Trump: Putin ‘very smart’ for not retaliating against U.S. over latest round of sanctions

President-elect Donald Trump on Friday hailed Russian President Vladimir Putin as “very smart” for not retaliating against a new round of U.S. sanctions against the former Cold War foe.

“Great move on delay (by V. Putin) – I always knew he was very smart!” tweeted Mr. Trump, who weathered unrelenting criticism during the campaign for heaping praise on Mr. Putin.

The tweet suggested that Mr. Trump, who made his deal-making skills a chief argument for his presidential run, will be open to negotiating with Russia over the status of the sanctions once he takes office Jan. 20.

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  • DocJimmy says:

    Both Trump and Putin are smart as well as wise. They will do the right thing in eighteen days. If the Series “Twilight Zone” ever returns to TV, I hope the first episode has someone like Rod Serling start the program by saying; “Imagine, if you will, an America without liberal Democrats”…

  • Jim says:

    If Russia did anything.

    It was to inform the American Voters, what
    the DEMOCRATS and Liberal media’s are doing to our process, from SO CALL NEWS
    PRINTED and BROADCASTED, what they are doing to America and our right to expect
    a free and open election. And these same MORONS call Mr. Trump every thing “THEY

    The Clinton machine should have been covered by the media,
    instead of conspiring with the Clinton’s, and the Democratic party. But
    noooooo … We had to find out the TRUTH from RUSSIA!

    I agree
    there must be an investigation about the attempted take over of our freedom to
    vote. THE GUILTY are Democratic committee, OBAMA, CLINTON, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC,
    CNN, KCET and many many more!

    They should lose their FCC license and

  • Tiger says:

    Let me get this straight no proof the 35 Russian Diplomats did anything but they are out.
    Iran named us the Great Satan, was shown in the bin laden documents to have supported him, al Qaeda and implicated in 9/11, O hid the documents due to his wanting the Deal with Iran from Congress and they have had to go legal to get them from O who is still hiding them.

    OK so Russia responsible for Hillary using a private server and also for lying about Benghazi?
    I believe Comey exposed her for the server and by the way Congress saw the emails where Hillary told Chelsea it was a terrorist attack the night it happened.

    OK so O tells the Ukraine that he can’t help them with the Russian situation because there was no Treaty, see he knows what a Treaty is and that it was just an agreement between Clinton and them.
    So where did the Russians make O do this?

    OK so Trump doesn’t even know Putin, never met him but O is caught on an open mic saying tell Putin I can help more when I am re-elected.
    Russia make him do that?

    Is Russia infiltrating the refugees and are they terrorizing any of us? Isn’t it the Muslims from Somalia, Tunisia, Iraq, Afghanistan and all the ones killing around the world and raping and threatening all over Europe or am I confused and it is Russians?

    Is Russia threatening to annihilate America and Israel? Are they backing the building of radical mosques across America? Oh I think that is Saudi Arabia.

    OH and by the way everyone all up in arms about Trump’s choice for Secretary of State right? But Kerry’s wife supported Tides who supported Terrorists and his daughter married to an Iranian and the very man who Kerry made the Deal with was at his daughters wedding and that is OK?

    Come on folks time to get this right and Trump the man and by the way take your Fake BS and go Fake yourself Obama.

  • Jean Langford M. says:


  • metheoldsarge says:

    Putin is telling the American people to wake up and do something before it’s too late.
    Joseph McCarthy may have been an SOB, but if he was still alive, he would be
    saying “I Told You So!”

  • TAM44 says:

    Vladimir Putin is laughing at this lying corrupt treasonous traitor sissified muslim BOY barack hussein obama . obama means nothing to Putin as obama has shown the rest of the world what a complete failure he really is, and the whole world laughs at this BOY and says, America you sure know how to pick a loser.

