Trump, Cruz clash over eligibility, ‘New York values’ at GOP debate

January 15, 2016

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump clashed in a spectacular way at the Republican presidential debate Thursday, engaging in a rapid-fire and quick-witted exchange over Cruz’ eligibility for office – and later, a dispute in which Trump cited 9/11 to put down his rival’s jokes about “New York values.”

The tension between the two men, who until now have maintained a certain peace on the debate stage, was palpable. Trump essentially admitted he’s now getting tougher on Cruz because he’s rising in the polls in Iowa – and gave no ground over the course of more than two hours.

While all seven candidates on the prime-time Fox Business Network debate stage spent much of their time attacking President Obama and Hillary Clinton, the Trump-Cruz battle on display could set the tone for the final run-up to Iowa and New Hampshire.

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  • Mark Pascucci says:

    Since Johnnie Red Lindsay and Rocks-in-his-head Rockefeller, N.Y. has become the mecca in the east for “progressives”, that is , people who spit on and defecate on the U.S. Constitution, and work towards alienating Americans from it. This is what Cruz is talking about. N.Y. is like a nasty drug addict that people are in love with. No matter how bad it gets, ya just can’t pull up roots and leave.

  • Carl F. Miller says:

    Get rid of the smelly scheme called “the right to vote.” One would think that, before any person is permitted to vote, he or she should, at the very least, know how to spell a candidate’s name. Elections in the United States are a joke. Clowns are being elected by their fans who seem to enjoy the ongoing circus. The clown now in the White House is proof positive of that theory. Any student of History knows that, when this country was formed, not every person or idiot was permitted to vote for those who would eventually lead it. At that time, and before a person was permitted to vote, he had to own property or some other possession of value which he deemed needed protection of his elected officials. But today, what we have is a large, very large, class of moochers and leeches (so-called voters) whose only interest is that of seeing to it that they vote for the clown who will promise to take the wealth from working individuals (like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and YOU), and hand it out to them. For some reason, they think they are entitled to share YOUR wealth and the wealth of other people. They’ll vote for any individual, whether they like him or her or not—so long as that individual promises to keep on giving them food stamps, cash, pic, wic, and a plethora of other freebies. These types should never be allowed to vote—especialy for a president or other high officlal of the United States. We have enough freeloaders, and most certainly we have more than enough of third-generation idiots. “Get rid of the right to vote”, and then your vote will mean something. It will mean that YOU work, YOU own property, YOU pay taxes, and YOU want YOUR hard-earned wealth to be protected from the leeches and moochers prowling and preying upon YOU in their attempts to confiscate YOUR wealth. CFM

  • Carl F. Miller says:

    “Talkers Are No-Good Doers.” Shakespeare

  • Carl F. Miller says:

    Whomever is advising Trump ought to tell him to “keep his mouth shut.”
    Trump is not a very good communicator. He seems to not have the ability to “finish or complete” a sentence. During the most recent debate for example, he stated that “we have a 19 trillion” and then goes on to another subject. Most half-intelligent people probably know what he means-“he means we have a 19 trilliion dollar deficit.” But he shouldn’t be trying to convince only half-intelligent people, he should be trying to get through to the half-learned, lower-class of voters (which numbers in the millions).

    Further, Trump is misguided and totally ignorant of Ted Cruz’s citizenship. While Cruz may have been born in Canada, he is a United States citizen. Picture this scenario. If Cruz’s mother was pregnant with him and she happened to be visiting Vietnam during the Vietnam War, and then delivered Cruz at that time; would Cruz then be a Vietnam citizen? Kind of silly, huh? Another example. Imagine that Mrs. Cruz was pregnant with twins. She delivered one of the babies in Vietnam, but due to complications during delivery, she had to be transported to the emergency room of another hospital in an adjoining country—say Korea—where she delivered the other baby. Would one child then be a Vietnam citizen and the other a Korean citizen? The argument keeps getting sillier and sillier.and Trump ought to shitcan it.

