Trump moves to thaw chill with Colorado conservatives

by Valerie Richardson
July 2, 2016

Republican Donald Trump has some fences to mend with Colorado conservatives, and he began Friday by speaking their language on hot-button issue like gun rights, religious freedom and Obamacare.

In his first campaign appearance in swing-state Colorado, Mr. Trump touted his endorsement by the National Rifle Association, his relationship with prominent evangelical leaders and his determination to “repeal and replace Obamacare.”

“You have some terrific people in the state, very smart, very good, and they’re going to be really helping us in November and before November. I know how hard they’re working in Colorado,” said the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. “I think we’re going to have a tremendous victory here.”

At the same time, it was clear he still has work to do. The ballroom at the Colorado Convention Center seats about 3,100 but less than two-thirds of the seats were filled, even though 4,000 people are registered to attend the three-day Western Conservative Summit.

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  • HENRI says:


    1. reggie says:

      It will be much worse than you can imagine. She owes almost every foreign government in the world, including enemy countries. Don’t forget her scum husband sold military secrets to China. She sold 20 % of our uranium stock to Russia.

      1. HENRI says:


        1. reggie says:

          That’s a big one, too. Enough to spread around. Too bad we get the (fill in the blank)/

          1. HENRI says:


          2. reggie says:

            The owners of the voting machines are what concern me. soros, romney…

          3. HENRI says:


          4. reggie says:

            That would be the correct way to do things. However, I fear the fix is in, just like the fix for hitlery. We are an official 3rd world banana republic now.

          5. HENRI says:


          6. reggie says:

            My concern is who counts the vote. Soros Scytl, romney hart inter civic, that’s where a lot of ‘fixing’ can be done. Romney is a rino, and a Mormon in name only. I googled their beliefs. He’s also angry because it is “his” turn. Where have we heard that before? BTW, he had or still has stock in soros company, so…

          7. HENRI says:


  • BILL3000 says:

    Colorado Cracker Shortage Stumps Trump!

  • ONTIME says:

    I have a lot of hunting buds that hunt Co and some live there, i have to say the politic of CO has gotten lost and strange, the lib eastern mentality has ruined every state it has managed to taint, Ca is a hell of a example….15 years ago the self reliance, free choice and PC be damned was coming to a close, now the cost of everything under the sun is high and the quality of life going are either very rich and protective or just another servant for their likes…..This to me explains the resistance the “D” will have to overcome..he may be very wealthy but he loves the country and that is the sticking point for these elites…..

  • Blue 3 says:

    The conservative party could run a candidate and stop riding the Republican party’s coattails. Trump won the Republican nomination without you. Now he’s having to spend his time and limited resources convincing you of what?

  • don't trust creepy cruz says:

    Who is the a## who wrote this article? Okay no more 1776 Coalition for me.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Rah, Rah, Rah!

    OK, so Trump gets elected, but what if all the Demo/RINO Obama sycophant’s up for re-election, are re-elected again and again? …not …good!

    Also, President Trump needs an ally in the house as speaker, NOT Paul “RINO” Ryan, the pro-illegal alien, Eric Cantor clone, that we have now.

    Paul Ryan is for amnesty for all the millions of illegal aliens living in the U.S. He is a strong backer of increased legal immigration of every kind. He shows no sensitivity to the plight of out-of-work and budget-squeezed Americans.

    People, we are definitely outnumbered. Trump will need a lot of help from all the patriotic voters in EVERY state to weed out the Democratic and RINO sycophant supporters of Obama’s treasonous agenda and replace them with Patriots. It will take 3 or 4 maybe 6 Congressional and 2 senate election cycles to clean house.

    5 members of the SCOTUS need to be impeached. The B S Citizens United must be overturned ASAP! Corporations are NOT citizens, but thanks to the SCOTUS they have corrupted the election process almost beyond repair!

    Every one the Obama MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD and SOCIALIST leaning administration ministers must be replaced ASAP.

    ICE must be allowed to round up and deport every single illegal alien and muslim Obama and Reagan let in.

    The H-1B visa program must be CANCELLED and all here deported.

    Anyone still employing any of them afterwards must be fined and jailed.

    Trump will need three maybe four terms to accomplish this. He only gets two.

    Trumps new “Operation W e t b a c k” to be followed by “Operation T o w e l h e a d!

    ………………Trump/Carson 2016.
    ………………….Cruz or Mike Lee for the Supreme Court.
    ……………………….Jeff Sessions is critically needed in the Senate.

    1. Lilly Putney says:

      A lot of them are up for reelection Paul Ryan included. Need to get him out and a good conservative in his place.

      1. CharlieSeattle says:

        I would settle for a patriot!

      2. PatriotGal says:

        Send a donation to Ryan’s Repub opponent – Paul Nehlen. My husband and I did because don’t live there, we can’t vote for him, so we supported Nehlen with a donation. There is a Fourth of July parade this weekend in that area represented by Ryan. When Nehlen applied for a permit to join the parade because he is in that district and a candidate, he was told by those in charge the parade is only for “incumbents” and he will not be allowed to participate. Talk about dirty politics. Ryan out of Congress. Nehlen in Congress TRUMP 2016!!!

        1. reggie says:

          Good to know. Guess, it’s time for another out of state donation.

    2. BILL3000 says:

      HILARIOUS!!!!! (At least I HOPE it’s a Joke!!!!)

    3. Front Sight says:

      It doesn’t matter if the Donald wins, or not. The down-stream RINOs that funded Obamacare, reneged on “The Contract with America,” and are proposing anti-second amendment legislation, are gone.
      If the country is lucky, there will just be an election. If not, the RINOs will have incited a revolution.
      The RINOs have forgotten the first rule of a revolution, whether it succeeds, or not. When the revolution is over, the revolutionaries are ALL killed. I believe the Bolsheviks called it a “Purge.”

      1. CharlieSeattle says:

        Remember, the people manned the guillotine, not the king!

