Trump, GOP lawmakers open door to restricting gun buys for those on watch list

June 16, 2016

A congressional push to ban or restrict gun sales for those on terror watch lists gained bipartisan momentum Wednesday, with everyone from key Republican lawmakers to Donald Trump to the National Rifle Association opening the door to discussing the idea.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee indicated interest in the push in a tweet Wednesday morning announcing a meeting with the NRA.

The meeting comes as discussions are underway on Capitol Hill on whether lawmakers might be able to proceed on a measure to crack down on firearms sales to those on terrorism watch lists or no fly lists, in the wake of the Orlando terror attack that left 49 people dead at Pulse nightclub.

The shooter, Omar Mateen, had been on a watch list for 10 months before being removed.

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  • Lougjr1 says:

    That’s the most I will agree with that deals with gun control. I will agree with things that make sense but do not hinder the right of American law abiding citizens to buy and own guns !

  • rightsright says:

    correction not too late

  • rightsright says:


  • Wolfman says:

    The only Watchlist we need is 24 hour public video surveillance on all politicians and bureacrats in DC and to place them on all watchlists that they deem necessary for the general public. Let them demonstrate by example how simple their life is being placed on a watchlist!!!

  • TeaPartyPatriot says:

    every immigrant, legal and illegal should be put on the terrorist watch list and the NO-Fly list and remain there until investigated and cleared to fly .

  • Rafael says:

    My question is, What are the possibilities of a “Peaceful Muslim” to become “Extremist”??? Is that a good reason to be on a “Watch List” and prevent him/her of gun ownership??? Why not, when we all understand the problem is Islam???

  • Webb says:

    When Congress starts voting on Gun Rights…The American Public are The Losers! No Fly – No Buy…Terrorist, be careful what One wishes For!!
    Vote Republican in November 2016…Save Our 2nd Amendment!

    1. Michael Lloyd says:

      Vote Trump. Not so sure of the current crop of Republicans.

  • keepyourpower says:

    You give them an inch they will take a mile. The no fly list is made up, by some very corrupt people! All of you Conservatives, White men, Christians, might be on that list. No taking away our 2nd Amendment rights! It cannot be infringed! In this case, Trump is wrong…and he is going to lose a lot of votes, if he leans this way. He better think twice. There are so many people who would vote for Hillary instead of him. Or even a 3rd party, instead of him. I cannot stand him. But he is our only hope.

    AND…if we do not vote in November, we will lose the majority in the House and the Senate. Is that what you want?

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Did anyone watch what a thug this muslim B-TARD was all the way through school!! His whole life has been trouble, and this man is said to have fallen through the cracks, BULLSH$T!! This man was a love at first sight for the White house thugs, and I don’t doubt one bit he might have a little push from some person from the house just to push the gun agenda! Put nothing past this tribe of idiots, and there’s more to come!

  • Washburg says:

    You All have missed the Point – This is just another case of PTB (powers that be) trying to put the Fear in the public so that they [PTB] can disarm everyone then declare “Marshal Law” which will then allow [with out fear of retaliation] the complete suspension of the Constitution ushering totalitaron Rule

  • SonofLiberty7 says:

    I wouldn’t mind a 72 hour wait period in which the FBI has a chance to make its case to a judge why the person in question should not get a gun SO LONG AS the burden of proof is on the government, not on the person buying the gun.
    The problem with watch lists is that once you are on one, the burden of getting off the “watch list” is upon the citizen, not the state.
    How is a watch list different than establishing different classes of citizen?
    If the state has evidence against a person, let them bring a case.
    However, if they have no evidence, then that person should be free of restrictions on his or her liberty.

  • PC Bob says:

    As usual the GOP is fully onboard with the Democrats! A filibuster? REALLY? WHY are the Republicans so afraid of that? That’s right, folks, just bow down and give Obama and the Dems everything they ask for and no one will get hurt. These fools will be SO surprised the next time they are up for re-election!

