Trump makes case to GOP insiders amid chaotic protest scene

Donald Trump, the outsider, made his case to California’s Republican establishment on Friday as protesters clashed with police.

Demonstrators swarmed outside the hotel near San Francisco airport, forcing Trump to crawl under a fence to enter the hotel where he met with local GOP power brokers and gave a lunchtime speech at the state party’s convention. On Thursday night, protesters tangled with authorities and damaged police cars after a Trump rally in Orange County.

Tensions mounted as the GOP presidential contest moves into its final stages in one of the nation’s most liberal and diverse states. The state party convention amounts to the starting bell in California primary, with Ohio Gov. John Kasich appearing later Friday and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and his new running mate, Carly Fiorina, up Saturday.

During his speech at the convention, Trump called for the party to unify behind him but also issued a veiled threat to its leaders. “There has to be unity in our party,” he said. “Would I win — could I win — without it? I think so because they’re going to be voting for me” — and not the party, he added.

California’s primary usually comes after the party nominees have been decided — but this year it looms as a decisive contest that could either clinch the prize for Trump or force him into a contested convention in July.

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  • tryscavage says:

    Depuis Disquis ne sera jamais imprimer mes commentaires normales a cause de leur ailes gauche la maison, je vais ecrire ce un en francais et je sais qu’ils ne parlent pas une autre lanque , mais tout le monde dissent qu’ils doivent.

  • tryscavage says:

    As I told FOX I just do not see what the big deal with these California (eventually Cleveland) protestors is. The problem could be easily handled. 1 – Just get an electric-megaphone. 2 – Get on top of a fence or car. 3 – Yell to the protestors ‘Your ‘crack’ reward is in the alley 2 blocks to the south and is ready for you first come fist serve.” The protest will dissipate immediately.

  • HadEnough says:

    Someone please tell me “WHERE ARE THE BIKERS FOR TRUMP.?? They promised to be at every Trump Rally to protect Trump and his supporters. When the BIKERS were at the Rallies, the Cowardly Protesters didn’t show their faces, So, Where are the BIKERS FOR TRUMP????

  • StupidAmericanVoter says:

    When they destroy, hit, burn or act like animals they are not protestors, they are criminals and rioters. fk them.

  • wandamurline says:

    I see the OWS and the Ferguson George Soros paid protestors are out in force again. They make me sick …. they are such frauds.

  • Stilbelieve says:

    Trump and Boehner are buddies. You think Trump is an “outsider?” He’s so far INSIDE the establishment he personifies it. He and his $$$$$ created it and fund it no matter who gets elected, that’s why the GOP establishment Congressional leaders hate Ted Cruz; not because you they can’t get along with him; they can’t get him to go along with them. Cruz is the true outsider because he fights for what he told people he would do if elected and he has been true to his word to them. That’s why the establishment hate him. If elected, they will be out in the street with no more power, we, the people will now have the power to get the GOP Congressional leaders to do what they said they would do when campaigning for re-election, but ignore it when they win their seats again. Cruz is are real hope.

  • Jerry says:

    Sorry it won’t let me copy the image on what happens if you are caught in Mexico illegally. First time you’re caught two years in prison…after they send you back and you return…10 years in prison.

  • helensatmary says:

    One man wants the People to Rule as provided in the Constitution
    Another man wants either to declare America far superior to other Countries and have no further concern with or about them, to isolaaate ourselves from them. OR he has the political ideology which combines laissez-faire Liberalism and antielitism, actually he has not decided which of the two are better.
    Now as you know the Constitutional scholar is Ted Cruz and the other,is Trump, by his own words, not mine. You may want to rethink which is more prudent!

  • Randy Floyd Jr. says:

    I thought that a presidential Candidate was suppose to be protected by secrete service. I also thought this type of behavior was a federal offence . So am I wrong or is just another of the lefts control in government

  • Roger says:

    Don’t blame TRUMP for the ignorant protesters! Blame the ignorant presidents that let the ignorant and illegals into our country! What they have wrought TRUMP will VANQUISH!

  • Lynn says:

    Trump will NOT be stopped or discouraged. He loves America and the American people. He will fight for what he believes in.

  • Phil Esposito says:

    You know Soros is paying these people. He should go to jail and be fined for all the damage his minions are causing.

  • Bob says:

    Did you notice how the conservatives rioted and disrupted a Hillary campaign stop? How about how they caused mass arrests protesting outside a Sanders gathering? And them folks who continue to riot when ever a person of color is acquitted of a crime?
    Have you ever noticed how “peaceful protests” by lefties more often then not result in arrests, assaults and destruction of public property? Why is it that they feel destroying police cars will make people give a darn about their opinion? Why do they demand free speech and the “right” to be heard, yet will deny the same to others under the guise of “right to protest”?
    And I love their mantra: Give us what we want, when we want it, for free, or we’ll burn OUR neighborhoods down and make YOU pay to rebuild them. Pity is it works, over and over again.

    1. studi30 says:

      What a liar you are. No Republicans have ever rioted or caused a riot yet. Prove your lie.

      1. Bob says:

        Pleas, God, tell me you’re not serious. How in the world could you not figure out the sarcasm of the post?

        1. studi30 says:

          Mea culpa. Missed it.

          1. Bob says:

            Happens to the best of us.

  • gf says:

    These protestors, do not possess the intellectual capacity, to comprehend that this kind of behavior, only makes Donald J. Trump stronger. Keep it up, ass holes!

  • Martin Church says:

    Yes – These so-called protesters are nothing more than “PAID’ thugs by the Establishment Politicians to allow the GOP Party “BIG WIGS” to deny Donald Trump, the PEOPLE’S choice the nomination. I have received many requests from the Establishment Politicians for money. Below is one of my replies to the Chief of Staff and the the Chairman of the National GOP, so let us NOT be distracted by these Establishment Career Politicians. Now that we are getting close to the end of campaigning, let us ALL focus on getting the word out, Please feel free to share the below information to all, particularly in those states that will be voting shortly: :

    Dear Speaker Paul Ryan,
    The answer to your question – Will you stand by our side and help us restore
    America’s confidence? Myself
    and millions of voters are completely appalled by the republican
    majority, that was given to them almost 2 years ago based on the many
    promises that were made to “We-The-People”, the voters, that believed
    the republican candidates, that has proven to be a BIG mistake. Promises
    were made that you and other Establishment Politicians have NOT kept,
    therefore, the republicans MUST have a major paradigm shift in their
    actions, STOP your false promises and keep those promises. During the
    past 2 years all we have heard from those republicans have offered have
    been excuse after excuse as to why they were unable or more
    appropriately, UNWILLING to keep those promises. t is time for the
    Republican Party to cease their “Internal” Party joking, for position,
    to deny Mr. Donald Trump, the choice of the American voters to become
    the next republican president. He is the leader in delineates, but the
    leadership of the republican party seem to be working “OVERTIME”
    conniving to deny Mr Trump the nomination of the republican party, in
    favor of one of the Washington Establishment Candidates. Mr Speaker, if
    you are sincere in your statement, “Will you stand by our side and help
    us restore America’s confidence?”, the answer is a conditional YES. I
    have explained that condition above, so Mr. Speaker, I respectfully ask
    you use your influence to stop the internal fighting within the
    republican party leadership and recognize the American People’s Choice
    for president, Mr Donald Trump, and support his candidacy. You have
    stated that you are able to work with both sides of the aisle. Now you
    have the opportunity to work within your own party to stop other
    Establishment Politicians from trying to “STEAL” or deny Mr Trump his
    rightful place to be nominated as the candidate for president by the
    Republican Party. Otherwise, the Republican Party will cease to exist,
    as the American voters will loose ALL the confidence in any republican
    candidate, as demonstrated in the past 2 years by the INACTION of
    keeping the promises made by republican candidates. No more excuses, Mr
    Speaker, “We-The-People” demand action, to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
    Allow Mr Trump his rightful place in the nomination process, without all
    the “Back Room” dealing by the Washington Establishment and party

    Washington Establishment Politicians currently running either CAN NOT
    or are UNWILLING to take on the job needed, they can not be trusted. Sir
    – The ball is now in your court – What will you do with it, hopefully
    you will not squander what seems to be an excellent opportunity for you
    to excellent as a “REAL” leaders. Good Luck! Nominate the choice of

    Martin L. Church

    Bcc – To many

    On Thursday, April 28, 2016 2:40 PM, Paul Ryan wrote:

    Fellow Conservative,

    Six months ago, I made a promise to you and your fellow Americans.

    On that day, I made a promise to do things differently as Speaker. It’s a
    promise I have kept and will continue to keep as we head into the most
    important election of our lifetimes.

    You and I both know that politics as usual is not going to restore America’s confidence. That’s why this election is so crucial to the future
    of our nation.

    The sad fact is most Americans firmly believe our country is headed down
    the wrong path, and they no longer see the promise of a better future
    their children.

    It’s our responsibility — our obligation — in Congress to change that. But, if we lose our majority in November, the progress
    we’ve made to reverse the damage done by careless liberal policies will be undone.

    We are coming up to a major FEC deadline this Saturday — and we are
    close to an outstanding 1OO,OOO donors for this election cycle. We just
    need 1,257 conservatives to step up before Saturday’s FEC-mandated deadline.

    Will you be one of these courageous

    Imagine, for a moment, if politics was actually about uniting Americans, not dividing us.

    That’s the kind of America that House Republicans are working towards.
    It’s a confident America, where people are empowered to reach their
    full potential.

    Republicans in Congress can provide a vision to lead us towards that brighter tomorrow — but we need your help today.

    Will you stand by our side and help us restore
    America’s confidence?

    Thank you for your support.

    God Bless,

    Speaker Paul D. Ryan

    P.S. This Saturday marks a crucial FEC fundraising deadline.

    That’s why I have authorized my team to TRIPLE-MATCH any contribution before Saturday’s deadline. That means you will have
    FOUR TIMES the impact on the election.

    Will you chip in $55 to help us reach our goal? Use this secure link to chip in:

  • danstewart says:

    One question, why were these a-holes allowed to hurt people & destroy property??? If the conservatives did such a thing (never going to happen), they would have been rounded up & thrown into prison. Libturds get by with murder.

