Trump goes to war against media

by Jonathan Easley | The Hill
August 18, 2016

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is steeling himself for a protracted battle against an increasingly hostile press, adding the media to the list of establishment institutions he intends to crush on his way to the White House.

Trump’s stunning move to make Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon as his campaign’s CEO was a decision to shake up his faltering campaign, but was also a clear response to the complaints about the coverage of his candidacy.

Under Bannon’s leadership, Breitbart has championed Trump’s rise while adopting a provocative and combative tone towards the press, the GOP’s congressional leadership and others who have criticized or questioned the nominee.

Bringing Bannon into the Trump tent will almost certainly lead to a new chapter in the fight between Trump and the media, which is already engaged in a fierce debate over how to cover the GOP nominee.

“The press has declared Armageddon on Trump and Trump is responding with Armageddon and all-out warfare,” said Armstrong Williams, a conservative media investor and radio personality who is close friends with Bannon.

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  • tabithakorol says:

    I hope this works. You have absolutely EARNED my admiration and allegiance; you have my complete support. Please concentrate on what you’re offering to America and contrast it with what Hillary offers; please don’t insult anyone, but tell the truth and back it up. Bless you and best of luck! We need you as our president, in order to save our country.

  • Spiritof America says:

    So nice to see we have “THE LION” ready to make a kill. Take them out Trump.

  • Tennessee Slim says:

    Bill Kristol has attempted to trash Breitbart and Mr Bannon on Morning Joe as could be predicted. William F Buckley must be spinning in his grave at what Kristol has done to the National Review, a magazine I once subscribed to, but discontinued when RINO neocon wacko Kristol took over editorial control several years ago. I haven’t seen Kristol on Fox (which I watch less than ever)
    lately; now Fox needs to dump wacko Charles Krauthammer, whom i just saw on a Killary tv commercial last night. Krautie was saying at the commercial’s finale that he would NOT feel safe if Trump were in control of nuclear weapons!
    Time to get yourself psychoanalyzed by one of your shrink colleagues, buddy!
    Speaking of safe, what if Killary had one of her seizures/blackouts/brain freezes with her finger on the nuclear button? What imbecile would feel safe in that scenario?

  • Moki says:

    I’ve been referring to the MSM as leftist and progressive liars and propagandists for several years now, and I work in the MSM. They are actively seeking to take out Donald Trump, as they generally have every Republican candidate for decades of elections, although it’s more vicious and more personal this time. Go Trump!

  • YOLADANE says:

    GO GET’EM DONALD !!!! We are SICK and TIRED of the SCUM in the MAINSTREAM MEDIA. We are SICK of them MISLEADING un-informed people by the nose in to getting on board with the DESTRUCTION of this nation. People need to hear the TRUTH not the DESTORTIONS of these TRAITORS !!!!

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    It’s a great battle cry for the far right supporting Trump already, but bashing the media instead of his opponent Hillary is a futile gesture toward winning the war. I’ve said all along Donald is in this to build his personal brand, not win the presidency (except by accident). Last time we had showman Herman Cain; before that it was entertainer Sarah Palin. Twice we had showman/preacher Mike Huckabee. When will the right learn that politics is not a game, that only substantial and experienced candidates are acceptable for president (not to mention congress)? When will they learn the presidency isn’t a ‘retirement’ spot for retreads and non-lawyers?

    1. Tennessee Slim says:

      When you say “substantial and experienced candidate”, no candidate for president in the history of the US has the background of dishonesty, corruption, and getting rich by the use of public office as Killary and Slick Willie. As for me, I could not conscience a vote for Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend’s wife, Killary. Not even to mention her Clinton Foundation and State Dept e-mail scandals.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        You know I would use the adjective ‘gullible’ for those on the far right supporting Trump. The rest of the voters, a clear majority today, don’t believe the right wing smear, conspiracy and attack campaign of the past 30 years agin’ Hillary. I thrived most under Bill Clinton in the last century.

        1. Moki says:

          If you thrived under Bill Clinton, it was thanks to the policies implemented by Ronald Reagan and George Bush, put in place in spite of Democratic opposition … not because of any policy of Bill Clinton himself. Pretending that you’re in a majority and that voters on what you call “the far right” who support Trump because he is the last best chance today of preserving our constitutional republic are “gullible” would be laughable if it weren’t so subversive.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            No, I was in a union which Reagan/Bush didn’t help. I became department head and principal when R/B were fighting teacher unions. They helped me not one bit during their 12 years or afterwards. It was Clinton.
            ‘Preserving our constitutional republic…’, as you say, flies in the face of all evidence–congress from ‘day one’ of Obama opposing him; Tea Party elections aftermath shutting down government, sequestering funds and raising middle class taxes, aiding and abetting the Iranian enemy with letters, voting repeatedly to stop healthcare for 16-20 million Americans, spending millions and valuable time pursuing rabbits like Benghazi and emails, and now refusing to let the Senate vote on a duly nominated and qualified SCOTUS justice hamstringing the high court. Those are not preservation moves by anybody’s measure except the extreme right you defend. I’d call it gullible to support a pathological liar, egotists, merchandise huckster, torture supporter, nuclear proliferating and usage threatening entertainer. He’s got you fooled in a yuge way. You, are the subversive.

          2. Moki says:

            Spoken like a true progressive.

            The last thing on earth that this nation needs is for the government to be responsible for us and to provide for us from the cradle to the grave. The state is not God, and our inalienable rights do not come from the state, they come from God. Americans need the government to butt out of our lives as much as possible, not mandate that we purchase health insurance and punish us if we don’t.

            Obama deserved to be opposed. His intentions for this nation were to destroy it, to render it unexceptional— in fact to render it subservient to those people and nations that most hate it. In my view, he is a bad man, and Hillary and Bill were and are just as bad. Vile and corrupt to the core.

            In fact, as far as I can tell, the Democrat Party in general has always been on the side of evil, supporting everything from slavery to abortion, to the the destruction of the family and the institution of marriage. The left pretty much seems to be made up of arrogant, elitist, indoctrinated fools who are ignorant of truth, ignorant of history and have no understanding of human nature who claim to be noble and enlightened while they destroy individuals, families, culture, society and liberty. And you’re an apologist for them and their destructive ideas and are presenting the same false narrative as the liars and propagandists in the MSM and the Marxist professors in academia and much of Hollywood espouses. But that does not make what you are saying true or factual. And you don’t even realize that … you’ve been indoctrinated into that false narrative yourself, and are merely regurgitating it here.

            Raising taxes on the middle class is something that was done by Obama and the Democrats, by the way, or by Congress when there were Democrat majorities, not Republican majorities.

            You people and the foolish and evil policies you espouse are to blame for all the ills you would lay at the feet of those you call “far right.”

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            Careful–you don’t want to confuse progressives and socialists like your first sentence. Our government IS responsible for us as the Constitution defines. There are functions and goals only government is big enough to resolve, across jurisdictions, between people and agencies, among the states. That’s the place of government. But humans being what they are in character, some things like social security (that corporations don’t want to do), medicare (that states won’t do), international agreements and protection (that nobody is able to do alone) are essential functions. Progressive simply want to take widespread needs and resolve them–hopefully effectively and efficiently, though that’s often not the case the first time or without modifications.
            Do you know our Declaration identified God-given unalienable rights (in a form of government organization back then) and said governments are established to insure them. Progressives want to do that; conservatives do not–aimed toward a ‘more perfect union’ as the founders said.
            Sorry to hear you want indigent, poor and handicapped sick people to die rather than get affordable healthcare. It’s not pursuant to our ‘Christian’ nation or ordinary morals/ethics, but popular among heartless conservatives. Check your compassion and charity instincts; are you suppressing God-given inclinations without knowing? BTW not all who can’t afford ACA care are penalized. Check with your tax preparer–like me.
            The rest of your screed is political, a difference in our innate natures, aims for the nation and our civilization. We can be fooled however like now with Trump. Obama is never in that category. Your ‘hate it’ and ‘render it subservient’ comes more from Putin-friendly and NATO- and Muslim- and women-averse Trump than anywhere else–it’s like a motto for the Freedom Congress in DC. But you elected the congressional majority with your pals, and now call it the know-nothing do-nothing 13%-low rated government. You should align your vote with your needs, not politics.

          4. Moki says:

            There is actually not a whole lot of difference between progressives and socialists. The belief that there is is one of the lies of the left. It helps them deceive people about what their goals truly are.

            We the people are the government … and the purpose of forming the government was enumerated in the Constitution. It is mainly to provide for the common defense and the general welfare — not at all meaning “welfare” as we’ve come to understand it in this day and age, i.e. wealth redistribution. It also was not instituted to force us to purchase health insurance. We don’t belong to the government; it owes it’s existence to us. But these days, it’s been operating as if it were God, and we the people in the United States of America have become less and less free.

            P.S. You are wrong. 🙂

            There is nothing affordable about the ACA, by the way, except for the indigent. Certainly not for the middle class, which is also carrying the costs of the ACA for the indigent, being forced to do so by a government that has run amok and needs to be curbed.

            Typical and incorrect assumption on your part, by the way, that I want indigent poor and handicapped sick people to just die, rather than have “affordable” health care. But your statement to that effect is an absolutely perfect example of leftist, progressive lies and propaganda and false narratives. Not one conservative, Tea Party American or Christian holds the views you falsely accuse us of having. In fact, it is more likely that progressives will eventually come to the conclusion that they should die, because the cost of caring for them over the long haul is too burdensome. It is quite evident that the road we’re on, paved with progressives’ alleged “good intentions,” is leading to hell. A stop on the way will be when progressives finally decide that if someone isn’t productive, or they reach a certain age, they should no longer receive benefits from the state. In fact, there are already prominent progressives who claim that people have no right to live past age 75. Progressives just don’t seem to value life the way those stupid, far right, Christian conservative, Tea Partiers do.

            Your statement ignores the fact that orphanages, hospitals and a whole host of things we take for granted today which benefit all of us were begun by Christians.

            And I have to take a break now, because I am being called away … but I’ll be back to debate you later, if you wish.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            Nonsense. Can you stand to hear there is not a whole lot of difference between conservatives and fascists? Words have meanings you should know or learn.
            Take an American History course or review 11th grade high school history. In 1776 ‘the people’ were actually rich propertied men sent by their colonial governments to Philadelphia over the issue of freedom. Via Jefferson the elitists wrote that governments are established to insure life, liberty and pursuit of happiness given by God. There was no ‘we the people’ then.
            After a false start with weak central government, the constitutional convention of the states wrote the more egalitarian ‘we the people’ Constitution where it’s preamble stated the 2 goals–(insuring life and liberty) they wrote provide for the common defense; (about the pursuit of happiness) they aimed to promote the general welfare. In their wisdom they provided checks and balances for accountability, but neglected personal guarantees until the people insisted on a Bill of Rights, written and adopted to guarantee Constitutional adoption. I submit you and I can’t pursue our happiness when millions of fellow Americans are sickly and dying without affordable insurance for health. That’s the public welfare, and also includes food stamps, cheap public housing and the like you don’t like as an American just like me who does. And don’t forget that government is elected by you and me, so choose more wisely if you feel government is God and you are less free.
            Just one example to rebut your political double talk. During the 2012 campaign at a Florida rally, reinforced at a debate, the audience said of affordable care recipients, ‘let them die’. That’s your party, not mine.

          6. Moki says:

            I am intrigued that you have no problem, however, you compassionate progressive, with the gruesome slaughter of millions of helpless and dependant unborn children, even up to the moment of birth and in some cases, after birth, through abortion. Both Obama and Hillary fully support that evil. Also it is curious that you think conservatives are fascist. The Nazis were socialists. They killed millions of people. The communists also, Chinese, Soviet, and North Koreans, who cannot be considered conservatives in the American sense, are all also leftists. They have also killed hundreds of millions of people. And, narrow minded, totalitarians that they all have been, who will not tolerate any deviation from their leftist orthodoxy, they seem pretty fascist to me.

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            Of course I’m concerned as explained in many prior posts about abortion. But as a Christian I know Christ gave each of us free will to decide to sin or not. There’s no governmental or societal interest in controlling a woman’s decision making over her own well-being, mental and physical, something conservatives and evangelicals ignore. Like Trump, I guess you want to punish a woman for her personal walk through that trauma when it’s none of your business, only hers and the man’s. It’s evil the state cannot and does not control for good reasons.
            You must also learn that words–and labels–have meanings. They are all different. Maybe it’s an education lack, or lack of knowing other people in those situations, but I can’t help you, just urge your tolerance aside from lawbreaking. You make the mistake of tarring everybody with the same brush–an intellectual laziness endemic on the far right.
            Not all socialists or communists or even Nazis are/were killers; same for most Muslims. Get an education, a little compassion and beg for wisdom to tell the difference. Get your brain functioning; clear out the cobwebs; take a course in logic.

          8. Moki says:

            More completely erroneous assumptions about my views on women. I have nothing but compassion for women who have abortions. I know many women who have had abortions and have even ministered to some. I would never dream if calling them murderers or condemning them. I dont think of them that way at all. But most of those I know who have had abortion deeply regret having had an abortion and wushvthey could go back and undo it.

            In my opinion, abortion is not something that benefits women … but something that enables men to be selfish and irresponsible.

          9. DrBillLemoine says:

            Your personal views of abortion aren’t being followed by governors of red states or legislatures in TX, ND, NE, VA, etc. How do you know many women with abortions? Men often overreach in such matters which action is being declared illegal by the courts. You are unique on the far right with so many fascists taking action against your wishes. Humans have lots of regrets; the trick is to anticipate and prevent conception, not regret the aftermath. Add men to that equation.
            Kidding about abortion benefits? Nobody aborts without good reasons–personal mental or physical health, rape, incest, potential father skedaddles, etc. Legislators (and evangelicals) should not push for Trump-like punishment of aborting women. Fault pastors for failing to pass the word about contraception; fault fascist leaders for trying to control women; fault yahoos who don’t understand no federal money goes to abortion; fault activists who demonstrate at clinics or even kill doctors. It’s up to you to make your views prevail.

          10. Moki says:

            So much here! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to reply until now. I had too many things going on!

            It doesn’t matter whether my personal views on abortion are being followed by governors of red states or legislatures, and that is kind of irrelevant. I’m merely expressing my opinion.

            I believe that abortion should be illegal except to save the life of the mother. But I would NOT punish women for having abortions. It is too bad that a leftist and progressive liar and propagandist in the MSM asked Trump that question, and too bad that he felt he needed to answer it. I heard his answer. He was caught off guard, and trying to honestly answer something he’d never considered before. He later backtracked on his statement.

            It was a typical MSM gotcha question, asked not because anyone is actually considering punishing women who have abortions, but in order to discredit Trump and other pro-lifers. The MSM is working hard to elect the Democrat, Hillary Clinton, as usual. They always do.

            How do I know many women who have had abortions? I know and have known them, mostly in my personal life. They have been my sisters, nieces, friends, acquaintances, women with whom I’ve counseled, fellow students in college and co-workers, and even women with whom I attend church. I would say off the top of my head I’ve known and talked about the issue with perhaps as many as 15. Abortion is way more common than people realize. You probably know many women who’ve had abortions — you just don’t know that about them.

            Why did we end up talking about abortion? Because women tend to confide in my. I am blessed with numerous women friends.

            Only one woman with whom I spoke didn’t regret her abortion. She was married and had two other children at the time of her abortion, and was in the process of fleeing from an abusive husband. She ended up divorcing him. She also was not a Christian at the time, although many years later she became one.

