Trump Expands his Lead

The latest Fox News national poll finds another reshuffling in the race for the 2016 Republican nomination, as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker gets a post-announcement bump and businessman Donald Trump claims more of the spotlight.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton still dominates the Democratic race. Yet the poll also warns trouble may be ahead for her.

Among Republican primary voters, Trump captures 18 percent. He’s closely followed by Walker at 15 percent and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 14 percent. No one else reaches double-digits.

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  • Richard Schwartz says:

    People are sending a message. Politicians can’t be trusted. Neither party is smart enough to listen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Richard Schwartz says:

    RINO’s have perfected the are of losing. The GOP is in rebellion mode. GOP members are sending a message. Are RINOS smart enough to listen?

  • JOHN VAUGHN says:

    He will get my vote, and he is not going to leave the race, His oppositions want him to leave the race so they might have a chance to win, but the american people is feed up with the same old lying politicians!

  • Smitch says:

    The “Silent Majority” IS HERE! It’s time to take back our COUNTRY!

  • Anthony says:

    Okay, just for starters, why was Obama and his family walking the streets of NY and not his own backyard in Chicago. Please stay out, we don’t want your community organizing to tear down our city and influence our mayor, the cop hater. How in the world did he even get elected? Mr. Trump is a breathe of fresh air and it is funny how most of the republicans running, ask for his money and endorsement, but now that he poses a serious threat, they will do all in their power to take him down and hope it backfires. He may be the only one running that can start to turn this country around. Think, why would a man of his worth and reputation need to take on the shambles of our third world country that it has become. It’s time for real change and he has my conservative vote.

  • Wolfman says:

    The thing to remember about Donald Trump above anything else….he is a self made billionaire. He knows how to make good deals, talk to liars, negotiate with losers/thugs/desperate people/people in a superior position/etc.. The man cares about his country and is ashamed at how it has been turned from the ‘Leader of the Free World’ into the ‘Leader from behind in a World in Turmoil’ ( which in and of itself means we follow everyone else,and has the additional “Rainbowesque” implications ).
    He knows the George Soros’s of the world and refuses to accept their One World Order Agenda. Donald Trump knows he could have never accomplished what he did to acquire $10billion in today’s version of Amerika …..and the truth be known he will not be able to sustain his private wealth ……just like the middle class has not sustained their hard earned wealth ( his losses will be slower and take longer…but his wealth will eventually be gone none the less).
    Weird as it sounds, we have a rich version of ‘Joe The Plumber’ representing us every time he talks. He may be rich….but he hasn’t forgotten what it was like in the beginning for him….comfortable but vulnerable….one slip up and he wasn’t comfortable anymore. He knows how to make sure he only has the best and brightest to advise him . He has all the qualities of a great leader ……that is why he is feared….because he is the ‘Real Deal’ not a contrived Olympus god ala the ‘Facade’ that we know as Obama who needs teleprompters to converse intelligently just like Achmed needs Jeff Dunham !!!!

  • unique201 says:

    Rubio is giving up his Senate seat thinking he is going to be President or V.P.
    He doesn’t know he will be losing out on both places. Then he can take his new $90,000 boat out on the ocean and go fishing every day.
    Must be nice to be in debt in 2013 and 2014 then in 2015 has a nice new $90,000 boat. Just goes to show you what you can buy when you are in

  • Donna Mohler says:

    If the RNC pulls Trump out , he should run as an independent!

    1. AlbertHall says:

      He is READY sign the petition.
      We are fed up with the status quo and ask you Donald Trump to turn your back on the RINO naysayers and run as our champion!
      Trump for President! A true Independent Conservative!
      Trump! 2016!
      Please sign our petition asking Trump to run as an INDEPENDENT!
      Trump! 2016!

      1. Donna Mohler says:



    I don’t like John McCain, as a politician, but he is a hero! What he endured is a nightmare! While John Kerry was in an office under his superiors desk taking dick-tation, McCain was a POW!


    Trump is appealing because he says what tax payers would like to say! Any swinging dick would be better than Obama! The Republican Party are traitors to republican tax payers! I’m not 100% positive that our votes even count, the builderburgers endorsed Hillary because they can continue the destruction of America if Obama doesn’t totally destroy us first! This “New World Order” is bigger than American voters! It’s naive to think our votes actually count! I say we either rise up, and go to war against the democrat socialists of America, or prepare for concentration camps and beheadings!

  • Red Scholefield says:

    It will be interesting to see if people can handle the truth and make Trump president. He is scaring the establishment to death, they have to stop him or it is all over for them.

  • Ken V says:

    Time for rhe Latinos to go home with a Negro under one arm and a Muslim under the other.

  • bertroga says:

    The RNC does not care because they are not conservative and will not let Trump be the POTUS nominee because he does not follow the party line. The RNC died when they turned on the tea party and thereby exposed their middle of the road philosophy.

  • I Seigel says:

    Aw crap. Well, with the news out today (Saturday) Trump might be toast. Too bad. It was fun while it lasted, but he just might have gone too far this time, even for conservatives.

  • Mike O'Mara says:

    The republicans unforgivable betrayl of passing the TPP was the end of their bull shit party for me. I have been a republican for 44 years and was actually a local co-chairman of West Haven Youth For Nixon. However I just watched them trip all over themselves to help our dictator hand over another large chunk of our rights in the TPP package and I would love to see them pay for it. Of course if they were to pay what their crime is worth none of them would survive. Right at the present time the only one not sniffing the butts of the political lowlifes is Trump. It is also about time for you idiots to realize that Trump is speaking TRUTH! Deal with it!

  • Believer says:

    I will write Donald Trump’s name in on my ballot if Bush is the nominee. It’s the same as voting for Hillary if one votes for Bush

    1. Detriotcity says:

      Might as well vote for Hillary if Donald Trump does not get the nod. I personally do not think that is a good idea. The fever for putting a woman in the oval office is a democrat ploy to keep the liberal agenda on the table. They do not care for women and we know they do not care for men. The democrat party is only catering to special interest groups and all of our energy should be spent getting a conservative into the office and give him or her a chance with a republican congress and senate. Just saying! The democrats do not believe in any thing. i.e., global warming scam, marriage of gays, abortion of babies, the Vet scandal, the IRS scandal, the lunch program by mechel, the open boarder to allow anyone come in to US, the killing of our health care system with Obama care, gun running to Mexico, etc., etc., etc., Send them all packing!!!