  • Jerry says:

    We need to re-instate the draft. No working…drafted…On Welfare …drafted…not in school…drafted…Illegal…drafted…rioter…drafted…

    1. Bob says:

      As a person who spent more than 24 years in uniform, starting at the end of the draft era, these folks could not make it in uniform, nor are they wanted. Many draftees, especially from many of these groups, were very difficult to work with, had many discipline problems and rarely lasted past the initial term of service.

      1. Jerry says:

        I know Bob. I saw the same problem when I was in the army. Maybe the draft should start at 16 years of age. They could finish high school in the army. If they are a problem the stockade for some time with conditions worst than basic training until they are completely brainwashed into submission.

  • Reality99r says:

    All these paid protesters accomplish is to prove Trump is right.
    The end result is a boost in support for Trump.
    Hopefully the ones here illegally will carry their Mexican flags home with them when President Trump has them deported.

  • Nina814 says:

    All protesters should be sent back to the countries they came from. For Mexicans to display their flag is outrageous. Those born and naturalized citizens should be deported and their US citizenship taken away. The FBI should create a file on them so that they cannot enter the US again. There are ways a person can protest that does not involve violence. Domestic violence is against the law, so should protest with violence be treated. The laws are too lenient on that end and these paid goons should be treated with a firm hand. They’re are turning our Republic into a third world country and it should not be allowed.

  • jimahrens says:

    A past President of Mexico once said We will take back what you took from us House by House Block by Block. The Mexican Government is in the hip pocket of the Drug Cartels. Do you think there going to fix the problem. Build the wall anyone who tries to climb it gets shot. You will soon see a drastic decline in southern boarder invaders. There is legal way to come here Let them use it.

  • Natalie says:

    Nationalism used to be called patriotism. Now it’s called racism. Wanting America for Americans used to be a no brainer. It’s common sense. Now it’s called racism. Wanting the taxes we pay to benefit ourselves used to not be an issue. It used to be just how things were done. Because they are OUR taxes,and they SHOULD benefit us. Now that’s considered selfish. And racism. Waving the American flag used to cause hearts to pound with pride. Eyes to tear with love for our country,our unity. Now it’s considered rank nationalism, we should instead hang our heads in shame,and stand by while the people who hate us and our country and are only here to take advantage of our selfishness burn our flag. Stomp on it. Hang it upside down and fly the mexican flag above it. And we’re the racists. They say if Trump gets elected they will start a civil war.Specifically targeting white people. The people who’s taxes are supporting them at the moment they make that threat.
    I’d like to see a group of people who are here illegally start a civil war in a country they have no right to be in. Anyone who lets these ‘people’
    Intimidate them deserve the country they will get by voting for anyone but Trump. We are in a fight for our very existence. So few seem to realize that. Liberals have taken us to the edge of destruction. They hate everything that has made this country what it is. They are collectively,evil personified. I don’t think there are many left who could dispute that.We need to rip our home, our pride, OUR country out of their cloves hooves
    and return it to it’s rightful owners. Real Americans. We the people.

  • Steve Gifford says:

    One of the protesters had a sign that said “capitalism kills dump trump” which shows how the Bernie sanders socialist movement took off its called ignorance. The immigrants are getting so many benefits welfare, health care, food stamps, and jobs that they got because our government makes it a crime not to employ them. They have been taught in our schools that capitalism is evil. But how ignorant is that the big question that Bernie Sanders does not touch on is how do we pay for all this free stuff. He preaches against Wall Street and captalism but if it all went away we will have in America what they have in Mexico lack of jobs drugs prostitution crime and a corrupt government (I know that is starting to describe what America is becoming). We are at a cross road where we continue the spiral to Destroy America or go all in to removing all these unearned freebies, and prosecuting criminals and deporting illegals if we don’t do it now then we as a nation will become a third world country. Much worse than anything so far.

  • Steve Gifford says:

    Do these guys look like good citizens. These are people that are trying to turn the US into Northern Mexico. Do they realize that if they are successful USA will be just like Mexico bankrupt drug infested no jobs. Unless we Americans Hispanic and Caucasians don’t control our borders we will see America deteriate.

  • right2foot says:

    In a picture behind a person on their knees is someone holding a sign, “Captalism Kills #Dump Trump”. The Marxist are still at it and continue via the U.N. through a global warming agenda approved by Obama, to bring down America. For me, there is far more going on here. They are afraid of exposure and Trump. Both parties of the ruling class, guilty.

  • Steve Gifford says:

    These idiots do more for Trump than against him if there foul language assault on Americans while carrying the Mexican flag doesn’t make you in favor of kicking them out and keeping them out then see what will happen with another generation if nothing is done!

    1. Jan Dove says:

      A state near us … an Mexican flag was placed higher than our American Flag until someone saw it. Our flag stands for All the states in America and Freedom. That is why so many people who do not want to see America Great Again is working so hard to stop Trump! They are afraid he will do just what he says!…… Move On Trump…….Keep America out of the Dump! 🙂

  • stymie222 says:

    Flying the Mexican Flag shows clearly a failure to assimilate. When will they enforce this part of the law ? No flag except the American flag !

    1. Jan Dove says:

      Stymie222, Yes, Flying the American Flag was never questioned as much as it has been until Obama went to the WH and is not standing for what America has always stood for. SOME do not want to assimilate in America. They want to make it their lawless like their country became. We are getting the overflow from other counties and not vetting them is causing us to not know who is coming across the border. TRUMP will get us over the Hump! :))

  • ADRoberts says:

    Yes, Trump is a Republican outsider. But for sure, he is a Democrat INSIDER.
    And most likely he is still just as liberal. You don’t leave a lifetime of liberalism and suddenly change to being totally conservative. Just does not happpen. But he did say that conservative voters were easy to deceive.

    1. Natalie says:

      There are video’s going back more than twenty years showing his progression from liberal views to conservative ones. You need only look. It’s called growing up, maturing. We all do it. I used to be a moderate. I used to not care about any of this. Then I saw the horrifying direction our country is taking and I changed. People do. Trump did. Trump isn’t perfect but I dare you to find someone who is.I didn’t used to like him myself. I tried to talk my son out of supporting him. Then I watched the videos. Read what he was writing. He is saying things that should have been said years ago. In simple, easy to understand terms. America for Americans. Our country returned to us.
      Anyone who doesn’t support that deserves what they will get if the liberals are allowed to continue their ignorant, willful, childish hypocritical destruction.

    2. Jan Dove says:

      Looks like the Dems this year are the ones easy to deceive! Look at Sanders! 🙂

  • leisureal- says:


    1. Jan Dove says:

      Absolutely right! He wants Obama’s agenda to continue with Clinton or Sanders and keep the Freeloading going until America is gone under.

  • AS YOU AL CAN SEE BY THE COMMENTS, these idiots are actually helping Donald Trump to be more popular.
    Seeing this “brainless youngsters” brainwashed by Bernie Sanders use the “Socialist/Communist” techniques to disrupt the peace and freedom of speech in America, is showing the lack of any good principle they have.
    The only thing they’re promoting is their discomfort with the Law, peace and order. Their goal is “no changes” because they don’t want good changes for society.
    They want a chaotic society were they can continue to try to get their next lunch and diner, not thinking in a future for our Country, nor their own future because they can’t think beyond their noses.

  • Anthony says:

    TRUMP is right again, Mexico will be paying for the wall to be built not to stop Mexican from come to the USA but to prevent Americans to cross the boarder in the future into Mexico. Doesn’t that sound funning and crazy? Go ahead and have a good laugh, then stop and think if you have the brains to think, Stupid Governors from California and New York and I do mean STUPID, they and the other people that think that increasing the minimum wages to $15.00 per hour is a good thing, well 80% of the work done now in the USA will be leaving to Mexico and other Countries, simply because they will not be allowed to pass the extra increase to their customers, so customers have a choice ( A ) take their business to outside of the USA taking a chance of some of them loosing every thing because if the those Countries the Government changes they will be allowed to make all American factories built in their Country, become Nationalized but because of your high increase will force Companies to do just that. ( B ) the second way these Companies will survive and stay here in the USA will be to Hire workers under contract from outside the USA and they do not have to follow the $15.00 increase in some cases it’s being done now. You as an American will not be hired because these Companies have no need to pay you $15.00 per hour, (C ) you will not be able to go a fast food restaurant because a Cheeseburger will have cost have an increase of 60% cheeseburger $14.40 and everything you will need to buy will cost you 60% more, from groceries to toilet paper, you think crime is bad now, that will increase 75% because there is no work, people still have to feed their family and will do what they have to, to feed their family . ARE YOU STILL LAUGHING about Mexico building the wall.

    1. Jan Dove says:

      Anthony: How right you are! Could not have said it better myself. The good book tells us how much a loaf of bread will cost someday, but not many people read that anymore. I guess they don’t see how it is being fulfilled right before their eyes since they have not read it! BUILD A WALL should have been done of decades ago! Enforcing the Laws we already have would be nice also.<(- 🙂

  • kathy diamond says:

    Trump is, without a doubt, building the Republican Party. These people need to stand behind him or they and they alone will destroy their own party. Enough of this BULL! THE AMERICAN VOTERS ARE SPEAKING VERY LOUD & VERY CLEAR.LETS UNITE & BRING THIS TO AN END.! DONALD TRUMP THE PRESIDENT ” FOR ” THE PEOPLE

    1. David Stovall says:

      Only about 30%,, not 51%. I hope it changes … vote for any Republican to beat Hillary Obama.