            I will tell you something else: Not one of the women with whom I spoke would have had an abortion if abortion had not been legal. None had illegal abortions, and none would have sought an illegal abortion. Most of them were middle or upper middle class. Only one was a teenager who found herself pregnant and unmarried, and she was 18.

          11. DrBillLemoine says:

            This is a government of, by and for ‘we, the people’. Your voice should be listened to by elected officials. Get more involved to be heard. Write your officials or call them.
            The state has no reasonable interest in personal lives and events like abortion. Already federal money cannot be used for abortion. The Bill of Rights says no religious intrusion into personal affairs, even via government. I don’t like abortion, only a woman’s biblical and constitutional rights to self determination and free will.
            My problem with Trump is everything is seat of the pants decisions like answering questions. Piled on top of a misogynistic egotistical nature and that’s trouble. The guy has no standards, nothing fixed, everything situational, new every day if you look at how he changes by the day, blows with the wind. We need Hillary who has developed acceptable policies over decades in office that favor us in the middle class.

          12. ezekiel22 says:

            You really know very little concerning abortion.

          13. Moki says:

            I do write and call my legislators. I am as involved as I can be at this time, and plan to be more involved when I retire, if God so leads.

            I have problems with Trump, too. I don’t like how he insulted and vilified his fellow candidates in the campaign leading up to the primaries. He also really doesn’t express himself very well, and far too often speaks bluntly and plainly and even says things that that come out in ways I think he doesn’t really mean. I also realize that it is up until only a few years ago that he was a Democrat himself.

            I started out as a Democrat when I was 18, but after I began to seriously look at the party platform and the stands Democrats took, I realized that they didn’t really speak for me. I think the policies they espouse are extremely harmful — to individuals, to families, to society at large and to the nation. I acknowledge that many Democrats mean well, but I think they don’t see how what their party espouses actually works in reality.

            Back to Trump … I think that he may well be the man of the hour. I think he has a lot more support among ordinary voters than the polls indicate, or than any of us suspect. I guess will see.

          14. DrBillLemoine says:

            I don’t know your state of residence, but could guess from your beliefs stated here. Despite Trumps aversion to women, Latinos and blacks, you support him. Curious??!! Remember Gospel, what’s in his heart is coming to light. It’s not blunt talking, it’s his own beliefs that aren’t going to change; so many republicans have switched parties or vow to vote for Hillary. What kind of man makes money off the beauty of women? I’ve worked for greater women’s civil rights for years without making a penny. I enabled several women to self-actualize before they abandoned me.
            Significantly you don’t list any ‘policies’ that changed you from one party to the other. I made the reverse change from my family with both parents elected Republican officials. I could have been appointed to a service academy from their friendship with grandfather Sen. Prescott Bush(R-CT). I have been asked by both parties to run for office, so I’ve been involved in politics a long time. But Democratic policies favor ‘we, the people’ and that’s it for me. Always remember, to live like a Republican, vote Democratic.

          15. Moki says:

            Well, bless you, Dr. Bill. I bet you can’t guess my state of residence.

            It was mostly the Democrat Party’s support for abortion that caused me to leave it. I was a registered Independent for several years after that and eventually became a Republican. It was mostly the Republican Party’s pro-life, traditional marriage, small government platform that drew me to it.

          16. DrBillLemoine says:

            Well, we have something in common. I’m pro-life, was a Republican, then Independent and now Democrat. You say potato, I say potato. Democrats are for biblical free choice for women, one basis of my support. You righties want to deny biblical free choice. Government has no place in anyone’s bedroom or doctor’s office. Keep out!
            I’m also a participant in traditional marriage.
            But small governments are for small nations. We are #1 and I want to keep it that way. Plus small governments can’t insure the rights we promise to citizens from the founders and we are expanding those rights all the time. Why do you give up your rights to dictators (those folks who like small government they can rule), who deny rights big governments insure and progressives seek all the time?
            So, pro-life is moot if you are following Gospel. Traditional marriage is unchanged in the nation. Small government is a dodge to oppress citizens.

          17. Moki says:

            I still think you’ve fallen prey to a deception.

          18. DrBillLemoine says:

            Maybe, but I’ve been close enough to both parties recently to be asked by both parties to run for office. Are they deceived?

          19. Moki says:

            The Democrat Party definitely is. They have become apologists for and promoters of evil. And to the extent that the Republican Party falls for the same thing, so have they! But at least the Republican Party still offers a real alternative to the Democrat Party, at least in its party platform, and at least in some of its candidates and lawmakers.

          20. DrBillLemoine says:

            You are confusing politics with religion. Changes pushed by Democrats are for greater equality, not evil. Simply being an ‘alternative’ isn’t sufficient to preserve the middle class (as we’ve seen over the past 8 years) since Republican Wall St. crashed the economy and failed to retrain and/or rehire workers.
            Simply providing an alternative as in candidate Trump is a poor excuse not to weigh the alternative policies again and switch to Hillary. Have you read the Republican Platform and compared to the Democrats? You too will switch if in the middle class.

          21. Moki says:

            No I am not confusing politics with religion. Evil in the political realm has its source in the spiritual realm.

            In regard to the economy Democrats such as Obama and Clinton and their foolish policies, including foisting the ACA on us, have kept it from fully recovering.

          22. DrBillLemoine says:

            No, congressional control by the Freedom Caucus preventing hearings on vital American interests (like Immigration, tax, jobs and equality) have the nation both slow walking and less stimulating the economy. I advise on such matters to clients not just talk or write about them.

          23. Moki says:

            That’s because foolish, evil and ignorant people bent on destroying US national sovereignty are trying to implement their hateful and immoral agenda. They need to be stopped. Thank God someone is preventing them from passing it.

          24. DrBillLemoine says:

            Why don’t you respond to my list? Just keep dodging the truth and reality.

          25. Moki says:

            What list?

          26. DrBillLemoine says:

            I was right. You aren’t following my comments, just publishing your stuff.

            The list was plain: ‘preventing hearings on vital American interests (like Immigration, tax, jobs and equality). Some editor, more like a dictator.

          27. Moki says:

            I did respond to that “list.” I responded several times. I clearly said that I was thrilled that the Republican-led Congress was, at least to some extent, blocking the progressive left’s evil agenda.

            People who hate America and give only lip service to the U.S. Constitution when it suits them because they’re trying to deceive the rest of us about what they really want for the country should have as little say as possible in fixing everything on the list. I’d actually prefer to give them no say, but then, I’m not a dictator. 🙂

          28. DrBillLemoine says:

            ‘Evil agenda’ isn’t responding to my specific listing. Nothing on immigration. Zip on taxes. Nada on job creation. Zero on equal protection of the laws. Try again to smoke me. I’m not your typical right wing listener/reader who can be bamboozled.

          29. Moki says:

            I want to secure the borders and actually enforce our existing laws.

            We certainly can’t trust the current occupant of the White House, or the Democrat minions in Congress to do that, so for now, we should do nothing. Not until we have someone in the White House who actually has America and Americans’ best interests at heart. Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress clearly do not.

            I want to cut taxes for everyone, especially the middle class, and pare the size of government, and also get rid of unnecessary regulations. These things will actually help job creation. Foolish leftist, progressive Democrats still haven’t figured that out.

            Equal protection laws? We already have them. They apply to Christians, too, and they ought to apply to the unborn, but Democrats disagree.

            Once again, because Democrats in Congress cannot be trusted to do what is in the best interests of the America or the American people, and because they don’t actually respect or think they need to follow the U.S. Constitution, and because they insist on forcing their foolish social experiments on not only the military, but also the entire nation, it is better that Republicans prevent them from passing more laws that further their evil agenda. I think I’ve answered your questions. I thought I made these answers clear in several earlier posts.

          30. DrBillLemoine says:

            It’s an illusion–an impregnable wall. Not the Great Wall of China, Hadrian’s Wall in Britain, the DMZ in Vietnam nor our 1000 mile southern border none can keep out all border crossers. I can assure you that border patrols are doing their jobs. What more do you want? New laws congress won’t pass? More money congress won’t appropriate? More deportations when the laws are stacking up the courts. Breaking up families by the ‘family values’ party? All delusional.
            You actually think Trump–with nukes throughout the Far East, using tactical nukes in Europe, bombing the hell out of the middle east–has our best interests at heart? Ask any 90 year old Japanese about nuclear war.
            If you cut taxes for everyone, not just the rich, you will bring the USA into 2nd or 3rd world status. You want that?
            You want to deregulate Wall St. and enter another Great Recession we can’t quite escape today from 2008 or enter Depression worldwide? It’s stupid.
            How will cutting government jobs help job creation when millions will be out of work??? Stupid.
            I’m tired of stating the obvious to you who doesn’t respond or think deeply. Have a nice Labor Day!

          31. Moki says:

            I am not necessarily talking about building a wall, although I am not opposed to that. I am talking about securing our borders, and actually enforcing our existing immigration laws. The U.S. Border Patrol is doing the best job that it can under the circumstances of not being allowed to actually do its job, and having been pulled back from the border by the Obama administration, which doesn’t want to enforce the laws.

            I also am not necessarily talking about “breaking up families.” These are all false narratives by the anti-American, anti-America progressive left, which does not want to solve the problem of illegal immigration, but instead, wants it to become worse.

            Once again, Trump hasn’t really clarified exactly what he’ll do in every situation in regard to foreign policy. We already know that Clinton’s foreign policy has been a disaster, for the United States and for our hapless allies and the helpless millions around the world who were hoping for some kind of solution from the U.S.

            If we cut taxes for everyone, we’ll do far better, economically. Far from reducing us to third world status, it will stimulate the economy, especially if we also carefully and thoughtfully bring down the size of government. People are not investing at the moment because Democrat policies are so punitive.

            I am not necessarily talking about deregulating Wall Street so much as I am talking about deregulating Main Street. I am definitely not an expert on Wall Street.

            Government jobs and spending need to be cut, but I would mostly cut government jobs through attrition. I would also cut government budgets … please note I did not say take an ax to them and slash them. And I would get rid of redundancy in government. It has been done before and it worked. It needs to be done again.

            Millions are already out of work, thanks to Democrat policies. People will invest again, when they’re not punished for making a profit. People are holding back on investing and holding onto what they have because they don’t want foolish Democrats to take everything away from them, as Democrats are wont to do.

          32. DrBillLemoine says:

            More delusion. Border patrol works to its capacity defined by budget money. Republicans authorized $3.5 billion when the president requested $4.7. You tell me who’s the obstructive party? About any wall, our northern border is never under discussion despite the fact that several terrorist attacks on the west coast were by terrorists from Canada. What hypocrisy!!! It’s Latinos that rankle Republicans, more than border reality.
            BTW to those budget limits all parties are following the laws. Anything else would result in firings. Get real.
            The operant word ‘necessarily’ cancels your whole argument about families. The reality is that deporting non-citizens who have citizen babies and children IS breaking up families. More obfuscation, smoke and mirrors on the right. It’s congress that refuses to take up immigration reform, the Freedom Caucus being folks who think like you. More delusion.
            Hillary has policy papers on all the major issues. Just listen to her speeches (press conferences not needed). I recommended she do this for clarity in 2008 and she lost not having them. If Trump continues to speak seat of the pants, who could believe him about any subject. He’s already walking back his immigration rhetoric. All the Republican presidential candidates have done it because their party platforms and rhetoric and base voters can’t stand the reality I’m repeating for you.
            About foreign policy, it’s clear he likes Putin who likes him. Till this week his campaign head was a former Putin worker. Can’t employ a communist sympathizer and dictator’s chum. Plus he drives Europe to apoplexy with NATO dissolution talk and members in the Baltics to fear takeover like Crimea. How about a foreign policy that uses tactical nukes, or pushes for nuclear proliferation, something all presidents have been avoiding since Reagan. it’s nonsense to the max. Allies should be able to count on #1, the USA, especially under treat obligations.
            Cutting middle class taxes is good, desired by Obama in 2010. Sequestration came instead with tax RAISES because Republicans refused to compromise under the Tea Party Gun–threat of primaries for defectors. Fat cats can easily pay much more having 90% of national income today and owning 50% of assets. Warren Buffet said he wouldn’t miss the extra taxes paid. Economy is growing too slow because of low wages since Reagan, about 30 years, and ‘trickle down’ doesn’t work, a popular but bogus policy they favor. Supply side clearly doesn’t work because big corporations aren’t willing to build it (supply) so consumers will buy (demand). And consumers drive our economy so jobs that pay better, a minimum wage and retraining companies don’t do any more are needed. I’ve got the economics down as a financial advisor to clients. Your side’s policies don’t work.
            Deregulation, whether you understand it or not, caused the markets to crash in 2008-9. We don’t want that again. Your link of economy and government is good with Keynesian policies, government stimulating jobs. Boehner was bounced as Speaker by mindlessly repeating ‘where are the jobs’ when he’s responsible for getting them.
            If you spend some money for automation, government can shrink like business. But it takes big capital expenditures to do that for a long run savings–near term big budgets for long term tax savings. What Republican wants to do that economically sound step??? Short sightedness. Your party in its debates simply would eliminate (axe) whole Departments and Agencies–nonsense as you said. I’m on record supporting sundown provisions in bills, or program reviews, or repeat congressional hearings. Nothing is forever–unchanged. But austerity budgeting doesn’t work, looking at Europe. Post 2008’s recession they entered austerity budgeting for weak nations and got more recession; our Fed expanded monetary supply and we immediately got out and are rising still. Thank Geithner and Bernancke.
            Finally, people were fired, laid off and furloughed after 2008 induced by deregulation policies and the crash in housing and markets. Automation played a part as companies were overstaffed. That was deregulation and risky investing on Wall St. with consumer money used for risky real estate investments called credit default swaps. Split up the banks and we won’t have another crash like 2008. Republicans won’t do it preferring monopolies to raise prices. Check out the EpiPen debacle.

          33. Moki says:

            I don’t have the time to read your entire reply at the moment, but I will do so and respond later. I do want to let you know that I don’t favor breaking up families, and that is why I used the words “not necessarily.” I believe we can come up with a real solution that benefits everyone … not just illegal immigrants, but also American citizens, whose rights the Democrat Party has really violated and disrespected, not to mention also violating the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution. More later.

          34. DrBillLemoine says:

            I look forward to it, given the limited space allowed. It helps to air differences in public. The immigration issue is difficult with 11-13 million people involved, one reason the Republicans won’t take it up in congress. Even Trump knows the budget limits, saying ‘Mexico will pay for the wall’. But rights are not violated when applying equal protection of 14th amendment; you just don’t like the effects.

          35. Moki says:

            OK, I’m going to read your entire reply now … but I do want to comment on your last remark in this one “you just don’t like the effects.”

            I gather that you mean to imply that I have something against illegal immigrants based upon the color of their skin, or their ethnicity, or their culture. Is that the case? Do you mean to imply that I’m racist? If so, that underscores my point … ordinary Americans are absolutely fed up with being accused of being racist because they happen to be conservative, Republican, white or believe that our borders should be secure, our laws respected and our national sovereignty respected. To hold these views does not make one racist, or “anti-immigrant.”

            The first ancestors of mine that came to the Americas came over on the Mayflower. Others came over in successive waves since then. My most recent immigrant ancestor was my grandfather, who came over around World War I from England, one of five brothers who wanted to be cowboys and started out in Montana. All of them became American citizens. All of them came to the U.S. legally.

            As far as I know, most of my ancestors were from the British Isles. I believe I might also have a smidgen of French in me and possibly some Dutch, but mostly, it’s British, Scottish and Welsh. I actually don’t know about Irish. My ancestors first came for religious freedom. They fought in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the Civil War on the side of the North. Most of them were Christians.