  • elmcqueen3 says:

    I see no treasonous remarks in Trumps “smart” statement to Putin…what I see is the Donald telling Putin that he was smart for not retaliating against the US…had Putin done so Trump’s hidden message was not to mess with the US or there will be more consequences to follow…that’s smart…it is also a polite way of getting directly to the point when addressing ones adversary…However the liberal Democrats always look to take any statement made by the Donald out of context so they can hammer him for what he has just said…when he didn’t say anything such as they have implied…these sickos did it all through out the nomination and election process and it came back to haunt em big time…the people awarded Trump the presidency…the people are sick and tired of their dirty a$$ liberal games…a game with which the leftist national news media along with the Democrats have been playing for the last 50 years….Never trust anything these A-holes say or when they begin to scream and holler about something someone has said…Presently…Americans have been awakened to their dirty rotten politics and have had enough of it.

  • CCblogging says:

    I see that there are some of the bed wetting dims on here who want to help Barack Jihad Obama poke the bear. Very Stupid!

  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    well oboma got his wish , he has made the u.s. weeker, and now no one takes him seriously , disappearing red lines , lies , cover ups , 2 faced, and the only one who still thinks he is grate is him, like the one president said , son of a whore, muslum terrorist, a** hole , and now we have to spend billions to rebuild the military he destroyed

    1. Retired says:

      Just another Stupid move by Obama and the Democrat party.After Putin gave Obama the cold stare ,Obama has been trying to find a way to get back at Putin. The Democrats are so centered on Russia while they give the store away to China.

      1. Evelyndcraft says:

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  • Albert L Biele says:

    It took time for Obama to realize what a Hillary lose really meant to his Legacy.
    Obama’s unstable childhood, found sanctuary in Muslim schools in foreign countries and although he came to America at a young age, he never adapted to our religious beliefs or the principle foundation of our political structure. His maladaptive behaviors inhibited his ability to adjust, and to cope with particular situations in a healthy and appropriate way. He utilized executive orders to avoid confrontation; exposing his true goals not to support, but rather change a country he could never ideologically adapt to. His statement to “Fundamentally Change America” was a result of his Muslim upbringing. His association with Iran, the freeing of Muslims from our prison, contributing 700 million to build & repair Mosque in the Middle-East, and also surrounding himself with Muslims in the White House, is the consequence of his behavioral maladjustment and cognitive, Muslim influenced development. When the smoke clears, His presidency will be remembered as 8 of the most oppressive years in American History,

    1. Anouk says:

      Excellent psychological description of the Muslim Hussein Obama and his horrific past.
      How could We the People elect someone with such a destructive past.

      1. theseer says:

        We didnt elect him he was placed in office by global elitists…proven: rigged voting machines, busloads of people voting multiple times…1,000’s of deceased stolen id to use voting…video overstuffing ballot boxes…ALL RIGGED…FOR GLOBALIST AGENDA TO DESTROY THE U.S…

        (overpopulate us further with 3rd world peoples: 100,000 black haitians in nov,,,350,000 black africans for 8 yrs …he emptied out villages…and brought in 10’s of 1,000’s central american kids with very contagious diseases that have killed over 60 american kids and permanently paralyzed over 100.

        He has allowed more africans, chinese, cuban illegals over our border, he brought in 1,000’s muslim refugees…EACH RECEIVE FULL WELFARE MEDICAL, HOUSING, UTILITIES FOOD, EDUCATION ALL FREE…INCLUDING $500 CASH A MONTH…AND PROMISED CITIZENSHIP IN 5 YRS…

        muslim REFUGEES RECEIVE $20,000 UPON COMING HERE TO START THEIR LIVES AND ANNUALLY THEREAFTER…NONE PAY TAXES, even if they get work…barry made them exempt!!!! border patrol reported hundreds of black africans hording in big masses at border…obama brought them here as well…the gov bring muslims illegals in at night in shaded window buses…then dropped them in our towns!!! Even the drivers ear medical safety masks due to the many diseases they bring in…

        PURPOSE TO FINANCIALLY BREAK US, INCREASE DEBT BY TRILLIONS…he has…GLOBAL ELITIST WANT CHAOS IN THE STREETS race wars and CIVIL WAR, WHEREIN THEY SEND IN U.N FOREIGN TROOPS TO CONTROL US….multiple foreign troops ready to come in…20,000 per country. purpose to take our guns…first…then move communities into the cities…u.n agenda 21 plan…1,000 page detailed plans where allowed to live…none by water or agricultural land.
        The u.n will provide food rations to all including americans!!!
        There are detailed maps…

        No one allowed private vehicles or on highways only wealthy.
        all food, gold and cash, guns, ammo will be taken by foreign troops to supplement the government to house and feed the gross amt of overpopulation!!! READ THE U.N AGENDA 21 ITS ALL THERE!!!!


