Trump calls on GOP to boot low-polling candidates

by Bradford Richardson
December 21, 2015

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump says the Republican National Committee (RNC) should disqualify candidates from primary debates who have failed to file paperwork to get their names on the ballots in major states.

“Now, if I were running the party, I’d say, ‘Excuse me, if you can’t win the state of X, a major state, if you can’t win Virginia because you’re not allowed to go in, or if you can’t win South Carolina or you can’t win this one or that one, because you didn’t file, that means it’s taken off your list, you’re not allowed to be in the debate anymore,’ ” Trump said at a rally in Iowa on Saturday.

“When you’re at like, this guy [former New York governor George] Pataki, he’s been at zero for months. He couldn’t get elected dog-catcher in New York. The guy’s at zero for months. And he keeps on staying and staying,” he added.

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  • Robert Green says:

    I think that Trump is jumping the gun. The candidates themselves will eventually drop out if the numbers dictate it. The same for the Republic National Committee who seems to be controlling the National Conventions as to who will speak or who will not as was the case in 2012 when Ron Paul was running for president.
    Folks, we really have no say as to who will or will not be nominated, and haven’t for a very long time. As I see it, it doesn’t matter which Party one belongs to. The leadership has a tight reign on who is nominated.
    Wake up people, your or my votes do not count any more. If it did, Obama would not have been elected. The 2012 election was rigged. Voting machines were programmed to elect Obama. It’s easy to see it in those states that stated that they were 100% for Romney, but when the votes were tallied, Obama won with a 100% margin. Several polling places were found to show Romney supporters who verified their votes before presing the send button found the vote for Romney changed to Obama. Do you think that was an isolated case? NO!
    Why do you think that they do not want voters to show ID’s? Think for once as to the reasons. 2012 is the best example to date. Do you think it can happen in 2016? You betcha! If we allow it.

  • Rick Stanley says:

    Time to boot the low lying fruit RNC.

  • jcadla says:

    It makes sense to drop out if someone knows they cannot win,-did not do the proper paperwork to qualify for a number of states. Otherwise, the only reason some stay in is to either make things harder for some other candidate or accumulate money from donors. Either way shows a lack of class. Trump is right.

  • bobnstuff says:

    The NRC runs the party not Trump. Trump has never won an election and it would seem never looked at past elections. Polls mean nothing, it’s what happens in the voting booth that counts. The candidates will thin out after the first few primaries and the front runners this early are not the front runners in a few months. Remember Santorum. Trump just doesn’t understand how things work in a democracy. He is used to thing running from the top down and being the boss. In a democracy it power come from the bottom. Trump is trying to be the boss when he hasn’t even been hired yet.

    1. dmttbt says:

      The people of the united states are suppose to be the ones who do the hiring, not the DNC or the RNC. They are organizations that have outlived their usefulness. When you are bought out, you should no longer exist.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Wasn’t it Trump that made the fuss about being treated fairly by the RNC but now he wants them to exclude others. The RNC is giving those that want a chance to run that chance. Polls mean nothing, it the votes that count. It is the voters that get to choose not Mr Trump.

        1. dmttbt says:

          Bobnstuff you must have your head so far up your a ss you cannot breathe much less have a clear intelligent thought. o you think Santorum is going to come up from behind and win? Better yet is he going to come up with groundbreaking legislation to save the world? Have him go away and shut up. He appeals to he evangelic voter because he is a little girl.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Four years ago who was the front runner, Rick Santorum. How did that work out? It doesn’t matter who the front runner is in the polls right now because they are very unlikely to get the nomination. The main thing is Trump doesn’t run the party. He has never been elected to any office and should have little say in how things are done. He says he doesn’t get enough time in the debate but he’s the one that wanted to shorten them. This is all about power over the party and not about someone who isn’t polling well having a voice.

  • ken29 says:

    Why not just boot everyone except the Prince of Bombast?