            I have nothing against anyone because of race, religion, or ethnic or cultural background. I am in favor of legal immigration. I have empathy and sympathy for any person who might come to the U.S. illegally to escape poverty or violence. In their shoes, I might do the same thing.

            What I object to is people flooding the country, not respecting our national sovereignty, not respecting our laws, not respecting our borders, language and culture and refusing to buy into what makes America great, or at least has done so in the past … our U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our national heritage. It is respect for our beliefs, customs and economic and political system that I hope for from anyone who immigrates here, particularly those who become citizens. I stand against anyone who wants us to change to accommodate their failed political and economic systems. I oppose Marxism, socialism, communism and the corruption rampant in so many other places. I don’t want those ideologies and ways of life brought here. They never made any nation or people great.

          36. DrBillLemoine says:

            To your ‘last remark’ comment, it IS ‘conservative, Republican, white or believe that our borders should be secu re, our laws respected and our national sovereignty respected’ people who refuse to hold hearings in congress, hire illegals cheap, look down on ‘cantaloupe muscled drug runners, make bad decisions in court as judges because they are ‘mexican’. Can’t deny those facts. If you agree, you are a racist, my calling it to attention just like a Trump or populist today not negating the association. Call a spade a spade you prefer and I’m doing just that in these posts. Who’s really PC?
            As far as heritage, I’ll match you anytime. Mayflower transit, explorer/administrator brothers founding New Orleans, second in command to GWashington at Yorktown, etc. English and French via Canada.
            Quite stunning that you empathize with ‘some’ illegal immigration, yet favor the Trump Wall, deporting 13 million illegals and failing to resolve immigration problems in congress. Stunning and 2-faced.
            What makes you think such people aren’t just like my best friends foreign-born wife, now a citizen? Do you know how many American citizenship Puerto Ricans life in FL; Cubans; Haitians? They all worked with me, painted my house, killed my pests, and taught in nearby schools. Yet my Mexican friend was denied a thesis reading, affiliated work papers and degree by UTEP because of bigotry on the border–a university professor in Juarez no less, growing up with an American mother in the richest family in Chihuahua State. She’d like nothing better than to teach in the states having become an expert on the education of Hispanics in American schools. Denied for prejudice by a bigoted Dean who was later fired.
            I think you should consider the totality of our history which we have survived to this day, bad and worse prior politics including civil war, to become #1 in the world. You are afraid for nothing. Americans are strong when they stand together. Freedom Caucus, Bundy clan types, KKK haters–all affiliated with your party–are the real problems threatening you and me. Think about that for a while and vote Democratic in November.

          37. Moki says:

            I don’t understand your outrage and anger at what I’ve said. I do not harbor hatred or any of the thoughts or motives you suppose I do against illegal immigrants, Mexicans or anyone else. I certainly never have described or thought of anyone the way you described them. I also was not bragging about my ethnicity or heritage … simply explaining it. Your response underscores my suspicion that much of the hatred and racism is actually on the part of the left.

          38. DrBillLemoine says:

            You are being tarred with the same brush that paints Trump as a lightweight, egotist, self-serving and -indulgent and ignorant of national issues. Guilt by association. As a media guru aware of much of what I’ve stated (from the other party viewpoint), you still hold dear much that is destructive to America, families, equal rights, freedoms, constitution, workplace, interpersonal civility, and our institutions of government. It doesn’t fit or suit you. To the point, I don’t know why the heritage citations, horror at hate accusations, shallowness of data and information about fundamental American history, traditions and practices. If you are spiritual, you know the bible says you should be open to edification and correction. You must seek knowledge, understanding and wisdom. That’s the reason I’m on conservative blogs. What’s your reason.

          39. Moki says:

            Because I enjoy it and it does my heart good to talk with people who see the same things I do. And I am not referring to those very few posters who really are misogynists or racist haters. I have taken them on, too. But most of the posters on these sites aren’t those kind of people. The problem is that along comes someone who thinks as you do who assumes they all are!

          40. DrBillLemoine says:

            We’ve gone far beyond ‘Trump’s war against media’, but I do it for folks I think can stand the alternative views. However, stereotypes have a basis, hence my inclusion of you with the raw Trump base supporters, and more as you know.
            Research shows you folks need affirmation and agreement, not facts, data, reality and debate. You are somewhat different but not much, maybe not enough, considering your exposure to media, not just fellow travelers. My contention and recommendation to you is that base voters don’t get around much, called block dwellers sociologically, so rarely discuss their issues with nonconformists and don’t grow much. Many posters here are quite infantile in thinking, fixated at a low level of education, intellectual growth, comparative knowledge and ability to analyze or synthesize mass data. I can’t agree that most are not authoritarian types, misogynists or haters of many stripes. As one who partakes in a wide spectrum of information, I can see things they (and you) don’t see, hence your reactions to those thoughts. Without a deliberate seeking of common ground, feelings and knowledge of common citizenship, mature reactions to discordant positions, you and we have little to discuss for edification. The stereotypes hold for the most part.

          41. Moki says:


            You’ve presented Democratic talking points as facts and history, sticking to the false narrative of the left that is usually reported as fact in the MSM and history in academia, when it’s actually progressive revisionist misrepresentation and indoctrination (i.e, lies and propaganda), and you’ve excoriated those who dissent with insulting and inaccurate labels that don’t apply to the overwhelming majority of them.

            Racist! Bigot! Xenophobe! Homophobe! Uneducated! Stupid! Easily led!

            People who love this country and believe in its founding principles and the U.S. Constitution and hold traditional Christian values are fed up with being insulted like this any time they express their political views, which these slurs don’t accurately identify at all.

            On top of that, they’re fed up with having the anti-American and unconstitutional, anti-Christian views and values of the left imposed upon them — not only by judicial fiat and bureaucratic rule-making, but also every time they open a newspaper, turn on their television sets or go to a movie.

            The left’s views, values, and policies, when implemented, are destructive, and they are destroying individuals, families, institutions and culture. They’re destroying liberty. They’re destroying this nation.

            And that is why there is a move to take America back and make America great again. And this is why I think Donald Trump may well win in a landslide.

          42. DrBillLemoine says:

            I don’t follow the party line, only the news reports and analysis. Your ‘false narrative’ is due to political perspectives; facts are still facts.
            You should be the last one dissing MSM. You are part of it, like it or not. No hypocrisy?
            Beg to differ–when traits are widespread, you get labels and stereotypes. Those who dissent from me lack common sense, are naïve, show political ideology, or love spin/alternative reality.
            If there weren’t so much hypocrisy on the right, speaking and voting against their own interests and juvenile behavior everywhere, I could have an exchange with you/them. It’s rare in these pages and blogs and I read lots of them. Only on the right am I banished from commenting. Only on the right do opponents call me the ‘enemy’. Only on the right do we have widespread lawbreaking by vigilantes, anarchists, do-gooders–all conservatives. Only on the right do we see such hate, smearing and pillorying as to rival rebellion. I’ll take progressives any day working as they do toward more ‘we, the people’, ‘e pluribus unum’, ‘more perfect union’ actions. Government shrinking, stoppages, cutting, obstruction, rule breaking, and suit bringing are not my nation’s finest actions to uphold constitution, institutions, family and culture. You’ve got to contort yourself like a pretzel or contortionist to see national improvement in right side actions.
            Romney and Karl Rove believed in their winning polls–do we salute Pres. Romney?

          43. Moki says:

            You’re right, facts are still facts, but the problem is that you’re following “news reports and analysis” for your information, totally not understanding that much of what they’re reporting and analyzing as “facts” are not facts, but a false narrative that they report as fact, which echoes leftist, progressive, Democrat talking points. The facts have gotten lost in the shuffle. What ends up being reported as a fact is the lie, the propaganda, the false narrative.

            Here is an example: The white police officer — Darren Wilson — who ended up shooting and killing Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., was actually struggling with Brown as Brown tried to disarm him and use his gun to shoot him.

            Did you see the photos of Wilson’s face? I did. I even made sure they where shown, so that people knew Brown had attacked him. Wilson’s face had been beaten black and blue. Brown had punched him in the face several times.

            Brown was not walking away, with his hands up, crying, “Don’t shoot!” when he was shot, he had actually beaten the officer and tried to grab his gun. That is why Wilson wasn’t charged with anything — and yet Wilson, who probably was a good cop, will never be able to work as a police officer anywhere ever again. Why? Because, to this day, the false narrative that tends to be reported is that he shot Brown in the back when Brown was retreating with his hands up, yelling, “Don’t shoot!” The whole Black Lives Matter movement is based upon that false narrative. The whole city of Ferguson was set afire by rioters on the left protesting the police officer’s action — and it was all based upon a leftist, progressive, Democrat Party supported lie.

            No, I’m not a hypocrite for working in the MSM. Believe me, I’m much more like “the voice of one crying in the wilderness.” I work hard to make sure the actual facts of any situation are reported.

            I do see some juvenile behavior on the right, but I see a great deal more of it on the left. Anarchists and agitators are not on the right; they’re largely on the left — leftist, progressive protesters at Trump rallies, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, those people who are targeting and killing police officers. They’re not Tea Partiers. They’re not even Republicans.

            I guess we agree on one thing, I don’t necessarily believe the polls, either. At the moment, the polls show Trump behind Clinton. I hope that isn’t true, because I think that if Clinton wins the presidency, the U.S.A. and its liberty and the notion of liberty and justice for all will be history.

          44. DrBillLemoine says:

            Love the phrasing ‘false narrative’, do you? Analysis of multiple data sources yields truth. As a newsman, you are dissing your own kind. Sad. You can be sure right wing blogs aren’t reporting leftist talking points. Think.
            Don’t get so caught up in the emotions as a newsman.
            Facts don’t get lost–they get ignored. You react more like a pol than newsman. Keep the hormones out of it.
            Right about Michael Brown; wrong about Ferguson police shaking down black residents for city income.
            But like the right with media, you exaggerate and extend Ferguson to all cities and black/white police confrontations via Black Lives Matter. Not a good newsman. Readers extrapolate, reporters/editors stick to facts. Poor journalism–where’d you learn yours?
            Again BLM isn’t targeting white police; one Dallas wacko did and you jump to the erroneous conclusion.
            I find most of the blog writers and editors hung up on politics more than news; you too.
            I’ll take Hillary’s democracy for Trump’s dictatorship any day; and so will moderate Republicans and Independents. Landslide for Hillary.

          45. Moki says:

            Interesting. Trump will not be a dictator. It is the left that has a lengthy history of installing dictators. Obama has worked to move us in that direction.

          46. DrBillLemoine says:

            Have you looked over the past year’s campaign. Trump is a one man band, with some nepotism.
            Can you name any congress of the opposite party that has worked less with the president since Truman?

          47. Moki says:

            I think we’ve already covered that ground. You know that I agree with and am thankful for those Republicans in Congress who actively or passively, resist the implementation of Barack Obama’s destructive agenda.

          48. DrBillLemoine says:

            Are you thankful for Senate Republicans failing to uphold their oaths of office and disrupting constitutional procedures to advise and consent to a duly appointed SUPREME COURT nominee? What about government shutdowns that cost billions–for nothing? How about failing to fully fund a border patrol request despite the incessant bellyaching about building a wall? You got a funny sense of thanksgiving.

          49. Moki says:

            The way I see it, it was Barack Obama who failed to uphold his oath of office. And a whole bunch of other Democrats. And I’ve already responded to the rest of your questions.

          50. ezekiel22 says:

            Govt. Shutdown due to Obama not and I mean not approving a clean spending bill. You know that and the single issue behind it. The same with the Border bill. Funny how you forgot. Funny how it was certain memorials that were blocked off from taxpayers but not one of his privileges were touched. Sorry but you are selling poisoned goods.

          51. Moki says:

            Yes, I do appreciate the term “false narrative.” It so accurately describes how the left operates. And it is more polite than the just as accurate word “lie.”

          52. DrBillLemoine says:

            So we can expect another Hillary vote as you are politically correct, unlike Trump? Too many forks in your tongue.

          53. Moki says:

            My tongue isn’t forked at all. I’m going to vote for Trump, even though he was not my original choice. I haven’t voted for a Democrat since Carter, and he was a major disappointment.

          54. Moki says:

            To your first point: Republicans, or at least some of them, are trying to put a cap on increases in government spending. So I’m not surprised that they didn’t give Obama everything he asked for in regard to the Border Patrol budget. I’ve already made clear, too, that I applaud Republicans in Congress for any degree that they have actually obstructed the Democrat agenda, so if they’re the obstructive party, good for them.

            When I say I want the border secured, I’m talking about all of the border, including the northern border with Canada. I’m well aware that several terrorist plots involved people coming through that border.

            I don’t want to do anything that Europe is doing, and I’m not calling for austerity budgeting. I believe the budgets of various agencies and the government employment rolls can be cut judiciously and carefully and the size of government shrunk. A lot of that could happen through attrition.

            I might agree to putting an end to some agencies … that would be something we should look at very closely. I am concerned about the rule-making agencies do that has the force of law, which seems to me is clearly unconstitutional. It is Congress that is tasked with making laws, not government agencies, and those rules often hurts businesses and property owners.

            I believe in capitalism, and I am not a fan of government control of markets, although I am not opposed to all government regulation. I definitely do not support socialism, including corporate socialism, and I am very suspicious up public/private partnerships with huge companies or industries. This is another reason I dislike the ACA.

            Having worked in the MSM as long as I have, (30 years) I know that these things don’t always get covered accurately or well, and the MSM tends to listen to and believe what Democrats say, and reporters don’t really understand economics very well. So I have a sense that you’re really just repeating to me Democrat talking points about what led up to 2008, and I know there were other things you haven’t mentioned, such as rules that put lenders in a position where they had to make loans to people who wouldn’t have otherwise qualified, and those people weren’t able to repay the loans, and that was a contributing factor.

            But I no longer trust Democrats to do the right thing, because I’ve watched what they’ve done over the past 50 years, as they’ve moved farther and farther to the left, and I don’t think they have the best interest of the U.S.A. or Americans of all races and backgrounds at heart. So I don’t want to work with them. To me, these are people not only support evil, but call evil good and good evil, and pat themselves on the pack for their progressive enlightenment while they destroy the nation.

          55. DrBillLemoine says:

            Don’t you think it’s a wee bit hypocritical to like Trump’s ‘wall’ yet fail to support higher border patrol budget requests (by the president)? Same for capping the budget. If you got a problem, you pay to solve it–at home with pests or leaky roof, in the nation for leaky border or drug incursions. How that compare to political correctness?
            Think about the hypocrisy and trouble for the nation that congress fails to resolve PRESSING taxation, immigration, aging infrastructure, cybersecurity problems–you are calling that ‘good’, things that may really sink the nation, kill its people or lead to a dictator’s takeover. Obstruction isn’t political opposition, or follow the constitution (in shutdowns and SCOTUS appointments, at least).
            If your reasonable attrition shrinking of government is real, why does your party leadership advocate ‘insignificance’, anarchy, vigilantism, and middle class disappearance? Think that will stop Wall St. from taking over and tanking the nation again? Want to work for peanuts until automation replaces most workers, and where will you go then? How will you make a living? Know Hindi–India is expanding? Ditto China and maybe Cuba soon?
            Hate corporate socialism? What about corporate nepotism–ala Trump? He won’t control big business and we’ll have another Hoover Depression.
            Politics and governance requires balance, not idealism, not dictators, not obstruction, not shutdowns, not calling opponents ‘enemies’ or advocating exile for those who disagree. I find all those things and policies and support in blog posters right here–and you mostly agree. Hope you have friends back in Britain to take you in when American has no more jobs for you, no retraining, no retirement provisions, no affordable healthcare, no tolerance for non-whites. Have a nice day!