  • survivor33 says:

    I would like to know what good it would be for the GOP to try and ban radicals on the watch list IF THE FBI AND OVOMIT ADMINISTRATION/SENATE WON’T DO THE SAME.?

  • barbarakelly says:

    Well it is about damn time that you people woke up to this issue. And this better not be for the Americans that obama has put on the terrorist watch list and not for our Vets either. obama needs to be put on the terrorist watch list. he is a tyrant and dictator. The instigator of crisis after crisis.!!!

  • Margie Gwaltney says:

    For a price he would have found some sleaze bag to buy it from illegally. That is what would/will happen if gun restriction is imposed.

    1. PC Bob says:

      There will still be plenty of places they can steal guns! A govt lady in the UK was just shot by someone in her district this week! Only the police and the military AND the criminals will have guns! And, of course, the bodyguards for politicians! Of course!

  • justinwachin says:

    So this person was no longer on the terrorist watch list? How would this proposed law have prevented him from buying a gun?

    There may have been no way to prevent this guy from starting his attack, but it would have been shortened if someone in the bar other than the terrorist would have had a gun. One bullet from a concealed weapon could have ended this demon’s shooting spree.

  • Denise says:

    This is yet another smoke screen, and a thin one at that. Does anyone really think that terrorists cannot get arms through multiple terrorist cells and other illegal connections? Does anyone believe for one moment that this is really meant as anything other than an attempt to disarm American citizens?
    Wasn’t this last Islamic murderer, Omar Mateen, on an FBI watch list? Didn’t Obama have the names of suspected Muslim terrorists scrubbed from the Government Intelligence lists.
    Trump is one of them! Watch him!

  • maxx says:

    As usual the FBI failed. They had every opportunity to stop him but instead political correctness was more important. Information about him was scrubbed from the files ordered by Hildabeast while the SOS. It’s all on the internet how this guy was directly connected to the San Bernadine couple. It’s almost like the liberals manipulate these attacks so they can get back to the gun control demands.

  • TeaPartyPatriot says:

    The only way this should be approved is if the party or committee that puts individuals on a watch list has VERY strict requirements as to eligibility for the list and there must be a way to have ones name removed from the list. And the person who nominated the potential listee must be made public. IE no secret vendettas of government officials.
    Right now the no-fly list is virtually permanent without any opportunity to defend oneself from the false accusation of some authority or even the vindictiveness of a political foe. The process must include notification of intent to place on the terrorist or no-fly list and the right to defend oneself in a court of law. AND compensation personally form the accuser if nominated for the list without just cause.

    1. ipsd48 says:

      There should be no problem putting immigrants, legal or illegal, on a gun ban list. They are, ultimately, GUESTS in this country and whatever rules WE decide for them are the ones they have to live under.

  • Dolores Adams says:

    I read on another site that omar mateen was on the watch list and they took him off. WHY?

    1. maxx says:

      I read that H. Clinton while SOS was responsible for purging files. The guy that wrote the story was named Philip Haney and he was some kind of whistle blower against the DHS.

      1. Dolores Adams says:

        You can’t trust anyone in this government anymore, especially the dumbocrats.

  • peter says:

    Obama will want all conservatives and opposing people on his watch list. This is how liberal/democrats work.

    1. PC Bob says:

      Also Communist’s, Marxist’s, Fascist’s, socialist dictators the world over, and all other regular type tyrants, just to name a few.

  • retiredtrooper says:

    and,who decides WHO goes on that list? The Orlando shooter was NOT ON the list so pointless!! Never open the door…the devil waits behind!! Never sacrifice freedom, for security….you know how it goes…..

    1. maxx says:

      The Clintons had their “hit list” and probably still do of people they didn’t like. .

      1. PC Bob says:

        You can bank on that! It’s been pretty obvious lately that some people are afraid to speak up, knowing what the consequences would be!

  • T.W. says:

    You don’t get to know the details till it passes.