        It’s his plan people!!!!
        WAKE UP……..

        1. Joan Freda says:

          And that is precisely how he was ‘elected’ to a second term. He wasn’t finished with us yet. Hillary was being groomed to take his place in 2017 in order to continue the total destruction of the US. It the same illegal practices that got obamanation installed (*I don’t use the word ‘elected’ since he was not legally put in office) Thank God the powers that be disrupted their plan and the whole dirty mess was revealed to the American people before Soetoro and the rest of the muslim radicals could take over completely. I shudder to think what could have been. You have outlined it perfectly. It will take years to undo obamanations evil but I believe Trump will do a good job of taking back our country.

          1. Anouk says:

            But did you read the end of theseer’s post about Obama and his plan to call for Martial Law.
            It is frightening!

          2. Joan Freda says:

            If this racist SOB radical muslim declares Martial Law it will preempt the Inauguration. He just may do this. This man is evil and will do anything to disrupt this country. He truly belongs in prison for the crimes he has committed against the United States.

          3. Anouk says:

            Something has to be done to stop this traitor if he is going to declare Martial Law .
            It is going to happen then we will have a civil war.
            God help us.

          4. Joan Freda says:

            It may come to that. I wonder if congress can override him and veto his declaration. I hope so…if not, lock’nload…………………………….

          5. Anouk says:

            I prefer to think positive. President Trump 2017.

        2. KT says:

          So, true! You discerned wisely!

      2. Albert L Biele says:

        That is what I continue to tell myself–HOW!

      3. gvette says:

        remember, demonRATS would vote for an ape if they ran one!

    2. snowyriver says:

      Albert: Led by someone who was not eligible to be in the white house.. Hell he cannot even prove that he is an American citizen, and his birth certificate shows that he is not a “natural born Citizen” of any nation.

      1. Albert L Biele says:

        He is definitely not a legal citizen.
        Obama’s 2nd victory was absolutely mind boggling, but when Hollywood celebrities refused to perform at Trumps Inaugural, I was relieved. If by chance anyone attends their ward winning events like the Oscars, make sure they bring a cross, a hammer, and a wooden stake; and never attend when there’s a full moon, or if there are dead chickens in the lobby. Happy New Year.

        1. snowyriver says:

          Think about it… why does he champion the illegal aliens?? He is one himself… why does he champion to gays ?? He is one himself.. why does he champion the Muslim cause?? He is one himself.. I wish I could interview and question him on live TV.

          1. Albert L Biele says:

            It seems that, if we know what’s going on, congress must know, and yet, he served his full 8 years without even an attempted impeachment. I believe, knowing the facts, that there’s not an American citizen alive that would have gotten a pass by congress after the first 2 years of his presidency. The only other entity that has the ability to blind-side a large number of Americans, for what seemed like an eternity, is Satan.

          2. snowyriver says:

            The democrats in Congress are a very clannish bunch.. They stick together and protect their own instead of thinking what is good for America.. To impeach you need a vast majority in the House and then a vast majority in the Senate to convict and remove from power.. The Repubicans have not had near enough of a majority to bring about a victory of impeachment and removal from office.. To try would only be a waste of Taxpayer dollars. On the other hand Obama is NOT a natural born Citizen of the United States.. He is not eligible for the office of president, never has been and never will be, not in his lifetime. The only way to get Obama out of office is for him to be arrested by the Sergeant at Arms of the Senate.. Problem here is the Sergeant at Arms is an Obama lover.

          3. Albert L Biele says:

            I agree, it’s a blessing to knew that is term is ending. I believe in time, all the crap will surface, including his non-citizenship.

