Trump Calls Scolding by Newt Gingrich ‘Inappropriate’

June 6, 2016

Donald Trump said Monday it was “inappropriate” for Newt Gingrich to demand he drop the subject of an American judge’s ethnicity and start acting like “a potential leader of the United States.” But Trump let stand widespread scolding from other Republican leaders who want him to lay off the jurist — a sign that the GOP presidential candidate doesn’t want to blow up the fragile truce he has struck with the party establishment.

Trump insisted that his comments about the judge came in defense against relentless questions from reporters and others about lawsuits against Trump University. Trump said U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel can’t be impartial in the suits because his parents were born in Mexico and Trump wants to build a wall along the border.

Curiel is a former federal prosecutor who was born in Indiana to parents who came from Mexico in the 1920s. He has not responded to Trump’s attack, and Trump’s legal team has not sought his removal from the case. Judges generally are thought to have conflicts of interest only in more specific situations, such as a financial interest in the outcome of the case.

Nonetheless, Trump says the public discussion about Trump University requires a response.

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  • Lkfeinb says:

    I understand that the case is strong against Trump and if he applied for a change in venue, it would be denied. There is no reason.

  • empty pockets says:

    “Trump already has rejected calls for him to adjust his approach.

    “I’m not changing,” he said Tuesday at a fiery news conference at Trump Tower.”

    So his “I can be anybody I need to be” has now been fully abandoned in favor of being a spoiled rich brat who talks out his butt instead of his brain (his “very good brain” if he can be believed).

    Sheesh people…if he was serious, his very high priced lawyers would have already filed motions for this judge to recuse himself or a change of venue yet they have NOT…because they have no cause and THEY know it.

    Defending him even when he’s completely wrong does him and us no favors. We rightfully deride the left for doing that very same thing for Obama and Clinton. Stop acting like the brain dead left.

  • heavnle says:

    Trump should continue to expose the truth and continue to succeed! Just love how everyone is advising and we the people do not care about their advice anymore…sorry but if the advisors knew what works Trump wouldn’t need to run for President! So glad he is though! Go Trump!

  • snowyriver says:

    The Judge is a devout Muslim.. What is Trumps stand on Muslim immigrants? This judge is biased beyond belief.. cannot make a fair judgement.

  • Nina says:

    Oops! Guess Newts off the short list for VP! 🙁

  • capa760 says:

    This is just one reason I will not ever be a Democrat. I don’t see patriotic with any of their actions of treason, paying rioters at Ferguson and at the Caucus.
    of any Presidential Candidate. Real Patriotic Americans were raised with manners, without embarrassing themselves or their parents. RUDE, CRUDE, and Hillary’s #$%&* language were never acceptable to associate with that kind. Act your age, you will get better with practice. Mexico Presidente’ put our Military soldier into the Mexican penitentiary for making a wrong turn going to the VA Hospital. Why wouldn’t our country want a wall to stop illegals from entering our country illegally. We don’t let our citizens beat them up on a trumped up charge, Illegalis a crime in the USA.

  • capa760 says:

    And My husband and I are NOT HAPPY ABOUT THEIR MONDAY NIGHT DISAPPEARANCE. We are so proud of Melissa for her action to be healthier for the pregnancy in the script.. And for her new figure. We remember Mike as a guard at a movie studio program of hilarity. Now Mike, Melissa can help you
    lose, as long as your health doctor ok’s the use of the product for you. I have
    A-FIB and cannot use it to lose weight. A voodoo curse on he who made the cut

  • Jerry says:

    To think in this day and age Of the Lying from the White House Everyday for the past 7 and a half years and the standard it has set for the Communist Progressive Democrat Crime party, To think this Judge is not Bias is REtarded, I would say there is a 95% chance he is bias

  • Sinnie Kemp says:

    Newt and the republicans still very much concern with the PC which is BS any way. This PC is the problem to our society as a whole. The elites are using this PC to build up the power to control people.

  • Helen says:

    Trump can sure dish it out to anyone and everyone but the small man cannot take it….Better grow up if you want to be President…At this point you are not on my list of anyone I would vote for. Big mouth you or Crooked Hillary….Two of the worst people in the United States and this is our choice……No Thanks…It will be the first time since I was old enough to vote and I am a very Elder Senior Citizen now! I would not vote for either one of you over my dead body!!!

    1. Abel says:

      Your hatred is getting in the way of your logic. I’m an elder myself, but I do realize that, in our corrupt, left leaning voting structure, voting for Trump is necessary because voting for anyone else or not voting at all is effectively a vote for Hillary Clinton.

      One doesn’t have to like someone to vote for them; if you call a plumber to clean out your crapper you could care less if his methods are different from yours, or his clothes are messed up, or he has too much hair on his ass, or he’s bald as a bat, or his plumbers crack is showing and glowing! You want a plumber that can get your sewer system running again, keep the shit running downhill and not spreading it all over your carpet, and for this country, at this time, that man is Trump. Think about it old timer, and use your logical head not your pissed off head!