      1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

        Vote TRUMP 2016

  • Luke says:

    I’m sick of these paid protesters destroying public and private property, they should be forced to pay for all the damage and spend 6 months in jail.
    These punks with the mexican flags should be deported and the flags burned on the street in America. I understand our muslim president compared these paid lunatics to the founding fathers, how stupid can anyone get to say that..It’s time for these protesters to get a little of their own medicine, their place of residence needs to be published where it can be destroyed and anything george sorass owns should be destroyed as well, he’s the one paying these anti-American dogs

    1. Vassiliki says:

      The area around a rally or meeting for presidential candidates should be cleared and protected just as if the President was going. They wouldn’t allow this mayhem if a president was attending. I agree that they should pay for the damages and jail time!!!!! Hold them till after the elections.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        The point is that anybody of importance in America can be picketed or demonstrated against with Constitutional protection, something you don’t even know. President Nixon visiting Caracas Venezuela years ago was mobbed and almost killed by their citizens who have no such protections and freedoms. Then you suggest more un-American action to hold people without trial to suppress their votes. You belong in a 3rd world monarchy or dictatorship, not America, with your lawless suggestions. Are you even a citizen not knowing this basic stuff???

        1. Vassiliki says:

          Yes I am a citizen (born here), are you? I said that the area surrounding the meeting area should be cleared and protected. The demonstrators can be outside that perimeter that is secured for high officials or presidential candidates. I did not state to stop the freedom of speech as you implied. So you are suggesting that protestors can damage property and create mayhem by obstructing traffic and others entering an event, etc without being arrested? I did not mention that they will not have a trial, did I? You said it. The ones that are being lawless are these protestors/demonstrators! They should be jailed and serve time with trial for obstructing traffic, throwing debris at moving traffic, stopping people for entering an event, destroying property, etc and pay for damages. If you do not agree to that then you should move to a third world country and go act like an animal and be lawless to your hearts content.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            There were proper fences to hold protesters who pushed them down. That doesn’t call for shooting protestors or jailing them. You are providing your own standards for what happened, not legal and procedural steps all police have. That’s unfair. Protest is the American way; punishment is your way for ‘obstructing traffic’, an expected outcome of mass demonstrations.
            It’s not ordinarily jailable. You are unnecessarily harsh for some reason known only to you. Damages are another issue and those people are arrested under due process. I come from a city where millions are in the streets and nobody gets hurt, few are jailed and inadvertent damages expected by all. Yet I support law and order which you seem unable to accept. This is American not utopia with no wrongs or sins. Leave demonstration control and related actions to the police or complain to your mayor, councilman, attend meetings and write letters to make changes. Then officials can explain how you are too strict.

          2. Vassiliki says:

            I do not know what planet you are living on but you are very delusional. Who said about shooting protestors? I didn’t. If they pushed past the barricades then they should be pushed back and arrested for they are going beyond the limits they are allowed to go. They are set up for a reason – this is disorderly conduct and not a peaceful protest. Hurling debris and items at travelling cars endangers others and can cause a serious accident and they should be arrested. There are laws for protests and rioting and causing mayhem and endangering others are violating peaceful protest laws. This is not harsh but logical and sound judgment when people become disorderly and hurt others or infringe on others rights for freedom of speech or getting into a venue ( the right to gather). So you are advocating violent protests where they destroy police vehicles, rush barricades, stop others to getting to their destination, causing potential accidents, etc?

    2. Roger says:

      Six months my ass, throwing rocks at passing cars can be considered deadly assault and warrants at least 20 years!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        What evidence do you have that protesters are being paid to demonstrate? It’s nonsense. Your punishments are not American and lack fundamental understanding of law and order from our Constitution. Thank God the ‘silent majority’ is not so criminal minded and doesn’t agree with you or we’d be just another fascist country run by tin pot dictators. You should be ashamed to be so ignorant of everything.

        1. No says:

          Roger doesn’t need evidence that the protestors are being paid, he just stated an opinion as such. But let’s stick to the facts…these protestors were aggressive, violent and destructive and stronger action should have been taken. It’s very obvious that these protestors are brainwashed idiots programmed from a system ( media and formed groups ) that is paid to do just that. And by the way we already are a fascist country run by bully dictators.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            No evidence to support opinions? That’s nuts! Certainly uneducated and unresearched. Too bad so many base Republicans buy those unfounded ‘opinions’ as fact and both post here on nonsense and go to the polls voting to support nonsense. It’s so easy to google information and get the truth that it’s uneducated and non-thinking just to emit your passions and feelings as fact in a world needing straight thinking and pointed reform, decisions, votes.
            Then you join right in with Roger with your own unfounded charges and conspiracy theory. Nonsense feeding on itself. To this extent you are on to something, but fail to see its importance. There is a right wing media, a cabal, aimed at simply feeding nonsense and stirring up crazy thoughts to oppose truth, progress and the American Way–you know the sources–Fox (comedy) News, Hannity, Beck, Rush and Heritage Foundation. Also, you are right about fascists ruling today if you look at right wing governors like R-MI Gov. Snyder poisoning a whole city and removing duly elected officials replaced with his czar fiscal appointees, R-KS Gov. Brownback killing public education and creating fiscal crisis by cutting taxes AND giving incentives to businesses, R-LA (retired) Gov. Jindal leaving a deficit behind and denying pension raises for retirees from an independent pension board that is earning big returns for such COLAS. Add in philandering R-AL Gov. Bentley, misogynist R-ME Gov. LePage, woman’s healthcare basher R-TX Gov., voter suppressing R-NC Gov, pollution enabling R-ND Gov. and so many more and you have a dictatorship network, the best that Citizens United dark money, voter suppression, election district gerrymandering and plain propaganda and campaign lying can produce.
            It’s the disinterested and detached public along with partisan Tea Partiers who are fostering dictatorship in this freedom loving democratic nation. Opinions without knowledge or substance and good thinking are not enough to be a responsible citizen.

          2. MarcoPolo says:

            Well assessed, and well stated Dr. Bill!!

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            There you are again. Thanks. I have discussed lots of these things with international bankers, embassy leaders, waiters, clerks and everyone in between who agree with you.

          4. Roger says:

            The only thing you are a doctor of is doctor of stupid, when idiots throw rocks at moving cars and destroy police cars because they don’t like something someone says, that is idiotic, it is criminal and it is a reason to put such morons in jail!

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            I’ve said criminal behavior needs punishing, but not plain American demonstrating. Posters here want to squelch dissidence and opposition, akin to republicans suppressing the vote, scaring moderates in their own party with threats of primaries and even abusing contrarians to their fascist thoughts and actions like me. You don’t seem to have any standards to distinguish the two kinds of behavior.

          6. Roger says:

            I wouldn’t follow you anywhere, you JIM JONES want a be!

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            Well, you are in the minority. Those through the years following my teaching have had successes above the norm and made significant improvements to their communities, companies, jobs and public service arenas. You would be the loser.

          8. Roger says:

            Says someone that identifies with MarcoPolo???

          9. MarcoPolo says:

            And your point is….?

          10. Roger says:

            Did you notice the word If? A question is not an opinion learn to read!

        2. Roger says:

          Did you notice the word If, for such a smart ass you can’t read well!

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            You outsmarted yourself–your ‘if’. I taught future doctors how to write their dissertations and you could use a lesson or two. Having used the conditional clause you launch into a description that contradicts it with your being certain of paid demonstrators–it’s called forked tongue benignly or having it both ways, not fooling anybody about your own position. How early do you get up? Hard to beat the early bird, who once worked with the ‘Grammarian’ professor’, Dr. Mitchell in New Jersey.

    3. DrBillLemoine says:

      Totally un-American viewpoint of protesting and punishment. You should be ashamed of your aims to squelch legitimate public meetings and free speech guaranteed by our Constitution. You want a fascist dictatorship in charge of my country but will never get it.
      Plus you continue the mindless smearing of our Christian president and are not schooled enough to know what founding fathers experienced in squelched free speech by King George III, taxation without representation and oppression generally from abroad.
      You also advocate criminal activity in destroying private property of demonstrators proving you are no better than ISIL terrorists. No human being is a dog so you are also no Christian by Gospel definition. Are you even a citizen with all these nasty beliefs????

      1. No says:

        You are speak of knowledge of the consitution and America’s history but it seems you are supporting violent protesting that was trying to block others freedom. By the way…Christian president? A Christian president does not use executive order to attack the rights of other Christians. Where is your evidence that he is a Christian?

        1. DrBillLemoine says:

          I don’t condone any violence in protests or demonstrations. There is a long history of nonviolent actions–marches, meetings, gatherings, sit ins–that got blacks the vote and civil rights for them and others. Such actions sometimes reduce the freedoms of others temporarily–the American way for the public to show displeasure. In congress we have filibusters, pocket vetos, absence of hearings and avoiding votes to raise public awareness of injustices.
          You seem to have the converse logic about rights. Our president seeks greater rights for more people using available tools, not anything illegal or immoral as you imply smearing a Christian leader. Whose rights are ‘attacked’ as you say, who is harmed by presidential executive orders or priority decisions? You don’t say and I find you lack discernment about what Christians do and don’t do in public. Christ is truth; Obama resolves real (truthful) problems.

          1. Luke says:

            obama is a muslim sympathizing moron and has never been a Christian.He hates America because of its greatness and has done everything to tear it down and destroy the American dream.
            You’re in his herd on the plantation and it’s a good place for those like you..tool

          2. DrBillLemoine says:

            You can’t have it both ways. At his first election, Mr. Obama overcame an intense and negative smear of his pastor, Rev. Wright, saying ugly things from the pulpit in the Christian church being attended in Chicago. Now you are saying he’s a Muslim because of nothing he said personally but because ISIL had a little success in St. Bernardino, CA. Which is it fool?

          3. Luke says:

            I’ve never said oboner was a Christian, going to a racist separatist church in chigaco certainly didn’t make the fraud one either.
            I say he is a muslim because he was born as one, went to school as one and seems to put them above our own troops and country by bringing those terrorist into America for us to support and risking our safety.
            obama is the worst, the sorriest and most evil president in American history, you blind fool

          4. DrBillLemoine says:

            Hellooooo? Babies are born with certain innate traits, but religion isn’t one of them. He couldn’t be born as Muslim or Christian. 2. Attendance at any school doesn’t change one’s beliefs unless one changes personally. You are perhaps equating your political propaganda training with ordinary schooling in subject matter. 2. I’d say withdrawing from Iraq, refusing to invade Libya, Syria or Iran is hardly putting Muslims above American citizens. Faulty thinking by you. Being a humanitarian nation is our American tradition, not any president accepting Muslims as you indict Obama. 18 months of vetting may need changes for our safety but congress has ultimate jurisdiction and they DO NOTHING typically on immigration–that’s your people.
            I’d compare ‘sorry’ with 2 invasions by Bush2 vs. Obama withdrawing us from active ground warfare. Don’t know what the evil is–perhaps your misapplication of your church learning to the president. I’d say a dozen presidential dropouts on the right in favor of Trump, Cruz and Kasich shows republicans to be blind fools–and November losers.