  • Robert Wilson says:

    Good luck Trump, you have the winning ticket so far. One suggestion; In your endeavour to win, you may want to think about engaging Mexico towards halving the expense of protecting our borders. Also, illegals are just that ILLEGALS. ARREST THEM, GIVE THEM COMMUNITY SERVICE ON OUR ROADWAYS CLOSE TO THE BORDER, then release them.

  • Brady Harness says:

    If the Republicans really want to WIN the next Presidential Election then we must see DR. Ben Carson as the only deeply qualified candidate for many logical reasons; The Donald is only a flash in the pan and un-qualified to be any thing except a smart tycoon!!!

  • LINDA R. says:

    Hillary is yesterdays garbage…

  • The redhawk says:

    Sooner than Later MOTOR MOUTH will SHOOT HIMSELF IN THE FOOT!… Typical of Self Proclaimed Egotistical Narcissitic IDIOTS! Just like ODUMBO and SOW Clinton….

  • Joe says:

    The RNC was infiltrated by liberals years ago!!!!!!!!
    We only have a one party system in this country!!!!!!!!

  • Terry Cornell says:

    It is a shame that the RNC keeps Jeb Bush up at the top. Bush needs to drop out along with Christie and Graham.

    1. Joe says:

      Bush is a RINO that’s why!

      1. Terry Cornell says:

        He is their biggest RINO and that is why they are pushing him on us so much.

  • I Seigel says:

    I must be completely misunderstanding this whole election thing. I thought it was about electing a president. It sounds like you all a talking about electing a dictator. Because I see no sign whatsoever that Trump ever has had or will have the ability to work with others in an elected, representative-style government. He’s not going to be able to fire a McConnell or a Boehner or a Reid or a Cruz, or a Sotomayor. He can fire a Chairman of the JCS or a general, but that wouldn’t look too good. So tell me, how is he going to get along and get things done with people who have just as big an ego as he does? Unless, of course, you ARE electing him as emperor.

    1. Joe says:

      You must have voted for Obama!

      1. I Seigel says:

        So you have no response to what I wrote? What does voting in the last election have anything to do with anything?

    2. Wolfman says:

      You ever run a business??? You deal with employees in a manner that suits they’re skills and how they use their skills to achieve the tasks they were assigned. You make it sound like Trump is the ‘persona’ he portrays on his tv show. He is straight forward and has ‘attitude’, but I guarantee you he has leadership qualities and draws out the best qualities in those who work with him.He would not be a self made billionaire if he was just a mouth that roared. He surrounds himself with the best.Those that he so calls ‘fires’ on his shows do not accomplish the tasks he assigns better than their competitors. So what should he do change the title of the show to the ‘Biggest Loser’ ( OOOPS ! that title is already taken) OR perhaps ” Almost Good Enough To Be The Best But He Didn’t Work Hard Enough”and “mamby pamby” the contestants to find the biggest screw-off to work with.
      We’ve had eight years of that already….how’s it turning out???
      You deal with equals as equals and use negotiation/intimidation/compromise/usually a combination of the three to cut a deal or drop a deal( if you can’t agree). You act as if Trump has never cut a deal with adversaries in his life….when in fact this is the type of activity he does on a daily basis.
      By the way the Constitution contains various checks and balances by which each individual branch( ie Legislative [House and Senate],Executive,and Judicial) can counter each other on an individual basis. If violations are severe enough it is possible for two of the three branches to combine powers and remove members of the Third Branch that are found violating the Constitution.
      Because the losers we have in the various Branches now refuse to exercise their powers is reprehensible, because the purpose of the Checks and Balances was to originally give the people ( through the power of the vote for President and House) and the States ( by selecting the Senators) the power to control a rogue Branch ( or Branches) of Government. This was watered down when an Amendment was passed allowing Senators to be elected individually ( thereby taking the States out of the equation) and further eroded when the two parties have been co-conspirators against the voters and refuse to enforce the Constitution……. which leads us to why there is a Second Amendment which has had a bullseye on it for at least 50 years.
      Incidentally, the President,Senators,Representatives,and ALL Judges can be removed for violating the Constitution, just because they haven’t doesn’t mean that a man with enough charisma ,fortitude, and patriotism could not start that process !!!
      This is what makes me sick about a Trog like you …you talk S#!t and you have no substance or facts behind it!!!!

      1. I Seigel says:

        So the checks and balances are magically going to start to happen when Trump is in office? The branches are finally going to grow some? Why?

        And what has Trump said so far that makes you think he’s willing to cut deals? Which translates to “compromise”? You electing him on hope? I thought you’re already sick of the “hope” thing.

  • H.M.Stumpf says:

    The clintons are history, any good, truthful American can beat them !!!!!

    1. believe says:

      Wouldn’t take much ,a dog catcher would do a better job and wouldn’t have to kill some one to win like the Clintions and Barack did.

    2. richardjf says:

      very good reply, Howard.

    3. Cris Rogers says:

      We can only hope!

    4. richardjf says:

      Howard Stumpf
      The Clintons think they will take the place of Kennedy’s with the so called, the closest thing to royalty we have here in the US.
      I always felt the felt the kennedys were closer to being inbred , murders, and thieves than royalty. Hillary the US dont need you which no doubt you thing we do . Its not Bills fault. Your not special in fact your just not a good person.
      Hillary be a better grandmother than you were a mother. Stay home and enjoy your grandaughter and be there for her which you werent for your daughter. Shame on you!
      Go Donald Trump 2016

  • Robert Early says:

    I’m no longer certain that the election really matters. I strongly feel that a revolution is just around the corner. We are being invaded by Mexicans and Muslims. If we don’t do something right now, then we will lose our country and probably our very lives. Our liberal friends just don’t get it. While clammering for extra votes, they will ultimately lose, right along with the resr of us.
    Our moral and ethical decay will be our destruction.
    If our goal is total and complete destruction, as many would hope for us, then Hillary, Bernie, or Joe is our best choice. The open war will begin in America’s streets within one year; and millions will die.
    Is Trump our savior. I have no idea. However, he does offer a fresh approach.
    Is it too late? Have the invaders already taken over? I suppose we will soon know. The Left is creating monsters that will ultimately devour them.