    3. KT says:

      Don’t forget, the worst President in the history of the USA!!! Pompous, lying… decievever & a lover of himself! Have you ever noticed, after he made trips to other Nation’s…..not long after he left something happened in that Nation he visited? Also, how he talks in codes when he addresses the Nation on matters? This is the Muslim anarchy of every Nation. If, the Nations do not start standing up to them & send them packing…. we could be in war another 10 years again..Obama is the cause of all these Muslim refugee’s scattering every where in the World! You see! The Muslims are trying to bring in the One World Order before it’s time. They are foxes…..they win over people by their false peace & manipulate people with their hospitality!!! Using our Education System & our tax dollars against us, to disarm us! Getting to know your enemy inside & out….old War tactic!

      1. Albert L Biele says:

        True, the liberals are master deceivers, paralleling the 40 days Jesus was tempted by Satan’s lies. Thy claimed Hillary won the popular vote, but failed to mention that without California, Trump won the popular vote by 1.6 million in the remaining states. Remember, Obama claimed to visit 57 states, submitted a forged birth-certificate, and had a social security number that belonged to a dead man who lived in Connecticut. His plan was to bankrupt the middle-class, fill the Supreme Court with a constitution demolition squad, and finalize his goal to totally eliminate the middle-class. He was devastated when Hillary lost the election; even the recent land-grab he recently initiated, if not reversed, will cost our country billions in revenue. (The liberal still haven’t figured out that Obama’s presidency was really in inside coup.) Thank God Trump was elected.

        1. KT says:

          Good day! Happy New Year to you! The taking land is in the Executive order #13603…..that Obama signed! Government control over these areas: All forms of energy; Civil Transportation; All usable water from all sources; All food products being ingested by humans & animals ( Manasanto GMO foods… mutant proteins….aka Franken foods), which by the way Mitt Romney is involved in……Health resources – Drugs, supplies, equipment & services. Injection of Citizens into military against their will. Taking farmland. All Communist, radical……CRAP!

      2. snowyriver says:

        Please KT:: Obama is not the president, merely someone who has usurped the presidency of the United States

        1. Anouk says:

          Very well said! I agree 100%.

  • David Stewart says:

    Yes, I would gladly have voted for Putin before Soetoro; at least Putin seems to respect the USA , unlike the Kenyan King!

  • Mike says:

    yes this is what we need a president who will bend over for Russia. at least he is not hiding that he will do whatever Putin wants.

    1. ArcticGrayling says:

      Obama bends over and goes down for Reggie Love and Michael (aka Michelle).

      It’s a symbiotic arrangement. They bend over and go down for him too.

    2. mort_f says:

      It is just the beginning of announcing the ‘tear up’ of all of the petulant wannabe dictators ‘Executive Orders’. I wonder if he can do it with just one all-encompassing, or it will take a crew to list them all. The automatic pen will be working overtime.

    3. David Stewart says:

      Better than the last pretender, who would bend over for EVERYONE!

      1. Mike says:

        right he stands up to Putin and it’s now a problem because the orange haired wonder is in business with him.

        1. MikeS says:

          obama has never stood up to Putin or anyone who needed standing up to. He only stands up to U.S. citizens to harm us. obama just makes the wrong decisions at the wrong times. He is a disease for the U.S.

          1. Mike says:

            he just did stand up to Putin and trump who has been refusing security briefings immediately lifted his skirt

          2. MikeS says:

            obama did not stand up to anything. He is trying to make things harder for the next President because he is upset with the U.S. and Trump may be able to accomplish something no President since Reagan has done. You need to wake up and get your head together. You sound like a fool thinking people are believing your dribble. You do understand everyone knows you’re a troll, right?

          3. Mike says:

            the republican Senate and congress were also for the sanctions. although Obama is the one to implement them our country is and needs to stand up to putin

          4. MikeS says:

            Congress has never stopped sucking up to obama. The sanctions will not stick. The U.S. will stand up to Putin/Russia. obama just doesn’t ever get it right. He needs to just go and let someone intelligent handle this. Russia is not our best friend, but neither is obama. Trump knows this. Compared to Putin, obama has made himself look like a silly little twit. The world knows this. Will Trump be better…? Probably so, but he sure doesn’t need the obamajerk getting in the way.

