Trump campaign: Ted Cruz using ‘Gestapo tactics’ to sway delegates

by Ben Wolfgang
April 11, 2016

Donald Trump’s convention manager on Sunday accused Sen. Ted Cruz of using “Gestapo tactics” to threaten, intimidate and ultimately sway Republican delegates to his side.

The strong words from Paul Manafort came one day after Mr. Cruz won all 13 delegates awarded at Colorado’s convention Saturday, the latest development in the delegate war between Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz as they battle over the GOP presidential nomination.

Mr. Manafort did not go into detail about his objections to the Cruz strategy, but he did say the Texas Republican and his team are employing “Gestapo tactics” in a bid to out-maneuver the Trump camp.

“We’re going to be filing several protests because the reality is they’re not playing by the rules,” Mr. Manafort told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

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  • popeyebud says:

    If a state cancels their Caucaus or their Primary what does that tell you when they just give their deligates to whom ever they wish??Boy that really makes a person realize just how important your vote really is..
    Can you say Gestapo?
    That’s the way they do things in Germany……..Communism…..Can you say that?
    Your vote really doesn’t count, What would you call it?
    Go Mr.Trump

  • gf says:

    The MSM, and the Establishment, are all for Cruz, getting the GOP Nomination. History, repeats itself. In 2008, the MSM was all for McCain, getting the GOP nomination. They wrote glowing “news” stories about him. To build him up, and once he got the Nomination, they started to tear him down. Donald J. Trump, scares the hell out of the Establishment, and the MSM. They know that, if he gets the GOP Nomination, he will win in a landslide. This will screw them, big time! It is time for the American people, to take our country back, and end the era of the professional politicians, term limits for the clowns. We are finished, being taken for a ride!

  • Eddie says:

    What a hypocrite Trump is. He has his storm troopers assaulting female reporters. He tries to seize property from elderly ladies under the guise of “eminent domain” in order to build a parking lot for his limos. No wonder con artist Trumop won’t debate Ted Cruz one-on-one. Cruz would show Trump up for the inept clown he really is.

    1. Frankdidit says:

      You are so full of crap. You and several others here are with out a doubt some of the dumbest people making statements here. I see you are a big fan of lying Ted? I really suggest you do some research on him.

  • snowyriver says:

    Apparently Colorado has not read our Constitution lately.. Cruz is NOT eligible for the office of president. He was born in Canada, with a father who had dual citizenship– Canadian and Cuban, his mother had dual citizenship, Canadian and American. This is a far cry from being a natural born citizen of the United States

  • RNHou says:

    Trump told us how he surrounds himself with “great” people. His campaign staffers must have been hired as a two for one special from some academy of technology and mechanics for high school dropouts since no one seems to have the rules of each state for delegate selection.

    1. Frankdidit says:

      Not worth replying to this crap. Libturd perhaps?

  • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

    Come on folks we ALL know Cruz and th RNC will try to do anything to beat TRUMP. Lie, cheat, steal, make up BS and hope they can try to make it look like they are kicking TRUMPS ass. BUT the ONLY thing they are doing is showing everyone they are scared shitless over TRUMP because no matter what they do they are STILL behind. TRUMP is going to kick their asses come voting time. WE the PEOPLE who truly believe in TRUMP and what he wants to do for US and the LEGAL people of the USA need to let these CRUZ, Hillary and Sanders pussies whine and say what they want to because WE the PEOPLE know the MAN and what he truly stands for. These others can and have been bought and they know TRUMP can’t be bought. GOD BLESS the USA and TRUMP in 2016. When TRUMP wins these others will be sucking up to him and watch him tell them where they can go 🙂

  • Seedman says:

    “Gestapo tactics” but no details. Typical Trump campaign attacks and insults.

  • Roger says:

    How about filing some lawsuits?

  • kbfallon says:

    And with all of the sneaky-slimy tricks of the Cuban-Canadian-politician he still is way behind Trump whom the voters have out in front by a wide margin…he has no hope of winning fairly and his only hope is all of the back door deals they are making in the event that the GOP awards him the win–THE VOTERS ARE SAYING NO! as shown by the results.

  • Keni_Washington says:

    GOP front-runners went Full-Nazi on NBC News on Sunday: Donald J Drumph said.. “LyingTed is using Gestapo tactic.”

    Lyin’ Ted cried…”Trump is using tactics of Joseph Goebbels!”

    Meanhile, back in the world of sanity we Democrats are really enjoying this: The voters in November will not enjoy the GOP Clownshow so much!

    1. Roger says:

      Does this mean you support Hillary Benghazi Clinton, the criminal or Bernie Sanders the Communist?

      1. Keni_Washington says:

        Either one over Psycho-narcissist Drumph or Lyin’Ted.

        BTW Hillary already vanquished your Benghazi-trolls in the 12 hour hearing which enabled her to look more presidential than ever. We still thank the GOP Rep – whatever his name? – who thought he was going to get her!!! She got him and all of you. So catch up buddy, Benghazi is a phony issue and is DONE. As for Bernie, he can also make mincemeat out of Drumph and L-Ted.

        1. Frankdidit says:

          And we have another POS making useless statements.

  • Carl Pyzowski says:

    Hey! Either one of them is a heck of a lot better than anyone on the Dem side. Hey boys! stop throwing snowballs at each other and unite and let’s give Washington the thumping it deserves. Draw straws for President and VP and have a go at straightening out this mess that has been festering for over 50 or more years.

  • Timothy Raffety says:

    Cruz isn’t an American citizen, he absolutely has no right to be running for POTUS. I know all of the Cruz supporters are going to call me a wingnut or whatever their dumbass minds can conjure up to call me. But that’s alright, because I’ve read the U.S. Constitution forwards and backwards, so no matter how people try to twist the facts around to fit their agenda about what makes a true American citizen a citizen. Cruz DOES NOT QUALIFY. According to the U.S. Constitution: Natural born citizen means one who is entitled under the Constitution, or Laws of the United States to U.S. citizenship at birth, or by birth, including any child born in the United States, the children of United States citizens born abroad, and those born abroad of “TWO CITIZEN” parents who have met U.S. resident requirements. (This is by the Congressional Research Service). And now the kicker: ARTICLE II SECTION 5 of the U.S. Constitution says: No person “EXCEPT” a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States At the time of the Adoption of this Constitution(that’s over 200 years ago when this Constitution was adopted), shall be eligible to the President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of 35 years and been 14 consecutive years a resident within the United States. So Cruz does not qualify on all counts, 1: he sure isn’t over 200 years old. 2: His Canadian citizenship was not given up until 15 months before he filed to run for President, so there goes the 14 consecutive years as required by the U.S. Constitution. So to all of you who say that Cruz isn’t cheating, you’re wrong, Cruz has no right to be running, as he’s not a true citizen of the United States. If you don’t believe me, look it up yourselves, i just quoted and showed you where to look. You asked for proof, well here it is in black and white.

    1. senior74 says:

      My son was born in Canada & he was a dual citizen, natural born! same as Cruz. This case has been heard in 7 courts at least & settled!

      1. Timothy Raffety says:

        The courts have no jurisdiction on how they want to interpret the Constitution. According to the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia: Textualism means that whenever courts interpret any legal document- The U.S. Constitution, a statute or a contract- Judges should ALWAYS consider first and foremost the ” PRECISE” words of the document. Justice Scalia explains that ” ORIGINALISM”, while not perfect, is the best method for Judges to discern and enforce the law that the PEOPLE created and to GUARD against Judges ARBITRARILY imposing their own policy preferences under the “GUISE” of legal interpretation. This ruling that Antonin Scalia made, is now in fact Law.

      2. Roger says:

        That’s impossible because Canada does not allow dual citizenship and you aren’t an American citizen under the law unless your allegiance is solely to the United States of America!

    2. Roger says:

      The establishment knows this too!

  • Gary Smith says:

    Trump does not like it when somebody else uses his tactics. He says they do not treat me fairly

  • ralph says:

    And I agree seems that the GOP is the lead of treason against our country hiding scum bags I have already stopped supporting them hope every one does

  • Iamacitizen2 says:

    I just found this info yesterday and I am in shock and awe!!! http://www.victorwilliamsforpresident…... and another one of his sites is:
    He is running as a Write In and he is a D.C. attorney as well as a Law
    Professor. HE HAS STANDING TO GO AFTER CRUZ!!! I had no idea he was
    running for Pres in 9 States and that there is a meeting TODAY April 11,
    2016 at 9:00 a.m. (EST) with Cruz, an abitrator in New Jersey and apparently the Secretary of State for New Jersey, regarding his eligibility to run for
    President. There is a box apparently on every single special form filed
    with the Sec of State in all 50 States and U.S. Territories that says:
    “are you a Natural Born Citizen”???

    Trump supporters pass this around and pray a lot for justice to come back to our party.

  • ADRoberts says:

    And Trump has not changed a bit. Just like when he accused Cruz of lying, he gives NO DETAILS, because there are none to give. Yes, Trump is a liar. And apparently so are all of his people.
    Folks, Trump is a Trojan Horse, straight from the liberal ranks. You had better hope he does not win and that he is not actually working to split the conservatives and give the election to his good FRIEND, Hillary.

  • 7papa7 says:

    Cruz is totally within the allowable rules. I find it fascinating that the trumpster can use the rules to declare bankruptcy 4 times and that is perfectly OK putting a major hurt on small businesses but if Cruz follows the rules then he is using Gestapo tactics. The trumpster sounds more and more like a democrat everyday. I can do it but you can’t. I wonder how much belly aching he would be doing if he got the delegates instead of Senator Cruz. He is far far far to thin skinned to be president. He needs to go back to his ivory tower and do what he does.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    Trump, stop your whining, and grow-up. This child like bickering between you and Cruz is not doing either one of you any good, and it certainly isn’t good for the country. If you two don’t stop acting like a couple of clowns, then neither one of you will reach that magic 1237, the G O P will disqualify you, Cruz, and Kasich, then insert their puppet.
    Trump, maybe the smart thing to do now, at this point, would be to go after the Hilda-Beast, and Commie Bernie, they are the enemy. Ignore Cruz, no matter what he says or does.
    Then Trump, what you and Cruz might want to think about is teaming up, uniting. This would stick it to the G O P power boys, before they stick it to you guys.
    If you two continue on the path that you both are on, then this whole race to the nomination will be a total waste of time and effort. You two will be dumped, and it will be your own fault.

    1. ADRoberts says:

      That is a scary thought. You see. Trump will NEVER allow anyone other than himself to be POTUS. He is already talking about incitng riots if he fails. And I certainly don’t want Cruz as second to Trump.
      Deals with Trump are like the deal Chamberlain would have worked with Hitler. It would have to be surrender because Trump really does not care about the nation. Only Trump.

      1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

        I am going to give you the same reply that I gave to some-one else, on another story. I made a comment saying that I would support Trump, because his wife is better looking the Cruz’s wife. Sherry, asked me if I was serious. So the following was my response to her.
        Character and morality??? from either of these two clowns, hell no. One is a sly fox, and the other is a bull in a China Shop. Of late, one is no better then the other. They are both grovelling in the dirt, attacking each other over nothing but a bunch of nonsense. The fact is, that if these two clowns stay on the path that they are on, then neither of them will reach the magic 1237 for the nomination, then the G O P power boys will disqualify them and Kasich too, then place their own puppet in there. I really no longer expect either one of them to get the nomination. All this bickering as to who is the better bible thumper, and who is more conservative based on exactly what??? when we get right down to it, it is a load of convoluted and mis-guided high and mighty clap trap, that is virtually meaningless.
        There are two ways out of this for each of them. [1] is to ignore each other, then go after the Hilda-Beast, and Commie Bernie who are the real enemies. [2] Is that these two guys unite, then stick it to the G O P before the G O P sticks it to them, because they will. They do not want either of these guys for basically the same reasons.
        So yes, it may as well be a beauty contest for the first lady-ship, it is the only thing that stands out, it has come down to being the only difference between them. Granted Cruz’s wife has more on the ball then Trump’s wife, but at this point intelligence doesn’t seem to have a place in this circus. Until the featured clowns change their act then this unfortunately is where we are at, if we want to admit it or not.
        I know that I have repeated myself here, but enough is enough.
        These guys will not get the nomination. It ain’t gonna happen for either one.
        So, who is your next choice, providing the G O P gives us one.

        1. ADRoberts says:

          Conservative according to RECORD, votes, and time spent as a conservative
          Cruz wins, hands down
          Conservative according to rhetoric. A tie. Until Trump tried to figure out what conservatives wanted to hear about who gets punished when abortion is illegal. He still is trying to figure out what to say. LOL

      2. Debbie Allen says:

        Again, ADRoberts you twist the truth. He said if he fails there will be riots in the street. Why? Because the GOP and Cruz are trying to topple him and the GOP are not listening to their previous or newcomer supporters.