    1. Cris Rogers says:

      I am afraid that Obama is going to do some to cause a revolt and declare marshal law to stay in power. We really need to pray hard that doesn’t happen.

      1. Robert Early says:

        I understand your concern Cris. I’m certainly no big shot; but I know a few big shots. Obama is a worshipper of Obama. He can declare anything he wishes to declare. However, apart from a very small, high-paid private army that protects him, he has no means of enforcing Martial Law.
        The police hate him. The military hates him. And, he is only a few months awat from a life-long comfortable living and his own Presidential Library, and making millions from speaches. He does not want to blow all that; and run the risk of one poor soul taking him out in anger.
        So, relax Cris. Martial Law would be his fatal flaw.

  • Patriot47 says:

    Trump scares the heck out of libs, rinos, commies, muzzies and illegals.

    1. I Seigel says:

      The only thing that scares libs about Trump is knowing that he will say something so outrageous that it will eventually force him out of the race. The longer Trump stays in, the more publicity he gets, the better it is for Trump and whatever book or TV deal he wants, and the better for the libs.

      And then who will step up? 3 months ago everyone was talking about Carson. No mention of him here lately. Walker? He’s one of the most anti-government politicians, but as a college dropout and lifelong politician he’s never had a private job in his life; he’s always lived off the taxpayer. And he’s the most anti-regulation candidate but he’s doing the most to regulate people’s private lives. What’s up with that?

      No, Trump needs to stay in and do well in the debates and polls. He has the most entertainment value of any of them, and Lord knows we could all use more laughter right about now.

      1. bamissfa says:

        carson keeps putting his foot in his mouth showing he is too naive and may just possibly cater to blacks as O has done. We see how that has worked.

        1. richardjf says:

          How does Carson put his foot in his mouth. I havent heard that and the media would be all over it.
          How will he cater to blacks? Maybe new batteries for their cell phones?

      2. Patriot47 says:

        If you need to laugh, check out skippy’s plans for OUR Constitution. Those activities are what will give libs what they want and trigger the revolution they desire.

        1. I Seigel says:

          I’m pretty sure libs don’t desire a revolution. What “plans” are we talking about here? Anything official written down, or is this just rumors being spread around like manure in the pasture?

          1. Patriot47 says:

            Oh yes they do. They count on skippy’s troops to quell any rebellion.

          2. I Seigel says:

            That doesn’t make any sense. They’re hoping for a rebellion, AND they’re expecting “skippy’s troops” to quell it? Why?

  • Snoopy says:

    Should he actually get elected, he WILL have to keep one eye peeled. Remember what happened when they couldn’t buy Kennedy???

    1. bamissfa says:

      the liberals are the truly crazies

  • reagangs says:

    I like the Donald, he has an extra large pair for standing up to the RINOs and expressing his beliefs. He’s not stupid as he rules the business he is in. He owns resorts, casinos and large developments and commands respect in his arena. So, don’t sell him short, he can and will be a contender.

  • JOHN STEEL says:

    Mrs Coulter. He is. With a person like you backing him his chances will increase . Please help unsure voters where to look.

  • curtmavi38 says:

    If Donald Trump wins the nomination I will vote for him. Hillary and her corrupt organization must not win. meh

    1. David Stovall says:

      I will vote for Hillary’s opponent, whoever it is.

  • David Stovall says:

    We are tired of sending Pomeranians to the dog fight.

  • judyann j says:

    MANY excellent points made here. A new 3rd party would be wonderful but we simply have neither the luxury of time nor money to get it done in time. Our ONLY recourse now is to purge the GOP of all Est. Republicans, traitors and power hungry eunuchs the lot of them.
    Conservatives, the only engaged part of the GOP, must take that party over ASAP and give the Old Republican Guard the boot.
    We’ve ALL been long complaining our disgust with political double talk, political correct crowd…now it’s time to put OUR money where our mouths are. Trump is the ONLY candidate not bought and paid for by big donors and special interest groups. Trump is the only one who can afford to tell the truth and in no uncertain terms.
    He’s rich, ‘VERY RICH,” and we have a unique opportunity to “hire” the only man who hasn’t sold his soul to a PAC, who understands how business works and, above all, is a winner.

    1. Mike N says:

      Trump is refreshing, but he has too much history with the democrat party to suit me. I like Cruz, Jindal, or Walker. They are not establishment and have a proven history. My preference is Cruz. He has already shown that he will go against the crowd. We have good candidates other than Trump.

      1. bamissfa says:

        Cruz may not be constitutionally eligible.
        His dad was born elsewhere same deal as O.

        His mother was a US citizen but im not sure if she was at the time of Cruz’s birth.

        1. Mike N says:

          I agree with what you say. I believe that the intent of the Natural Born Citizen rule was such that he would not be eligible, The current interpretation; however, is that he is eligible because his mother meets the citizen requirements that makes him eligible.

      2. believe says:

        check them out.

        1. Mike N says:

          I appreciate what you say, but Trump is for what is good for Trump. Trump was a supporter of Hillary in the past. No true conservative could support a staunch liberal such as Hillary. We have too many good conservatives running to support Trump.

    2. Cris Rogers says:

      All a third party would do is assure a democratic win. We do not want that to happen.

  • Jill says:

    I do like DTs boldness, especially at a time when being PC is killing true debate of the issues facing our nation. I believe DT can and would turn our awful economic policies around, secure our borders, and restore our standing in the international community. But one thing i have concerns about is his ability to be a spiritual leader. Bear with me here. We as a nation have turned away from God. And the ONLY long term remedy of our difficulties is a return to our founding core values. That being said, I support Dr. Ben Carson. I may be in total dream land here….but I would love to see a DT and Dr. Carson ticket, in any order. That ticket would have the whole package, they would be the perfect compliment to one another. I hope the RNC puppeteers are checking out these online discussions.