    1. dmttbt says:

      bobnstuf says a lot of things, in fact he reminds me of a man I met who was in the electrical workers union in Knoxville, Tn. but transferred to be a member of the AFLCIO in Nashville and from what I could tell he goes around explaining that people really do not even know what Communism is. I told him that I was in Vietnam and I didn’t want communism then and I don’t want it now. Many veterans will agree with me on that and especially the ones who have been waiting so long for medical care they are dying while they wait. The people who are so big hearted about the refugees should look into things in this country that need to be done. The actor that has been on the news lately just happened to be where a boat load were coming in and he found one little girl that he thought was not breathing. They took her to the emergency room and she was fine. I wonder if he paid the emergency room or he just likes spending other peoples money.

  • Julia says:

    Lindsey Graham just saw the light, and the rest of low pollers should as well, it just makes sense!

    1. richardjf says:

      Maybe just maybe the others low pollers will do so quickly but I wont hold my breath.

    2. GQ4U says:

      Lindsey Graham has never seen the light. Someone just pulled that string hanging from his back and he said whatever was programmed.

      1. Artemis says:

        Truly a “puppet” enabler for the Liberals……Since we the people have made it our “Business” to know who the enablers (RINO’S) are, why don’t WE put pressure on the RNC to impeach them? They are ALL guilty of violating their “Oath of Office”!

        1. GQ4U says:

          While I agree with your sentiments you should know that the constitution does not allow any political party, aka the RNC, to impeach any elected official. They can refuse to back them in the next election but they are unlikely to do so unless a candidate threatens their entrenched establishment views. The RNC & DNC are both corrupt organizations.

  • GQ4U says:

    I wonder which candidate Trump fears. He is an outrageously bombastic piece of work.

    1. richardjf says:

      I dont think Trump fears no one really. If he dont win this it wont destroy him.

      1. GQ4U says:

        I’m not so sure, he has very delicate ego.

        1. grafra102 says:

          GQ4U oh, and so do I!! So how about that???

          1. GQ4U says:

            I don’t care about your ego — you are not planning on trying to run the country.

          2. dmttbt says:

            When you say run the country, what exactly does that mean? By the way I don’t know that we have had an honest election in this country in over 20 years , if then.

          3. GQ4U says:

            In today’s D.C. the president runs the country — not congress. We may as well send congress home so they can’t contribute to the harm being done by Obama. I’m not so sure Trump won’t be just as dogmatic as Obama and refuse to listen to the people.

            Hanging chads need to return to the ballot box.

    2. grafra102 says:

      GQ4U Trump has the balls th get things done!!! He has no fear, he goes forward and not put his dick between his legs and run like the shit we have in Washington now!!!!!!!!

    3. dmttbt says:

      I wonder which candidate you think tells the truth. Which one in office now or running would have been doing anything about the open borders? None were discussing the border before Trump (bombastically) did and the laws have been there for years. We have a government that doesn’t know to follow the laws that they themselves put in place. Obama and the other idiots are saying the majority of Americans want a new comprehensive law on immigration. No we don’t. We want the to enforce the closed border first. They would see the laws we have are enough. They just have to be enforced. If they want an example to follow, try the laws that Mexico uses and see how many get in. Mexico doesn’t want their people to stop coming to the united states because they send money home to Mexico.

      1. GQ4U says:

        I agree on the border and immigration law issue. Its like gun laws, they keep adding more and don’t enforce the ones they have; their goal is to disarm America not stop gun violence.

        We can never be sure if anyone always speaks the truth but we can examine how long and consistently they have taken a stand on each issue. Among current POTUS candidates I believe Rand Paul is the most consistent. Trump is the least consistent having identified as a Democrat as recently as 2009.

      2. GQ4U says:

        Some were discussing the border before Trump (bombastically) did. The media wasn’t paying them any attention so we the people didn’t hear much about it. Trump isn’t even the leader on closing the border he is simply the one the press pays attention to. Much of Trump’s rhetoric is borrowed from others. Rand Paul for instance has been advocating closing the border long before Trump decided to run for POTUS. Being a media darling doesn’t make Trump the best one to be POTUS.

