Trump responds to Clinton’s ‘delete your account’ tweet

by Caitlin Yilek
June 10, 2016

After two hours, Donald Trump fired back at Hillary Clinton’s campaign telling him to delete his Twitter account.

“How long did it take your staff of 823 people to think that up — and where are your 33,000 emails that you deleted?” the presumptive Republican presidential nominee said.

It took Clinton’s team just five minutes to respond to Trump’s tweet about President Obama’s endorsement of Clinton, which he sent at 2:22 p.m. Clinton’s campaign fired back with “Delete your account,” at 2:27 p.m.

Trump returned fire at 4:40 p.m.

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  • Worried Vet says:

    To all the good people on this thread. If we don’t watch come election day, things like fraud , dead people voting , people being bullied to vote for Clinton and people voting more than once legal or illegal voters Hillary will steal the election period. They have no morals or regrets about stealing any election. If we don’t stand up, and fight fire with fire hopefully without violence she will steal it.

  • Climax says:

    This is simple, Hillary plans on buying the President position by drowning it with money, lies, and fraud. The slightest bobble by Trump is immediately thrown up in the air while she gets away with felonious crimes, lies, threats, and unethical behavior. What is wrong with the Democrats that they cannot see through this smoke screen? She is the wicked witch of the USA who needs a cold bucket of water thrown on her to make her go away.

  • runnindeer says:

    From the way that Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell , with others act toward Mr. trump, it appears that they are firmly set to hand this election to Hillary Clinton. They have not been doing their jobs and instead are doing their best to create more Anti- trump sentiment and propaganda. This isn’t Donald Trumps fault. It is clearly on the backs of these rinos that must be firmly dealt with – and soon! Donald J. Trump must get this Presidency. America depends upon it. He can and will if Americans stand with him and DEMAND Ryan, McConnell and the rest get in step and behave themselves as real Republicans and stop acting like Democrats.

  • Harold Sammons says:

    This election is going to be so rigged, billions being spent to install Hillary; she has commitments all over the world to payback!

  • Bob says:

    “DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT”? With all the folks she has working for her, this is the best she can do? You would think with the mind that could think up of that “landing under fire” story could do better. Good that her people counseled against “I know you are but what am I” or the ever popular “NA NA NA”. I wonder if, using her background as a Native American, Elizabeth Warren can come up with better come back.

  • Smitch says:

    All Real Americans have to do is flush the toilet! Good by Hillary Clinton!

  • robert sanders says:

    The 1st statement of this news article really sucks. Its like telling himself to delete your twitter account. Caitlin Yilek is not a very good writer. sounds confusing to me.

  • stan lee says:

    I know that about “counter punching,” Trump is one very obstinate guy. However, if Hillary throws enough insults at him via the Internet, which may not come directly out of her mind, Trump will be lured into “counter-punching.
    That is where he can make serious mistakes that will come back to haunt him ….AND US!

    Hilary probably has a battery of professional trolls throughout social media to push Trump’s “hot button.” To he– with the Twitter-Facebook crap, Donald! That kind of free-stuff does Hilary more good than for you!

    To keep your name in front of this fickle public, you need to advertise about making America great again. Never mind Hilary, she benefits from your Tweets!

    1. Retired says:

      Those trolls are even here pushing peoples buttons. Best thing Trump can due is ignore those trash trolls.

      1. stan lee says:

        Of course! We expect that! They work damned hard at confusion, they’re pros. But, it’s Trump’s nature to fight, I hope he’ll pull his punches from now on! I’ve written to him, even if there’s little chance he’ll read the advice, but someone who cares in his campaign staff will read it. We should all write in to him! He has called this “a movement!” Well, let’s show the guy he’s not alone in this!

    2. I Seigel says:

      Sounds like a good strategy that has an excellent chance of achieving its desired effect.

  • justinwachin says:

    Way to go, Donald! Hillary is an extremely flawed politician. Make sure you remind the voters of that fact every chance you get. Don’t let lying Hillary or lying Elizabeth Warren control the media cycle.

  • CCblogging says:

    In another time, Obama and Hillary would have already been hung for treason.

  • democrat CockRoach says:

    Notice the hag thinks she controls everyone’s account since she became the email QUEEN.

  • Tiger says:

    Well I have to say American candidates for the highest position in the land have certainly taken a road of arguing over the net, for millions to see that I never expected would be taken. I suppose I figured they would all be above it because this is what we do out here.

    I am really happy that it has come to this because it is a real insight into their personalities so maybe we won’t even have to listen to a debate because they are doing it here and now.

  • paulyz says:

    Hillary & Warren “copy” Trump’s tweeting, whereas before they mocked it. Hillary is worried about Trump’s Monday press conference clearly showing the Clintons’ corrupt money hoarding.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Something how trash sticks together, Obama endorsing Clinton sounds like nothing is going to happen to Hellary, but we all knew that!

    1. Retired says:

      It is to keep her quiet and not give the names of who are all involved. Obama saving his own hide.

  • Patrick Driscoll says:

    We have a fag pres. and a trans in the WH and now another criminal wants the job. We need to support Trump in what will be the biggest ass-kicking of these idiots and their fuck-up agendas. They have gotten away with murder and putting trolls like holder and ll in positions where they work for porky pig and not Americans.
    Time to send these zombies back to hell, where they came from.

  • says:

    Very sad to say…but in accordance with normal procedure involving the clinton’s… she will walk 🙁

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      OF COURSE!!

  • T.W. says:

    TRUMP 2016!!!

    1. rockcut says:

      I see Trump is speechless after taking a right hook from E. Warren last night. She scored a KO and showed that Trump is a fraud and a bully.

      1. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

        Just wait till Trumps speech Monday. Trump is going to knock the truth about Hillary and Bill Clinton out of the park. Vince Foster, Whitewater, Cattlegate, Selling nuke secrets to the Chinese and North Koreans. All the rape allegations and cover ups by Hillary for Bills sexual predations. It is going to be glorious to see the evil of the Clintons exposed to daylight!

        1. rockcut says:

          You are sick and I doubt what you want to happen will not happen. Trump is still trying to get over the KO that E. Warren gave him last night. Warren told the world that Trump is only a bully and a fraud.

          1. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            I too doubt what I want to happen will not happen. Meaning I want that which I do not doubt to happen!
            Is English a second language to you rockcut your use of a double negative there has me wondering…Trump is a bully, and woe to the opponents of American Greatness, they are going to get clobbered by Trumps Bull Pulpit BIG TIME. We need someone who is willing to be an unabashed fan of the United States. It is not Obama who bows and scrapes before Saudi and British Monarchs. It will not be Hillary who ought to be doing the perp walk in an orange jumpsuit for violating national security with an illegal email server full of classified data that foreign powers were routinely hacking. rockcut must be drinking the fluoridated tap water big time to fall for the load of BS that is the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

      2. studi30 says:

        Warren scored nothing. Trump hasn’t been speechless yet.