          56. Moki says:

            You either don’t understand me or where I’m coming from at all, or we simply disagree so profoundly that we can barely even communicate! Plus, I sense that you are genuinely angry. I’m sorry about that. It wasn’t my intent to make you angry. I hope you have a great weekend anyway.

          57. Moki says:

            Many choices that people make are none of our business. But when that choice involves depriving a helpless and vulnerable human being of life, a decent society ought to have laws that protect that individual’s rights.

            It is bogus to claim, as you apparently do, “I don’t support abortion, but, because of freedom of choice, I think it ought to be legal.” Who will speak up for the unborn child, who has no ability to speak for, defend or protect him or herself? Good people should speak up for that child.

          58. DrBillLemoine says:

            Beyond a beating heart and involuntary movements, how human are fetuses in the belly? There’s no state interest for bedroom behavior beyond un-Constitutional intrusion in personal rights. You are combining religious with political concepts that both Constitution and Gospel tell us to keep separate. It’s not your business, simply a desire to control others.

          59. Moki says:

            Unborn children in their mother’s wombs are as human as you and I … and they do not constitute bedroom behavior. They may be the result of behavior that usually takes place in the bedroom, but they aren’t that behavior.

            It is impossible to entirely separate religious and political concepts, because political ideas have their origin in spiritual ideas, as matter has its origin from the spirit realm. Remember, according to Genesis, God spoke — and it was.

            The Constitution requires that there be no state mandated religion … but it does not require that people who have religious believes subordinate their faith and consciences to the state. That’s a leftist, progressive fallacy that smacks of Karl Marx.

          60. DrBillLemoine says:

            No, not the same. They are blank slates some religions say, with innate reactions the physiologists tell us, unthinking we all know without training–still a miracle needing nurturing post-birth.
            You may not separate politics from religion–like the Muslim middle easterners. It’s human to live with a moral and ethical code, but it’s learned. This nation recognized that and keeps religion separate from government. Pilgrims escaped persecution from English kinds who were both heads of state and heads of religions so it’s not always separate in our history. We would do well to remember that separation or fall into Muslim or Anglican theocracy. I’m a Christian and obey the Gospel as it is somewhat different from the Pentateuch. In both God gives us free will to choose–government and religion.
            In the Bill of Rights, not Constitution, we are forbidden from mixing religion and government. Why do you want to disobey? Anarchist? Rebel? Atheist? Leave things as they are–follow God who established this government for his purposes but not to rule us and remove that free will to choose.
            Live a religious life and prepare to pay the consequences for crossing the government line as a certain KY registrar did recently. BTW Marx and Hitler had no religion like the major religions.

          61. Moki says:

            So tiresome to continually have people on the secular, progressive left, such as yourself, claiming that Christians who don’t separate their religious beliefs from their politics are JUST LIKE MUSLIMS.

            You’re simply wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with speaking about, promoting and voting one’s conscience and religious values. It is unnatural to try to separate one’s religious beliefs from one’s political views. And It does not constitute a violation of the separation of church and state— a phrase which is also not in the U.S. Constitution — to advocate for political beliefs that are based, in whole or in part, upon sincerely held religious beliefs.

          62. DrBillLemoine says:

            I’m talking government when saying Christians separate God and mammon. Why don’t you? Each person with an indwelling Holy Spirit follows, in my case, Gospel. That doesn’t mean I have to enact scripture into laws like the Muslims. Are you an ISIL supporter–religion is indistinguishable from government. Maybe you are seeking another form of government wanting to combine church and state. American forbids it.

          63. Moki says:

            Mammon is money, not government. Also, you keep misc characterizing my views. I am not trying to enact Scripture into law. The law already protects innocent and vulnerable human beings. It was a Supreme Court ruling that changed that, willy nilly.

          64. DrBillLemoine says:

            Mammon is money–are you aware that 90% of current income goes to the top 1%, that 50% of national assets are owned by those fat cats? Via Citizens United the elites have bought most of the country and take middle class income via government? Bernie and Hillary will fix that so you and I get paid more.

          65. Moki says:

            First, I don’t think the whole picture is as simplistic as you are painting it. What you’ve posted here is a Democrat Party and Occupy Wall Street talking point, not necessarily reality on the ground.

            But if it were, are you aware that Bill and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and indeed, most Democrat congressmen and women are in that top 1 percent? And that Bernie and Hillary would take even more from the middle class than is already taken, to redistribute the wealth of the nation and to destroy the United States in an attempt to create their version of Utopia, which would fail? The middle class has a far, far better chance with Donald Trump than with Bernie or Hillary, or, in fact, any Democrat administration.

          66. DrBillLemoine says:

            Here in limited space it’s not possible to delve deeply into issues. Things are not simple so there are gaps. I’m very good however at plain simple English, teach it to doctoral students. Any resemblance between my positions and party boilerplate is coincidental but significant.
            It takes lots of money to be in politics, the reason I refused to run for office. There are moral if not practical paybacks expected for campaign funding. Are you surprised? When 90% of national income goes to fat cats and they own 50% of national assets, I’d say they should pay more (and will never miss it, as Warren Buffet says). Why do you support them against higher wages and better jobs for workers? Voting for the wrong party?
            We’ve been through Depression and World Wars–there is no destroying this country. Re Trump, his products (ties, shirts, etc.) aren’t made here by American workers. You are looking with rose colored glasses. Get real.

          67. Moki says:

            I don’t think you know everything about Donald Trump, and I’m not sure that everything you’re saying here about him is absolutely factual. As we talk, it becomes clear to me that you, yourself, have been indoctrinated into the false narratives of the progressive left.

            What I do like about Trump is that he actually wants to give middle class voters a chance to succeed, and believes that they can, and will. He thinks government is hindering them from prospering, and I agree.

            He is also a patriot. It is quite clear to me that Barack Obama, Bill and HIllary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and indeed many others on the left are not.

          68. DrBillLemoine says:

            Every politician SAYS he’s for the middle class. It’s written policies and real actions that prove it. Rs are masters at spinning the truth via ALEC, Heritage Foundation and right wing media–Fox, Hannity, Beck, Rush, etc. With todays congress under Republican, ie Freedom Caucus control nothing gets done, not even for the middle class. Check the record. Millions benefit from ACA Affordable Care Act but Rs in congress voted over 60 times to screw them. In FL audiences for debates cheered and said let sick people die. You support that??? Is that your idea of middle class support?
            I read and watch a wide spectrum of political writing and talking, then make my own analyses. It’s what I do by inclination and training. Even my own parents were Republicans because them fancied themselves above the masses. My plain speaking and policies for the masses led to a long successful career in public education down South.
            I also question your definition of ‘patriot’. Actions speak louder than words.

          69. Moki says:

            The vast majority of people, particularly in the working middle class, do not benefit from the ACA. I had better health insurance prior to the ACA through my employer. Now it is more expensive and covers significantly less. And Democrats are responsible for that. That’s the reality of the ACA on the ground, and part of why Trump has middle class support.

          70. DrBillLemoine says:

            Your employer is gaming the system to save overhead, namely employee benefits that reduce the bottom line. It’s the major reason for offshoring so many jobs that even Trump employs. Insurers for healthcare are run by republican CEOs who don’t want the limitations and restrictions that benefit people. BTW the rising healthcare cost curve was bent downward from ACA. Check your healthcare insurer pool and get a better policy for cheaper cost. Overall ACA is good in more ways than you mention.

          71. Moki says:

            How do you know that all health care insurers are run by Republican CEOs? See, it is blanket statements like that, which cannot be backed up by facts, which underscore my contention that you, yourself have been indoctrinated into a false narrative that you are regurgitating here.

            You may say it and say it and say it, but you saying it doesn’t make it true.

          72. DrBillLemoine says:

            If only you Republicans believed your last contention….Disprove my contention if you can.

          73. Moki says:

            I’m not the person who made the contention about them. You are. Prove it.

          74. Moki says:

            My employer is complying with the law. The good policy that we had went away because of the ACA. The insurers started offering policies that complied with the ACA and the cost of everything skyrocketed.

          75. DrBillLemoine says:

            Employers offering, and employees getting, inadequate policies will see required improvements to meet standards that will cost more. If your original policy didn’t comply with ACA, you have one or more reasons why it was passed.

          76. Moki says:

            My original policy was far better and far less expensive than what the policy became after the ACA was implemented. Who do Democrats think they are, to order people, through force of law and fines, what kind of health insurance they must have, or even that they must have it? It’s not only un-American, it’s anti-American. Totalitarians!

          77. DrBillLemoine says:

            Recall Republicans refused congressional input into lawmaking (McConnell’s Senate promised blocking from ‘day one’) so Dems acted alone with their majorities. Also those healthcare insurers were denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, dumping expensive individuals to cover (death panels), raising rates at will and issuing deficient inadequate policies among other hospital and physician and cost problems. ACA resolved them even getting rebates for some policies and presenting options online for mass enrollments. You either didn’t have deficiencies, didn’t know you had a Cadillac policy, or otherwise merited increased costs. The rest was also enacted to slow the rise of healthcare costs and increase standards. Are you going to argue that uncovered sick people shouldn’t have cheap insurance when you can afford better? Are you going to advocate death panels? Do you want to condemn sick people to death for lack of coverage? I’d call those things un-American and anti-American. Thank God you can afford better; millions can’t and they are helped–about 20 million.

          78. Moki says:

            Pre-existing conditions: Health insurers have never been my favorite people. I used to work for an insurance company, and was appalled at how much they tried not to pay for. But there were other options for people. I really feel that the health care system was becoming more and more expensive because there were so many third parties paying for health care. The market wasn’t really working the way the market should work. I don’t know how that can be fixed … but I believe that it could be.

            What I am saying is that I feel the government was already too involved in the health care system before the ACA and was making things worse.

          79. DrBillLemoine says:

            Want to make 20 million enemies? Cancel ACA. You should know that working poor sometimes can’t even afford ACA with subsidies. Congress must change to Democratic control for it to work via tweaks and modest changes. Without government via ACA millions might die? Are you good with that???

          80. Moki says:

            I do know that the working poor often can’t even afford the ACA with subsidies. The ACA is a very bad law, and ought to have been ruled unconstitutional. Millions of people will not die without the ACA. That’s alarmist BS. The left is really good at alarmism.

          81. DrBillLemoine says:

            Republican threats to middle class programs will result in a Hillary landslide. If that extends to the gerrymandered and voter suppressed House, you’ll see what positively progressively happens. You obviously haven’t watched the televised health fairs from 2010 with life threatening conditions identified for ACA resolution. Hard hard heart.

          82. Moki says:

            And the ACA was a further step in the wrong direction.

          83. DrBillLemoine says:

            You have no understanding of people and their needs beyond your narrow circle of employees, maybe family. It’s sad regarding expansion of rights, freedoms and responsibilities, a major reason I’m no longer a Republican.

          84. Moki says:

            Absolutely untrue. I simply don’t believe false narratives. I’ve lived too long and worked for too long in the MSM.

          85. DrBillLemoine says:

            With congressional modifications based on hearings the know nothing do nothing congress avoids, resulting in 13% approval ratings ACA can cover more, cheaper. Republicans oppose that. Trump has about 20% support in your party; a little more if you throw in life-long Republicans who ‘fall in line’.

          86. Moki says:

            We want government to do less, rather than more. That’s part and parcel of the notion of liberty. We don’t want to be ordered by the government to do thus and such, by thus and such and have our hard-earned money confiscated for the foolish, progressive left, as represented by the Democrat Party, to spend on social experiments that have a history of massive failure.

          87. DrBillLemoine says:

            Big things require big government. You want to regress like many in your party to pre-WW1 times when America was just a second rate power?

          88. Moki says:

            Big government has a historically demonstrated propensity for great evil. The statement, “Big things require big government” is an ideological slogan. It has no basis in truth or reality. It’s as genuine as fool’s gold.

            The United States had very a small government when it did really great things, like provide for religious freedom and end slavery, not to mention lead the world in defeating evil in two world wars.

            Big government: The USSR. China. Nazi Germany.

          89. DrBillLemoine says:

            Big government–There is no more USSR, Nazi Germany. China is big in many ways except real democratic representation, what distinguishes America from all the others. You want to regress to small government and give up being #1? Not me.
            ‘Did really great things’ came from a failed Articles of Confederation among the 13 original states, where the Constitution was designed for bigger, more powerful central government. Take a history course.

          90. Moki says:

            Yes. Big government has FAILED. It took a very long time and the deaths of far too many of its own citizens to fail, but it failed. That’s exactly what you progressive leftists trying to cram big government down the throats of Americans don’t seem to get.

          91. DrBillLemoine says:

            Do you even realize you are referring mostly to Bush2 government? Post-Clinton we had a virtual national debt surplus, spent into oblivion by congressional Republicans without veto by George W. Ran up $15 trillion in debt on and off the books. Obama by contrast has spent $5 trillion or so, most of it with congressional appropriations. You really are out of the information loop nationally.

          92. Moki says:

            Listen, there has been far too much government spending and putting us into debt and both parties are guilty. But you’re wrong in claiming that Obama has added only $5 trillion.

          93. ezekiel22 says:

            America forbids? You must mean the Constitution as it says that the government shall not establish a state church. That means that Baptists are to have no more influence than the Catholics. Pretty neat and concise.
            It is worth noting that not only were prayers said and encouraged in public buildings so also were church services. That kinda blows the idiotic separation lie.

            As a Christian I most definitely will challenge your assertions especially when you try to exalt yourself above others as in this statement. When challenged in the past with quotes from the New Testament you ran. Did you make a mistake opting to create a Jesus to fit you political agenda? I hope not. It just robs you and others. One of the things I have learned is that if you do not get uncomfortable in church or reading then you are not in a good place.
            Reply or not is up to you.

          94. DrBillLemoine says:

            Truth, justice, equality, pursuit of happiness, liberty are not exaltations by or for anybody, but eternal. Your perceptions of me may be coloring your reception of my points. I’ve never put myself above anybody, but ideas have force that may do it. BTW as a church official I am never uncomfortable in church unless Gospel is violated.

          95. GeneP54 says:

            You’ve really bought into the rhetoric of the ‘role of government’ argument of the left. You seem rather knowledgeable. That’s a shame.
            “Do you know our Declaration identified God-given unalienable rights (in a form of government organization back then) and said governments are established to insure them.” . Really? What govenment organizations back then? If they were government organizations, they wouldn’t be God-given. They would be organization given. Sorry, but you don’t even make sense.

          96. cutterguy says:

            spoken as a loyal, mindless member of the nea. those who can do, those who can’t teach, those who can’t teach administrate

          97. DrBillLemoine says:

            Yes, a long time ago I was in the NEA as a grievance building rep. That’s a job that protects individual workers against the power of principals, superintendents and school boards with awesome power. You might want to ask over 10000 former students of mine what I did for them at all levels through graduate studies. And I ran effective and efficient schools or programs at other times. You’re really ignorant of my background preferring mindless slogans.

          98. cutterguy says:

            you are definitely a liberal slob. I can tell because you use insults on others because you know you have no real argument. Just a mindless puppet of a corrupt education system. Once your “graduates” escaped from you, hopefully, as with puppies, there eyes opened.

