Trump completes 5-state sweep; Clinton beats Sanders in most Super Tuesday III contests

April 27, 2016

Donald Trump completed a five-state sweep in Tuesday’s Republican presidential primaries, strengthening his shot at avoiding a contested convention – while Hillary Clinton scored convincing victories but was denied the same bragging rights of a primary sweep by a surprise Bernie Sanders win in Rhode Island.

Of the two front-runners, Clinton – who won four states Tuesday – remains closer to clinching the nomination. She now has nearly 90 percent of the delegates needed to secure the party nod, even as Sanders vows to keep fighting.

On the Republican side, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich still can potentially hold Trump under the 1,237 delegates he needs. But the billionaire businessman’s Super Tuesday III run-of-the-table reinforces his aura of invincibility going into the next round.

“I consider myself the presumptive nominee,” Trump said at Trump Tower, with ex-candidate and now-supporter New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie standing behind him. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s over.”

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  • Robert Russell says:

    Trump is a true American he will deport illegals & build the fence not only that he will create jobs with jobs the economy will take off. Hillary will finish bigO agenda we will have a queer nation of homos.

  • voncile fullwood says:

    this is just a political game-that is being played by the childish fifth graders in the democratic party..I have never seen a campaign played so unfair as to what they are doing today in this campaign,wanting this person and that to win and will go to any attacks to make sure this person is in because they want Hillary in or Cruz and now I would not vote for him because of the tactics he has used in cheating like Hillary and the Democrats that want their party in so they can keep their seat and I think most all of them needs to be fired they have held their crooked seats to long

    1. nodo says:

      wonder if you voted for Obama last election when those same tactics were considered smart and worked for him. If you wanted to change the way a candidate was chosen, you should have objected before the election year was in full swing. Now is a little late to use as an excuse not to vote for the only honest candidate in the race.

    2. Peatro Giorgio says:

      Cheating You say. So how is it cheating. Please exsplain. For as far as I am aware Both Cruz an Kasich have acted with in the rules as well the law. You can not say They were cheating when infact Carson An Trump conspired together. To disinfranchise Cruz in several state primaries. Do you care to deny that ??? Get real grow up. Every single campaign including Trumps has taken advantages used Whatever tactic or means with which might or may push them to the front.

  • Raymond Charron says:

    There needs to be a change to the establishment in D C. For far too long these life time politicians gave worked against the people. Now we gave a chance to do something about it. There is a man in the running who will break this hold that these career politicians have on us. That man is Trump. Killers is just a white female obozo. She is one of those establishment bought and payed for politicians. Let’s break this s hold these puppet politicians have on this country and tell them no more. A vote for Trump will change that. Vote Trump for president.

    1. nodo says:

      What makes you think Trump is not part of the problem? Up until he entered this race, he certainly was, only he was on the paying end of the corruption. He has solidly supported the very people you are saying he will “break the hold” from. Dream on.

  • Jack C Newkirk says:

    I believe Dr. Ben Carson is right. Trump draws a lot of voters that have not voted in the past and I truly believe they will stick with him through the general election. None of them want Hillary in the White House. I believe Trump can defeat Hillary easily. I have confidence that the American people are sick of the Liberal agenda. There has to be a change. Surely the American people are smart enough not to vote for Hillary.

    1. nodo says:

      Since Trump has all his life been an ultra liberal himself, it is hard for most of us who have been following his career to believe he has really had a change of heart and is , therefore, just another Hillary. Trump draws a lot of voters who have not voted in the past, but they also are for the most part people who have not been paying attention and are easily duped into believing Trump is anything different from what he has always been, an ultra liberal.

  • Citizentobe says:

    You know? This morning I was thinking that all this is entertainment….The masters of wealth have already decided who will be the next POTUS….

    1. Peatro Giorgio says:

      Now there is some logic in that thought. Yes The Trump and Hillary camp have played everyone for fools for over 12 years now. Pre – Planned and executed as planned.

      1. nodo says:

        Totally agree. Picture 2013, Tea party getting strength with members like Cruz and Rubio fighting the establishment even going so far as to call establishment liars and shutting down the government to fight Obama’s insanity. Hilary with snow ball’s chance at pres. Enter ultra-Liberal Trump who suddenly sees the light and becomes conservative. Next ultra liberals from dem party becoming republicans in droves. Why, because to the ultra liberal, Trump or Clinton of no difference in their view. Sometimes wonder if Trump was not just a plant to begin with and then got illusions of grandeur.

        1. Peatro Giorgio says:

          My mind tells me. I’ve read Trumps 45 year public record correctly. Trump is a plant. For myself there is no uncertainty about that. I have no delusion of Trumps conversion.The sum of the equation Trump = Hillary, Hillary = Trump.

          1. Robert Russell says:

            Are you one that will move to Canada when Trump becomes our next president?