        1. rockcut says:

          Trump seems very quiet since Warren KO him last night. In fact the reply back was weak. E. Warren showed that the Donald has no clothes and is nothing more than a bully and a fraud.

          1. studi30 says:

            Trump didn’t respond to the childish, liberal low IQ drivel of Warren who is supposed to be a college professor. Typical liberal attack with no substance. Rockhead I see you don’t have much imagination as your post is a repeat almost word for word of your post of two days ago.

      3. T.W. says:

        Warren is a liar.

  • G.W. Stanfill says:

    Looks like the Socialist and Democraps
    Think they can tell everyone what to do and think while they take all our rights and follow them into a “we know all,you know nothing”country.

  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    hay trump , now that oboma has endorsed hillary , start throwing stones at him , he will spend millions of tax payer dollars flying around stomping for her, it’s not official president business , so make him pay for the get fuel , motels, and security for himself out of his own pocket, i’m sick of the freak flying around on the tax payers dime, he wasted enough of our money

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      Great point. Why should Obama fly around on Air Force 1 at tax payers expense yakking for the Hilda-Beast.

      1. I Seigel says:

        I checked past posts here, and I didn’t see any from you protesting when Bush was flying around on AF One campaigning for McCain. Or were you a liberal back then?

        1. Webb says:

          Wrong either way…

        2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          I have not been a so-called “liberal” since the days of Jimmy Carter, that clown was my wake-up call.
          All presidents have done that, however this one Obama, is a hypocritical lying jack-ass.

          1. I Seigel says:

            And so was Bush and Romney and and Clinton and Reagan and…..
            And Hastert and DeLay and Sanford.

          2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            So, what is your point, you trying to defend that piece of crap in the rainbow house, and his lackey the Hilda-Beast. It won’t work.
            There probably hasn’t been a truthful politician anywhere on this planet.
            Obama, and the Hilda-Beast lie every time they open their mouths. Top of the list those two are.
            You love them, then go hug them, but don’t try any of your left-wit crap on me.

          3. I Seigel says:

            And you can go right on kneeling at the Altar of Trump. He needs all the idolaters he can scrape together.

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      Blacks have always cost the tax payers!

      1. Cleverfun says:

        We should have picked our own cotton…

    3. Dan says:

      Obama should not be spending tax dollars on his campaign tour for Hillary Clinton. Where’s the accountability on this? If he’s going to spew carbon into our delicate atmosphere that he claims will kill us all thanks to our addiction to fossil fuels, it shouldn’t be on our nickel. Shouldn’t the Clinton foundation fund his fun?

  • drunkenirish says:

    Hey hitlery, delete your account you slut…..lmfao

    1. Jeannie Nourse says:

      Yes delete your account like you did those 33,000 emails that would have nailed your A$$ and the A$$ of the pos potus. killary, you are a pos along with your ugly, webb hubbell look alike daughter….and your asinine rapist husband. Hard to believe that democraps actually back this corrupt family….May God have mercy on our country!!!

      1. Bonnie Schulte says:

        I agree, may God have mercy on us all, if he witch gets in.

  • Webb says:

    Now It Starts…Trump has to get on Message and beat the Devil out of Hillary!
    Trump is under The microscope by Democrats everywhere…MsNBC is in the bag For Hillary from now till November, every remark Trump makes will be taken out of context…Support Him, Hillary must end up a memory!!

    1. John E Strom Jr. says:

      A memory or a nightmare! She is the devil.

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      She’ll have all the same networks on her side as Obama, they’re one in the same, they just dress just a little differently!

    3. I Seigel says:

      And Fox, Breitbart, Drudge, and these and countless other conservative websites will do the same for Clinton. That’s the way the game is played.

      1. Webb says:

        Its not a Game…no its not the same.
        Fox tried for months to have Hillary on certain shows…
        ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN with MsNBC…Hillary Suppoters!

        1. I Seigel says:

          And certainly CNN has given many opportunities for Trump air time. I guess Trump knows he’ll get a pretty fair shake with CNN. And Hillary probably knows she won’t, with Fox. And that’s the difference.

          1. studi30 says:

            Hillary can’t risk being asked real questions.

  • 7papa7 says:

    The one thing we can be sure is that this will be the most entertaining campaign, however it will also probably be the very weakest on the important matters of our time like national security, economy, jobs, military etc. Those issues will be ignored so that they can attack each other.

    1. John E Strom Jr. says:

      THEN YOU haven’t listening. Donald Trump has addressed each and will continue to do so.

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      It may be entertaining to some, but people better get their heads right, if not this could very well be our last election!

      1. 7papa7 says:

        You have the democratic nominee who does NOT want to talk about the issues because of her record and you have a republican nominee who is more interested in attacks than issues. I wish to God it would be an issue based election but when both candidates don’t want it, it ain’t gonna happen and that is very very sad. I would like to see debates like they use to be very very issue oriented. One debate would be on only national security, one on economic etc etc. I figure what will happen is it will be 2 hours of attacking each other and nothing will be accomplished.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          I do agree with U pap, America is almost gone, he$$, we’ve just bailed out Puerto Rico with money we don’t have, and this was a quiet little deal, and WHY!

          1. 7papa7 says:

            If we don’t get a balance budget we are through. DC reminds me of people who go to Vegas, there is a total lack of reality when it comes to money. It has no value that is why they use chips. They think that chips aren’t money. Hopefully if Trump gets in he will change a lot of this around being a career businessman. The only concern is he also declared bankruptcy 4 times.

  • Philip Meadows says:

    We cannot let hillary get in the white house. i am all in for Donald Trump.

    1. John E Strom Jr. says:

      Everybody, Donald Trump needs $$$ so if you can send him a donation. Hillary had $Milions poring in from corrupt organizations. Wall Street, bankers like Goldman Sachs, hedge fund owners like Jeffrey Epstein.

      1. Retired says:

        You left out of shore countries.

        1. John E Strom Jr. says:

          Retired, you’re right! And every $ Billionaire who wants preferential treatment, Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, the Chicom government who will buy our secrets from her, the Russian government and Israeli governments as well. Bill Clinton will be the bag man and Crooked Hillary the giver of anything you can pay for. That’s just for starters! If Hillary wins (steals) the election, America is finished. The damned GOP isn’t helping matters either. What losers are the “establishment” GOP that they wouldn’t mind Hillary winning. They’re little different than she is.

          1. Donnie Buchanan says:

            YOU’RE RIGHT EXCEPT SHE WONT SELL SECRETS, SHE GIVES THEM AWAY. She sells favors and her emails give out secrets free to all enemies foreign and domestic !

          2. Worried Vet says:

            I hate to say it but the RINOs have turncoat. They would rather have Hillary so maybe business as usual. It’s all about power, money,more power and more money. They don’t care about us period. We are the ones who have to stop this madness. We have to vote out the old, then vote in the new. If your area don’t have anyone running against them then find someone if it’s not to late.

