Trump refuses to rule out third party run if he loses GOP nomination

by Brian Bennett
April 4, 2016

Donald Trump refused on Sunday to rule out running as an independent if he fails to win the Republican presidential nomination, renewing a threat that party leaders thought they had quashed months ago.

“I want to run as a Republican. I will beat Hillary Clinton,” Trump said on “Fox News Sunday.”

When pressed to rule out an independent run, the New York billionaire said, “I’m gonna have to see how I was treated. It’s very simple.”

The prospect that Trump will launch an insurgent third party run and draw his ardent supporters away from a rival Republican nominee, widening the divisions in the GOP, is a nightmare scenario for party leaders.

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  • Smitch says:

    TRUMP 2016!!

  • James Brooks says:

    Trump is the only person that can fix the US and make us Great again,VOTE TRUMP 2016

  • BackingTrump says:

    There is only one way to save America as we know it and that is by Trump being our POTUS. Hillary will be in jail, Bernie is a commie and Cruz will be the little boy among the most powerful leaders of the earth and we sure don’t need another dummie!

  • SDofAZ says:

    Good and I have a feeling he is ready to pull that trigger in every state. If the GOP keep it up, the voters will just go with him and there are more supporters of Trump than Ted or Hillary! No matter where this ends, I am so fed up with politicians including Ted Cruz. The tactics since Dr. Carson have degenerated into just plain nasty via the politicians and I am so disgusted words cannot express my thoughts. We need to clean out congress!

  • ClarenceDeBarrows says:

    It’s clear by reading the article that ALL of the candidates are now considering whether or not to stand by their original agreement to support the GOP endorsed candidate. So why all the focus on Trump? It couldn’t be just another attempt to denigrate him and allow the Party to pull a fast one, could it?, naw, they wouldn’t do that, would they … eye roll …

  • exoticdoc2 says:

    Trump only said he would not make a 3rd party run IF he was dealt with fairly by the GOP. They are not living up to that so he is free to run without breaking his word.

    1. Gnowark says:

      I just worry that splitting the vote will end in disaster (regardless of who ‘wins’ dem/rep/indep.) I believe, once again, Trump is pointing out (like isis, economy, jobs, it wouldn’t be an issue if he hadn’t opened the topic). I hope RNC will listen to the people, instead of trying to install their boy, whoever that might be this week. So far, coordinating attacks seems to be the M.O., although I am sure the RNC will disavow official knowledge.

  • Anne Heyes says:

    This whole thing is disgusting in that people like Romney and Bush are spending huge amounts of money to defeat Trump. It is not right. The old boys do not want their little parade rained on.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Then don’t forget to file NEXT MONTH!!!! …………in Texas.

    1. SDofAZ says:

      I think Trump has been preparing for the third party run since this began. He is ready to pull that trigger I am sure. Anyone watching the antics of the GOP and all politicians including Cruz would know this little dirty caucus play was coming.

  • Terry T says:

    A Cruz-Kasich-Rubio-Bush-Fiorina coalition would presently beat a Trump-Carson coalition by 782 to 745 delegates or 51% to 49%. We are just into the second half and there is a lot of the game yet to be played.

  • Patriot41 says:

    Let us be honest here, if anyone in Trump’s shoes who had been leading in the GOP primary from the start of the race, saw the leadership of the GOP planning to deliberately deny them the nomination, would they not use the same option Trump is talking about? If not, they should be considered total idiots!

    This situation would not be present today in the GOP, had the leadership not tried to handpick their nominee for the presidential candidate, against the will of the people!!! The will of the people should be very evident, by their vote responses in all of the primary races. Yet both current leaders in this primary race, are being attacked by the GOP leadership. Does that tell any thinking citizens about what is going on behind closed doors, with the GOP leadership? One has to be totally blind not to see what is going on here.

    1. Observant_One says:

      The GOPe wants to keep the status quo, and the conservative electorate is getting really PO’ed at all things political in our nation.

      1. Patriot41 says:

        Yes, foreign money involved with our politics, is a very bad omen for our country. Odd how the government will curtail politicians from accepting expensive gifts, but not millions of dollars for their political coffers. Doesn’t make any sense at all.