    1. believe says:


    2. believe says:


      1. Cris Rogers says:

        Then we would have Biden and that would be almost as bad.

    3. richardjf says:

      Trump an Carson would be a great ticket.

  • tk-atty says:

    I agree. I have told them over & over when they call me. I will not give the RNC any money I will give it my candidate directly. I refuse to vote for anymore establishment republicans or rinos, period, I will write my candidate in. They want these people like Bush, Mccain, Romney who are milk toast weak candidates that CANNOT win. Don’t they get it? Apparently not, because Lindsey Graham another Rino said Trump was ruining his “party” well maybe he should care about the American people more than his “party”, that’s the problem. They are only interested in keeping their power & position, not Americans. They bent over and gave Obama everything he wanted, except for Tom Cotton who was elected last mid-term. If they lose, so be it, with all the illegals they’ve let in to vote who have drivers licenses, they put the nails in their own coffins and of the United States. All immigration should be stopped immediately, for many, many years until we get our borders closed and it under control. Nobody from Islamic Countries should be allowed in this Country unless they are Christians, or other non-islamists who are being persecuted, otherwise stay in your own land. We cannot support the whole world. They keep talking about our Nation was founded on immigrants, well they came here legally and worked very hard. THERE WAS NO WELFARE. I believe it is about time for a third party, and it may be very soon, if they keep Trump out of the debates. He’s the only one who will speak the truth.

  • JOHN STEEL says:

    Loud mouth ? I wish my mouth could be so lowed ,and have the proof and the guts to back it up…..We need a loud mouth, not some wimpy rump political back peddler. Come up with something more substantial then “loud mouth”…. Patton,
    Churchill, Truman, Regan , Teddy R, they said what they believed . Would you call them loud mouths? Remember this is not a popularity contest ,its to fix the damage that was and still is being done…..THINK D.T. you will not be sorry.

    1. gene1357 says:

      Bully! Pay attention Reinhold Richard “Reince” Priebus!! It is later than you know!
      Donald Trump & “Bear” Bryant: “I Ain’t Never Been Nothing but a Winner” (Coach Paul Bear Bryant)

      1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

        not Christie.

        1. richardjf says:

          Ben Carson????

          1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            Ben Carson, Cruz, and a number of others, but no-one of the “old boys” and definitely not Jeb Bush.

          2. jack Hollis says:

            Thank you, America has already had two too many Bush’s already. Read my lips, no new Bush’s!

          3. unique201 says:

            Not Carson.

          4. Brady Harness says:

            Kindly explain your reasoning

          5. unique201 says:

            I think we have enough lawyers and doctors in Congress. We need more common people and
            not career politicians.

          6. Terry Rushing says:

            I agree completely. Trouble is, our slick haired politicians have got a huge portion of the electorate bamboozled into believing that the business of running the country is so complex that an “ordinary” man hasn’t the skills so a “professional” political hack is required.

          7. unique201 says:

            Terry, the politicians also have the media in their pockets. Just look at Obama the media will not say anything Obama doesn’t want them to say. They are never critical of him or anyone in his administration. We need people like Trump that are not afraid to stand up and say what he thinks.
            I like Trump and Carly F.

          8. Ron Warren says:

            And that Terry is where we need to fire back with “We are tired of your “BS.” “We the People are going to take back OUR Nation.”

          9. gene1357 says:

            I deem the balance of a Trump/Carson ticket as desirable. I cannot see any benefit from reducing the number of brain surgeons serving our Nation.
            Neither Trump nor Carson is a career politician. Both are the best at what they do.

          10. Robert Early says:

            I really like Carson, Cruz, Florina, and Huckabee. But for now, we need a true kick-ass guy. Trump is called an asshole; and I say amen. That is exactly who we need.
            I learned a long time ago, if you must go to court, you don’t want Mr. Nice Guy for your attorney. You want the meanest bad-ass you can find.
            Trump is the fighter we want and need.

          11. Ron Warren says:

            Thanks Robert. I don’t think it could have been stated better.

          12. Ron Warren says:

            I’d rather see Donald Trump with Herman Cain as VP. Both are successful businessmen in spite of filthy sluts making false accusations. Just wait! Those slimy snails will likely come sliding out with trumped up lies against the Donald like they did Herman.

          13. Ron Warren says:

            We definitely have too many lawyers and career politicians. Congress and the Oval Office both need more business people who understand the BALANCE SHEET.

          14. unique201 says:

            That is why we need Trump and Fiorina,
            both business people.

          15. Daniel Wright says:

            I agree on the lawyers part. Not on Doctors. Ron and Rand Paul are doctors. Between them I see no libs. Carson is Conservative and the Pauls lean libertarian.Doctors lean on facts,lawyers use spin and double talk.

          16. unique201 says:

            Thumbs up.

          17. Ron Warren says:

            Harness maybe I answered your request…at least for myself.

          18. Ron Warren says:

            Correct. Not Carson now. He needs experience. You get your wings only after you demonstrate you can fly the plane.

          19. unique201 says:

            Thumbs up.

          20. Daniel Wright says:

            How about surgeon general? And John Bolton as secretary of state?

          21. Daniel Wright says:

            Yes, Ben Carson. He is brilliant,informed and a breath of fresh air in a field mostly populated by windbags.

      2. Rob-Roy MacKinnon says:

        NO. Trump and CARSON that would be the team

        1. gene1357 says:

          I like it; but would they get along? Their personalities are so nearly opposite. I like Christie’s toughness.

          1. Ron Warren says:

            Are you saying the Donald is not tough?

          2. gene1357 says:

            No Way! He is, however, dynamic, sophisticated, and polished, particularly in contrast to Christie

          3. Daniel Wright says:

            Christie is for Gun control and amnesty.

          4. gene1357 says:

            Then he is liberal and I would never support him.

        2. Ron Warren says:

          I would prefer Trump and Cain.

      3. flyguy says:

        Absolutely no way I would support Christie on the ticket. If he is there, Trump loses my vote.