          3. John E Strom Jr. says:

            Worried Vet, We can all do something. One BIG help would be donating to Donald Trump – directly. His PAC, run by Ed Rollins is probably OK too but this way I know my money gets to him.

            Two others worthy of help! Paul Nehlen is running against Paul Ryan who we REALLY need to get rid of. Paul Nehlen is being supported by Michell Malkin and Sarah Palin.

            The other is Dr. Kelli Ward who is running against John McCain, another backstabbing RINO. Back them as you’re able and pass the word. The barn is filled with
            manure and it needs to be cleaned out.

            Semper fi

          4. Worried Vet says:

            Your right and I hate to say it but Hillary will have over a billion dollars at her disposal along with a very corrupt media. We need to also stop watching those bias , corrupt media outlets. When we boycott their advertisers no matter who it is , we put the power back in our hands not theirs. To win this fight we have to stop or at least slow down the corrupt media.

    2. rockcut says:

      I guess you have bought into the emotional snake oil that Trump is selling and i bet you have bought a few cases. Trump is a fraud.

      1. Steve Dolyniuk says:

        And what does that make Hillary? You anti Trump people do not have a clue as to what has been going on in DC, & you are proving it by backing Hillary & bad mouthing Trump. For sure”YOU CANNOT FIX STUPID” !!

        1. rockcut says:

          Steve Dolyniuk, No, you are right you sure cannot fix stupid people backing Trump.

          1. Webb says:

            The definition of stupid…”A Vote For Hillary”!
            Go For It…

          2. rockcut says:

            So be it, but stupid will win and shut up the petty loud mouth bully and fraud, Trump.

          3. Webb says:

            I am not a Trump fan…
            Yet, you speak of Frauds, Hillary has Enriched herself off of tax payers for 40 years…along with her foundation!
            She plays the fears of minorities for Votes to further her Enrichment…but Trumps a Fraud?

          4. rockcut says:

            you make these charges against Hillary and many have done over many years. However, there is no prove or charged to-date. You knock the foundation but again have no proof just angry charges. The foundation has done a lot of good work. I just cannot accept these general charges perceived from those who charge without proof. I plant myself in the view that no one is bad as those who charge and no one is that good fro those that are praised.

          5. Webb says:

            Let me put it this way…
            A Saudi donates $15 million dollars to The Clintons Foundation…
            You actually believe he is not looking for Political Favors…Of course he is!
            Today another case $250,000 donated to Hillary campaign, got the donor a seat on
            Tne National Security Board… even without any experience!
            Yes, Hillary is a Fraud …

          6. rockcut says:

            At least show the Saudi political favor, but you skip that. Then you turn more speculation that Hillary got someone appointed to a board when she is not now in government. It appears to me you take unrelated facts and merge them together to make your point but many questions and circumstances are ignored.

          7. Webb says:

            The Saudi donation was on the news…
            The security board issue also has been in the news…yes it happened while Hillary was in office.
            The only thing that is ignored is that Hillary should have long ago been incarcerated!

          8. rockcut says:

            I see no proof of criminal behavior of Hillary with your two examples. Sorry.

          9. Webb says:

            And that my friend is exectly why Hillary is a Free Bird today…
            Many don’t want to see the criminal behavior or care…so some are happy to put her
            in charge of The USA…Sorry, here also!

          10. rockcut says:

            Webb it is you and others consider criminal behavior when nothing has been charged. To assume this position, prior to charges being filed, tilts our whole system of justice by calling guilty on speculation. In addition, it also breeds the contempt that Trump exploits by calling that a Federal Judge cannot be fair because of his Mexican decent. We are going down a very slippery slope. My position is this: Both Trump and Hillary have their flaws and it will come down to who is hated less, and in the end, more people will hold their noise and vote for Hillary.

          11. Worried Vet says:

            No. What level was your clearance? When? What Dept. In the air force? Ever heard of Kadena Air Force Base? Even digital classified material is marked , most the time each paragraph. It depends on how the classification is. In all your posts I really don’t see much but talking points.

          12. Patriot1 says:

            I spent my military career handling classified information and I will tell you that HILLARY is either totally ignorant and/or an out and out liar. She keeps insisting that the documents she transmitted did not say they were classified. Of course not, they would have been stamped with red ink, either Confidential, Secret or Top Secret or above. Ray Charles could have read it on those documents. She needs to go to prison period.
            The Clinton’s have spent their life lying and cheating, they know no other way. Shame on those people who are duped into believing she deserves the White House.

          13. rockcut says:

            Well sport, I spent 22 yrs in classified work in the USAF so I am not impressed with your opening statement. second, there is a difference between a document stamp in red as classified and documents in digital form. your demeaning Ray Charles does not enhance your point of view. Then you go to the point of sending someone to prison without being charged. Then you end in with the charge that Hillary lied and cheated all her life. I am not impressed with your hit piece on Hillary. My view is no one is as good as others say they are, and no one is as bad as others say they are… point is seek some balance. I seen none in your post.

          14. Patriot1 says:

            Since it was Hillary that said the documents were not stamped classified, not me then they would not have been have been in digital form. You need to listen closer to what Hillary says, it was not me that made the statement, it was Hillary who said the messages were not stamped classified. Where is the balance in your protectionist statements for Hillary???? In case you are not aware of it, Hillary was fired from her first government job by her Democratic boss during Watergate for lying. You can look it up.

          15. rockcut says:

            Are you saying they were in paper form? Or, where they in digital form with no marking of classified . Get your thought straight. you comeback is weak.

          16. Patriot1 says:

            It was Hillary who said the documents were not stamped classified. When she uses the term “NOT STAMPED” she had to mean paper documents, how the Hell would you stamp a digital document! Then, also, can you tell me how Hillary is so confident that she will never be charged?? Obama will most likely step in and defend her since they are both DIMS!

          17. rockcut says:

            Let’s go over this again. The whole issue has always been Hillary’s e-mails which are digital. There is no mention of paper stamped documents. I take it that what is meant by stamped is that any handled e-mails did not carry a designation of classified within the document. Another confusion is that some of these documents were deemed classified after the fact. It you think this is a simple Hillary is guilty shows me you over simplify the situation and the investigation. Then you end with more assumption.

          18. Patriot1 says:

            Either your English, spelling or typing is terrible. Reread your statement and/or use SPELL CHECK.

          19. GrizzMann says:

            The proof was in the E-mail she deleted, on Sept, 18 thru December 21.

          20. rockcut says:

            They have recovered Hillary’s e-mails so I do not know what are talking about so tell me the proof if you are so smart.

          21. GrizzMann says:

            Right there in the E-mail she deleted, on Sept, 18 thru December 21. Didn’t you read them?

          22. rockcut says:

            What was it?

          23. Elaine says:

            The fact that the emails were recovered IS proof that she lied when she said she did not delete them! How blind are you?