    1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

      What ? ? ?
      you don’t approve of another 0webombacare euthanasia/genocide bill written in the dark and does not see the light of day until it is signed into law? ? ?

    2. Obwon One says:

      So true.

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    Maybe soon we’ll have common sense overtake manufacturers’ trade positions and start regulating lethal weapons that have no business on the streets–assault weapons–and universal checks before purchases to weed out the most obvious folks who should never have a gun. One only hopes.

    1. Jim Bill Wells says:

      DrBillLemoine you would love would you not=another scumbag siding with the Democrat Communists. Have you ever sought to distinguis between an assault weapon(only military has)and a long gun? Of course not you are to busy kissing Liberal asses and have little or no ideal what you are talking about-you are only interested in destroying the 2nd Amendment !Have you ever shot a semi automatic AR-15 or a Semi- automatic AK-47.I doubt it -you are just another mindless mime following our president. Remember now -you can shot only as fast as your finger can move-but I sure you believe the liars who say you can shoot 700 rounds a minute-it’s obvious!

      1. Obwon One says:

        Nice reply

      2. DrBillLemoine says:

        Why don’t you state a position instead of wrongly characterizing my thinking and motivation???
        Prior Brady bill does what you suggest. And it’s multiple shot, big magazines that should be banned for their fast lethality.
        You wouldn’t want to contest me for marksmanship, all accomplished with single shot rifles and shotguns. Military men give me a wide berth there. No civilian needs multiple shot weapons. What sportsman needs multiple rounds when hunting or target shooting???

        1. Webb says:

          Free Choice…

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Nothing is ‘free’. Someone always pays the price. What free choices do you think you have lost?

    2. Webb says:

      One Only Hopes America Stays Free…

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        For over 200 years of American history, there has never been any instance but 2 that threatened our freedom as a nation. One was the War of 1812 and post-war famous Andrew Jackson at New Orleans. The other was ingrown by our own brothers who wanted to perpetuate slavery and were willing to secede and fight the United States for it, and were defeated on this soil. I hope that the southern conservative elements whose ancestors threatened the Union in 1860 will cease their obstruction of national progress simply to win an election. The current slogan ‘Make American Great Again’ is a political setup by those conservatives who are behind the congress blocking the first black president in history. They make America dysfunctional for racial reasons AGAIN but the American public will oust the haters and bigots from politics at the ballot box–to insure America Stays Free.

  • del says:

    Good common sense should apply to anyone on the list with ties to terrorists

  • pappy450 says:

    Until OSCUMBAG is GONE ALL TRUE Americans will be on his “list” He is a MUSLIME sympathizer and fancies himself as the head EMAM of the U.S. .(as well as a good portion of his “cabinet”) Does the name Jarrett ring a bell? The only ones that WON’T be on the list are all his Muslime ‘buddies”. I agree, Sue Lenhart, The DEVIL is in the details for sure His name is OBAMA. (along with all the other SCUMOCRAT minions) infesting the Government of the U.S.

    1. Dolores Adams says:

      OCCUMBAG is a muslim.

      1. pappy450 says:

        Agreed…If we could just get the lame stream media and other FOOLS that say he is a Christian (because he lied and said so) to wake up, THAT would be a MAJOR achievement!

        1. Lougjr1 says:

          When HELL freezes over !!!

          1. pappy450 says:

            You got THAT right. The LAME STREAM media are all lapdogs sucking up to oscumbag and all his merry muslimes.

  • Sue Lenhart says:

    The Devil is in the details. . . would like to know more about who decides who should be on this list, how they decide who should be on it, how it will be enforced, etc. I don’t plan to “vote” for something like this until I have “read” it.

    1. David Stewart says:

      Don’t worry; it”’s a scam, they won’t let us vote yea or nay! NO ONE is telling you HOW you name gets on the list!

      1. maxx says:

        Info probably comes from NSA spying on everything digital.

        1. ipsd48 says:

          Or the IRS portfolio of ‘right wing groups’

          1. PC Bob says:

            More likely!