      1. Lkfeinb says:

        I like EVERYTHING you said except for “that man is Trump”. That woman is Hillary.

  • mike says:

    i stand with donald as he is so right & i’m from indiana also

  • teaman says:

    Trump is right and Newty boy is wrong again. This Obama appointed La Raza loving “so called” judge hates Trump……and you know what, I could care less if this judge was born in the U.S. He is still an ILLEGAL BUTT KISSER.

  • dmttbt says:

    If Trump said that the judge is Mexican and his mother and father are Mexican, I would say he is as close to Mexican as you can get. My understanding is the judge was appointed by Obama. That would definitely indicate a conflict.




    United States District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the man presiding
    over the class-action lawsuit against Trump University, is a member of
    the La Raza Lawyers of San Diego and oversaw the gift of a law school
    scholarship to an illegal alien.

    In his 2011 judicial questionnaire to become a federal judge, Curiel revealed his history with La Raza. originally reported this Tuesday, and The Daily Caller has independently verified.

    Curiel lists “La Raza Lawyers of San Diego” as a legal association he
    has been a part of in the questionnaire. Curiel’s office at the United
    States District Court for the Southern District of California confirmed
    to TheDC the judge’s membership in the group.

    Curiel reveals
    more ties to the group in his questionnaire. He has spoken at two
    receptions held by La Raza Lawyers of San Diego, the most recent being
    in 2011. Last year, the group also held a reception for Curiel. The
    description of the event says, “This year we are proud to be honoring
    Judge Gonzalo Curiel at our reception and recognizing him for his
    leadership and support to the community and to our Association!”

    In addition, Curiel served on the selection committee in 2014 for the
    La Raza Lawyers of San Diego Scholarship Fund. Six of seven of the
    recipients of these scholarships ranging from $1500 to $1600 were born
    in Central America. One of them, Ricardo Elorza, described himself as

  • Sinnie Kemp says:

    I hope that Trump stands firm with this racist judge. He shouldn’t preside on Trump U case because of who he is, pro-illegal and he will be bias knowing Trump is against illegal’s. Curiel won’t be fair with his ruling on the case.

    1. Lkfeinb says:

      This “racist” judge is a hero for prosecuting Mexican drug cartels in California.

  • Phannesa says:

    It is a bit arrogant to try to tell other people about their business. Trump knows who he is dealing with and that is La Raza activists which means this stupid biased judge. Here is an organization committed to help illegals to stay and suck our system dry. Enough is enough!!

  • Nana says:

    Hannity already reported the discovery of the class action lawsuit is of 6 former students of Trump University who still say it was a good investment. The law firm that filed the suit has paid Hillary thousands toward speeches and toward her campaign. This is just another attempt by Hillary and the Dem party to try to damage Trump. It’s all out in the open now including this judge who is an Obama supporter and a Democrat. Trump has every right to expose this for the fraud it is.

    1. Phannesa says:


    2. Retired says:

      Why would people want to put low life Clinton’s into WDC. What are these people so afraid of if Trump becomes Pres. after 8 years of abuse to our constitution. Billy Boy – Obama and Hillary would be 20 years od destruction.

      1. Technicallysane says:

        Well said.!!!

    3. Technicallysane says:

      They never cease with their underhanded tactics and I just pray that Trump holds firm and brings out a lot of these truths because it seems even many of his so-called friends are never there to back him up.

    4. Elaine says:

      Many ‘higher-ups’ have come to Gonzalo’s defense, claiming that “He was born in Indiana! He’s an American!” But yet, millions of blacks who were born in America claim they are “African-American”. And … IMHO, there have certainly been many incidents where the “African” part of that seems to rise to the surface.

  • Phannesa says:

    I am with Trump. That was inappropriate of Newton, specially when Trump knows the judge is biased, and that he is!!

  • I Seigel says:

    I guess this disqualifies Newt to be Donald’s VP.

    1. Nana says:

      Newt needs to man up like a Trumpster. Trump hasn’t been wrong yet and this will be further exposed. Trumpsters don’t want Donald to be PC or handle it any differently than he has.

      1. I Seigel says:

        “Trumpsters don’t want Donald to be PC or handle it any differently than he has.”
        You’re absolutely right.

        Now that Trump has exposed Muslim judges and Hispanic judges, he should go after Jewish judges, and black judges and women judges. All of them are probably biased against him, too.

        1. Retired says:

          You left out the media.

          1. I Seigel says:

            Yes, that’s why they’re giving him much much more airtime than any other candidate, Republican or Democrat. Trump loves the Press, except when the Press exercises its First Amendment responsibilities and rights.