          24. rockcut says:

            My understanding the e-mails that were deleted where those that Hillary deemed personal. This was after she turned over work product e-mails. I am just trying to focus you on context.

          25. Elaine says:

            Oh, because Hillary “deemed” so, than it’s the gospel truth. Well, I don’t believe known and proven liars. She’s lied her whole life. She even lies when she doesn’t “have to”. She claimed she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, who climbed Mt. Everest. Funny thing, he didn’t climb Everest until 2 years after she was born. Before that, he was a nobody. Why even make up a story like that? What did she stand to gain? She is a born liar. She doesn’t know how to live without lying about everything. I don’t believe a word she says.

          26. rockcut says:

            The point you bring up are what I call an embellishment. I do not know why she added a feature to something to make it more attractive. But, I do think you go too far will claiming she does not know how to live without lying and she is a born liar. That is overkill.

          27. Worried Vet says:

            She knew better she tried to avoid foia period. It’s obvious as a paid goof for Hillary on this site.

          28. Worried Vet says:

            Refer above.

          29. Elaine says:

            Ask the victims of the Whitewater scandal. Ask Gennifer, Monica, Paula, Juanita, Kathleen. Ask the 12-year-old rape victim that Hillary ridiculed in court, allowing the rapist to walk. Ask the parents and families of Chris, Glen, Sean, and Tyrone. Ask all of these people if there is “no proof”. That the are just “angry charges”. or “general charges with no proof.”

          30. rockcut says:

            Where are the convictions against Hillary? Get back to me when you find any of them.

          31. Elaine says:

            The same rules and regulations that apply to the rest of us mere mortals don’t seem to apply to Hillary. Look what happened to David Petraeus. Hillary is a vindictive bitch who doesn’t seem to have a problem making people “disappear” or have a terrible suicide “accident”. She destroys evidence and people. But then, you liberals believe that since she hasn’t been “convicted”, then she must be a wonderful, lovable, noble human being. What a bunch of saps.

          32. rockcut says:

            You betray yourself with your words. David Petraeus willfully gave documents to the woman he was sleeping with that he knew were classified. Hillary contents she did not transmit any classified documents. Until that claim is proven false, one has to accept her explanation. Then you go way off the rails with the disappear remark and implying murder. We live by a rule of law and part of that rule of law is people are innocence until proven guilty. However, you do apparently do not go by that standard. Then you end in childishness calling anyone who does not agree with you as saps.

          33. Elaine says:

            I don’t HAVE to accept her explanation. She is a notorious congenital liar. I don’t believe liars. It’s sad that you are so easily fooled.

          34. rockcut says:

            Again you make a claim with no proof. you claim that your opinion, and that is what it is, rules. We are a nation of laws. Let the justice system work. I am not fooled at all, I am just showing you the defects and holes in your assessment.

          35. Worried Vet says:

            Because there are none, and your out of ammo. Hillary is a lying , secret selling bitch. What she has done is short of treason , and could be treason but since how many emails are to dangerous to let the public see. National security and all that. Either your an idiot or paid by Hillary, I don’t think your an idiot

          36. Worried Vet says:

            As long as the doj is corrupt there won’t be any charges and you know that. Stop with the Hillary talking points and come up with some real answers. You sound like you work for her.

          37. Donnie Buchanan says:

            It is public information that when Bill was elected, their net worth was $10 thousand. It is now OVER $2 billion, and the FBI is doing a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION into their money laundering foundation not an “inquiry”.

          38. rockcut says:

            your net worth of 2 billion is way over stated. It more like 100 million combined between Bill and Hillary. The FBI is not investigation for money laundering at all. The criminal investigation is related to the server.

          39. Donnie Buchanan says:

            Your news source needs updating.

          40. Worried Vet says:

            There is lots of proof , either your to blind or to stupid. All the way back to Arkansas with the drug running, drug parties , girls and lots of other things. I voted for the liar I won’t again. The Clinton’s are one of the most corrupt families I’m this country. They have proves she gave favors for donations at the foundation while she was sos. People just don’t look , and the media don’t care as long as a liberal is the crooks. You should be ashamed because your not stupid.

          41. GrizzMann says:

            How did Hillary handle that 03:00 call from Benghazi again? Told her daughter it was a terrorist attack. What did she tell her employers?

          42. Donnie Buchanan says:

            She was SLEEPING, just like Barry was.

          43. Elaine says:

            It’s a sad state of affairs when someone is proud of the statement “Stupid will win.” God help us.

          44. rockcut says:

            It is sad that you did not understand the play on words. Calling Hillary stupid, I just continued the thought that Stupid will win. A little tongue in cheer.

          45. Elaine says:

            Nice try, rockcut, but I’m not buying it. You screwed up and you know it. Everyone else knows it, too.

          46. Worried Vet says:

            No it will make is louder. She won’t destroy this country without a fight

          47. Worried Vet says:

            If Hillary gets in, you can say goodbye to your freedoms, and the USA. I don’t think any real Americans want that but I could be wrong. If so maybe they need to move to Iran, or Russia.

      2. John E Strom Jr. says:

        That makes you an egg-sucking dog liberal. Hillsry is totally corrupt. You DO NOT “make it in New York City if you are dishonest and a goy. He more than “made it” – he triumphed. You just can’t stand honesty and integrity which makes YOU a liberal loser.

        1. rockcut says:

          I have duly noted your grade school name calling rant you used in the beginning of your post to me. I live in the Greater New York Area and your comment implying Trump is honest is a belly laughing comment. Your gay reference is out in left field. Trump is a bully and a fraud. No way around that, but if it makes you happy, you have my permission to go on another grade school name calling rant.

          1. John E Strom Jr. says:

            GOOD, you’re an egg-sucking dog liberal.

            Now, some proof that Donald Trump is a bully and a fraud. When Trump is attacked he reciprocates. A nice change from the gutless GOP candidates of the last. Or would you rather he sit there and take it? Ain’t gonna happen. That’s what bothers you leberals doesn’t it.

            As for being a fraud, you DO NOT succeed in New York City as either a fraud, dishonest or sly. Trump is in THE roughest business in the world dealing with contractors, subcontractors, building departments, city, county, state and federal building and use codes, materials suppliers, homeowners associations and a blizzard of various interests telling him how to build his buildings. But you probably wouldn’t know a thing about building in New York City. I’m guessing you work for the government and are just jealous. And a liberal loser – who wants Hillsry? If so, that’s proof positive you’re also stupid. Hillary should, at the very least, be in prison with her rapist husband. At best, shot for treason.

            So where is this fraud you whine about?

          2. rockcut says:

            You whining insult post is just that and needs on response. you have no idea what I am or what I have accomplished …so back off you silly bully attempts and name calling and go back to your Trump hero and learn some more gutter insults.

          3. John E Strom Jr. says:

            And YOU don’t know crap about Donald Trump. You’re just a motor mouthed liberal, so piss off like a good chap. Go suck up to HildaBeast.