    2. Richard Bagenstose says:

      i think you saw it last election, look how the irs targeted the tea party and christian groups

      1. PC Bob says:

        They’ve since admitted to it, and yet, they are STILL doing it! Nothing has changed! Dismantle the IRS! We want a #FairTax !

    3. maxx says:

      That’s easy, Obama and his liberal commie administration appointments like Jeh Johnson. Now there’s a real winner.

    4. PC Bob says:

      Personally, I wouldn’t vote for it if they were going to PAY me! This is unconstitutional, and I will NOT be a party to anything like that!

  • Robert A Kaufman says:


    1. regulus30 says:

      EXACTLY; every democrap/liberal idea has a bigger hidden agenda; lock and load when these MFer’s come for mine someone besides me is going down ; MOLON LABE, “Don’t Tread on Me”. Every once in awhile the tree of freedom must be replenished with the blood of tyrants.

        1. Wolfman says:

          F*** U and Lori …I think A$$#oles like you belong on a watchlist. Have a nice day

        2. CharlieSeattle says:

          Fraud Alert!

        3. Lougjr1 says:

          You’re a bunch of crap, get off the internet and stop trying to screw people looking for honest work !

      1. Lougjr1 says:

        Don’t worry about that Mate. They would never get away with it !

        1. regulus30 says:

          thanks for the encouragement Sheila; They sure won’t get mine without a fight.

    2. PC Bob says:

      That’s just it: WHO decides who is on that list? Known terrorist’s, yeah! But there are MANY people on that list right now who pose NO threat to America or anyone else. Arbitrarily selected? You bet, and innocent law-abiding citizens will be denied the right to buy OR bear arms! WHO gave these creeps the power to re-interpret the US Constitution? Oh, yeah, that’s right, it was Obama, the self-proclaimed EXPERT on the Constitution! We don’t stand a legal chance, folks.

      1. Lougjr1 says:

        Yes, didn’t think about that, how does one fight it if they are put on that list and they are innocent ? and how much will it cost to fight it ?

    3. Retired says:

      Putting people on the no fly or gun ban should not be allowed in secret. The ones put on a list must be notified with a right to appeal. Illegals and felons should be banned from owning guns.

    4. Macjamm says:

      Hell Donald Trump could be on the watch list and not even know it because he always fly’s in his own plane.. He needs to get up to speed on a lot of things, Constitutionally speaking..

    5. CharlieSeattle says:

      Ahh here is the Catch 22! …how will citizens be analyzed and assigned to the US Government terror watch list?

      I say citizens, because obviously the unvetted and diseased 11 million+ illegal aliens and muslims are excluded now!

      The left will use the Patriot Act and Psychiatry as the means to add political opponents, conservatives, dissidents, right wingers, the unemployed, the under employed, veterans with PTSD, whistle blowers and vocal patriots. That could add up to half the population of the country.

      That was already done under W Bush.

      Ex-CIA Asset and whistle blower, Susan Lindaur was falsely imprisoned on a military base and almost chemically lobotomized after Psychiatry was criminally used to hold her just before the W Bush 2nd gulf war. A true story.

      Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq

    6. Lougjr1 says:

      That won’t work, Americans wouldn’t put up with any crap like that for one minute !

  • Mike Zimmerman says:

    Let’s be honest here; they should not have been allowed to purchase them, in the first place

    1. Daniel W says:

      This Islamic extremist, terrorist and mass murderer was on an FBI watch list ?????t.”” He was interviewed three times regarding his contact with Isis related TERRORIST subjects””. Ding dong does this ring a bell the “”FBI interviewed him regarding terrorist ties”” THREE TIMES “”. I wouldn’t have sold this guy a BB gun, much less a Sig Sauer Semi Automatic Rifle. My first question to him would hAVE been what do you want it for. Just my opinion.

      1. Mike Zimmerman says:

        Which was my point, in the first place.