    Further, these so-called debates have been degraded into nothing more than childish criticism sessions. Moderators who are nothing more than network hacks are mudding up the waters and preventing the candidates from addressing the real isssues confronting Americans. The sad part is that this seems to be the best America has to offer—-and that’s sad, very, very sad. CFM

  • Jimbo says:

    I’m a little bothered by Cruz’s comments about “New York values”. I live in New York State (CNY), and have solid conservative values, both on economics and moral issues. I’m not represented by New York City and Albany liberals. It is getting too common for people to dismiss all New Yorkers, for the sins of New York liberals. The gun lobby and a lot of gun owners have been doing this for years. I hear it all the time. In fact, the NRA and other gun rights groups consistently ignore the plight of gun owners in NY State. I guess we are expendable.

    I stay here because I take care of an elderly parent who wants to stay in her home.

    1. Tricia Harris says:

      Well don’t be bothered, because that’s the way the majority of the rest of the country feels about “New York values”. You are in the minority in New York if you have conservative values, and truly YOU are not one of the ones he was referring too. So don’t take it that he (or the rest of us meant you) he was referring to the majority which are the liberals. With your great conservative values, YOU would certainly be welcomed in Texas and feel right at home with the rest of us who are Conservative.

  • Dave N. says:

    We are getting down to voting time in the early states so people need to figure out who these people are that are running for office. Trump still leads in a number of poles, however he is being overtaken by Cruz and a couple of others are creeping up the poles a little but not enough to be a threat as yet. It’s important that all of use do some research on these candidates, last thing we need is another loose cannon liberal like we have now. Do your homework and be prepared.

  • KDC says:

    Trump is correct. There’s a lot people out there that feel Cruz is ineligible. It should get cleared up once and for all. And I especially like Cruz’s expression when Trump accused him of degrading the people of New York. Cruz clearly had his foot in his mouth.

    1. albertbryson says:

      Death to Trump. Cruz is totally eligible.

    2. Dave N. says:

      I have listened to a number of news reports and read several others by legal beagles, as far as the legal issue goes I suspect there is no standing for Trump’s argument. Additionally he openly and factually admitted the issue was Cruz has moved up in the poles and in a number of cases surpassed Trump so he is a serious threat. If your a threat to Trump your nothing more than an impediment and have no value and he will do or say anything to remove or impede the impediment, in this case Cruz.

    3. Tricia Harris says:

      They need to get over it because they along with Trump are DEAD WRONG on Cruz’s eligibility – he absolutely IS and has always been a natural born American citizen because his mother is!

      1. KDC says:

        NATURAL BORN means BOTH parents. Cruz is a citizen.

  • reagangs says:

    NY & NYC are a lot of things but not the center of the universe. NYrks are tough and ready to defend themselves (9-11), diverse, controversial, outspoken and yes mostly liberal. Trump is bullish, direct and controversial. That’s just the way real estate moguls are. He is a DC outsider and appealing as a politician to some. However, he is a lose cannon as a presidential candidate. He is an anomaly. Better Trump that Clinton or Sanders, but not Cruz, a Constitutional scholar. Unlike Obummer who claimed to be one but was a constitutional destroyer as a puppet to the UN and EU Puppet Masters.

    1. Tricia Harris says:

      Cruz is still the better choice! He actually IS a Constitutional scholar. the POS traitor was nothing more than a visiting Lecturer who claimed to be a Constitutional scholar and is nothing of the sort.

      1. JACK3889 says:

        So, do we throw out the Constitution, the law of the land? Trump is dead right on Cruz. Unless in 1970 Alberta, Canada was a USA possession–lol. His wetback Cuban father was not naturalized until 2005. Thirty five years after Ted’s birth. Natural born means to both parents being citizens at time of childs birth on USA turf. Rubio and Jindal have the same issue for slightly different reasons.

