Trump Kills the Death Tax, HUGE Tax Reform

by Allen Cone |
August 9, 2016

DETROIT — In a major economic speech in Detroit on Monday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump proposed the biggest tax reform since Ronald Reagan’s administration, with cuts at all income levels.

Trump proposed three income-tax brackets of 12 percent, 25 percent and 33 percent instead of the current seven tiers ranging from 10 percent to 39.6 percent. His three brackets are the same as ones proposed by House Republicans under Speaker Paul Ryan in June.

“No one will pay so much that it destroys jobs, or undermines our ability as a nation to compete,” he said at the Detroit Economic Club, in a speech that was repeatedly interrupted by protesters.

He said his campaign is “about how to make America great again for everyone and, especially, and I say especially, for those who have the very least.”

Trump’s proposal would allow parents “to fully deduct the average cost of child care spending from their taxes.”

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  • Joanne Libro-Martin says:

    Once again Wayne you are so far off base. This foolishness you spout is just not worth trying to educate you

  • I Seigel says:

    Wow, getting rid of the death tax is a BIG DEAL!! But it’s people making 5 million a year, and couples that make 10 million a year, that have to pay the tax. Regular working class people would NEVER have to pay the tax. So this really only benefits rich people. You know, like Trump and his team of economic advisors.

  • Richard Schwartz says:

    Hillery wants 10 billion for infrastructure. Trump wants tillions from bring money back to country and who would you trust to do construction> Trump brings in projects under budget and sooner than projected. How did Obama handle “shovel ready” didn’t do well.

  • M J says:

    Something every Excessive Tax-Hating American can agree upon!

  • Snoopy says:

    It’s Politics as usual!
    POLI = Many
    TICS = Bloodsuckers.
    They ALL have two major goals while they are in office:
    1. Get all I can for myself
    2. Get re-elected so I can get more!
    No further comment required!

  • Peter Smith says:

    The “Death Tax” has ALWAYS been a means of governmental THEFT. The people that inherit monies from the deaths of family relations are stripped of monies that have ALREADY been taxed once. It is not fair, it is not right. This kind of issue caused “We the People” to sever our ties with our previous ruling government. Maybe the time is here again …….

  • Sinnie Kemp says:

    I am not rich but to know that the government would tax people after they die that is outrageous. The government tax people when they work hard and what makes the government becomes everybody heir when they die?

    People work hard for themselves and their kids and grandkids and also sharing their wealth with their favorite charities.

    It break my heart to see families whom their loved one had died and on top of their grievance for their lost there comes the government taking inventory what the dead people had left and demand that the amount due to death tax should be pay first before family can resolve their heritance.

  • democrat CockRoach says:

    democrat idiots little heads are all spinning.

  • mpdMD1965 says:

    Hillary Rotten Clinton has one goal, Raise Taxes . How else can she support the trash that supports her. The folks on the dole spell Clinton God. They worship her as they can be assured she taxes the working folks and gives to the trash that spreads and breeds more losers which make up the Clinton Crap Crowd. Of course we must not forget the less than intellectually gifted broads who live vicariously through what they consider a female, Hillary Rotten Clinton. To me the jury is still out on her sexual orientation. If my mind reminds me correctly Bill saw nothing nearly as enticing in Hillary as in Monica and many others . He still is wandering although when necessity states
    he acts husbandly he shows up .

  • John Chism says:

    I don’t have the means using my phone to give any link’s. All of you should research the Tax Plan of JFK in 1962 and what he said. Then do the same thing for Reagan that was termed Reaganomics that was nearly identical to JFK’s Tax Plan. Then in 1991 or 1992 Bill Clinton gave close to the same speech based upon lowering taxes that JFK and Reagan campaigned on and what Donald Trump just said mirrors each of those. When these Tax Plan’s were Democrats Idea’s they were great and accepted by the left and right. And yet once again being proposed by a Republican they are bad according to Democrats. Even Hillary is contradicting Bill’s own Tax Plan’s.

    1. mpdMD1965 says:

      Because Hillary is brain dead at best.

  • W. Coyote says:

    Since there is no such thing as a “death tax”, how can “Trump kill” it?

    1. jnora says:

      There is a death tax if you have a net worth over a certain amount. It is either 1 or 2 million. That encompases a LOT of people. It doesn’t take much to have a net worth of that. Lots of small business owners, too. Even my father barely escaped it and he wasn’t even considered rich.

      1. W. Coyote says:

        jnora-Good morning and thank you for your response. 100% of us die. 0.2% of us will owe any estate taxes. That’s 2 out of every 1000 estates. I don’t agree “that encompasses a LOT of people”. The exemption is over $5 million, with a lot of possible deductions before an estate is taxable.
        My comment had more to do with Republican spin than anything. They are much better at marketing and myth making than Democrats.

        “Linguist George Lakoff states that the term “death tax” is a deliberate and carefully calculated neologism used as a propaganda tactic to aid in efforts to repeal estate taxes. The use of “death tax” rather than “estate tax” in the wording of questions in the 2002 National Election Survey was correlated with an increased support for estate tax repeal by a few percentage points.[77]”

        1. jnora says:

          Aren’t death taxes and estates taxes the same?

          1. W. Coyote says:

            Estate tax is the official term for the tax that applies to only 2 out of every 1000 estates- the very top end. “Death tax” is the term that Republican use to spin this issue to trick you into believing that everyone pays it. This is pure marketing and another part of the Republican mythology. Of course, they are very good at creating myths- Jimmy Carter and the “malaise” speech, Obama’s “apology” tour, etc. ( just to name a couple)

          2. jnora says:

            Odd that I should read ypur post at this time. I just now listened to a Trump speech where he called them the same thing. I know that.most people don’t pay either, though. If I had worked all my life to build up a business for my kids and then the gov’t took half or more of it, I think it would be very sad. We need even more rich people to produce more jobs. Class envy must stop! I have practically nothing and realize that. Problem is that so many people just don’t WANT to work. I always thought hunger was a good impetus for work. Those who are ABLE should have to work for both food stamps and welfate. You would see most of them get better jobs then. The gov’t subs out many things that they could use those people for and it may even help with the idleness and gang problems. Or, they could make them go to a tech school on some sort of grant to teach them a skill. Like Trump says…a plumber makes more than a philosopher.

          3. W. Coyote says:

            Sounds like we have some things we agree on. I don’t see food stamps as a long term solution for most people. I have seen them used on a temporary basis for people whose life has been turned upside down for various reasons. Unfortunately, I am sure there are some people who abuse them.
            I taught in high school and saw the shift away from vocational educational education first hand. It also sounds like you and I are in agreement with the President ( who has called for re-authorization of the Perkins Act, which sends federal money into voc ed) and Hillary Clinton. I found this from a recent article:

            “Hillary Clinton said it is necessary to change attitudes about how we see vocational education and that it is critical to support and develop the nation’s community colleges “and get back to really respecting vocational and technical work.” She also supported the idea of apprentice work, saying at a campaign event in South Carolina last month that there should be a tax credit for businesses that hire and train apprentices.”
            As far as Trump is concerned, I would be really surprised if he had ever met either a plumber or a philosopher.

          4. jnora says:

            Being in the construction industry, I’ll bet he knows thousands of plumbers and the other trades. He actually gets involved with the workers…I have seen him do it on TV. Remember….his kids worked onsite…even Ivanka. He worked his way up the ranks. I’ll just bet you he could do any of the trades himself. He knows most about ALL the trades, so don’t try to tell me he doesn’t even know the plumbers. I saw him shaking hands with the workers on his jobs. Not for the cameras either. I have heard he has been for the little guy all of his career. If I had to guess, I would think he knows quite a few philosophers, too. He probably doesn’t think much of them, either. Hillary treats her help so bad it brings them to tears. One Secret Service guy even wrote a book about her being such a witch to them. She looks down on all of them. She is very rich and looks down on the poor, but speak otherwise. She is another Leona Helmsley, only worse!

          5. W. Coyote says:

            Well, I can see that you are a strong Trump supporter. And I’m also sure there is nothing that I could say to dissuade you. So please feel free to ignore the rest of this comment. But in case you are the slightest bit curious about other viewpoints:

            1. “He worked his way up the ranks”? Really? He was given $1 million from his father ( over $6 million in today’s money) to invest in New York real estate.

            2. “he knows thousands of plumbers”? Does he speak Romanian? Trump didn’t hire American workers at a Florida resort. Instead, he sought work visas for hundreds of foreign construction workers.

            3.“You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass.”

            4.“I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”
            5. “We love the poorly educated”

          6. jnora says:

            Sorry, but this will be long. I hope everyone will read it, though, because the voice thing on my phone is broken and I care so much for my country, that I put a lot of effort into this. There is nothing of substance in it post. For all of Trump’s career, he has stood up and helped the needy. He Taught his kids to work and to work HARD. Melania speaks 4 or 5 languages… Can u do that? Perhaps one of those is Romanian? His father worked hard to build up his business and giving your kids money to help them start out in lif…that is what fathers do. I see some class envy coming from you. Yes, he is on his 3rd marriage, but you do not know the circumstances. Hillary would have divorced Bill had if it not been for politics and her riding his coat tails. She, after all had an affair of her own with Vince Foster and most believe the Clinton’s had him killed. Suicide? There was a gunshot wound in the back of his neck that somehow didn’t end up on the police report. Only the one in the mouth. Hmmmmm? She threw astrayd and lamps at Bill and even gave him a black eye one time (if not more). Bill was disbarred, also. You are probably youngster that was not here or not old enough to be interested in politics during those awful scandals. She was very involved in them, too. There was so much corruption disclosed about the Clintons you probably wouldn’t believe them even though it smacked you right in your face! They used (both of them) the Rose Law Firm to facilitate their crimes and launder their money. The only charity they gave to this year was the Clinton Foundation to which only 15% goes to actual charity! She is the epitome of evil and she cares not a whip about America or others except to make it Communist with her at the helm. If you are in the middle class, she flat out said (and I heard her say it just this week) that she was going to raise the taxes on the middle class, so there is something for u look forward to if she wins. If u have kids, you would be leaving them a terrible debt to pay. They will not have the advantages you have had. After just 7 1/2 years of Obama, I haven’t nearly as many freedoms or advantages my parents had in life. I honestly don’t know how ANYONE in their right mind could vote for her. She is stale with old Obama stuff that put us in this awful position both financially and a country which the rest of the world laughs at and disrespects. The only people that like Obamacare are the freeloaders that get tons of subsidies! The insurance companies are trying to get out of it at record pace and it is breaking our country and them. Can you not see these things? Have u ever even listened to a complete Trump speech? I have listened to all of Clinton’s speeches when they come on. Or, do you just listen to the snippets that the MSM shows to make fun of him? I can almost guarantee you that most Dems would agree with virtually all that he says if they would listen to him (about the only place you can hear him is on Fox News, so give one speech a try and see if you don’t agree with most or all of his statements. Hillary says there is no way to stop outsourcing of jobs (she says it in an ad…because she is so beholding to so many countries, including our enemies like Iran!). Right now on TV she said, “we must stop outsourcing.” Well, Hillary, which is it? Trump has a plan to stop it. I don’t know about u, but I am tired of talking to foreigners at call centers that I cannot understand. Do u want ISIS to disappear? Clinton says she will continue like Obama…are they gone? Nope. They are much stronger! Do u want ur taxes lowered? Trump will do that…Hillary will raise them. Do u want the gov’t in charge of teaching ur kids incorrect history and filling their heads with Communist thoughts? Most people would take a huge pay cut with Socialism (Communism without the guns) so everyone gets the same for equality’s sake? Do you want to have the public disarmed (except the criminals, of course) so the gov’t will have total control over us? That is the first thing Hitler did and Aulinsky recommends to take over a country. I know this is very long, but I am very passionate about my country and want to have it as it used to be. I am ashamed that it has been my generation that has ruined it. I have looked closely at the important things about both candidates…why don’t you do the same and listen to the next big…or any…speech of Trump’s and see if u don’t agree. Give just one week to Fox News. Unlike the other networks, they DO give both sides. To be fair with me, please do that if u care about the United States. BTW, Hillary will promise u anything to get elected. You will get NO free college…it would further break an already broke country. Especially after droves of businesses close down or leave the country and u cannot get a job. Can u say depression? Oh, did I mention that those nasty rich people would leave the country, too?