          5. MarcoPolo says:

            Apparently you weren’t paying attention to important matters during the first eight years of this century!

            And IF, President Obama WAS a Muslim, that would certainly NOT be a problem! Get over it and move on!

            Go, Bernie Sanders, GO!!!!

          6. ezekiel22 says:

            Anyone who calls his brother a fool is in danger of Hell fire. Jesus.

          7. MarcoPolo says:

            What is it that you don’t like about Muslims? Sheesh!

          8. Luke says:

            Nothing, they’re like cockroaches..

          9. MarcoPolo says:

            You don’t satisfy the question by calling them names.

            Reason generally reveals purpose, and you’ve not explained WHY you dislike Muslims.

            Do your Muslim friends and family know you feel the way you do?

        2. MarcoPolo says:

          President Obama has stated his religious faith is Christian. Why would it matter whether he was Christian OR anything else for that matter?
          Isn’t America all about diversity?

          1. Luke says:

            Because oboner is a damn liar, fraud and fake.
            Is his name barry sortero or hussien obama? It didn’t matter to you since the borg does what they’re told..
            BTW, mooslims are not your friend unless you are a mooslim like them, otherwise they hate you liberals more than any group in the USA..

          2. MarcoPolo says:

            If more people feel the way you do, we are surely doomed!
            I too held a raging hatred for our former President Bush and his henchman, Cheney, so I assume your rage against President Obama has something to do with a loss in your life, perhaps?

            War is an eventuality if attitudes of discontent persist.
            Would it be your desire to witness that result, just because of an attitude towards social discontent, and dislike of another person’s religion?

            Let’s not be foolish in our discontent, but rather, let’s put our efforts toward reconciliation. THAT is helpful!

            Peace, brother Luke!

    4. MarcoPolo says:

      You’re clearly forgetting that America has the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights that afford every citizen the right to protest!
      Do I agree with some of the protestors actions? NO! But every election cycle breeds emotional turbulence, and this one is no different!

      Go, Bernie Sanders, GO!!!

      1. Luke says:

        Maybe the property destroyed by the protesters next time will be yours..
        Maybe the next rock they throw will hit you on the head instead of that cop. You communist are all alike, move to a communist country if bernie is your man and stop making a mess of America, we don’t want you commie morons..

        1. MarcoPolo says:

          You’re sadly confused about political ideologies. Communism is entirely different from Democratic-Socialism…. But that doesn’t surprise me!

          Some days the ‘rock’ lands on the innocent, some days it lands on the unjust. That’s life!
          I don’t condone the violence, as I am a Pacifist at heart, but the first amendment guarantees our right to protest. Hallelujah!

          I fear some (more rabid) Trump supporters may very well riot over some of the demagoguery and hatred being espoused by their clueless Leader?!

          1. Luke says:

            Your demoncrat socialism usually leads to communism, you didn’t know that but it doesn’t surprise me, it seems you’ll fall for anything.
            The clueless and moronic protesters against Trump spew hate and destruction, typical of the liberal herd of intolerant trash.
            Trump will be president and there’s nothing the herd of liberal trash can do about it..

  • Jim says:

    I guess you might want to consider the fact of how much the liberal and communist groups hate Trump, how much money they, George Soros and his Communist buddies, are spending to create anti-Trump violent demonstrations, along with how many Mexican flags are being flown at these demonstrations to decide which candidate will actually do what he claims that he will do. Trump is that candidate. Cruz is a hated career politician who will promise you anything, and his supposed running mate, Carly, who has a long history of praising Muslims and their “important contributions to our society”. Just what we need, another lying career politician and a Muslim promoter in the White House. People had better start looking at the facts or you will not have a country in the very near future. All the false press about how Trump is anti-women is just another lie. Trump has a long history of supporting women in the workplace and in society in general. Not to mention, Trump can wipe up the floor with the criminal Hillary, if she survives the pending criminal charges against her.

    1. kathy diamond says:

      Jim, I agree. Carley is actually a perfect match for Cruz. They are both delusional !! They talk like Cruz is the front runner, They don’t care what The American People Think, They Don’t care what The American People Know, they have scripted speeches and just keep on talking. They both make me sick

      1. Jan Dove says:

        I agree Kathy. Scripted is right. I worked with Corp America. If she worked her way up the ladder in HP why did they let her go. Her ideas are not working….and the jobs are gone from America in HP ……:((

    2. Jan Dove says:

      Yes, George Soros has now given money to someone other than Trump and Cruz and that is why he is still able to run. He has already been bought. Yes “K”…Same thing Soros did with Obama…he is in his pocket now.

  • Anthony says:

    What happened with those illegal freeloaders is exactly what Trump have been talking about, the Mexican Criminals, those idiots that were stumping on the police car and destroying it and got away with it, now these cars will need to be replaced at the tax payers expense, they are not using the freedom given to them because these fricken IDIOTS are not using freedom that only the US citizens should have, they are abusing the Freedom, they are criminals, and at that moment they are also breaking the Freedom of speech that was given to Trump as a Citizen and Natural born of the USA, why wasn’t there enough legal force placed there to arrest every one of these hoodlums, the police and local Authorities new ahead what was coming., why wasn’t there a National Guard with a few Immigration Buses, and place them all in prison Camps as terrorist. that’s what they are, destroying government property and and cause a safety issue to the public. These are the same people that people feel sorry for and go backwards to help these bastards, No WAY JOSE.

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    California, of all states outside of New York, should be a landslide for Hillary. All the negatives from Trump thinking–anti-women, anti-Muslims, anti-education, and much more–are represented in the biggest state in spades. If demonstrations remain destruction-free and massive, Republicans haven’t a chance, and CA will point toward the national landlside we expect in Hillary voting. She’s got all the groups but undereducated white males in her corner–big time. And she’s got the coattails for down ballot tsunami voting for other Democrats who have family values, worker financial goals, social equity aims on their side. All candidates, unlike 2014 which cost the Senate majority, should fall into support of both outgoing president Obama and incoming president Hillary Clinton for best results. Want a new Golden Age for America? Turn the presidency and congress over to Democrats again.

    1. kathy diamond says:


      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Every thinking citizen and voter should seek a president who represents their core values and aims for the nation. Hillary’s extensive experience in public life generates policies and actions I value from both perspectives. For one, I can see past the drumbeat of negative propaganda that republicans have heaped on the Clintons for decades, charges that pale in the light of where Hillary can take us toward a more perfect union and equitable society with adequate finances. All others are inexperienced, immature, seeking retirement avocations, lack policies or represent the past I have moved beyond.

        1. kathy diamond says:

          DrBillLemoine, When was the last time you had your hearing & eyes checked ??

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            I think especially the deaf and blind would support Hillary. The right only wants to repeal Affordable Care Act.

        2. Jan Dove says:

          DrBill: That is why we do not want Hillary is her experience we have watched over the years. She is not Bill Clinton. Her ideas are very different! Look at what she did in the “B” case…where she went back to bed and did not send help to our troops and that was not the only time they had reached out for help. Her record is what we are looking at. We don’t like it! :((

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            You cling to one episode in a decades long career in public service. Hillary’s ambassador was infamous for ignoring protocol and stumping the outlands—just got caught this one time as the rogue he was. Nothing wrong with him or Hillary who knew her subordinate. Repubs by contrast sent thousands to their deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan without proper support and allowed 9/11 to happen. I’ll take Hillary any day over warmongering Republicans McCain, Graham, Trump and Cruz. It was 47 Republican traitors who consorted with the Iran enemy during anti-nuke negotiations. He record is stellar compared to any republican you can name. Let’s compare if you dare.

    2. Bill Blackstone says:

      Not only is your comment uniformed but insulting. You say that the only voters Trump will get is under educated white males. But that’s OK I guess. Say that Hillary would only get the under educated black vote would be racist. You must have a crap load of Federal hand outs depending on this election. It certainly doesn’t sound you yourself are very actually believe these last 7 plus years have been progressive and positive for this country? You need get with Maggot Kaufman. But please don’t breed.

      Hey everyone. I found the male version to Maggot Kaufman!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        For whatever reasons you leave unexplained (beyond race) you ignore half the mandates of the federal Constitution–Preamble says promote the general welfare. As an educator, I know the reasons for ill educated adults and refuse to succumb to their lack of application, laziness, bigotry, narrow mindedness, rote propaganda slogans, hyper-aggression, condemnation of others, and lack of effort to right their own lives, let alone the nation (excepting primary voting against RINOs). Without those kinds of people and their compatible Freedom Caucus in DC we would have much more progress reforming immigration, Wall St., job training, and advancing voter and civil rights with equity in pay for all. Please inform us of your ideals for people and the nation that aren’t progressive, that don’t need reform and improvement? Or are you just a whining ideologue simply against progress?