    4. Jimmee41 says:

      The “RINO APPEASERS” have all but buried true Conservatism. !!!

    5. reggie says:

      The ill eagles will self deport when there are no freebies, no jobs. Throw a few high profile employers in jail. Boycott Disney, Carrier, Ford, and any other company that hires ill eagles. Google the Billions of tax free dollars they wire out of the country. Stop foreign aid to mexico and any country that refused to take back their criminals. It will be enough to build the wall. BTW, the wall was approved by congress in 2006, the Secure Fence Act. However, all smoke and mirrors. They used the money for their pet projects and it wasn’t funded.

  • ADRoberts says:

    He can start by PROVING that he is a conservative.
    1. Move his companies back from Mexico and China and whereever else
    2. Stop giving money to Planned Parenthood.
    3. Openly go to church on a regular basis
    4. Stop attacking conservatives who don’t see things HIS way

    So just how can you PROVE you are a brand new conservative WITHOUT ANY ACTIONS? You can’t

    1. don't trust creepy cruz says:

      Oh stop being such a prude. You want every thing JUST your way. Your way isn’t always right. Eat the sour grapes and stop thinking you are sooo perfect. We don’t need a Sunday school teacher right now–we need a smart business man for this country. And most of your statements are false-false-false. You must be listening to “lying Ted”!!!

      1. Lilly Putney says:

        What we need is some one who will kick as take names clean house get rid of all the carz’s that O put in offices and any one that was even hired buy him. Hedoesn’t have to aanswer to any one. The donations he is bringing in are from people like me who can only afford $10.00. If all of the people who voted for him went to his site and just bought a hat or shirt or what ever he is offering that would help with the donations. There is also a place to just donate right on the site. No reall big donors are for him but are for the RNC.

        1. reggie says:

          Be careful. Read the small print. The RNC is lurking where you think they aren’t.

      2. ADRoberts says:

        What a sorry excuse for a defense. If you were a lawyer, your client would be in jail.
        Now a challenge that I GUARANTEE you won’t answer. ONE at a time, prove that my statements were false. Just like Trump accusing Cruz of being a liar, and yet he NEVER NEVER NEVER specified a single that that he could claim was a lie. WHY? Cruz had the video PROOF of everything he said aboutTrump. So Trump SUCKERED you by saying that Ted was lying and because you were SOOOO determined to believe this deceiver, you did not bother to check out the accusations
        Face it. You WANT to be lied to. You eat it up.. I bet you believed the lies of Obama both in 08 and 12.
        “There is a way that seemeth right o MAN, but the end, thereof, is destruction.”
        Got that? Trump proves himself with philandering, bankruptcies when he could have paid the bills, foul mouthed. smearing Carson, Cruz, Fiorina, and everyone else. And somehow YOU are certain that HE is the only good one.

        1. Elessar says:

          Cruz was born in Canada, and is not eligible to be POTUS. Continuing to Run for POTUS when you know you’re not eligible is Fraud! There are far too many questions concerning BHO’s legal status and intentions, we need a POTUS with NO Questions of Legal Standing or questionable intentions!

          1. ADRoberts says:

            Just how many times do you have to be told that YOU ARE WRONG.
            McCain was born in Panama to American parents.
            The definition of “natural born” citizen is up in the air. But a FEDERAL judge ruled that Cruz WAS qualified. So you prove your bigotry, your ignorance or your inability to LEARN.
            What we needed was a man who had proven his intelligence, his love of country and his knowledge of the Constitution. And that AIN’T Trump. It IS Cruz.
            You certainly have an agenda as proven by your repeated beating of a dead horse. What that is? Who knows. Who cares.
            But for sure, you DON’T have the solution.

    2. CharlieSeattle says:

      Trump is not a Conservative, he is a Populist Patriot holding his nose while using the e/GOP RNC as a vehicle for his campaign.

      1. ADRoberts says:

        Not a thing about Trump but HIS WORDS would indicate that he is a PATRIOT.
        EVERYTHING about him has been and is about TRUMP. And it is not going to change.
        The amazing thing is that so many have “godlike” faith in him with NO PROOF that he will do a single thing.
        Even his claim of “selffinancing ” his campaign was found to be bogus as he was setting up “LOANS” from himself to the campaign. Only when they caught him did he cancel the “loans”.
        And the evidence, like his contributions to PP, when he could have just held back a few months, indicate that he is IN YOUR FACE. with his blatant contradictions.

        1. CharlieSeattle says:

          All Trump has is his policy positions. Trump is not in office like the current traitor.

          1. ADRoberts says:

            No, he also has his record of many decades of giving to the very liberals who have caused our problems.
            And those who believe that this is just about “business” also believe that Trump’s giving to Planned Parenthood is NOT about thumbing his nose in everyone’s face by PROVING he still supports abortion while claiming that he is PROLIFE.
            NOw if he had a BRAIN, he would have at least waited till after the election to give millions that are SURE to go for abortions.
            Yes, he has a record. Talk to all those businessmen who took a hit when he declared bankruptcy FOUR TIMES. And don’t give me any bull about them being able to write it off on taxes.
            Trump REMAINS for Trump.
            And a great many people have a very good idea of what that is Some have even suggested that he will put his wife in as VP. Why not?

    3. afimedia says:

      You sound a whole lot like a liberal…or a Cruz Bot…because you have no regard for the truth – just spreading your lies. The truth is that Donald J. Trump is not a brand new Conservative. He has never been a Democrat – he has been a registered Republican for more than 40 years. Apparently, you haven’t been paying attention, because everything I hear Trump say is all about America, Americans, our Sovereignty, our National Security and our Constitutional Rights. Sound pretty damned Conservative to me…especially when the alternative is Hillery Clinton, who has taken $200 million in payoffs from Saudi Arabia alone – the muzzles OWN her, so where do you think her priorities lie?

