Trump rips Obama over report he learned of Kremlin threat in 2014

by Fox News
August 16, 2017

President Trump sought to turn the tables on the Obama administration Tuesday morning on the heels of a report saying they received “multiple warnings” as far back as 2014 about the Moscow meddling threat, suggesting his predecessor kept it under wraps because “he didn’t want to anger Russia.”

“According to report just out, President Obama knew about Russian interference 3 years ago but he didn’t want to anger Russia!” Trump tweeted.

Politico reported that the Obama administration was warned between 2014 and 2016 that the Kremlin was building networks and operations that could be used to disrupt the U.S. political system.

One Russian source reportedly was quoted in a report saying Russia was operating in the U.S. and Europe and had “penetrated media organizations, lobbying firms, political parties, governments and militaries in all of these places.”

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  • CCblogging says:

    Obama wants America gone and a global government installed to rule over planet earth. Obama didn’t warn Americans of this Russian infiltration which shows he didn’t care about Americans or our elections. Want more proof that Obama doesn’t respect elections? In the last election, Obama told the illegal’s to vote for Hillary and promised them that nothing would happen to them if they voted. I saw that myself on TV. Obama is treacherous as a snake and relentless as his puppet master, George Soros. .We got to shut that creep down!

  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    May history record that O’Bama was the worst “Do Nothing” President that this Country has ever had and makes Hoover look like a saint by comparison,
    massive unemployment, ballooning “Public Debt”, Millions on food stamps, giving Iran millions of dollars in the big middle of Iran supported terrorism,.Hillary Clinton selling Russia uranium (To build atomic bombs) and claiming Trump colluded with Russia without a shred of evidence. All the lies being spread by the news media. What more do you need to prosecute O’Bama and company?

  • Webb says:

    Truth In DC…Never!

  • Richard Frick says:

    Obama was a puppet who was dangled by Soros to destroy the USA. The same for the liberal media that bows down to Soros. He should be taken down like Osama bin Laden and Isis.

  • Jane says:

    GO PRESIDENT TRUMP! We love you and you are doing FANTASTIC work. Obumo was the WORST President EVER!

  • Noah Rosenblum says:

    Obummer was a huge mistake; A failed experiement

    1. CCblogging says:

      I never fell for Obama’s hope and change bs so I never voted for him. I am proud of that fact.

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    The Kremlin and its spies are everywhere. That’s the beauty and beast of democracy to foreign adversaries. It doesn’t mean we should yield to Russia like Trump has done. Putin holds no secrets over most of us–corporations, individuals, agencies and organizations. We operate according to laws we all agree via congress, states and localities. No need to fear the publications media, public discourse, open exchanges via social media or private talks–unless we are crooked, liars, or gossipers. In that case I invite you to repent before the wrath of God descends on you as unbelievers or devil worshippers. That seems to be what happened with alt right supremacists, White Nationals and other evil doers against our fair democracy. With his obvious ties to Russian mafia and terrorists, Trump is the last one to criticize anyone else. Let’s root out 5th columnists and restore our respect in the Constitution and laws.

    1. Frank629 says:

      man you are a delusional story teller.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Where do you see any delusion?

        1. Frank629 says:

          i think your whole life has been a delusional escapade .i don’t even think your a “”DR.”” unless as i’ve told you before “”A DR.OF BS”.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            A little child may say ‘I hate you’, but they have little to base it on aside from the momentary roadblock you have put on them. You don’t know me, haven’t even googled me. Still, you supply no items of ‘BS’ as I requested for my understanding.

          2. Frank629 says:

            Sir and i use that term loosely as it applies to you who would want to “google “you .You are an irrevelant buffoon who has nothing better to do but post phony and made up lies that come out of your sick and demented mind.Now my DEMENTED person i will not reply anymore to your insane rants as you are not that important .get a life,stop drinking the liberal koolaid and by all means come out of that dank cellar and breathe some fresh air man.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            OK, I viewed your profile in part. You are anti-intellectual by your posts of record. That doesn’t mean you have anything resembling thought or memory. I see you simply read and verify or reject, little independent thought–could YOU be one of the ‘demented’, ‘insane’, ‘koolaid drinking’, cellar rats that Trump attracts. He’s the subject here and you have nothing to add on the current issue(s). Not even a whimper. That’s the definition of TROLL.

          4. gvette says:

            LMAO…he has a doctorate in education. In the real world, that means nothing. It just makes his fellow progressive go WOW! That degree, and a dime won’t get you a cup of coffee!

        2. gvette says:

 everything you post!

    2. donl says:

      You are a Confused Commie!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        What makes you think so?