        1. Bill Blackstone says:

          Professors always make me giggle. Not one point I was making did you comprehend. You jump right back to your agenda. I said what you quoted would be racist if you took out white and replaced it with black. Your a typical liberal that only focuses on their own agenda. You demand open mindness from others but close your mind to those very same others.
          Please. Do not bring up the Constitution or its meaning. I will smoke you silly. Read the Soviet documents on government. They look good on paper. Compare them to the Jefferson papers.
          Read the Indoctrination writings by the China Communist.Compare them to the Federalist papers. You can’t read Chinese? I can. And Russian
          Read the The Confederate constitution and compare it to the US constitution. Can’t comprehend English? I can.
          No where do any of these writings/documents call for open boarders. People living off the government. It should promote the General welfare of the people. Not promote welfare programs for the people to secure votes.
          Your comment last was so backwards it’s hard to believe you are an educator. Then again. I see how screwed up these last 3 generations are. So yes I guess you would qualify to be an educator. You state you hate lazy people. And all the other things you wrote. But then those are the very people you support and promote with your liberal backwards ways.
          So as you put it. Uneducated WHITE males will vote for Trump. So these are the very same people you say are lazy. Basically ignorant. So if there are so many uneducated WHITE males. It’s your fault. You and all you so called educators. You turned your back on so many people of your own race. I suppose everyone else though is so intelligent. That’s why we Excel in such a degree in math and Science throughout the world. Ya….great job your doing. Look for another job because your failing at your present position.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Did you make a point? Once more concisely and in plain English. I pretty much expect to reject your agenda, whatever it is. Guess it’s the ‘smoke’ responsible for your lack of cohesive writing.
            Go back to Russia if you are so thrilled with them or the politburo in China. Average Russians and Chinese are more like me than you. I know both and not from your ivory tower.
            You criticize education and professors, but posit no position on Trump or demonstrators, the subject at hand. Many students are unable to focus like that, drop out, reason without foundations, seek and stay with their own kind. I’ve not mentioned race except in case of improving mankind with Democrats and Hillary. My students excelled above other classes from lower to graduate levels; you could learn something beyond academic positions. That’s what Democrats bring to the table this year–perhaps in landslide numbers for November.

          2. Bill Blackstone says:

            Once again. You comprehend nothing. I see you playing the blame game though.
            Who said I want anything to do with Russia? Dang your dumb. I said. Wait I will type slower for you. Maybe you will understand. I said. I read and speak Russian. I read and speak Chinese. I know of their governments and how they became. And I do believe you. You have more in common with Russia and China that I do. I study my opponent. I do not become them. So. You agree with Communist China. You’re just like them. I agree. But you tell me to go there if I like it so much. Are you getting what I’m saying.
            Now. I typed as slow as I could stand. If you don’t understand now. Well. Your at the same level as the fools you graduated last.

    3. Jan Dove says:

      There are more educated people jumping on the TRUMP TRAIN and I know many men and women with PHD’s, MD’s, and many other degrees who can not find jobs. Get over it! Obama has hurt us all! Education is great. I have one…but we need someone who will look at America and see what we need right now! It is more than an education….It is knowing our History and Seeing our future is not going to be here if something is not done for our working people. The middle class is being destroyed by the Dems and we have to take America back. We are moving closer and closer to a Third World Country. My husband has a Dr’s degree, three Master’s and an Engineer’s degree and he can see we need Trump! Dr. Bill, you must be a Dem or you would not think like that. Most the Doctor’s I know wish they had not voted for Obama. They see the future is not going to be so great if we get a Dem back in the W.H. It does not take a rocket scientist to see what is happening in Washington, but you are not a Rocket Scientist!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        I was a rocket scientist in desire but opted for people and education in college. Education was the result at all upper levels. Congressional blocking of reforms and programs is what stifles advanced education jobs today, not Obama. Infrastructure improvements, expansions and hardening would restore those jobs you lament. Repubs are against it preferring crony capitalism which I grew up with and reject as a thinking adult. Seeing our future, what we need right now is not regression as neocons want but progressives wheel house. To live like a Republican, vote Democratic–always.
        With base Trump republicans and their Freedom Caucus including Cruz reducing and inhibiting government reforms and action, we are stagnating with minimum growth as you know. No job mobility; no pay raises; no company retraining–that’s your republicans. Your husband doesn’t dig deep or drill down into policies or he would favor Hillary and Dems. Think a little and join the masses of moderates and independents and your RINOs and vote for Hillary.

  • David Stovall says:

    I worry. Trump defies. Most of the women hate I know hate him. He keeps saying hateful things. Plus he shamelessly pivots and changes. Like an octopus with no bones can go through the opening in a bottle. BUT I will vote for him because that is a vote against Hillary.

    1. Barrustio says:

      There’s really no difference between him and Hillary …they’re buddies so between them regardless of who would win….the liberals win —–Ted Cruz 2016

      1. David Stovall says:

        I like Cruz. His 45 minute announcement speech with no notes was amazing. But. You & I are the minority. Koesich the Democratlite beats Hillary in polls. I will vote for any Republican.

        1. Barrustio says:

          I thought I was the only one who took note of that speech. If that wasn’t presidential I don’t know what is. NO NOTES and ALL SUBSTANCE no rhetoric…actual plans laid out…what does it take for Americans to open their eyes.

          1. Bill Blackstone says:

            What does it take for Americans to open their eyes.

            Reality. Truth. Truth. And did I mention truth?

          2. Barrustio says:

            Have they even taken notice that the scum of the GOP (Boehner) is attacking him…for all those who want an outsider, if that’s not the biggest endorsement one could have, I don’t know what is. Truth is what it’s all about…for those who like using the Trump rhetoric of “Lyin” Ted”, perhaps it would help if they took a look at his address to McConnell when he called him a liar in front of the whole world to see why he went to Washington to take on the cartel there…that’s why so many fear and hate him…because he stands for truth and for the people.

          3. Jan Dove says:

            Cruz needs to stay where he is for now, and let Trump stir things up and get America back to a thriving country. Cruz can not work with anyone…he has to many enemies. His running mate helped to put HP overseas for cheap labor. We have HP computer’s and their tech’s are from another country and they can not speak English. Jobs were taken overseas and we Americans are paying for it. We need our tech jobs here in America not in another country that speaks very little English. I will not call them … I had rather pay more to get it to work here than to pay $400.00 for 15 min and not be able to understand what they are saying because of the broken English. Then end up having to fix it yourself or pay an American to do it in a shorter amount of time for $100.00. :(( TRUMP for President!

          4. Barrustio says:

            Not to many people have been paying attention to Cruz’s platform….the first issues of which is JOBS and how to bring them back…he even demonstrated to the people of Iowa how to get more money for their corn product by going into the free market rather than depending on government subsidies. That’s the kind of thinking we need…encouraging working people to PRODUCE rather than consume.

          5. Robert says:

            Cruz is a real BS Artist.

          6. Barrustio says:

            Actually that would be Trump …he hasn’t said ANYTHING substantive since the beginning yet he is the front runner…so either he is a master bullshitter or there are a lot of stupid people out there.

          7. Robert says:

            Then why is he supported by The Globalists From Wall Street. Why are his Handlers and Advisers Ex-CIA, Former Ties to Previous Bush Administration, Ex-Wall Street Bankers, Most all are neocons. Cruz is a Career
            Politician just Like Kasich.

          8. Barrustio says:

            If you get away from YOUTUBE long enough to listen to the man, you might learn something

          9. Jan Dove says:

            TRUTH is what people don’t like about Trump! He tells it like it is, and the Freeloading people don’t want to hear it and it is for their own good in the future. When America can not support the freeloaders….then What?

          10. David Stovall says:

            He’s not cool. They are too busy watching Jerry Springer and drinking a 40 all morning.

          11. Barrustio says:

            “A 40” ….heheh …I haven’t heard that in awhile.

          12. David Stovall says:

            You are not running with the right crowd. Actually the left crowd.

          13. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

            Cruz would make a great Supreme Court Justice

          14. Barrustio says:

            Yes he would…and a great Attorney General…but he is a better fit for president.

          15. Robert says:

            And how do you think he would Vote?

          16. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

            Closer to Kennedy’s style than Scalia’s but hopefully right of center.

          17. Robert says:

            You should take your own advice.

          18. Barrustio says:

            I’m glad to see you knew who I was talking to.

        2. Jan Dove says:

          If Cruz gets in …. he will tell us lies just like he did when he said, “Carson had dropped out to so he could get votes, and then he did it again to others running for the W.H. so he could get their votes. Don’t trust him even though he seems to have good morals. His lies covers a multitude of smarts! Obama is smart, but he is taking us over a cliff very rapidly. Trump for 2016! 🙂

          1. David Stovall says:

            Some of what u said Cruz didn’t do,,, but even if so He is 1000 times better than Hillary. The illegals are pouring over the border and probably Isis imbedded with them. And Hillary wants to make it worse. Vote for any Republican. Democrats are smarter, they vote for their party to keep Republicans out , no matter how bad their candidate.

      2. kathy diamond says:

        Barrustio, You Mean, LYIN’ TED

        1. Barrustio says:

          Well if you want to use the narrative of the “Outsider Messiah” (heheh) I knew some people who fell for another con man (Obama) the way people are falling for the NO SUBSTANCE appeal rhetoric like “Lyin’ Ted” “Little Marco” “Low Energy Jeb” “Crooked Hillary” has on the low information voters. Hey, Trump has a beautiful wife …never mind that she’s a nude centerfold and could have worked at one of Donald’s t*tty bars….both would be a record for America…a t*tty bar owning president with a nude centerfold wife wow!!! Are we getting classy yet?

          1. GrizzMann says:

            So stick with the lying Socialists?

          2. Barrustio says:

            Cruz is a socialist???? Noooo …oh the horror.

          3. Jan Dove says:

            GrizzMann: Right! Vote for us and we will give you all the FREE thing you want until the tax payer stops paying because they do not have jobs. :(( You hit the nail on the head.

          4. David Stovall says:

            She is pretty. A big improvement over what we have now. And who knows what Hillary’s first lady will look like?

          5. Jan Dove says:

            Well, at least he married her and did not use her in the WH for his pleasure like someone else we know! That was her career before marriage…not now. Forgiveness is in order here. What laundry will we find on others when they get to the WH. We know his up front. Get real>> The President is not suppose to start a church.

          6. Barrustio says:

            I don’t want him to start a church…but can he at least let go of his t*tty bars?

          7. Vassiliki says:

            She was a model not a t!tty bar dancer or playboy centerfold. She also speaks 5 languages and knows her position as a first lady. On the plus side she is a beauty and pleasing to look at and will bring class back to the WH like Jackie O, Nancy Regean and Laura Bush.

          8. Barrustio says:

            Good looks equals class? trust me I’ve “known” many a good looking woman and while some were classy many were not…but they THOUGHT they were.