          5. Joan Freda says:

            Right now this country is not ready to stand up to anyone! We might as well be throwing stones at the enemy…all thanks to obamanation demilitarizing our armies. Trump has promised to make out defenses strong again but it will take time. It will be years before this country fully recovers from 8 years of betrayal, lies, treason and pandering.

          6. tompinva says:

            Sooo true, but if Trump can make it priority, maybe a few years can be trimmed.

          7. Paul Dean says:

            wow, campaigning for V.I? You got MY vote!

        2. CCblogging says:

          That’s no way to talk about our wonderful new President Donald Trump. What does Obama’s butt smell like? Just wondering.

        3. theseer says:

          YOU IDIOT!!!

          1. Mike says:

            ah the high intelligent trumpster.

    4. MikeS says:

      He is not saying anything like that. Putin has come forward and indicated that Russia may be a better friend to U.S. with Trump as President. Trump has reciprocated by paying compliments to Putin. Nobody is giving away the store. Lets see how this develops.

      1. Mike says:

        Trump is already talking about moving on and has said he does not think an investigation is necessary which already is showing his cards and unwillingness to do something against his friend and business partners in Russia

        1. theseer says:


    5. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      So you say Trump will bend over for Russia. Does this mean that you buy into all the media garbage that has been thrown our way to prop up Obama, the Hilda-Beast, and to make Soros look like an “angel”
      Are you a supporter of this New World Order thing? and if not, then are you not aware that it is, and was the Obama administration’s doing.
      Are you not aware that Russia wants no part of this New World Order garbage, and that China also wants no part in it.
      Are you aware that it was Obama and his cohorts that created the Ukraine upheaval by helping to install pro Nazi politicians in Ukraine.
      Are you not aware that Putin has no use for Islam, and Muslims in general, apart from doing business with them, and that Russia will not tolerate their antics, and that is one of the reasons for the Crimea situation.
      Are you not aware that the reason Putin sent his military into Syria, to back Assad despite the fact that Assad is no angel, was because Putin saw right through the “game” that Obama and his people were playing, that Obama, and his administration were, and are arming so-called terrorists, who are really ISIS, Al Kaida, under the banner of the Muslim Brotherhood.
      Are you not aware that Putin has made a few deals, and now have an arrangement with Israel.
      Are you not aware that Putin has had meetings with the Vatican, and the heads of the Russian Orthodox Church, that Russia will protect Christianity in Europe.
      There is more, but these things have Obama’s nose out of joint.

      1. Mike says:

        i would be interested in reading about this information you report. do you have any sources?

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          Yes mike, however what you can do for yourself just so that you can get a variety of sources, is simply type into your search window these sort of things;
          U S installs pro Nazis in Ukraine
          Putin to be saviour of Christianity in Europe
          Putin meets with head of orthodox Russian church
          China outlaws Islam
          u s arms muslim brotherhood
          iran heads muslim brotherhood
          George Soros Nazi
          u s government Nazi connection

          Just think of a question, but don’t type it in as a question.

          1. theseer says:


          2. Mike says:

            actually they didnt. Islam is one of five officially recognized religions in china. now if you worship outside of a state sponsored institution you can be arrested. but they have not banned islam

          3. metheoldsarge says:

            you are correct. China did not ban Islam. You also don’t hear Muslims pulling the same things they get away with in Europe or in this country. They know what would happen to them if they tried.

          4. Mike says:

            true but they also lack many basic freedoms we take for grant it here

          5. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            better have another look

          6. Mike says:

            you need to read your own articles. as the first one you provided states they are free to pray, imams may preach to their congregation. they are not free to expand their faith. fact: it is one of the five religions officially recognized. you cannot be a member of any religion and be a member of the communist party.