    3. gvette says:
      I wish you’d stop using your DemonFUCK talking points. They make you look dumber then you already are. Oh, I know Bill you think you know more then everyone, but, you’re the only one that thinks that, except for a few of your low IQ liberal progressive friends!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Truth waits for no applause or praise. But check your memory–I’ve already recently said my points are independently derived. Do you know any movies–any resemblance between my positions and those of anybody living or dead, any agency today or yesterday, is purely coincidental. There are inalienable rights, and enduring truths I hold dear. If they look dumb to you, or seem beyond your pay grade, or hear them from liberal or progressive people, you could use a self-examination to benefit yourself and how you look in print. BTW IQ was discredited long ago as a measure of anyone’s actions and beliefs, especially in education.

        1. gvette says:

          I agree. 50 bucks buys a teaching certificate. Get on the gravy train of a part time job, with full time benefits, and pay. You progressive know nothing of truth.

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            A super bingo my friend!!

    4. Rodney Steward says:

      We live in a Republic, Cod, and you’re still full of the old Dem BullShi$ !! Notice that you are no longer a Doc, it’s been turned around like it should be!! 🙂

  • Tiger says:

    If everything Obama did, every scandal were a rock around his neck, he would go swimming in the ocean in Hawaii and go straight to the bottom of the sea. If he could even walk or stand anymore.

    He best keep his thong ass out of this country, just heard on the AM news that the documents on the Tarmac Meeting between Lynch and Billy, oh you all do know the pilot of that plane is dead, yepper well any who they implicate that the FBI and all knew and also the WH knew. All conniving and canoodling as always.

    Judicial watch is the one that has been on this and get this, the FBI sent them 3 blank pages, redacted that were supposed to be the emails. But what did happen is the FBI is reopening the case. Trump makes a difference.

    1. itsfun says:

      You are right and President Trump is draining the swamp as fast as he can. We learn about more corruption in the Obama administration every day. We learn how Obama knew about Russia and ignored the information. Obama and his administration only enforced laws they liked and leaped to conclusions every time a law enforcement officer was involved in a shooting, while ignoring the shootings and murder every day in Chicago.

      1. Tiger says:

        This scenario we are facing today was cunningly planned by Obama. We saw it from the very beginning of his terms of terror. Now we are inundated with Muslims, from the worst countries, MS-13 and illegals out the pa-toot. They are now formidable in size and dangerous. So happy to see Trump moving as fast as he can to remove the illegals and the MS-13.

        1. itsfun says:

          Obama did all he could to make the United States a third world nation. He hates our successes and progress. I consider him to be a traitor to our nation.

          1. Tiger says:

            With what we are seeing since the elections and before, he did a darned good job and they are still working for him. I don’t know how he, Michael Moore, Hillary and Soros are not picked up for breaking our laws, related to calling for the overthrowing of a sitting president and our government. One thing that came out of this mess in Virginia is Trump knows who his enemies are in the Republican party.

          2. itsfun says:

            Corrupt people like Hillary and Soros know where the skeletons are buried. They are proof that the law is only for us common citizens and not the political elite.

          3. Tiger says:

            They are salivating over all this, a war within is what they want. They worked hard for this.

          4. Roy Fredrichsen says:

            If he is lucky maybe he won’t be assassinated by some
            government “Hater” he created trying to unseat President Trump through intimidatation and lies..

          5. ItsJo says:

            True post and he should be charged with TREASON Against this Republic and it’s citizens. His whole regime was corrupt as he is, and he used ALL agencies as he stated: “We will Punish our Enemies, and REWARD our Friends.” That’s a promise this FAKE/Liar Kept.

          6. itsfun says:

            He never identified who he considered friends or enemies. The reason is he considered us the enemy.

        2. GoldenGirl2u says:

          Every time I hear of more rioting and the desecration of National Monuments I think of Obama. He is the one who stirred up all this crap and allowed it. He should have been charged and tried for treason, the harm he caused and the Dems. to this country and still causing is beyond words and nobody is doing anything to stop it. The Reps. are a bunch of spineless wimps and although I have such respect for Pres. Trump I fear that all the continued fight against him will eventually wear him down. I pray that I am wrong and that he doesn’t give in. I also know that he is not perfect and is only one man, I also pray that he can stay true to the people who voted him in and the reasons that they did so. We did not want a typical politician and still don’t. People that are trying to change him and shape him, need to stop. God Bless Pres. Trump and family and keep them all safe from the evil that is trying to destroy them and thereby the USA.

          1. Tiger says:

            I have the same fears you do. How much can one man take? My humble opinion is that it was planned. It will get worse and since any condemnation of the left, who has been involved in nothing but rioting and violence since Obama, continued into the elections and is escalating.

          2. goldie says:

            If he has the prayers of the Christians of this great nation at his back, he can do much. All things are possible with God. Good thing President Trump has such thick skin and is very familiar with all these people. It scare them to death that he knows how to play their game.