          9. Vassiliki says:

            I agree with you not all beauties are classy but I didn’t say because she was beautiful she was classy. Look how she holds herself, how she talks, and dresses- that is class. Just because she was a model in her younger days and posed semi nude for a photo shoot does not make her a playboy centerfold or a pole dancer. Speaking 5 languages is a plus and shows intelligence. You should read her response of how she would be as a first lady- that impressed me and told me that she is a real lady and will let her husband be the president and she the first lady as the positions dictate.

          10. Barrustio says:

            What you describe is not necessarily class but rather, “etiquette”, which even a prostitute can learn in several languages. Many modern pole dancers don’t feel the need to be in any form of undress. I don’t doubt that she knows how to “conduct” herself in public but I could never be convinced that any woman who felt the need to pose nude for monetary gain fits the description of a “real lady”.

          11. Vassiliki says:

            Learn etiquette in 5 languages? What does that mean? Also her “nude” picture did not show any private parts so it is not a nude picture like you are describing that you would find in a Penthouse centerfold. So what is the difference between a tiny bikini that models and other women wear and her photo covered in a skin rug? There is a difference between etiquette and class and Melania when you see her and hear her portrays class as well as having etiquette not just knowing how to “conduct” herself. As for monetary gain – her career was a model – so yes she made money for photo shoots, runway, etc.

          12. Barrustio says:

            I was referring to Melania’s knowledge of different languages. That only proves an ability to learn languages. I speak 4 languages myself and I don’t really see it as a big thing but I can also curse in four different languages so that has nothing to do with class. I see your point about the “bikini” models if indeed it was a skin rug which she was modeling in GQ…is that what she was selling? Though I don’t quite get why one would have to be nude to show a skin rug. A bikini I can understand.

          13. OldKoreanwarvet says:

            Amazing how Trump labels his advisories and how well you memorized them all however not in proper sequence….Least we forget “Low energy Jeb” was the first, he still doesn’t know what happened! Jeb even brought out the big guns…( mom & brother) of course they misfired!

            And speaking of getting classy, it would be very hard to exceed what Bill had hiding under his desk, is that classy or what!…yah think?

          14. Barrustio says:

            From one vet top another…Bill was/is scum…and EVERYTHING persona wise, Trump has shown me he is no different, perhaps even worse …he would brag about it. What did he say about his wife…”That’s beautiful piece of *ss.??

          15. Robert says:

            You have just shown that you have no CLASS at all.

          16. Barrustio says:

            How would you know? You’re a Trumpite. Hey just pointing out as Trump does…records being broken during this election…he talks about Cruz being the first candidate to pick a VP before being the nominee as being a record. Cruz could point out what I have as being a record …which it is…but Cruz has too much class

      3. Jan Dove says:

        Barrustio, Trump is not like Hillary. Trump thinks for himself and is not for what Obama’s administration is for. Hillary will continue his work if she gets in there and America will be doomed! :

        1. Barrustio says:

          Well…Trump could do a better job of convincing me if he were to start distancing himself from Hillary’s stances on abortion and gay marriage.

          1. Robert says:

            Cruz can not do a dam thing on his own to stop Abortion or Same Sex Marriage, he would need Majority of House and Senate to do anything to do anything. I don’t see that happening. If you vote for Cruz on those 2 Issues you are in for a big Surprise.

      4. Vassiliki says:

        Cruz for: NAU, NWO, giving illegals legal status, TPA- no thanks to a 1 term senator.

      5. Robert says:

        Ted Cruz is a Globalist as are his Supporters from Wall Street and the New World Order Career Politicians from the Bush Family. Would do nothing to stop Illegals and Illegal Drugs from Coming into this country. Voted for TPP that would give more
        Control to the Globalists over the United States, also supports the NAU.

        1. Barrustio says:

          Oh my

      6. Ken says says:

        Ted has no”Conservarive” credentials left to protect – when he named Carly as his “running mate” he openly declared himself a RINO Establishment Puppet. Carly has a great track record: the queen of outsourcing at HP and fired from HP – 2008 she was a major contributor to McCain and campaign manager – in 2012 she teamed up with her outsourcing buddy Mitt Romney, donated and worked his campaign – 2016 she runs for President in the hopes of snagging a VP spot with anyone. Well Lose with Cruz is now Cruz’n’Carly the Losing Team. Does Ted really think that running with a RINO will take the pressure off his wife being a Wall Street Banker and CFR member. Nothing more than the Establishments all out effort to stop Trump from breaking their GOLDEN EGG.

        1. Barrustio says:

          Ted’s wife isn’t running and nobody should care about a candidate’s wife, legitimate job whether it be Heidi working for Goldman or Melania posing nude for whomever.

          1. Ken says says:

            The TED-HEIDI Team is the GOP equivalent of the HILL-BILLY Team and both are Establishment Puppets – wake up and smell the Roses.

          2. Barrustio says:

            By his own admission, Trump was involved in influence peddling WITH the Clintons and with his golfing and texting buddy John Boehner…if that’s not an indictment of being totally establishment then you’ve been smelling something but it’s not roses.

          3. Ken says says:

            Hen in there with Losin Cruz – you deserve each other.

          4. Barrustio says:

            Heheh…Just like a liberal…ignore the points I just made.

          5. Ken says says:

            You didn’t make any points – you just repeated the Lose With Cruz whine.

          6. Ken says says:

            Correct type – HEN = Hang

          7. Barrustio says:

            I’m not the typo police…errors are often made in the heat of passion.

          8. Ken says says:

            You consider both when Ted and Heidi were trained by the Bush Family at the same time and their careers were guided by the Bush Family.

          9. Barrustio says:

            So you want to tie Cruz to a man who said “I just don’t like that guy” (talking about Cruz)…or did you forget that little snippet. heheh. It is obvious Cruz was not trained at Trump University.

          10. Ken says says:

            I’m would not tie Ted and Heidi to the Bush Family – it was a marriage consummated by Barbara Bush just like the Ryan/Obama marriage consummated by boy Boner

    2. GrizzMann says:

      Hateful? Enforcing the law is hateful? Must be that NEWSPEAK that 1984 warned us about.

      1. David Stovall says:

        Telling a woman her face is ugly is hateful, mocking a handicapped man that has muscle control problems, etc., etc. , etc.

        1. GrizzMann says:

          Mahatma Gandhi “ran a gas station down in Saint Louis.” -Senator Hillary Clinton. “You f*cking Jew b@stard.” — Hillary Clinton to political operative Paul Fray.etc., etc., etc,

          1. David Stovall says:

            Hateful Clinton and hateful Trump. I get your point.

        2. GrizzMann says:

          Telling a woman her face is ugly is an opinion. Joe Biden telling Chuck Graham to get up out of his wheel chair??

          1. David Stovall says:

            It is an opinion and saying it is crude, rude, poor taste, low class and in the old days the gentlemanly John Wayne’s of the world would rearrange Trumps face.

          2. GrizzMann says:

            Democrats now claim John Wayne was a racist.

        3. Robert says:

          Trump isn’t running for Preacher or pope. We need a strong candidate who puts America and American Citizens First. We are a Sovereign Country and we don’t
          need the rest of the world telling us how to run America.
          If it wasn’t for this country most of Europe would be speaking German and most of Asia would be speaking
          Japanese. We shouldn’t be the Welfare office for the World.

          1. David Stovall says:

            I agree with strength, but do you think it requires picking on women, their faces, and being a bully ? Real men don’t do it or call it strength. I will vote for him if I have to,, to beat Hillary, but I will call a spitball when it is one.

          2. Triple J Jackson says:

            I’m so sick of people and their poor little feelings. You know Women want to be treated like men and when they say something nasty and someone says something nasty back they are a hateful bigot. Look girls pull up your big girl pants and cowgirl up. And I don’t care what anyone says they ha e been bashing Trump from every corner yet no one says hog my that was mean nope they cheer it on. Well I think what’s good for the Guy is good for The Girl you want equality you got it. Its a hard knock life. Now put some dirt on that cut and get back to work Sissy!

          3. David Stovall says:

            I can’t help it. I was raised to respect and protect women and it is a reflex to do so,. I do not apologize for being a gentleman and I refuse to join the rot of society.

          4. Robert says:

            Carly Fiorina Is a Business Women, she can stand up to men as well as anybody and has proved it. She ran HP and sent the mfg. overseas and laid off 30,000 workers. I don’t think she needs your help or has asked for it. You should be more concerned about beating Hillary or the Socialist Bernie.

        4. Jan Dove says:

          Did not like that either. Look back and see all the things Obama has done using the IRS and other people to the conservatives. He has mocked all of us the whole time he has been in the W.H. He has supported other service men over our own with equipment turned back on us.We were check by that IRS, but we came out clean because I am a former accountant and had all our receipts. Obama’s disrespect for our law enforcement. Like I told someone who was trying to get money from me in the GOP. Can’t wait until Obama is out of the W.H. and calls the police. Bet they say, “Sorry, but we have to check to see if it is politically correct before we can do anything for you, sir! A dose of his own medicine will be in order! All you have to do is look who Obama has surrounded himself with…..At least Trump was willing to pay for himself to run for President, and I don’t see anyone else willing to do that! <(:-))

    3. VeraBeth Johnson says:

      Google the interview that Oprah had with Trump 25 years ago. Amazing. Maybe the women you know will have their eyes opened. Thanks!

    4. Jan Dove says:

      I will vote for TRUMP because he is the only one in the race who will stand up and tell it like it is. We are in trouble in “America” and have been for a long time. We can not continue to feed everyone who is not working here and other countries and not turn into a Third World Country. Let’s send some of these freeloaders to third world countries where socialism has failed. Those type countries won’t be hard to find. They would be glad to come to America (just like everyone else is) and work for a living instead of loosing ALL their freedoms like some of the countries who are so happy to just get out of their country onto American soil…JUST TO BE FREE!

    5. Vassiliki says:

      I am a woman and I was not offended. His policies are correct and what our country needs. Get over the petty crap and look at the full picture.

  • keith says:

    imagine freeloaders and illegals causing problems go figure , its all about the free ride its over go home and fight for your country hell I would cut California off a drift maybe someone else might want to support it …. TRUMP FOR TRUE AMERICANS

    1. Wingedgodd3ss says:

      Yes and they know that deportations are hopefully coming too and more border patrol, stricter laws or maybe just actually enforcing the ones we have….what a concept. Hope Trump gets the remaining delegates.