          7. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            China Bans Islam And Says It Does Not Give A Darn To All The Cry …

   Proxy Highlight

            30 Jun 2015 … By Walid Shoebat. When China banned Ramadan on its Turkic Muslim population, Muslims globally including much of the western media …

            China bans parents from ‘luring children into religion’ in Muslim …

   Proxy Highlight

            17 Oct 2016 … The Chinese government is calling on people to report their neighbours, friends and relatives for “luring minors into religious activities” in a …

            Ramadan 2016: China bans civil servants and students from fasting …

   Proxy Highlight

            7 Jun 2016 … Ramadan 2016: China bans civil servants and students from fasting in mainly Muslim region. ‘China thinks that the Islamic faith of Uighurs …

            China bans Muslims from fasting Ramadan in Xinjiang – News from …

   Proxy Highlight

            18 Jun 2015 … China has banned civil servants, students and teachers in its mainly Muslim Xinjiang region from fasting during Ramadan and ordered …

            China bans schools and parents in Muslim province from spreading …

   Proxy Highlight

            11 Oct 2016 … China has banned parents and guardians in its heavily Muslim region of Xinjiang from encouraging their children into religious activities.

            Freedom of religion in China – Wikipedia

   Proxy Highlight

            The state-run Islamic Association of China (IAC) oversees the practice of Islam, though many Muslims worship outside the state system.

            Islam in China – Wikipedia

   Proxy Highlight

            Islam in China has existed through 1,400 years of continuous interaction with Chinese society. Currently, Muslims are a significant minority group in China.

            China Just Made These HUGE Moves to Ban Islam | Top Right News

   Proxy Highlight

            6 Aug 2015 … Above: Chinese Muslims demand Sharia Law adherence in mass protest … several other countries who have enacted similar bans, like Belgium and … Chinese have suffered numerous terrorist attacks from both Muslim men …

            China bans burqa in biggest Muslim city –

   Proxy Highlight

            14 Jan 2015 … Beijing (CNN) Legislators in China’s far-western Xinjiang province have passed a law to prohibit residents from wearing burqas in public, state …

            Angola and China bans Islam and Islamic Clothing Respectively …

   Proxy Highlight

            8 Oct 2015 … Moreover there are two sites called Bakka in Quran 3:96 and Mecca in Quran 48: 24. It is only logical that Abraham went to Bakka located in …

          8. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            100% agree

          9. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            they did, check my post to mike

          10. Arizona Don says:

            obama if not muslim is a muslim sympathizer. Personally I am convinced of the former rather than the latter. Some years ago I had a recording of him says so.

      2. the whistler says:

        Used to be a Liberal….You remind me of the old Chinese saying ” He knows most who speaks least”…I notice you don’t post often but when you do !!!

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          thanks “whistler”

        2. Arizona Don says:

          He is on top of it and knows of what he speaks.

    6. Paul Dean says:

      Still can’t get off the obama nutsack? Trump has already accomplished more than the 8 years of the muzzie king and hasn’t even been sworn in yet.

      1. Mike says:

        what had he accomplished? he saved 800 jobs at carrier, the rest moved to Mexico. i am happy for those 800 people, but Obama in his first 100 days saved the auto industry saving tens of thousands of jobs. you may be tempted to bring the recent sprint deal trump has been touting, but Sprint had initially announced those jobs during the campaign before trump was elected. so exactly what has he accomplished?

        1. the whistler says:

          Obama took public funds and bailed out the GM!! Most of the TARP money went as crony bailouts to his Banker buddies…However we must remember all of those ‘shovel ready’ jobs….that never existed!!
          The Housing Bubble was created by the Government through a combination of forcing wide open lending practices and total lack of control of derivatives. Nothing has changed..except both bad practices have escalated , in addition to adding QE in order to bouy up a ‘recovery’ facade. This was all done as a show to promote Obama .it is now timed to fail to de-nigrate Trump!!

          The above is why the Left reconstructs History…because if you do not LEARN from History you are doomed to repeat it!! Kind of like keeping people insane …let them do the same things over and over as they HOPE ( yup!! Obama’s favorite word) to get a different result. Without a well thought out gameplan…hope is just an unfounded longing for something you have not earned!!