          99. DrBillLemoine says:

            A ‘snob’ for protecting people’s rights? For telling you what you could google for yourself? What kind of American does that make you? If you can read this, thank a teacher.

          100. cutterguy says:

            I did not say, nor did I mean, “snob”. Your teacher did not teach you to read? Protect people’s rights? Like right to keep and bear arms, freedom of speech, of religion, of expression, thought? I am a veteran, I fly the American flag proudly, I think this is the best country in the world, I pay taxes, I own my own business rather than suckle from the citizens. When I was taught to read, we had real teachers instead of social adjusters. My grand kids are home schooled, no “paid teachers” they all can read and they love the Lord. All five of them have been in three plays and one movie. One play and the movie were written and produced by the group of kids. My oldest is 16, youngest is 9. The 16 year old has been accepted by a jr. college for classes while he is in high school. All without “teachers”. People were teaching their kids long before public schools or “teachers”. Educators hate that, but it’s ok for a “teacher” to sit at home, usually in their pjs, and “teach” kids on line. They are to lazy to go find a job. Could not keep a real one anyway. I thank my teachers for teaching and allowing me to think for my self, rather than telling me what to think. I respect real teachers who teach the “3 rs” rather than “how to live”.

          101. DrBillLemoine says:

            Oh, sorry about the misreading of slob. But the phrasing has little meaning for me.
            2. All rights have responsibilities, called limitations. Simple example in free speech–you can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. Same for gun rights.
            3. I love the flag too; it’s not a veteran thing alone. Just doing what you’re supposed to with taxes, business, etc. gets you no extra points or ‘patriot’ label. We all do it.
            4. Home schooling is ordinarily a parent’s attempt to limit children’s learning or isolate them from hated others. I call that un-American today. Before 1850 it was common but no more. I’m glad your kids are learning, but mine took college courses in elementary school, learned to sail before at teen, passed the army entrance short form exam on computer sitting on my lap at age 7. So he was smart early. No points there for dad or schools or army or college; he was just good. Sounds also like you are a techno-phobe: no online for you. Too bad.
            Much of today’s work is performed part time or from home. Get with it; join the 21st century; it’s the technology era. You are also anti-intellectual too.
            You got a distorted view of life for some reason. Get out in the world and test your wacky notions with real people, not just those you can dominate at home.

          102. cutterguy says:

            ah is sawry masser. ah is jus emty headed and uppity.
            You are an elitist with no thought that anybody else’s thoughts or deeds have value. You know nothing about me. You have the audacity to presume my status is beneath you/ You must have failed classes in composition and grammar. In your argument you have 2, 3, 4 but no 1? “learned to sail before at teen”, means what? “You got a distorted view”? I may “have” a distorted view but that is none of your concern. Of course, I must have a phobia of some kind. That always gives your discussion validity of some kind. As well as being a typical liberal thought. Anti-intellectual? I respect intelligence, but not necessarily educational pomposity. Intelligence has very little to do with education; but more the ability to think and discern truth from untruths. I dominate no one at home. Another misconception on your part. My business is a service business. I am in public every day. The best professional educators I know are tutors. They work one on one with their students, not through a screen. Also, you need to take a refresher course, maybe using your extensive techno-skills. You neither impress me nor amaze me with your superior attitude. Save it for someone more easily dazzled.

          103. DrBillLemoine says:

            We writers have what’s called literary license; regardless there is parallelism to my response.
            Disagreement with you isn’t elitism; it’s thinking. All I know about ‘anonymous’ you is what you write. Your mind and heart come to light via your words. I teach writing. Forgive a typo.
            Your views are a concern to me and all policymakers. That’s why accountable writing is so important. With a pen name you can print any kind of nonsense with no comeuppance, probably your reason for remaining hidden.
            Educational nonsense–common sense isn’t education. One is practical, the other trained and earned.
            I could argue that online coursework is more difficult than tutoring. More anti-intellectualism tinged with anti-technology sentiment by you.
            I’m here for an alternate viewpoint, never to impress you or anyone except for straight thinking. Sometimes that appears superior; so be it. I’m known for being down to earth in my circles.

          104. Moki says:

            I align my vote with what is true and right and good and in the best interests of liberty and the nation as a whole, and by what agrees with the Constitution. I don’t vote for evil, p.c., progressive totalitarianism. I haven’t voted for a Democrat since Carter.

          105. DrBillLemoine says:

            The nation is organized around safety and citizen promotion. But it’s there for you, not some idealistic notion other than improving citizens lives. You are putting other things before your interests. Democrats, progressives have brought us a long way from horse and buggy, log cabin, anti-women, slavery times. I wouldn’t go back for anything. You sound like a woman friend of mine who puts everybody and everything before her own needs and goes crazy, gets too tired and gets little done for herself. Make yourself #1 for the future and weight those idealistic ideas against improving yourself, the top priority. BTW conservatives like Trump favor fascism, dictators, totalitarianism–not liberals, or progressives or Democrats. Weigh them sometime before voting.

          106. Moki says:

            Wrong. The totalitarian fascists are mostly on the left. Not actually sure if there are any real American conservative fascists around, except for those invented by the leftist and progressive Democrat supporting MSM.

          107. DrBillLemoine says:

            Are you not aware of fascist conservative moves to limit women’s access to healthcare everywhere? How about fascist republican leadership that suppresses voter and civil rights? What about cutting taxes for fat cats so middle class workers pay more than their fair share and get both less income and own fewer assets? How about fascist attacks on other states like Iraq to take over their oil resources? Not on what I’d call the left and clearly not invented although mostly illegally domestically and overseas. You are looking at the wrong data.

          108. Moki says:

            Conservatives are not trying to limit women’s access to health care. That is a false narrative of the left. And conservatives are not fascists, either. It is the progressive left that are trying to silence dissent and punish people for it. That’s way more fascistic than merely holding a conservative opinion.

          109. DrBillLemoine says:

            You aren’t paying attention over the years. Virginia passed laws affecting pregnant women and their doctors by non-medical actions to take, scripts to read, questions to answer pre-abortion. TX has (unconstitutionally the courts have determined) limited healthcare outlets for women across that big state. ND, NE and other ‘red’ states have similar limits on women and their independent actions for no good reason but abortion prevention.
            Ha! It’s anti-abortion righties who kill doctors, intimidate patients going for abortion counseling and the like–facts. What ‘silencing of dissent’ are you talking about?

          110. Moki says:

            killings of abortion doctors is extremely rare, generally ascribed to an individual. There is no movement that advocates for the murder of abortionists; indeed, pro-life Americans abhor these kinds of things, and generally speak out against them. I certainly do not support killing abortionists.

            Operation Rescue no longer blockades abortion clinics and hasn’t done so for years. They stopped when leftist, progressive, activist judges decided to apply RICO statutes to them. So it was really their dissent that was silenced, and by the application of a law intended to stop criminal racketeers, rather than abortion protesters. What you refer to as the “dissent” of women seeking abortions is not “dissent.” Abortion is legal.

            I don’t know that I agree with blockading abortion clinics, but the hearts of those who did so were to save lives, not to destroy lives.

          111. DrBillLemoine says:

            From your various posts, I guess I hit a nerve. Ask your pastor if God gave people free will. It’s in the Gospel. Abortion is one nasty usage of that freedom. Until you have a national security reason to intervene, stay out of others’ bedrooms. The Chinese intervene and have a big problem with aging population, mal-distribution of people. Keep away!
            You are quick to dismiss the motivations of abortion doctor killers but not abortionists. Why? Two faced.
            There is no ‘movement’ for abortion, just human nature.
            What is the RICO statute that relates to anti-abortionists harassing pregnant women, blocking clinic entrances, making laws that govern physician-patient private interactions? You are simply tailoring your wishes and opinions to your views, not reality.
            Christ said that what’s in the heart will come to light. Check your thinking when you want to rule another human being over religious beliefs. That’s eventually what slave holders said to justify owning people–we’ll teach them the Gospel. It’s nonsense and cost 500,000 American lives in civil war.

          112. Moki says:

            I don’t know whether you it a nerve or not, but I have to speak the truth. Sometimes I speak it snarkily … I apologize for that. Mostly I try to speak it in love.

            The RICO statute does not address the things the court applied it to. At least IMHO.

            Privacy is great … but it doesn’t cover the right to kill another human being. That’s what’s at issue here. And the state, duly instituted by God, has an OBLIGATION to preserve the rights of the most vulnerable among us. That would included the unborn, the very young, the disabled and the elderly. Their rights outweigh a woman’s right, or anyone’s right, to privacy.

          113. DrBillLemoine says:

            I’m strongly pro life; but I’m stronger behind Gospel giving women free will to choose. I won’t oppose God’s plan for women (at least in the New Testament).
            No fetus has ever voted; none have ever called a congressman; they don’t breathe or play tennis. What makes them human except your definition (and that’s found in the Gospel). You can’t cite one verse protecting a fetus. It’s pure definition and many women of rape and incest disagree strongly.
            The ‘unborn’ are nothing like the very young, disabled or elderly as I described. You are making this up as a political issue, not spiritual. And finally you ignore the Constitution that guarantees equal rights in Amend. 14, for the living, for citizens. Nobody’s rights outweigh anybody else’s, or you are a fascist dictator.

          114. Moki says:

            The unborn are also the living. The law should … and used to, until 1973, protect their rights, too.

          115. DrBillLemoine says:

            Trees are also living, but I doubt you are an environmentalist, post about clearcutting companies.

          116. Moki says:

            I actually respect and value nature and believe in conservation. I don’t believe in the radical environmentalist agenda, and I don’t worship nature, however.

          117. DrBillLemoine says:

            Is it radical to have Gulf drillers use modern technology to prevent blowouts? BP and the others don’t. Is it radical to preserve forests which supply world oxygen instead of clearcutting like big industry?
            Is it radical to preserve breathable air by preventing carbon poured into the air in China which Republicans oppose via international treaties? You got a funny way of respecting and valuing things.

          118. Moki says:

            Just different views of what is actually necessary. And I no longer trust those who the MSM lauds as experts, because there is a great deal of money and prestige on both sides, and there is definitely an agenda. Obviously, we need to take care of our natural resources and use the best technology to get the best results possible as well as to protect human life. But these things don’t have to be points of contention. They could be, and ought to be, an opportunity to bring people together instead of one totalitarian side insisting on it’s way only, and whatever the laws of the land are, suing and suing and suing to force it’s views upon everyone else. Totalitarians at work again.

          119. DrBillLemoine says:

            Yes, different perspectives. No contention–how about when corporations stop retraining workers and just fire them when automation comes in? Which president said ‘I’m the decider’, not bringing people together? Is it contention or obstruction to refuse voting on issues of national importance in congress due to a phantom ‘Hastert rule’. And I’m all for suing to insure constitutional rights to equal protection of laws–14th Amendment–over voter suppression, serving all people (LBGTQ or not) under public accommodations, and more that the conservatives are using to shut down freedoms. For all your exposure to news, points of view and information, you aren’t thinking for yourself, typical of the right, military chain of command, undereducated tea partiers and bigoted fat cats. You are in the right, if disappearing, party.

          120. Moki says:

            I must say, DrBill, if you don’t comprehend the difference between the lives of trees and the lives of unborn human beings, you are really deceived.

          121. DrBillLemoine says:

            If you respect nature and Gospel, you must be consistent–value all life. Otherwise it’s hypocrisy.

          122. Moki says:

            I do value all life … but I recognize the difference between humans and trees.

          123. Moki says:

            Jesus is pro-life, Dr. Bill. It’s OK for there to be laws against killing unborn babies. It’s good government to protect the lives and rights of the most vulnerable and helpless of human beings.

          124. DrBillLemoine says:

            Gospel (Jesus) is silent on abortion. Anything that relates Him to pro-life is speculation, like the Pharisees of old that Christ scattered. I like to protect lives and rights too, of everybody including obeying the laws of government God installs.

          125. Moki says:

            You have got to be kidding. Jesus Christ Himself told his disciples that He did not come to destroy people’s lives, but to save them. It’s pretty clear that in no way can the Bible or Jesus Christ’s teachings be construed to be supportive of abortion. Jesus is pro-life.

          126. DrBillLemoine says:

            Don’t misconstrue everlasting life with temporal life. Gospel is silent on abortion, including Christ. He said he came for the lost children of Israel, to save them; but it’s still a choice you tend to ignore. Nobody is compelled to be a Christian, to avoid sin, or be punished for their choices. God judges in the end, not you and me.
            Gospel is neither pro- not anti-abortion.

          127. Moki says:

            I am not ignoring the significance of free will or of freedom of choice. But it doesn’t apply when the choice is to deprive another human being of life, unless that human being is trying to deprive you of life. That’s why governments have and enforce laws against depriving people of life willy nilly.

          128. DrBillLemoine says:

            You can disagree, but free choice/will is from God. It always applies, except for the politician (typically on the right). BTW it’s republicans in the main who support capital punishment.

          129. Moki says:

            Then we ought not have any laws at all. All nations and states and provinces and cities and counties have laws and ordinances. If it is only ever free will that matters, according to your idea of the gospel, then all laws enacted by governments violate God’s law, and none of them is valid.

          130. DrBillLemoine says:

            Christ said, ‘there are no laws for the righteous’. The laws are for the overwhelming number of people who are not guided by the indwelling Holy Spirit. People acting like Christ don’t need government laws. Christ rejected Pharisees, laymen, and Sadducees, religious, who made up laws to suit their own needs. That’s what I see evangelicals trying to do today–seeking favoritism and advantage due to their being Christians.

          131. Moki says:

            It is true that the Christian is free from the law of Moses, as well as the law of sin and death, although the law of sin and death is still out there and it is possible to run afoul of it.

            It is also true that Christians have the indwelling Holy Spirit, as well as the Word of God, in the form of the Scriptures and in the form of Jesus Himself, who is the very Word of God, living in their hearts. That’s the meaning of being born again — I’m sure you realize that. And the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. Jesus Himself, the Word of God who was made flesh and dwelt among us, said Himself that He was the Way, the Truth and the Life. It’s also true that Christians, with the very truth living inside of their spirits, do have the ability to know the truth, speak the truth, recognize the truth, obey the truth and walk in the truth. Therefore Christians who are accessing the Spirit of Truth inside of them and abiding in the Truth revealed by the Spirit in the Word ought to be able to discern between good and evil. And that’s all that I am doing, when I say that abortion is as evil as slavery ever was, and actually has been predicated on the same lie as slavery, that the unborn, or those who were made slaves, were not fully human. This ability to discern between good and evil also tells me that the promotion of homosexuality is evil.

            All of this and more is why I have come to the conclusion that the Democrat Party and those who defend it have pretty much become apologists for evil, which is what our discussion has been about here these last couple of days.

          132. DrBillLemoine says:

            Getting away from Trump vs media. Where do you get your truth from–rip and reads from the wires? Magazines and newspapers? All have a point of view you must reconcile correctly with training and wisdom.

          133. Moki says:

            Truth is in the person of Jesus Christ. Everything else doesn’t qualify as “truth,” it is better described as facts, reality or events. The word “truth” is not really interchangeable with the word “fact.”

          134. DrBillLemoine says:

            Nonsense, and anti-intellectual.

          135. Moki says:

            Republicans who support capital punishment do so on the basis of the rule of law. Capital punishment for those convicted of specific crimes after due process cannot logically be equated with abortion on demand, although I am well aware that people on the left try to do so all the time. But the logic doesn’t follow.

          136. DrBillLemoine says:

            Are you Christian? Then you don’t advocate capital punishment. Very simple–thou shalt not kill for Jews; treat your brother as yourself for Christians.