  • dmttbt says:

    I think that Santorum only has his family vote, and some of them are not convinced. What would these useless ass people want as president?

    1. grafra102 says:

      dmttbt: The fucking money!!!!

    2. truthseeker says:

      They like Jeb Bush that stated he didn’t care that he was in the back and that is cause they keep the money if they lose. It is a Win/Win situation. That is why people like Rick Santorum and Rick Perry knew they did not have a chance, but so what the money is good . All of their expenses are paid by the Tax payer. Travel, food, clothing and a Salary . It is not fair, and we should make sure we can stop it next time.

  • Ray says:

    Got some new ideas, wonder how it will go over :
    Republican Party will be now called the Tea Party
    RNC will be now We the People Committee
    DNC will be now Do Nothing Committee
    So far in this election looks like the We the People Committee is in the lead. Majority rules.
    They do all this talk about how many people are at Hillarys rally, the real trust is not many are showing up
    Talk about Trump turn out the place is packed, because I attended a rally, believe me it was packed and people were lined up and standing outside with TV setup for people to see him talking. Their were blacks, Latino and young people there they want him. So don’t be fooled in this election.
    Because I really believe the people have spoken this time around. We don’t need RNC or DNC telling us who is the nominee going to be.
    We the People Committee have spoken, so listen. We were tricked last time, not this time.

    1. YoOleMe says:

      WE DO NEED to get busy with our State’s Secretary of State and Stste legislators to get laws on the books prohibiting any form of out-of-country vote tabulations then; get involved in prescient processes, and stick around after the voting ends for those meeting where delegates are selected for county, then onto state and national conventions!!! It’s in these rabbit holes where the skulduggery takes place and we wake-up the morning after election day wondering what happened. .

    2. Artemis says:

      Hi Ray..I agree with you about everything EXCEPT one thing. I think the DNC should hold the title of “Masters of Evil Committee”. They have truly earned it!

  • disqus_b94LcxBhhW says:

    I think the recent Omnibus passage speaks volumes about our RINOs, who, I would agree, are much more politically aligned with the Democrats than the conservative base. This bill did not attempt to resolve any of the important issues we have been talking about from the Planned Parenthood disaster to Obama’s executive amnesty to the visa waiver catastrophe to the Islamic refugee tsunami about to take place in our own country. All because our own party does not want to “shut down the government,” a phrase served up as nothing more than an excuse to pursue the same old pork policies. Since 1976, the government was shut down 18 times and everyone lived to see another day; it is not the catastrophe it is made out to be especially when it underscores our important positions. If the congress will not abide by our wishes, then we must elect Trump/Cruz to erase the damage that Ryan has continued to perpetuate.

    1. dmttbt says:

      Trump can get them to vote in his direction by going on the television and telling the senators and congressman’s district and explaining what the bill does and that their representative is against it. Peer pressure.

      1. truthseeker says:

        Trump has been the only one that would do a Face to face interview with both CNN and Fox news. We want a President that will answer questions from the News and not make some kind of campaign speech to the Masses.

        1. Gnowark says:

          If only he could get questions of The People answered, instead of questions designed by media to change public opinion (but again, I fantasize).

  • Buford says:

    Who gave IOWA the right to limit my choices? The process is screwed, purposely designed for the few to make a calculated selection for personal gain while misleading the public into thinking they actually have a voice in a phantom election process. In opposition, I may just vote myself or a worthy candidate in the single digits that the media has persuaded us not to vote for with their nudge persuasion polling. We continue the same failed procedures with predictably same failing results and nothing changes.

    1. YoOleMe says:

      WE DO NEED to get busy with our State’s Secretary of State and Stste legislators to get laws on the books prohibiting any form of out-of-country vote tabulations then; get involved in prescient processes, and stick around after the voting ends for those meeting where delegates are selected for county, then onto state and national conventions!!! It’s in these rabbit holes where the skulduggery takes place and we wake-up the morning after election day wondering what happened.:

  • Patriot47 says:

    I have posted MANY times that the RNC will en-mass vote for Hildog or Babbling Bernie before Trump, Cruz, or any candidate NOT already in someone’s pocket.