      1. kathy diamond says:


        1. David Stovall says:

          Trump does change, shamelessly. I hope to see the real Trump if there is one.

          1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

            Trump is real and we do need a change or AMERICA IS GOING DOWN THE HATCH.

          2. Jan Dove says:

            You are seeing the real Trump. He cares about America and he has lived long enough to know that the prophecy I spoke of from a great dictator is coming true rapidly and he knows something must be done now before it is completed by a Lazy Society of takers instead of a society in a Great Nation. Trump is speaking for the heart of America. The heart are the people who want to see “America Great Again.” Trump has lived to see it Great and now he is seeing it fall if something is not done quickly and by someone who knows what is really happening in America. Trump is our only Hope and may God continue to push him into the W.H.

          3. Jerry says:

            This is what I call a great post…go Trump

          4. Natalie says:

            This is a troll. Please ignore it. If you reply it’ll just keep posting.

          5. David Stovall says:


          6. SDofAZ says:

            Just is not your site David. Go find the liberals.

        2. Natalie says:

          Awesome! I never thought of that. The traitor parading around in OUR white house only brought hope to the people who hate America. The only changes he made benefit everyone but us.He’s disgusting. Just looking at a picture of him makes my blood boil.

          1. AKLady2015 says:

            If you want to insult our government, please at least learn our language.

            In America, we captialize proper nouns.

          2. Natalie says:

            This is a troll. You can always tell a troll by the asinine things it says. They are generally pathetic. Like all liberals and believe the lies they ‘learn’ from other ill informed, ignorant liberals. They hate the country that gives them the right to be as simple minded as they are. And use ‘facts’ they think they know to confuse and mislead you. Another good example of one who tries to confuse and mislead would be their real master. They are the biggest threat this country faces. Not any outside force.Except the ones they are inviting in with opened arms to help speed their own destruction along. The reason they try so hard to get others to go down the same sad, deluded road they’re on is because misery loves company. I have yet to meet a happy liberal.Who could be happy knowing that every thing they do is wrong? And on some level in their tiny,closed, intolerant minds they know they are wrong. They also know their days as a relevant party in this country are numbered. Because under their ignorant ‘leadership’ we have become the laughingstock of the world.Weaker than we’ve ever been, like them. But we will be strong again. When they’re out of power and back where they belong, their mothers basements, dorm room drum circles and Wal-Mart employee of the month. We’ll look back on them and wonder how such stupidity ever got as far as it did. It’ll be a good lesson for future generations. On how not to be weak,pathetic, irrelevant,confused,deluded willfully ignorant idiots.

          3. MarcoPolo says:

            Funny, as I read your assessments, I was under the impression that you were referring to the Neo-Conservative movement during the Cheney/Bush reign of terror, when only “prejudiced patriots” held sway over logic and reason.

            Go, Bernie Sanders, GO!!!!!

          4. AKLady2015 says:

            Which America do you want back?

            The one where women were paid $0.50 to a man’s $1.00?

            The America which enslaved people?

            The America which practiced genocide, killing the First People and stealing their land?

            The America that made teaching a slave to read and write a crime?

            The America that put Americans of Asian decent into concentration camps?

            The America that dropped atom bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima — instantly killing over 500.000 people.

            Which America ?????????

          5. Front Sight says:


        3. AKLady2015 says:

          Trump is N-A-Z-I America in the making.
          Study history.
          You are watching a rerun of 1930s-1940s Germany in the making.

    2. Barrustio says:

      You would cut off your food supply?

      1. David Stovall says:

        Answer :: Victory Gardens. It would be worth it. California will soon be Little Mexico and Obama-Hillary loves it

      2. GrizzMann says:

        Why would that be?

        1. Barrustio says:

          Large part of Cali is agriculture…of course we could go it on meat.

          1. GrizzMann says:

            Agriculture using illegal tactics? say it aint so. That would open them to prosecution, by law. Who would do that?

          2. Barrustio says:

            Well if we cut of Cali, would the law apply to them?

          3. Jan Dove says:

            Parts of where I live is Agriculture…so our farmers could just hype up their production to help make up the difference in production in Cal. California is not the only place veggies and fruit are grown. Our state even grows lots of animals for meat and it does not have the steroids you find in Cal productions. The fruit may not be as large but the flavor makes up for the size. Our state could produce what Cal produces at a cheaper rate and still not use illegals. People are hurting for jobs here so if Cal does not want to feed us….look to another state! America has lots of land that could be used for farms.

      3. keith says:

        sorry I was raised to work hard I do not take handouts , I am 60 I have earned my way sir

        1. Barrustio says:

          I’m 68 and have never asked for a handout either…I was talking about separating Cali from the rest of the states. Ideally, I would prefer Americans going into that 105 degree heat to pick our food supply for minimum wage but have yet to see them lining up for these lucrative jobs.

          1. keith says:

            we would generations today never

          2. Barrustio says:

            Generations today would whine about minimum wage being GIVEN to them much less working for it.

          3. Triple J Jackson says:

            Come on there are still lots of good young people with good work ethic. The problem is the got to have it now and I deserve it mentality.
            WHY do we give trophies to kids now to just show up? It teaches them nothing.
            And why do we give people jobs just because they have dark skin. Go to any government run agency and see if you can get help.
            This is the racist generation of people I’ve ever seen if you are a older white person you won’t get any service. That has to stop no privilege do the job right or go home with out any money.

          4. keith says:

            sorry thanks for playing

          5. keith says:

            1.65 first job mcdonalds

          6. Barrustio says:

            Daaaamn you were doing good. My first job was working for free. Picking cotton was no fun especially when all you earned went into the “home community fund”. At the of age 12 my father who was the caddy master at the local golf course thought my 120 lb. frame could tolerate carrying a golf bag for 18 holes. That’s a lot of work for 50 cents for 18 holes. If they decided to play 36 holes you could be there all day just to make a dollar….of course that doesn’t count the occasional 10 cent tip.

          7. keith says:

            it was a stepping job to learn not what to be in the future , grew up in a very happy but strict house we were thrown under cars when we were 8 and up to learn hard work use to pay off now its a lot different imagine 15 an hour to flip burgers , nothing would change bad food bad service with attitude , theres way to much cheap labor for the kids to compete with and u have to start at the bottom to learn good work habits

          8. Barrustio says:

            It’s hard to imagine today’s kids tolerating what we went through. They actually believe they are entitled to an “allowance”…the only allowance we got as kids is whatever my mother decided to give us out of the money we had earned ourselves.

          9. Jan Dove says:

            Barrustio Right, I worked in a cotton field when I was a child 3 cents a pound and continued to study until I could get into an inside job. Now I have a good education and have worked for many years and I have lots to show for it that the Government wants to take to give to the free loaders. I have Never taken money from the Government, AKA “America Tax Payers” and I am proud to call myself an American. But, not proud of the “Freeloading” society Obama/Sanders/ Clinton/ and some of our so called leader’s are making. TRUMP! 🙂

          10. Barrustio says:

            I believe we agree on everything but our choice of candidate…CRUZ 2016 🙂

          11. Jerry says:

            Certainly Cruz should fit in somewhere, but not as President. We need a business man in that job. I think Cruz who is a strong supporter of the constitution would serve us well on on the Supreme Court

          12. Barrustio says:

            Strangely, many people consider lawyers, businessmen. The fact that he has won 5 out of nine arguments in front of the SCOTUS proves that he’s a good businessman. If you had heard his 45 minute speech in which he discussed his economic policy, you might change your mind about his “personal” abilities. Trump’s main ability is to be able to PAY people smarter than himself, to make the right decisions. That won’t cut it when you have to make personal decisions as a president based on your OWN abilities.

          13. Jerry says:

            Hi Barrustio, it has not been my experience that Lawyers are good businessmen. Cruz may have given a speech on his economic policy, but that is not the same as successful practical experience. I remember my Nephew who had received his Master’s in Business telling me his business principles. He was repeating what he learned in college. Cruz is young if he plays his cards right he will learn a lot from Trump. Things will be different with a business man in power vs the doctors or lawyers we have had so far. Cruz will be ready the next time around.

          14. Barrustio says:

            Age has nothing to do with knowledge…some people spend a lifetime learning nothing, then there are those who learn in abundance in a very short time. Even Cruz’s professor has admitted that he was the sharpest knife in the block. Using your same rationale I could say that Trump could learn a lot from Cruz and be ready next time now that he has learned a little bit about the electoral process. Trump is repeating what he learned at Trump University and we all know how that went. Trump may know a bit more about business than Cruz but Cruz knows more about politics than Trump and THAT is what runs America not just business.

          15. Jerry says:

            Even if you are right Barrustio, I’ll stick with Trump because he woke up this country. Millions more are voting. The middle class and silent majority woke up because of him.
            Without him Cruz, Rubio Kuish, and Bush it would just be more of the same.
            Thank God we’re awake. If Trump accomplishes nothing else he still will have changed the world of politics as we know it.
            Trump will really try hard to do what he said he would do. Cruz on the other hand says what sells, but will in the end do what big money wants.

          16. Barrustio says:

            I will give you that Trump has awakened people…not necessarily all in a positive way but awake regardless.
            You have every right to stick with Trump if you are willing to gamble that he will “really try hard to do what he said he would do”…I prefer to stick with someone who has ALREADY done what he said he would do against all odds and at the peril of losing his position in the interest of serving the people. He has YET to do what big money wants and doubt that he will start anytime soon…on the other hand Trump IS big money.

          17. Robert Early says:

            WOW, Jan ! 3 cents per pound?
            The best I ever got was a dollar per hundred. Something tells me that I might be a bit older than you. LOL.

          18. Vassiliki says:

            I am 49 YO single mom and my summer job is cleaning swimming pools in the heat and humidity(NJ has very high humidity). A job is a job as long as it is honest work. Thank goodness my boss did not hire any non Americans, especially ones that did not speak english and saved these jobs for us.

          19. Barrustio says:

            You are blessed I worked the fields in my youth.

