Trump makes HUGE Entrance on Day 1 of Convention

by Cate Martel | The Hill
July 19, 2016

CLEVELAND — Donald Trump arrived at the Republican National Convention in style Monday night, making a memorable entrance to introduce his wife, Melania Trump.

With Queen’s “We Are The Champions” ringing out in the convention hall, Trump’s silhouette appeared on stage, with bright white lights flanking him from below.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee gave a thumbs-up to the crowd and and walked forward.

“Oh, we’re gonna win. We’re gonna win so big,” he said.

“It is my great honor to present the next first lady of the United States, my wife and amazing mother, an incredible woman, Melania Trump.”

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  • NJ Lady says:

    Donald Trump may be a “master showman,” but that doesn’t assume he lacks “the stuff” to be our next President. All political conventions are showy and glitzy. I wish him luck.

  • Nina says:

    I loved Trumps entrance! I was very moved! I felt strength from his entrance and his introduction of his wife showed true love. I don’t get that from Shiilary and Slick Willy OR Mr. And Mrs. Obummer.

  • Askjrsk says:

    Trump is not playing anyone’s game. He is himself, he loves our country. As far as his beautiful wife, We all got here from somewhere else unless native, some legally. This land is my land, this land is your land, this land was made for you and me. That is OFCOURSE if you are here legally.

  • jcadla says:

    The convention was great,-although unusual. It’s just too bad the Ohio delegates wouldn’t just get on board instead of showing their asses. And now, today, the media is going to try to make a week of Mrs Trump saying some of the same things Obamas wife did when she spoke. I think hers was an excellent speech, even if some things were repeats, in effect, of what Michelles was. But to call it plagiarism is a real stretch. It would not be too difficult to imagine two people saying much the same thing about much the same idea or situation. But that would be too much for the stupid media and libs to understand. Idiots have to have something about which to whine,-even if they have to make much ado about nothing.

    1. reggie says:

      Kasich’s campaign accepted $700,000 from soros. So he jumps when his master tells him to jump.
      glennbeck com/2016/03/21/john-kasich-takes-700k-from-socialist-george-soros/
      BTW, I don’t like glenn beck, but this was the most succinct article I could find.

      1. actor44 says:

        He is member of club,play ball your gene pool gets to survive .

        1. reggie says:

          He OWNS the club.

      2. Anouk says:

        Soros should be arrested. He is a traitor and hates America.
        What are they waiting for?

        1. reggie says:

          He’s the government, he calls the shots, except for Trump. I wish Russia would get off their duffs and use their international warrant for his arrest.

    2. kathy diamond says:

      jcadla, Mrs. Trump certainly doesn’t need help from Mrs. Obama. She is well schooled, well spoken, speaks 5 languages, has class, is successful and using the words, ” your word is your bond” is universal. I was raised in N.J. with those words, and raised both my sons with the same words. Surely, I don’t think Mrs. Obama has ever had an original thought so to say ” Plagiarize” just shows you how biased the media really is. DAMNED IF THEY DO, DAMNED IF THEY DON’T !!! HER SPEECH WAS GREAT !!!!!!!!!!

    3. SCSOCAL says:

      If you look back at other first ladies speeches you will find some common thread. This is a typical MSM distraction so they don’t have to talk about Giuliani’s or Mrs. Smiths speeches which were powerful and they went after Obama and Hillary for their failures.
      The media is always trying to distract us and control the message! Beware!

      1. reggie says:

        Several of the statements come from Steven Covey, also:
        breitbart com/big-government/2016/07/19/melania-trump-plagiarism-hillary-biden-barack-michelle/ (add the ‘dot’ back in)

  • justinwachin says:

    Donald Trump is a master showman. Last night’s convention was a prime example of his showmanship.

    I wish they would have put the mother of the slain Benghazi embassy staffer on during the networks’ coverage hour. That woman nailed the total dishonesty of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    1. Beverly Ray says:

      <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!bc34p:….,..

  • regulus30 says:

    what I want to know is where were those GREEK COLUMNS & THE REVERBERATION SOUND SYSTEM?

    1. SCSOCAL says:

      You mean the way the Obama’s had their stage for their convention set up? DO you remember the coronation of them?

      1. regulus30 says:

        have never will never and hope they crash and burn.

  • ONLYJB1 says:

    I pray this isn’t all for naught, but I’m seriously afraid it will be. Trump called it just the other day. He said this government is “RIGGED”! Never more truth has been spoken with in this political arena. clinton is not only untouchable, she is also unbeatable. She was ordained the position of president way back in 2008. Trump could receive 100% of the popular vote and he would still lose to clinton. Funny thing is, the progressive socialist would be able to spin this until the idiots of America would finally believe their propaganda.

    1. Ann says:


      1. Blogengeezer says:

        ‘Useful’ idiots, as the Communist Party leaders often referred to their minimally subsidized, lowly masses, their proletariat.

        As National Socialism becomes embraced by the minimally educated, idiocy obsessed collective, the inevitable repeat of history [a notably weak subject in USA] becomes certain. Only by a Miracle, will this graveyard spiral into the abyss be countered.

        Miracles do occur. Only Prayer and lots of it, can save this ‘formerly’ sustainable, Freedom obsessed nation.

        1. SCSOCAL says:

          How about getting everyone you know out to vote even if you have to drive them there? We must not take a defeatist attitude or we will doom ourselves.