          7. jnora says:

            Check out my reply above and if u have anything to add to, please feel free! I need an ally…LOL. Even most on here are Trump supporters, we need to bring more over to our side for our children’s, grandchildren’s, and our country,s sake. All you out there, help me out with W, Coyote.

          8. W. Coyote says:

            jnora- No need to apologize about the length of your comment. I appreciate that you took the time to fully explain your views. I don’t have time this morning to respond point by point, but I will try to hit a few high points.

            You see, I think we actually have some things in common. For example, “I care so much for this country”. I also love our country and truly appreciate the freedoms we enjoy every day.

            Obviously you admire Donald Trump. That’s fine by me and I know there is nothing I could say to change your mind. Who knows? Once in office, maybe he would be a good president. But so far, it doesn’t look like he has the judgment or temperament for the job. He cut through the Republican primaries mainly through insults. I also wonder what kind of role model he is for his children and grandchildren when he says “if I lose, there will be some cheating” etc.

            I would never claim that Bill and Hillary are perfect. However, a lot of the claims you are making about them go back to “the Arkansas Project”. You are probably too young to remember this, but there was a coordinated effort to destroy the Clintons back in the early days in Arkansas. David Brock was a conservative writer who wrote “The Real Anita Hill”. He was sent to Arkansas to do a similar character assassination on the Clintons. May I recommend a book for you? Go to the library and check out “Blinded by the Right” by David Brock. He explains the inner workings of the right wing conspiracy against the Clintons which continues to this day.

            As for Fox, I do try to watch Fox on occasion. What I see and hear is a coordinated “message of the day” that is repeated by all the shows for each day. For example “Obama is weak”, “the Clinton scandals”, etc. By the way, other networks do give both sides. It’s actually quite common on MSNBC and PBS is the “fair and balanced” that Fox claims to be.

            Could you please tell me tell me what time period you are referring to when you say you
            ” want to have it as it used to be.” Also, could you please tell me which freedoms you now don’t have “after 7 1/2 years of Obama”? Thanks and I hope you are having a good day so far.
            As I said, I truly love our country. I would hate to see it return to complete Republican control like it was from 2000-2006. During that time we got involved in a complete disaster with the occupation of Iraq and the grounds was laid for the financial meltdown of 2008. I love this country and I hate to see Republicans create such huge problems and then blame Obama for not fixing them quick enough.

          9. jnora says:

            W. Coyote: I just spent an hour answering your post (while crying over it) and my phone just froze right at the end. Now I am writing it in Word so I won’t lose it and will cut and paste. I will try to address all your comments.

            I have lost nearly everything in my life…my son to suicide, my other son to mental illness, and the rest of my family to estrangement over a will. I do NOT want to lose my country that I so dearly love. I loved it more when I was growing up. I am 66 years old, so I have seen quite a few generations. In the 1950s, it was idyllic except for two things…the way the blacks were treated and the Korean War. I don’t ever remember anyone, either my family or in school, even mentioning the war and we watched the Huntley Brinkley report every night at dinner. My parents were big on politics and that is probably where I got my love for politics…until now. Now I am just addicted and know at least SOMEONE NEEDS TO CARE AND EDUCATE THEMSELVES ABOUT OUR COUNTRY! It is the ignorance (I did not say stupidity) and uninformed public in which I am so disappointed and that is ruining our country. No one cares. Most don’t even know who the VP is. To vote for someone because they are black or a woman is very risky…especially with those two. Hillary was on TV a few minutes ago promising the world to everyone…things that we cannot afford. I think of my grandkids and it makes me want to cry to think of the Alinsky world they may have to grow up in for the rest of their lives. I don’t care about myself, but of them. My life is already as bad as it can be.

            You asked about freedoms. Our minister has been told by the gov’t. (I go to a huge church-all of which love me) that his sermons are being monitored because he saw something in another country he should not have seen and because he is continuing to teach us what is right. He is not afraid, but is convinced that eventually he will be picked up and arrested. We all fear for him. I am afraid to go anywhere because the blacks taunt me. I used to work retail for awhile and a black guy came in with two white guys. The white guys both used valid EBT cards. The black guy wanted to use his “girlfriend’s” number, but he didn’t have the card, but knew the number. I told him I could not do that. For one thing the machine wouldn’t do that, plus it was illegal. They all came at me alleging that I was profiling the black guy. I asked them if they wanted me to get corporate on the line and they could tell them the rules. Then they backed off. I should not have to go around scared of the blacks. I am a bigot in NO way. When I was a kid, my mother had a full-time housekeeper named Allie. We all loved her and she was a part of the family. I remember her ironing all my little cotton dresses for school and even bathing me when I was really little. No one could have treated her any better. My mother made her clothes and we gave her transportation. My father paid her a good wage. Not exactly raised to be a bigot. Yet now, we are all considered bigots. That is not freedom. I had no slaves, did you? My granddaughter goes to school in the D.C./VA area. When she first started school, maybe 1st or 2nd grade, she was told at school that it didn’t matter what sex she was born because she could change it when she grew up. Is that freedom for our kids in public school to be taught things like that? Is it freedom to be told what we or our kids can and cannot eat or drink? There are so many things and regulations that restrict our freedoms. We need enforced laws and we don’t have that as seen by the mayhem in this country now. However, we don’t need things like a 6-month sentence for raping an unconscious woman! The Clinton/Obama machine must be stopped. Yes, Trump is a little crude at times, but the things he wants to do for America are the correct things. Everything Clinton wants are just the wrong things just like Obama. See how well his policies have worked? We don’t have 5% unemployment. They neglected to factor in the people that have gotten discouraged and have quit looking for jobs. According to the more astute statisticians, it is above 10%. Do you want a woman for president that was involved in a deal that GAVE Iran $150 billion that will be used to manufacture nuclear weapons to be used against us? What an awful deal!

            If Trump loses, there WILL be voter fraud. Remember the precincts in the last two elections where there were more Obama votes than there were registered voters in the precinct? Remember the precincts where there were not even ONE vote for Romney? Do you honestly believe that? The worst part is that they didn’t even investigate it. Unlike the hanging chad events…THEY were investigated. I am telling you, the Clintons and the Obamas and their supporters rig both elections and POLLS. Look at the social media polls and they have Trump WAY ahead of Clinton by a landslide. That would be a truer poll I would think. They poll whoever they pick and it is usually more Democrats than Republicans.

            That “right wing conspiracy” you talk about was just a term that Hillary coined to demonize the Republicans. If you heard every one of Trump’s planks, you would agree with them, I feel sure. He is making a speech right now on how to get rid of ISIS. It is brilliant. Because he won’t tell specifics to the enemies, Hillary is demeaning him. Not telling specifics if how war works, Hillary!
            To punish the rich (which includes people like my son that has worked so very hard to get where he is) and the small business owners TAKES AWAY THE JOBS! Why can’t people understand that? Do you think people would accept Trump’s tax plan if he exempted himself from it? I feel sure he would do that out of love for his country. He would still have as much money as he would ever need. Doesn’t a tax cut for all and reducing the debt sound better than a tax raise for the rich AND middle class and raise the debt by HUGE amounts. She is promising people things we cannot afford, like free college just to get elected. She said she isn’t for TPP now, and yet she has said before she is really for it and will pass it right after elected, if elected. There are videos of her saying she is for it. She also told India that there is no way of stopping outsourcing. Things like TPP will only encourage outsourcing. Of course, she will keep the useless things instead of trying to purge them out. I hated to see the space program go away because so many good inventions came from it and it gave us a national pride that we need so badly right now. It made other countries respect us…they are laughing at us now and have no respect now. The reason Trump says that he admires Putin (as I do) is ONLY because he is a good strong leader and that is something that we do not have now. I have always thought that about Putin. The way Obama treats Netanyahu makes me ill. I love Israel and they are a good ally. We need to stand behind them because, believe me, we will need them someday…perhaps more than they will need us.
            I would love to see our country to return to the days of Reagan. It wasn’t complete control, but we had a president that knew how to work across the aisle. He and Tip O’Neal were almost best friends. I make no excuses for George W. Bush…he was a turncoat and still is. He was a huge spender, but could not compare to Obama. Obama has given us more debt than ALL the presidents (from Washington) combined. He not only didn’t get us out of what he inherited, he made it much, much worse. He told the enemy his plans. Who does that???? Hillary cannot be trusted with secret documents. She has proved that by allowing and probably planning on her server being hacked by who knows how many nations that are our enemies. Does that not concern you at all? Why do they say that Trump is not trustworthy? This is “projection” at its best…psychological term meaning you blame people of doing what you are doing. I didn’t mean to define it to be condescending, but many do not know what it is. I was married to a diagnosed sociopath and they have no conscience and they are masters at both lying and projection. To me, Hillary shows all the signs of my ex. It is like Déjà vu for me when I see her. Also, her health problem will be a huge issue. We must get both hers and Trump’s health records or have both of them go through a rigorous physical at either Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic or both. The health of our president is crucial. Remember that Thomas Eagleton bowed out with McGovern as his VP candidate due to psychological problems? He cared about his country, obviously.
            Do your homework and look at everything Trump stands for…go to his website I think and see if you are truly against the things he wants to do. You know what Hillary will do because she will do what Obama has done and probably worse. Pray for our country…it needs prayer.