        1. Tricia Harris says:

          Trump is DEAD WRONG on CRUZ and YOU are DEAD wrong in your misinformed opinions. Ted IS a natural born citizen and it doesn’t say both parents HAVE to be citizens JUST ONE! Look up the Act of 1790 that states that any child born anywhere of an American citizen IS A NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN! Rubio was born in Miami – which makes him a citizen – being born here makes him one. He’s not my choice, nor is he the best choice for President. All of your crap is wishful thinking of a liberal that Ted Cruz is not eligible – get over it HE IS ELIGIBLE and he has always been an American citizen.

          1. JACK3889 says:

            Read the high court appeal of Minor v Happersett where natural born was established as binding precedent.

          2. JACK3889 says:

            Ahahaha–you call factual law interpretation “my crap”.

          3. rickoff says:

            Being born in Canada, having a U.S. mother, and a Cuban father, Cruz was born with a 3-way divided allegiance. That’s exactly the type of situation the Founders knew would arise if they had not added the “natural born citizen” stipulation.

          4. Tricia Harris says:

            You aren’t BORN with ANY allegiance, and certainly as a baby Ted Cruz had NO allegiance to anyone other than Rafael and Eleanor! What a moronic statement to make. His father ESCAPED from Castro’s Cuba! And talking about allegiance why aren’t you screaming about where the allegiance lies of the POS TRAITOR occupying the White House now? He damn sure has NO ALLEGIANCE TO AMERICA! At least Ted Cruz loves OUR COUNTRY and IS willing to fight for our freedom which is more than your bastard Obama is willing to do!

          5. rickoff says:

            Ive been exposing Barry for as long as he’s been involved in politics. He’s definitely not my bastard, but that isn’t the topic of this article or discussion. I’m not saying that I don’t like Cruz. I’m only saying he’s not eligible to be POTUS, and I’ve offered up plenty of proof to that fact while you’ve offered nothing but misinformed personal opinion. Everyone born in America, or any other country for that matter, is expected to have a natural allegiance and loyalty to that country. If that were not so, then why were you taught and expected to recite the Pledge of Allegiance ever since you began attending school? You didn’t object to that pledge, because it came naturally to you from being an American citizen.

          6. runnindeer says:

            You need to try to understand that you are being an arm chair attorney and giving an opinion. Nothing more. You can look up and Google all that you like but the fact remains that Many excellent attorneys are in disagreement about this. In fact, Ted Cruz is being sued right now at this point in time. Donald J. Trump has the ability to unite Americans. Even if you are in doubt and in denial of that fact. Donald J. Trump 2016 !

          7. Starr Manning's Lesbian Lover says:

            Honey, just so you know. US Liberals are hoping Cruz is your nominee. But continue with your Tea Party inspired “I Demand my own reality” of “Them Libruls are scared of Cruz”. LOL.

      2. runnindeer says:

        Ted Cruz could never unite Americans. He would not be any better, and even likely much worse than Barack Obama. He has proven that he would like to throw everyone that isn’t what he believes to be ( his kind of person) into the fire and burn it. Acting as judge and jury and executioner to every person in a State because that State has a number of Liberal politicians is with out a doubt beyond Narrow minded. ( No, he is not so much the Constitutional Scholar as he is a good debater. ) A politician. He has a great memory for facts but he tends to have selective memory. Forgetting what he has said and done if and when it suits him to try to convince otherwise. He is a liar and has an ego that far outweighs that of Barack Obama who is simply delusional.
        Donald J. Trump can and does unite people. You dislike of the man doesn’t nullify the fact that he is correct about the law suit on Cruz. Mr. Cruz did not give up his dual citizenship- and his Canadian citizenship , until 15 months ago. Cruz is being sued now at this point in time.

        1. Tricia Harris says:

          You are completely delusional and must be a dimwitted Liberal to say Ted Cruz would be worse than the POS TRAITOR occupying the White House now – good grief. Trump does NOT unite everyone either! They can sue to their hearts content and they will LOSE!

          1. reagangs says:

            AMEN !!!

    2. chris berrian says:

      Not born here your fighting a loosing cause.

    3. Jimbo says:

      There are a lot of conservatives in the state. Yes, we are in the minority. We suffer.

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