        1. gene1357 says:


    2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      I think I understand what he meant by “loud mouth” poor choice of words, but yes, in their day these guys, Churchill, Truman, Regan , Teddy R, were considered to be buffoons, before they took office. Churchill was fired from one of his government jobs, I think it was at the Admiralty. Regan was called a joke, Teddy R. was one piece of work, they had one hell of an up hill battle, and yes they had to be loud. They had to shut down the limp wristed opposition, and thank God that they did.

      1. JOHN STEEL says:

        its always gratifying to know your comments are appreciated.

      2. Ron Warren says:

        The Oval Office needs a businessman who understands the balance sheet. No politically correct lawyers with anti-American agendas.

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          so true, and about time

    3. survivor33 says:

      I don’t care how loud Trump yells or what he calls the “give-me’s” he IS the only one that can stand up to the Admistration/Senate Rhino’s and not have to worry about his pocket book or retirement benefits. He is the only one that can get this country back and rid us of the terrorists/tratiors.

      1. Brady Harness says:

        Wrong read up on Dr. Ben Carson and you shall quickly learn of the Super Candidate that Dr. Ben Carson would be!!! He is not qualified on just one or two subjects but on many to be Our Winning Candidate!!!

        1. msueh says:

          I like Dr. Carson as well, but he doesn’t like guns….

          1. Brady Harness says:

            The difference is that just because he don’t like a particular situation doesn’t mean that he will take that Right away because it is in Our Constitution but the Leftist candidates all want guns Out Lawed so they can take over Our America!!!

          2. jack Hollis says:

            What do you mean, “so they can take over Our America!!!” Hell, they already have while most of our men were glued to the TV watching some sports event. The average male today worships sports more than he worships his own freedoms. I want to fight but I can’t do it alone and I am getting old so if we don’t do it soon I won’t be there.

          3. Rob-Roy MacKinnon says:

            You are not alone there is a lot of people out there that are just like you wondering if it is worth giving your life for one more time.

          4. steven says:


          5. Robert Early says:

            Hi Jack !
            Hey Everybody. Take a step back and look at the big picture. These Obama years, which were intended to offer hope, have been one continuous battle between the forces for good and the forces of evil.
            All of America was deceived and betrayed. We finally elected a black man; and finally we would enjoy racial harmony. Right ? Hardly. Obama has done more to divide this nation racially than any other man in US history. It’s not about flags and slavery or the Civil War. It’s about the “Content of Our Character”. Hmmmm. I wonder where that idea came from.
            Obama is more than just a traitor to this Nation. He and Jackson and Sharpton are traitors to black history and dignity and the memory of MLK. That’s the truth.

          6. Ron Warren says:

            Brother Hollis you are of the grand Old School. Bless you. You and I reject the stupid comment made by one of the Beatles (if I recall correctly) “What if they had a war and nobody came”… as if war is some kind of party. War is hell, straight from Hell and orchestrated by Satan and his minions on our planet Earth.

          7. megan says:

            That’s the plan….the last generation of fighters are just that, the last generation. Try to talk to your grandchildren…..they are completely void of history.

          8. Ron Warren says:

            Brady you are correct about the Left wanting to take over America. But as did the Patriots of the 18th. Century we 21st. Century patriots are obligated to protect the heritage inherited from them. May God Bless the Documents of 1776 and of 1789
            And thank God for those who signed them which back then were death warrants under George III. Today they are Life Warrants.

          9. Robert Early says:

            Hey Ron,
            The next time some liberal tells you that God, Jesus, The Christ are not mentioned in the Constitution, simply direct him/her to the signature section which reads “SEVENTEETH DAY OF SEPTEMBER IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND EIGHTY SEVEN”.
            Blow their ignorant minds.

          10. megan says:

            In my lifetime, Trump is the only politician that I have seen campaign on his OWN personal money.

          11. Rob-Roy MacKinnon says:

            If you do not like guns then you will repeat the past and this time you will loose. Guns in the hand of the people are the ONLY thing that keeps the government in some sort of control.

          12. Ron Warren says:

            It’s what made way for the US Constitution and the great liberty we enjoy today. Only nut cases support gun control. Maybe one day they will wake up to reality…hopefully before some thug holding one puts a bullet into their heads. [And they will not comprehend that statement being convinced it is backward.]

          13. Ron Warren says:

            Hope he changes his mind about guns or some thug holding one might flatline his EKG. “Gun control,” offshoot of liberalism, is a mental disorder.

          14. megan says:

            Dr Carson can be held up as a great example of the American Dream come true. But his expertise does not, in my opinion, qualify him to be President. Especially now when we need to be taking names.

        2. Ron Warren says:

          Carson is a great man with immaculate credentials. However, he’s without experience outside medicine and surgery.
          I wish him well and hope he finds some way to demonstrate his competence at management like he’s done in medical practice. Best to ya Dr. Carson.

          1. gene1357 says:

            Carson’s resume does include administrative experience; and, he has overcome adversity.

      2. Nana Young y says:

        Amen, surviror33

        1. Robert Early says:

          Hey ! I like you guys.
          By the way, Huffpo has insulted our guy. So, for me Huffpo no longer exists. I will never again key on Huffpo for information.
          Bye bye Huffpo.

          1. Nana Young y says:

            Trump may have expanded his lead. We are still very early in this race.
            That being said, John Kasich, Governor of Ohio is now in the race. Governor Kasich has done wonders with Ohio. He has a wonderful wife & sweet daughters. Lastly, Ohio is doing very well under his leadership…….. If elected, he can bring America back to where she used to be.America has been lacking leadership for too long……………………..

          2. Nana Young y says:

            Trump may have expanded his lead. We are still very early in this race.
            That being said, John Kasich, Governor of Ohio is now in the race. Governor Kasich has done wonders with Ohio. He has a wonderful wife & sweet daughters. Lastly, Ohio is doing very well under his leadership…….. If elected, he can bring America back to where she used to be.America has been lacking leadership for too long……………………..

          3. Robert Early says:

            Ohio is the state that elected and reelected John Boehner, chief RINO of all RINOs, with the full support of Governor Kasich. I’m glad he has a wonderful wife and sweet daughters; but they are not running for office.