        1. mudguy1 says:

          When Jeh Johnson says this anybody can be put on the watch list. So anybody that disagrees with Obama can be put on the watch list.
          Department of Homeland Security head Jeh Johnson believes that standard, ordinary, everyday conservatives are a bigger threat to this country than Islamic Jihadists.

          1. maxx says:

            And veterans.

          2. ipsd48 says:

            And now, anyone on social security

          3. PC Bob says:

            He must be a paranoid conspiracy freak, huh?

      2. maxx says:

        He wouldn’t have passed a standard background check if certain questions were not considered “profiling”. Every other country in the world uses profiling as a security tool. That’s what has kept Israel from being annihilated. I will bet that a standard background check does not include searching all the social media sites files. Employers do it before hiring but the government doesn’t both for guns? Maybe answering questions while attached to a polygraph machine would help or a red hot knife blade touched to the tongue. .

        1. ipsd48 says:

          A former employee of the same company he worked for eventually quit because, after repeated reports to higher management about his radical comments, they did nothing.

          1. PC Bob says:

            I certainly would not have wanted to work around this monster, either! Talk about workplace rage! Going postal, too!

        2. Daniel W says:

          OUTSTANDING 100% RIGHT..

        3. Daniel W says:

          Political correctness run AMOK now it threatens the LIVES OF AMERICAN CITIZENS.WE HAVE JUSWT GOT TO SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.A He should have been denied a fire arms purchase,because of his affiliations with known terrorists.This is known fact NOT SOME W.A.G WILD ASSED GUESS>>At any rate it has KILLED US,FIGHT BACK AGAINST THIS WALL OF DENIAL,and live.Just my opinion.

      3. PC Bob says:

        The background check that he had should have rejected him for being investigated in the first place! What do they ‘check’ on these background checks? The man was a flagrant extremist, yet he was able to buy guns? What IS the point of even having a background check?

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      Zippy, do U not keep up with ANYTHINg that goes on in the world on the news, it is because of Obama saying that this was profiling on the muslim, and the FBI was forced to turn a blind eye just like all the border patrol!! Can U not put 2 and 2 together on ANYTHING, it’s bad enough that U stooped so low as to vote for this Pubic headed fool, but don’t continue to make yourself look like a fool all the time!!

      1. Mike Zimmerman says:

        Stewie, You clearly missed what I was saying. No one, who is on the terrorist watch list or the no fly list should be able to purchase guns, period?

        1. retiredtrooper says:

          if you are one of the people deciding who goes on that list….Molon labe….from my cold dead hands!!!!!! Go back to Hiltary and tell her I SAID THAT!!!

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            I have nothing to do with deciding that. But we should make it very difficult for people on the terrorist watch list to be able to buy weapons. Let’s not make it easy for them.

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            Remember, your pathetic President said that Patriots were terrorist too! Patriots built this country!! Can we now call Obama a SICK PUPPY!!

          3. Mike Zimmerman says:

            And precisely what patriots did he call terrorists? You need to be more specific than a shallow statement.

          4. Rodney Steward says:

            ALL the people that consider themselves PATRIOTS! He don’t like ANYTHING American, much like you! The dumb down by the Dem. socialist party has done a number on U!!

          5. Mike Zimmerman says:

            And there are people, who disagree with you apolitically, and guess what, they are patriots also. We choose not to accept things blindly. We choose to use critical thinking. We disagree when we think the government is wrong. We just choose not to hate people groups. One could argue that you’ve been dumbed down by the republican party and (gasp) the leadership of the NRA.

          6. Rodney Steward says:

            Use critical thinking, such as we have to pass it to know what’s in it critical thinking?? And they choose not to hate people, like Christians, gun lovers, NRA, Trump rallies, that all catch he$$, and at least the NRA stands for the Constitutional Rights of Americans, and not the belief of the Dem. Socialist party as it, the Transformation of America, by flooding it with gutter trash from all over the world, and then giving them free everything, destroying the Constitution, destroying the healthcare system, the military, school systems, and on and on! And who’s dumbed down, Zippy!