          3. Ray says:

            Yeah, we haven’t seen nothing yet. Pay back is hell, but President Trump will have his day with the ones that are against him. And we as voters know who they are, so vote them out in 2018.

          4. her says:

            Yes, Ray, The President’s time will come in the very short future. Those who had their hands in the cookie jar will get their wrists slapped. Trump supporters, it is never too early to start spreading the word about our Great President, in preparation for 2020. Low unemployment, jobs, stock market (Dow Jones over 2200), these are just a few …… zzz her

          5. NolanR says:

            I don’t ant their wrists slapped! I want their necks stretched at the end of a rope!

        3. goldie says:

          The scenario is called ‘communist takeover’. It’s happened many times before and in the days of J. Edgar Hoover our country knew about it and was watchful of it. The media has so slandered his name that a lot of people think he was evil.

          1. Tiger says:

            Yep and they are using the exact same tactics of Hitler, even though he hated Communism he was using the same methods. They are setting up the Ult-Right, which we know includes anyone who talks Nationalism, the Constitution, God etc. to be blamed for every evil in this country just as Hitler did with the Jews.

        4. ItsJo says:

          Correct post. Obama HATES “Arrogant(his words) America” and he did all he could to bring about America’s Demise. With Hillary, the job (as Soros’ two puppets, SHE would have finished the job, as it is their Agenda of a “One World Order” wherein THEY are the rulers over ‘we unimportant citizens’….They have lowed the bar in America, by making it a “Dumping Ground of Illegal Aliens, they SEE as votes for them down the rd.”

          1. Tiger says:

            And now we know the rioters in Charllotesville was on purpose and they were bused in and paid. All over the net now and youtube.



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            WTS/JAY • a day ago

            Why Was This ‘Crowd Hire’ Company Recruiting $25 An Hour ‘Political Activists’ In Charlotte Last Week?

            discovery of a craigslist ad posted last Monday, almost a full week
            before the Charlottesville protests, is raising new questions over
            whether paid protesters were sourced by a Los Angeles based “public
            relations firm specializing in innovative events” to serve as agitators
            in counter protests: https://charlotte.craigslis

            ad was posted by a company called “Crowds on Demand” and offered $25
            per hour to “actors and photographers” to participate in events in the
            “Charlotte, NC area.” While the ad didn’t explicitly define a role to
            be filled by its crowd of “actors and photographers” it did ask
            applicants to comment on whether they were “ok with participating in
            peaceful protests.”

          2. ItsJo says:

            Correct, as the site you said, is the same one I saw, and THEY should be charged with this, and investigated to find out WHO paid them for the job of HIRING THESE THUGS…..ASAP.

    2. donl says:

      Can’t help but feel sorry for the Pilot, must have heard something. You don’t mess with the Clinton Clan, and live!

      1. Tiger says:

        Amen. I hear there is another person thinking of spilling the beans on Hillary, she best to wear a suit of armor and be guarded day and night.

      2. Tiger says:

        Now I hear some saying he was not a pilot, that the picture isn’t of him and he isn’t dead but some say he is, who knows.

    3. Retired says:

      The Monkey could never stand on his own 2 feet , others had to prop him up .He was a UN – IMF – OWO and World Central Bank Puppet just like the Clintons . Billy Boy Made sure the Banks would not lose when the 2008 crash came . The Bankers and Mortage Co. leaders should all have gone to Prison for giving out loan to people that could not afford them .

      1. Tiger says:

        So much evil. Listen to this video and very carefully at his end remarks please and share. Thank you.

  • Jmanjo says:

    Obama was a troublemaker. For a president to pick and choose which laws to enforce and which to ignore and then to do nothing about threats to the US and come back and ridicule the next president in the way he carries out the job is a travesty!

    1. Retired says:

      Putin would have liked a match with the Boy Muslim in a ring to beat the crap out of him , Putin would still do it today . That would make for a good media show .

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      That’s what you call the enemy!

    3. ItsJo says:

      Obama is STILL a trouble maker, along with his corrupt regime of his – Jarret that lives in the O home in D.C., Michelle who continues to throw digs around about PRESIDENT TRUMP, and the rest of these Leftovers who formed “The Shadow Gov’t” and Soros, who Feeds the Money to the Liberal Media, The Protesters/Rioters he hired/paid for even back to Ferguson, etal. All this, to continue to “Cause Chaos in America, and to bring that chaos into the Trump Administration JUST as Obama KNEW he was going to do all along-this is WHY he stayed in D.C. because he never thought Hillary would NOT WIN.
      But WE the people spoke, because of being SICK of the D.C. Cesspool and Corruption, and voted for Trump to “Drain that Smelly Swamp”…………of Crooked Dems, like Schumer, Pelosi, etc. AND I include the Rino/Establishment of the GOP
      ALL these players Look to “Enrich themselves and care less about this Republic OR it’s citizens.”

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