        Also, educate yourself on the personality traits of highly successful entrepreneurs prior to judging character. There are plenty of reports from Ivy league and upper tier colleges and universities that should enlighten your views.

        1. ADRoberts says:

          Not a twist at all. Trump has already set up the stage. He has SAID that if they “take”the nomination from him there will be riots in the street.
          How about you go into LEARNING mode. Read an article in National Review titled “Donald Trump — Art of Seduction”
          I know. National Review has been discounted by everyone who is PC. But this article hits it on the head. And documents what Trump did to get wher he is now. And how he has CHOSEN his “victims”.
          Now I have news for you. That term “highly successful entrepreneurs” will be VERY subjective defined. And I assure you that it will have NOTHING to do with anything but money and a determination to win the VERY SHORT game of affluence in this life.
          But that appears to be the only thing you care about.
          Now I have a statement of wisdom that I dare you to argue with.
          Oh, I am 67 years old with a small BS degree in math, chemistry and physics. And I will tell you right now, I have seen NOTHING good come out of Ivy League schools lately.
          But I am sure that you are still into that worldly, high society “appearance” thing. By chance, would you be a dancer.

    2. Debbie Allen says:


  • kathy diamond says:

    GO GET UM PAUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ADRoberts says:

      Wow. We already know you are a Trumpster. Now you seem to be on a first name basis with the very man that Reagan FIRED.
      So much to see here. I guess we can IMAGINE that you are a paid troll for Trump. Goodness knows, he can afford it considering how much he made off of those bankruptcies.

      1. kathy diamond says:

        WOW YOURSELF. Hay, if you want to support Lyin’ do it, I think WE THE PEOPLE deserve someone Honest in the White House & Trump is that man

        1. ADRoberts says:

          Have observed several of your comments. And yes, you are illogical and blinded to what Trump does and continues to do.
          An HONEST man would not have made a profit on going bankrupt at the expense of other businessmen. He had the money. But it was HIS ability to show integrity and pay the honest debt. HE DID NOT.
          He is not honest about being PROLIFE, when he continues to give to PP. And anyone who is really prolife would know that. I guess that says a lot about YOU already
          Now a challenge to you THAT I AM SURE YOU WILL IGNORE.
          Specify what LIE Cruz has told about Trump that YOU can prove is wrong.
          And just like your master, you can’t.
          You and he are practicing a tactic that has worked so well in the past. Like the liberals and atheists who keep saying “separation of church and state.’ when in fact the ONLY thing that is prohibited is that the government cannot MAKE LAWS that give any religion government backing.
          Yet I am sure that since you suckered on Trump, you believe what they have done to CHRISTIANITY only.

  • gonefishin27 says:

    Actually Cruz is playing by the rules. Trump has 0 ground game. He thought he was going to be anointed by just showing up.

    1. PPTA says:

      Hitlers rules.

  • Terry T says:

    Trump must be more specific about what “gestapo tactics” are being used by Cruz before we buy into the accusation.

    1. ADRoberts says:

      Why? It works when he accuses Cruz of lying.
      Remember when he said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose a single vote? He is right about the mental abilities of those who follow him. And there is a reason he won’t say specifically what Cruz has said about him that is a lie. IT IS ALL TRUE.

  • PPTA says:

    I will vote Trump, or third party. Cruz is a low life Liar i every aspect. His Lies started in Iowa and they have just kept coming.The Debate when Rubio and Cruz shook hands prior behind the curtain, The lies they told about Trump and Illegal Aliens that Trump had hired to work n the Trump Tower, , i used my search engine and looked the lies up to see who worked on what. The Trump Tower was built wit union Labor and wages. The woman sent to Fox News to degrade ad slander Mrs. Trump, Cruz knew about it and approved, the Picture he claims he dd not know about of Mrs Trump, came from the SUPER PAC his WIFE works for. He most assuredly knew about it. The Venezuela Company that managed and counted the Utah Vote, on line, which is owned by a Corporation that George Soros Owns, was brought in to commit fraud in the Utah Primary, which they did. Mitt Romney brought them in with the approval of the GOP Establishment, and Ted Cruz, Liar and chief.Ted Cruz is getting multi million dollar loans from two main Banks, one his wife use to work for, to run his campaign of lies. I wonder what he is using fr collaterally? Future Favors? His Super PAC. Donations from the elite of the elite rich. Same as the Establishment Republicans and Democrats. Cruz is a Establishment Republican, who is a really slick talker and liar. He follows the Father of all lies. The Father of all lies is a really slick taker and speaker also. The only one better was Jesus. I can ot, will not knowingly ever vote for those who fllow te Father of all lies. You think I am wrong? Then do your own research with your own computer like I did. Everything IO mentioned, I looked up and found Cruz’s lies. Do not be deceived. The establishment Republicans have spent over 400 million to discredit and get rid of Trump. The News media, including Roger Ailes at Fox, Chris Matthews , over 70 million has been spent. The most recent, a documentary of Trump’s Campaign by By Fox. Started out accurate, but in the very end switched to false hoods or simply not telling the entire story. What has Romney spent, then been reimbursed for? What Cruz is spending? I haven’t researched. Romney is even more two faced than Cruz if that is possible. I Know Mormons in Utah that really dislike him and claim he may say he is Mormon but certainly does not act like he is Mormon.

    1. BrokedownMarine says:

      You Trumpists will stop at nothing to “defend” your little fraud Trump!
      Your lies and half truths have NO basis in truth! He DID cheat students who thought they were going to get a degree that meant something from Trump University, he HAS sent American jobs to Mexico and China, (yes, the same China he rails about taking away American jobs) he knows this because he has sent business to China himself! You mention a handshake behind the curtain, you have knowledge of this…how? What woman was sent to Fox news “to degrade and slander” Trump? Everything was true about him hiring illegals, he even admitted to it because he claimed American citizens “would not take the jobs” what he meant, I believe, is they would not take the jobs because he wanted to pay less for the labor. He hired Polish illegals ( he trolls the rolls of Eastern Europe to find his wives) and he sent garment worker jobs to China because he didn’t want to pay Americans normal wages (it’s all about the money) The picture of his (Trump’s) wife, she posed for a GQ layout nude, it doesn’t really Cruz’s issue since that picture was in the public domain for anyone to see. The billboard asks a legitimate question, do you want a First Lady who has “nudies” floating around? The “multimillion dollar” loans you mention, again I ask, what do you know about his financial dealings? Actually, I don’t have time to reference every point you raise because none of them are rooted in facts! You parrot Trump and even whine like him, you need to study your facts more, so you don’t come across as just a shill for the cheat himself. He has cheated thousands of people out of their hard earned money ( Five, Yes Five, Bankruptcies) he believes in the BBB (Borrow, Borrow, Bankruptcy) and all the contractors, banks, students, old widows, etc. lose money or their homes. He doesn’t care because he is a Fraud and Cheat! His rhetoric is as funny as his comb over! If we want to have another Democrat as POTUS we need to get rid of Trump! The Clinton machine is already gathering the ammunition to use on “The Fraud” as we speak.

      1. ADRoberts says:

        Glad to see your comment. I was beginning to think I was the only one who saw Trump for what he was and continues to be.
        And you are right. So much more is there. You would like the article in National Review, titled, “Donald Trump – The Art of Seduction”.

      2. senior74 says:

        Trump reminds me of a little spoiled rich kid, wants something another kid has & starts crying, waaa, waaa, waaa, that belongs to me when it didn’t!!!!

        1. Roger says:

          Everyone has been anti Trump from the beginning but he is still standing, no other candidate could have endured the same! At one debate (and it was on tape) Cruz and Rubio huddled thinking they were off camera and made a pact to one two Trump in the debate and they still lost, it was like two little boys against one man!

      3. PPTA says:

        I spent hours studying the facts. To bad you just believe the other people. Thanks though for your service if you are a vet. Most of the Vets I know, which is quite a few, (Including me) are voting Trump. Not Cruz or any other Establishment Republican that is on the take. I the nomination is stolen from Trump and h runs third party, my vote goes with him. If he decides not to run, I still vote third party. What the GOP Establishment is doing, is destroying the Republican Party. If I say it is raining outside, some here would call me a liar he step outside and get soaked. Why bother with the research and Truth? Tat is what must be done. You don’t want to believe it or do your own true research by looking things up, then don’t, so be it. It will not affect me like it will you. If Trump is blocked, I am positive you folks will get your just reward in who ever is elected.

        1. BrokedownMarine says:

          Too bad Trump had a fundraiser while skipping a debate, bragged about raising 6.5 million and has only given out less than 20% of the money, nice scam if you can get away with it! Insinuating that I lied about being a vet really pissed me off, sir. Trump is using vet organizations to drum up votes but he was a draft dodger who had a bad foot, just couldn’t remember which one it was. The man is scum to play on vets the way he is!

    2. ADRoberts says:

      And ALL of YOUR accusations are LIES.
      So you imagine all this junk about a HANDSHAKE. LOL.
      You claim that Trump did not use illegals in building the tower. Probably true. He just told his “SUBCONTRACTORS” to use illegals.
      That is what Bill Clinton called, “Believeable deniability”. LOL sucker.
      How about the million dollar fine he paid for using illegals on one of his projects. Deny that too? Of course you do. You beleive EVERYTHING Trump says and then ignore the FACT that he has NO CONSERVATIVE RECORD.
      And then your ULTIMATE lie. PACs, by law cannot have ANY contact with the candidate. So more of your imagination about soliciting contributions
      Now understand this. You have put out all kinds of lies and disinformation. But God, who is still God, has declared in the Bible that you will NOT get a pass or be forgiven until you provide RESTITUTION for all the lies you have said. Not even a little forgiveness because it was intentional. And you WILL answer for EVERY IDLE WORD.
      God have mercy on you.

      1. Roger says:

        By law people can’t murder but some still do!

        1. ADRoberts says:

          Who has integrity?
          Trump just got to the party. Who knows if he is real. No record
          Trump brags about his philandering. Cruz, they don’t excuse. The accuse him of affairs. Talk about a double standard. And yet they seem to have NO PROOF against Cruz.
          Trump can’t seem to keep his wedding vows.
          Trump can’t seem to find the integrity to pay bills when he can profit by declaring bankruptcy.
          Trump has companies over in China and Mexico. And yet he claims he will make jobs for Americans. So when is he bringing back those companies.
          Trump tried to figure out what we wanted to hear about WHO gets punished when abortion is illegal. He failed. So he is so confused and still can’t figure out what to say. So he says “it is convoluted”
          That is code for I still don’t know what to say to get VOTES.
          Trump; got fined one million for using illegal workers. So that is illegal. But he did it anyway.
          Yes, he knows how to “grease he wheels of business” And they want him to be POTUS????????

      2. PPTA says:

        You did not spend the Hours of research that I spent. Rather than tell me I am not forgiven by the Lord, you should take a look at being deluded like the Bible says in 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2, start with verse 2. Even the elect will be deluded by the Father of all lies. I suggest rather than pass judgement, you do your research and look up who actually worked on the Trump Tower. The Iroquois Indian Tribe ran the Iron Workers Union then that did the Iron and steel work. Union employees did he work. Not illegals. You can also look that up. I have given you all the places to look in previous posts which you have ignored. And since you really know, what is going on, then tell me who is paying off Trump? The big Super PACS, the Two Huge Banks.? They are paying Cruz off. What is he using for collateral? Trump takes nothing. He does not owe any one except he voter. You are right, certain PACS are not suppose to have contact with candidates, yet others can. Does that include wives woof candidates working for PACS also? DO YOUR RESEARCH> NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR OPINIONS. I accepted Jesus in 1969. I have studied the Bible since. You have no idea what i believe. You have no idea what i Lord has done for me. Forgiveness, I have a infinite supply, which allows me to forgive people like you. Compassion, I have a infinite supply which I give away all he time. Love, I have a infinite supply which I give my fellow man all he time. I am not one bit angry with you, I have not accused you, I have not condemned you. Only the Lord can condemn you, judge you. That is not my position. But I can feel sorry for you which I do. The way you used intentional, yes what I posted was intentional. Every bit of it I looked up before I posted it. I have written books . I list the scriptures so readers can look the scripture up, which I encourage all through the book. I make very sure it is correct, just like I did with my research, (Which by the way took hours) . What I listed is not a opinion at all. But if you do not look it up, you will only have a opinion to use use, which may, (and i said may) have come from he father of all lies. He dresses very well, he speaks very well also. He doesn’t come looking ugly, he doesn’t come unprepared in his speaking. He knows exactly what to say. He can be very convincing and even deceive the elect. Read Ephesians Chapter 6, verse 11 through 19. This is all your protection. Just remember your closing statements. Start with But God and read till he end. Then take a look again at what you wrote, and look in the mirror.

        1. ADRoberts says:

          You are trying so hard to be THE AUTHORITY and tell me where I am right and wrong. But you have NO STANDING

          1. PPTA says:

            I have standing by Grace. If you reuse to take the time to research the things I did, you would have to ignore different answers. But you haven’t taken the time . Only insults . I have no more time for you except in my prayers for you.