          10. W. Coyote says:

            jnora- Thank you again for your reply. I really appreciate the fact that you took the time. And I am sorry you had technical problems with the phone.
            First of all, I am so sorry to hear about losing your son to suicide and dealing with the mental health issues of the other son. I spent many years working with children and adolescent psychiatric patients in a major hospital.. Over the years, I worked face to face with hundreds of these children and their families. Every time when I thought I had heard the most heartbreaking story possible, another case presented even worse. Of course, many of the teenagers came to the hospital because they had attempted suicide the night before. After a while I sort of became immune to the tragic stories just to be able to function every day at work. But I always had to remind myself that every patient I worked with represented parents and families who loved them very much.
            We have so much in common. We both love our country very much. You are 66. I turn 66 next week. We both pay close attention to politics and what is going on.
            Having said all that, I’ll present a different perspective on some of your points. For example, you mention a district where there were more votes for Obama than registered voters. I’ve heard that story before. A little fact checking helps. That story never happened.
            The “right wing conspiracy” was not just a term. She actually called it “vast” as well. She was right but it wasn’t actually vast. It just boiled down to a very few individuals. Probably the most important was Richard Mellon Scaife, who funded a number of initiatives and conservative “journalists”. Please, please read “Blinded by the Right” by David Brock. He was on this inside for years writing articles for the right wing media. He also “The Real Anita Hill”. This is all part of the Lee Atwater/Roger Ailes school of politics in which you avoid discussing actual policies and go instead for character assassination. This was played out with the Willie Horton ads, the Swift Boat veterans, and on and on..
            …. will continue later. I have to take my car to the shop

          11. jnora says:

            W. Coyote…as far as me reading any book, I don’t have either the motivation or the time. If I have free time, I will do either crafts or be with my kitties. I don’t get out much with people due to my BPD. I do have a best female friend, but she lives over an hour away and that is good for me. That way I won’t let my disorder ruin our relationship. I will see her on Saturday. She is going to help me organize my house. I don’t even have the motivation to do that and I was always a great organizer/housekeeper. Since Brian died, I have lost all of it. I have no family to see except my granddaughter and I won’t see her until next summer and she rarely emails me. She is too busy making something great of herself. I am glad she takes school so seriously. I am also very depressed over Trump’s polls. You have NO idea how important it is to me that he wins. I don’t want to live in a liberal country where the things I hold most dear are either illegal or I am persecuted for them. Where people like my granddaughter will not be rewarded for all her efforts in the name of equality.

            If I make typos, it is because, while my cataracts have been removed, I still need glasses for close up and I don’t have them on now. I figure i am just going to have to leave it in the Lord’s hands. We will deserve the leaders we get. I honestly don’t think if Hillary wins she will make it physically through the first term with it being so stressful and her having seizures like that. It is people talking to her at the same time that sets it off and press conferences are the order of the day as President. I have a feeling that the debates with Trump will be very challenging for her because of that also. If you would, please just look at his talking points and tell me which ones you disagree with…I’d like to know. They are all common sense. Why drag out terminating ISIS. Only more lives will be lost that way and she said she is going to continue Obama’s plan on that. She is going to follow Obama’s plan on everything and look at the debt he put us in! I am trying not to end sentences with prepositions, but at least it isn’t to my granddaughter…the grammar Nazi!

            Trump wants to re-negotiate trade deals. That would give us such a boost. Why is it fair that we don’t tax China and the others to send their goods here and yet we tax US manufacturers to sell their goods here? That is prohibiting many jobs from being here. She has no intention of doing that because she is in bed with so many countries…countries that are our enemies…like Iran perhaps. Why would Obama and her make a deal with them to give them all that money to use against us with nuclear weapons? HUH?

            Why would you want someone that is so untrustworthy that you cannot believe anything she says? Did you hear the tape of her laughing about getting off the rapist of a 12-year-old girl when she knew for a fact he was guilty? She has no compassion for anyone. At least Trump cares for the little guy AND ALWAYS HAS.

            Why would you want your taxes raised? BTW, the rich are paying more than their “fair share” now. They pay 90% of the taxes. Is that not fair enough? Why do you think they are migrating OUT of the US? If she is elected, it will be a massive shutdown of businesses and so many will leave. Then there will be no jobs (worse than now) for the graduates of that “free college” she is promising everyone. Especially after she passes that TPP. Also, she will not allow us ever to be energy independent because she is beholding to Saudi Arabia because they have given her so much money. We have plenty, or even more, energy resources than even Saudi Arabia and yet she will never let us get to it. It would not ruin our country…it would provide jobs. What if the early industrialists thought that way? She is the wife of an impeached, disbarred president. Them and their daughter are corrupt and they alone will ruin this country and you just don’t get it. If you could see Hillary’s America you would understand.

            She used to have on her website about women that when they were raped that the women should be believed. Did she believe the women that her husband raped and molested? Did she believe that 12-year-old girl? Oh, she believed that young girl and she ruined her life in the process. I saw that now woman on TV the other day and her life was shattered by that…it was a very violent rape and yet Hillary was laughing about it. Is that who you want taking care of our country?

            Just where do you think Hillary got that $100 million that she received? She got it from our enemies for ACCESS and probably for secrets. You know she set up that server knowing it would likely be hacked by the people that were paying her. She is playing stupid, but she isn’t stupid, she is conniving and a criminal. Mark my words, they will get her for something sometime. Presidents can be impeached and convicted, you know.

            I have a headache that could eat the city I am in, so am going to go take a shower to see if that helps. I now truly feel like a defeated, useless, hopeless woman. I, at least, was hoping I could keep my country. At least I know I will not lose my soul and I hope that day comes soon because living like this is torture.

          12. W. Coyote says:

            Well, I’m back, but I’ve kind of lost my train of thought. I’ll finish by saying again. I don’t think either Bill or Hillary are saints by any means. In fact, I’m still mad at Bill because I think, if he had kept his pants zipped, we might have been able to prevent 9/11. But I also don’t think either of them are the “evil” that you read about among the “conservatives” on this site and other similar ones. If you don’t believe there was a conspiracy against them, please answer this question:
            What is the connection between Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky?
            Beyond that, please allow me to recommend one other book. After you finish “Blinded by the Right”, go back to the library and check out “The Party is Over” by Mike Lofgren. Like David Brock, Lofgren is ( or was) a lifelong Republican who admired Ronald Reagan. He worked for about 30 years as a staffer for various Republican members of Congress, dealing mostly with budget issues. He watched, first-hand, the Republican party transform away from statesmanship and governing into a party of self righteous ideologues. He gives detailed and behind the scenes accounts of this slide toward the bottom. Highly recommended.

          13. jnora says:

            My dear friend…that is exactly why I do not call myself a Republican any longer. I am a conservative. I vote Republican because people are forced to run as Republicans or they won’t get elected.

            There probably is no connection between Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky, but it is just one unseemly or illegal thing after another with them. At least Trump doesn’t have literal blood on his hands. That seems to overcome anything Trump has EVER done. i do not want a murderer in the White House and that is exactly what she is. I suspect it with Vince Foster and KNOW it with the Benghazi heroes. She could have stopped it and she didn’t. That is a sin of omission…just as bad. They ARE EVIL!! If no one believes what their president says to them, what good is that president. Everything would be so shady.

            The things Trump wants to do are good and right. Hillary wants to propagate the welfare society that is causing the breakdown of the lower class and the black families, started by LBJ. That is idleness and that is sin. With my measly Social Security income, I probably should be for her to get some more goodies, but I am not….I would rather starve than vote for her. She is venomous to our country. She did nothing as a Senator and will do nothing but harm as a president. This country is out of hand under Obama’s policies (riots and killings in the streets like never before) and she is going to carry on as he has done. He has divided this country like no one has ever seen. I truly believe that on this course, we will have a civil war at some point. It is because laws have not been enforced. He pardoned so many bad people, but did he pardon Martha Stewart or Dinesh D’Souza. NO! They really deserved it, especially Dinesh D’Souza. All he did was give $20,000 to a friend of his that was running for the Senate. NO ONE has ever been jailed for anything like that. He was given 2 years and served 8 months and then tons of probation and will always be a felon. Then again, no one else made a movie called “2016.” To keep him out of the way for this election, they jailed him. But it didn’t stop him from making “Hillary’s America.” It is mainly about slavery, believe it or not. The blacks in this country think it is the Democrats that have saved them, but it is the Republicans that did everything from Emancipation to the Civil Rights Act. All the KKK were Democrats. I’ll bet none of them except that black woman professor at Vanderbilt know that. D’Souza exposes that historical truth. The blacks think that because it is the Democrats that give them stuff. Let them consider THAT their reparations.

            I really must go and run some errands. I am out of my painkiller. That is probably why my neck hurts so badly this morning and the pharmacy is usually out of it. I have severe bone degeneration (and early) inherited from my father. He lived the last 20 years of his life in terrible pain and I am my father’s daughter. Please think about the things I have said and do go watch that movie. It takes much less time than reading a book. It is not entertaining, but VERY educational. If you wish, check up on everything you see there. It is all the truth.

            Perhaps Trump will come up with an October surprise that will Trump Hillary…who knows?

          14. W. Coyote says:

            So sorry to hear that you are dealing with pain and pain killers. Hope things are better now. Also glad you have some kitties to take care of. My wife moved out last week (finally) and for the time being I am taking care of two cats, which I don’t mind at all. One is very sweet and lovable. The other is the most comical little cat I have ever seen. Then I have my best friend- my dog I got from the shelter who is half mutt and half knucklehead.
            As far as Republicans vs. conservatives are concerned, it makes no difference to me. I read info from all kinds of sites. When I go to one like this, there usually some back and forth about who is a RINO, who is a real conservative, etc. I think reducing people to labels is not helpful.
            At your suggestion, I did go to the Trump website.
            Of course I didn’t read everything there. But I read about plans for health care. First step- repeal Obamacare. There were some specific proposals. Of course, my question is where was all the urgency to do something about healthcare 10 or 15 years ago. I would never claim Obamacare is perfect. Of course, if all the brave Republicans were truly interested in health care, they could have gotten in the trenches and worked to improve aspects of the ACA. Rather they chose to sit back and try to repeal it about 50 times. Obama care is basically a compromise that incorporates conservative principles with liberal ones. Many Republicans were in favor of the individual mandate, that is until Obama endorsed it. Then they changed their tune. Why? Because they are afraid that Obama could take credit for a successful program so they have done everything they could to sabotage him. So now under President Trump we will go back to the days of denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions, canceling coverage after a claim, and ten of thousands of medical bankruptcies.
            The wall with Mexico. I suppose it’s something that a CEO could implement. But there are internal politics, international relations, and financial markets involved. He makes it sound so easy- “Day 1, Day 2…”
            Who knows, maybe once in office, Trump would make a good president. But so far, there is a lot that worries me about him. I don’t have time tonight to go point by point, but let’s start with John McCain. I realize that a lot of “conservatives ” don’t like him. But it’s truly disgusting what Trump said. We saw someone who avoided service himself, passing judgment on someone who sacrificed over 5 years in a N. Vietnamese prison. I wonder how long Trump could have withstood torture.
            ISIS was founded in 2006. Yet Trump says Obama is a founder. And yes, he was serious-not sarcastic with this claim. Of course, the real concern is that so many of his supporters buy into this bizarre nonsense.
            You are right. There is no real connection between Whitewater and Monica, except for Kenneth Starr. Can you imagine the howls of protest from Republicans if there was a permanent, open ended investigation of any and all activities of either of the Bushes? Rush Limbaugh would have worked himself into a lather if that had been the case.
            It am also truly concerned about this country when I see howling Republicans chant “Lock her up” and not a single one of the brave speakers stepped up to put a stop to it. This is truly sick stuff and I am heartbroken when I think this is what the country I love so much has come to.