      3. Robert Early says:

        Hillary and Hanoi Jane are cut of the same cloth. That alone should tell all Vets and Active Military what to expect from her.
        In one sense, all who go into battle wearing an American uniform are heroes.
        However, I remember what Dick Winters quoted in “Band of Brothers”:
        “Grandpa, were you a hero?” “No; but I served with a Company of heroes.”
        McCain used a hero status for self-aggrandizement. That, for me, took away his hero status. Like Trump, I don’t apologize either.

        1. Wolfman says:

          I don’t know what the true story behind John McCain is. However, you usually never know about a true hero because they never refer to themselves that way. Also, McCain has the lack of political courage to stand up for what the Constitution says. I’ve heard him talk about loving America ….BUT…I’ve never heard him quote or fight for the Constitution in support of his country during these past eight years.
          I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and let him be the war hero that people claim he is …… but his lack of courage in defending and protecting the Constitution these last eight years makes him one cowardly Senator… and sad ass citizen… because he has had the chance to make a huge difference and has failed miserably!!!

          1. Robert Early says:

            I believe that what Trump is saying in a less than smooth talking political way is that without McCain’s capture and POW experience, McCain would be the nothing he really is. How about all the real heroes who didn’t become Senators?
            Yes, Trump lacks that well-known political tact. He’s not a politician.
            Right?? Thank God. He is a man without BS. Democrat Harry S. Truman was quite a bit similar. He had a sign on his desk, “The buck stops here”. See, Democrats have not always been a flock of leftist, socialist idiots.

          2. megan says:

            It makes him a traitor to the oaths he has taken.

        2. Kurt Hanssen says:

          A hero is one who save a fellow man like Audrey Murphy, Every thing that happen to McCain was not of his free will, besides he was a lousy pilot, and a lousy senator.

      4. Ron Warren says:

        The Donald seems to have a load of testosterone fire. Something the Oval Office has been lacking for several years.

        1. megan says:

          Since Reagan

      5. megan says:

        And he knows all the players, foreign and domestic. Has anyone noticed no one has hit him with any personal scandal? You just know ole Hill is digging for all the dirt she can find.

    4. Brady Harness says:

      WE need Dr. Ben Carson; no one owns him, he is a Tea Partier and Black American and internationally appreciated for his High Intelligence!!!

      1. JOHN STEEL says:

        Brady, I like Mr Carson , i am sure, if he does not win , some one if they are smart would put him in their cabinet. he is differently is a asset to this country

        1. Ron Warren says:

          Carson might make a great Surgeon General. That Cabinet Position could give him opportunity to demonstrate his proficiency at management as well as more exposure for a higher position.

          1. JOHN STEEL says:

            SMART MOVE. RON

      2. Ron Warren says:

        Ben Carson is a great man but not experienced outside medical/surgical practice. Give him a few years to demonstrate proficiency. He didn’t get his medical license simply because some people liked him.

  • Denise Marino says:

    I believe that Donald Trump has the ability to make our country great again. It will take time,but we need to take our country back. Keep resources here for Americans. The poverty here is awful and yet all is given to others.

    1. David Stovall says:

      In the past, Trump has had liberal stances and contributed to Democrats. Either he is in disguise as a conservative or he has seen the accelerating damage by liberals and wants to stop it before it stops us. I hope he has changed, and I believe that,, so far.

      1. Ron Warren says:

        People can and do change. Recall that Ronald Reagan was a Democrat first. Then he woke up.

    2. jack Hollis says:

      We need a president with balls, Obama’s are so little as to be non existent, Trump’s are as big as basketballs.

      1. Ron Warren says:

        The Donald would bring much needed American testosterone to the Oval Office. It has been
        lacking for 6+ years.

  • JOHN STEEL says:

    If you had to pick a runner from your crew to win a very important race, and your choices were from, One who faults with ever step, One who is no faster then the rest, but is steady. One who will not stay focused because he is distracted by on lookers, Or one who has been in races , and has won them, and this one is his biggest. desire, hunger, need, YOU FILL IT IN. Be honest.

  • JOHN STEEL says:

    The closer we get to,the clearer it will become to many unsure voters ,who are watching this administration demean, and degrade this great country in the eyes of Americans and our allies a broad. With ever step this tenant in the white house takes the enemy becomes bolder…..NO one running will do more to reverse that trend that Mr. Trump. WHY? because he will not play political games. The rest can not help them selves . They are so use to doing it, it is second nature for them….I HAVE NEVER FELT SO STRONG ABOUT A CANDIDATE. There is nothing connecting me to D.T. except my belief he will not allow him self to fail, not because he needs the job, but because it is his job. He is to centered to fail.. Think USA first. Think D.Trump.

  • Bernie says:

    I usually vote republican but if they are getting too stupid to know a good thing I’ll do something different,
    .Either way I’ll be voting for Donald Trump

    1. believe says:


  • Webb says:

    Give Trump a Voice…because he is NOT PC CORRECT, doesn’t mean he
    should be eliminated from The Debates! This is still America…What’s Left Of It!! ☆☆☆

    1. gene1357 says:

      No one has, or will ever, silence Trump. A good thing!

      1. Sam W says:

        BUT, they will try….

      2. believe says:

        Won’t all the panty waist politicians feel foolish when we vote for TRUMP and he didn’t have to spend the money they did for running??/Now the ONLY THING THAT WE HAVE TO GET IN LINE AND TAKE THERE POWER AWAY ARE ALL THE FAT CATS IN THE ILLUMINATI. THEY HAVE CONTROLLED WHO WAS GOING BO SET IN THE OVAL Office FOR YEARS.WHO do you think put Obama in OFFICE,wasn’t the people.PLEASE take the time to go here and read it all. then you will have more knowledge of what to do to get things back to “WE THE PEOPLE”

        1. jack Hollis says:

          Sorry believe but I can’t believe anything posted on nor anybody so foolish that they will not only believe this nonsense but also try and get others to believe. I remember when chem trails were all the go on Rense. Commercial aircraft were burning chemicals in their jet fuel which would make zombies out of people who breathed it.

  • Tom M says:

    Scott Walker all the way for 2016. If it comes down to it I will support Trump over Bush. Killary is just an old wind bag has been.