      After examining Trump’s entire history of donations, we find not one contribution was ever made to Planned Parenthood. ( Yes, Donald Trump does own hotels and resorts abroad (that is kind of the purpose for having a resort – to have it in some exotic location). So what? He owns far more US-based businesses that employ tens of thousands of very well-paid Americans.

      You do not have the right to tell anyone how, where or when they should worship. Some of the most evil people in history made a big show of going to church. It is what is in Donald Trump’s heart that matters more than whether or not you see him go to church on a regular basis.

      Only one thing matters in this election, and that is getting Donald Trump elected as President. Anything else is unacceptable and will mean the end of America. You are either with us, or against us. To abstain from voting because you don’t like Trump, or don’t think he is Conservative enough, is to vote for Hillary Clinton. Please explain to me how she is more desirable as your President than Trump. Is it because she is more Conservative?

      There is no such thing as a perfect candidate, and there never will be. If we are to reclaim our country, our Constitution and our Freedom, we must all unite behind Donald Trump.

      1. ADRoberts says:

        Your whole post is just more proof of what hoops a Trumpster will go through to pretect Trump. And yes, there is still hope. II Chronicles 7:14. ANd the chance that God will reach in and take out this WICKED man.
        Then you rant about your claim that everyone MUST vote for Trump OR being voting for Clintoon. NOT. Just the tyical Trumpsters.
        Now learn. YOu can’t win other over by insult, hostilities. etc.
        I don’t plan to win you over. You have “joined YOUR IDOLS. ” and are beyond hope. But at some time in the near future, you will be thinking in horror at what you have done. And you will be SORRY.

      2. Elessar says:

        “Some of the most evil people in history made a big show of going to church.” So True, and I have seen far too many “Holier than Thou” type Hypocrites in churches, it has caused me to lose faith in Churches!

    4. PatriotGal says:

      AD, what makes you a be all and am all? Mr. Trump is a common sense conservative. Have you ever heard of common sense? It means thinking issues through and making the best decision under the given circumstances.
      1. Where is your proof that Mr. Trump has clothing manufacturing companies in China and Mexico? He allowed his name to be used and Macy’s profited from it, as did Mr. Trump. Were they his companies and if the tax structure in the USA would favor businesses and not penalize them, I’ll wager those companies would be here in the USA faster than you say jack rabbit.
      2. If your objection to PP is abortion, Mr. Trump is anti abortion – put another way, Mr. Trump is PRO-LIFE. He has said he believes some services PP provides for women are necessary but NOT abortion.
      3. How do you know he doesn’t attend church regularly? Why should someone go to church on a schedule to please you? You are NOT God. One attends church because one wants to. Did you not see Mr. Trump accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior a few weeks ago? What more do you want? I personally go to Church daily to attend Mass. But I’ll not criticize you if you only go once a week or once a month or only on Easter and Christmas. That is between you and God.
      4. As for number 4 – oh my, AD, you are not one to throw rocks because you are doing to Mr. Trump exactly what you are accusing him of doing. Stop attacking Mr. Trump because he does not see things your way. Shame on you, AD.
      Make America Great Again – vote TRUMP 2016!!!!

      1. ADRoberts says:

        What makes Trump “commonsense”? All he is doing is trying to say what he thinks conservatives want to hear. And even then he can’t help himself. Like claiming to be PROLIFE and continuing to give to Planned Parenthood.
        And yes, I know that you will try to defend him. LOL.
        You believe he can give to the “good” things they do and the money will NOT be used for abortion. LOL. Sucker.

      2. ADRoberts says:

        Apparently you know more than you are saying. I NEVER said that they were CLOTHING companies, except one time a long time ago, I called it a shirt company. Gotcha. You know the truth and yet deny it.
        Then you try to cover for him by excusing him BECAUSE of the TAXES. Bogus. If he is really going to MAKE jobs, he would be doing it now. The “tax” excuse is NOT about failing but not making as much money as he wants.
        You failed again./

      3. ADRoberts says:

        All it will take is to restructure the taxes and the companies will be back here “faster than you can say jack rabbit.” NO NO NO. Is he for America OR is he for bigger profits? Gotcha again.
        He is for profits. He proves every day that he is FOR TRUMP and no one else. And watch. IF someone publicly calls his hand, he will THEN start to move them back here. He will still make money. Just not as much.
        I have already proven that his position on abortion is BOGUS. And’ here as a Trumpster, you did just what I said you would. You try to make it possible to give to PP and not have the stench of death on you. BOGUS

      4. ADRoberts says:

        And those “other” services? Over 8000 other clinics provide them. That is an average of 160 per state. And they DON’T provide abortions. So those services are available. He COULD give to those clinics. But NO. He chooses to give to PP which DOES do abortions. MASSIVE numbers of abortion.
        But I guess this proves that YOU are a racist, since 40% of abortions are done to BLACK babies. LOL

      5. ADRoberts says:

        You are a Catholic. You are a DEAD SPIRITUALLY person. You have the form of godliness but deny the power of God. And I have pointed out before to so many other Laodiceans, John 14:12. Jesus’ instructions. And YOU REFUSE to do what it takes to obey that. (Be filled with the HOly Spirit.
        God tore the veil of the Temple in two. That means that there is NO ONE between the believer and God. BUT YOU do not go to God. YOu go and ask the “priest” for forgiveness. BOGUS.
        And as I pointed out. the church that Trump CLAIMS to attend, put out a statement about him. They said, “HE IS NOT AN ACTIVE MEMBER”.
        Now see if you can find a way to SPIN that and protect him. I did not go and watch him NOT attend church. I took HIS words and the statement of “HIS” CHURCH and proved that he LIES.

        1. Elessar says:

          Well, You totally lost all Credibility with your “Catholic” Bashing! What a Bigot!!

          1. reggie says:

            Ignore it, then it will go away.

