe the tired ways of the rinos and the left wingers needs to be purged. The US has been reduced to a major debtor nation, a welfare state, with no control of its borders, Living wage jobs replaced by part time Kmart jobs, stagnant wages, Inflation on consumer goods……not indicated in the CPI. Threats from 3rd world terrorists, now set up in the US to expand their attacks. Diversity gone rabid………to the point that transgender bathrooms have become an issue of relevance. Illegals and Obama’s muslim wards …….all collecting handouts, starting at $20,000 per head to come here to insult citizen/taxpayers. Only an idiot can deny the disasterous policies to the imam in the white house.

      10. JJ says:

        And thinking like Hillary should put you in prison!

      11. JJ says:

        First, Sharon, you need to know how to use correct punctuation. I love it when dummies try to correct someone else.

      12. Philip Meadows says:


      13. Philip Meadows says:


    4. Dolores Adams says:

      I guess some of the Republicans are so stubborn that they can’t see that if they don’t get on board with Trump, they will lose the election to corrupt H.Clinton.

      1. rifftop says:

        They like Hillary because as an extortionist, thief, they too can continue their “side businesses” . It’s like two gangs ……one has his street……the other gang the next street to rob, and they don’t want anybody sticking their nose from the outside.

      2. Ted Crawford says:

        OR, it could just as well be said, that IF the Republican Electorate would stop being so terribly obtuse, wake up and realize exactly who Trumps really is and what he really intends and vote for Scott Walker, a true Conservative with a clearly verifiable record of Conservative, Executive leadership, we could actually prevent the, currently inevitable, Hillary Presidency!

        1. Dolores Adams says:

          I wish they would wake up. But he’s not part of the “establishment” and that’s probably why they don’t or won’t support him. Even one of our own congressmen voted for this unlawful bathroom law and he’s up for reelection and I won’t vote for him.

    5. champion2211 says:

      We have too much hate going around but the Republicans aren’t looking at the whole picture. They don’t want either candidate but don’t offer any other choices either other than Mitt Romney and he isn’t any better than what is there now. He had his chance in 2012 and let Obama get away with cheating. No back bone there. Trump is our only chance now that the situation is too far gone so we have to get together for Trump and hope he can beat Hillary the murderess of Bengazi. You know her the email bandit of America. Get behind Trump and lets get going.

    6. rifftop says:

      When it was McCain, or Romney……..both weak candidates…….that let Obama win……..the Repub party was all hugs…….rallying behind the candidate…….now that most of the registered republicans and independents realized how bad things have become and the weakness of the republican party to fight back against Obama……….and decided to chose and “outsider”…….they are like rotten rich kids……if they can’t play their way……….THEY WANT TO SPOIL THE GAME……EVEN IF IT MEANS CLINTON GETS IN. Romney has become a scumbag…….imagine pulling this crap against the wishes of primary voters who want drastic change now……..with the possibility of letting that commie shrew Clinton possibly win!!!!!!!!!!! They should rot in hell for the lies, failures and subterfuge they have pulled. DO NOT DONATE ANY MONEY TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. ….only to the candidate if you must. We told them for the last several years to STOP THE ILLEGALS, CONTROL THE BORDERS, STOP THE MUSLIM MIGRATION, STOP PROVIDING THE ILLEGALS WITH OUR MONEY WITH WELFARE, FOOD STAMPS, PHONES, MEDICAL CARE AND SCHOOL SEATS……..DID THEY COMPLY OR RESPOND TO THOSE ISSUES ……..NO ……..NO …..NO………TIME FOR THEM TO GET OUT.

    7. rifftop says:

      perish that thought……use voodoo, religion, hexes, whatever it takes to keep that shrew out.

  • grandmary42 says:

    He’s right! I am so disappointed in Romney! I worked on and supported his campaign. He does sound like a sore loser.

    1. Louisiana Lady says:

      Not only does Romney sound like a sore loser, he sounds like a man who does not care what happens to America. Another 4 years of the disgraceful policies of Obama and Hillary will finish us off.

      1. Wingedgodd3ss says:

        I too am totally disgusted by senate and house republicans-and Lindsay Graham… Really? What a jerk and it turns out the judge is a racist…

        1. PatriotGal says:

          Wingedgod3ss, right you are that judge is a racist because a year ago as a member of La Raza Lawyers Assoc. he called for a boycott on any Trump business. Now, how can he possibly render a just decision? He won’t. TRUMP 2016!!

      2. Oregonpapa says:

        I’m disgusted too. I’m not worried about Hillary “finishing us off” though. If Wilson and FDR didn’t do it, neither will Hillary.

        1. rifftop says:

          different today……..the “DIVERSITY’ population, influx of muslims……..has changed the population mix, demographic, attitude and this government is anti citizen/taxpayer. Back then those 2 democrats still had a degree of patriotism, compared to Obama, Clinton or the rest of the socialists now bleeding us . Hillary is a anti male, psychopath who will install radicals and anti Americans to various posts………worse than the commies that infiltrated FDR’s regime.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Muslims make up .7% of the population of the country. If we bring in 900,000 more they might get up to 1% of the population. The change in diversity is Hispanic and they would vote republican if Trump and the party would stop telling lies about them. If you want to win you need at least a part of the Hispanic vote but Trumps big mouth seem to be trying to drive them away. He even attacks Hispanic Republicans. Is he trying to loose?

      3. rifftop says:

        yep, I saw his weakness in the second debate with Obama……after BHO attacked Romney about his business/money etc……..Romney failed to attack BHO ON HIS hiring of Immelt … “jobs CZAR”…….WHILE HE SHUT DOWN A G.E. PLANT AND REOPENED IT IN CHINA

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