    1. bill coleman says:

      Walker was for TPA. Jindal seems to be right on all the issues.

      1. Robert Early says:

        I’ve been watching carefully to see how other candidates have reacted to Trump.
        This would indicate how they might react to other real-world events. I have not been impressed. Remaining on my good-guy list are: Trump, Cruz, Carson, Paul, Huckabee, and Florina. I hope the new administration will have an important role for each of these.

  • scott says:

    all liberal repubs must be elliminated

    1. Robert Early says:

      Undeniable fact.
      We can’t win without the RINO ESTABLISHMENT; and they can’t win without the CONSERVATIVE BASE. Bottom line : We can’t win.
      Another fact.
      Trump is the fighter we need at the particular time in our history. Nobody else has the balls. If all the losers would swallow their pride
      and fall in line to beat the Ugly Bitch of the North; then we might have a legitimate chance.

  • mcqueens2002 says:

    RNC better wake up. If you make the move and not let Donald Trump in on the debates, They have lost and the Democrats will have won. Listen to the people RNC. To many RINO’s on your Organization.

    1. judyann j says:

      The RNC will NEVER wake up. They’ve proven that over and over again. After the 2008 elections, it was predicted would take many years, if ever, for them to succeed again. Enter the Tea Party movement, we literally breathed life into a dying party…we GAVE them the House and, in 2014, increased that majority and gave them the senate. What did they do? Boehner and McConnell bit both hands that fed them.
      Had they gotten behind the energy and dedication of the TP after the 2010 elections, I guarantee the 2012 elections would have ended quite differently. But in their sheer ignorance, terrified we’d try to start a new 3rd party, they kicked us in the pants, joined the DNC with all the vilifying attacks.
      After their big wins last year, McConnell stated to the effect he’d like to punch us out…Really McConnell? And Boehner…this I know FOR A FACT, those Conservatives WE sent to Washington over the past two election cycles, GIVING them their majorities…those we sent who are trying their might to honor their promises to us, Boehner is “calling them to the principal’s office” on a regular basis to threaten them, try to whip them into RINO’s.
      Boehner MUST GO, McConnell MUST GO and if it takes a “loud mouth” man with a lot of money and a big ego to get it done, SO BE IT.

      1. bamissfa says:

        i totally agree with you Judyann

        The establishment GOP has made it clear they are not interested in their CONSERVATIVE BASE. They are too liberal for the people they supposedly rep. Dems moved way left with Obama, and the GOP moved left as well.

      2. Robert Early says:

        I wish someone would tell me where the pollsters are getting all the numbers for Jeb Bush. Nobody I know in five states like or support him. I all these discussion sites, I’ve not found even one fan of Jeb Bush. What a mystery. I suspect funny business.

        1. Deb Anderson says:

          Think owner of Fox is pushing for Jeb. That is what I heard. Maybe numbers are fudged? I like Fox News, but nothing would surprise me. Also, why no change in head of GOP? Who decides that?

          1. flyguy says:

            Deb, since Rupert Murdock is retiring as head of Fox, his two sons are replacing him. I heard that both are liberals and will change the view of Fox’s reporting.

          2. megan says:

            Already changed…OReilly said on one of his programs that the illegals “just want to feed their families”. A geo W Bush statement, now being repeated on Fox.

          3. Kent2012 says:

            now we will have to watch the european news outlets to find out what is happening in the USA, well the truth anyway

          4. Deb Anderson says:

            Oh, great. Just what no one needs!

        2. Kurt Hanssen says:

          You are absolutely right, Newer heard of anyone support Jeb, and I’ll hope I’ newer will.The Bushes has started 4 wars, think that’s enough, and being a part of 9/11, so please, no more Bushes, and no more Clintons.

          1. Robert Early says:

            Thanks Kurt !
            I’m retired with too much time on my hands; so, I’ve been doing some important scientific research. Did you know ……….
            Taller men die younger than short men.
            Black men die younger.
            Gays die younger.
            Smokers die younger.
            Drinkers die younger.
            Many Tyrants die younger.
            Do you see the good news here?
            Ovomit will not be with us much longer.
            Salute !

          2. Kurt Hanssen says:

            I,m retred to, and I’ll like the good news, and I’ll also like his new name, from Barry, to NObama, to Ovomit. all good news.

          3. Kent2012 says:

            wrong once again, does the fact that you can not get anything right weigh heavy on your mind, or do those two brain cells just simply squirt out one side and you feel nothingness..

          4. Kurt Hanssen says:

            Hi brainijack, ck your history, and get informed.I’ bet you are one of those who got a free NObama phone.

          5. Kent2012 says:

            wrong again, I vote American..kenyan boyo got votes from parasites, foreigners, gullible black folks, members of the American Cemetery Residents Association, and the pseudo intellectual coffee shop philosophers that think socialism/communism is the answer…those brain dead twits have not got a clue, case in point: stalin’s rooshans were starving to death by the thousands…who helped? why those capitalist clowns in America did…ship loads of grain sent to Russia to stop the hunger…why were they hungry….commie rat bastards screwing up the works building ships, tanks, planes, and playing stupid war games against their former allies instead of building tractors, plows, locomotives, trucks, and consumer factories…

          6. Kurt Hanssen says:

            Looks like we are on the same side.

      3. Terry Rushing says:

        Add to the “must go list that slimy little weasel, Coker and back stabbing Lindsay Graham. Cochran from Mississippi would be another that needs to go.

      4. Cetansapa says:

        judyann j: Your observations are right on target. mcconnell and boehner have both bent over backwards to give obama everything he wants though anyone with the IQ of a slug sees through their disgusting double speak. They must be removed from their positions of power and influence for aiding and abetting treason. They need to be replaced with some of the strong, true “AMERCANS” that sincerely have what is best for the country at heart and really want to untangle the unacceptable mess obama and his cabal of chigaco thugs and muslim brotherhood traitors are making of our divinely inspired system of governance.

        1. Robert Early says:

          It’s also been suggested that McConnell and Boehner might be bending over forward in the White House. That makes sense too. They need a break from just screwing America.

