Trump says he’ll rebuild border wall in California despite Gov. Brown

by Stephen Dinan
May 9, 2018

President Trump said Wednesday he will push ahead with upgrading sections of the border wall in California, apparently reversing his early vow not to do any more wall construction in the state until Congress approved his full border barrier.

Mr. Trump, who has feuded with Gov. Jerry Brown over California’s sanctuary policies and resistance to the administration’s stepped-up enforcement, said he would overlook those differences and allow wall upgrades to about 28 miles of the border in the San Diego sector.

“San Diego has asked us to go forward with their section of the wall in California. And rather than not doing that and letting them lobby for us with Governor Brown, we decided to do it,” the president said at a meeting with his Cabinet. “We’ll have a little bit less of a lobby, but we’ll have a lot of people happy in San Diego.”

His announcement came just as administration officials were giving an update on the president’s deployment of National Guard troops to the border.

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  • CharlieSeattle says:

    When Trump signed the spending bill…..No Veto was even considered.

    So what did Trump give his supporters? …Just a short fence, Not the 1,954 mile Wall that he promised.

    Not gonna cheer for your California fence thingy.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    14 months in now and….

    800,000 DACA Illegal aliens ARE STILL HERE! Instead of voiding Obama’s Illegal DACA Executive Order/BS Memo to Jeh Johnson (Not a Law) and deporting all here >>immediately<> Helll, They would all …STILL BE HERE …….even if Clinton had been elected!

    Trump wall……STILL…… NOT HERE! The short 33 mile FENCE you approved is NOT a WALL!

    AG Sessions is even…MISSING! His picture is on milk cartons everywhere.

    Trump ALSO promised to name Communist China a currency manipulator.
    You promised to sanction Communist China for aiding North Korea.
    You promised to sanction Communist China for cyber crime.
    You promised to sanction Communist China for industrial espionage.
    You promised to sanction Communist China for making illegal South China sea island bases.
    ………….but Nooo! you kissed Communist China’sAssss on your recent visit!

    ………….So far, I am not impressed. Trump “betrayed” his base and the “Angel Moms,” that stood with him on stage, who lost loved ones to illegal aliens!

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Trump, is STILL wrong about OUR priorities!

    1) LAST WEEK at the Michigan rally Trump said he would allow illegal aliens in to take farm jobs. …………NO APPLAUSE!

    2) LAST MONTH Trump caved when signed the spending bill that only allows for a short 33 mile ‘FENCE’ not a 1,954 mile WALL. ………….NO APPLAUSE!

    3) For the LAST YEAR, Trumps many Pro-DACA statements encouraged the illegal alien border surge. ………….NO APPLAUSE!

    4) Trump’s own lame actions are betraying his supporters.

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