          137. Moki says:

            The accurate translation of that commandment is “Thou shalt not murder.” Big difference. But another typical leftist response, not based upon real knowledge of what the Scriptures actually say, but based upon a misrepresentation of them, and of Christianity, and of Jewish and Christian beliefs and teachings.

          138. DrBillLemoine says:

            Grasping at straws for a Christian. Are you? Your law is from Christ saying the golden rule, much broader.

          139. Moki says:

            The golden rule doesn’t mean that capital punishment should be illegal. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” has to do with how an individual chooses to live his or her life and how to treat other people, not whether capital punishment is the law of a particular state or nation.

          140. DrBillLemoine says:

            Not a church goer, bible student or Spirit filled. Christ’s 2 commandments, the second being the Golden Rule, is Christians’ 10 Commandments, but you don’t know.

          141. Moki says:

            I go to church at least twice a week, sometimes more, plus I pray and read my Bible and fellowship with other Christians on a regular basis. I regularly attend Christian book and Bible studies. I attend Christian conventions and seminars on Bible-oriented kinds of topics. I know full well what Jesus teaches, and do my best to follow it.

            I cannot comprehend how someone who claims he believes Jesus and the gospel thinks, believes and votes the way you have indicated that you do.

          142. DrBillLemoine says:

            Knowledge, Christ said, by attendance, hearing and worshipping, is only the first step toward Judgment. You must also understand, something I don’t see. Do you know what the third step is?

          143. Moki says:

            Just because you don’t think that I am seeing things accurately, or you don’t think that I understand doesn’t mean that you’re correct. I’ve already told you that I think you’re deceived.

          144. DrBillLemoine says:

            A broken clock is correct twice a day. It’s still broken.

          145. Moki says:

            No doubt. I, however, am not a clock. 🙂

          146. ezekiel22 says:

            BTW progressives have shown the fascist bent to no end this election cycle. The destruction caused by Bernie supporters, BLM thugs or blaggards if you will, the voter suppression and election rigging demonstrated by the DNC are all classics coming straight from Hitler and his Brownshirts. You speak of totalitarianism as if it is a bad thing. Lizbeth Warren said at the convention that if the republicans do not disarm then we will disarm them. My but that sounds like a dictatorship to me.
            As long as I can look at success stories of generationally democratic run cities like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore etc. then I will question the validity of anyone saying that they stand for progress.
            I can tell you the reasons why that lady works for others the way she does. Why don’t you help her out and ease her load? Give her a rest and be nice.

          147. DrBillLemoine says:

            What ‘destruction caused by Bernie supporters’? One Oakland Trump rally brought minor attacks on Trump supporters? Is that fascist, or just a typical radical Oakland reaction? Don’t you know their history?
            DNC rules have been in place for many elections; nothing rigged in the dark. No voters were suppressed if you compare with fascist red state NC, formerly red PA, and a dozen other conservative run states today. Stop the romantic dreaming about Hitler documentaries on cable tv today. Trump’s reliance on himself over ‘generals’, RNC, outside campaign operatives in the states and formerly a Putin-abetting Ukrainian operative favoring communist thugs, Manafort all show who is fascist in today’s presidential campaign, if you aren’t blind or an ideologue or desperate.
            Like many states where huge cities dominate the politics of an entire state otherwise run by conservatives–your fascists–IL, MI (not MD where Baltimore is relatively small) right wingers fail to provide state resources to cities of Democratic voting majorities. New Orleans was another one where Katrina showed GBush2 in a ‘flyover’, only belatedly providing FEMA help as that city was not ‘republican’. Ditto, Detroit, abandoned by R-Gov. Snyder who even poisoned Flint residents in a ‘manufactured fiscal crisis’ with other large distraught cities, even suspending democracy in them.
            I would never ‘be nice’ the way you think. I have scruples and morals.

          148. ezekiel22 says:

            Man you shoulda turned on the news to see the happenings in a Minnesota Trump rally. It was the usual thuggery of assaults on people including old people by punks. Yes those punks were Killary supporters.
            I guess you reject the premise that fraudulent votes disenfranchise legal voters. Good for you. I did sorta pay attention to the democratic primary. You know the irregularities and questionable actions that took place let alone what DWS did behind scenes. No won’t Hillary can’t even fill a gym or electricians hall down the street from me. It is funny but my grandson played for her in town and was paid a lot for 15 minutes. He listened to her and rejected her lies even getting mad for what he knows is true. Boy could I have fun now.

          149. DrBillLemoine says:

            1. ‘Punks’ aren’t Hillary supporters but criminals taking advantage of a disastrous Trump candidacy for their immoral activities. Can’t you tell the difference?
            2. There is still no voter fraud. DWS is gone as needed. Overzealous and under whelming ability as DNC chair. I called that 2 years ago after 2014 elections. Yet Republicans in NC and elsewhere still suppress black/youth/minority voting. You deliberately ignore such trespasses.
            Have a good time now, and the middle class will have one under Hillary’s policies soon.

          150. Moki says:

            I am not grateful for anything that progressives and Democrats have done. Democrats brought us slavery and the Civil War, because they insisted that slavery be legal. Democrats and progressives insist upon abortion on demand, up to and even beyond all nine months of pregnancy. Democrats and progressives are trying to destroy the family by redefining marriage, among other things. I am certain that, if we continue to “progress” down this road to Hell, that they claim is paved with good intentions, we’ll soon find ourselves legalizing euthanasia, not merely assisted suicide.

            As far as I can tell, Democrats and progressives support everything that destroys individuals, families, society and nations. I am not certain whether that is because they’re ignorant, indoctrinated, foolish or evil or all three.

          151. DrBillLemoine says:

            Are you alive today or 150 years ago? Southern plantation owners perpetuated slavery, not Democrats.
            Republicans who freed the slaves under Lincoln are now suppressing their voting and civil rights as freemen. It’s not political as much as regional.
            Nobody’s marriage is affected by LGBT rights enforcement. It’s a bogus argument aimed at un-Constitutional preferential treatment of Christians by politicians. You should applaud as a conservative, greater freedoms for everybody. Why the hypocrisy? Even the bible says love the sinner.
            From a less political and ideologically rightwing viewpoint, Dems and progressives seek more freedoms, not less. Tell me whose life, family, society and nation is destroyed by greater freedoms. And if you favor more controls, what about gun controls to prevent terrorism and mass murders?

          152. Moki says:

            The Southern plantation owners who owned slaves and Southern legislators who insisted upon slavery being legal and accepted, and hoped to extend its tyranny to all of the other states, were all Democrats. Support for slavery was part of the Democrat Party’s platform. Not one Republican owned a slave; indeed, it was the Republican Party that sought to free the slaves.

            Democrats pushed for slavery, and to extend slavery, until the Union was divided and an extremely bloody and deadly war had to be fought to rid the nation of slavery and preserve the Union. That someone as apparently well-versed in U.S. history as yourself doesn’t realize this or believe it is evidence of what I’ve been claiming about leftist, progressive revisionist history and anti-American, anti-Constitutional, anti-Christian indoctrination proliferating in the education system.

            Marriage is an institution which has been a foundation of civilization. It has existed in all places at all times since the beginning of recorded history. It has always previously described a heterosexual union, and never at any time in the past, until very recently described a homosexual union. There was and is nothing unconstitutional about the fact that the definition of and recognition of marriage was previously solely heterosexual.

          153. DrBillLemoine says:

            Read a little history. Plantation owners needed cheap labor to work their farms and slavery was instituted. It’ was economics not politics that prevailed. As society matured, slavery was seen for what it was/is but the economics dictated maintenance that enlightened people could no longer abide. Do you believe in slavery today? You are in the wrong country.
            Also, today’s Republicans are mainly yesterday’s Democrats. Are you aware of the party shift post 1965-civil rights laws under LBJ?
            Lincoln in 1863 was not like any Republican leader(?) today. The world changes. Your understanding must also.
            Marriage is defined by people, not nature. Your ideas about it are constructed by man’s writings and even then you have Mormon polygamy; ditto, Muslim harems. Procreation is heterosexual, not cohabitation. You have learned all your definitions of marriage that others don’t believe. Get over it. Follow your ideas yourself if a Christian, but don’t impose, meaning force, your beliefs on others. They too will exercise free will. Marriage is not in the constitution or bill of rights.

          154. Moki says:

            I have read quite a bit of history. Certainly slavery was an economic choice — an evil one, which was championed by Democrats. It was never solely economic. It was an outrageous evil. Man’s inhumanity to man, based upon a decision to see slaves as not fully human. Curiously reminiscent of the argument of Democrats today in favor of abortion. Unborn babies, or fetsuses, are somehow not fully human. You alluded to that viewpoint in one of your earlier posts.

            It isn’t true that today’s Republicans are mostly yesterday’s Democrats, at least not in regard to civil rights or slavery. You should see D’inesh D’Souza’s latest movie. There was no massive shift, post 1965, from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party, except for people like me, who realized that the Democrat Party, with it’s incessant march to the left, did not represent our true values. And I’m talking about pro-life, pro-Constitution, pro-American, pro-traditional marriage. I am not talking about the progressive left’s false narrative about what conservative Republicans stand for.

            It is true that man has implemented many different arrangements in regard to marriage, but they have all only been heterosexual, until those foolish secular nations in Europe began deciding that marriage could be homosexual, too. And that was only about 15 years ago.

            It is true that marriage is not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights. No doubt it never occurred to the Founders that marriage would ever be considered to be anything except what they knew in their day. So why did five justices feel they had a right to overrule thousands of years of civilization, the tenets of every religion and the traditions of myriad tribes, tongues and nations from the beginning of humankind not to mention the will of the majority of people in the majority of states and the duly instituted laws of those states and invent a constitutional “right” to homosexual marriage?

          155. DrBillLemoine says:

            Your history is from selective memory. There were slaves long before the was a USA, certainly Democrats. Remember the ‘triangle trade’–pure economics. Fetuses are not humans in bondage–pretty much a reach by you for bogus definitions.
            Unless you condemn doctors, they perform d & c dilation and curettage procedures often but you don’t condemn them and they vow to ‘do no harm’. Is yours a forked tongue, a double mind?
            You are a living example of party shifting; post 1965 Dixiecrat Democrats abandoned their party and became Republicans, as I witness in the Deep South. You weren’t watching the party of Strom Thurmond becoming the party of David Duke–Democratic to Republican. Duke was a LA representative as a Republican and his successor today Steve Scalise, House Republican whip leader talks to the KKK of Thurmond and replaced him as a LA elected official on the far right.
            If you believe in civil and personal rights, religious freedom and free will, you must follow Gospel and love all those people. The sin you can hate, but separate the person from the sin always. And SCOTUS was simply following the 14th Amendment for equal protection of the law, nothing more. Are you against the Bill of Rights too?

          156. Moki says:

            Duke is rejected by Republicans and I am not from the South. I was never a Dixiecrat …. I was an idealistic patriitic American who grew up in the Pacifuc Northwest when I registered as a Democrat at age 18. By age 26, I had finally figured out that Democrats dont share my views as to the essential goodness of America, and they also favor the slaughter of the innocent.

            Also, Duke is an anomaly. The founders of the KKK and all its members were Democrats, by the way. None were Republicans.

          157. DrBillLemoine says:

            How do you explain his Duke’s election to public office in LA on the Republican line if they reject him??? Actually if you follow the news R House whip Scalise, whose cousin was a pal of mine, talks to the KKK for election, hardly an anomaly. KKK is now Republican. You put too much stock in politics and parties that have had a sea change in my lifetime in the Deep South seeing it up close.
            Seattle isn’t Spokane–very different political worlds. I’d say WA has done well with big corporations headquartered there, big industry providing jobs. Move to Seattle for work and pay.

          158. Moki says:

            I haven’t been following David Duke, except once in awhile I hear Republican lawmakers and candidates disavowing him, when he has somehow grabbed media attention. The media likes to remind voters that he is a Republican. The Republican Party disavows him. Anyone can put an R after their name. I doubt that he actually receives Republican Party money.

            KKK is not Republican. When it was murdering and terrorizing African-Americans, it was Democrat.

            I think Scalise didn’t realize he was addressing people tied to the KKK, by the way. I think that’s the extent of his sin.

            I work in the MSM, and have done so for 30 years. I know that, when it comes to politics and political issues, the vast majority of journalists vote for Democrats and support Democrat ideas and policies. And they don’t cover political issues fairly, objectively and accurately.

          159. DrBillLemoine says:

            In public House R Whip disavows the KKK and Duke. In fundraising and voting, he delivers speeches and who knows how much more in LA. Either you respect the party leadership for their truth or you switch.
            Today’s KKK is a hate group like before and Republican based supporting Trump. The names change and the overt behavior but not the hating. Failure to see this is a big gap in your political horse sense.
            Look, I lived near Scalise’s district; everybody knows who the KKK members are. That’s why Duke had to retire to Russia till the heat against him/them died down. Support Russians and communists too? It’s a Trump and Republican thing; all are covert dictators.
            Reporters are mainly college educated and more open or liberal as a result of education. No surprise. They do get facts unlike Fox (comedy) News, Beck, Hannity and the other Fox offspring under Ailes.
            I peruse these conservative blogs regularly and can say they aren’t fair, objective or accurate. Been banned from one for truth telling.

          160. Moki says:

            Agreed that today’s KKK is a hate group, and they are evil. They may be trying to make themselves a home in the GOP, but they’re not finding a warm welcome. The KKK still got its start in the Democrat Party.

          161. DrBillLemoine says:

            Nobody has to register Republican to vote the ticket. Haters like to hide out, not declare party affiliation.
            Again times change so keep up with the facts.

          162. Moki says:

            I actually see a great deal of hate, not to mention misinformation and disinformation, on the left and from the left.

          163. DrBillLemoine says:

            Yes, I guess I hate the possibility of a Trump presidency, continuation of the know nothing do nothing congress and backsliding ‘red’ states. Add voter suppression, rejection of ACA, and lack of jobs and you got my number.

          164. Moki says:

            And I hate evil, the spreading of lies, misinformation and disinformation, and the attempts to destroy liberty. That’s what I see the left trying to do in the U.S.A.

          165. DrBillLemoine says:

            From my ongoing posts with you I discern that you don’t see very well.

          166. Moki says:

            You’d be mistaken.

          167. Moki says:

            Also, I disagree that the Republican base supporting Trump is a hate group. I get really fed up with that allegation of the left … it isn’t true. Republican conservatives are not, as a group, racists or haters.

          168. DrBillLemoine says:

            Republicans by demographics, policies and socioeconomic reasons are decreasing in numbers. So they are desperate for every vote they can get, legitimate or hater, rich or poor. You are thinking of a GOP that hardly exists today. Now it’s the fatcat and under-educated party. Congress reflects their know nothing do nothing output–13% approval nationwide. I do see that Republicans vote against their interests for jobs and paychecks frequently because of political scamming, lies, misdirection and greed.

          169. Moki says:

            Everything you say here is simply the left’s false narrative. It isn’t true, it’s leftist, progressive Democrat propaganda.

          170. DrBillLemoine says:

            Revisit your unreliable, invalid news/data sources.

          171. Moki says:

            Republicanism is a political ideology, rather than a race or ethnicity. I have actually come to suspect that it is the Democrat Party that is racist, because they make EVERYTHING about race, instead of just letting people be people.

          172. DrBillLemoine says:

            When actions are blatantly racially motivated or affect race, it’s not racist to call a spade a spade–unless you are on the right politically.