            He says he doesn’t want credit for donating to veterans groups, but how many times has he claimed to have raised $6 million for vets in the last few months? And then he’s insulted to answer questions about it.

            And now the North Koreans have endorsed him for President. Nice!!

          2. dmttbt says:

            When the so called Hollywood clan raises money for something they often do not even know if the money got to the cause it was raised for and how much of it goes to the cause and how much doesn’t. They wanted the media to question Trump right away. If they were as diligent about the other c9ollections we could understand. That is something like a woman who wrote in on e-mail to say that Trump will not stop immigration because that is where he has to get his wives from. I would like to be a billionaire and see if I couldn’t get a date.

          3. Retired says:

            Clinton has gotten almost 2 years of free media, where have you bin sleeping. There is hardly a time that Trump is mentioned that Clinton is also mentioned.

          4. I Seigel says:

            Clinton was the Secretary of State for many years. She was a newsmaker by definition, and gets press coverage accordingly. Trump is a “newsmaker” because the media want the ratings that he brings.

          5. williweb says:

            I never heard anything about SOS except her screw-ups. She’s never done anything for anyone.

          6. Retired says:

            And as secretary she sold out the US just like Kerry , something the media does not write about.

          7. I Seigel says:

            With all due respect, please stick to the topic. We’re talking about the amount of media coverage that Trump is getting vs Clinton. It’s a topic that you yourself brought up in a previous post. Or you can keep bringing up old and tired accusations and not deal with present realities.

          8. Retired says:

            The present reality is that our so called Media is pro Democrat and Anti Republican. Even if it were not Trump as front runner for the Rep. Party ,the media would still favor a Democrat and knock down the opponent. Sad so many do not see that. This is a present reality we live with.

          9. I Seigel says:

            And that is why there is Fox, Breitbart, Drudge, the Washington Times, and a plethora of conservative websites and blogs. Are you going to continue to blame other forces for the problems that Trump and conservatives are now facing, or are you going to “man up” and face the facts that Republicans have some SERIOUS problems right now that are of their own making? In other words, STOP SCAPEGOATING and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! That’s what conservatives are always talking about, when it comes to Black Lives Matter, welfare, and other libturd concepts, isn’t it?!?!

          10. Retired says:

            Not until you live up to how crocket the Democrat party has become in the last 50+ Years. This is what made Trump popular. You keep right on supporting the Criminals.

          11. I Seigel says:

            And you don’t think the Republican Party has become just as crooked? Money is the root of all evil, and there is way too much of it in BOTH parties. PACs and Citizens United and “charitable contributions” have to GO!

          12. Retired says:

            Do you remember who started the PAC money game ???

          13. I Seigel says:

            I would guess it would be Karl Rove, but the question is irrelevant. Nobody has a patent or copyright on it.

          14. Retired says:

            Funny that everything is irrelevant with you, the Democrats started the problem. When will you except that they are destroying what was once a beautiful country with their wasteful spending and bending over for the UN. You must not be a true American .

          15. I Seigel says:

            Wasteful spending? Like what? Like insisting that the Navy buy another ship that they don’t want and don’t need? And why? Because the Republican congressman from Mississippi wants it to be built in his district. Is that the kind of wasteful spending you mean?

          16. Retired says:

            Only un Americans will vote for Clinton. You have no Knowledge as to how the government operates or how and wen the pacs started. there fore I am not wasting anymore time on you a UN AMERICAN.

          17. I Seigel says:

            First time I heard that not knowing the history of PACs was reason to cancel my citizenship. However, unlike you, I do know how to spell. Bye bye.

          18. capa760 says:

            But the free media has not been telling the truth about
            Hillary’s escapades- selling the US Missile Guidance System secrets to China,, with the bomb carrying drone, the Stealth Fighter secrets for China’s mockup model. And the Russians bought 20% of the US Uranium
            assets and filled Hillary Clinton’s Foundation, along with Saudi Arabia, Pharmaceuticals, Goldman Sachs, and a long list of payers. All taxable dollars. Benghazi might have paid Obama and Hillary for ignoring the cries for HELP. She will sell US to the UN like Bill’s Sea
            Treaty to give away America’s Sea Rights. Fortunately,

          19. I Seigel says:

            Wow, that sounds like treason. Too bad she won’t get caught. Trey Gowdy hasn’t found anything. No one else will either. Maybe there’s nothing to find?

          20. Lkfeinb says:

            I like your style!

          21. capa760 says:

            Maybe everyone is scared to death of Hillary & Bill, after reading about the 32 bodies left in their wake. Same as Obama’s bodies trails of mystery-two Presidential Impersonators were terrific and did NOT deserve it ,as were the rest of them. Hell will be very crowded, thanks
            to the career politicians ‘good ol’ boys and girl’s clubs’.