          2. ADRoberts says:

            You did what? So you think that YOUR research must have come to the right conclusion for everyone. What arrogance. As if your mind is the perfect mind and your life experience is the only one that matters.
            I will obey God. You try to force your beliefs and fail.
            There is a story about a guy like you. He was in an abandoned Ghost town in the West when he fell in a dry well. He prayed and prayed and promised that if God would get him out he would spend the rest of his life bringing others to God. So he DID get out. And he spent the rest of his life TRYING TO SHOVE PEOPLE DOWN THAT SAME DRY WELL.

        2. ADRoberts says:

          You are trying so hard to be THE AUTHORITY and tell me where I am right and wrong. Wow. All those hours of research? And yet you seem to be trying to determine what I and God are allowed to believe.
          I did not read most of your post. Why should I? You have nothing to commend yourself. I am 67 years old and have been in the church all my as my dad was a pastor.
          I suggest that rather than trying to give me lessons on YOUR doctrine, you go to God and ask His forgiveness for usurping His authority. No, you won’t do that. Way too much pride and absolutely sure that you know everything.
          Now I will challenge you as I have most others who try to be my instructor.
          John 14:12. No exemptions. No exceptions. If you are a believer, YOU WILL do those things.
          And I have.
          I have faced death and after being allowed to come to, I found that I was angry that I had not died. I am ready. I am only on this earth now to serve Him, glorify Him and do His will. And until time as you bother to give respect, YOU GET NONE.

          1. PPTA says:

            I will pray for you. I feel very sorry for you.But you have been deceived. I will stand by what I have written. You a rant and rave all you want. I will never vote for a person, man or a woman, who follows the Father of all Lies. I just read that Cruz is now trying to steal the Missouri Delegates that Trump won fair and square also. I can not be a part of hat type of candidate at all. I will not answer no more of your rants.

          2. ADRoberts says:

            So you will pray? Not a worry for anyone since I believe from your support of Trump that you are just like Trump is with the Marble Collegiate Cathedral —– NOT AN ACTIVE MEMBER.
            And now you are so soaked in Trump that you are sure you can define what Cruz might legally do in Missouri as STEALING.
            Just more proof that you are just as self centered as Trump is.
            Now a question that can only be answered after we die. IF you find out that Trump has lied all along about all his “conservatism” , would you contine to say that he won, “fair and square”.?
            That is not a rant. Just for you to consider. For it is likely that Trump will be President. And then WE SHALL see how much he lied.

          3. PPTA says:

            There is no justification for man, that includes me, and you. What believe you have no idea. You talk and act like what we use to call a Troll with all your insults that actually mean nothing. You are probably ether deranged or a paid Troll to attack any view that Cruz is wrong. But, Not you or any one else in this nation will ever convince me hat the peoples vote does not count and should not be used. No mater what rules you produce. Or How old they are. For someone to say they believe in the Constitution, then use that to take away the vote of the people, is totally wrong. Twist the words and the truth all you want. It still comes out smelling like Fascism. When I suggested BSF, merely a suggestion. I really did not expect you to attend. That would that commitment. As far as Trump goes, he still is the only Candidate not on the take. He still is the only candidate who brought up Ford Motor Company moving a Billion Dollar factory to Mexico, He still is the only candidate who brought up Carrier Moving heir Factory to Mexico. Both these moves will eliminate thousands of jobs. Not Just in the two factories, but also in the support business’s. One of the things Boeing said in the late 1960’s when they expanded in the Puget Sound Area, for every worker they brought in to work for Boeing, five more people came also, the Barber The Grocer, The doctor, the Dentist, the Car Dealer, te RV Dealer, the maintenance worker for the infra structure, and more. The Taxes collected with he additional workers, also went up. But in the 70’s when Boeing lost the SST contract, and laid off thousands of workers, the reverse was also true, it affected the same five people, who lost their jobs. I lived through all that. So why has Cruz not brought it up? Because the Republican Establishment is composed of Mega Rich Globalists that control it. They are the ones with The Super Packs. They also donate to both parties. Don’t think so? Then get the book,

            The True Story of the
            Bilderberg Group
            By Daniel Estulin
            Printed in the USA
            Distribution to the Trade by;
            Independent Publishers Group (IPG)
            814 North Franklin Street
            Chicago, Illinois 60610

            Library f Congress Control Number 2009923027

            Look it up with your search engine.

            In the first part of the book, page xv, Under Heads of Corporations,
            From Ford Motor Company,
            Members of Bilderberg Group, Globalists,
            Alexander J. Trotman
            William C. Ford
            Donald E. Peterson

            Chase Bank,
            Bilderberg Members
            John McCloy
            David Rockefeller
            Willard C. Butcher

            (Loans in the Millions to Cruz, no collateral, look it up)

            Goldman Sachs & Co.
            Loyd C. Blankfein

            (Also make loans to Cruz in the Millions, with
            no Collateral for his campaign)

            I wonder what they get back? There is no free lunch.

            These people and more, which are listed, also support the Super Packs. There are ten pages of names. Trump, he isn’t listed. If you are interested you will check it out and make up your own mind. If you are a Troll, all I will see back is twisted remarks trying to hide the truth.But your remarks will not change a thing. Like BSF, That was just a suggestion. This book of information, that names names, that shows the goals this group has, when the Group Started, by whom, is also a suggestion if you really want the truth. But some how, I don’t ink that matters to you. If it did, you would of taken the time to check out BSF.

            Trump does not think like a politician. A Politician will tell you anything just to get elected.

          4. ADRoberts says:

            The one thing I won’t do is mega posts. If you can’t break it down in smaller amounts, I refuse to deal with you.
            I am sure that you will claim that it is because I can’t refute or respond. But to me it is simple. You attack. You defend the undefendable. And you will answer to God. WHY? Because you KNOW that you are deceiving.
            God have mercy on you.

          5. PPTA says:

            I will be extremely glad when I answer to the Lord, as you put it. I am in the first resurrection and death, . Not the second. Refuse to deal with me? I notice you did not even mention the book I listed for reference did you. . I am not the o trying to deceive any one. I also noticed when I mentioned the Trump Tower lie, you brought up some fictitious project vaguely in Florida with out naming it. Interesting response. Mega Post? What is that? Or did you mean Mega PAC(S)? One poster, possibly you, mentioned how the Super PACS were not suppose to contact the Candidates. that is correct. However the way around that is for a Candidate to send a person to work for the Super PAC. I guess I assumed everyone knew that. I have deceived no one. I have however spent many hours looking up answers that infuriate you. Sorry but I did not make up the answers like the Trump Tower. Same with the Super PAC that feeds, indirectly, Cruz. If I looked outside, and said it was raining, you would disagree with me. Unless you went outside and got soaked, but then you would come up with another excuse. Vote for who ever you want. That is your right. I have tried to get some facts out. Sorry you can not face them.. One thing I am sure of, America will get the President that America Deserves. Of that, I am positively sure. If Americas do not want to research the Candidates themselves, then that is their problem. Not mine. If they want to base their one vote on a candidate, based on what hey are told, based on hair style, based on what the candidate says, how slick a talker they are, then they get what they voted for. My goal and hope was to spark some of the people to do their own research, not believe me, but do their own. I even tried to tell them where to go, like with he book I mentioned. Time is short, and getting shorter. This election could be America’s last chance. Will this affect me? Nope. Will it affect my house hold? Nope. Read the Book. What good is it to love this world, sell out for money and power, but loose your eternal life? The Lord laughs at mans so called wisdom. Why? Because the Lords wisdom is eternal.
            Read @ Corinthians, Chapter 4, verse18. When my oldest son died of cancer, I was holding his hand. he day before I had explained to him the verse listed above. I will see him again, also his younger bother, and before that a young wife who completed her journey here at the age of 26 years old, and left me four kids, two still in diapers, to raise alone. She told me just before she left, “Keep the kids in Sunday School, and all of them always under your roof, and the Lord will forgive all the rest” I did what she said. like I mentioned, you do not even know who I am, what I have seen, what I have done, what my beliefs are, what I have endured, where I have been. I gave you a Bible Study Fellowship group for your information. I gave you the name of the Bilderberg Group, a very evil group started by a ex NAZI in 1954. Again, for your information. Like its raining outside, you may want a umbrella or at least a rain coat. There wasn’t no cynical motive except a bit of information. AD ROBERTS< believe what ever you want.Read 2 Thessalonians, chapter 2, start with verse 2 and read to the end of the chapter. Show it to your Pastor if you want. his is where I believe America is at. Since you have mentioned Matthew some, read Chapter 7, start with verse 13 and 14, then go to verse 21 and 22. Once you have been saved, and baptized with water by submersion, then he Holy spirit comes to live with you, guide you, and teach you. (John Chapter 3:3-8. ) Always take the time t do the research yourself. Always take the time to ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. (A excellent Video on how to pray, "The War Room" is excellent. The older woman plays a great part. And she is right. She knows where the battle is)

        3. ADRoberts says:

          I decided to refute you point by point. You cherry picked the “researcch” and found that certain groups were NOT illegal. That does not disprove the claims that he IMPORTED Polish workers, that he used illegals on a building project in Florida or the fact that he WAS FINED ONE MILLION big ones for using illegals. Your efforts were deceptive in that you tried to prove something by picking out one group that were legal. FAILED.

        4. ADRoberts says:

          No one said that Trump was being paid off? Where did you get that from? Right. That is a backdoor approach at defending him. A rich man plays by a different set of rules. It is not about money so he can’t be bought. But that does not mean that he has integrity, honor, respect or ethics. Rich are about POWER and CONTROL. And since he was a self declared liberal as late as 2012, and now suddenly wants to claim that he is suddenly a radical conservative, that should bring out all kinds of red flags. He WILL show that he is a liberal still as he continues to lie like claiming he is PROLIFE and then turn around and give to PP. You see, he is not smart enough to actually BE a conservative, since he has NO conservative principles.
          He just showed himself again today. He claims to be a Christian and then when asked what his favorite verse is, he referenced, “EYE FOR AN EYE”. That is one of the few verses that JESUS declared is no longer valid to Him and His followers.
          Do you get it. Trump can’t even fake being a Christian, or Pro-life OR a conservative.

        5. ADRoberts says:

          Now I believe you are lying about “TWO SUPER BANKS” So first, I ask you to prove it. And secondly, since Trump is in so tight with EVERYONE and gets along with EVERYONE so well, why do you suppose these “banks” you claim are backing Cruz would believe that Cruz will win. And IF he does not win, they get NOTHING.
          So do they know somethng that you and I don’t? I believe that is a GOTCHA moment. No evidence that Cruz is owned by any bank. But it sounds good to those who ignore his conservative record. Trump does not have a conservative RECORD because most of his life, he has been FLAMING LIBERAL.

          1. PPTA says:

            The two super banks, look it up yourself like I did. The rest of your post is just a rant. Not worth answering. However I am sure you will have more insults for me.

          2. ADRoberts says:

            No, I won’t look it up. As far as I know, you and your references —– oh, you did not give any references, LOL— are just a bunch of lies and propaganda.
            And I noticed that you only listed them as “super banks” and did not even call them by name. THAT is another sign that you are LYING.
            As to your claim that the rest of what I said was ranting, this is PROOF POSITIVE that you could not answer a single point.
            LOL. You lose.
            There is a sure way to show that someone is lying. REfute them. Or let them make all kinds of statements without any details, rational thinking or logic.
            I pity you. So pathetic.

          3. PPTA says:

            Chase Manhattan and Goldman Sachs & company. And they were listed in previous posts. Maybe you can enlighten me? What does Jesus say about Judging people? What does Jesus say about condemning people? What does Jesus say about name calling? I haven’t judged you, called you names or condemned you in the present or after life.

          4. ADRoberts says:

            So you have asked what Jesus says. I know what Jesus says, But since you did NOT say, my guess is that you either don’t know or don’t understand.
            And I still know of nothing that ties Cruz with these two banks.

        6. ADRoberts says:

          So now you are contending that since it is possible that OTHERS can have contact with the PACs, that MUST mean that they did. Now where is that research you were talking about. You proved nothing but the “guilt by association” thing hat Trumpsters are so good at.

          You demand research from me and them make statements without ANY proof or facts. Just inisinuation. FAILED AGAIN.