        2. bernie says:

          You can make up all kinds of stories about Trump that are not true, well here’s one for you to swallow. The truth ; Trump voted for John McCain when he was running and worked with him on his Campaign, Voted for Romney when he was running and gave him money. Romney turns his back on Trump when he is running and tries to ruin Trump as much as he can, doesn’t work though. Trump has been Republican for a long time voting once or twice Independent. His folks were Republican. His sister is not. As a Businessman, not a politician, he gave to both Parties as many others did, so what. Reason they ( Establishment , Elites ) hate him ; He is NOT for a OWO as they are, and they will do anything to try to destroy him ; One thing though, They picked the wrong Man, to their sorrow.

  • Peatro Giorgio says:

    It isn’t over till it is over. Never ever count your chickens before they hatch. Trump can claim a crushing defeat. But let’s take a closer look at the numbers Will begin with this fact. Open primaries. Trump drew in up to 30 % Democrate cross over votes . Those votes will not however show up in a general Election. Then we have this undeniable fact each of these five states lean heavily Liberal . Wirh mere moderate numbers of conservatives. So it was a Nutural fit for Trump. In each state where Trump recieved 39 or higher percentages of the votes those states were all open primaries. So folks get real Trumps wins are not nearly as decisive as one may or might think.

    1. bones1941 says:

      Cross over votes will be very large in this election because of Trump that is what has been missing in past Elections.

      1. Peatro Giorgio says:

        You might wish ,and we may hope that to be True. I certainly concur with your assumption . But my friend unlike what you seem to believe to be True. I on the other hand ,believe quite the opposite. As I have interacted with some truly remarkable Democrate organizers . WHO have for the most part convinced me. These cross over votes are all on the account an direction of party bosses . Come general election Time. Those voters in mass shall return to the party. So it seems They are not defecting but rather Helping there general election cause. Surely time will tell. I pray they and I are wrong . In my heart Of hearts I belive them to be correct. It is still possible That the mass of Independent voters might select To vote for Trump if he is indeed The Republican nominee. This to is merely conjecture.

    2. BackingTrump says:

      If that’s what you want to believe to deflect the Cruz crush then believe it. The fact remains, your boy got whopped and will lose Indiana! TRUMP 2016!

      1. ADRoberts says:

        And you, as a low-information, easy to deceive voter, will live to regret it.
        The analysis is correct. Massive crossover voting by those who WANT the weakest Republican candidate.
        And you are too blind to see it.

        1. Robert Russell says:

          Wow even the Democrats don’t want Hildabeast they will vote for Trump in November.

      2. kbfallon says:

        TURD Cruz actually was humiliated ! But-he’s too ignorant to back down….which is why he’s done in politics in the USA.

      3. Peatro Giorgio says:

        Surly your better able to put more thought into your replies right

        1. Robert Russell says:

          Trump will deport illegals & build the fence as president. Cruz & Kiasich supporters are done pack up & go home nothing left for you.

    3. I Seigel says:

      Yes, let’s actually take a closer look at the numbers. Let’s begin with these facts: (I’ve rounded the numbers to the nearest 1000)
      PA – Trump: 893,000
      – Clinton: 919,000

      DE – Trump: 42,000
      – Clinton: 56,000

      MD – Trump: 237,000
      – Clinton: 533,000

      RI – Trump: 39,000
      – Clinton: 52,000 (Sanders got even more)

      CT – Trump: 124,000
      – Clinton: 170,000

      NY – Trump: 525,000
      – Clinton: 1,054,000

      MI – Trump: 484,000
      – Clinton: 577,000 (Sanders got even more)

      SC – Trump: 240,000
      – Clinton: 272,000
      Do you see anywhere where Trump has gotten more votes than Hillary? Yeah, me neither.

      1. nodo says:

        Probably because the democrats are muddying up the waters this election. Trump is a Clinton plant. Trump is an ultra liberal. Trump is a Troian horse —whatever you want to call it, the dems are duping the public big time this election.

        1. I Seigel says:

          And why aren’t the Reps playing the same dirty game, then? They want Hillary so they can bring in all the alleged sleazy history, so why not dupe the public and work to get her nominated, too?

      2. Peatro Giorgio says:

        Hey smart guy You left out The number of registered democrates as well the number of Registered Republicans. So you discounted the base line which is the point from which one must start. Wish to try again . I have and my numbers tell a far more convincing story.. nice job though. Even after leaving out the most important equation . Which by they is The known base line.. Nothing speaks louder as to the simple mindset of the Trumperteers as does half truths.

        1. I Seigel says:

          And no one speaks with more emptiness and deceit than the person who CLAIMS he has “numbers that tell a far more convincing story”, but then is too lazy or too deceitful to actually reveal them. Nice try though.

          Put up or shut up, PG. I showed you mine. Lay your cards on the table.

          1. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Actually My statement has absolutely nothing to do with deceit. And everything to do with pointing out your flawed Theory. . I REPEAT CARE TO TRY AGAIN. Your next attempt if including base line numbers shall be self evident. You’ll then either apologise. Or simply refrain from there inclusion . Then again it is rather clear your the unteachable Type . Prove me wrong. Begin with actually numbers which represent actually party base line registered voters. Then compare.

          2. I Seigel says:


    4. Robert Russell says:

      Trump will win all in California to become our president. LoL!

      1. CharlieSeattle says:

        no, to get closer to having a better chance to become the nominee.

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