          22. I Seigel says:

            Really? You think Trey Gowdy is scared of Hillary? That he’s not trying as hard as he can to bring her down?

          23. Retired says:

            Yet we have so many fools voting for the Clintons as they sell out American Labor jobs and everything that is not nailed down.

          24. mike says:

            you sound disappointed. you’re not a troll for the left are you?

          25. I Seigel says:

            If I don’t say nice things about Trump 100% of the time, does that mean I’m a troll?

        2. Lkfeinb says:

          Very well said for this post.

      2. dze53 says:

        That’s exactly right on. Trump knows what he’s saying. And I love how he’s not afraid to say it.

      3. Abel says:

        Trump’s a little like Harry Truman in a small way; Someone yelled “Give’m Hell Harry!” once and Harry responded “I don’t have to give’m Hell, I just tell them the truth and they think it’s Hell!” Trump is just telling the truth about things the way they are, without hiding behind PC, and the neocons and neolibs think it”s Hell. I, quite frankly, don’t want another “Career Politician” in the White House, for obvious reasons. Enough has been enough!

        1. capa760 says:

          I feel the same way about NOT voting for a ‘good ol’ boy
          politician’ NOT BEING ELECTED. We have seen our
          Speaker Boehner, hold the bills for the floor, until a bribe
          came to him first, and now McConnell holds (how many
          have you held? 500-1000?) Congress should have corrected the Broken Oath and unsecured border of Obama. Obama is not THE King of this kingdom.
          Obamacare was illegal- IF the House and Senate
          did not read the bill, discuss the errors and add ingenuity and education to the SCAM (as the accomplice called it) I’ll vote for the learned and successful Patriotic American to undo every Obama criminal act.

        2. Lkfeinb says:

          Please don’t compare an honest guy with Donald Trump.

    2. dmttbt says:

      Not really. I say you can disagree with Trump on one or a few things and still be an excellent vice president.

      1. I Seigel says:

        Of course that’s true. But you’re not the one choosing a running mate

        1. empty pockets says:

          …and “senor” Trump always chooses “ye” men/women.

    3. Abel says:

      One can hope so, but I doubt it will be the downfall of Newt.

  • db says:

    This ‘judge’ should have had the integrity to recuse himself from the case since he knew there would be a conflict of interest due to his ‘ethnicity’ and yet he didn’t even after this issue became blown out of proportion. If this judge was a true and honest judge instead of an unjust judge, he would have turned the case over to someone else. Maybe he wanted to make a name for himself, or promote his cause by staying in the game. If he were neutral, he would have proven it already.

    1. Phannesa says:

      They want to screw Trump anyway they can. This guy is an obamanite, appointed by obola!!

    2. joe says:

      well said !

    3. Lkfeinb says:

      Why in the world would he recuse himself? His ethnicity poses no conflict of interest None whatsoever!! Who else? Should a black judge recuse himself because Trump didn’t disavow David Duke as a supporter?

      1. db says:

        Its called a ‘conflict of interest’. Donald should probably file for change of venue.

        1. Lkfeinb says:

          Sure, that is one way to go about it, not blast the judge for his heritage.

      2. db says:

        Really? And you would want to make sure you had a fair trial, right? If you suspected that the judge was biased against you, how would you feel comfortable going forward with the trial, knowing you were going to lose before you got started? A futile exercise, and what’s the point!? You have a right to a fair trial under the Constitution. So do I. So does Mr. Trump. If there is any question, the time to speak up is now, before a mistrial is declared or you get the shaft. Either way,it’s a set up to lose for you.

        1. Lkfeinb says:

          Obviously you do not know that the judicial system has an answer for just that question. Your attorney sues to have the judge recuse himself. Just because you FEEL the judge would be biased doesn’t mean he is.
          We live in a country of laws, not a country of hate.

  • db says:

    The only thing inappropriate about this is this globalists uncalled for opinion about something he has no business sticking his nose in. He is showing his true colors and thankfully now,m so that Donald won’t include him in anything to do with his cabinet when he becomes President.

    1. Phannesa says:

      He can still be in something but not VP!!

      1. db says:

        He is part of the good ol boys club and has no intention of good for America. he is a servant of satan along with the rest of the globalists, who were also behind, actually created, Hitler! Hitler also advocated for a NWO! You just don’t realize it because he never spoke in English, only in German so the majority of the world didn’t realize what he was even saying in provoking his people to hate and war. He was a product and promotion of the Illuminati which was and is run by the Vatican (Jesuits) who actually created him so they could promote war. Why WAR? TO FINANCE the war, even finance the other side, as well! They are also the creators of the Federal Reserve conspiracy, the Jekyll Island meetings that created it and how they conspired against the American people to get America off the gold standard and onto their paper money, worthless that was printed by these private bankers to make themselves rulers of the world through the interest they charged on worthless paper. Check it out, see on utube.

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