        7. ADRoberts says:

          All of that claiming to be a Christian and yet here you are, backing a fake who is foul mouthed, philandering and only claims to be conservative. So where in all of your “faith” and the Bible and your “religious ‘learning’:” does it say that we are to testify as to our trust in God by backing a wicked man who does not know the Bible, does not know what it takes to be a Christian and does not even know that Jesus denounced the verse that HE decided was HIS FAVORITE. (Eye for an Eye)
          Now you claim that you accepted Jesus in 1969. Did you at that time repent of your sins. Did you have anyone tell you that you must stop sinning and turn your life over to Him and give HIM complete control
          Did they tell you about John 14:12, which has NO EXCEPTIONS, no exemptions but is to be obeyed BY EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES in Him?”
          As to your contention that you have NOT condemned me, maybe you should go back and read what you have written. Nothing about your post gives anyone any slack to believe anything but what YOU believe

          1. PPTA says:

            Who says he is wicked? You? Who does he get money from to run his campaign? Who does Cruz get Money from to run his Campaign? So far, you are the only one who twists the truth. Are you paid and bought by the Cruz Campaign?

          2. ADRoberts says:

            And you lask so much intelligence. From what I see, Trump does not have to spend much money. He is getting billions of free publicity from the media. And when he faces the LEAST bit of hostility from a reporter, he throws a tantrum and refuses to participate.
            Such maturity. Such intelligence? NOT
            Now contrast the two. When Cruz deals with a heckler, he gives him a chance to speak and responds to him.
            When Trump deals with a heckler, he tells the crowd to “Someone HIT him”. That is just ONE indication of the difference between a CLASS PERSON like Cruz and a thug like Trump.
            And it still remains that in just FOUR SHORT years, Trump claims to have gone from a radical liberal to the most conservative of people. And YOU BELIEVE HIM. LOL
            Oh, and who says Trump is wicked? He does. Everytime he opens his mouth and foul language comes out. Every time he brags about baggin married women. Every time he tried to say what he thinks the conservatives want to hear and then backpedals and lies because he GUESS wrong.

        8. ADRoberts says:

          Then the arrogance begins. You spent HOURS doing research, which apears to be nothing more than eherry picking what you want to believe. And IF Ii fail too come to your conclusion, Then you slur, with, “…..may have come from the father of lies.” Wow. And youc claim that you do not give opinions. LIAR.
          “Start with But God and read till HE end.” What book are you talking about. Obviously not the Bible. And you work SOOO hard at trying to tie, I assume Cruz, with a verse about the antichrist but refuse to actually say that because it would give away your bigotry and prejudice.
          GOTCHA again.
          Face it. You are NOT objective. You are not focused on Jesus or serving Him. And it is likely that your 1969 experience has NOT changed your life. For sure, you don’t forgive, you don’t love, and you don’t forget. Now tell me about John 14:12 and Acts 1:8 again.
          Then go to the stinger and read Matthew 7:21.

          1. PPTA says:

            I will point you in a constructive direction. But not be a part of your rants.

            You would benefit greatly if you joined the next BSF Group Study. It will be the Book of John all fall winter and spring. Bible Study Fellowship is a None Denominational , none political group. (BSF) You can look it up with your search engine to find one that is nearest to you. They have study groups in all the States, and Canada, and Europe, and Africa. How much is it? What ever you want to donate. There are none denominational Christians, Catholics, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists, Evangelical Christians, Jehovah Witness’s, even at times Mormons . What they do is strictly teach his word. Or maybe you think you know all his words already?

          2. ADRoberts says:

            Wow. You want to claim that I need a Bible study fellowship when I have been in a HOLINESS church all my life. And I am 67.
            And I can assure you that NO organization that claims to be NON-DENOMINATIONAL or INTER-DENOMINATIONAL is either. There are just TWO schools of Christian thought. Either you are Calvinistic or you are Wesleyan-Armenian. Now my first question to your is WHICH are they? And if they claim that they are NEITHER, then they are deceptive or ignorant. And that immediately brings out the RED FLAGS about deception.
            Now I still have a question for you. HAVE YOU RECEIVED THE HOLY SPIRIT SINCE YOU BELIEVED? That is what happened at Pentecost. And it is what happened later as one of the Apostles as a new group of believers, “Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed?”
            And if you haven’t, you can’t obey John 14:12. And from that verse, it would appear that you would not be considered by Jesus as A BELIEVER.

          3. PPTA says:

            First, I did not claim you needed a Bible Study. Not at all. I said in my post , t may interest you. I also said nothing derogatory regarding your faith Yes, I believe John 1:12. I also believe John Chapter 3, verses 3-8. That transpired in my life many years ago. I know my name is in the book of life. Your above words twist the truth with your two schools of thought. .

          4. ADRoberts says:

            It would appear that you are a nominal Christian at best. There are those who actually believe that they can say a few words, and then claim that they are saved and going to heaven without making a single change in their lives. To them, it is an INSURANCE POLICY that is ONLY to be called on when facing death.
            “Do not be deceived. God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap…….” I guess it is a game to them. They really don’t believe that God is truly God or that He has expectations on their lives.
            There is only one school of thought. Accept the Gift of God and live your life as if you truly believe He is GOD ALMIGHTY.

          5. PPTA says:

            It just came out this morning that Cruz got endowments from establishment Republicans. You sir have been deluded just like it says in 2 Thessalonians, chapter 2.

    3. mudguy1 says:

      So If Tump is not on the ballet you will write his name in then that will be vote for Hillary and the Democrats. It is sad that you believe all those lies about Cruz. The Gestapo tactics are what Trump is using and you have fallen for them.

      “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”
      Adolf Hitler

      1. I Seigel says:

        Oh, I was sure you were quoting Karl Rove there, before I saw Hitler’s name. You sure it wasn’t Rove??

        1. mudguy1 says:

          Yes that fits Rove. McConnell and the rest of the Rino’s

      2. Roger says:

        Why would Trump be on or should that be at the ballet, I didn’t even know he could dance! When you type a word and it is underlined in red, that means you misspelled that word!

        1. mudguy1 says:

          Thanks teacher
          I hope you are happy now I did correct it. Now you know what I was saying. Everybody knows that Trump can dance around the truth.

          U no most peple r abe figer out wat is biegn said even
          wen words r mispled.

      3. PPTA says:

        to me Cruz is a sleaze ball just like Hillary. The very same PAC donors that feed her also feed him. Cruz doesn’t care nothing abut the stupid American People. He sold out i Iowa. I looked up the Trump Tower when it was built. New York is a 100% union city. The Trump tower had NO polish illegal aliens working on the Steel and Iron work. Tht work had Union Employees on it. And who controlled the union then, probably now also, the Iroquois Indian Tribe. That is when I started looking up all the crap on Cruz. You should try it Disgusting. Firstm a woman frm his campaign went on Fox News, and ranted and raved about Mrs Trump, how bad a person se was. Trump said nothing. either did Fox News. Then the picture came out from that Super Pack, his wife works for that pack. No wonder Trump called Cruz a Liar. Cruz takes their money, it is from the elite of y=the elite rich, same trough the Establishment Republicans feed from, same trough the Administration and the Democrat Leadership feeds from. There is no difference. If Cruz is elected, he will have to do exactly what the elite f the elite rich want him to do. And since your very well versed, what is the difference between Hillary and Cruz, surely not their donors, surely not the goals, to sell us out, so ya, If you vote Cruz, you might as well vote Hillary. They both work for the same slime balls. They both have the same goals and dance to the same song And if you really believe Cruz will do all those great things, just remember what Obama said. Then what became reality.

        1. mudguy1 says:

          You are SO wrong. You need to google the law on Super PACS and the rules of Colorado on how the delegates vote.
          You don’t even know the Law about Super PACs or the rules in Colorado. If trump wanted to get delegates from Colorado why did he show up?

          With a 75% negative response to Trump in most pols he will not win.

          1. PPTA says:

            First, no eliterich people, (The controllers of the Establishment Republicans, and the Democrats) have any right to make rules that take away a persons free vote. That is just so much poop they are now selling.

            Second, those polls you are found of. Cooked. here are other polls that say Trump will win 45 states from Hillary.

  • josebear5 says:

    Trump and is inept people are just soar loser they were out smarted

    1. Linda Jordan Whitaker says:

      “Soar” is to fly high. Sore loser would be the correct word to use. You should make sure you can communicate in the English language before posting comments on any site.

      1. josebear5 says:

        You have got to be a Trump supporter I bet you have never made a mistake. Can you walk on water.

        1. Roger says:

          I am a Trump supporter and I can correctly spell any fore, I mean four letter word!

        2. Debbie Allen says:

          Only if you follow the rocks! LOL

      2. ADRoberts says:

        Not effective at winning friends or influencing enemies. And not really important. He is NOT from Trump or Hitlery. And that is a minimal best.

      3. kathy diamond says:

        Linda Whitaker It’s not about winning or losing, It’s How You Play The Game

        1. I Seigel says:

          That’s exactly right Kathy. And if you’ve had too many concussions, you should stop playing the game.

    2. Wingedgodd3ss says:

      What has Cruz accomplished besides a gov shutdown? The other republicans didn’t even support him. How would he ever accomplish anything as President?

      1. josebear5 says:

        What has Trump done other than cheat people out of their money move his company’s to Mexico and China and start a university the people are suing him now He has foreign workers in his hotels yea hes rally done a lot to help Americans

        1. ADRoberts says:

          You are right. But you have to understand. Winged is a true Trumpster. And they refuse to open their eyes and see just how bad he is.

          1. josebear5 says:

            You can’t take Trump supporter to water and make them drink.
            They are like Obama supporters

      2. ADRoberts says:

        The most important thing is HE HAS NEVER BEEN A FLAMING LIBERAL like Trump was the vast majority of his life. And since he declared that conservatives are so easy to deceive and since he told Oprah that if he ran for POTUS it would be as a Republican because they are so easy to deceive, you are getting just what he said he would do. LYING.
        Oh, and since we have YET to have a REAL conservative as president in the last century, it is time we have a chance to SHOW YOU. (That’s right. Reagan was at best a moderate)

        1. Wingedgodd3ss says:

          I saw the video clip of Trump on the Oprah show and he never said he would run Asa republican…

          1. ADRoberts says:

            You saw A clip of Trump. That does not preclude that you did not see THE clip. does it?

        2. Wingedgodd3ss says:

          Cruz changed his position on immigration after everyone was excited about Trumps proposal. Cruz changed from supporting a Crap ton of guest workers to scaling back. But that’s different right?

          1. senior74 says:

            Cruz stopped the gang of 8 bill by adding ridiculous amendments that’s what the guest workers deal was all about. You ought to check out UN Agenda 21, Cruz is the only one who has ever spoken against that.. It is a plan to make America part of a Communist one world gov. excuse is climate change, ever heard Trump speak against that? How does Trump feel about climate change? I do know Trump has many liberal policies, he was asked “what are the 3 most important things a president does”, his response education, health ins.,(I do remember saying once that he wanted universal health) & security”. But conservatives want education brought back to state levels & health insurance not under federal control!

          2. ADRoberts says:

            I don’t believe you. And since you have no proof but just what you get from those who hate his conservative record, I reject you and your candidate.
            So there you have it. You have NO PROOF of your accusation. I know. You read it somewhere. Probably HufPost.
            Now my turn. Trump give big bucks, mostly to liberals like Reid, Pelosi, Schumer. And when he had a chance to give to a real conservative like Blevins, he gave instead to McConnell. And you want me to believe that he is A REAL CONSERVATIVE. LOL

      3. kathy diamond says:

        Wingedgodd3ss, He Wouldn’t

      4. Name says:

        That’s right. Cruz is a smooth talker, but he accomplishes nothing. And when it came to action – for example, when his vote was really needed to stop the criminal Loretta Lynch – he skipped his duty to vote … against her, as he had pledged.

        1. senior74 says:

          Go over to his website as senator, there is an article about a lawsuit against AG laws being broken. Check out his history as Solicitor General in Tx. Defending our constitution, sovereignty & bill of rights. One case defending 31 states over the right to keep & bear arms, won that one.

          1. Roger says:

            That’s his accomplishments, he writes bullshit articles about what he could of, should have done!

          2. Name says:


            Why didn’t he vote against Loretta Lynch? No excuse for that.

            Also, as Solicitor General in Texas, Cruz callously took the case of a man, who had been condemned to 16 years in prison, for having stolen a calculator from Walmart, and prosecuted it all the way to the US Supreme Court, to keep him in prison for the full 16 years. Mind you, the sentence was a clear “error” or intentional “error”. He reminds me of Inspector Javert, pursuing Jean Valjean in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. Due to Inspector Javert’s overzealous pursuit, Jean Valjean spent 19-years in prison for stealing bread to feed his widow sister’s 7 children during a time of economic depression.

            By the way, he voted against federal help when disaster struck during 9/11 and during Sandy.

          3. I Seigel says:

            By the way #2: He’s also against proposals for adding additional funding to fighting the Zika virus. Probably an even greater threat to this country than Ebola or ISIS. In fact, the only Republican in Congress to support the funding is Rubio, where Florida is due to be one of the first states to be affected. Texas will come soon after, but Cruz apparently doesn’t care – he lives in Washington, DC now, and his wife works on Wall Street.

    3. Glenda Jordan says:

      I’ll use one of Trump’s favorite words for Manafort…”LOOSER”. He was a looser when he was fired from Ron Reagan’s campaign and still a looser today! Actually might be a plus for Cruz that Trump has loser’s on board.