          1. ¡El Poder de Cristo Te Obliga! says:


    2. Rocky says:

      I am so afraid you are right. The demon-crates will find a way of letting someone vote thirty times- no ID Etc or an illegal that just wants more freebies. The government is going broke with freebies why bring in non producing Syrians Etc that we feed house and give medical to. We can’t take care of our own yet we bring in Muslims that we do care for. Why

      1. jon says:

        or “Demon-cretons”

    3. Tertullian says:

      I’ve said it before: We must have unpaid, trained poll watchers at many polling places in November, 2016 to attempt to stop vote stealing. If you want YOUR vote to count and be counted the way YOU voted, then have unpaid, honest people to OBSERVE AND RECORD dishonest happenings and report those happenings immediately which are occurring at your polling place.

      1. Askjrsk says:


      2. Anouk says:

        Great idea! Let’s do it.

    4. SCSOCAL says:

      Don’t become negative, that is what the MSM wants. Hillary will pull every dirty rotten trick she and her equally dishonest staff can think of.
      They will try their best to make us think he doesn’t have a chance. You must not listen to them.

  • NJ Lady says:

    Melania is a worldly woman. She’s not a private, fragile woman like Jackie Kennedy seemed to be. Sadly, Trump will probably not become our next President. Shrillary is hell-bent on settling in our White House once again.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      And finishing the job Obama started! She’ll be Obama on steroids!

      1. Blogengeezer says:

        As in Russia, a [aged and vindictive] professional political temp between Putin’s presidency years, the interim president. Obama will then return… with a vengeance.

        Deservedly so. Only then will the historically naive voters [those of cognizance] regret their decision… too late.. eternity will then be the judge.

        Disarmed, as the US Constitution is ‘Nuanced’ [Hillary’s promise], the proletariat will have absolutely No recourse. None whatsoever. To the slaughter, driven by political agenda. The Turkish revolution stood a better chance and it failed.

        1. SCSOCAL says:

          The Turkish attempted coup according to my friends in Istanbul, was just Erdogan’s doing so that he can now get more power and do what he wants over there. He will take out more of his opponents and claim they were part of the coup. He is still trying to get Gulen back from the U.S. but luckily we are resisting.

          1. reggie says:

            Sounds just like another country I know, BLM, ‘migrants’… threats of martial law…

    2. Ann says:


    3. jon says:

      The only house $hillary will be going to is the “Big” house

    4. Nina says:

      The bitch of Bengazi WILL NOT WIN THIS ONE!!!!

      1. NJ Lady says:

        I;ve got my fingers and toes crossed!

    5. kathy diamond says:


    6. SCSOCAL says:

      Do not listen to the MSM and take a defeatist attitude. We are going to win and win big!

  • dawntoo says:

    Loved the lighting. It looked spiritual.

    I am not sure Melania is up to the scrutiny and the role as First Lady. She looked beautiful though.

    1. Jennifer Wells says:

      <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!be1109p:….,

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        Please blackout your picture, it looks awful!

        1. Anouk says:

          She is a real pain in the butt. This is not the right place for her to advertise.

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            Do they really get money to do this BS, or is it just a prostitution ring!

          2. reggie says:

            Block her, end of story.

          3. Anouk says:

            Who knows? Maybe both.

          4. reggie says:

            Block her, I did.

          5. Anouk says:

            Yes, thanks.

    2. Robert E Lee says:

      Why? Because she was a model?

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        Because she’s a real woman and don’t look like a monkey!

        1. Anouk says:

          You are so right indeed. Melania is not only pretty, she has brain.
          Donald and Melania in the White House.

    3. regulus30 says:

      THE ONLY part of her speech I missed was that quote; ” for the first time in my adult life, i am proud of my country”.

      1. The comparisons to Michelle are ridiculous.

        1. regulus30 says:

          it’s all the liberal media has got;; never substance always trivia;; liberalism MUST DIE IN 2016.

          1. SCSOCAL says:

            It is a distraction so people won’t remember the speech by Giuliani and others like Sean Smith’s mom!!

          2. regulus30 says:

            so you are implying old Donald is in the tank for liberalism?

    4. Rodney Steward says:

      NOBODY was less qualified than the 2 clowns in there now, and they’re still no more qualified now than almost 8 years ago, still no legacy and accomplishments!

      1. Ann says:


        1. Rodney Steward says:

          With a BUTT UGLY WIFE!!! 🙂

        2. reggie says:

          He’s a soros puppet doing exactly what he was told to do. That thing running against Trump is twin puppet #2 (take the number any way you want).

    5. Nina says:

      She’s up for it! She’s no delicate flower! Bc a woman is beautiful doesn’t mean she is not tough!!

    6. kathy diamond says:

      dawntoo, Melania is up to anything they can throw at her. She is made from strong stuff.

    7. SCSOCAL says:

      There is nothing negative about Melania. She speaks 5 languages, has good values, worked hard, got her citizenship vs. coming here illegally and her parents instilled her with great values.

  • regulus30 says:

    Trump is playing obama’s game to a tee; he knows how the low info voters on the left like SHOW BIZ; the only part of his wife’s speech I missed was she failed to quote ; ‘for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country” , it’s not her country anyway IT’S OUR COUNTRY, INCLUDING THOSE WHO ARE NOT BLACK.

    1. donemyhomework says:

      I thought a naturalized US citizen is a member of the country…If she takes the oath, after all…isn’t that what they did at Ellis Island?

      1. regulus30 says:

        who what why where when?????????

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