          7. PC Bob says:

            I’ve been doing that, now, for OVER 8 years!

          8. Rodney Steward says:

            MANY have I promise!!

          9. PC Bob says:

            The no fly list should include photos AND fingerprints of the supposed ‘terrorist!’ That way, the innocent will be able to PROVE it isn’t them! Otherwise it’s just a huge witch hunt!

          10. Mike Zimmerman says:

            I totally agree with that. I’ve actually met someone I’m not related to who has the same first and last name as me.

          11. Rodney Steward says:

            He didn’t kill himself!!

          12. Mike Zimmerman says:

            You met me, and you haven’t killed yourself.

        2. Steve Dolyniuk says:

          I have read where someone has gotten on the “No Fly” list because their name was the same as someone else, so in those cases someone who should not be punished, is being punishes. There are many people in this country who have the same name as someone else.

          1. maxx says:

            I heard once your on the list (even by verified mistake) it is literally impossible to have it removed. Lots of lawyers fees involved.

          2. PC Bob says:

            That’s America in the second millenia! Your are presumed GUILTY until YOU can prove your innocence! Apparently anyone can call you a terrorist and you are stuck with that for the rest of your life! The US Constitution no longer exists, we are adrift in a sea of lies and chaos reigns supreme! We can thank the Progressives and liberals and other assorted communist/Marxist riff raff for that!

          3. ipsd48 says:

            Yes. the ‘mistaken identity’ was for a pilot for a major airline, and I’m not sure he was EVER able to get his name removed from the list.

          4. Mike Zimmerman says:

            I wouldn’t be surprised if that has happened. However, you’re not allowed to have more than 3 ounces of liquid and you also get your shoes checked . How many people are going to have a shoe bomb? I expect very few.

          5. David Stewart says:

            You’re so tolerant and reasonable, obviously an Obama-voter twice. Hope when el Presidente cracks down you’re the first to go!

          6. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Yes, I’m proud to say I voted for president Obama twice. And if he could run for a third term, I’d vote for him again. If Sarah Palin hadn’t been the VP nominee with John McCain, I would have seriously considered voting for him but her obvious clueless knowledge of world affairs turned me off. Mitt Romney, his lack of any connection with Joe Average citizens turned me off. Also, Paul Ryan’s love of Ayn Rand and her views turned me off to them.

          7. PC Bob says:

            So, all that was justification, to you, to vote for a man who was raised by Communist’s?? OMG!

          8. Mike Zimmerman says:

            I felt he was the best qualified candidate.

          9. WRBuchanan says:

            Dude: “qualifications” don’t matter,,
            Competence is what matters!
            Hildegard is certainly qualified, but all of her experiences have been a failure, and the list is long, and irrefutable.
            Trump may be a lot of things some people don’t like, but at least he is competent. And his list of his accomplishments is long, and Irrefutable.

            I’ll take competence over qualified any day of the week.

            “Qualified” means,,, you should be able to do the job.

            “Competent” means,,, already proven that you can do the job correctly.

          10. Mike Zimmerman says:

            You say trump is competent. Four casinos went bankrupt. 2 businesses had to be bailed out by a Saudi prince. Trump airlines: failed. Trump wine: failed. Trump steaks: failed. 2 different trump magazines: failed. Trump mortgage: failed. Trump university: he’s being sued for fraud. He owes at least $100 million to Deutsche Bank. 3500 lawsuits have been filed against him. He’s ripped off hundreds of contractors. Yeah, that really sounds competent.

          11. Mike Zimmerman says:

            I didn’t know we had a person of Hispanic ancestry running for president.

          12. David Stewart says:

            El Presidente is spanish for raghead dictator.

          13. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Actually, it is Spanish for “the president”. I had Spanish 1-4 in high school.

          14. David Stewart says:

            I would never guess from your postings you even went to high school! Musta skipped civics and world history, huh?