      1. I Seigel says:

        Gee Glenda. Cood you try being a bedder speller? What the hell does “LOOSER” mean?

        1. Glenda Jordan says:

          Hey I Seigel-been awhile. Funny you mention, I originally was going to spell it as my granddaughter does-“Loozah” but decided not to after I typed the oo. Anyway, I will edit just for you so you will have a clear understanding lol

          1. I Seigel says:

            OK, thanks. Now I can go on about my day knowing that the world is just a little bit more orderly. Now, if we can just get the candidates to not SAY such stoopid stuff, I’d feel a whole lot better.

      2. senior74 says:

        Reminds me of Trump saying “I’m smart, I’m really smart, I’m really, really smart” & then Cruz outsmarts him!!! So Trump hires Manafort, thinking well this guys smart about the rules, so Manafort (sore loser in Co. has to make it look like Cruz did something wrong so he doesn’t look bad to Trump, says “Cruz using Gestapo tack ticks”! Sounds to me like they are both sore losers!

      3. Roger says:

        That’s amazing you typed loser wrong three times and right once! If you make your belt looser, your pants might fall down over your head!

        1. Glenda Jordan says:

          I was just reading your hateful post to BH @ the end of the page, scroll up & here you are…some sort of spelling police? Take your troll, looooza ass elsewhere!

    4. carpkiller says:

      All you ,losers, remember these remarks. Cruz is not what you think he is. When he sealed his records,like obama, and the establishment choose him,the real dirt politics began.

      1. ADRoberts says:

        You and all the other Trumpsters seem to be able to make accusations all day long. But you just don’t have ANY details. Just like your “precious” You are lost when we demand details.
        It was a disappointment that the Establishment decided to back Cruz, especially since 13 Senators had initially come out against Cruz and in favor of Trump. Yes, there is something going on here.
        And my guess is that YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE. It has to do with a BROKERED convention and the plans to put in someone else entirely. And yes, the FACTS are that the extablishment does not like Cruz any more than they like Trump. But since Trump was ahead, they needed to make sure that NEITHER candidate got 1237.
        Now, do you GET IT?

        1. kathy diamond says:


          1. ADRoberts says:

            #1. From what I have observed and been told, it has yet to be established that Cruz was the one who gave those orders. So I guess you need to do some more research.
            #2 What voter fraud. Just some more lies from Trump maybe. I heard of nothing but insinuations. Has anyone been charged? LOL
            #3 Now to give you a lesson in LAW. It is illegal for any PAC to have contact with the candidate. So it is a FACT that a PAC bought and published the picture. And quite frankly, if she had had any sense or morality, she would not have posed for it. I know. You excuse her as a fellow woman for the belief that she HAD to use what assets she has. LOL
            #4 Again with the imagination. Do you have the sworn affidavit from a delegate stating that he sold his ballot or claiming that someone tried to BUY his ballot. And even if you did, I would not believe it unless they had a recording of the transaction JUST for the fanaticism of Trumpsters.

            So YOU FAILED.
            But you did do what I expected. Since you believe lies. In fact, you are just like those people who “believe” in Obama and “believe” in Hitlery. That is because Trump, Hitler and Obama are VERY similar people.

          2. Roger says:

            So you think because something is illegal that people don’t do it! That is why we no longer have murders, rapes or armed robberies, they are illegal!

          3. ADRoberts says:

            Not going to fly.
            Yes things are illegal and against the law. But now you have a double hurtle to cross to make YOUR false point. So now YOU go after them. And when you find out that they had contact with Cruz and that he gave them instructions, YOU go find ah honest DA and file charges. Good luck with the honest DA thing.
            My point is valid. Without proof, they have to assume laws were broken that a lot of people would not risk.
            Now smart girls and boys. Think. I know that is hard. But IF you wer running a PAC and you wanted to do something REALLY nasty, would you risk running it by the candidate, which would be ILLEGAL, or just go ahead and do it.
            There went ALL of your proof that Cruz was guilty. lol

          4. I Seigel says:

            Ohhhhh. BALLOTS!! And all this time, I thought Kathy was going on about ballet! What a disappointment. I think her comments make more sense about ballet. I hate ballet, too, Kathy. All that prissy tiptoeing around and all. Probably a lot of fraud going on. Certainly gay.

          5. ADRoberts says:

            LOL And now from the peanut section.

          6. I Seigel says:

            Well, if we can’t keep our sense of humor about all this crap, then we really HAVE gone over to the Dark Side…

          7. ADRoberts says:

            Yes, there is a need for laughing. And a need to confront evil when we face it.
            Do our best. Trust God with the rest.

          8. I Seigel says:

            Well, I try to confront evil only on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. The rest of the time I’m busy paying tuition bills, mortgage and health bills. That leaves more evil for you to confront, so have at it. You probably have more of a talent for seeing evil than I do, anyway. I see more gray areas, whereas you probably see things more in black and white, which probably gives you better moral clarity.

          9. ADRoberts says:

            The question is for every person. Does God see SHADES OF GRAY, or is it black and white. And that is serious business. Like for eternity.

          10. I Seigel says:

            Good question. Being the all-seeing, all-knowing, omnipresent God, I believe He sees all aspects of any given situation or person. and recognizes that there is good in an evil person and some bad even in the best of us. He sees, also, how human language has its weaknesses and can lead to misunderstandings, especially when translating from one to another language. He also doesn’t cause hurricanes and floods and fires simply because He doesn’t like the people in those areas. He is a compassionate God who created Man in His image, which means we are a reflection of Him. The good and the bad, the black and white, and gray.

            That’s what I believe, anyway. Your mileage may vary.

          11. George Matyas says:

            So show me his paper work that proves he is qualified Please. You can’t so quit saying everyone must prove when you can’t prove, it works both ways.

          12. ADRoberts says:

            No sir. It does not work both ways. Why? Because he is on he ballot now. Ball in YOUR court.

          13. George Matyas says:

            so you have no proof, never had proof and most of all you don’t care. Just because he is on the ballot does not prove anything.

          14. ADRoberts says:

            It DOES prove that someone who is charged with vetting the candidates accepted him.
            Now deny that. LOL

        2. Roger says:

          I haven’t gotten the exstablishment yet, are they a new singing group?

          1. ADRoberts says:

            And I suppose that you think that is funny. I don’t care for those who ARE establishment. And that includes Graham, and Bush.
            But there was a reason. The first step is to make sure that NO ONE gets 1237. And that is why Bush, Rubio and Kasich are keeping their delegates. But they also have to slow Trump who is ahead. So they endorse Cruz, who they believe has NO chance of getting the 1237.
            But for sure, they don’t want Cruz. In fact they would prefer Trump to Cruz, because Cruz is rigid about standing by his principles. Trump has no principles and will “work a deal” with anyone.

        3. George Matyas says:

          I would like you to post some facts !!! Cruz did seal his records, so if he believes in the constitution you would think he would be happy to show those records and prove he is what he says he is.

          1. ADRoberts says:

            And that is the FIRST time I have heard anyone say that Cruz sealed his records. Strange, I do remember hearing where he released his tax records. And Trump has not, FOR THIS LAST YEAR.
            And now I have proven that you are a deceiver.

          2. George Matyas says:

            His birth and citizenship records are sealed. sorry that you live in your own world.

          3. ADRoberts says:

            Never heard of that. I think you are thinking of Obama. And yes, it is well known that Obama’s are sealed. Where did you get your info? Hufpost?

        4. carpkiller says:

          My point exactly. You do not get it.
          —– Original Message —–
          From: Disqus
          Sent: Monday, April 11, 2016 10:22 AM
          Subject: Re: Comment on Trump campaign: Ted Cruz using ‘Gestapo tactics’ to sway delegates

          “You and all the other Trumpsters seem to be able to make accusations all day long. But you just don’t have ANY details. Just like your “precious” You are lost when we demand details. LOL It was a disappointment that the Establishment decided to back Cruz, especially since 13 Senators had initially come out against Cruz and in favor of Trump. Yes, there is something going on here. And my guess is that YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE. It has to do with a BROKERED convention and the plans to put in someone else entirely. And yes, the FACTS are that the extablishment does not like Cruz any more than they like Trump. But since Trump was ahead, they needed to make sure that NEITHER candidate got 1237. Now, do you GET IT?” Settings

          A new comment was posted on 1776 Coalition


          You and all the other Trumpsters seem to be able to make accusations all day long. But you just don’t have ANY details. Just like your “precious” You are lost when we demand details. LOL
          It was a disappointment that the Establishment decided to back Cruz, especially since 13 Senators had initially come out against Cruz and in favor of Trump. Yes, there is something going on here. And my guess is that YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE. It has to do with a BROKERED convention and the plans to put in someone else entirely. And yes, the FACTS are that the extablishment does not like Cruz any more than they like Trump. But since Trump was ahead, they needed to make sure that NEITHER candidate got 1237. Now, do you GET IT?

          10:22 a.m., Monday April 11 | Other comments by ADRoberts

          Reply to ADRoberts

          ADRoberts’s comment is in reply to carpkiller:

          All you ,losers, remember these remarks. Cruz is not what you think he is. When he sealed his records,like obama, and the establishment choose …
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        5. Debbie Allen says:

          Ah, 1st post that I’ve seen from you that is true. I posted a few details for you in another post.

          I am a successful internationally awarded business person I understand Trump and his personality traits that most find offensive.

          Why would I support him? Although it is not possible to be an expert on everything as other insider candidates proclaim, he, or any outsider business person can and will be surrounded by those that are knowledgeable and like any business will do what’s best for the business (country).

          Think of the Government as a private business we do what is best for our clients, staff, the communities we serve and ultimately ourselves. We will not allow multiple departments to do the same work. We do not tolerate misrepresentation of our business especially to boost an ego, nor do we tolerate slackers or those taking credit for others work. Policies and procedures are to be followed unless, a good argument is presented to modify or scrap the part of the documentation in question.

          We do not throw money into programs that do not work. We will improve on a program IF it is viable. We do not hold multiple meetings to resolve an issue. We do hold multiple meetings for new ideas and moving the company forward, in a good light.

          For these reasons Trump has my vote as he it the only candidate that has common/business sense.

          1. ADRoberts says:

            Fortunately, many Americans are beginning to see Trump for what he is. And they are REJECTING HIM. As to your being an “international successful business person” I am old enough now to know that success of a worldly standard is FAILURE in the long term. You live for maybe one hundred years. And then you face eternity. And you DON’T HAVE A CLUE.
            You probably believe that God who is righteous and resists the proud and wicked, will use a evil man like Trump to save this nation. First, God is judging this nation because of the hypocrites in the churches AND for peple like you who are fully focused on the material and reject morality and doing “the right thing” in favor of “WINNING”.
            Next, understand that only a few business people believe that government should be run like a business. But even Trump has shown that he will not use “business” sense as he favors UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE and a lot of other UNCONSTITUTIONAL programs and efforts that the government should NEVER have gotten into.

          2. ADRoberts says:

            The goal of government should be DOING what is authorized by the constitution and leaving the rest up to the individual and the states.
            Now, a side step. We have a 19 Trillion dollar debt. We got that from government acting and NOT acting like a business. But for now, just focus on history of ALL the nations who have done EXACTLY what ours has done and printed up trillions of dollars of paper money that has a decreasing confidence by the people and the nations of the world. Do you have any idea with all your business sense, what is going to happen when EVERYONE comes to realize that paper is WORTHLESS? And this was NOT by chance. It was planned and is for a specific purpose. For there to be ONE WORLD ORDER, the elite HAVE to take down all nations who are affluent. COMPLETELY. And for that to happen, the fiat money has to be destroyed. Then there will be havoc as desperation sets in when no one can buy gas, food or even keep the utilities turned on. So what is the goal? Simple. Create situation that is SO BAD that just about everyone will ASK these elite who caused the problem to TAKE COMPLETE CONTROL and will then give up ALL of their rights and freedoms. What for? For a little security and a few pieces of bread.
            God help us. And God help you for trusting in the very men who have caused this to occur.
            And yes, Trump is one of them.

          3. I Seigel says:

            You mean, like the Patriot Act?

          4. ADRoberts says:

            I guess you are saying that the Patriot Act is constitutional. But since you always put out just a few words, WHO KNOWS.
            No. the Patriot Act is not constitutional. And they all know it.
            So much wrong, like jailing a person without legal reason or allowing them a defense. All under the guise of fighting terrorism.
            That would mean something if fhey had included provisions that fully restricted such actions to JUST terrorists. But that was not the intent.

          5. I Seigel says:

            Yes, sorry, I should have explained better what my comment was about. And I think you’re wrong – I almost NEVER “put out just a few words”!