    1. dmttbt says:

      I still say if the republican party does not choose Trump as the candidate it will piss off a lot of people and we will show how pissed off we are. I will write in and vote. The fact that now they are backing Cruz is because that is their closest hope to get a person who can be accepted. I reject that and I reject Cruz. If he wants to settle for vice pres maybe, but not as president. Cruz is a politician and we should know by now what that word means.

      1. Charity Blake says:

        career politicians should face a firing squad or get
        locked in with a pack of HUNGRY man-eating sharks.

      2. Patriot47 says:

        Do not forget that Cruz is also a lawyer.

        1. GQ4U says:

          And he is Canadian born to a Cuban dad so he’s not even eligible to be POTUS.

      3. GQ4U says:

        What a childish response. I don’t like Trump, I support Rand Paul, but if Trump is the nominee in November he will get my vote. If he is not the nominee then I will vote for whoever has the best chance of beating the Democrat nominee. Personally I don’t believe Trump can beat Hillary — he’s to polarizing and bombastic for most Americans. He only appeals to angry and disappointed conservatives who have lost sight of the big picture — restoring constitutional government to the USA.

    2. GQ4U says:

      Cruz is Article-II ineligible to be POTUS. As is Rubio.

      1. Patriot47 says:

        As is the current squatter.
        FACT – the people do NOT have to prove he is ineligible, he must prove his status, which was hushed and hidden and swept under the socialist rug.

  • Ray says:

    RNC, your man Jeb did not make it. Sooo start backing the front runner, because the American people have spoken on who we want this time around. We don’t want the same old talk year after year and never getting anything done in Washington. Time for the We the People to decide what we want.
    So back off let us do the job. Because we have caught on the way you people operate. No thanks!!!

    1. richardjf says:

      Jeb Bush should drop out. He not the man his brother is.
      Trump will make the world look up at the United States again for all the good reasons. The world free ride on the US taxpayers money given away by the government. They have no right to do that! None!!!!

      No Hilliar, no Commie Sanders, and no Jeb. The Republican choices all should be in the double digits. The rest off the list. If their in single digits they should drop out on their own or forced out.

      The head of the GOP isnt happy that Trump, Carson, Cruz an Rubio are at the top. He has his eyes on some one else. Maybe Jeb????
      Dont matter what he wants.
      We the People matter only an he better understand that!
      Enough said!

      1. dmttbt says:

        Hillary just last night said we should welcome and support the Muslim immigrants. Why would we want to do that and that crap about it is against the constitution to ban a certain group of people is just something they made up as they went along. If there is anyone who did not give a s hit about 6the constitution it is the present administration. The bull s hit about we can’t attack the ISIS training camps because they are too close to innocent civilians. Who made that crap up? War is war. You are trying to not be killed and the way you do that is by killing everyone and everything in your way. Let’s talk about an old American war hero, Audy Murphy, he was honored and even had movies made for him to star in. Do you know why he was such an effective soldier? It was because he was short and he was going to prove that he was as tall as everyone else if not taller, by killing as many people as he could. he was a hell bent soldier, and he understood what he had to do. That is how you have to fight a war. Hillary thinks there are good Muslim. I think they would be to difficult to find. Hillary says she is broke. Hillary says there is to much distance between the rich and the poor. Hillary has so much money a everyday person would not even be able to imagine the numbers that would represent her and Bills net worth. Hillary tells lies and then Hillary believes those lies. Obama does the same thing but with a Muslim twist and I am not so sure Hillary doesn’t have that twist also.

        1. grafra102 says:

          dmttbt: She is a bitch butcher!!!!!!!

