Trump expresses support for arming teachers in ‘listening session’

by Dave Boyer
February 22, 2018

President Trump expressed support for arming teachers Wednesday during an emotional meeting at the White House with teenagers who survived last week’s massacre at a Florida high school, while thousands of students walked out of schools nationwide and marched on capitols from Washington to Tallahassee to demand more gun control laws.

At the White House, Mr. Trump held a “listening session” with students, parents and teachers who were affected by last week’s shooting, as well as the massacre in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and in 1999 at Columbine High School in Colorado.

Their voices trembling at times, students who survived the Florida shooting told the president that no other students should have to suffer the horrors that they witnessed.

“As a kid, nothing that horrible should ever have to happen to you. It’s just so tragic,” said student Jonathan Blank.

Student Samuel Zeif, who said he texted his brothers during the shooting that he probably would never see them again, urged the audience, “Let’s never let this happen again — please, please.”

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  • Navy Bob says:

    Since Mark Kelly made the comment about the shooter in FL at 19 not being able to buy a beer, the left has seized on this to get more restrictive gun laws and raise the age in which an adult can buy a gun. The media, as it is wont to do, has parroted this issue, but they have missed or, more likely, ignored the following:

    1. At 19, the shooter is considered old enough and mature enough to join the military, be issued both a similar rifle AND an hand gun, then be sent to combat to use them.
    2. At 19, the shooter is considered old enough and mature enough to vote in the election that put these politicians in office.
    3. At 19, the shooter, if they had been female, would have been considered old enough and mature enough to make the decision to have an abortion.

    All of this while he is considered by the democrats and the media (redundant) to NOT be old enough nor mature enough to own a semi-automatic rifle as it looks scary and frightens them.

    What they fail to report, or under report, is the following facts:

    1. The FBI had been notified TWICE of the possibility that this was a potential school shooter.
    2. Local Law enforcement had been notified NUMEROUS TIMES of the possibility that this was a potential school shooter.
    3. Neither entity acted on this information.
    4. Now we hear of the Deputy assigned as security for the school stayed under cover while it was happening.
    5. That the Sheriff Department used School cameras inside to direct the clearing of the school, and the cameras were on a 20 minute delay. (Question here for the school: 20 minute delay? Why have the dang things in the first place?)

    Democrats are demanding real discussions yet refuse to enter them based on facts rather than feelings (shocker here, right?). They prefer their platitudes and talking points to real facts. Things were done how they have been asked to do. Neighbors saw something and said something, and law enforcement, local and federal, failed to act. The family appeared to know the shooter had problems and tried to take steps. Exactly what new law, what more stringent law can be placed on the books to prevent something like this from happening would be effective if those laws and procedure we already have are either NOT being followed and NOT being effective?

  • messup says:

    NRA has had this School Shield Program in place for years…since Columbine. Is FREE of Charge. Do think any school principle asked NRA for information? NAH! Schools cannot have NRA even step on school campuses, let alone implement a studied, beneficial, and operational SCHOOL SECURE PROGRAM. Anti US Constitution, indoctrination, Marxian-centric Public School system (just like everything Washington DC) will prefer to DISARM America and Americans. Than protect the US Constitution, America and Americans…need proof? Ask “Chuckie” Schumer. or the “NANCY’ Pelosi. Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. Psalm 128. FAMILY must be destroyed…”The Collective” mantra.

  • This is the modern post-Christian era where terrorism and mass murder are a fact of life. We need to train ourselves for such events as these. We should have active-shooter drills in schools the same way we have fire drills. Everyone should be prepared and know what to do in crisis such as these.

  • Humble Servant says:

    This cry for help is noted and should be addressed but not as the DNC fools want to change it. This should be a commitment to meet force with a greater force. If a mentally disturbed humane being should find a gun, club, knife or SUV and pursue to do mortal harm to another we the people need to stop it with all methods of force available. We have the right to bare arms and this right should be that we all should be trained and obligated to carry and protect our fellow citizen.

  • gandolf says:

    The one teacher who valiantly through himself in front of the shooter and lost his life, if armed could have stopped the shooter long before his killing spree got very far.

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