            You said: ” So what is the goal? Simple. Create situation that is SO BAD that just about everyone will ASK these elite who caused the problem to TAKE COMPLETE CONTROL and will then give up ALL of their rights and freedoms. What for? For a little security and a few pieces of bread.” I was referring to the Patriot Act as a possible example of this supposed strategy of the One World Order.

          6. I Seigel says:

            Here is another thought about the constitutionality of the Patriot Act (and other laws that Congress passes): Although it’s nice to have “outsiders” in Congress, and not “politicians”, it also seems to be preferable to have people versed in the LAW writing and debating and voting on bills. Sure, you can have ophthalmologists and duck hunters and plumbers and soldiers in Congress, but that doesn’t make them competent to evaluate the legality of the laws they create. In this case, having people with actual experience, actual knowledge, isn’t a bad thing.

          7. ADRoberts says:

            Then you go on about declaring that YOU are part of “WE” and what you will allow or what you will not tolerate. I have news for you. The VERY people that Trump has been bankrolling for decades are the very ones who did all of those things. AND YOU KNOW IT. So you think that he has a whole host of people who know just how to make government work and are going to be able to step in and GET 535 bought and paid for Congressmen to suddenly STOP doing what they are being TOLD to do?
            That is delusional.
            And then you want to do the ULTIMATE solution to all problems. YOU WANT TO HOLD MEETINGS.
            And that is the ultimate self deception.
            I have a verse from the Bible for you. I am sure you have never read it and will probably reject it for the fact that it is from the Bible.
            Never the less, it is true. “There is a way that seemeth right to MAN but the end, thereof, is destruction.

          8. ADRoberts says:

            And then you used the latest liberal/socialistic phrase that is getting to be a RED FLAG. “Common sense”.
            Shall we address the “common sense” of this foul mouthed, philandering man? FIrst tell people what you THINK they want to hear. Like what he said when asked WHO should be punished if abortion is illegal. He still has no idea what he should have said to get votes. But he finally gave up and just said that it was “convoluted”.
            Then he lies. He claims to be PROLIFE but goes ahead and gives to the biggest aborting agency in the nation. We get that. Do you?
            His history of of using illegal alien labor. He claims that Americans won’t do the work. LOL. But that is his “BUSINESS” sense. Get the job done for the least amount of money. He has “jobs” that he has worked with the mob. Not a problem. It is just business. He believes in “GREASING THE WHEELS OF BUSINESS”. Of course YOU agree that what used to be illegal, immoral and ethical is now okay because he have lawyers who said that BUYING influence is right if you do it the RIGHT WAY.
            WE DON’T BELIEVE IT.

          9. ADRoberts says:

            Now I will nail YOU down. You believe in “situational ethics”. It is okay if you can rationalize that the end was what was important.
            I have news for you. God does not DO “situational ethics”.
            And YOU will stand before Him someday and account for EVERY SELFISH unethical thing you have done. AND you will also answer for EVERY TIME you have approved of others doing immoral, unethical and dishonest thing.
            God have mercy on you.

          10. I Seigel says:

            One of the Ten Commandments is Thou Shalt Not Murder. What is “Murder”? Is it walking up to a cop and shooting him in the back of the head? I would say “yes, that’s murder”. Is it driving by a house, spraying it with bullets, and killing a sleeping child? Yes, that’s murder, too, but not pre-meditated.

            Is it letting a campfire get out of control, which causes a blaze that destroys wildlife, homes and kills some people, maybe even some firefighters? Hmm, not too sure about that one. Certainly you’re responsible for the loss of life and property, but are you guilty of “murder”?

            Is it shooting an armed intruder in your own home? Or wrestling the gun away from an attacker and killing him with it? Many people would say, “no, that’s called self-defense”. So “murder” is “situational killing”, is it not?

            God have mercy on YOU if you ever have to pull the plug on a loved one, or vote to condemn someone to die.

          11. PPTA says:

            Excellent post.

      2. josebear5 says:

        No he didn’t another lie.

      3. senior74 says:

        NOT TRUE, no sealed records, another Trump lie being passed around. Trump is a white mans version of Obama. Except he is a little spoiled rich kid, I can see him on the playground, someone is on the swing & he wants it, waaa, waaa, waa he cries. Daddy comes by & little Donnie says ” I had that first, it should be mine!” Poor Donnie, Cruz got to Colorado & smart Donnie (remember Donnie said “I am so smart, I’m real smart, I’m really, really smart!” And then he gets out smarted by Cruz!

    5. Roger says:

      josebear5 when you mingle with turkeys, like yourself it is hard to soar like an eagle or is it sore like an eagle!

      1. josebear5 says:

        When dealing with Trump supporter is like a ton of crap.

  • BH says:

    LOL! Trump can’t stand the pressure from Cruz? I thought he could outmaneuver anyone. Guess not.

    1. Wingedgodd3ss says:

      Hard to outmaneuver someone when they are cheating and you aren’t

      1. gonefishin27 says:

        Cruz isn’t cheating. Stop taking Trump’s word for gospel. Cruz is playing by the rules. Trump doesn’t know what the rules are. That is his problem.

        1. SDofAZ says:

          Hey, I got the email from Cruz’s campaign. He is cheating and it says that in the email. Looking for money too, he can sit on it. Lying Ted is a suitable name for him if he is telling the public this is not something he is behind.

          1. Wingedgodd3ss says:

            He admitted to cheating???

        2. Roger says:

          You idiot the Republican establishment admitted they were helping Cruz cheat! The reason, they know that Cruz doesn’t qualify for the office of President. Cruz is about 12 years short of actual citizenship!

        3. Wingedgodd3ss says:

          Rules according to who? The establishment? They are only temporarily supporting Cruz to keep Trump from getting the number of delegates he needs. Cruz cannot get the number at all and the establishment is going to try to shove Ryan in in place of the highest delegate winner. Which will be Trump. Cruz cannot win in the northeast. Cruz accomplished nothing in congress because even his own party doesn’t support him. Why on earth would anyone think Criz could beat Hillary? He hardly had any support in Florida.

        4. Wingedgodd3ss says:

          Yes you are right. He is using the rules as they were changed in August. The RNC doesn’t want the people to pick the candidate-they want to. We are too stupid to pick our own candidate. But please don’t kid yourself. They don’t want Trump and they don’t want Cruz. They are supporting Cruz to keep Trump from getting the full amount of delegates. Cruz has no shot at it. And once both Cruz and Trump don’t have the needed delegates the RNC is going to probably try to shove a Ryan/Kasick ticket down our throats which will force trump to run third party and Hillary will win. And then America loses.

        5. kbfallon says:

          He’s so great –Trump is trashing him—Liars can figure –but figures don’t lie.

      2. ADRoberts says:

        So when Cruz is smarter and actually knows how things like the Constitution and the rules of elections work AND TRUMP DOESN’T, you call that cheating.
        Face it. Trump could hardly make HIS cheating and bribing work in business. And he does not have a clue of how to SAY the things he believes conservatives want to hear.
        Just one point. He claims to be PRO-LIFE. But then he turns and gives to the biggest aborter in the nation. And that PROVES either he is lying about being a PROLIFER OR he is ignorant of how PP works.

        1. Roger says:

          ADRoberts since you are so much smarter than Trump I assume you have more money than Trump, so could you loan me a billion or two?

        2. Freedom Rules says:

          You are just like your candidate Lying Freemason Satan Worshiper Ted Cruz, Cruz, Kasich, Obama, Hillary cut from the same cloth.

          1. ADRoberts says:

            Such rational and logical thinking. Oh, That’s right. All you do is call names.
            Now prove that Cruz is
            1. Lying
            2. A freemason
            3. A satan worshipper
            Now a word for you from the Bible. “…… you will answer for every idle word” Matthew 12:36
            And from what the Bible says, it will not be enough to just say the words, “I am sorry”. You will be required to go back and make amends because you did this on purpose.

        3. Debbie Allen says:

          He had been pro-choice but has learned the terrible effects of the procedure. He also disliked the alternative. illegal abortions, which years ago were done in places such as back alley’s with coat hangers.

          He does not support abortion but, he does support the many other female services offered by these clinics.

          PLEASE people do some research before regurgitating what the Democrats and this bloviating insider Cruz spouts.

          And yes Cruz cheats and lies! Typical

          politician. Shhh, we are not to notice!

          1. ADRoberts says:

            I know numbers. And I am fully aware that the NUMBER of abortions done prior to Roe v Wade is miniscule compared to the millions who have died at the end of a suction tube. And YOU seem to ignore the pain that the baby feels as it is torn limb from limb.
            Abortion is wrong on so many levels.
            1 Death of a person
            2 Destruction of the ability of the woman to have a child later in life in many instances
            3 60 million people who are not there to support the collapsing Social services. (Yes, I bet you think the muslims, who live on welfare will pay that difference. LOL)
            4. Destruction of the family

          2. ADRoberts says:

            Now you get to YOUR lying. Anyone with a brain, knows that when you give money to an organization give it to the WHOLE operation. And I have noted before that there a 8000 organzations around the country who actually do real health care for women, like mammograms, which PP has NEVER DONE A ONE, And they don’t do abortions.
            Now a lesson to you about the Constitution. I believe it was in the Federalist Papers that the founding fathers noted the restrictions of ALL rights in the Bill of Rights. They ONLY go until they infringe on the rights of OTHERS. That includes freedom of speech but not to cry “fire” in a theatre. And freedom to be not be in a family way, but not to the point that it DESTROYS the life of another. Only radical liberals believe that a baby is not a person. Certainly not most of those who have seen a sonogram and recognize that it IS a helpless baby.

          3. ADRoberts says:

            If you haven’t figured it out yet, most of those who support abortion are Democrats and socialists and atheists. So that means that your rhetoric is nothing but deceptive words, sent out with the idea of deception. Nowhere have I seen anything that the Democrats put out that I would “regurgitate”.
            But I guess that was the most powerful way you could come up with to counter my statements about the FAKE and false conservative that is Trump
            Now about giving to an organization but claiming that you are not supporting their MAIN function. From the days of Margaret Sanger, (maybe you don’t know who she was) abortion was the primary focus of PP. And it still is today. And their lack of morality and their focus on the MAIN reason for “business” is and always has been ABORTION.
            Look at the State of Texas. They claim that all of the money from LOTTERIES goes to “education” What they don’t tell anyone is that it is like a water tank. The “dollars” come in from the lottery into the “education” tank. But the tank is FULL and so every single dollar forces other dollars over the edge and INTO THE GENERAL FUND.
            Yes, they are REpublicans. And yes, they lie.

          4. ADRoberts says:

            Now you have made a typical Trumpster mistake. You accused Cruz of LYING.
            So it is time to PUT UP or shut up. We will make it easy. Just tell me ONE lie that Cruz told about Trump.
            You see, I am smarter than you think. At age 12 I was measured with an IQ of 165. And though it is not as high now at age 67, I am still able to see deception
            And here it is. Trump has NOT called out Cruz on a single “lie”. And the reason is everything Cruz has said is true. And for Trump to specifically point out a “lie”, he would be subjected to the video evidence of the truth that Cruz claimed.
            Now you can either admit that you are a flaming liberal, or you can explain how that suddenly just four years ago, (about the time Trump decided to run as a Republican) he suddenly changed from being liberal on EVERY point to being a “declared” conservative.
            We have seen that as being VERY suspect.
            But apparently you want to be deceived.
            YOU do the research. But you are going to have to go beyond those liberal rags, Hufpost and Factchecker.

        4. Wingedgodd3ss says:

          The RNC changed the rules in August when they realized how
          Much support Trump was getting. They purposely changed the rules so that it wouldn’t matter if Trump received more votes which he did. They are choosing who THEY want vs who the people want.

          1. ADRoberts says:

            Face it. We are coming to a battle of very destructive and evil men who care not for our nation. They want power. And it appears that there is no way to stop them.
            And which one is GOOD of the bunch? I certainly do not trust Trump, Clinton, Sanders or the Establishment Republicans. They have ignored their own constituents for way to long.
            So what happens if they pick out Bush? I won’t vote for him. Will they play THEIR games and declare who is president just because they lost control of US.

          2. Wingedgodd3ss says:

            I fear you are exactly right and I personally am greatly disappointed with every candidate. This is the best of America. It is a sad day.

    2. kathy diamond says:

      BH This is NOT pressure, IT’S PLAYING DIRTY A THING CRUZ DOES BEST. I pray it jumps up & bites him in the AS#

      1. ADRoberts says:

        And just like this, “spokesman’ you have no details. Yet in zombie like fashion, you believe him.
        Now tell us, which of Cruz’s statements about Trumps duplicity and lies are NOT TRUE. LOL And just like Trump, you WON’T SAY.