    2. 7papa7 says:

      The one thing that might wake them up is if they get millions of complaints and threats to never support them again if they don’t let the Donald in the debates. I have already done this, I have also let them know I will be leaving the R party after 30+ years and go where conservatives are welcomed not despised. The RNC is to conservatives as obama is to America, no support.

      1. Rob-Roy MacKinnon says:

        Sorry that is not going to work. What will work is to remove them completely send them packing.

        1. 7papa7 says:

          There is a better chance of that working than removing all of them because that is NOT going to happen. Like any business, affect the bottom line and they make changes because they can’t operate without the everyday support of the people.

      2. Robert Early says:

        Don’t reelect the RINOs. It’s that simple. McCain was last in his graduating class. According to those who served with him, he was a terrible officer, riding on his Admiral daddy’s reputation. He got captured because he was too quick to give up. Under standard torture, he spilled all the beans, costing other Americans’ lives. That’s okay. I’m sure I would break too. I’m glad he survived.
        However, a hero he is not. And even to allow others to describe him that way is not a favorable characteristic. He’s fortunate to be a surviving POW. otherwise he never would have been elected to public office. Yes, He had a very tough six years; but all the other years have been have been pretty cushy
        for a totally incompetent jerk.
        Trump knows him well.

        1. 7papa7 says:

          I totally agree with you in theory. The problem is that far more times than not your have RINO A running against RINO B and no conservatives are running. I, and most of my friends, always 100% of the time vote for the Conservatives. It is hard for them because the establishment ALWAYS supports the RINO’s. This year they are behind Bush and maybe other than Christie and Graham he is the most liberal. The last 2 presidential elections they got who they wanted McAmnesty and Romney the RINO. They all want open borders, commie core, one world government etc. I only wish it was as straight forward as don’t reelect RINO’s.

          1. megan says:

            I have come to terms with the fact that if it’s Bush or Hillary, I will write in Trump’s name. I have faced the fact that maybe we will have to completely hit rock bottom in order to rebuild.

          2. 7papa7 says:

            Good idea. I may do that or vote 3d party.

        2. Seedman says:

          I to was wondering about McCain’s military record. Never put it in words but thought if he fought like he legislates it must have been terrible.

        3. unique201 says:

          He also came home and divorced his wife when she became very ill. He couldn’t wait for her to die.

          1. Robert Early says:

            Perhaps he never said it, but he certainly allowed his campaign staff to praise his hero status for election to the Senate.
            Why not? Just don’t lie about it.

      3. bertroga says:

        7papa7 The RNC can not get contributions and have resorted to sellin Bush socks and Cheney hats because the conservative voters are p****d off because they do not listen to their constituents. They really are expiring due to lack of support. They do not recognize that yet.

        1. 7papa7 says:

          I hadn’t heard that, thanks for the info. I put that in the good news file.

      4. megan says:

        No need for me to threaten, My vote will never go for another RINO.

        1. 7papa7 says:

          My hope is for the RNC to move to the right and back to their roots. I find it ridiculous that they talk big tent and then try to keep out conservatives like Trump or Cruz.

          1. megan says:

            Big tent my behind. If you are conservative, you are welcome. If you are liberal, the tent will not accommodate you.

    3. Robert Early says:

      Does anybody remember the real draft-dodger, long-haired hippy Bill Clinton who ran off to Europe, and bad-mouthed his own country while there? No. As a liberal Democrat, that is perfectly okay.
      Now the RINOs are attacking him for taking student deferrals, just as tens of thousands have done.
      I have lost all respect for Bush, Rubio, and Jindahl.
      They are losers in more ways than one. They have a chance to support a true winner; and they are missing the opportunity to the detriment of us all.

      1. Daniel Wright says:

        You forgot Bill’s visit to the USSR.

        1. Robert Early says:

          You’re right, Daniel. Thank you.
          I was working in the Bush vs Clinton Campaign. Bush could have been elected; but he was tired of the office. He did not want to win. He considered he and Clinton good friends. He did not want us to do or say anything that would embarrass Clinton. That’s how Clinton won.
          I was in charge of the Texas Veterans for Bush Campaign.
          The RINOs and the Dems are like one big happy club.

          1. megan says:

            Then why did Perot get if, if not to keep Bush from winning? I always thought Bush Sr. just thought his reelection was in the bag so didn’t put much effort into the campaign. Thanks for the info Robert.

          2. Daniel Wright says:

            Perot hates the Bush family with a passion. I’m sure he didn’t have the inside info on Bush’s attitude towards winning. He had to make sure that Bush lost.

          3. Daniel Wright says:

            Thanks. That’s not all he did including all the illegal things I will refrain from mentioning.You are a veteran. Thanks for your service.

      2. Kurt Hanssen says:

        Only Trump, and Cruz left, a good pair at the WH.

    4. Rob-Roy MacKinnon says:

      Just A bunch of WELFAIR CASES

      1. Ron Warren says:

        That’s one way to put it…nice paychecks and perks.

    5. Ron Warren says:

      And I ditto the above post! We are fed up with the spineless worms’ performance in the Congress. Liberalism, a mental disorder and social plague has got to GO into the shredder immediately of America is to survive.

    6. Daniel Wright says:

      Fox news is holding the first debate next month. The top ten are the ones in the debate. Trump is leading the polls. He will be there. Hopefully the GOP will wake up to Trump’s message. Both parties need to realize that in the end the voters can rise up and throw them out on their ears,which might not be such a bad idea.

      1. megan says:

        I’ll just bet the entire debate will be everyone against Trump. Not debating issues, but the other candidates and the moderator jabbing at Trump.

        1. Robert Early says:

          Hi Megan !
          Do I wish The Donald had a little more tact. Of course I do. I just don’t want him to lose. I think he could be 50 points ahead right now, if he were just a smidgen more diplomatic. Then again, I could be completely wrong. He is a smart cookie. Perhaps he is all by design. After all, he sure is capturing the spotlight. and at least half the field are already out of the race. They just might not realize it yet.
          Very soon, only four will remain in the running. The nay-sayers will be gone gone.

          1. megan says:

            I agree on all points.

        2. Daniel Wright says:

          That remains to be seen. However it remains a solid possibility.

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