          173. Moki says:

            But you’re wrong. Republican actions, conservative actions are not racially motivated. Democrat actions often seem to be, though.

          174. DrBillLemoine says:

            Why are you continuing to ignore blatant racial motivation to suppress black voters in many states by Republicans? Ignoring the obvious doesn’t speak well for you or your party.

          175. Moki says:

            Because it doesn’t really exist … it only exists in the false narrative promoted by the leftist and progressive liars and propagandists in the Democrat Party and the MSM.

          176. DrBillLemoine says:

            As a media person, are you telling me, readers, you don’t know about state laws proven to suppress black voters? I’d avoid that rag at all costs.

          177. Moki says:

            Proven by whom? Ruled upon by activist judges, placed in their positions by a concerted effort of the left, which has been working overtime to make sure that judges hold their radical views on just about everything. Voter suppression, in this day and and age, is largely a figment of the left’s false narrative. Unless you’re talking about the Black Panthers in one Philadelphia precinct who intimidated white voters at the polls. The Obama administration’s Justice Department made sure that charges against them were dropped.

          178. DrBillLemoine says:

            North Carolina judges, I’d say weren’t activist but Republican, ruled voter suppression ‘surgically’ aimed at black voters with some college students too. You aren’t ripping and reading anything that isn’t ultra conservative, I see. Belong to one of these blogs, maybe. Either you love the job, or are easily led, or are completely indoctrinated. Even my progressive mind sees occasional good in conservative ideas, but not you. Some people with a public responsibility are even handed, but hardly you.

          179. Moki says:

            Another longstanding false allegation of the left ALWAYS seems to be that people who hold the views I’ve espoused are stupid, poor, ignorant, poorly educated, hateful, bigoted, unthinking and easily led. Repeating it endlessly doesn’t make it a fact, and it isn’t a fact.

          180. DrBillLemoine says:

            All I have to go by is seeing who supports Trump this year, who represents you in the know nothing do nothing congress and your posts among others in these blogs. It’s hardly fact free like much of your stuff.

          181. Moki says:

            So all Trump supporters are ignorant, bigoted, etc., etc., etc. The fact that you espouse and hold to that mistaken view says way more about you than it does about them.

          182. DrBillLemoine says:

            You really must go back to school; or, pay attention to something called demographics. Those adjectives describe the far right Republicans mainly supporting Trump today. It’s like a barbell (if you watched the Olympics with more attention than you pay your job). Heavy end with undereducated, military, low income, bigoted, etc. people; other heavy end with fat cats, super rich, CEOs, elite SES people who own half the nation and soak up 90% of its income today. Your reply tells me lots about you.

          183. Moki says:

            And your contention about Republicans, conservatives and those who support Trump actually provides great evidence as to why there is so much support for Trump at the moment.

            The people for whom you show so much contempt are not as you’ve described them. They’ve gotten their dander up, because they’re fed up with being portrayed in the MSM and the Democrat Party’s talking points and the progressive left’s false narrative exactly the way you have portrayed them.

            Based upon your absolute insistence that these are the demographics of those who support Trump, it would not surprise me if Trump won the election by a landslide. You have no idea how fed up ordinary Americans are with being portrayed just the way you’ve portrayed them.

          184. DrBillLemoine says:

            So much support for Trump means about 20-25% of Republican voters. He can’t win with just white males and a few others who can’t bring themselves to change from the Republican ticket. Landslide for Hill.
            I’ve been around Tea party/Trump supporters and others on the fringes of conservative politics. They are typically what I’ve quoted from informed sources as just what I’ve described–research and my own eyes.
            Their angst about name calling must impact hard because that’s the way they talk and act–9th grade boys in a rank session. It’s accurate and nobody with any perspective will be dissuaded–i.e., moderate Republicans and Independents who are swarming to Hillary as I write this. As a parent and teacher, I know no adolescent wants to be called infantile, especially if that’s what they are.

          185. Moki says:

            I think you might be surprised. We’ll have to wait until Nov. 8 to find out which of us is right.

          186. Moki says:

            I think that ordinary Americans are finally beginning to wake up and realize how close the left has brought us to rendering the U.S. Constitution … which I support … irrelevant, and destroying our freedom. I think people on the left are either ignorant and indoctrinated, or downright evil. In the U.S., it is the Democrat Party that represents these ideas, and is working to implement that destruction.

          187. DrBillLemoine says:

            Again you aren’t aware of facts and reality where Democrats expand rights and responsibilities. It’s your side that evades Senate hearings to ‘advise and consent’ on a valid SCOTUS nominee, oppresses voting, avoids responsibility for limiting access of guns to terrorists, mass murderers and the like.
            Also you are running out of arguments as the discussion has devolved into name calling–ignorant, indoctrinated, destructive–clearly due to your own political indoctrination (lacking arguments), not mine.

          188. Moki says:

            I am thrilled that the Republican-led Senate refused to hold hearings on Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. That’s the one thing they’ve done to hold the line on the leftist, progressive attempt to completely deprive us of liberty. I applaud them.

          189. DrBillLemoine says:

            The Warren Court decades ago was an activist progressive one and we survived it. You are justifying violation of the constitutional duty of Senators–anti-Constitutional, anarchistic. Is that you, an outlaw? I hope you jest about progressives not seeking more liberty–a gross misreading of my politics, and millions of others.

          190. Moki says:

            I think it is more accurate to say that progressives support libertine propensities, rather than love liberty, or pursue liberty. They may call their insistence on legalizing everything that was formerly considered bad, destructive or evil “liberty,” but it’s really more libertine than a choice for liberty.

          191. Moki says:

            There have been slaves in many places throughout history … but in England and in the United States, Christian abolitionists put an end to it. And those Christian abolitionists were Republicans.

          192. DrBillLemoine says:

            If you know your history as described, you know Republicans formed for abolition; today they suppress blacks’ voter and civil rights. Things do change if you are watching.

          193. Moki says:

            Republicans do not suppress voter rights. That is another false narrative of the left and a Democratic Party talking point, which is entirely false.

            Some Republicans are concerned about trying to prevent voter fraud … that is not the same thing as suppressing the rights of legitimate citizens of all races and ethnic backgrounds to vote. You should not believe everything that you hear or read in the leftist, progressive, MSM or from Marxist academics. That Republicans are trying to prevent American citizens from voting because of racism is simply not true.

          194. DrBillLemoine says:

            You really aren’t up to speed, keep up on the news. The Supreme Court just nullified the NC laws suppressing primarily black voters; said it was surgically precise lawmaking contrary to our Rights. There was PA where the R governor was defeated and his SecState bragged on suppressing 800,000 black votes. The right leaning SCOTUS negated both civil and voter rights clauses in 1964 and 1965 laws that opened the flood gates to right wingers (who can’t win an election on the merits of their middle class policies) to pass such evil laws. Get a better news source for yourself.
            There is no voter fraud; about 29 instances over the past decade were identified out of 100s of million votes–insignificant. Keep that distinct from suppression laws, a Republican policy to help elect conservatives where they are outnumbered. Today even South Carolina may favor Hillary in November. Facts are facts; but news sources must be reliable and valid. You aren’t checking closely.
            Racism is another matter.

          195. Moki says:

            For heaven’s sake, I work in the news media. I read hundreds of news stories every day, and choose from them. I’d bet I’m far more up to speed and better informed on current events than you are.

            The Supreme Court is leftist and corrupt. They just recently decided to redefine marriage to embrace homosexuality. I remember the Supreme Court once affirmed slavery, once agreed that African-Americans were not fully human. The fact that the Supreme Court issued a ruling on a N.C. law doesn’t mean that ruling was correct, or that the justices correctly identified that the purpose of the law was to suppress minority votes.

            You’re just another leftist and progressive liar and propagandist bent on misinformation and disinformation and indoctrinating people into believing and regurgitating a false narrative. And you’re pretty much ethically and morally and factually wrong about everything we’ve discussed.

          196. DrBillLemoine says:

            Your common sense is overwhelmed and subdued by the volume of your news reading. Without knowing the media outlet I can’t say more.
            SCOTUS is well known as right leaning. How don’t you know this? Why are you so against obeying the constitution as SCOTUS dictates?
            Sounds like you are an anarchist, anti-constitutionalist and anti-intellectual. I seek a more perfect union. What are you looking for?
            Why do you call me a ‘liar’ just because we disagree? It’s a failing of right wingers with thinking usurped by propaganda and mis-/under education. Your editor/boss is no doubt ultra conservative so I understand you adopting his values to keep your jobs.
            If you see false narrative from the left, you are not thinking for yourself.

          197. Moki says:

            Since Antonin Scalia’s death, SCOTUS definitely does not lean to the right. With John Roberts turning the ACA into a tax to help keep it legal, I would say that it actually didn’t lean to the right beforehand, but rather, more towards the left. That was just not recognized by the people who assumed Roberts was a conservative.

            Anarchist, anti-constitutional, anti-intellectual … you must have run out of arguments, all those that you presented having failed. I am saying that your function here, with more than 14,000 posts, is definitely to try to persuade people into believing and accepting false narratives, which is the function of a propagandist, liar and or indoctrinator.

          198. DrBillLemoine says:

            At worst or most cynical, Roberts didn’t want his court responsible for denying healthcare to millions, many of them dying. At best he followed principles seeking a more perfect union, providing ‘equal’ access to healthcare and moving toward equal application of the law. Take your pick. Many conservatives are hard hearted and want the sick to die, eliminating their burden on the body politic. We saw it in Tampa’s debate in 2012, as I recall after the Tea Party’s ascendance.
            Just because you don’t accept truth, reason and even common sense, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

          199. Moki says:

            Nonsense. “Access” to “healthcare.” Another leftist, progressive lie. Co-opt the language and frame issues according to a deception. The way leftist, progressive Democrats do it.

            Actually, everyone in the United States has and has had equal access to health care. It is illegal for hospitals to turn people away based upon their ability to pay, and based upon whether they have health insurance. The ACA, by the way, is offers health insurance, not health care. And it costs so much, that middle class people can’t actually afford to go to the doctor after they pay the premiums!

          200. DrBillLemoine says:

            You aren’t reading or understanding my posts on ACA features. End of conversation there.
            You are forgetting something called ‘pre-existing’ conditions that prevented sick people from getting policies. Hospitals don’t turn people away, but also must avoid a revolving door kind of treatment under ACA–an improvement.
            I have clients who are working poor who can’t afford even ACA policies with subsidies. You are making excuses not arguments against ACA covering 20 million additional people today over before Obama.
            Why are you so hard hearted and cold hearted?

          201. Moki says:

            Why are you so hard-hearted and cold-hearted? Why are you such a totalitarian? I’m not making excuses, I’m telling you I don’t believe that it is constitutional for Congress to pass a law ordering Americans to purchase health insurance and fine them if they don’t. It only stood constitutional muster because John Roberts redefined the law as a tax.

          202. DrBillLemoine says:

            Congress has the constitutional power over taxation. ‘Nuf said.

          203. Moki says:

            The ACA was not designed or implemented as a tax. It was a mandate for citizens to purchase health insurance. The Obama administration, the Democrats in Congress and that creepy policy wonk who made fun of ordinary Americans whose name I don’t recall at the moment colluded with insurance companies to force Americans to purchase insurance companies’ product. That ought to outrage you. It does me.

          204. DrBillLemoine says:

            You sound like the typist who copies text without reading or understanding the contents. Very fast, but not informed. You must think you are smarter than SCOTUS–what a hoot! Like Trump knowing more about ISIL than the generals, he claimed.

          205. Moki says:

            I read very quickly and comprehend because I have to. It’s a skill I developed on the job. You and I simply disagree. We simply see things differently.

          206. Moki says:

            LOL. On what planet do you reside, that you think my editor/boss in the MSM is ultra-conservative?

            The other people I work with, including those above me, vote for Democrats, support Democrats, and in general agree with the progressive left, as is the case with most of the MSM. in my view, it is one reason the MSM has lost so much credibility in recent years.

            On the job, I don’t discuss my political and religious views. I do discuss the news, and how we cover the news.

          207. DrBillLemoine says:

            I wouldn’t be naïve about coworkers. They all know your leanings. It was one of the factors in my overwhelming success with subordinates and problems with leadership.

          208. Moki says:

            I am sure that they at least suspect my leanings. But I have enough respect for the job we’re supposed to be doing as journalists to stick to that job as much as possible. The same cannot be said of them.

          209. DrBillLemoine says:

            Pardon? Are journalists not sticking to their jobs? When do they get fired?

          210. Moki says:

            They don’t. That’s because they all pretty much share the same political views (with a few exceptions) and don’t even realize that their working in an echo chamber.

          211. Helland says:

            1-The very first slave owner in the colonies was a Black tobacco farmer named Anthony Johnson. One has to wonder if he thought Black lives mattered.

            2-In 1860, just as the US Civil War was about to begin North Carolina’s largest slave owner was a Black plantation owner named William Ellison.
            Evidently he had a “plantation mentality.”

            3-Another point is that Native Americans owned thousands of Black slaves. I guess we don’t
            teach US history anymore so that little tidbit doesn’t come out.

            4-Years before the US Civil War, in 1830, records show that there were 3,775 free Black people who owned 12,740 Black slaves. I guess today’s “reparations” crowd should double check those records to make sure their ancestors weren’t slave owners instead of slaves before they go signing any petitions, eh?

            5-In contrast to the narrative that all Black slaves in the US picked cotton and were whipped to within inches of their lives for even looking a White
            person in the eye, many Black slaves in the United States during the time of slavery held jobs in the private sector, and owned businesses and real estate.

            6-Black African tribes were the sources of Black slaves. African tribe members would capture members of other Africa tribes and sell them, a practice that went on for thousands of years.

            7-When slaves were brought to the United
            States, this was often done at the hands of
            Black slave owners.

            8-Today, throughout the Middle East and in Africa, slavery still exists. As in the days of widespread
            slavery, in Africa Black-on-Black slavery still exists. That means that the only racial demographics in the world today still practicing this barbaric trade are African Blacks and Muslims

          212. DrBillLemoine says:

            In reverse order, slavery abroad doesn’t justify itself. How is this related to Trump warring on media?
            Black or white slave owners–it’s still immoral. Your point?
            Are you justifying practices of pre-USA slavery today?
            If you read, 12 Years a Slave, by Solomon Northup, you can get the blacks’ ownership idea. They were not slaves and owners.
            What’s the reparations point?
            In brief you ignore the article to pursue a justification of white slavery by citing black slave owners. What’s the point? Opportunists are everywhere, including ignorant Trump running for president to build his personal brand.

    2. cutterguy says:

      should I vote for Hillary?

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Hillary’s opponent is inept at most everything we’ve seen him tackle except generating rally crowds and promoting himself. Even his party members are abandoning him in droves. You’ll have lots of company from the right voting for Hillary.

      2. cutterguy says:

        ain’t gonna happen. I will not vote for that witch if you held a gun to my head, or anybody I love.

  • Luke says:

    Good for Trump, crush those heinous liberal media jackals under his foot. The media of today is as sorry and stink like a day old cow patty.

  • CBUJAN says:

    No one believes the lies of the media. They cheat, lie and fix the polls in their favor. I do not pay attention to them because I know what the voters want and that is Trump for their next president.

  • Sinnie Kemp says:

    The big shots in the GOP and the MSM keep saying that Trump is a loose cannon with his big mouth and now he has Steve Bannon at his side who is known as loose cannon too.