        1. George Matyas says:

          So Cruz became US senator from Texas, and took an oath to represent the State of Texas in 2012 and at the same Time he was a Canadian citizen until 2014. So which country was he supporting??? So THE RNC says that the rules, so votes don’t count because 2000 RNC members will pick the nominee. so you trust this man and the RNC

          1. stammiam says:

            So he fooled the ENTIRE State of Texas, the 2nd largest in the US, into either voting for him or at a minimum not raising the issue that a “Canadian” would be one of their two U.S. Senators? Just because you and other Trump supporters are being so easily fooled, don’t assume everyone else, like the entire state of Texas, is just as easily baffled. With all of the self-inflicted opposition, Senator Cruz should have has SOMEONE else SOMETIME prior to this campaign bring up his alleged Canadian citizenship. No?

          2. George Matyas says:

            Please get your facts before implying something, Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014.

          3. stammiam says:

            So you think the above scenario actually happened? Really? I can see that happening in a state bordering with Canada, but in TEXAS? You must live in a state of morons where such gullible people exist and breed. Obviously, your parents did…

          4. George Matyas says:

            I am sorry that you refuse to look the facts. He did just that, it is not a talking point, which what your facts are

          5. ADRoberts says:

            Ah. The misinformation. You are THAT stupid? There are a lot of people who have dual citizenship. But I will not give examples. One US Senator was born in Panama TO AMERICAN PARENTS.
            The rest of what you said makes NO SENSE at all.
            His record is clear. He is one of the most patriotic citizens in the country. And he is one of the smartest. And he is a real conservative and now one who just changed from being a card-carrying liberal just FOUR YEARS AGO.

            May you have inside knowledge. What does 2000 RNC members have to do with anything. And how did they pick out that year. And what are they going to do when Trump goes ROGUE.

          6. George Matyas says:

            So you know nothing of international agreements, Senator J McCain was born to American parents in service on naval air station Coco, in the Panama Canal Zone , being administered by the US government, so technicality it is considered US, Cruz was born to parents in Canada, working for a Canada company etc. which completely different than McCain. Try getting your fact straight before posting your BS, thank you

          7. ADRoberts says:

            Ah. You are the only one out there who believed that an American overseas who has a baby does not carry citizenship to the baby. So you think you are the only one who is right.
            So why are you not in charge, since you are obviously the most intelligent and informed person in the nation.
            Get this. Cruz’s mother was an American citizen. So he is an American citizen. And no amount of irrational twisting and spinning just because you don’t like him will change that.
            Now I will call your bluff. What is the legal description of that “INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENT”.
            I guess that by your reasoning, if a baby is born in the Russian embassy, they are automatically Russian and not American. . LOL REJECTED.

          8. George Matyas says:

            Sorry that you never served because you have never read and oath of office, they define what your obligations are. Dual citizenship implies you cannot support one country.

        2. Debbie Allen says:


          UT, GOP sent Romney to distort what Trump said about Mormons then brought in a voter system backed by Soros known to be fraudulent and rigged (Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil).

          WI the GOP had ballots made where a nondescript line was added in the candidate column, if selected the vote was invalid and the GOP had the right to “elect” a candidate for the voter. Many polls also closed early so voters had no chance to vote.

          CO also has a lot of Mormon residents so the Romney misinformation smear would be a sore spot there as well. The bloviating liar here is Cruz and the misleading GOP.

          Cruz has NEVER played by the “rules” unless that is ‘political’ rules which never seem to apply to us underlings. He has run offensive ads that are blatantly false or outdated.

          Any candidate has the right to change their mind on certain issues as more information becomes available or their situation changes. Something nearly everyone doesn’t “get”. When was the last time you were villainized for shifting your position? People change, the world evolves around innovation and change. It does NOT revolve around narrow-minded factors, autocrats, and people. If it did we would be back in the stone-ages or more recently Syria, Afghanistan, Iran….

          The GOP does not want an outsider coming in to upset the apple cart. They want a puppet to move their agenda, whatever that may be,

          Given that nothing has been accomplished in the past few years, I suspect that agenda is to move toward a single based system. Much like the Obama/Clinton/Kerry and crew regime have been pushing.

          Not spouted from Trump but reported by legitimate News outlets on Cruz:

          “Lied about Ben Carson to steal a win in Iowa; lied about being the best for the GOP when polls show he can’t even beat Hillary Clinton; Lied in his TV ad about John Kasich.

          Iowa mailers claimed to be misleading by the IA secretary of state and fraudulent by some advisors and political experts

          Ad stating Soros contributed hundreds of thousands $$ to Kasich’s campaign. Another – “If you don’t want Donald Trump to win, your choice comes down to this: Math. Only Ted Cruz can beat Donald Trump.” The add shows Trump @793, Cruz@465 and Kasich@143. The next frame “A vote for Kasich actually helps Trump by dividing the opposition” also showing a bar chart that shows without Kasich he is ahead. Hmmm… for an attorney and a numbers guy he cannot do simple math 465+143=608 not>793

          “I have not insulted Donald personally.”

          “Trump is calling for the same socialized medicine as Bernie Sanders.”

          “Trump opposed efforts to defund Planned Parenthood”

          “Trump said if you don’t support socialized health care, you’re heartless”

          “Trump described Hillary Clinton as one of the best secretaries of state in history.”

          IA Ben Carson was “taking a break from campaigning. Followed by a intense telephone campaign to take his and Trumps votes.

          Where is has flip-flopped to appease the voters, NOT because he changed his beliefs:

          On support for Trade Promotion Authority, called fast-track

          A President needing to be U.S.-born.

          Where he omits:

          He helps run a national organization that have been pushing to give amnesty to illegal immigrants.

          His large loan from Goldman-Sach for his Senate campaign.which he later lied about

          Heidi Cruz is a Goldman-Sach’s elite. She was instrumental in bringing the WTO and is signatory to the Council on Foreign Relations document ‘Building a North American Community’ and signer of the Open Borders Manifesto from the CFR.


          The Democrats told the Catholic Church that they’ll use federal powers to shut down church charities and hospitals if the church doesn’t change its beliefs.

          Chuck Hagel’s nomination as defense secretary “has been publicly celebrated by the Iranian government”

          This is just a sampling, there is plenty more. Also, lest we not forget he is HATED by his peers. Him accomplishing anything is slim to none.

          So who is the gullible zombie?

          1. ADRoberts says:

            Could you fax me a copy of that memo that Romney got? No of course not. It was made up and is nothing more that more Trumpster garbage.
            I bet you don’t like the fact that Trump didn’t bother to find out how Colorado’s caucuses worked and he figured he should win by just showing up. It just shows how dumb and arrogant Trump is.

          2. ADRoberts says:

            I could only scan your post. It looked like you got it straight from a Trump talking point site. I am sure that there is a LITTLE truth in all that propaganda. But not much. The Goldman Sachs is one of those “guilt” by association. It does not fly in the face of a record of opposing the RINOs in the Senate and remaining faithful to being a conservative.
            Even the Senators who for a short time opposed Cruz, claimed that Cruz was a man of principle who they could not stand because he would NOT compromise. And then they started to back Trump because he KNEW he would “work a deal” and was good for a compromise.
            What happened. Simple.
            They need to stop Trump from reaching 1237. So they back Cruz. Then when NEITHER one of them gets 1237, they will throw them both over and put in their own man.
            And what will Trump do? He will run as an Independent and split the conservative vote, giving the election to Hitlery. AND YOU KNOW IT.
            And so does Trump. Remember, he has stated on my occasions how much he admires Hillary.
            So who is the “gullible zombie” now?
            And by the way. If you bothered to actually research the Cruz record in other than from those who hate him, you would find that a good number of very intelligent, honorable people back him. Including Dr. James Dobson and Gov. Walker.

          3. Debbie Allen says:

            NOT from a Trump site. Search the web, go to the library, read the newspaper listen to an honest cable news channel. Check out other GOP State Chairman’s comments of this nonsense.

            As for further communication with you it ENDS right now.

            I am not a “gullible zombie” and refuse to have a debate or discussion with a pious demagogue windbag!

          4. ADRoberts says:

            But you have been deceived. And you are going to be very unhappy at what Trump is going to do to America. He was a cut throat businessman who crossed the line into ILLEGAL and wound up being fined. He should be in jail. And as to his claim that he will have Hillary tried for crimes? LOL That is just more rhetoric. He is saying what he THINKS people want hear.
            I will be happy not to hear from you again. But the time will come, when you will wish you had listened
            Now two last questions:
            1. Do you CLAIM to be a Christian
            2. Do you call yourself a conservative?

          5. ADRoberts says:

            About those “news” reports that say that Cruz told the voters in Iowa that Carson was dropping out, I think if you cared enough to go back and personally check with that paper, you would find out that NO ONE had any proof that Cruz did it but that some of his people did. That, once again, is guilt by association.
            Just like the PAC, which is NOT allowed by law from communicating with the candidates, was the ones who posted the picture of Trumps wife, the woman who can barely speak English.

          6. ADRoberts says:

            “There is a way that seemeth right to man. But the end, thereof, is destruction”
            Now between Trump and Cruz, why is it that they falsely claimed affairs and use of a madam against Cruz but say nothing about Trumps bragging about philandering and affairs with married women.
            Why can Trump claim to be a Christian but admit that he has NEVER asked God for forgiveness for ANYTHING.
            Because it is all words that he thinks people want to hear. HE IS LYING.

          7. jnora says:

            It is not for us to judge his Christianity. I had someone at church tell me that I didn’t trust Jesus and that I did not know what the Holy Spirit was. My father was an elder in the church and I have been going to church all my life and I do trust Jesus, the only one I truly trust, and I most certainly know what the Holy Spirit is because it is within me and has been since I was 11 years old. The thing that hurt me most was if I said it in front of a group. It ended to friendships and hurts me to this day. So, please A.D., do not judge the depth of Trump’s or anyone else’s Christianity. That is God’s job. Things are not always as they appear. Christians are faulty just as everyone else. Some are lukewarm, some are hypocrites, and some are truly Christian, but just remember it is a God issue not our issue to judge. That, too, is in the Bible. That was done to me right before my son committed suicide. If I had not had my Jesus to trust, I would not have made it.

          8. jnora says:

            I tried to edit that make the grammar and some words make sense but it wouldn’t let me… I just couldn’t get the edit through, but I think you understand what I meant. They said it not me

          9. ADRoberts says:

            Way beyond what a Christian can do when they said those things. You time in the church has nothing to do with whether you are serving Him for for sure, they were trying to be in control and dominate you. ONe response to such. “God bless you” And with that, you can leave them to God and just ignore them.
            Now as to dealing with them, please work to forgive them TO THEIR FACES and in front of a group. Make it a genuine forgiveness.
            As to me judging Trump, I did not. To judge requires three things. 1. Declaring guilt.. 2. Pronouncing punishment 3. Carrying out said punishment.
            Today a lot of church DO judge and the punishment they declare is to shun or reject the person. That IS judgement. No, at the end of Chapter 7 of Matthew is the admonition that we are TO KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUIT. And what have said about Trump IS directly from his own mouth. You see, he knows so little about what it is to be a Christian that what he does say makes it obvious. And then there is his philandering, his divorces, his bankruptcies and his liberal stand on about everything.
            If you will notice there are VERY FEW liberals who also claim to be Christians. It is just not compatible.

          10. jnora says:

            I firmly believe you cannot be a good Democrat and a Christian. They are like oil and water. Starting with abortion…

          11. ADRoberts says:

            You are right about being faulty. But that does not mean that when we are filled with the HOly Spirit with POWER, we are to continue to sin. Romans declares, “…..what? Shall we continue to sin, that grace may abound. God forbid.”
            And I will still remind you that we are KNOWN by the fruit of our lives. Do some reearch on HOLINESS and SANCTIFICATION. it is from the power of God, working in our lives to take complete control that we can be HOLY.

          12. ADRoberts says:

            Out of curiousity, what part of Trumps life do you like, other than your BELIEF that he is a good businessman.
            And do you believe that there are shades of gray in our lives that are acceptable to God?

          13. Debbie Allen says:

            I grew up in the same neighborhood. He is a kind and giving person. He like many other humans has his false and gets sucked into some bad situations where he believes . We both have great business sense albeit hhe is much better than I.

          14. Debbie Allen says:

            Many, if not most US Presidents have had mistresses. Did that make them unfit to lead? No. Is it right? No, absolutely not.

            Unfortunately, we have been presented with candidates that I would consider to be non-presidential however, that said we have a choice. Either the GOP pick which would be an insider for the nominee or we pick Clinton, Cruz,
            Kasich, Sanders, or Trump.

            Reviewing the records of these candidates only one stands out. Trump is not an insider a graduate of
            political science or an attorney, nor is he a political puppet controlled by lobbyists, unions or PACs. His Higher educational background is in “Economics” from Wharton.

            Trump has proven he can run a streamlined business. As stated previously, think of the country
            as a large private business. Only one of the four understands economics. Budgets and streamlining to avoid duplication of processes is very important if you want to survive, Only one of the fourunderstands this.