  • Doug says:

    Any Republican candidate that runs third party or does not heartily support the nominee will be treated very badly in a true history of America because the blame for the Republican defeat in 2016 will forever be theirs. If Democrats win 2016, the Final step in the destruction of the United States of America and a free self ruling people is in place. A curse on any Republican that aids a Democrat win at this crutial time.

    The Democrats are all about Socialism, equal outcome, and ‘same think.’ There will be no tolerance for the serfs (us) if not getting with the program. And with three or four additions to the Supreme Court even if there is a fair election in 2020 (doubtful) a Republican White House, Senate, and House will be constantly overruled as unconstitutional on every issue they try to turn back from the Socialist Utopia.

    I believe we are too far down the Socialist path now and that a win by the Democrats in 2016 will put them in the palace for a lifetime or more and most of the people (us) in a lifetime of Equality of outcome, Equality in misery but equality. The world will return to a ruling class and a serf class. Once a ruler always a ruler and once a serf (the ruled) always a serf.

    Republicans can not lose this election because not only is America’s future at stake but so is the world’s. Who will be freedom’s example? Who will stand for self rule by the people? Who will stand for private ownership? Who will stand for the opportunity for people to advance as far as their talents and ambitions will take them? If not America? Who? Without The United States of America the answer is No One.

    1. EagleInGA says:

      Trump is a NY liberal. I doubt he will care if Democrat wins 2016. In fact, he might prefer were he not running himself as a pretend Republican.

    2. Gnowark says:

      I might agree IF a conservative (or conservative-appearing candidate if you wish to argue) were to be the ‘choice’ of the RNC, but it STILL should be the choice of the people, NOT the leaders (or isn’t that one of the biggest complaints about our current executive, legislative, and judicial branches?).

      1. SDofAZ says:

        You are right, this is suppose to be a republic and run by the legal constituents but the leaders have positioned the people out of that equation. Good point. It is pretty clear what has happened and it took this abominable administration to bring all the dirty tricks and deeds done in the dark to this great country and legal constituents to light so we could all see who the real criminals are.

    3. Devasahayam says:

      Au contraire — Republicans right now are a bit like Canada’s PC party from 1990-1993, where many members were forced by the party-leader to vote “party-loyalty” (two MPs who didn’t got expelled from the party); 1988 proved the last election won before PC became defunct (some old PCs did recover their seats when they joined with Alliance, formerly Reform to form current Conservative Party — under Alliance dominance); it’s the party-establishment that has been aiding Dhimmicrud victories since 2008.

    4. CharlieSeattle says:

      …BS! The e/GOP has enabled Obama’s agenda for the last 7 years.

      Mitch McConnel, John Boehner, Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor and have championed Obama’s treasonous agenda for almost a decade!

      Before the November 2014 election, Republican’s made us, their base, sweet sounding promises! Then they lied, betrayed and back stabbed their supporters after the election.

      The November 2014 election was ..NOT, approval for Republican to recently pass the Omnibus Spending Bill and F#%k over all Americans opposed to funding illegal aliens and muslim refugee resettlement.

      The November 2014 election was ..NOT, approval for Republican plans to pass TPP and F#%k over American workers.

      The November election was a verdict ..AGAINST, Obama’s treasonous illegal alien amnesty plans ….by ….the …..American ….voters!

      The election was ..NOT, approval for Republican plans to pass a funding bill that pays for Obama’s illegal executive action granting legal status to illegal aliens.

      The election was ..NOT, approval for Republican plans to do the same thing as disclosed in Gang Of Eight Senate Bill 744 and recently passed CRONYbus HR83.

      The last election was ..NOT, approval for Republican plans to NOT round up and deport ALL illegal aliens in the USA.

      The election was ..NOT, approval for Republican plans to increase H-1b visas as disclosed in Gang Of Eight Senate Bill 744.

      The election was …NOT, approval for Republican plans to NOT cancel the H-1b visa program and NOT deport ALL the foreigners here now taking American jobs.