    My take is ‘what do people expect when you are fighting with power grabbed group of people who want to absolutely control everyone. If you can’t shoot them with the guns then what do you have but to shoot them with your mouth. So if that is all you can use to fight for your rights and freedom then you have to let them know and the people know what the power grabbed are and where you stand. You have to give them what you get and cannot let the political correctness keep your mouth shut’.

    PC is an ultimate tool used by the PTB to achieve their agenda. If we can get rid or overcome this non sense PC then we, the people of this country will still have a chance to turn this country around for the sake of our kids and grandkids’ future.

    So, Trump and Bannon go get them!

    TRUMP 2016!!!

  • Patriot47 says:

    If it weren’t for lies and half-truths, the MSM would be (crickets).

  • BOC says:

    The media is fast becoming a parody of itself. Kind of like ah, Teddy Kennedy!!!

  • Hooligoggin says:

    What a bunch of horrible people, those media folks. Maybe they should turn a deaf ear to the unbelievably ignorant things he says, look past everything he fabricates and only cover the decent, truthful words. So unfair…so dishonest.

    1. dave veltmand says:

      I think that you may have accidentally entered the wrong blog. The Dem’s blog is located at

    2. Jimbo says:

      You’ve already been so brainwashed you couldn’t identify truth if it hit you in the face. We will pray for you.

  • Dan says:

    I have never seen a more sleazy bunch of commentators and reporters from the main stream media as we see in this election cycle. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC…They will spin, take out of context and make up a story just to hear themselves talk. Good example: “What will the GOP do if Donald Trump drops out?”

    1. Dell says:

      If Trump drops out they will be up
      shit creek without a paddle. They
      don’t have any one as capable as
      Trump. I don’t know of any one else
      I would trust as much as I do Trump.

      1. Dan says:

        I agree. The right doesn’t have enough media outlets except talk radio. Maybe they should start a story: “With less than 90 days till the election, what will the Democrat party do if Hillary undergoes emergency brain surgery?” Making something up just makes for a great headline. Almost as effective as if it were true.

      2. GeneP54 says:

        I’m baffled as to why you trust him so much.
        Most every stance that he has is either unconstitutional or liberal, and he said at a rally the other day that he will lie to you (like that’s a secret). I’ll never vote for Hillary, but I don’t understand why people who call themselves Conservative are falling for Trump’s blatant liberal agenda. Makes no sense.

  • daveveselenak says:

    Media, what media, we have a State-run, fifth column propagandists and if I were advising Trump and I am advising the Right to refer to them as what they are – Pravda would be proud!

  • Askjrsk says:

    So refreshing to have a leader to speak the truth. Smart enough to surround himself with with wise counsel not based on sex, race, or ORIGION or religion, but ability. News showed Trump speaking, Hillary response and camera panning multitudes at rally-but it was Trumps rally but inferred that crowds were at Hillarys. Please refer to u tube of sweeps of crowds at Trumps, and few people at Hillarys and most of them are professionals paid to boo and cheer. Good think she has lots of money. Renting out the Lincoln bedroom to selling out America. Lock her up. TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  • Hammer the Bar'stewards says:

    Of course Trump is correct to go after the media, it is plainly obvious to anyone with even half a brain that the media is a corrupt as Bill and Hillary Clinton and more corrupt you just cannot be!
    The Demonrats just like Joeseph Goebbels know that once you control the media you have control of the people – Trump has to not only go after but he also needs to smash the media into the dirt where 90% of it belongs!

  • Anouk says:

    Donald Trump HAS to win the election otherwise America is going for a long suffering future.
    These low informed gullible Hillary followers believe the distortions and lies the media published.
    Promise them a free phone…and that’s it.
    Vote for a safe America. Trump for President.

  • SD of AZ says:

    Good, it is time to call the media out. They are biased and lying in polls and every other way possible. This liberal media thinks we are all mushrooms to be kept in the dark and fed bull crap! NOT! And it is time to take this fight to them and the dem wit dems and rinos. Go Ward in AZ and Go TRUMP!

  • MakeAmericaHonestAgain says:

    Thank GOD for Donald Trump !!!
    Please pray for him.

    1. Hooligoggin says:

      Please don’t mention God and Trump in the same sentence.

      1. Jimbo says:

        Another of the PC Police has spoken. God has been removed from the left, how dare you speak his name.

      2. Tennessee Slim says:

        Can you spell TROLL? Obviously, if mention of God offends you, Killary is your ticket. She pays lip service to God, but never was there more of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She supports Planned Parenthood’s abortion racket, selling organs of the unborn for profit. Nothing is sicker.

      3. James Brooks says:

        Your name fits you perfect.

      4. sox83cubs84 says:

        If you want to Make America Honest Again, supporting the Hidabeast is NOT the way to do it.

      5. Spiritof America says:

        Back off………

  • ralph says:

    THANK YOU MR. TRUMP. I am so tired of the news media as they call it. I have not seen any news in 50 years. I see police reports,actors lives, animals, sports to me not any of this is news. I wish people would not leave the TV on when they leave it because it sends a wrong message and gets you more of the same. I am so sick of what they call news I cancelled my cable service I have paid for garbage both news and programming to watch advertisers.

  • W. Coyote says:

    The media made the whole thing up. Trump never actually said John McCain wasn’t a war hero. Trump never insulted Carly Fiorina’s looks. Trump never actually insulted all his GOP rivals. Trump never bragged about the size of his ..whatever. Trump never actually said “I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her”. Trump never claimed Obama is founder of ISIS. Trump never attacked a Gold Star mother.
    The media made all this stuff and more.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Yes that darn media, always faking those videos for Trump saying things. They media will fake whole speeches from him. Don’t ever trust what you see or hear, wait for Trump to tell you what to believe.

      1. Hooligoggin says:

        Yes…they keep forcing him to be disgusting, and then they have the nerve to tell the truth about what he said. Bunch of snakes, huh?

      2. W. Coyote says:

        bob- Thank you for your reply. Sounds like we are seeing the same fake stuff. The media is probably using holograms to create the illusion that Trump is saying those ridiculous things.

    2. Hooligoggin says:

      Yep, how could they be so callous as to write about what he said? Darn media.

      1. Jimbo says:

        The real problem is that it has to be explained to the ignorant by the ignorant without any regard for truth.

      2. W. Coyote says:

        Hooligoggin- Thank you for your reply. You are right. The “media” is pretty callous for doing honest reporting. Don’t they know they need to constantly stroke the Donald’s ego? And not only that,they have no sense of humor. How could they possibly be confused when Trump repeats a falsehood over and over? He’s merely being sarcastic.

        1. Worried Vet says:

          The media and honest in the same sentence is an oxymoron. They lie or spin everything to fit their agenda. If you believe Hillary is honest you need to be on better drugs. If you believe the media and hillary are honest you need to be in a nut house. If you believe everything any of these elites say move to Russia that’s where it’s law. This PC crap is proving to do more harm than good. Now in a Dallas suburb the Muslim’s are crying racist because it’s against the law for their attorneys of Sharia law to practice and have Sharia court. If you kool-aid drinking liberals don’t wake up and soon you will destroy us all. Sharia law is being pushed on us all over this country and people like Hillary and Obama defend it. It’s disgusting and it’s even more disgusting how many don’t pay attention. No research on your own and since these types of reports are covered up and ignored my the liberal media you don’t see them. Is that because you don’t want to, are to lazy to look or want Sharia law? If it’s the latter then move your ass to Iran and leave us alone.

          1. W. Coyote says:

            Worried Vet= Thank you for your reponse. First of all, if you are a vet, thank you for your service. Which period did you serve? Any war experience?
            “The media” covers a lot of territory-it includes, CBS, MSNBC, Fox, Breitbart, 1776 Coalition, Rush, and Dr. Michael Weiner (a.k.a. Michael Savage) and everything in between. It’s hard for me to see how you can generalize about “the media”.
            As it turns out, I’m worried too. I’m worried that so many people have fallen for the “liberal media bias” narrative. Trump is now blaming “the media”. Most of what I see “the media” doing is simply reporting what he says. For example, Megyn Kelly was asking a serious question about electoral politics and referred to some quotes of his. Rather than being able to defend his own words, he complained that she was being unfair. Why do you think he was not able to defend his own words?

            I’ll leave you with a couple of quotes from some well known conservatives:

            “I admit it : The liberal media were never that powerful and the whole thing was often used as an excuse by conservatives for conservative failures.”
            William Kristol

            “I’ve gotten balanced coverage and broad coverage – all we could have asked. … For heaven sakes, we kid about the liberal media, but every republican on earth does that.”
            Pat Buchanan

          2. Worried Vet says:

            Your welcome. I served during Vietnam in cryptology. I wasn’t ever put where harm could be possible, they protected us with many Marines around at all times, plus we carried. I don’t call all media biased. CNN, NBC CBS and the new York Times placed like that. When CNN twists the words of Trump or many other conservative people, then ignores the facts about hillary and this foundation, I call it bias. If that foundation/ slush fund is honest it’s time to move to Japan or something. These large charities have become huge tax shelters and the source of lavish lifestyles for their officers and friends. The churches have become as bad in some cases. I don’t know about how God would want charities ran especially using God as the foundation but I don’t think turning people down for help and the officers live large is supposed to be the norm. I do know people should be tired of all this corruption, on both sides. I am sick of it, they vote themselves raises and more benefits but work an average of 122 days a year. They subsidise the hill barber shop over 350,000 a year along with free college for family. Many other benefits that the average person don’t receive for a job. It’s disgusting to me and even more so we let them get away with it. To me this is one of the reason so many elites are against Trump. He may change the status quo and let the public know the truth of how corrupt they all are. Most honest people won’t stand for all the corruption, so their scared if the wrong person winning. They would rather elect Hillary, even though she would stack the courts where are freedoms would be slowly taken away for generations or more than vote for Trump. Well that inexcusable to me, its greed only for these idiots and maybe the power, they could care less about us. When people can’t see were only votes to them it scares the hell out if me. That way of ignoring the obvious will destroy this country the rest of the way. We can’t continue this spending anymore. This debt is crushing the life out if this country and we can’t last much longer, without some serious changes.

          3. W. Coyote says:

            Thank you for taking the time to explain your views further. Out of curiosity, how do you feel about Donald Trump, who avoided service, passing judgment on John McCain who sacrificed over 5 years of his life in a N. Viet prison?

          4. Worried Vet says:

            I’m a Vietnam vet also, but like I said the chance of me being put in danger was slim at best. With a clearance as high as I had it was very unlikely I could be captured. I think Trump is the type who don’t really think out his responses sometimes. I think in business he can say and do more than in politics. He has yet to figure that out. I know in business being PC all the time will not work period. There are to many corrupt officials that deal with business’s we have to put up with. I don’t like what he said about any pow. I have seen reports first hand if the men who escaped, we’re turned loose and died and we had to fight to even get their bodies back. Even when it ended which is another political bs crap we had to fight to get pows freed. I have wondered for years how many never made it home that were kept after the war. I don’t think Trump meant it as degrading or bad, he just shot off his mouth with out thinking. I can’t see how anyone even liberals can say anything bad about a pow. I know what McCain went through there and it wasn’t any picnic, he should have died from the way he was treated. I also know the ones responsible for many war crimes were not punished. It has always made me wonder how they could run and hide to avoid being punished. At the end of WWII thousand escaped punishment for the crimes they committed. Why the USA and Britain allowed south American countries to become a safe haven for Nazi’s I will never understand. Allies or not they should have turned them over or face being at war with all the other allies. God knows how many Nazi’s lived their lives out After the things they did to other humans. I do think Trump and his mouth are his own worst enemy. Hillary should never be close to winning with her record. The only ways she can win is a worse person than her run, or just steal it with lies and cheating or both. The GOP screwed up by acting like they have, not backing him. They opened the door for her to win. I fear for the little guys like us, the racist attitudes and divisions that it seems liberals want. I have grandkids that are mixed and this PC crap worries the hell out of me.

          5. W. Coyote says:

            Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. You raise an interesting point about the Nazis after WWII. I think the Israelis hunted some of them down. And then of course we actually recruited some of the Nazi scientists (ex. Werner von Braun) to start our rocket program.
            “I don’t think Trump meant it as degrading or bad..” I have to disagree with you there. He clearly stated he doesn’t think McCain was a war hero. Then Trump said he was a war hero only because he got shot down. “I like the ones that didn’t get shot down”.
            Even if you think Trump didn’t “really think out his responses”, he has had plenty of time to think about it, retract his comments, and apologize to McCain.
            I wonder how long Trump would have lasted in the N. Viet prison.
            I am also worried about any president who would shoot “his mouth off without thinking”.

          6. Worried Vet says:

            I meant also I don’t think Trump meant anything bad. I worry about any POTUS who speaks without thinking. That makes me nervous.

          7. W. Coyote says:

            OK. Sounds like we agree on that part. I hope you and your family are doing well this morning.

    3. James Brooks says:

      Your sure right man.

      1. W. Coyote says:

        James- Thanks for your reply. Glad you are paying attention.

  • Not_Easily_Impressed says:

    To win a battle you have to know your enemy. Therefore, it seems only logical that Trump needs to acknowledge the liberal media as his enemy in the election. The Hill does not want to be identified for what they are. They are, to be truthful, a part of the oft-times liberal media. Therefore, they couch their screed using the general media and general press as their straw man. Read between the lines and the facade is apparent.

  • Take it to them Trump and keep listening to your great Advisors, from Heritage Action, Cornwall Alliance and other Conservative think tanks! A true Leader is judged, by his many advisors and you have chose to surround yourself, with the best and brightest America has to offer! Alone I would not support you, but because of those who have surrounded you and your pick for VP, my whole family now supports you! Please do not cave to the Liberal Nazi’s in the LGBTQ movement! They are a fringe minority and do not represent, the Majority of Voters! Even among Gay commentators, they are referred to as the Gay Gestapo, Storm Trooping Businesses, Politicians, Lobbyists, and our Bureaucracy into a Fascist State! They do not want Equal Rights, they want Special Rights, thus destroying the Majorities right to even exist!

    1. James Brooks says:

      Good response but Trump most of us love you and respect you and will sure support you when you become Pres,If I would have been you I would have Walked a long time ago because we really don’t deserve you,You are willing to give your life for us when you could just vacation and have fun. Trump your the greatest.

  • Richard says:

    Mr. Trump YOU GO FOR IT! like the old saying is (ONE) BAD APPLE will SPOIL the BARREL. Obama was the START of the BAD APPLE then TRAITOR HILLARY, Bill, the Clinton Foundation and the TWO FACED BOUGHT OUT LYING MEDIA! who don’t know their ASS from a hole in the GROUND. The Media today is BOUGHT they DON’T TELL the TRUTH as they the OWNERS of the MEDIA want the Clinton Obama Money just like the JEAD of FBI who is a CEO on one of the Clinton Foundations Watch the movie Clinton Cash then YOU BE THE JUDGE! PRESIDENT YOU GO FOR IT! God Bless AMERICA and MR. TRUMP! President TRUMP TRUE AMERICANS are at YOUR SIDE (Not behind You) I as a AMERICAN is ready for WAR for my Grand Son and his future generation. Mr. Trump No Jobs, No real Health Care, Obama and the Dumb Bo Crates has put America TRILLIONS in DEBT

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Any band of freaks like the major media who could be pushing a serial criminal/compulsive liar/deviant like Hilldog Clinton for president needs, no, demands – that war be declared against it.

  • willr3 says:

    More smart moves on Trump’s part. The past to weeks where he let himself be handled by the GOP were really hurting him. Get out, Be outspoken get more free TV coverage. People like it, and that;s what he’ll do !

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