        2. bobnstuff says:

          Read the First amendment, freedom of religion. Then you might want to read the fourth. I know there are good Muslims, I have worked with them and I have Muslim friends I see almost everyday. Also just for the record war must be declared by Congress. I know that Hillary’s $45 million is a big number but if you want a poor man as president vote for Rubio.

          1. jcadla says:

            The Koran says there is only three options for infidels,-to convert them, subjugate them or kill them. Your friends might be friendly but if they were ordered to kill you in the name of allah, they would…or be killed themselves.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Have you even seen a copy of the Koran? I’m sure you have never read it. As far that goes have you read the Bible, try Exodus 22:20.

          3. jcadla says:

            Yes I have read much of the Koran. And in none of it have I found any love, mercy or compassion,-only death to all infidels.
            Exodus “…20 “Whoever sacrifices to any god other than the Lord must be destroyed.[a]
            21 “Do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner, for you were foreigners in Egypt.
            22 “Do not take advantage of the widow or the fatherless.

            And this has what to do with us today? Please look up, “Context.” And can you deny those three options for infidels?

          4. bobnstuff says:

            If you go to the sights that are written by Muslims you will find a little different different spin on things. I’m no Islamic scholar but I have read enough not to trust those that want me to hate and mistrust Muslims.

          5. Daniel Wright says:

            If you go to sites written by Muslims you will read the pablum written especially to feed to people like you who don’t know anything about their true nature. One thing that is well known is that they are ordered to lie to kafirs like you and me. You are swallowing lies .

          6. bobnstuff says:

            Sorry you are wrong, I guess we should learn about the Christian faith from non believers. Oh and if you check out the place about lying it’s not what you have been told,


          7. Daniel Wright says:

            Sorry you are wrong. If you want to investigate the Nazis you don’t go to a skinhead or neo Nazi website. You are taking the word of master liars. Are you that gullible? Oh, my mistake. Of course you are. Here is a non believer who will tell you the truth…………

          8. bobnstuff says:

            Good all Bill and his “The Expert” on Islam. I don’t suppose you read his Bio. The good Doctor started studying Islam after after 9/11 and has done it with a very anti Islam view. He doesn’t speak the language, he has no training in religion, he has on back ground any field that would make him a reliable source.

          9. Daniel Wright says:

            If you watched the video you will see that he studied Islam under Sufi masters over 40 years ago. They are teachers of mystical Islam, so your statement that he has never been trained in religion is ridiculous and a sign of your ignorance. You will also note that he has studied Islam for a living six days a week for 14 years since 911. That’s more than enough time to get a second PHD in a second field. He earned a PHD in quantum mechanics before that. He also has a degree in enginering so he knows how to study and investigate. Where did you get the idea that he uses Jews as his source of information. He uses the Quran, the sira and the hadith excluseively, nothing else!! You say that if you want to study Nazis you study Mein kamph. [which you misspelled]. He uses the Quran to study the religion,period! You also say that you have to study Hitler. Warner uses the sira to study Muhammad because it is Muhammad’s auto biography. In it he reveals his life and habits down to the minutest detail. You also criticize him for not knowing Arabic. You don’t need to speak German to read an English translation of Mein kamph,and the same goes for the Quran. You say that to study a subject you must go to the source. If that is really what you believe then why didn’t you study Warner in stead of going to his critics? Go to the source. Warner is the source. Listen to his words with an open mind. You think he enriches himself with hate. He was already well off so he doesn’t need the money. He works tirelessly to warn people like you on the danger ahead. If you have the open mind liberals brag about so much then listen to a few of his lectures. What are you afraid of,changing your mind? After all,he doesn’t profit from his youtube videos,they’re free.

          10. dmttbt says:

            We want an honest person as president. Now or any other time is not a good time to be gender bias and that is exactly what Hillary is asking for.

          11. bobnstuff says:

            So you don’t support Trump. Trump University comes to mind as well as some condos that never got built. How about “I give money to a lot of candidates so when I call them they do what I want”. How honest is a man who dates while still married? Hillary is asking for your vote based on her view of the country, It’s Trump that keeps pointing out that she’s a women. Trump has a problem dealing with women.