          15. jnora says:

            Al Quada (sp?) was around then, but not ISIS (or ISIL as Obama says). They were new…remember Obama calling them the JV’s? Have you been listening to his speeches lately? They are magnificent! I think you would agree with virtually everything he is saying. What is coming out about Hillary now is soooo bad. The emails they found that she received/sent on her private server had such secret stuff on them that they had to redact them so much that the senators didn’t even have the clearances to read them. You have to
            admit, that is serious. There are probably tons of CIA agents worried to death about their identities being hacked by our enemies. She is so in bed with our enemies and the mid-east, for all we know, she could have intended it to be that way. She said TRUMP isn’t fit to be president? She says he isn’t trustworthy enough to have security briefs? That is laughable. He has terrific advisers around him on national security and every other issue. He went straight to Milwaukee when the trouble started. He is right, Hillary is just using the blacks as VOTES. She could care less about them. All the big cities that have been under Democratic rule for quite some time (except NY and Rudy cleaned it up…I saw it before and after and it was incredible) have been turned into crime-riddled ruins by liberal rule. There is proof that liberal rule doesn’t work, W. Coyote. She will rig everything she can. I have a feeling that this time, though, she will get caught. Why would anyone want someone like her as president…a liar. You can’t believe anything she says. Just about everything out of her mouth is a lie. She has a record and it is sort of like a deposition. That is how you catch her in lies. She said one thing way back when and the exact opposite now. Whatever suits her purpose now. I know that Trump has changed his mind about some things, but her has merely seen the light. He has seen what the liberals have done to this country.

            Go to this website page:
            and it will tell you Trump’s positions on virtually everything.and will contrast them with Hillary’s. When you see that, you may change your mind.

            I am very sleepy, as I have taken my sleeping meds and they are kicking in. Will TTYL.

            BTW, what Trump said about McCain was wrong. I have no more respect for the Bushes anymore. I was never thrilled with “W” anyway. He spent too much of our money. I do like, however, Jeb’s son. He is for Trump now. They think they own the Republican party and they don’t. I don’t call myself a Republican anyway, but it is the closest to my beliefs. I can proudly say that I have never in my life voted for a Democrat because I have never found one that was qualified for any office. Good thing I live in a red state or I couldn’t stand it…LOL. My counselor told me to quit watching the news. I can’t because I think this election is so historic. I am astounded as what Hillary is getting away with and I find Trump so very fascinating. You should listen to last night’s speech. It is on YouTube. It is on how he is going to keep us safe. If was magnificent. If you don’t agree with him, you shouldn’t be calling yourself a Christian because he was just saying he was going to do what was good and right and he elaborated on each item beautifully. Seriously, his tone is so different and he most certainly CAN and is being presidential. Like us, he loves this country, too.

          16. W. Coyote says:

            Saddam was a sadistic psychopath. I have nothing good to say about him, except that he kept Al Qaeda out of Iraq. With Saddam gone, Al Qaeda moved in and started the insurgency. On June 7, 2006, Al Zarqawi, the leader of AQI was killed, creating a leadership vacuum. ISIS was founded at that time and they were just one of a number of other competing groups. They were for a while “the JV team” in the eyes of the military advisors who were advising President Obama. Over time, they gained strength as more fighters swore allegiance to the caliphate. In other words, ISIS was an unintended consequence of our occupation of Iraq. But even given that reality, I would not accuse George W. Bush of being a founder of ISIS. Clearly that was not his intent. But he got suckered into a war by Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden’s stated goal was provoke a ground invasion in the Middle East and Bush stepped into it.
            If you are concerned about “tons of CIA agents worried to death” then you must have very bad things to say about Bush/Cheney/ Rove. They “outed” Valerie Plame. Why? Because her husband, Joe Wilson, had the nerve to tell the truth in the lead up to the war in Iraq. Revealing the identity of a CIA agent is a crime.
            I did go on the Trump website at your suggestion. I haven’t had time to digest the whole thing, but I will at some point.
            What worries me most about Trump is the fact that he is a demagogue. He has tapped into anger out there and given it a focus. His targets are Mexicans, Muslims, and anyone who offers a different perspective from him. Anyone who disagrees with him is a target for personal attacks.
            By the way, I have no problem with anyone who expresses conservative opinions on principle. I think our society benefits from the push/pull dynamics from both the liberal and conservative sides. Chris Matthews correctly pointed out that both sides need each other and that there are some things conservatives do better.
            I do have a problem with double standards. For example, why did we have one (1) investigation of the disasters in Beirut in the 1980s in which hundreds of our servicemen died? Contrast that with the multiple investigations of Hillary over Benghazi, which was a tragedy, but clearly not a scandal that so many “conservatives” are obsessed over. Why is there talk of impeachment of Obama, when there are absolutely no grounds? Contrast that with Democrats, quietly dropping the possibility of impeaching Reagan, even though there were clearly grounds. He committed treason by giving aid and comfort to the Ayatollah’s regime ( over 2000 missiles in secret).
            I guess what concerns me the most is the fact that there seems to be so few conservatives on principle. If you read the “articles” and comments on this site and others like Breitbart, you see it’s mostly anger. And these so called conservatives, including talk radio icons like Rush, Dr. Weiner ( Michael Savage) and others give their audience a target. Liberals are blamed for all their troubles. They are called evil, mentally ill, Marxist, etc. This is scapegoating, pure and simple. The parallels to Germany of the 1920’s and 30’s are unmistakable and frightening.

          17. jnora says:

            W. Coyote…It appears to me that when you are talking about your take on Trump, you are describing Obama. Obama is evil. He committed a crime in paying ransom for those hostages about a month ago in Iran. The way in which it was done proves it was clearly ransom. Obama has broken the law numerous times. The conservatives are rebelling because they are sick and tired of seeing the liberals ruining this country. We have stopped growing or very close to it. Obama is the first president EVER that has never hit 3% growth in any quarter of his presidency. That is pathetic. Hillary is planning to give, give, give and will bankrupt our country. That, in itself, is reason enough to vote for Trump. She has so much baggage and her health is clearly bad. Two more reasons to vote for Trump. She plans to continue Obama’s plan on fighting ISIS. They will overcome us if that is continued. They are making progress, as you can see. Another critical reason to vote for Trump. It seems that those things are critical enough to vote for Trump. Yes, he has an ego, but it cannot compare to Obama’s with him going around with his nose up in the air (literally). Obama wants to be king. He has done so much underhanded stuff (and illegal) that it is scary. He is not responding to things that need to be responded to in these turbulent times (like all the riots, etc.). As a matter of fact, he is encouraging it by doing things such as invited BLM to the White House and immediately telling everyone that the Cambridge Police acted “stupidly.” If Hillary is elected, and I don’t think she will be, and stays the course on ISIS, she will have much more blood on her hands. She could have granted the embassy in Libya extra protection as they had begged for almost 200 times! I guarantee you that the foundation of hers and her husband’s is so corrupt, especially if Soros is involved. They are tied to his hip. He has ruined the financial systems of countries, for crying out loud! Do Democrats have no sense of good at all? How can anyone vote for this person? She will be even worse than Obama. Sanders and Obama are driving her even more to the left. I agree, there must be opposing sides to govern each other. but what she is talking about IS pure evil and communistic. She is talking about doing things that are directly against God’s will. God intends for us to be free, or he would not have given us free will. He did NOT intend for us to kill babies, especially when they are being born! She will encourage laziness and dependence on the government. THAT is the main reason the minorities vote for her. They don’t want jobs…they want more welfare and freebies. People are afraid to say that. I was talking to a guy yesterday that actually offered a young homeless guy a job and he didn’t want any part of it. There are not generations of welfare families and when they are young, they know exactly what they will do in life. Sit on their butts and collect welfare. Idleness is a sin in the sight of the Lord. You need to go to YouTube and actually listen to Trump’s recent speeches. They are more substantive than Hillary’s by far. Hillary says, “well, he won’t say exactly how he will get rid of ISIS.” That is why there is such a breakdown in the mid-East. Because Obama gave the enemy the EXACT date he was going to pull out. What if we did that on D-day. Obama has some of the best military advisers in the country. He will do things right and, hopefully, he will be allowed to do so without a Congress that will stop him. That is also fruitless.

            W. Coyote, my psychologist told me to lay low on politics for awhile because I am getting so upset about it. I am so passionate about it that it has made my depression so bad I can hardly function. I have decided about all I can do is vote. I can convince no one else. I mean no disrespect to you or anyone else…I just can’t handle it with all the other problems in my life. I need to get a handle on my life and arguing about politics (as much as I like politics) is doing me great damage. I will have to let the people on Fox do it for me. Trump will do it, I think, because he just makes so much sense except to people that want the goodies that Hillary is promising. Just remember that if she is elected and actually gives them those goodies, many will suffer because our country will be another Venezuela. God bless you, W. Coyote.

          18. W. Coyote says:

            Thank you and I hope things look up soon. I rescued my dog from the shelter. I take him our for several long walks each day. The walks do me more good than they for my dog. Take care.

    2. mpdMD1965 says:

      Bet you support Hillary. Your comment seems to be in line with Ms Clinton. Bet you share the same graduate degree, BD(brain dead)

      1. W. Coyote says:

        mpd- Good morning and thank you for your reply. Well, I do have a graduate degree.
        But my comment was about Republican marketing. They are very good at spin and myth making.

        “Political use of “death tax” as a synonym for “estate tax” was encouraged by Jack Faris of the National Federation of Independent Business[75] during the Speakership of Newt Gingrich.

        Well-known Republican pollster Frank Luntz wrote that the term “death tax” “kindled voter resentment in a way that ‘inheritance tax’ and ‘estate tax’ do not”.[76]”

  • justinwachin says:

    Any tax reform is likely to hurt some people as loopholes and tax brackets disappear. I like the idea of a flat tax where everyone pays the same percentage. Preferably that tax bill would have to be paid on the day before election day.