          4. rockcut says:

            Are you trying to shut up my right to free speech? Look buddy, it will not happen !!!

          5. John E Strom Jr. says:

            As I remember correctly it was YOU who commented on MY postwhich had NOTHING to do with YOU. You made a totally unsubstantiated and asinine comment about Donald Trump whom you do NOT know. So pound sand.

          6. Worried Vet says:

            No but if Hillary is elected then free speech no more. Places like this will poof be gone. No reason other than Hillary and her liberal friends can’t stand the truth. It’s sad there are so many who believe her crap. It’s sad there are so many to blind to look for truth.

          7. Worried Vet says:

            Well Hillary is a bully, lair and fraud maybe Trump is better.

      3. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

        rockcut are you so intellectually impaired or dishonest as to be incapable of seeing the criminality of Hillary Clinton? Even the white house announced today that yeah Hillary is under a Criminal Investigation. Hillary is a real and present danger to the future of this nation, while Trump is an anti-establishment populist who threatens to overturn the apple cart of the Washington DC insiders. I am all in for Trump, you must be a chump if you are not.

        1. rockcut says:

          Being sound of body and mind, I here by declare to you, I will never vote for Donald Trump, so help me God. I make this statement with out reverting name calling (chump).

          1. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            You are like the biblical crowd chanting for the release of Barabas. Go ahead and demand Barabas, you support the criminal over the good man. Reap what you sow.

      4. studi30 says:

        What a nebulous post.

      5. stan lee says:

        What’s your assessment of Hilary and Bill? How about telling all of us?

        1. rockcut says:

          Bill is not running for President. Hillary is well qualified and was my Senator and did a good job. As S of S she navigated a very complicated world situation and shown she could stand toe to toe with other world leaders. Did she make mistakes, yes she did and everyone does for no one is perfect. Talking this all that into account, I feel she is far more qualified than Trump who to me is an emotional snake oil salesman who does not have the temperament to be President and I am being kind and not piling on with all the dumb things Trump has said.

          1. stan lee says:

            Lying,cover-ups, and sell-outs of American lives seem not to be important to you. Of course not, because you’re satisfied that she has met your requisites! Well, have at it, bud! You’ll have some company in your opinion.
            You don’t need to justify your warped values to anyone, you have that freedom because good men died in Benghazi for that freedom.
            Never mind the temperament diagnoses, though. I don’t take the opportunity to delve into your temperament, because I expected in advance there’d be someone trolling for the Clintons like you…Hilary has said, “Elect me and you get two for one.” That means the mad rapist, Bubbah too!

          2. rockcut says:

            Your blanket claim of lying, cover-ups, and sell-outs is meaningless without specific facts. I find your Benghazi comment insulting since I defended this nation for 22 years for you to make such a dumb claim. Go insult someone else. OK ,

          3. Worried Vet says:

            If your really a veteran then shame on you. You should know better and be able to research them and form your own mind. It’s all there in black and white ,proof they are liars and crooks and much worse.

      6. Climax says:

        If Trump is a Fraud, then Hillary in comparison is a felonious criminal.

        1. rockcut says:

          Hillary has not been convicted of a crime so your claim is MEANINGLESS.

          1. Climax says:

            Where there is smoke there is fire. If we had an honest and unimpeded Justice Department that was not contributing to her campaign and backed by Obama, she would have been charged long ago for worse crimes than have caused others to go to jail for. If you disagree then your head is in the clouds and your sight is blinded by the fantasy smoke.

          2. rockcut says:

            Again, your whole claim comes down to speculation. you convict before a charge has been made and filed. That is very dangerous way of think or promping and I will not do it !

          3. Climax says:

            You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. Fair enough? RA16897089

          4. Worried Vet says:

            Neither was Nixon
            Case closed. What’s good for one is good for all. She is not above the law even though she thinks she is.

          5. Worried Vet says:

            Neither was Nixon. Case closed.

      7. Philip Meadows says:


        1. rockcut says:

          Fair enough !

      8. Worried Vet says:

        You know we may find out things about Trump , but it’s obvious about Hillary. She had wrote letters to the author of road for radicals or whatever the name is. He dedicated the boom to Lucifer. Do you really want someone in the white house who follows that book like a how to destroy this country? I don’t think anyone with common sense would vote for Hillary no matter what. This radical agenda will destroy this country soon if we keep allowing them to remain in power. To many have died defending this country from tyrants. Their sacrifice won’t be in vain, this country will not go down because of this liberal bullshit.

        1. Worried Vet says:

          If any liberal don’t like this country free then go live on Iran. Take your ideas and try to push them down their throats, see how far you get there trying to make them think anyone should be allowed any bathroom no matter what their plumbing is. I don’t think you would be free long trying that bullshit in a place like Iran.

    3. stan lee says:

      Good! Me too! Before this is over, we’re going to have to kick the teeth in of a few double-crossing Republicans too. It will be, “We the people” vs all the corruption of both parties!
      Trump says he doesn’t need our donations. He’ll be working more than “overtime!” Well, Clinton has a Billion$$ to play with. I figure Trump needs about half of that, so let’s get our small donations to count, I think he’ll need it. Remember, there are some Republican double-crossers we’ll need to deal with too!
      Go with $5 or $10 donations to Trump’s campaign, as often as possible. He’ll then “fire” the bums who screw us every year and keep their cushy jobs!

      1. Worried Vet says:

        He has done well with free media so far and your right. Now it’s a whole new ball game. He will need our money,energy and prayers. Clinton will do anything to steal the election if people would just look at her. She only worries about her legacy of being the first woman potus. She don’t care about anything else and this is her last hoorah she is to old to try again and win.

      2. Worried Vet says:

        She also has access to billions AR that corrupt foundation. I would bet the farm she and Bill have a way to funnel money from there. We are not in a fair fight people this is why the corrupt media is over doing on Trump. They know he will talk and fight back against the corruption. We have to help by standing up against them by the millions or we will lose. This country is done if Hillary wins. We will have no rights anymore. We will be broke and either under Sharia law or communist control. The liberals would love nothing more than to take away any power we have. The want power and control. What’s sad is the ones who don’t see that. Research any state or city that is failing, full of violence and corrupt it’s under liberal control and policies.

  • Dan says:

    It’s so refreshing to see Donald Trump and his campaign taking no crap. If only McCain and Romney had the balls way back when … fight back!

    1. John says:

      H Clinton is the scum of the earth and very bad person ! She thinks breaking the Law no big deal !

      1. Roger says:

        The American people could have Hillary Benghazi Clinton arrested within five minutes if about 10 million people would demand it! Come on don’t we have 10 million Republicans that want Hillary Benghazi Clinton arrested, prosecuted and sent to prison for her crime against America and the American people including losing or possibly stealing six billion dollars from the State Department over two years ago and worst of all, ignoring our Ambassador’s pleas for help in Benghazi which led to four of our fellow Americans dying a horrible death, which she then lied and laughed about, like what difference at this point does it make, I don’t give a flying fuck about anyone but me!!!