          2. ADRoberts says:

            Wow. YOu believe in a system lead by a radical “social gospel” pope, who is more favorable to the muslims than he is his own people.
            You have a religion that has you bowing and praying to status and “saints’ when God says, “Thou shall have no other gods before Me.” And don’t give me any bull about your praying to them NOT making them a god.
            You have a large number of “leaders” who can’t help themselves when they molest boys, little and big. And what does your “CHURCH” do? They cover it up. WHY? Because they can’f find enough “celebate” men to fill the positions.
            Bogus. Hypocrites.
            And as the LAST indication of just how wicked your organization is, Jesus gave ONE order to those who believe in HIM. John 14:12. That was NOT to saints but to all believers. But YOU have never been taught what it takes to obey that order.
            And you are soooooo bigoted that you won’t even ask me how to actually obey that verse. I could tell you. But I won’t until you ask. And I am confident YOU WON’T.

      6. ADRoberts says:

        I saw the report on his “conversion”. I have followed Dr. James Dobson for decades. And he is NOT a preacher, but a vibrant and highly respected Christian and child psychologist. And he backed down when it was pointed out the the PERSON who claimed they had led Trump to Christ was Paula White, a disgraced “prosperty” preacher who is under investigation by the IRS. Yes, and even that would be in line with Trump’s pattern of SAYING WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO HEAR.

      7. ADRoberts says:

        Wrong again about me being like Trump;. I did not say that I disagree with what he SAYS. I am a real conservative. And if you haven’t figured it out yet there are a great many others JUST LIKE ME who seriously doubt the truthfulness of Trump.
        I never did say that I disagree with what he says, except the vulgar language.
        So where is the shame? It is in YOU for defending him.
        And it is NOT over yet. He is now backpedaling on restricting muslim immigration, back to WHAT, ——– The exact position of a very REAL conservative, Ted Cruz. You dig it up. And he is NOT through waffling.
        And there is nothing GREAT about Trump but his EGO.

      8. ADRoberts says:

        Wrong again about me being like Trump;. I did not say that I disagree with what he SAYS. I am a real conservative. And if you haven’t figured it out yet there are a great many others JUST LIKE ME who seriously doubt the truthfulness of Trump.
        I never did say that I disagree with what he says, except the vulgar language.
        So where is the shame? It is in YOU for defending him.
        And it is NOT over yet. He is now backpedaling on restricting muslim immigration, back to WHAT, ——– The exact position of a very REAL conservative, Ted Cruz. You dig it up. And he is NOT through waffling.
        And there is nothing GREAT about Trump but his EGO.

      9. reggie says:

        Another 3 year old who will keep demanding until you stop listening to it.

    5. don't trust creepy cruz says:

      Oh boo hoo. Cruz is a sneaky liar. And so untrustworthy. He cheats on his wife and visits prostitutes. I am an evangelican and I would never vote for Creepy Cruz. He has the devil in him. Can’t stand to see him as I feel Satan in every word he says. Of course, listening to him is painful. What an untalented slob. You ought to look up his past. And his father’s. My brother is a retired police chief and says he sounds like crooked defense lawyer–that he is. So go peddle your sorry statements some where else.

      1. ADRoberts says:

        You can say lies. I can say the truth.
        Cruz did not lie.
        Cruz did not cheat on his wife.
        Cruz did not visit prostitutes.
        You are not an evangelical or you would know the line from the Lord’s Prayer, which says, “and forgive us our debts AS we forgive our debtors”.
        So here you are. Viciously attacking Cruz with information that YOU believe but is all false. You refuse to forgive Cruz IF he were guilty. But since you have NO proof,l but are MUCH inclined to believe lies about ANYONE who is a threat to your “precious” “Trojan Horse”.
        Then you show just how deceived you are. You “feel” Satan. in his words.
        Strange. But I am sure that the only ones who FEEL Satan are Satan’s servants.

        1. Elessar says:

          What the HELL have the “Conservatives” done for this Country Lately?” We need a Moderate who can ACTUALLY get Elected! Far Right or Far Left will lead to the same thing, No Freedom!

          1. ADRoberts says:

            What a bigot. What ilrrationality.
            Now NAME one conservative who had the position or authority to “do something ” for our country.
            You want a MODERATE? What moderate can YOU name who has done anything for our country. LOL
            If you really wanted to save your behind or the nation, you would obey
            II Chronicles 7:14.
            But since you are a NOMINAL Christian at best, it will never happen.

      2. ADRoberts says:

        There you go with your “retired” police chief father. I bet he is one of those who wants to disarm ALL American citizens.
        And Cruz’s father was not a lawyer. He was and is a preacher. And what his father does has NOTHING TO DO with what Ted Cruz does. HOWEVER, I have yet to hear ANYTHING about Ted’s father that had the slightest indication of truth. All a bunch of fabrications, so you and the othere Trumpsters could smear him by ASSOCIATION.
        Now. Once again. Prove that Trump is a real conservative. Maybe by bringing back his companies from OVERSEAS. Maybe be STOPPING giving to Planned Parenthood. Maybe by stop backpedaling ON just about every issue.
        You like to make innuendos. Like “he sounds like a crooked defense lawyer”. No proof. Just a smear.
        And that is ALL Trumpsters do.
        Now MY PROOF.
        Here is the time when you should be working with the positives and all the ACTIONS he has done and prove that Trump is going forward with really conservative IDEAS. But here you are, stuck in attacking Cruz who is no longer on the ballot. What has gotten hold of you. LOL.

  • TeaPartyPatriot says:

    One of the few places I disagree with TRUMP is his penchant to ” “repeal and replace Obamacare.”. This implies that universal government paid medical care is the responsibility of government. Where is it written in the constitution or anywhere else that the people owe medical care to the populace? If The 0webomb euthanasia/genocide plan is replaced that means the socialists have won. Just flat-ass repeal the damn 0webomb Uthanasia/genocide program and let the citizens purchase thier own insurance and provide thier own medical expenses. If you cannot afford the plan you want then get a F. . . King job, I did

    1. Lilly Putney says:

      I can’t understand why after all the years of people buying their own insurance and covering what they felt they needed do we all have to have insurance that pays for abortions birth control pills and a hell of a lot of other things a lot of us will never need. Why do men need to pay for these things why do senior citizens need to pay for these things. Me I am 81 yrs old don’t plan on having any more kids.So I really don’t need for someone who dosen’t know how to not get pregnant I don’t want to pay for her mistake.