      The election was ..NOT, approval for Republican actions to gut EPA regulations and pollute with abandon.

      The November 2014 election was ..NOT, approval for Republican plans to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

      The election was ..NOT, approval for Republicans to allow corporations to avoid paying US taxes through tax inversion schemes.

      The election was ..NOT, approval for ALL Republicans to allow US Banks to once again allow “Derivatives provision” and CITIBANK language repealing part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law putting American taxpayers on the hook, …again, for their losses as recently passed in CRONYbus HR83.

      Remember, American Patriots STILL, vote in far greater numbers than Illegal Aliens and Billionaire PAC’$ …and they will vote for TRUMP!

      Oh, and speaking of …establishment republicans and illegal aliens. I was glad to see that Eric Cantor was up and around last fall tearfully pImping John Boehner’s career. Last I heard, he had his head over a toilet for 6 months after his loss.

      ………………..Trump/Carson 2016

      1. SDofAZ says:

        This is the beginning of the revolution against the status quo. Time for change Charlie. Good post.

    5. CharlieSeattle says:

      ……BS! Congress is complicit in protecting Obama and his treasonous agenda.

      The U.S. government is mostly run by just five people: Barack Obama, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Paul Ryan, and Nancy Pelosi.

      Last December, these five pushed through a horrible Omnibus spending bill to fund the government through next September that amounts to a betrayal of American voters, especially on immigration matters.

      breitbart. com/big-government/2015/12/16/paul-ryan-betrays-america-1-1-trillion-2000-plus-page-omnibus-bill-funds-fundamental-transformation-america/

      Where do I begin to condemn this? I’ll start with GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan.

      It didn’t take long for e/Ryan to break all his promises on immigration, did it?

      When he was running for Speaker two months ago, Ryan promised he would not bring up immigration bills that did not have the backing of a majority of Republican House Members.

      Yet as soon as he got the chance, Ryan snuck several huge immigration giveaways into the Omnibus spending bill Congress approved.

      It goes further:

      »Nearly QUADRUPLES the number of H-2B low-skilled foreign workers allowed in this year. This could raise the total of these workers this year from 66,000 to 264,000.

      Not only that…

      »FUNDS a large increase in Syrian and other refugee resettlement in this country. Instead of a timeout and a full security review, Congress handed Obama everything he wants.

      »FUNDS Obama’s catch-and-release policy that virtually stops deportations.

      »FUNDS Sanctuary Cities, so that cities like San Francisco that refuse to turn over jailed illegal aliens to the feds will face no cut in funding.

      »MAINTAINS tax credits to illegal aliens in the form of the Earned Income Tax Credit. That is, if a family is poor enough, they not only pay no income tax, the government pays THEM. Yes, that includes illegal aliens! Also, Congress continues to allow illegal aliens to claim child tax credits on their tax returns.

      »FUNDS the continued relocation into America of the unaccompanied minors who are marching across the border into Texas and states. The numbers of these crossing the border is way up again this year.

      Even with all these outrages I’ve mentioned, there are still MORE terrible things hidden in the Omnibus bill, which passed both the House and the Senate. A hopeful sign is that 95 House Republicans joined with 18 House Democrats, and 26 Senate Republicans joined with 6 Senate Democrats to vote NO on this monstrosity.

      Yet, most Republicans and most all the Democrats voted yes, and it passed. Their complicity in this sell out is the real threat to the Constitution and Americans that want jobs and security.

      ………..Trump/Carson 2016

      1. Doug says:

        @CharlieSeatle – Trump/Carson 2016 isn’t a bad ticket but if it isn’t the Republican Party ticket it is a loser to the Democrats. If the Republican Party splits and runs a Republican and a Third Party ticket they both lose and Democrats win. The people can NOT afford a Democrat win. The Supreme Court and the next fifty plus years are at risk.

        Did you read my comment before giving it your “BS” comment? It addressed the disaster the country faces if Democrats win and did not address the smaller picture of Republican complicity in the mess (Note – the Cave in and go-along Republicans will be far less damaging than the the Architects of disaster Democrats). I can tell you that I have many posts out there talking about the Democrats having us on a fast train to a very hot place and the Republicans on the slow train to the same place.