  • Alvis Jenkins says:

    Trump’s tax plan is no different than the status quo taxation because the federal income tax is a tax with no liability. If Mr. Trump would himself just open up the Internal Revenue Code book and read the simple language in subtitle C, chapter 24, he would read where the federal income tax is only lawfully paid by federal employees on any specified federal payment, voluntarily. A federal employee does so on a W-4 tax form by making a voluntary agreement with the employer to have tax withheld. Have you ever noticed the words on a W-4 tax form that read in large upper case letters, “Withholding Allowance Certificate”?
    What do you think the word “allowance” means? It means you give the employer “permission” to recognize the withholding claimed on the form. Can the federal employee choose not to volunteer to have any tax withheld? Yes, he/she can claim “no liability” for tax because there is no liability for income tax of 26 U.S.C. subtitle A. See the “Index” to 26 U.S.C. under the caption, “Liability for tax”, and you will see that “income” is not listed as having a liability for tax. Do what you can to research the tax code and pass this information around and lets see if we can get Mr. Trumps attention about this unlawful tax on non-federally employed American’s. Go TRUMP 2016

    1. jnora says:

      I’ll bet if he exempted himself from any tax cuts, it would go a long way and I’ll just bet he would be willing to do so to save his country.

  • The Redhawk says:

    And SHILLERY has appointed Gene Sperling, the ECONOMIC Author of AMERICAN JOBS LOSSES via BAD deals by the Clintins ( China, Nafta, So KOrea)…and BHOZO Econmic Advisor ..Who was taken apart by a California Economist as being INCOMPETENT!!! Another SHORTCIRCUIT Moment by the SHILL????

  • Mark Terzano says:

    Flat tax it at 23% for everyone. Poor? work a few more months a year.

    1. Alvis Jenkins says:

      A Flat tax would be just another form of income taxation which is prohibited by our Constitution.

      1. jnora says:

        The Income Tax was originally set up to be a temporary tax. So much for that! I think it was back in the 1930’s.

        1. Alvis Jenkins says:

          No, the income tax originated by attempts of Congress before the turn of the 19th century and was always ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court ever since. In fact the Supreme Court has ruled that the income tax is a excise tax on federal corporate activity.

        2. jnora says:

          I correct myself…it was withholding tax that was temporary.

      2. Mark Terzano says:

        Should we tax goods and services higher as an alternative?

    2. jnora says:

      Where does that put me? I am totally unable to work…have had about 15 surgeries in the last 8 years and it is getting worse. I live only on Social Security and my son refuses to help me at all. Medical bills are eating me up and dental bills are even worse. If you take 23% of my $1200/mo. away, could you live on that? FYI, I DID work for 50 years. I am now 66 and totally disabled. What would you do? The church helps me some. I can get only $39/mo. in food stamps because I do not lie like most do. I have always been a very conservative person politically and this is just killing me to have to do this. Attorney fees from my husband constantly taking me to court to get the kids literally took two of my 401Ks and medical bills took the 3rd one. I had a pretty nice inheritance, so I bought a house and medical bills caused me to have to sell that and all but about 6 of the beautiful things my mother and father left me. It nearly killed me, but I was willing to do it to pay my bills. Most people would not have been willing to do that. My parents taught me ethics and sometimes it hurts you to have ethics. They also taught me about God and it is Him that I want to please in life…not myself. If I had to pay 23% I would do it, but it would mean me moving to a dangerous part of town and I really don’t want to have to do that. The two times I have had roommates, the police had to be called both times. I live very simply and modestly. I drive a 12-year-old car, but I take care of what I have. I help people as much as I can even to the point of me having to sacrifice in order to do it. Now…what would you do?

      1. Mark Terzano says:

        First, why doesn’t your son help you? How would you grade yourself as a parent,? Truthfully. Living under poverty level and being disabled is not a reason for being taxed. You can qualify for unearned income credit. Look up the 1933 IRS income tax table. People where taxed 1% over $50K, 2%over 100K, 3% over 200K, 4% over $250K, maximum 6% over $500K. My heart is off to you for your situation. I suggested 23% for working people. I would rather have the 1933 code as it was 1 page long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. jnora says:

          Mark…unfortunately, I always went for the flashy guys in college. I, on the rebound from a man that REALLY hurt me, married an All-SEC football player for University of Florida and I was on top of the world for about a week. Then the verbal abuse started. It wasn’t until we had our two sons and we went to marriage counseling that we were tested and found out that he was a severe sociopath. Those genetics were passed along to both my sons. Less than two years ago, my youngest son committed suicide (he WAS his father) when his wife was driving out the driveway leaving him with the kids. He shot himself in the head. The last time my older son (lives in VA and I live in TN) spoke to me was when he called me (11/28/14…day after T’giving) to tell me my son was dead. He said he didn’t have the emotions to handle this (he didn’t like to hear me cry) and to call someone from church. THEN, he hung up on me. He didn’t talk to me or sit with me at the memorial service and hasn’t since (I know not why). I actually went through my son’s memorial service (he was cremated) without one tear to try to get my older son to talk to me. Hardest thing I have ever done. He is very mentally ill himself. He does allow me to see his daughter once a year. My son that died had a wife that wouldn’t even let me look at the flowers at the service and wouldn’t even let me copy the registration book. 95% of the people there did not know my son or his wife, but were there because they knew and loved me…it was SRO. She left me no seating for any of my family. I have never given any of them anything except love. She told me I’d never see my grandchildren again. I can’t call them or send them even a card. They are local and I can’t see them just because I gave birth to my son and she hated him so. My son in VA is a millionaire or better, but he even told me that if I ever needed long-term care, he would not pay a penny. The church has told me they would pay for it should it be needed. THAT is why my son won’t help me. Not having my son has made half of my hair fall out and I can’t even grieve my dead son because of my living son. I so want to see my grandkids and I know I will never be able to see them. I lost everything in one night. My entire family is estranged because of a will. I also know that no matter how bad the rest of my life is, it is but a blip on the radar in the scheme of eternity. Soon, I will be in a place of comfort. I will await Judgment Day and then I will be with my Lord for eternity. THAT is what keeps me going. I am not a suicide risk because of that faith. I think of it every day, but I will not do it because it is a sin. I hope God has mercy on my sons’ souls, because both are so very sick. After my granddaughter gets out of high school in 4 years, my DIL is divorcing my son and going back to China. He treats her so badly. It is breaking my heart. God keeps giving me the strength to handle all this and when it is too much, I can feel Him easing my pain…literally. I will make it. This election is also in God’s hands, no matter what we do. Perhaps He is going to allow us to implode ourselves. Who knows?

          1. jnora says:

            I know that all of you are tired of hearing my story, but when new people ask, I feel compelled to tell them. There i actually much more to it, but I don’t tell people about those things. It is just awful.

      2. Mark Terzano says:

        Wow! I would first, pray for all these “bad” influences and people’s souls of those deceased. Even those that were mean to you. Then, I would pray for your DIL and her attitude to improve towards you to see your grandchildren. Then your wealthy son. Many “people'” don’t care or know what love is, you claim you gave them love, the question is “what kind of love?” Was it material, was it emotional, was it spiritual…? I have been married 3x and dumped the bitches for spending money foolishly, living high on the hog, sending me into all kinds of leagal problems, the other made fun of my christian faith, one triggered on my emotions and I became a diabetic over night, I lost everything/literally everything on this earth, but my life. I never had any kids, one had a brain tumor, the other two were already fixed. My marriages survived 10, 9 and 6 years because of me, I was taught to fight it out an I did, never was disrespectful, uncaring, unromantic, always gentlemanly, they got comfortable with me and mentally abused me I think they thought I would never leave them, ha! Have God take care of business for you that’s what I did and it is a blessing. I am determined will survive it all and live to be of ripe old age. I excercise, I am healthy, no drugs/no alcohol/no cigarettes and I use no medicine and I work very hard. I have a girlfriend now whom I should have married 35 years ago but we were best friends then, who is stunningly beautiful, is better all around than most women 20 years younger and she treats me like gold. There is hope.

        1. jnora says:

          Thank you, Mark. I have prayed and prayed and prayed. Living with sociopaths in my life for 45 years has taken its toll on me. All of them have taken their vengeance on me. My first marriage lasted only 8 1/2 years and 20 years later, I remarried and within 1 1/2 years, he had set up house on the sly with an old girlfriend in another city. I stayed with the mental abuse (and one time trying to strangle me when i told him I was taking the kids to Sunday School…had to call the police) until I was convinced he was cheating on me. I would have stayed and taken it all had he not cheated or hurt the kids. The cheating was much worse than I ever imagined. He made a fool of me and i was a good wife. I never cheated on either of my husbands and was the wife the Bible tells me to be. My first husband was even baptized to try to get me back. I knew he wasn’t serious and, as it turns out, he joked about it for years afterwards. I have given up and just try to be kind to others and set a good example for others and try to spread the Word. Due to all the mental abuse, I have a disorder that manifested itself due to that. It is called Borderline Personality Disorder. It hasn’t come up until the last 10 years or so when things became so bad. Wasn’t even there through my last marriage. My father had it, I think, but he had a loving family and the most wonderful woman in the world to help him through it, so it didn’t show much. He probably didn’t even know he had it, but I see it now that I have been diagnosed. So, I stay pretty much to myself. My best friend lives over an hour away and I handle that kind of friendship fine because we don’t see each other much. That is why I blog…if I can say something to bring someone closer to Christ, as I have in the past, that is my lot in life I suppose. I am undecided about whether I would like God to take me sooner or later. I do not fear the afterlife because I know I will be with God in the end and a place of comfort until Judgment Day. This life is so hard. I get to see my oldest grandchild, a wonderful girl, only once a year, but I do want to see her grow up. She is so exceptional and I love her dearly. My son now wants to repair things, but with his severe disorders, whatever they are, things will go amiss sooner or later. It is like walking on eggshells all the time. He treats his wife so badly that she is going back to China when my granddaughter finishes high school. I surely regret that because I love her like the daughter I never had. She is going to leave him. He has not even touched her for the last 11 years of their 17-year marriage. He is so very sick. I do not know how she has made it through it. Were she not Chinese with that lovely culture of kindness, she never would have made it with him. That is the beauty he saw in her that made him marry her. I wish happiness for her someday, but I fear it will not be with my son. I fear I will never see him again. I lost so much in just one day. I try not to feel sorry for myself and I am not seeking pity. No “woe is me”s on these blogs. I just want people to know that it is GOD that has even made me able to get through this. Whatever my plight, I will go through it because that is what God has set forth for me to do in order to get my blessed reward. I am glad you are so happy now. It is just not in the cards for me. I am aiming for content and I don’t know if I will ever reach that. However, I am surviving. I will thrive in heaven.


          1. jnora says:

            P.S. I could never give monetary love because I have never had it. I gave of my heart. That is the love that I give.