      1. maxx says:

        ObamaCare had nothing to do with health care per se. It was and still is “massive redistribution of wealth”. You and all of us paying more for our own health insurance and also paying for a lot of other people. That was the plan all along. Nobody in the country knows just how many people are getting health care for free. If they did there would be a revolution. Obama just knows he is buying millions of votes for democrats because he has given millions another government benefit on top of allowing people to live off you and me for their entire lives. Instead of saving the $1,500 to $2,500 Obama promised our costs have increased even more than that.

      2. TeaPartyPatriot says:

        Not only is the 0webomb euthanasia/genocide plan a massive asset redistribution plan it is also part of the D’generates plan to destroy the morals of our country. How better to destroy morals than provide condoms in grade schools and tell the children that exteraneous sex activity is a healthy recreation with no deterious consequences.

    2. afimedia says:

      Consider this. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it even took God 7 days to create the Heavens and the Earth and everything on it. It takes time to get things done, and Trump knows that to suddenly take away the coverage that the people now have under ObamaCare – good, bad or indifferent – would leave a lot of people uninsured. This cannot effectively be done overnight. There has to be some transition from ObamaCare to something else, whether it is private insurance or government coverage, so let’s take one step at a time – let’s get him elected first, and then try to convince him that it needs to be repealed instead of replaced. I’m not crazy about universal government paid insurance, either, but it isn’t a deal breaker for me. Like a lot of people, Trump was not my first choice, but now he is our ONLY choice, if we want to win this and take our country back. Trump is where he is today, because he earned it, and he has made a believer out of me. my vote goes to Trump, and your vote should as well. Together, we can make America great again!

      1. reggie says:

        Read my post just above. Thanks.

    3. faxxmaxx says:

      Trump is for opening up states to all insurance companies for fair competition to bring down insurance costs. But, he’s also going to continue madicaid and Medicare. I agree with you, we need to go back to putting a time limit on Medicaid recipients. But, with so many people out of the workforce through NAFTA and corporate inversion, I think that will take time. One step at a time.

      1. reggie says:

        Google free clinics. At one time there were over 11.000 free clinics in the US, serving the poor. Many doctors, nurses and others donated their time. Virtually every county in the US has a clinic and care is on a sliding scale. Hill-Burton funds guaranteed free hospital care. Cobb County has a free detox unit. The rich byotchs from Alpharetta and Roswell would takeoff their fancy jewelry and clothes to be admitted under different names. They didn’t want substance abuse on their record. Sorry ladies, I didn’t name names.

    4. PatriotGal says:

      Tea, no candidate will be perfect, nor will any candidate ever agree with everything “we think should be”. He is not perfect and neither are we; yet, he’s far better than the garbage we have now or the other nominee. At least, Mr. Trump loves America, will put America FIRST and Make America Great Again – TRUMP 2016!!!

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    Small wonder Trump doesn’t mesh with CO or any conservatives; he’s a New York liberal, always has been if you care to look close.

    1. Blogengeezer says:

      Hillary Will be the next chief sitting potus. The voters in a democracy [essentially mob rule, following influential, agenda driven leaders] always, without fail get what they vote for…. and deserve.

      Venezuelans voted for… and deserved.. Hugo Chavez.
      Rhodesians [with pushing from UN] voted for Robert Mugabe and created what they deserved…Zimbabwe.

      Russians forced National Socialism onto themselves in 1911. Deservedly always.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Agree about Hillary becoming POTUS.
        American elections are a tradition and well regulated and organized, not like Venezuela, Rhodesia or Russia at all. And dictators can use democratic processes to take over like Hitler, Chavez and Putin. What’s your point about this and Trump?

    2. Born in the South and proud says:

      Bill, I don’t love everything about Trump. However, any way you want to look at it he is so much more conservative than dear hill-r-kill that they aren’t even on the same planet. I also find him sharing my views on good conservative government much better than a bunch of so called conservative idiots we presently have in D.C.. for the last 10-12 years our elected so called conservative have tried their best to out democrat the liberal democrats on spending, big government etc: If nothing else I believe Trump has a set big enough to really stir the status quo. Maybe them “We the people” might wake up and elect good people and then hold them accountable to us. TRUMP 2016 Clinton hell no.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Born, ‘more conservative’ doesn’t mean better president. I like his ideas on better deal making. I don’t like TPP Trans Pacific Partnership drafted by big business at the expense of American workers and failing to elevate foreign labor out of slavery sweatshops and low wages. Remember, those ‘bunch of so called conservative idiots’ in DC were installed by you and yours, not my progressive cup of tea. Targeted spending, leaner government, effective and efficient bureaucracy are to my liking. But Trump isn’t the answer, a one-man-band with no governing experience and knowing very little about the world or nation aside from his own advancement. I’m not willing to let ‘president’ Trump screw up the country so we can ‘wake up and elect good people and then hold them accountable’. The yahoos in congressional majorities today have shown this isn’t the way to go. Clinton has executive and legislative experience that with Democratic congress will take us far.

        1. Elessar says:

          Killary has FAILED in nearly everything she has Done!! I suppose she may have been “acceptable” as a New York Senator, but that wouldn’t qualify as “good” anywhere out of the Northeast or the Left Coast!

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Hillary’s accomplishments put the lie to your smear–“First ever student commencement speaker at Wellesley College. Distinguished graduate of Yale Law School. Former Director of the Arkansas Legal Aid Clinic. Former civil litigation attorney. Former Law Professor at the University of Arkansas School of Law. Former First Lady of Arkansas. Former First Lady of the United States, and the first FLOTUS in US History to hold a postgraduate degree. First ex-FLOTUS in US History to be elected to the United States Senate. Elected by the… State of New York to serve two terms in the United States Senate. Former US Secretary of State. GRAMMY Award Winner. Author.