          15. Mike Zimmerman says:

            And I would believe that you have a hard accepting that someone would actually have a dissenting view point from yours. That’s a part of freedom in America.

          16. PC Bob says:

            So far, only one that I know of, and the security measures totally missed that one! It seems they are always just one step BEHIND the terrorist’s!

          17. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Yeah, the most recent reports that came out on the TSA weren’t something to write home about. They missed a lot of stuff.

          18. WRBuchanan says:

            Yeah,,, they missed 97% of the stuff ! that comes under the heading of “Why Bother?”

          19. Mike Zimmerman says:

            That most definitely is true.

          20. WRBuchanan says:

            This is so true, and imagine the look on my face when I found out that there was 103 other people in the state of CA (35 million) alone that had my EXACT name!
            This whole thing is a slippery slope and whereas I can understand the desire to prevent loons from buying guns the back side of this is pretty scary.
            The loons or bad guys will find a way to get guns and the fact that I might have to pay for it makes me more than a little leary.
            Now if they came up with a way to remove a mistaken name from the List in a timely manner I might be a little more receptive however If Democrats are involved in the process of putting the names on or taking them off the list then I want no part as they will always screw it up, just like they do on every piece of legislation they touch.
            When you are talking about things like this IE Removing Constitutional Rights for a citizen there really needs to be due process involved.
            Democrats don’t really support Due Process unless it is to release Convicted Felons from Prison.

          21. PC Bob says:

            Yes, and they aren’t ALL Muslim!

        3. Rodney Steward says:

          I know exactly what U were saying Zippy, and I told U why he was let through the crack, Obama! You clearly missed my point!!

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            I applaud you because I wasn’t sure you could see through your hate filled eyes.

          2. PC Bob says:

            He was allowed to slip through the security PRECISELY because he was a Muslim! Now, tell me THAT isn’t ‘profiling”!

        4. David Kledzik says:

          There still is that pesky thing we call a Constitution, you know as in “Due Process”. If they can take it from the 2nd Amendment, they can and will take it from all the other amendments, 1rst, 4th, 5th 8th, 9th etc. See where this is going.

        5. Lougjr1 says:

          I think what he was saying, is that the lying cheating Obama or Clinton government can’t be trusted in anyway shape or form and will figure a way to screw us !

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            So we should instead just allow it to be easy for anyone who wants to do a mass shooting to be readily able to legally purchase all the weapons, ammo, and explosives they want. Keeping guns easy to purchase is more important than trying to make it harder for future mass shootings from occurring. That is really crazy.

      2. Mike Zimmerman says:

        Let’s not forget that just six months ago senate republicans voted against a law that would’ve prevented him from purchasing guns, to begin with.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          He had a security job and was aloud to have a weapon, and this is why U don’t hire ANY muslim for any job that requires a gun, period! The REPs better reject anything the gun control freaks of the socialist party!

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            You make the blanket view that all Muslims are terrorists. By that same logic one call also say all Christians are members of the KKK. Does that make any sense? Of course not.

          2. PC Bob says:

            No, especially since there likely are NO Christians in the KKK! Make sense, man!

          3. Rodney Steward says:

            Zippy has fallen prey to the Kool-Aid of the Dems.

          4. Mike Zimmerman says:

            You ASSUME that just like you ASSUME all Muslims are terrorists.

          5. Rodney Steward says:

            Listen Zippy, at least a Christian will stand up for right and wrong, and you WILL NOT see a muslim say ONE WORD about another muslim, PERIOD!! NO the KKK BS makes no sense like most of your BS!! It’s called, BRAINWASHED, and it sure worked fast on U!

          6. Mike Zimmerman says:

            The KKK claims itself to be a Christian organization. It has for decades. It also was supported, in the south, by white churches. It uses symbols of Christianity. And yes, Muslims have decried acts of terrorism. We actually have over 20,000 Muslims in our military.

          7. Rodney Steward says:

            The KKK came from the Dem. party, fact, and don’t know about the Christian thing, never heard that, and the muslims were PUT INTO the military to divide it like everything else, I know, I have family in there NOW!! And they all HATE Obama!