        1. Tiger says:

          But 10 million people did speak out and voted in RINO who lied to us saying they would stop O and now they are dying on the vine and Trump is the result.

          If they would have stopped O then the Republican party would have an easy go this election but they didn’t, now they are gone.

        2. rockcut says:

          Stick your nonsense where the sun does not shine. If you are so impressed with numbers over 18 million Americans voted for Hillary in the primaries. Far more that Trump !

          1. Steve Dolyniuk says:

            Apparently, that is where your head is.

          2. rockcut says:

            The Trump Army will now begin to retreat against the General, E Warren who came out last night and KO’ed him to the ground as a Bully and Fraud. Poor Donald.

          3. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            Hillary will be wearing an Orange Jumpsuit if our nation were still a nation of laws. Are you getting a nice check from a George Soros front group to promote all this Hillary BS?

          4. rockcut says:

            You are such a poor guesser. Your skills of observation suck.

          5. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            This from the man who has his nose so far up the arse of Hillary he can see the polyps.

          6. rockcut says:

            I can hope but I do not think you can post anything adult. You continue to post these insulting childish remarks that belong at recess on a grade school playground. Your disgusting raunchy comments show what and who you really are, and it is a sad sight.

          7. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            Trust me the people reading this agree with me, and can see through you like a clear glass full of hot air. When I give you facts you never respond to them you try to duck them. FACT Hillary used a private email server to store classified materials. FACT the Clinton foundation is a criminal front for handling the payment of bribes for influence. FACT Chelsea is not Bill Clinton’s biological Daughter. FACT your nose is so far up Hillarys arse you can count her polyps!

          8. rockcut says:

            First fact not proved but you think so. You do not believe a person is innocent , a corner stone of our country but you do not honor it. Shame on you. The foundation comment is pure speculation not ever proven but suspected and you call that fact. Shame on you., You stoop lower than a snake claiming Chelsea is not Bill’s child. Despicable ! You have drooped to the lowest level of a human being making such insulting disgusting remarks. Grow up .

          9. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            Um you are aware that her IT guy got immunity and spilled the beans on her right? Probably now since you are still counting polyps like a loyal groom of the stool. The only reason she is not in Orange right now is her political clout and that in itself is proof of how far down the hole of tyranny our nation has fallen. And look into my claims all of you who are just now coming to the realization that Chelsea is not Bills daughter: I give fact, I back them up! HILLARY’S EMAIL SERVER VIOLATED NATIONAL SECURITY FACT! Everyone one knows it, everyone sees that your goddess Hillary has on no clothes but fools like you are doing mental gymnastics to convince yourself her birthday suit is the finest of silk garbs.

          10. rockcut says:

            your imitation of Hillary has no clothes is the highest form of flattery. That is how sick you are. i already knew you read political hatch rag news sources to make you even more dumber than you are…..but keep up the good work.

          11. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            Look everyone the troll has climbed back out from under his bridge for another drubbing! Here is a tale from the Huffington post that bastion of liberal dribble that also proves my point. Hillary is violating National Security with her illegal email sever and tools like rockcut here are so technically illiterate they can’t fathom what could possibly be wrong with her keeping her own email server in her home. 30,000 of Hillary’s emails are still unaccounted for, mostly from the first year her illegal server was up and running. Hillary is taking money from foreign powers, that means Hillary is not going to be beholden to the People of the United States if we the people are foolish enough to let her steal her way into the White House, but she will be beholden to her foreign backers. Trump is not taking money from any of these Saudi’s or Chinese like Hillary is, and Trump will have only his and the peoples interests in mind.
            I predict rockcut will have nothing factual or relevant to counter this with only lame attacks on the messenger as the message is unassailable.

          12. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            Let us all pray…
            Dear Lord, if this child of yours rockcut be sincere in his ignorance of the truth of Hillary Clinton, please lift the hedge of his fallacy so that this blind man may see. However, good lord, should rockcut be a disinfo operative sowing seeds of confusion among your flock I call upon you to strike him down. Amen

          13. rockcut says:

            you are a very sick person using mocking prayer to make your political point. Render unto Cesar what is Cesar’s and render unto God what is God’s. You my friend are a phony. There is no other way to say it.

          14. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            The only sicko here is the man with his nose up Hillary’s rectum. You sir are as Godless as Anna Coulter says you liberals are. My prayer is sincere and I say it again!
            Dear Lord, if this child of yours rockcut be sincere in his ignorance of
            the truth of Hillary Clinton, please lift the hedge of his fallacy so
            that this blind man may see. However, good lord, should rockcut be a
            disinfo operative sowing seeds of confusion among your flock I call upon
            you to strike him down with furious anger. Amen

          15. rockcut says:

            you are the sick wacko Christian asking God to: I call upon you to strike him down with furious anger. Amen

            Get away from me you mean spirited Christian hypocrite !!!

          16. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            My, my, my, what an interesting “tell” we have here.
            The part about your eyes being open is of no concern to you, but that part about leading the flock astray really seems to have struck a nerve! I think you protest too much.

          17. rockcut says:

            As I stated very clearly before you are a hypocrite. I will always stand up against people who are like you.

          18. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            How have I behaved hypocritically, can you specify, give an actual example of my behavior that you feel was so hypocritical? Again I only asked for you to be struck down if you were spreading things you know to be false to lead others astray. If you are not doing such foul wickedness what are you worried about, it apparently is not that the Lord I prayed to will open your eyes to the vileness of Hillary Clinton who’s crimes are legion. And many of which I have articulated in prior posts. So put up or shut up.

          19. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            Yeah my skills of observation see how Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State blocked the investigation into the mosque where the Orlando Nightclub Shooter hailed from. Another example of Hillary Clintons leadership and you are fool enough to want to put this woman in the white house! You are the one with the impaired ability to observe the obvious reality.

          20. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            You mean Hillary stole millions of Bernie votes. Trump is going to cream Hillary in the general Election even with paid shills like rockcut spreading his pro-hillary pro-establishment lines. rockcut go crawl back under the rock you climbed out from beneath you TROLL.

          21. rockcut says:

            No one stole Bernie’s votes. keep insulting it will get you nowhere. I have to laugh at thinking I am a paid plant of Hillary. Your sills of observations need a hell of a lot of work. But your post have been amusing.

          22. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            I am sure all the people who supported Bernie would agree with you! Yeah Hillary won the coin tosses at the Iowa Caucus fair and square too all 6 in a row!

          23. Roger says:

            Are you talking about Hillary Benghazi Clinton the witch of murderess of Benghazi that refuse help to our embassy that coat four of our AMERICAN brothers their lives then tried to blame it on a video, said what difference at this point does it make then laughed about? If you support or even like anything with Clinton in it’s name, you are a stupid, brain dead, moronic, imbecilic fool! Put that where the sun don’t shine while you read the following list of failures by HILLARY BENGHAZI CLINTON! Oh yeah Clinton had one opponent Trump had to divide votes with 16 other candidates, one on one with anyone of the other 16 and Trump more than doubles the criminal from Arkansas!