          2. ezekiel22 says:

            You forgot to add to Killary’s list of accomplishments fired from Watergate investigative committee for luring, violating Constitution, unethical behaviour.
            Instrumental in creating the failed state of Libya. Instrumental in gun running operation that helped to create ISIS. Aided the current Mideast immigration crisis we experience now. First SOS to duck imaginary bullets in Bosnia. Lied to relatives and American people over deaths at Benghazi knowing the truth. Her coincidental body count is still growing so I will hold off that one for a bit. First ever former FLOTUS to be fined for stealing from the White House. Rented out the Lincoln Bedroom. First person to attack Obama on birther issues which means she must be a racist.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            You can stretch a point just so far and the band breaks. Your tired old list is passé’. No action was ever taken for your list of non-events.

          4. ezekiel22 says:

            I guess that that is why she is nervous about the RICO investigation now and the more that has come out about her breaking of federal laws. She broke laws with knowledge that literally endangered lives but you are okay with that. She has been caught cold bloodedly lying and you are okay with that. She is abusive to people and you are okay with that.
            The gist of what you are saying is as long as there is a d in front of their name they could mail the pope to a tree and you would vote for them.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            Any threat must be taken seriously by one running for president. It doesn’t mean she’s guilty of any lawbreaking, which conservatives ignore in their delight to attack a prominent opponent for anything. You don’t know she broke any laws, again wrongly interpreting benign or agreeable investigative conclusions negatively. Where’s the lying you reference? It’s partisan framing of a good American.
            So are any charges of abuse, you can’t prove and nobody sues to counter–more dirty spinning by you.
            And finally you make a wild charge without evidence about my voting habits. Get a life or better sources.

    3. don't trust creepy cruz says:

      Yes-and you are so brainy aren’t you. Idiot! I don’t claim to be a conservative any more. They have proven themselves to be all establishment and bought and paid for. I am for the best for the country unlike the so-called conservatives in office now. Big globelist is all they are. And the worst is “lying Ted” pretending to be sooo conservative but just a bought and paid for establishment hack. “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        American is already great, way above any other nation you can name. What we need is both internal renewal via infrastructure spending by congress and external defense of democracy in emerging and third world states. That’s defined today as progressive politics, not right wing/conservative ideology or liberal socialism. If you aren’t conservative, vote progressive, not bombastic ‘lying Donald’.

        1. Concerned for America says:

          No DrBill
          America was great….but not any more. Americans used to be able to teach their children about the real heroes of our nation…like Patric Henry..”Give me liberty or give me death”, or like Nathan Hale…”I regret that I have but one life to give for my country.” You won’t find either of those statements in the present day History books…..history books have been rewritten. Those that sacrificed their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor” …the patriots/heroes of the past, are not in our History books. Instead we have allowed a subtle horrible indoctrination of our children into a “politically correct” cultural reformation. Obama did what he said he would do…”transform America”. It did not start with him, but we have allowed it…God Help Us…!!! Now we have to let boys come in the locker rooms and showers with our daughters because school officials “think” they have to be politically correct in letting these confused kids (less than part of 1%) have rights that override the sanctity and safety rights of our precious daughters. God help us…America is NOT great anymore….it has gotten off the path of the vision of our Founding Fathers that made it once great.
          A side note: America is not a Democracy. It is (legally) a Constitutional Republic…..there is a big difference…look it up.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            You’ve bought the Trump line. We are still #1 in the world. That’s why immigrants beat a path to come here, other nations send their students here for higher education, why businessmen transfer their operations here for green cards, businessmen/professors strive to visit here for ideas and much more.
            If you have a beef with local curriculum based on texts, the State is in charge. They adopt textbooks so get your favorite colonials in that way, lobbying.
            I guess as an American you are not in favor of our Constitutional rights and freedoms. Equal treatment under Amend. 14 is more America for LGBTQs, and nobody entering a locker room is out for larceny; those ‘boys’ are rare and thoroughly girls in the girls rooms. You have adolescents confused with criminals.
            BTW our founders lived in colonial times not the 21st century which is quite different in many ways. They DID recognize change and made a flexible Constitution adaptable to changes in the nation. Ditto the legislative process by ‘we, the people’. Remember that governing document replaced Articles deemed too weak for a central government. And founders only added a Bill of Rights when pressed by the people who wanted protections from authoritarian ‘governors’ and ‘legislators’. PS-BTW many names describe our government. Look it up.

          2. PatriotGal says:

            Lemoine, America USED to be great. We WERE a great nation when we united together to win WWII. We retooled our factories to make what our soldiers needed. Rosie the Riveter went to work in factories to support our military. We did without food, clothing, gasoline and tires for cars, and lots of other things so we could win that horrible war. We pitched in together to help each other out so no one starved. We collected tin foil, rolling it into balls to take to the centers for our boys to have bullets; we collected tin cans and for the same reason. We took milk bottles back for the penny deposit return and did the same with soda bottles we found – those pennies we took to buy War Bonds for 5 cents! We did without butter because “our boys overseas” needed it more than we; the same for food and shoes. Oh yes, I lived through WWII and remember air raids and black outs, watching the telegrams being delivered only to hear heartbreaking wails, how we worked together, used ration books to buy what few commodities there were and tokens of various colors for the same. My mother’s shoes were government issued – in other words, cardboard so when it rained, mother carried them under her coat so they wouldn’t get wet and fall apart because there were no points left until the next government issue to buy another pair. Meat was unheard of. We worked together to Make America Great – but somehow, somewhere since then, the bar has been lowered and it is no longer PC to unify for a cause.
            Well, we have a cause now and PC be hanged, we SHALL Make America Great Again and put America FIRST!