          8. Mike Zimmerman says:

            You’re right about the early days of them being democrats . Real disappointed in that. However they have turned that around.

          9. Rodney Steward says:

            When is the last time you’ve heard the KKK do anything, it’s all BLM, or NEW black pu$$y cats, all thugs!! KKK has not done anything in 15 years!

          10. Mike Zimmerman says:

            You have to be absolutely insane to compare black lives matter to the KKK. When was the last time you saw them shoot people dead? When was the last time you saw them hang someone? When was the last time you saw them burn someone out of their house? When was the last time you saw them telling people they had to drink out of a specific water fountain? And that’s just a sampling of what the KKK did. They murdered hundreds and thousands of black people. When was the last time you saw them fire bomb a church? You dove head first into that tank full of excrement.

          11. Rodney Steward says:

            There IS no difference, and when was the last time the BLM burned, try Ferguson, Missouri, Maryland, and killed, look at the cops K, A. And the boy and church deal was not a KKK member, and no, they did not murder hundred of thousands, if they had we wouldn’t have any here! Dems. never change, make up lies and spread bullsh$t, no matter if it’s wrong or right, a black thing!

          12. Mike Zimmerman says:

            You need to be doing some research on the KKK because you obviously don’t know the horrors they perpetrated. Black lives matter is upset because of the glaringly obvious treatment of blacks as opposed to whites. There’s been far to many examples. One that really stands out is the murder of Tamir Rice.

      3. Mike Zimmerman says:

        I can put tigether, quite obviously, that you are an Obama hater. I can put together that you are a Muslim hater. I can put together that you are obsessed about guns. How am I doing so far?

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          Pretty well considering you’ve been dumbed down and blinded by the Dem. Socialist party!

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Actually, at one time I was a registered Republican. However, the mistakes of the George W. Bush years sure changed that.

          2. PC Bob says:

            OMG! We finally found one, everyone! A real, died in the wool DINO! At least, he finally rejoined his home boys!

          3. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Actually, you would have considered me to be a RINO. Now I’m a full time progressive/liberal.

          4. Rodney Steward says:

            Well the mistakes this black muslim has made should make U want to kill yourself!!

          5. Mike Zimmerman says:

            Let’s see. He had Osama bin Laden killed. His policies took an economy that was in free fall and turned it around. The stock market has gone up 18,000 points under his two terms. The unemployment rate has been cut in half under his two terms. The cost of gasoline is the lowest its’ been in over a decade. We have the most Americans ever with health insurance. The automotive industry was saved from bankruptcy and is doing well. And that’s just scratching the surface. Let’s not forget also that he’s done that with republicans fighting him every step of the way. Let’s contrast that with the George W. Bush two terms. The worst response to a hurricane ever (Katrina). The worst terrorist attack in our nation’s history. The worst economic drop in our country since the great depression. 13 embassy attacks resulting in 60 Americans losing their lives. 2 wars put on the credit card of the USA. Millions of people lost their homes, jobs, life savings and retirements. He launched an attack in Iraq which totally de-stabilized that region of the world. The stock market fell off a cliff under him.
            So please, tell me again how bad Obama has been.

          6. Rodney Steward says:

            u FORGET YOUR

        2. David Stewart says:

          Crappy! Quit with the socialist koolaid already!

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            As opposed to the right wing trickle down economics total failure beliefs?

      4. Lougjr1 says:

        Can’t argue with that !

    3. Webb says:

      Lets be Honest…We Live in America!!

      1. Mike Zimmerman says:

        Yes we do. However, we also need to make it as difficult, as possible, for possible terrorists to not be able to get guns. If you want to be a commercial driver, for example, you want your driving record to be free of drunk driving convictions. Most companies aren’t going to hire someone with a spotty record of drugs and alcohol issues. Same should be true in trying to prevent terrorists being able to buy guns.

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