          24. Roger says:

            Hillary Clinton is a total failure! She failed at everything she ever tried to do except lying, she is really good at that.
            1. While Secretary of State she failed to react to pleas for help from our Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, that failure cost four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens their lives!
            2. The administration tried to blame the attack on a video, which they knew was false! Hillary Clinton was part of this conspiracy because she was Secretary of State and did not refute this claim even though there was no way that she could not have known it was false.
            3. Hillary Clinton and her husband stole government property when they left the White House, now I don’t think after eight years they didn’t know what they were doing was illegal and that the property they stole did not belong to them.
            4. While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton used a private, unsecured email server to send and receive emails which she knew was illegal, while putting our national security at risk. She said others did it that’s why she did it. So it seems even if it is wrong, in her opinion it is right if someone else did it.
            5. While Secretary of State six billion dollars went missing from the State Department! That is taxpayer money, I am a taxpayer and I want to know where my money is!
            6. Just recently Hillary Clinton stated that no Americans lives were lost in Libya while she was Secretary of State. I guess she didn’t know that Benghazi was in Libya. Imagine that, a Secretary of State that doesn’t know her geography! These four Americans died in Benghazi, Libya, Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Information Management officer, Sean Smith, Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.
            7. Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq war in exchange for 20 billion dollars, promised to her by then President, George W. Bush. Supposedly for the rebuilding of New York City?
            8. Let’s not forget Whitewater and Vince Foster!
            9. Now we have Bill Clinton visiting polling places in an underhanded attempt to influence voters.
            10. When it comes to lying or telling the truth, this is what I heard Hillary Clinton say in an interview with Scott Pelley, she said I have always tried to tell the truth and I don’t believe I ever lied. What? You tell the truth or you don’t, there is no try. She doesn’t think she lied? I don’t believe I ever did anything that I didn’t know I did. If I told a lie, I would know it!
            11. Hillary Clinton even failed in marriage as everyone knows, they also know what went on in the oval office. Any other woman would have divorced her husband except for a woman pursuing a political agenda. Hillary doesn’t love her husband, she is using him for her own political gain.
            12. The establishment, the liberals and the media, slammed Donald Trump for not immediately denouncing David Duke’s endorsement but they say nothing about Hillary Clinton who was close friends with Robert Byrd, a former KKK member and chapter leader. I don’t care how much good one does it cannot erase the past. Byrd was a member of a gang of sheet clad bigots and thugs that maimed and killed people just because they were different much like the terrorists, Isis does now. It doesn’t matter whether or not Byrd was directly involved in any maiming or killings, he is guilty by association. Byrd’s claim that during his time in the KKK there was no violence, BS, he doesn’t know what other members did when he wasn’t around! Besides I don’t believe him, violence was and still is their agenda!
            David Duke a former member of the KKK also served in the political arena, so why is one former KKK member better than another? Robert Byrd and David Duke were members of a bigoted hate group, that maimed and killed for their own self serving agenda. Robert Byrd and David Duke both have blood on their hands, whether or not they were personally involved in any maiming or murders, simply put Robert Byrd and David Duke were terrorists.

          25. Roger says:

            Hillary Clinton put our entire country and the life of every AMERICAN citizen at risk with her unauthorized illegal email server and I as an AMERICAN taxpayer, demand that she be arrested and prosecuted for her crimes against AMERICA and the AMERICAN he people! There is also the question of six billion dollars that went missing from the State Department when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, something that seems has been swept under the rug! Six billion dollars is more than the average middle class AMERICAN worker would earn in 20 lifetimes and our government treats it with no more concern than an average AMERICAN would give losing a shirt button! Hillary Clinton owes the AMERICAN taxpayers six billion dollars, it disappeared under her watch and she is responsible for finding it or replacing it with interest! I honestly don’t know how this woman that failed and let four AMERICANS die in Benghazi can even show her face in public let alone run for President or think that she has a snowballs chance in hell of getting elected!

          26. rockcut says:

            I am sick of your fake patriots using fine Americans that died in the service of our country for a political hack job on Hillary Clinton. You should be ashamed of yourself calling here murderess. That is so gross and misguided. But, no you go on and on with your smear posting inaccurate information and you know it.

      2. Tiger says:

        She is just like O and he has broken so many of our laws I lost count. They think they can because they can.

        1. rockcut says:

          Why has she not been charged. You can say what you said but without facts thinking people will take it as just another hot air comment.

          1. Tiger says:

            That is too funny, without facts? Do you not keep up? Between the published facts and the facts that the FBI has there is only one place hot air comments exist, from the WH, Hillary and Liberals.

          2. rockcut says:

            “Between the published facts and the facts that the FBI has” Wow, do you have a direct line to the FBI and they are sharing facts about their investigation with you! you would have to to make the above statement. But, don’t let that get in your way. I have read a lot of published opinion and my take is to wait until the investigation is over and reported out to the public. But, that might be adult for people like you who condemn prior to the conclusion.

          3. Tiger says:

            You are delusional how much does she pay you to spread this shit?

          4. rockcut says:

            I am pretty well sounded. It is a surprise to you that everyone does not agree with you? Calm down, you will live thru it. But, Trump will never be president.

          5. Tiger says:

            He has a better chance than Hillary who most assuredly won’t ever be president.

            Wait and see she is a goner and they will put Joe in.

            I am not excited believe me if I were you would know it and feels good when people like you disagree with me, like Trump just more votes of approval.

          6. rockcut says:

            Are you that scared of Hillary that you are hoping beyond hope that she is indicted. Is that your lone hope that Trump will win. Very thin ice, you are in for a bit splash into the river of denial.

          7. Tiger says:

            Hillary is a liar, proven during the Benghazi investigations when congress showed on the big screen her emails to her daughter telling her that Benghazi had been attacked by terrorists. They also showed 600 emails from Stevens telling the State Dept they needed more security. She then along with O lied to the American people but worse the families of the dead.

            There is more than enough shown on the net in articles that she had Top Secrets on her emails. That is fact. She also was with O when he went after Gadhafi, who was no imminent threat to America and American presidents are not supposed to assassinate leaders, and then we had Benghazi. He and she both encouraged Egypt to get Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood as their president. They got smart fast and ousted him. All our allies in the ME are ousting Muslim Brotherhood but O has them in powerful positions in our Homeland Security.

            Last night in Florida, Orlando 20 people killed and 42 injured by a radicalized man. Hillary wants to bring in 65,000 more refugees. Europe ousting them, 75% are men, last month alone in Germany 74,000 crimes were done by refugees and over 1000 rapes across Europe.

            The illegals cost us billions of dollars as do these refugees. What about all this do people like you not understand? She is someone to be feared because she is unhealthy for America.