          12. swamprat1937 says:

            I heard this week that some in our government are trying to repeal the First Amendment. Anyone else hear this sad report?

          13. bobnstuff says:

            I don’t know where you heard it but I sure wouldn’t trust anything they say in the future.

          14. Daniel Wright says:

            What “they” are you referring to?

      2. truthseeker says:

        Actually we are all tired of the name BUSH. Remember daddy Bush ” Read my lips, No new taxes”. His Brother missed almost every Weekend Drill when he was in the Air Force . How did that happen and he still was able to stay in ?

        1. Charity Blake says:

          another brother sank the savings and loan industry awhile back, Columba went to France specifically to buy ball gowns, then tried to not declare the gowns when she landed in Miami. The whole damn bunch of “bush” are liars, thieves, criminals, unpatriotic trash.

          1. truthseeker says:

            The only one I know of as a fact is the Silverado Bank in Colorado back in the Eighties. Why do they not put this out ? If I was a bad as George Bush was when he was in the Air Force Reserves I would not want to many people to know about it. I was in the Reserves and I know if you missed as many Weekend Drills as George did you would be discharged , but he gets away with everything and they both have never worked a day in their lives. You forgot Lazy , good for nothing .

        2. dmttbt says:

          Let’s see you are bad mouthing Bush for missing almost every drill when he was in the air force. Please review what Bill Clinton did or rather didn’t do. He was a deserter. He received a pardon. What did Obama do? what about Hillary, I think I read somewhere lately that she said she had volunteered for something in the military. Maybe it was a target for snipers. If you are going to cut one on their service or lack there of, get all of them.

          1. truthseeker says:

            The list would be long I agree. I was not attempting to make a list, just that it is another Bush that is attempting to run for POTUS and why like Clinton has a record that is not up to the standards of Office. Clinton also gave the deserters from the Vietnam war amnesty . Maybe we cannot find the perfect Presidential Candidate, but then I do not know of any perfect President from the past. All we can do is come close if that is possible .

      3. Charity Blake says:

        Jeb Bush is EXACTLY like his brothers, his father and grandfather – criminals, thieves, liars, bootleggers, etc. Trump is exactly what this country needs: non-politically correct, non-boot licker, non-ass kisser, pro-profiling, anti-immigration for criminals who broke the law by being here undocumented. If we don’t right this ship, we will be buried at sea, with bin Laden.

      4. swamprat1937 says:

        The thought of Donald Trump representing my country makes me sick, I am a concerned Republican – and Trump sucks, Ben Carson is a good man – Rubio is also on my list. But Trump? That vile mouthed SOB can go to hell as far as I am concerned.

        1. truthseeker says:

          General Patton had a vile mouth also, but we do not need a tender foot when it comes to picking someone who knows how to put our economy back on track. As far as him going to Hell, well we are in Hell now and I for one want to get out of this nightmare we are in. What is happening to our Country makes me sick. We need to ” Make America great again” !

      5. Robert Green says:

        I agree with most of what you say,. But the Republican Central Committee have locked down the Convention to force the nominations to be what they want it to be. 2012 for Ron Paul was a good example. Maybe it’s time to replace the Central Committee membership.

  • VirgoVince says:

    Include Jeb and remove everyone below him! These guys are lousy at their current jobs, what makes them, or anyone else, think they should be President?
    TRUMP/Cruz 2016!!

    1. Mike Olson says:

      Many of these guys are part of the problem.

      1. truthseeker says:

        Senators that are getting paid to be our voice and yet do not have time to vote is the problem. We pay for these Senators Meals, transportation, clothing and pay their salary to go to work everyday, just like any other job and when they don’t they are doing us all a disservice.

    2. richardjf says:

      Trump/Cruz 2016!! YES!!

      1. NoBamaNoMo says:

        Yes, that would be one killer ticket!

        Trump/Cruz 2016!!

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