            As for curriculum, the State USED to be in charge. Instructional materials are selected by textbook/instructional materials committees and the main one is in TX. The DOE in DC has forced Common Core down the throats of school districts across the nation by telling them that the instructional materials would be free – a grant through Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Yes, Lemoine, there are many of us who are intelligent and we who are intelligent are voting for Mr. Trump.

            He will not take a salary for himself, rather he shall donate his salary as POTUS to Social Security, another way to help it survive, albeit not billions but it is far more than any other POTUS has done or KILLary has proffered.

            Is Mr. Trump perfect? No way! But then, Lemoine, neither are you nor am I, but he is out there working hard, giving up his luxurious lifestyle to be elected to POTUS to bring businesses back to the USA so they can create jobs for our millions out of work (only a 62% workforce participation – the lowest since the 1970), our Black kids who have the highest unemployment figure, and our recent college grads who can’t land positions; restructure the tax rate lowering it for the middle class and for all; securing our border to make us a safe nation once again, building a huge wall deep enough to crush the drug smuggling tunnels and stem the sex traffickers and coyotes – yet, leaving a door for LEGAL immigrants to come to the USA; temporarily stop travelers from terrorist countries until we can find out why the common denominator of all the terrorist attacks is radical islamist terrorists and blow that organization to smithereens; rebuild our military so it won’t be necessary to use but President Trump shall be able to negotiate from a point of strength; properly and timely care for our Veterans who deserve so much; renegotiate trade deals to give the USA a fair chance; preserve our second amendment right; appoint SCOTUS from the bolt of cloth of Justice Antonin Scalia a Constitutional Jurist not a judicial activist as the list of possible nominees submitted prove; stop TPP in its tracks which will only cause more of our few jobs here in the USA to move to other countries. Yes, Lemoine, President Trump shall Make America Great Again and put America First. Why? Because he is a patriot who loves America first and foremost, just as we the people do! TRUMP 2016!!!

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            There’s nothing wrong with the USA that politics won’t cure. That is, the Freedom Caucus in congress must go, the tail wagging the dog of economic and social progress, closing down the government, failing to renew infrastructure and harden utilities while generating overall cybersecurity. It takes money and the cheapskates want to save some tax money. Nothing good and better is free. Elect Democrats who spend on target.
            If you look again, you’ll find that states have sidestepped Common Core, preferring instead in a beginning way to have communities set goals, choose textbooks and certify staff. Trump knows nothing about good education that, like Trump U., doesn’t make a profit for him at the expense of putting people into deep debt and failing to give them skills. Did you miss the reports lately. Some education leader.
            Donating the president’s salary to Social Security is a drop in the bucket, a meaningless gesture by a grandiose talker, who cares not for the welfare of his workers, having contracted with businesses for many things, then refusing to pay causing bankruptcy. They were out of jobs and social security.
            America is already great, at the top of the world, and will soar if the forces of regression and deregulation and offshoring and manipulating their bought reps in DC are sent packing in November. It’s up to you to vote Democratic to live like a Republican. I know both sides and choose the Progressives who get done the things Trump only promises while, wolf in sheep’s clothing, only promises what his riches will buy for himself and know not one wit about how to do what he says.
            Wise up and avoid the problems of extreme dictatorial rule as Trump has showed us in his one-man-show campaign so far.

          4. Elessar says:

            We need to “Trumple” Political Correctness! It is killing Civilization!! The biggest concern with the bathroom issue is that we can not question the individual! How do we know if they are truly trans or is it “just today”? (less than 1% are Trans) Predators Lie, it’s their primary tool!

      2. Lilly Putney says:

        You are so right. Hillary will only do what Obama tells her to do. This is his third term. Every one needs to get their head out of the sand.

    4. afimedia says:

      Now that is a ridiculous statement, Bill. Perhaps you haven’t been paying attention. Donald Trump has broken all records for votes from Conservatives, drawing crowds of 20,000 to 30,000 at each rally. There has been a substantially higher voter percentage participating in this election than any in our nation’s history, and the greatest majority of those voters are Conservatives…and they are all voting for Donald Trump. Too bad you will wind up on the wrong side of history. I say that because you will probably not vote “on principle” because you don’t think Trump is Conservative enough. I suppose Hillary is Conservative enough for you. Use your head and vote for the only candidate who puts America and Americans FIRST, Donald Trump.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        What’s ridiculous is thinking Trump appeals to mainstream Republicans. His ‘records’ are from non-voters, never-voted, curiosity seekers fed up with Republican know-nothing do nothing congress and failure of paychecks to increase over years. Pay attention.
        If you follow my posts, you know my principles the basis of my voting. That means no Trump, bombastic, egotistic and self-centered ‘deal maker’ out to use campaigning for his own brand. Pay attention to his personal business interests along the way and little in favor of average workers improvements in paychecks, benefits and rights/freedoms. I don’t care what label you apply to any candidate, tell me what they have done to make peoples’ lives better (without making a profit off it).
        Demonstrably Hillary for 25 years has served the public good in office and around the world for decades, Trump helps himself.

        1. Blogengeezer says:

          Hillary [Clintons] Are billionaires. [Takes at the least, one billion to be on CFR, as Clinton name appears]

          Trump is supposedly a billionaire…Not CFR.

          Clintons are Professional Politicians.

          Trump, to benefit the private sector including himself, ‘Uses’ professional politicians.

          Hillary expands the govt payroll and in process enriching herself.

          Trump expands the private sector payroll.

          Hillary personally does Not employ thousands in the private sector.

          Trump personally employs thousands in the private sector, the sector that Hillary Taxes.

          Hillary, as did Sen Ted Kennedy as he ‘opened up the USA’, advocates for even More Diversity… immigration of a far different set of values, beliefs than historically American.

          Trump advocates for a controlled ‘integration’, not a separate set of cultural regimens, as is occurring today.

          Side note:
          Two’ McDonald’s baked pies locally sold for $1… as Obama took office.