          20. Robert says:

            As have many American Citizens. You seem to want people to believe they only work in the fields, that’s BS Look how many work Construction, Look how many work as Gardeners and will not take anything except cash, so they don’t have to pay taxes.

          21. Barrustio says:

            My suggestion to Americans is don’t pay cash…pay with checks or get off your asses and do your own yard work, or construction work.

          22. Barrustio says:

            Gardeners work for themselves…construction workers HAVE to pay taxes.

          23. Barrustio says:

            I commend you on your work ethic. I was a laborer until age 36 when I became a teacher (although still labored). While pool cleaning does subject one to heat and high humidity I know that the pay is much more lucrative than minimum wage…I know I had to pay my pool man too.

          24. Vassiliki says:

            Thanks Barrustio. I work as a substitute teacher during the school year. Your pool guy charges you a lot more than I get paid. He has expenses other than wages. I get $10/hr now $11/hr after my raise which does beat minimum wage.

          25. Barrustio says:

            Just think, you get to enjoy the sunshine everyday and get a workout at the same time. I used to get that while laying irrigation pipe for golf courses. If I were you I would concentrate on teaching full time. It doesn’t pay well at first but in grows gradually.After 18 of doing body work and odd construction jobs, I became a teacher at the ripe age of 36 and after 27 years of service to the kids I taught I can honestly say they were the most rewarding years of my life.

          26. Triple J Jackson says:

            Thank you! And Thank your boss. Tell him that we are doing the same thing in the south. Everyone needs to stop working the illegals and they will go home. After they Rob us blind first But they will go.

          27. Jerry says:

            I agree with those sentiments, but then the Illegals are not working and we are supporting them and providing them with a better standard of living than we have. I see it everyday the welfare crowd buying t-bone steaks for their dogs because welfare doesn’t pay for dog food.

          28. SDofAZ says:

            Shut off the welfare spigot, enforce e-verify, and punish employers who hire em. Most employers have politicians in their pockets though so Trump will have a hard time weeding out the trash. The ag boys in AZ have Flakey and McCain in their pockets.

          29. Jerry says:

            You’re right SDofAZ, but the libs feed them because they know they will vote demo. President Johnson started all that crap. He said to stop the riots and protesting buy them out. Well, they are never satisfied with the buy out. They want more and more.

          30. Triple J Jackson says:

            ell they should NOT be able to get any benefits if they are here illegal. First Stop putting them to work Second cut off any welfare. Third Arrest them when they break the law and send them back. But under this administration They give them welfare They still have jobs under the table and the police let them go for any crime because the government makes them turn them loose. Yet people STILL VOTE Hillary and Bernie.
            No matter what Trump says if he wins he will run there ass back over the ditch and 80% of all our job problems will be fixed.
            And if they come back legal fine then they pay taxes they are held accountable for crimes and they contribute to America besides build out of square buildings and higher crime.

          31. Jerry says:

            Check this out

          32. SDofAZ says:

            You are the whole point of this argument for me Vassiliki. And once the illegals get in it becomes impossible for the legal citizens. Just like a union CLOSED shop for real. They make the real legal citizens unable to work. I have seen them run teenagers out of fast food jobs with their tactics.

          33. Vassiliki says:

            A lot of people use the argument that Americans don’t want to do these kind of manual labor jobs and they are so wrong. I have commercial fished, landscaping and now pools. But I see your point.

          34. Triple J Jackson says:

            Ahhh Bullshit! Look I am a land owner I have worked farms and ranches my whole life. And I was a building contractor so I know all about them. There are plenty of people that would work the farms. PLENTY! But they can’t in California because the illegals sneak in and work under the table for cheaper and they can cheaper because they are not paying tax or insurance. If the illegals were not there you bet the local people would fill those jobs before the smoke clears.
            We have a list of people White and Black folks GOOD AMERICAN’S that we call every time we need help. And I tell you 90% of them ask if I can use there friend or relative also. Now if that’s not lining up I don’t know what is.
            I’d hire a 18 yr old local kid in a heartbeat over a 30 yr old experience Illegal for cheaper. Because our people deserve that money and when you work a person in your community they appreciate it and become friends. The gypsy illegal theif workers not only take the jobs and money away from the community they Rob And kill. They poach the area of what ever wildlife I’ve seen them sain net the farm ponds of every fish leave trash, trespass on land pull gates off . No we don’t need them at All .

          35. Jerry says:

            Three cheers for you, no, a hundred cheer for you. I love great Americans.

          36. Robert says:

            And send Billions of Dollars a year back to their home country, removing those dollars from our economy.

          37. Barrustio says:


          38. Jerry says:

            Cali is loaded with Illegals. Get rid of them and the rest will take care of itself. Oh, by the way…Get rid of Brown the biggest Illegal enabler.

          39. SDofAZ says:

            The illegal alien hordes have cornered that market and it is a CLOSED shop. You are old enough to remember like me when the legal citizens did do that work. Now the illegals have made that a useless attempt. Also the ag boys don’t want the additional cost of real working citizens. Too many pesky costs associated with social security, taxes, etc.. Now they just dump em on the welfare dole for all those expenses. And being a retired CPA and BSA, who lives in the middle of this with insider knowledge, I know of what I speak. So Barrustio, what do you say to that? Remember I am a very good accountant who has lived in the middle of this amnesty mess for years and do understand the business and the personal end of this agenda.

          40. Barrustio says:

            I understand the yard work part being cornered but construction is another ball game. In order to work on road construction whether it be high rise, home building or road one must work for companies who DO have to deal with “pesky” rules of social security, taxes and all…not to mention man of these firms have union ties and working for lucrative salaries but that STILL doesn’t draw the lazy asses enough to make them want to work in those fields. I would say it has more to do with work ethic and necessity than it does with anyone having a monopoly. Americans could also do yard work for a living if they so chose…and it pays very well. At $65.00 to do my yard which is done in less than an hour after costs, I would say these people average about $30.00 an hour that’s about half what a college graduated dentist makes.

      4. Bill Blackstone says:

        What? Now California feeds the world? Silly me. I thought the bread basket of the United States was the Midwest.

        1. Robert says:

          The Politicians have cut the water off to half of the San Joaquin Valley Forcing many growers to let their Crops
          dry up.

        2. Barrustio says:

          Some people have comprehension issues…nobody said anything about California feeding THE WORLD…but perhaps you should do some research as to what impact the total loss of California’s agricultural contribution would have on AMERICA.

          1. Bill Blackstone says:

            No…I comprehend. But…it asked what I would do for food? My comment was. The Midwest is the bread basket of the world. 99.99% of the world would not be effected. We would be just as we are now with out California products. Just like your clothing mills. Your minimum wage is going up. Your mills are starting to outsource. I will still get clothing. This is the situation you put yourselves in. Don’t act like a liberal and expect everyone else to bail you out. So… The question. Where would I get my food was answered. The real question should have been. Where will Californian’s get their food? Same as everyone else. But a much higher price with an accompanying higher unemployment rate. But then again. When your farmers lose their lands. It will be a great spot your politicians ache to put all those refugees.
            It’s your state. You broke it. You fix it.

          2. Barrustio says:

            Again we have a comprehension problem…but maybe it’s more of a miscommunication problem. When I said “would you cut off your food supply” it was never intended to mean that Cali provides ALL our food. My question was intended to question whether people are willing to pay for the shortages which would result from a cutoff of supplies from Cali. truth be told Californians wouldn’t need much for food. But let’s be clear here, I am VERY distant from having ANY liberal ideals…and my ONLY acceptance of what California has to offer is limited strictly to economic and supply means and certainly NOTHING having to do with their moral stances any more than New York values”.

          3. Bill Blackstone says:

            Miscommunication. OK..
            Then we are in an agreement. Your last statement was very well thought out and communicated.

          4. Barrustio says:


    3. Jan Dove says:

      Keith, Yes I agree. Freeloaders is what has caused our country to be disrespected by other countries. We used to be thought of as a country with great idea’s and great accomplishments. But now we are thought of as the country divided within. America is now fulfilling a prophecy of a great dictator. We are being destroyed through the mind of our youth who have been brainwashed into thinking….why should we work when we can get more by not working and letting the ones who work support us through their hard work and them paying higher taxes. Well, us working class people are now standing up and saying, “enough of the freeloading” by our own Americans and other countries who see the free load America as a way to succeed. Freedom is not Freeloading!!!

    4. Jan Dove says:

      Keith, I agree! Trump!

    5. Joleen McCullough says:

      Yes. You’re right. They’re illegals and thugs prtesting. They will do anything for the almighty dollar. These people have no clue as to why they’re protesting. All they have is someone offering them a buck and they say hey I’ll do it. I can cause conflict. CHOO CHOO. Trump 2016

      1. keith says:

        unfortunately we have had to conform in our own country go figure we have been supporting everyone except our own the old theory of a new country has been used up by our totally curupt government . they use us like we do not exsist

    6. Maggie says:

      I was just thinking that when I read the article. The people who don’t want to work and are getting a free handout are the ones who are scared. I had to settle for a job making a heck of a lot less than I used to, but it is a job and it helps. Welfare recipients should be drug tested and not be able to buy anything but necessities on the food stamps.The politically correct police/liberals say, “but we can’t do that to their dignity”. BS. Working is what gives dignity. I am hoping Trump has a plan for the people on welfare and the illegals, who now have their own Spanish speaking schools. The true immigrants love and respect this country, don’t burn our wonderful flag and curse those that want them to learn English.

    7. AKLady2015 says:

      Imagine Americans fighting to prevent the Fourth Reich from becoming a reality.

      1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

        Idiot, the left is the Fourth Reich.

        1. AKLady2015 says:

          Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?

          That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

          Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

          1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            You really are a fool aren’t you.

          2. Robert Early says:

            AKLady wants to know why we talk at the second and third grade level. She deserves an answer
            I hold three degrees and 41 certificates of advanced training beyond that. Liberals typically max out intellectually by the third grade. With hope of sincere understanding, we have to communicate at their level. However, as with AKLady, our best efforts to communicate effectively stll fail. As we say here in texas, we get more positive responses from a fense post.

          3. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            Isn’t that the absolute truth!!

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