  • joe says:

    How about the elimination of ALL income taxes Federal and state as well as ALL property taxes and the institution of a national sales tax of 33% with NO EXCEPTIONS to that tax.
    IOW, EVERYONE pays that sales tax no matter how rich and powerful; no matter how poor and destitute.
    That tax, while eliminating welfare to the illegal aliens, donations to foreign countries that are documented enemies of the U.S.A., and the institution of “welfare to work in 1 year” programs would relieve a very large portion of our internal debt.

    1. Alvis Jenkins says:

      Joe, you’re no different than the corrupt clowns in Washington D.C. that permitted the unlawful taxation of the American people right after the Victory War Tax, 1943-1945. The U.S.A. does not need any kind of direct taxation. It is prohibited by the Constitution (Article 1, section 2, section 9).

      1. joe says:

        The only reference to a tax on persons is contained in Article I, section 9, to wit:”No capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken”, which does not in any way prohibit taxation on individuals although such taxation is constrained a bit by that phraseology.

        1. Alvis Jenkins says:

          The restriction is that the tax muxt be apportioned by Congress and that has never been done so in a way that makes the tax prohibited until such apportionment is undertaken.

    2. jnora says:

      What about those of us on Social Security only. I had all my retirement savings wiped out from medical bills (yes, I pay my bills like a good responsible person should) and live on $1200/mo.) and I could never pay a third of that and still live. I worked for 50 years and now am truly unable to work. I have had surgery after surgery and there is no job I can do, per the Social Security jobs specialist. What would people like me do. BTW, I have been a conservative all of my voting life. I have never even voted for a Democrat in my life. I am ashamed to be in this position, but it cannot be helped.

      1. joe says:

        You currently are paying far over a third of your Social Security with the various taxes of income (yes, SS is income. I’m stuck paying tax on my SS disability, also), real-estate, school levys, state and local sales taxes, gasoline tax (that is in addition to the other sales taxes), the additional taxes on your telephone service (one of them, e.g., is the “FCC Access Fee” which is nothing but a tax to pay for the obamaphones), the taxes on your internet service (some localities are taxing according to subscriber DSL!).
        You, jnora, are already taxed into the grave. Why not remove ALL current taxes, make it a felony to enact any new taxes other than the 33% national sales tax (and make it a felony to increase THAT rate at any time)?

        1. jnora says:

          Joe…won’t you then have a huge fight between the Federal government and the states over the money? I make so little with my SS that I pay no income tax on it. You must make a lot more on SS than I do. I was on disability until I turned 66 and then they made it all Social Security. I knew about the FCC Access Fee. They hide so many of them. Even with all those, I don’t know if it would be a good deal for me, but if it would help my son and eventually my grandkids, I would be for it. Our sales tax here in the city I live in in TN is 9.75%. However, our property taxes are very low and they freeze your county taxes when you are 65 and the city taxes haven’t gone up since 1978. My total property tax bill (on a pretty nice house) is only $461/yr. Also, we do not have a state income tax. TN is a pretty inexpensive place to live and it is also one of the nicest and most beautiful places to live…wonderful and gracious people. They actually let you in on the highways and streets. I have been in all the states except one multiple times and this is where I wanted to spend the rest of my life. I was born in Denver and grew up in FL. Spent about 12 years in TX. This is where I want to be. We have 125,000 people and a university that has more undergraduates than the University of TN and practically no one has ever heard of our city. Heck, with all those people, we still have the most charming city square along with Main Street with those old restored beautiful homes. We are only 30 miles from Nashville, but I never need to go there. I only go there if I need to fly someplace and the airport is only 26 miles from my house and an easy drive. You should check it out sometime. A wonderful way to live. I am a good friend with our County Mayor and he is such a good County Mayor, but is not running. Been in for 3 terms and he deserves a rest. He is an elder at our church of 2500 members, so that is way too full of a plate to do for so many years. We are one of the fastest-growing counties in the country, so others have seen what I see in TN. I moved her 13 years ago and it was the best move of my life. We have four 3-month seasons and none of them are too severe. Just as they should be (usually anyway). I was raised in FL and I don’t care if I ever set foot in the state again. Nashville is a wonderful place for a vacation. So much fun and so much to see. It is more expensive to live in Nashville, so we like living here best, especially if you are retired. Surely are lots of commuters, though.

          So, you think I could get a job with our Chamber of Commerce or what!

          1. joe says:

            Well, I’m jealous. I’ve been to Tennessee only one time. I did get to stay a week in Nashville and flat fell in love with the state. I wish that I had settled there instead of where I am but that’s all done now. As for my SS income tax, I definitely do not fit into the high ranking state of disability and it is a crime that a disabled veteran pays taxes on his disability money. In fact, it is a crime that _anyone_ should pay taxes on disability money from Social Security. IDK how you are getting out of paying income tax since the IRS considers SS of any sort (except the welfare check, of course) to be “income” and therefore taxable.

        2. jnora says:

          I pay them all except income tax. I live on a little over $1200 a month, so I’m under the lower limit. And barely over the poverty level. That is embarrassing to me and demeaning, but I worked so hard all my career and the longest I was married was 8 1/2 years. I never made over $40,000 a year, even being vice president of an international hotel chain. With technology as it was even then, it made it where you could work even on airplanes with computers and what not. If anyone tells you that flying all over the United States and other countries is easy work, do not believe them. At least I don’t feel an urgent need for a vacation because I couldn’t afford one anyway… LOL. Unless my granddaughter is at the end of a flight, I will not get on an airplane. Delta would send me Christmas presents… That is how much I traveled and that is only one of the airlines I used. 2,000,000 miles with just them. I worked at least 60 hours a week for many years. Yes, I hit the glass ceiling. Look where I am now.

  • PBHayes says:

    Anyone who votes for Clinton is out of their mind. Black, white, brown or purple none of us can afford to entrust our nation to a Clinton.Trump will be a great President.

    1. jnora says:

      He sure will be. He refuses to fail and he will do what he says unless we lose the Congress.

  • Wayne Peterkin says:

    Still not the tax plan that’s really needed. I’m a Fair Tax supporter that would be satisfied with a flat tax as an alternative and this is not it. However, it’s something better than what we have I think and certainly better than the socialism supported by Democrats. I also argue that corporate/business income taxes be eliminated which the Fair Tax does as well as eliminating the IRS. The reason is to make our country the best place in the world to do business, keeping both jobs and money here and growing them dramatically. Taxing businesses when you want jobs and higher wages is flat dumb.

  • Richard says:

    This is why ALL Americans need to Vote Mr. Trump for President. Reason why Not Hillary or the Clinton foundation #1- they the Clinton’s screwed the American people out of $5,100,000,000.00 MOL and at the same time Hillary and the Foundation PRAPED the People of Africa and other countries $1,446,751,663.70 MOL ALL Americans needs to watch the movie Clinton Cash this will turn your Stomach unless YOU are a Dumb Bo Crate who just don’t care. Look Hillary Screwed Bernie then this Dummy Bernie turned on his OWN PEOPLE for this Murder/Lying/ TRATIOR not only to the American people but PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD THROUGH THE CORRUPT “CLINTON FOUNDATION” It’s bad enough Obama has done this look he gave Iran 400 Million IS THIS HIS RETIREMENT??? Do you need another 4 years of LIES MURDER ESPONIAGE and TREASON??????? Vote for a TRUE American Leader Mr. Trump surely not this TRATIOR Hillary Clinton. here is another ? would you get paid 200 million to make one speech? Bill Clinton did then the next day the person who gave it was awarded a big grant that cost You and I and the WORLD

    1. jnora says:

      Not to mention she is, obviously, suffering from a severe neurological disease that makes her have seizures when under stress. What if she has one of those seizures when she has her hand on the button awaiting what the other side will do? Those seizures are more than one, not just a one time thing. Even Fox is not carrying it. Perhaps that is Trump’s October surprise. I make no fun of her, but it could really be dangerous for our country. Years ago, Thomas Eagleton (only the older people will remember this) had to drop out of running for VP because of mental problems. It would be in the interest of our country for someone to bring this out.

      1. jnora says:

        VP for McGovern and McGovern only won 1 state and I don’t think that was his own state.

  • bobnstuff says:

    Trump only has a few problems with his tax plan, It won’t work and he can’t do all the other things he wants to do without more taxes. I would like to know where he’s going to get the magic wand. Just when did handing the rich more money create more jobs? Can anyone show a time when that happened? He thinks that cutting regulations would create more jobs but in fact it’s not jobs that those regulations hurt. Some of the healthiest countries with the highest standard of living have some of the toughest regulations. By cutting those regulations we will become like those third world countries he so worried that we are becoming. Also, how can a government spend money more on the military and infrastructure without money. They call the Democrats tax and spend but it looks like Trump is a Spend but don’t tax Republican.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      So the hope and change has worked well for U, under Opey, with 8 years of lies and bullsh$t we are headed to a 3rd world country, he’s even bring in the people to make it look like one, and Hellary will do the same! Neither one of these 2 have ever created a job, just death, lies, and destruction! So, is your butt use to the smoke of hope and change!!

      1. bobnstuff says:

        My net worth has tripled under Obama, I can get health insurance for my wife without going though my employer. My kids all have jobs in their fields. Yes Obama has been good to me. If you look at the Trump plan it would create a third world nation here. Pollution, low wages, a great divide between the rich and the poor and the end of the middle class. You support a person who is clueless about what real people in the real world are going through.

        1. earlwatters says:

          hell yes your doing good your a dam democrat who is on obamas pay roll get a life people like you is why this country is in the shape its in $500,000 a year for sitting on your sorry ass

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I’m a republican, just not a stupid one. I have own four business and help start a number of other ones. I’ve paid well over a million dollars in taxes over the years and created good paying jobs. My employees have never had to sue me for their wages. My suppliers have never had to sue me to get paid. I also can add, subtract and understand that you have to pay your bills and that if want to buy something you need to know where the money is coming from. Here is a little fact for you. Obama has cut the size of government, improved the economy and helped create jobs in industries that will be here in a hundred years. Trump has created low wage service jobs, the ones that the right is complaining about. Trump has created no high paying manufacturing jobs, not in the US anyway. Also you might notice that even though he say he has no Wall Street ties he went to them when he needed an economic plan and they gave him one that benefited of all people Wall St.

          2. Auburnmanfrom TN says:

            This AH is a troll, he is no Republican, that’s for sure, all this crap he is writing is all BS

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Don’t tell my local party. I was a Ward Chairmen for a few years and worked on a number of campaigns for republicans. Just because I’m not stupid doesn’t mean I’m not a Republican.

        2. Rodney Steward says:

          You must be a foreigner or black, because this is the only groups that Opeycare covers because no one else can afford the use BS and is the reason it’s fixing to go under! Many states have stopped taking it! And I’m for a person that has created many jobs, and yes, he’s lost some too, but sh&t happens! Obama and Hellary have created nothing, and with Trump this 3rd world sh$t will be out of here and the American people will be glad to help!!