          1. Masoobee says:

            You might explore the resistance of the Republican congress who prevented this president from accomplishments. The “shovel ready” jobs wee NOT Funded” by your friends.

      2. theseer says:






        1. Mike says:

          what are you screaming about? this rant is so ridiculous. listen its ok the scary black man will be leaving the white house soon. your orange champion won fair and square so get over it already Obama won twice because he was the best candidate for the job.

          1. Masoobee says:

            Oh thank heavens Mike! I thought that I was the only correctly informed individual on this site. The wilfull ignorance exhibited here is scary.

        2. Masoobee says:

          Wow!! you certainly have inside sources to all the “facts” quoted in your above rant. I know that in one instance you fell for a video “spoof”
          regarding my president and his “Kenyan Birth”. If you simply “googled” this video, as did I, you would have found the background of the person who took a video of Mr Obama and artfully attached a voice-over to appear real. The source calls his art “Spoof Video”
          You really need to learn how to “Critically Think”. But I suspect that you will not have the intellegince or curiosity. to examine statements that you want to believe. You are the voter who has mindlessly given us the most incompetant President-Elect in history. God help us all!

    7. Bob says:

      You mean like the one we currently have who has bent over for every tyrant and dictator for the last 8 years? Should he bow to those who hate us and wish us harm just to “Be Like Barak”? And exactly how is saying some one is “smart” for not acting like a petulant child, as our current President does so often, is “bending over”? We got it – You hate Trump, voted for Obama (more than once I would bet) and for Hillary (more than once I would believe) and believe she won because she won the popular vote.

    8. metheoldsarge says:

      p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

      take a look at this “GREAT JOB!!!” your hero President Obama has
      done starting with his first 34 months:

      took 43 Presidents almost 230 years from 1789 to run the National
      Debt up to $10.627 Trillion. When the national debt was was at over
      9 trillion, then Senator Obama said it was unpatriotic to have let
      that happen. It only took Obama eight years to run it up another $9
      Trillion to $19 trillion and still rising.

      the Senate he never did anything or even constructed legislation.
      His only other job was a community organizer.

      number of food stamp recipients went up by over 35% and still

      number of unemployed went up by 25% and still rising. American
      citizens at the poverty level has gone from 39,800,000 to 43,600,000.
      A 9.5% raise.

      helped his buddy Jeffery Immelt. at General Electric set up their
      light bulb operations in China and close their plant in this country?
      Today you can’t find a single GE light bulb made in the USA.
      General Electric also plans to close their divisions that makes X-ray
      equipment and jet engine manufacturing and ,move them to China.
      Think of the job loss.

      though he bailed out two auto companies, he didn’t stop them from
      closing some plants and relocating them overseas. Since the bail out
      GM has built factories and research centers in China. Now GM is
      building 70% of their cars and trucks outside the USA and a large
      percentage are built in China. More jobs gone. Google it yourself
      and do your own research. Here is a good place to start. When you
      watch this video think about all those out of work UAW members that
      once built these models.

      list goes on but I think you get the picture. He seems to be doing
      everything he can to put the economy in the tank. Not my idea of a
      great job. When the President has no explanation for problems (Which
      is quite frequent) he points the finger on anyone else but him. You
      can only blame others for your own mistakes for so long before people
      start to see through it.

      take my word for all this. If you can read this you have the ability
      to do your own research, I did check out all this information in
      these sources:

      Energy Information Association, Wall Street Journal, Bureau of Labor
      Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Federal Reserve, U.S. Treasury,
      Heritage Foundation.

      his first four years in office he blamed just about everything wrong
      on Bush. He is still blaming everyone but himself. Obama may have
      been handed a bucket of worms but so has every new President since
      John Adams took over from Washington.

      used to say “The Buck Stops Here!” With Obama it seems to be
      “The Buck Starts Here!”

      you proud you voted for him?

      1. Bob says:

        “Truman used to say “The Buck Stops Here!” With Obama it seems to be “The Buck Starts Here!” Actually, it’s “Your bucks stop here”

        1. metheoldsarge says:

          That too.

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