          Enter ‘Fundamental Change’ less than eight years ago… Four as the ‘Change’ became solidified.
          Just today bought ‘Two’ baked pies at McDonalds. ….$2.35.

          Interest on Savings [a conservative value] is basically flat and headed for NIRP, as ‘Change’, in accordance with International financial policy becomes integrated.

          Gold and Silver [including other strategic metals] exchange rates illustrate the relative value of the currency [productivity] of each country as they adapt to Govt Debt in ‘Promises to Pay’.

          USA now at $20,000,000,000,000 in unpayable ‘Promises to Pay’.

          Will Hillary, already a media confirmed, Internationally assured [financial assistance], done deal for chief sitting potus [barring a miracle], a confirmed lifelong Tax and Spend Democrat, encouraging the influx of countless hundreds of thousands of ‘new’ subsidized Democrats, attempt to reduce that astronomical paper fiat figure? Becoming highly unpopular, sacrificing her self preferred image in the process?

  • OK OK OK My horse didn’t win, but he didn’t lose either. Here in Texas, Ted Cruz will go down as a folk hero. The only person who has dared to write a book and NAMED NAMES! Cruz told us EXACTLY how DC works and how sick it is, if it wouldn’t have been for Trump, Cruz would have won. But since it is what is it, to quote an old pun, Trump has come into his own. On the other side Hillary? C’mon, she is one person who has been able to successfully gain the most from her position far, far, above us and she has to be brought down. But, Trump was no politician and he is learning quickly. So, don’t throw him to the lions just yet. He has earned where he is. He has worked hard and won squarely and fair. He is doing this because America has been good to him and he doesn’t want her to go down to Globalization, for that is where Hillary, with or without us if need be, will take us. No, Trump just may be the exact cure for what this country needs. He speaks his mind and even after 8 yrs, Putin has said as much, at least he gains respect from someone like Putin, imagine bringing our friends back to trusting us and our traditional enemies to knowing us again…don’t poke this dog in the eye will once again have that satisfying ring of respect from those who hate us.

    1. downdraft says:

      Motive…Hillary…to rule America?
      …well, whom will it be?

      1. BILL3000 says:

        Trump to make America the Worst Reality Television show Imaginable a Dystopian Reality

        1. Hopefull1 says:

          Trump never held office ,therefore the mess the USA is in rests squarely upon those actually running things now. Trump owes no politician

        2. Jimmee41 says:

          It is already the worst with H waiting in the wings. Get real!!! If you want Globalization then you are definitely a Troll!!!

          1. BILL3000 says:

            Sorry,dear,but your comment makes NO Sense. Rightly Despising Trump,by th way,doesn’t automatically make one Pro-Clinton.

          2. Jimmee41 says:

            By despising Trump you are supporting “H” by default whether you vote for her, stay home or vote some other person. The only choices are Trump or “H” and “H” will finish the job “O” started and your personal freedoms will be out the window!!!

          3. BILL3000 says:

            right,Jimmee41.I’m afraid your last dozen or so Thorazine injections have completely LOST their potency. Also,Jimmee41,make sure you are home before curfew!!

        3. HENRI says:


          1. BILL3000 says:

            Sorry,HENRI,Honey Cunt,BUT :1) I Knew Exactly what I wanted to say and said it,and 2)I was Right,as usual!!

        4. Jimmee41 says:

          It takes a Dystopic mind to create a Dystopic fiction which is far, far from reality.!!!

          1. BILL3000 says:


          2. Jimmee41 says:

            Big words rattle you??? Better make sure what they are before you attempt to use them!!!!

      2. champion2211 says:

        I think Hillary”s mouth and temper is way above Obama’s but it would look more like Hillary the ruler and Obama the Vice Ruler. Until Trump gets there and they both would be removed.

    2. SDofAZ says:

      Thanks and my spouse is like you. I have always supported Trump but Cruz would have had my support like you for Trump had he won. Both represented the antithesis of BO and Hillary and Bernie and the dem lemmings going over that cliff. That said, the Hillary for prez is unthinkable. The rest of the nevertrump had better rethink their vow or are they just chronic whiners or pretend republicans? My thought is they are really dem wits and this is propaganda. Good post P.Kathy.

      1. champion2211 says:

        If you look back when Bill was President, Hillary war right up front putting her two cents in. She had this planned all along. Now that we really see what she really cares about that isn’t America, isn’t Americans, isn’t anything good and all she really wants is to be the first woman to be President, whether she does good or bad, she was the first one. Just like Obama of being the worst, she just wants to follow in his footsteps and finish his tearing down America and Americans. Adding more terrorist to America to kill Americans. All is wanted is to make America just another 3rd world country and that she can be the first dictator like Obama wanted to be but couldn’t make it. So some really think she is great but are really uninformed or just don’t care what happens to them with her at the helm. I do is why I think she is nothing good for America or Americans. Putting the differences side by side she is nothing but a traitor and even as bad as you might think Trump is, he is way out in front and is good for America and Americans.

        1. reggie says:

          When everyone from george soros to mitt romney to the bush family, in other words, all the democraps and rinoRats hate him. He’s the one. They can’t buy him, they can’t own him, they can’t blackmail him. Sounds pretty good to me.

      2. reggie says:

        They are for anyone who keeps their pockets of gold, the bribes, and the guarantee of a life long “career” milking the rest of us. if Trump said he will keep the status quo, the rinocRats, would jump for joy and he would become the latest golden man.

      3. pamrlangford says:


    3. ONTIME says:

      Cruz the Senator would have been good but he got off course and made a mistake of trying to out mouth a man who has spent his life promoting business projects in the private sector, the man whose money the public sector needs to stay alive……

    4. Elaine says:

      Nailed it, P. Kathy. Every point spot on.

    5. Retired says:

      I had thought that Trump and Cruz would have made a good team until discovering Cruz is for a United North America. Which would be like the EU union meaning open borders between counties. That is the last thing the US needs.

    6. atchafa says:

      The GOP didn’t want Cruz either.

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