          1. bobnstuff says:

            You keep saying Third world but I’m sure from reading your posts you don’t know what the third world is. You praise Trump for creating jobs but his history isn’t all that great. His employees have had to sue him to get their money. He imports workers, doesn’t care about worker safety. If this is your standard for job creation you set your bar very low. The Affordable Care Act has helped more people then might guess. I’m no longer at the mercy of the insurance companies. Did you like paying all that money just to have your insurance cancelled if you used it? I’m still paying less now then before the act went into effect. So haw is your 401K doing? Mine had lost over half it’s value thanks to the crash, I didn’t panic and now its worth three times what it was. I’m sorry if you are not doing well, maybe it’s you and not the government that’s the problem.

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            I’M doing great and have for years, and the 3rd world countries are the Kenya’s, where Obama is from, and the sand lands that live like the did in the 1300’s, cuba, everywhere people live like sh$t! And Trump does not import employees, he does have businesses over seas like most everyone else, but thanks to the Clintons this is where the jobs were sent! Again, if U benefit from Opeycare, you’re not from here!

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Trump does import workers, he has been for years. Look it up.


            His clothing lines are imported. He manufactures nothing himself but imports the products with his name on it. Now explain to me how saving the worlds largest economy and getting health insurance for 16 million people make us like Kenya? Can you even find Kenya on a map? Did you know that Cubans live longer then Americans and they are healthier. You are blaming our jobs going overseas on Obama and Clinton but this is nothing new. I guess you don’t remember the made in Japan stuff from the sixties or the made in Taiwan stuff from the seventies. I guess you have also forgotten the imported cars that changed the auto industry. Ever heard of the VW Bug. Republicans have run the country for 28 0f the last 40 years but you seem to think those jobs only left because of the Democrats.

          4. Rodney Steward says:

            I didn’t say it made us like Kenya, U ask me if I knew what a 3rd world country was and Kenya’s one of them, and yes I remember the VW Bug, loved them and had a couple of them to play with! I don’t know about the cuban’s living longer, our average age is 83, and BILL CLINTON in the one that sighned into law the Nafta trade deal that destroyed the American businesses by letting them go to 3rd world countries and work people for nothing and make big profits without charging them tax by sending the products back to America! AGAIN, Obamacare has destroyed our healthcare and is no good to what we had! It was set up for FOREIGNERS and BLACKS!!

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Did you know that more republicans voted to pass NAFTA then democrats. There are three countries in NAFTA. The US, Canada and Mexico. Canada is our largest export market and Mexico is number four but both Canada and Mexico import from us almost as much as they export to us. very close to a balance of trade. NAFTA has helped create these markets and in fact didn’t cost us many jobs but it cut the illegals from Mexico in half by giving them jobs at home. A while back I tried to see just how many jobs we lost. No one really knows but the best guess was 68,000 jobs. So we send 10 million illegals home and only lost 68,000 jobs and improved our export market. The EU and China on the other hand send but don’t buy. They are the ones we need to work on.

            Now to the ACA This law limited how much profit an insurance company can make, only 20% so the insurance companies don’t like it and have spent a lot of money convincing you that it’s bad. Follow the money and you will see just who has been bough. Is it perfect no, does it need some fixing yes but don’t blame it on your rates going up. They are going up because health costs are going up. Until last year I worked full time just to get health insurance, my wife had a problem years ago but it keeps her from guying insurance on the open market. 85% of Americans get their insurance through there employer and the ACA had little effect on their insurance cost since the big employers are self insured like the one I work for. My rates went down under the ACA the first year and only went up about 3% the second year. How ever with the ACA I could buy insurance on the market place and could stop working full time to keep my insurance. It turned out that my employers share of my insurance was almost zero and paying full rate I could get the same coverage for the same price. So you can see that the ACA worked for me. Next the insurance companies are complaining and saying they will have to raise our rates by an large amount. Go look at those companies P&L statements, they are making record profits.

    2. Alvis Jenkins says:

      I wonder if bobnstuff has ever picked up the nearly 10,000 page Internal Revenue Code which is 26 U.S.C., and read subtitle C, chapter 24, and see with his little peeper’s that the income tax is only paid by federal person’s on a voluntary basis? Any American (non-federal) who pays the federal income tax in the private sector commits perjury unknowingly. Don’t worry though, the United States will not prosecute you for doing so because the so-called tax you’re remitting over to the Government is a “Free Gift”.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Read the code yourself and see if it really says what you have been told.

        1. Alvis Jenkins says:

          Bob, I have studied tax law for the past 18 years, so I have read the Code but apparently you have not and to your demise. You will remain a slave to the Federal Government even though you reside outside of the Federal Government’s jurisdiction, Title 4 U.S.C. section 72. You will continue to be deceived by the IRS, a Public Office of the United States, which is limited in jurisdiction per 4 U.S.C. section 72. If you would do just this one thing, you could know immediately that the federal income tax is not owed by “anyone” by mandate, and that is to look in the “index” to the Tax Code (26 U.S.C.) under the caption, “Liability for tax”, and report back to me what you see listed for liability for tax under “income”. It’s all listed in alphabetical order.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I could go back and forth on this but it’s not worth my time. The IRS is legal, they can collect taxes from you and there is nothing in the tax code that says otherwise. The SCOUS has agreed with me as has 99.99% of the lawyers in the country. Just because you don’t understand the law doesn’t change it. Try not paying your taxes and when you get to court tell the judge your story and see if it helps you.

            The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

          2. Alvis Jenkins says:

            Well Bob, I have not paid federal income taxes since 1998. You are the one that is wrong and you prove that fact because you have no citations of the Tax Code to back you up. Please cite the Supreme Court decision that agrees with you Bob. Otherwise you haven’t a leg to stand on. Keep paying your fair share, the IRS will be very happy that you do as it is a free gift, and who doesn’t like a free gift of fiat money anyway?

    3. Rick2101 says:

      Donald “The Fraud” Trump will only do things that will help himself first and foremost. His so called economic plan will not help most Americans.
      His speech in Detroit:

      “It offered a broad view of what the economic agenda of a President Trump would look like: Tax policies that track closely with what Republicans in Congress have long advocated, including deep tax cuts for the wealthy and a light touch in regulation, but much more willingness to disrupt longstanding trade agreements and international economic relationships in hopes of reducing the trade deficit.”
      “If Mr. Trump’s net worth is as large as he has said, his heirs would have a great deal to gain from eliminating the estate tax; the typical displaced steelworker or coal miner, or even a relatively prosperous retiree, would have nothing to gain.”
      “Mr. Trump also advocated “allowing parents to fully deduct the average cost of child care spending from their taxes.” That might sound like a gain for average workers, but the way the tax code works, it would confer the greatest advantage to upper middle-class and wealthier families, and little to no benefit for vast numbers of low-income families.”
      “In the speech and written materials distributed by his campaign, Mr. Trump mentioned only a tax deduction. But an emailed statement from his campaign Monday afternoon said the policy would also provide “credit to stay-at-home caregivers” and “provide benefits to lower-income taxpayers who may not benefit from the deduction.”

      There is a difference between Conservative Republicans and those that claim to have “conservative values”. The followers of Trump have a new moniker “Conservathal” it is the combining of the adjective “conservative” with the noun “Neanderthal Man”. Those that grasp the fusion do not need an explanation, those that do need an explanation will probably not understand it anyway and would therefore be redundant. An article by Leo Gerald explains it: “This is the stereotype: They are high school educated, gun-totin’, flag-wavin’, bigots who love the bragging, swaggering bully in Trump.”

  • Rodney Steward says:

    I thought this one of Trump’s best speeches yet, and everyone knows without listening to Hellary’s up coming speech on this subject, that’ll it’ll be a lie and a failure because she’s already said that she was staying on course with the Obama’s agenda, a TOTAL FAILURE! Trump all the way!!

  • Joanne Libro-Martin says:

    Gibberish from Carol Rose. Her post is spam.

    1. Barry says:

      I flagged it as spam. Maybe DISQUS will take it down.

  • Shelly Shannon says:

    Clinton has no idea what she is doing when it comes to creating jobs. Trump’s tax plan is enough for me to vote for him despite anything else. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand it. No wonder Hillary tore it apart. She doesn’t have one original idea of her own, and she fails terribly in this area. This is what Trump does best. There is no way she can compete with him on this one.

    1. Tiger says:

      She truly is short circuited.

      1. Snoopy says:

        Short circuited hell, I believe SHE has completely blown a fuse!!!
        If she could tell the truth JUST ONCE in her miserable life, I would be totally amazed!!!

        1. Tiger says:

          LMAO LMAO she certainly is smelling of burnt wires.

        2. Racinghcr says:

          She learned the “Big Lie” routine from “Slick Willy” who told the WORLD the biggest LIE since Eve in the Garden–“I did NOT have Sex with that woman!”—Looking at slouch-ass Hillary can’t blame him for picking Monica–But WHY DID HE LIE??

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            To keep his job as Prez!

          2. jnora says:

            I am totally against adultery morally, but if there ever was a reason for it….she threw lamps at him, and ashtrays, and gave him black eyes…I actually feel a little sorry for the philanderer. Doesn’t excuse his behavior, though. I saw where some doctor said that huge lesion on her tongue that they saw in a close up could have been cause by syphilis that Bill gave her, I thought, “impossible!” When I saw that picture of them dancing on the beach and saw her legs, I was grossed out and it must be a lot worse now. That aside, a lot of people truly love their wives with huge thighs, but I truly think the two of them despise each other and I just don’t think she could get syphilis from Bill. Maybe some other desperate man (or woman), but surely not Bill Clinton. They are both just such a sad sampling of humanity. I will pray for them to find the Lord, but it may be fruitless, as they are so very far away from Christ’s teachings.

          3. jnora says:

            They would, no doubt, try to cheat the Lord. THAT is something you can NEVER talk your way out of, for sure!

        3. Catherinewshearer says:

          <<s:i. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bz834a:….,.

          1. jnora says:

            Vamoose, Catherine!

    2. jnora says:

      Hillary just doesn’t understand if you help the people at the top, it helps the people at the bottom. The haughty Dems put a huge tax on the people that made yachts. What did it do put put thousands of people out of work that actually made those yachts. Case closed! Anyone, even Crooked Hillary should be able to understand that one.

      1. Shelly Shannon says:

        She does understand that. She doesn’t care because her agenda has not one thing to do with anyone who is not rich or corrupt. I hate to see people suffer at the hands of a corrupt, self-centered, lying elitist because of greed and control. We have had this with both Obama and Clinton for far to long.