            I think you better start taking really cold showers for your swim in the River of Denial.

          8. Tiger says:

            Also remember O is endorsing her while the investigation is ongoing and he is the boss of the DOJ and the FBI what he is doing is unheard of in America.

          9. rockcut says:

            yep, I know it is unheard of because he is Black. I get you code words.

          10. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            She is not being charged because our system is so corrupt so dishonest it protects the highest level criminals such as the Obama;s and Clintons as long as they carry out the agenda of their owners. The justice department is running fast and furious gun running operations in conjunction with the Department of State. Justice and State all engaged in criminal behavior so that one can’t go down without bringing down the other. Mutually assured criminality so all sides have to protect the backs of their criminal partners.

      3. rockcut says:

        She has broken no laws and had not been charged with breaking any laws. And, to use the scum of the earth comment toward another Human Being and an American reflects on you and your nastiness.

        1. Steve Dolyniuk says:

          If you & a box of rocks were given an IQ test, the box of rocks would win !!

          1. rockcut says:

            I bet you used that one when you were at recess in grade school. Sorry, but child-like taunts do not work in the adult world. But, go ahead and keep using them, you have my adult permission.

          2. Steve Dolyniuk says:

            You are not an adult. Your mother threw the baby away & kept the afterbirth, You !!

          3. rockcut says:

            I can see with your petty child-like bully reply that I hit a nerve dead center. My advice, do not play with an adult when you are a nothing but a foul mouth child.

          4. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            There is a special place in hell for dishonest brokers like yourself, burn baby burn!

          5. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            He is a troll, no doubt getting paid by hard working tax payers to spread his disinfo and lies. We all see through rockcuts BS 😉

        2. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

          LOL rockcut you are such a brown nosing pro establishment troll, it is embarrassingly funny to see your posts on here. As for Hilary’s myriad crimes, she had a private email server with classified documents on it, she ordered staff to remove the classified headers in violation of law, she used the Clinton Foundation to funnel funds into her pocket in exchange for putting data on her server to be broken into and hacked by foreign powers. She had her lover Vince Forster killed, she assaulted then President Clinton with a marble ashtray, she stole the furniture from the white house, but she is untouchable with all the dirt she has on the rest of Washington DC.

          1. rockcut says:

            The more you post the more myths you come up with …..people like you are a dime of doz. with your hot air nonsense. Keep throwing out garbage and thinking Americans will just shovel it out for it is meaningless.

          2. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            We will see how America reacts Monday when Trump makes his speech regarding the arch criminal Hillary. I am so looking forward to Trump being president and the day when truth and decency will once again be associated with the United States instead of the corruption, criminality and moral decay that Hillary and her supporters represent. I see you have no counter to any of the allegation you replied to, that is because these allegations are true and you can not assault them with your lies. The truth will come out and Hillary is destined for the big house not the White House.

      1. Webb says:

        Carry it out, on your way!!

      2. American Male says:

        YES YOU ARE

    2. John E Strom Jr. says:

      You mean JOHN “War Hero” McCain and the Mormon Judas? Two eunuchs.

    3. Tiger says:

      Amen and when Romney folded under the big Liberal Sheila that said he was wrong about the Rose Garden speech, and O asked her to repeat it and then Moocher and her gang of thugs in the audience applauded Romney was humiliated and didn’t insist he was right which after the debate she says he was right.

      Then Ryan was eaten alive by the snarling, growling, laughing like a loon Biden, interfering with Ryan’s comments and Ryan looked shocked instead of standing against the organ grinders monkey Biden and stopping him.

      Won’t happen with Trump.

    4. rockcut says:

      Trump took some very heavy incoming from E. Warren last night and she scored a KO and exposed Trump for what he is a bully and a fraud.

      1. Dan says:

        If Trump in your mind is a bully and a fraud, then what would that make the Clintons?

        1. rockcut says:

          Neither a bully or a fraud, it is that simple. i do not buy anything sold by the GOP. End of discussion.

          1. Dan says:

            Liberalism is a mental disorder….end of discussion

          2. rockcut says:

            Run off like the little coward you are and report back to your Bully-in-Chief for more insults to throw around for this one is so childish.

          3. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            More like a Brown Nosing Shillary fanatic who is on the payroll. Only a brain dead Dumbocrat or a operative has this much support for the walking dead that is Hillary.

          4. rockcut says:

            You are nothing but a dull empty suit. Your type is a dime a doz. You post hot air with an anger and nasty cord running thru each post. Insult is your game and you lose every time you employ it. It is a game of a loser.

          5. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            You sir are immune to fact and reason. You are either a paid operative or so heavily lost in the illusion of reality presented by the mainstream media that you still believe Kennedy was killed with a magic bullet and 19 hijackers with box cutters defeated the US air defense three times on 9/11. Those who are living in reality know what farces these official stories really are, and those who can not figure it out, the supporters of Hillary are destined to be left behind in the dustbin of history. Hillary bullies all the women who Bill Clinton sexually assaults and rapes. Hillary has the blood of Vince Foster on her hands as well as Gaddafi, Benghazi and the millions who are dead and dying in the nations that were destabilized by State Department actions under her watch. And you are such a moron you want to put this criminal witch in the white house to do more evil in the name of the United States. Shame on you!

          6. rockcut says:

            The true now comes out. You are a conspiracy nut. Most of your charges are pure BS. Plus, I got to you big time for you have fired off post after post. Now you look really bad humping my leg LOL….grow up.

          7. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            Oh look who is resorting to name calling and using the CIA’s now defunct term “Conspiracy Nut/Theorist”. And from what I can see it is your style to fire off post after post, so when someone does it to you you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen! Are you Canadian with your leg humping fetish you would fit right in, they just voted to allow beastiality. So you are one of the brainwashed plebs that swallows the BS from the mainstream press hook line and sinker, you are among the 6% that trusts the sell outs in suits that pass themselves off as the press core. 6% is all you fools represent and we are to believe Hillary actually beat Sanders! You are so far gone you can’t even see the obvious truth of how much of a crook “Crooked Hillary” really is. Trump will not put up with her stealing his votes the way Sanders caved! TRUMP will be the next POTUS. And trolls like rockcut can try to pick up their bags and move to a socialist haven like Venezuela, see how that works out for you!

          8. rockcut says:

            yawn, your post is just that yawn. Nothing new. Just a collection of disjointed points bathed in Conspiracy Nut/Theory” Trump will never be president and you remember that the night of the election and think back to when I told you so and go get some heart burn pills.

          9. disqus_XTlLBKTUb6 says:

            And I see not one factual point put forth by you as to why Trump will never be president. Yet numerous facts and points have been tossed about illustrating the criminality of Hillary Clinton, from Watergate to Benghazi. Hillary is a failed Secretary of state and a moronic portion of the populace wishes to reward her obvious incompetence with higher office. You sir are the problem if you believe Hillary is fit for anything other then a new orange jumpsuit.

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