        This post addresses the disasterous results for the near and distant future of the country if the Democrats get to load the Supreme Court with Liberals. That alone means that the Republicans must unite behind the Republican candidate whomever it is. Of course, it would be a Grand Triumph if we sent a large group of Conservatives to the House and Senate to help the next Republican President undo the Obama Presidency as a start and start fixing what ails America stemming from his predessors.

        Saving America can only start with a Republican (Preferably Conservative) victory in 2016. The more Conservatives that get elected at all levels of Government the better off we all will be. Truth be told Conservatives and Tea Party types are the only ones in Washington addressing fixing the problems. They are heavily outnumbered with opposition from the Elites in both Parties.

        Have a nice day.

        1. Gnowark says:

          It sounds like you can understand the dissatisfaction and it is a manner (or matter) of belief about the results. At which point does the selection of candidate become the RNC’s responsibility instead of the Republican Constituents? Will “less harm” be sufficient? [lesser of two evils]. Can we learn from the Whigs and the Republicans in time to save the nation? I believe that electing RINO candidate will have the same impact that “Republican” control of both houses has had on controlling spending/ freedoms/ immigration, and loss of we-the-people’s control isn’t a difference whether from Republican or Democrat Party. Without RNC even paying ‘lip service’ to their constituents, I think we are just going to continue on our present path to Big (ger) government, loss of freedoms for ‘promised safety,’ and out of control spending as we are seeing now. I agree with you as you have explained your stance, but I disagree about the effect of acquiescing with one party’s leaders. I see little difference in the chosen leaders.

          1. Reasoned thinker says:

            Gnowark — Absolutely correct!!! I believe the “old time” RINOS ,are absolutely terrified of forcing their collective will on issues they CLAIM are important to them. No toughness! No resolve! I’ve become disgusted with the Republicans we have elected into office . . . then, to top things off, the GOP, itself, does everything it can to simply sabotage a front-runner (aka Trump), who offers the sort of approaches that can get Republicans success. I’m disgusted by such stuff!!! After all, even when the Republicans are (virtually) handed opportunities ON SILVER PLATTERS, the folks simply fail to do the job . . . over and over. I’m a SOLID “GO TRUMP” guy. Not to have Trump in there pitching for our country, I’m fearful our country will be further driven into the hole we are headed toward. Go (ONLY) Trump. The other guys (and Hillary too) simply won’t work out. As a last resort, I’d actually ENCOURAGE Trump to break away (I realize this sounds like heresy), so his supporters could get behind him like a “bulls rush”). I mean . . . gosh . . . the “old time conservative thinking isn’t getting traction with the population out there now. Why not get the USA MOVING ahead . . . and forget the outdated approaches? Go Trump.

      2. SDofAZ says:

        Call Ryan Rat Ryan, and you are soooooo right. Good post Charlie.

    6. SDofAZ says:

      Sorry, but following the GOP leaders right now is not in the best interests of this country either. The GOP and the Dems are playing the same game. The GOP if it continues to try and set up a false deal, they have created the third party and it is time.

      1. Reasoned thinker says:

        SDofAZ — Absolutely correct!

      2. Doug says:

        @SDofAZ What you say is true, however, if the Democrats win in 2016 there will be no stopping the Socialist Republic of Amerika from happening. The Democrats putting a large majority on the Supreme Court ensures it for the next 50 plus years probably more.

        My point isn’t to stop taking the country back. I’m all in favor of restoring Values including fiscal responsibility but if a Republican is in the White House we still have a chance. If the Democrats win because we didn’t vote for the Republican nominee whomever he or she is the Country is Lost.

        I happen to prefer Senator Cruz but I will vote for Trump or any other Republican that might get the nomination and hope that the Conservatives can use that next 4 years to get control.

        If the Democrats win, we will have a one party country for a long long time because even if Republicans got back in, in 2020, the far LEFT Supreme Court would rule any attempt to undo Liberalism as Unconstitutional.

        We must vote for the Republican candidate and continue to work to send more Conservatives to DC to help him to do Conservative things.

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