            As Our Father has not presented a Saint to run for the office we have to evaluate our options. Cruz is a snake, a bloviating liar and loathed by his peers. He has ties to (via his wife Heidi) Goldman-Sachs, WTO and other organizations that she champions. He heads an organization that pushes for amnesty. Then he lies to us about his position on the issue
            and that is just one of many lies he spouts.

            Kasich lies about his record as Governor.

            Clinton and Sanders well, let’s just say they would be fit to run in Brunei, Haiti, Cuba…

            Who does that leave us with? A businessman with common, business, and economic sense. Only one name on this list fits that bill of a leader. Ideal? No. But, he just wants one term. Four years to turn around a failing business is enough. He is not always gruff. As stated prior he has the personality traits of a successful entrepreneur which many do not understand and often find offensive.

            So, other than he comes from my old stomping grounds where we are taught, by example, to speak
            our mind and not take misinformation, lies or attacks lightly, as well as standing up for our rights, his record is why I support Trump.

          15. ADRoberts says:

            According to the Bible, he who is faithful in the little things will be faithful in the big things. You want to excuse the wickedness of “Most” presidents. WHY? If history were actually true, you would find out just how bad they were as presidents. But guess who controls history?

          16. ADRoberts says:

            You claim that Trump is not an insider. Yet he is the ultimate insider as he has some degree of control over everyone of them since he has given all of those liberals and most RINOs a lot of money. Yes, he is the ultimate insider. And even the Senators admitted that they would prefer Trump because they are sure that he would ‘MAKE DEALS”
            Cruz was initially rejected because he would not deal and stood his ground on PRINCIPLES. So what are Trump’s principles? Right now we only have his words. But he did tell Kim Davis to Obey the law of the land. That when there was no law to obey since the SCOTUS cannot make law but only annulled the law forbidding homosexual marriage. And does Trump support homosexual marriage? At his last statement, he DID.

          17. ADRoberts says:

            Now isn’t that interesting. You are sure that Trump’s “degree” in economics will make him a good president. Yet have you heard hims say a single thing about what the deficit is doing to our nation or that he WILL take action to balance the budget and reduce the deficit? Of course not. And he won’t. He is for SPENDING for universal health care and the WALL.
            So he knows nothing about foreign affairs unless it is with an Eastern European woman. He has NO experiencer in war or military activity. He has DONE NOTHING but SAY what he thinks you want to hear. And then he told the NYTimes in a close meeting that he was NEVER planning to build the wall.
            It is all for EFFECT and for deceiving all those dumb conservatives. As he is still a liberal. Time wil tell.

          18. ADRoberts says:

            You can claim that government is like a business. But no one else does. If it were a business, it would not have a deficit. It would not be able to respond to terrorism. Oh, that’s right. Obama can’t respond to terrorism
            So you think that it is like a business? What gave you that idea. I guess it is all those PRESIDENTS in the past who were outstanding businessmen. Let’s see who that would be. ??????????? Truman is THE ONLY one. And we know what a disaster he was. Where do you get that idea that a businessman would be a great leader? Please explain.

          19. ADRoberts says:

            Oh, and the way Trump streamlines most of his businesses is to TAKE THEM OVERSEAS. Like China and Mexico.

          20. ADRoberts says:

            You falsely claim that Cruz has ties to Goldman Sachs. I guess that you also believe that Madalin is now a flaming liberal since she married Carville. That would make so many people guilty and put in jail for just association.
            You want to prove your point. Show where he worked FOR the benefit of Sachs. Or that he is sold out to the WTO and did not resist the combined efforts of all those RINOs who have sold themselves to the elite.
            But those are FACTS and you prefer guilt by association and attacks not proven at all.

          21. I Seigel says:

            What’s this??!! You’re accusing Debbie Allen of lying about Cruz’s ties to Goldman Sachs? You don’t believe her??!!?? HUH?? Did you not get the memo that Cruz’s wife is a VP at Goldman Sachs?!?! And that there were suspicions that the story of them going into debt so he could run for Senator is just a bunch of crap, and that Goldman Sachs arranged a loan for his campaign finances, which he didn’t declare?? For Cruz to try to bill himself as an outsider, anti-Wall Street is just BS. His wife is one of the Wall Street big shots.

            You didn’t hear ANY of this? Hmmm, I wonder why? Are you like one of those monkeys who doesn’t want to hear or see any evil?

          22. ADRoberts says:

            Butting in? Why? I know. You like to attack me. LOL. Sorry.
            Your just proved you are a loser, taking up offense.

          23. I Seigel says:

            Aww, geee. I think you give yourself too much credit. I don’t like to attack you. In fact, I was looking thru the posts to see if you’re continuing to avoid our earlier discussion about “situational ethics” and black/white and gray. Then I came across this exchange about Cruz and his wife. How does that prove I’m a loser? The only thing it proves is that you’re obviously not choosing to respond to the questions and subjects raised. You’re choosing to hide behind name-calling and running away. Very juvenile and quite disappointing. I was really hoping to continue the conversation about God with you. Oh well….

          24. ADRoberts says:

            You are a fake and a pretender. Aww, geeeeeeee. What a con. Nope. Not tonight. You are not a serious person for discussion. This is just entertainment for you. And there is no reason for me to play YOUR game.
            YOU LOSE.

          25. I Seigel says:

            Not much of a loss. I think you were starting to realize your arguments were falling apart, and you simply couldn’t answer legitimate, straightforward questions about God and ethics . If you want to consider that a win for yourself, knock yourself out.

          26. ADRoberts says:

            You are not about solutions. You are about your socialist agenda. And I give it that you are smart. But not smart enough.
            I tire of playing with you when you are not looking for resolution to the problems of our government and our society.
            You just want to make things worse.

          27. I Seigel says:

            I am ALWAYS looking for resolutions to problems of government and society. In order to resolve problems, society first has to agree on the problem. Then we have to agree on the solution. One of the problems currently is that some see problems – like the national debt is a huge crisis, or climate change – where others do not see such a pressing problem. And so some people propose solutions that are way out of sync with the problem. It’s not about a socialist or fascist agenda. It’s about agreeing on a problem, and then working together to find a solution.

            Is ISIS a mortal threat to the US? How serious is climate change, and can humans affect it? What is the real threat to our economy by carrying 19 trillion dollars of debt? What is the biggest threat to our security currently – Russia, China, N Korea, ISIS, climate change, debt, Iran, homegrown terrorism? Is the War on Drugs worth the cost? How about the War on Cancer? Should we invest in space exploration, solar energy technology, or Zika research?

            Without a consensus on the problems, the solutions are not forthcoming.

          28. ADRoberts says:

            Now what organization does he head that pushes amnesty. I want to google it and see the FACTS. And the fact is that you did not say what the organization was for a very good reason. LOL I get it.

          29. ADRoberts says:

            Trump is no leader. He pouts when he does not get his way. His has been unfaithful to his marriage vows at least two times now. That is right. Vows should be for life. And he divorces when he gets tired or is no longer “excited”. He attacks Fiorina for what she looks like. He has a shirt factory in Mexico that he excuses by saying that the SUBCONTRACTOR took it south. (Forget the fact that he micromanages all of his business)
            He claimed that if abortion were illegal, women should be punished for having an abortion. Then he caught flack on BOTH sides and backpedaled.. Finally he gave up because he rfeally had no positon or principles. He was just trying to say what he thought conservatives wanted to hear.
            He admired Hillary He admired Canadian health care. He gave primarily to liberal Democrats. Either they are easier to bribe with is contributions or he was and is a flaming liberal.
            So what has he DONE that is conservative. He even lied when he said he was a Christian and that he went to Marble Collegiate Church, they stated that he was NOT AN ACTIVE MEMBER.
            All he has is words. And many of them are lies.

          30. ADRoberts says:

            You like his record? Amazing Over 70% of American women don’t like his record. They don’t like his bragging about seducing married women. They don’t like his continued support of PP while claiming to be PROLIFE. That is just absurd. And only a person who is desperate to believe in him would swallow that story about suporting their other functions. Like Mammograms? In the entire nation, they have not done a SINGLE mammogram. No, what do they do that the other 8000 clinics and organizations can’t and don’t do? Just one thing ABORTIONS of the most horrible kind.
            Challenge to you. IF you are any kind of moral person, find a video of an abortion and watch it. That will be very hard to find, because PP knows just how horrifying it is to see.
            But IF you are any kind of objective, you will do it.

      2. SDofAZ says:

        More political games by the politician is exactly what this is. And everyone sees it for what it is. Too bad Cruz supporters are so blind. This started with Dr. Carson and it is dirty politics all the way for Cruz. Apparently his principles are all politician especially when he cannot win without these dirty games.

        1. Roger says:

          He isn’t going to win anyway!

      3. Mike N says:

        The very things that Trump does not understand about the caucus system is the same problems he may have as a politician. There is a process for getting things done.

        1. Only a process for the entitled that reserve it for their use.

          1. donemyhomework says:

            Quick learner.

      4. William Temple says:

        If you knew Cruz you would wash your mouth out with soap! Disgusting false witness!

        1. kathy diamond says:

          William Temple, I don’t know Lyin’ Ted and you don’t either. You act like you know him personally. You don’t !! His actions during this campaign have been less then honorable & I don’t trust him. You’re entitled to your opinion as I am mine

        2. kbfallon says:

          CRUZ is a LYIN COC-A- ROACH…period. They more we see and hear of him–the worse he looks and everyone is seeing it.

      5. Wingedgodd3ss says:

        Didn’t you know Kathy? Making side deals with delegates is totally allowed. It’s not cheating-it’s legally allowed for them to disenfranchise voters and select someone that the voters did not choose. This is exactly what the RNC wanted…..

        1. kathy diamond says:

          Wingedodd3ss I know it’s legal, as legal as anything can be in Politics but It’s the moral aspect I’m bothered by. Does Cruz aside from lacking other important qualities have no Morals ?

          1. Wingedgodd3ss says:

            I know and no I don’t think so. I’m disgusted with this whole cycle.

    3. stoth says:

      Trump not only is talking “Obama like” politics from Cruz, but also the NRC and GOP. This Good Old Boy” establishment is doing everything possible to stop Trump.
      The people will not pick the nominee they want, but the RNC, GOP and HS Ryan will select the nominee that will cater to the old establishment

    4. Roger says:

      Cruz says ha ha Donald I beat you 10 times and you only beat me 20 times! Makes Cruz sound like a class A ass hole, of course that’s exactly what he is and so are you!

    5. donemyhomework says:

      Incorrect assertion.

    6. louann says:

      Hey! I live in Colorado trumps votes were 59% or more. They kicked off trump supporters. Delegates were hand picked. Theft is the way curz and the losing Republicans are going. I seen the tweets no trump. We did it? All planned. Shame on Colorado. Trump supporters dont sweat. Lie is lies. Truth is truth.

      1. kbfallon says:

        Cruz would be behind Kasich if he didn’t have Trump to talk about —everything he says has a Trump in it. The only way he can get anything is by being LYIN TED. Trump is exposing a lot of the dirty little secrets as he should……!

  • ajareins says:

    What a surprise!

    1. ADRoberts says:

      The surprise is that YOU did not bother to ask for details. And the next surprise is that you WOULD have demanded details from anyone other than Trump and his goons.

      1. ajareins says:

        NO the surprise is that YOU ASSumed i was taking about Cruz and not trump. You’re a condescending individual with pretensions of intelligence far beyond your abilities,,, have a nice day

        1. ADRoberts says:

          And you believe hat a non-specific answer leaves anyone with anything but assumptions?
          So just spit it out. Tell the world who you WERE talking about being surprised or not.

          1. ajareins says:

            Lol your response is a poor defense of your initial assumption. An INTELLIGENT person would have asked what i meant instead of jumping to conclusions. Enough said. I have a job and need to work. I am obvioulsy not a sanders supporter. . Take care

          2. ADRoberts says:

            I am not a Sanders supporter. But you jumped to conclusions.
            And by the way, when you make statements that are unclear, you can expect anyone and everyone to JUMP to conclusion.
            Now, baby boy, I have worked for MANY years at at job that had me working a minimum of 80 hours a week and gone from home from 110 to 139 hours a week. And now I have retired. And I assure you, YOU could not have done the job that I did at all. I was a railroad engineer. And you have NO idea what a difficult and challenging and exhausting job that was.
            So go play at doing a pittling job and pretend you are doing something big.
            And an intelligent person would not have left things unsaid that required an assumption. But then, you must like to be deceptive and NOT be transparent.

          3. ajareins says:

            Hey buddy. Where did i say you were a sanders supporter? I said i was t one so i had to work. You dont read very. Youre not too bright. No go away i dont have time for you. And your CAPS of words make you look even dumber. Bye

          4. ADRoberts says:

            “You don’t read very”. ????????? ANd you are the one who is not bright.
            And i won’t go away. But you are welcome to. So let’s see how bright YOU are. Just at 400 comments and only 917 likes. No, you are not very popular or are your ideas and comments. And MY caps are used effecively and with a purpose. Hope they offend you all day long.

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