    3. jnora says:

      AMEN! It will be hard for anyone to dig us out of the hole that Obama dug for us,

  • Joanne Libro-Martin says:

    And now the trash talk begins about Trump’s tax plan. Of course the “queen of cash” ripped it apart. She who wants to add over 1 trillion dollars to the debt with more “shovel ready projects” – you know how that worked! Failure after failure. Well, I am no economist, but it sounds pretty damn good to me, because overall I keep more of my money. And I am not opposed to the uber rich while they will pay more in taxes, keeping much of what they earned. Deducting childcare expenses, only 3 tax brackets, no cuts in social security, building the pipeline, using coal energy, and best of all increasing job production with lower business taxes, etc., you all can read the rest for yourselves. Beware the so called “economists” who trash this totally. And remember, taxes must be paid to keep this country humming. If we can get many of the freeloaders off welfare by making more jobs available, well you know what that means.

    1. Caroljrose1 says:

      <<p:i. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bz792a:….,….

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        You forgot your sack again!

    2. Wayne Peterkin says:

      “Taxes must be paid to keep the country humming”? Really? Like taxes are the basis of our economy? I don’t think so. Taxes are a necessary evil required to fund government for sure, but that does not “keep the country humming”. They are a drain on the economy overall and should be kept to a minimum because they take away from businesses investing in jobs and wages. The cost of government is out of control because government has grown far too large and is involved in things that are best left to the private sector and charities.

      1. Alvis Jenkins says:

        Taxes (income taxes) are not a necessary evil. The income tax is prohibited against the population at large, because the income tax is only a excise tax on privileged federal corporate activity, where income however invested, realizes a gain or profit.

        1. Wayne Peterkin says:

          They are absolutely an evil when applied to businesses. Every single dollar taken from business by government through taxes and regulations is a dollar less that business has to invest in jobs and wages. “prohibited against the population at large?” What have I been paying all these years? In general, your comment does not appear to make much sense.

          1. Joanne Libro-Martin says:

            First of all separate taxes and regulations. Regulations actually add cost of doing business not income taxes. They don’t make sense to you because you don’t understand the difference or why we even need income taxes. For now be happy you make enough money to pay income taxes and probably live a pretty good life. It will only take you about 6 years to get a masters in taxation. Then maybe we can talk. Have a good life.

          2. Wayne Peterkin says:

            You’re kidding, right? Personal income taxes don’t add to the cost of doing business but business income taxes sure do in the sense that they take money from the business that could have been used for wages and jobs. What on earth is your love for income taxes? Do you work for the IRS? Ahhh, perhaps you’re a CPA who makes their living sorting through the income tax morass for exorbitant fees and fears it going away!

        2. Joanne Libro-Martin says:

          Gibberish Alvin.

      2. MJG says:

        Wayne, you are right on point!

        1. Joanne Libro-Martin says:

          MJG Don’t be so quick to agree with Wayne. He has no idea what he’s talking about. He intimates that thecFsir Tax is not an income tax. But – quoting Shakespeare ” a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

      3. Joanne Libro-Martin says:

        You people can diss income taxes as much as you want. But if no money came in there would be no money to go out ANYWHERE! Do you all think the debt should be raised instead of taxes – cause that doesn’t work – you know how high the debt is even with taxes! I think we can all manage to give back something to this country that we have been so blessed with. If used properly taxes would pay for infrastructure, etc. the problem is we give too much to foreign governments and places it’s not needed instead of using it wisely. That’s where your fight is. Bomb your legislators with calls, letters and emails concerning this issue. Pay reasonable taxes to support your country by electing the right person to the presidency, stop griping and espousing this foolishness that a country of over 300 million can survive with no money coming in.

        1. Wayne Peterkin says:

          No one that I’m aware suggests that the government must not collect taxes. There are costs to government, the most noteworthy being our military, that must be financed and it takes taxes to do it. BUT NOT NECESSARILY INCOME TAXES! There are better ways of raising the same amount of revenue that are less harmful to jobs and wages and are far fairer to everyone. Today, roughly 47% of the people in this country pay NO income tax, leaving the burden of financing the entire government to the remaining 53%. The Fair Tax, a national sales tax replacing the income tax, is a far better alternative. A flat tax, while not as good, is far better than what we have and better than Trump’s proposal. And NO lady, I do not want the debt raised one penny. I want government spending cut to the absolute minimum and a better way to raise revenues than your beloved income tax. I would like to see the budget of every single federal department and agency except defense cut by 10% next year and 5% every year thereafter until the budget is balanced. Real cuts, not the phony bookkeeping the politicians usually engage in.

          1. Joanne Libro-Martin says:

            Wayne when you figure out how to pay everything we need to pay for with no income tax, why don’t you run for office and do it. 300 million plus people with your 47% not paying any taxes cannot exist when figuring in everything that needs to be paid for without income taxes. You are woefully uneducated in taxation and economics if you think so. But as I said get elected to office and save us all money.

          2. Wayne Peterkin says:

            Some other smart people already figured out how to do that. It just needs implemented. It’s called the “Fair Tax” and I suggest you research it a bit. In fact, Mike Huckabee supported it during his brief campaign. (Huckabee was wrong on other things but exactly right on taxes.) You, madam, are the one needing educated.

          3. Joanne Libro-Martin says:

            Fair tax is not an income tax? Surely you jest Wayne!

          4. Wayne Peterkin says:

            No it is NOT an income tax. For someone who tries to look intelligent on the subject of taxes you are falling far short. The “Fair Tax” proposes replacing ALL federal income taxes with a national sales tax. Not a “value added tax like Europe, but a simple sales tax. As proposed it is revenue neutral, which in case you don’t understand, means that the government would have the same tax revenues as with the current income tax. It would be collected just like state sales taxes are today and remitted by the state’s to the feds. There are many details and they are well thought out including a “prebate” that insures the lower income people are not harmed. The IRS would be eliminated and could never again be used as a political weapon against political opponents. That’s just a minor side benefit. I repeat in case you didn’t get it. All Federal Income Taxes for both individuals and businesses would be eliminated and replaced with a national sales tax. The state’s would be free to retain their current tax system or follow suit. Should you want to learn the details, and you should, feel free to do so. They are readily available.

      4. jnora says:

        Income taxes were originally supposed to be temporary (in the 1930s). So much for believing the government.

    3. Alvis Jenkins says:

      Sorry Joanne, but income taxes do not go to the operations of the United States to keep it humming. There is documentation that in 1953, the then IRS Commissioner made it clear that not one nickle of the income tax goes toward the operations of the Federal Government.

      1. Wayne Peterkin says:

        That is a lie. A very big lie.

        1. Alvis Jenkins says:

          Back up your claim that it is a lie! Dwight E. Avis, before the House Ways Means Committee, 1953, discussion of the alcohol tax versus the income tax.

          1. Wayne Peterkin says:

            You are using one example from 63 years ago to make your claim about how the federal tax revenues are used today? You accept that single testimony as the whole truth still applicable today? Really? Lay off the Kool-aid or switch to smoking something else. The income taxes collected go into the general fund and used for all government operations. In fact, back in the 1970s, the government began taking social security contributions away from the “Trust Fund”, replacing the money with IOUs, and use that for general government operations as well. Jeez. Yes, your claim is no longer true if it ever was and that makes it a lie.

      2. Joanne Libro-Martin says:

        More gibberish Alvis. That is bunk. It is supposed to go toward keeping highways, bridges, buildings, helping cities & states in times of disasters, clean energy, clean lakes & oceans, any number of things. Wake up! Do you actually think money can just be printed? If so you all have s screw loose.

        1. Alvis Jenkins says:

          Joanne, why don’t you provide the official document or documentation that supports your understanding so that your claim of my statement is pure gibberish? Did you research the 1953 documentation on the Internet? Actually, you’re the one that needs to wake up! You like paying your money over to the Federal Mafia, then continue on.

          1. Joanne Libro-Martin says:

            Alvis- you are so thick headed that it is not even worth trying to explain something so simple to you except where in hell do expect money to come from – you got a money tree out back of your house? Idiocy.

      3. Joanne Libro-Martin says:

        Alvis, you are 63 years out of date. You are totally wrong but can’t take the time to enlighten you. Just one thing – do you consider the military, VA hospitals, etc part of the federal government? Guess by your standards they would be funded by picking bills off of your back yard money tree!

        1. Alvis Jenkins says:

          Joanne, I’m a lawyer without a degree. Refute the IRC if you can.
          Index to 26 U.S.C. Caption: “Liability for tax”, “Income” NOT listed.
          Subtitle A, 26 U.S.C. 1,564 code sections provide “NO” liability for tax, confirms the Index.
          Subtitle C, Chapter 24, 26 U.S.C. section 3401(c) defines a “employee” as a federal person for withholding of income tax.
          Subtitle C, Chapter 24, section 3402(p) states that a federal employee can “elect” to make a voluntary agreement with the federal employer to have withholding of income tax on any specified federal payment, on a W-4 tax form.
          Subtitle C, Chapter 24, 26 U.S.C section 3402(n) states that a federal employee can “elect” to have a voluntary agreement with the federal employer to not have tax withheld based upon Subtitle A, no liability for tax.
          Subtitle C, chapter 24, section 3403 makes the employer (Government) liable for collection of tax.
          Subtitle C, chapter 24, section 3404, requires all federal governmental employers to make tax returns and payments of tax.
          Notice, that the governmental employers make the tax returns and payments, not the employee.
          If Joanne does not meet this criteria, she files false federal tax forms.
          If you can’t refute the above facts, it’s useless to communicate with you.

          1. Joanne Libro-Martin says:

            My God, you are such a jerk. You have yourself so confused by these “subtitles”and “chapters” that you are seriously out of whack. Chill out, forget this stuff you are posting and just pay your taxes. Love it when everyone is an “expert”!

          2. Alvis Jenkins says:

            I don’t believe you have a relationship with God when you swear by his name!
            You are the one that doesn’t know the Tax Code and that is just fine because you love being a slave to the federal mafia.
            I have been tax free since 1998 and I thoroughly enjoy what I earn without any taxes withheld. I learned a long time ago how to stop social security and federal income taxes from being taken from what I earn, but you don’t and frankly I think you’re jealous because you don’t know how to do it.
            Future replies from you will be ignored should you send any as you’re just plain ignorant and it may be because you didn’t finish high school.

          3. Joanne Libro-Martin says:

            Good for you Alvis! You say that as if you are proud of it. Thanks a lot for the privilege of letting the rest of us pay your way. Either you cheat or you are on the dole and don’t have earned income. And cut the crap about a person’s telationship with God. “Pride goeth before the fall”.

    4. Marcia Fridland says:

      Joanne, you understand the principles of economics 101 as it once was taught. Wish everyone did.

      1. Joanne Libro-Martin says:

        Thanks Marcia – and these people who think money grows on trees and we don’t need taxes is living in la-la land.

    5. jnora says:

      I just listened to her speech about the economy. She said SHE is the only one that will “take care of us.” I almost had to run into the bathroom and hurl. Yeah, Obama and her have really taken care of us. She failed to mention that Trump is giving big tax cuts to EVERYONE>

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