Trump slams mayor in Puerto Rico, then praises other officials over recovery effort

by Joseph Weber,
October 1, 2017

President Trump on Saturday defended his administration’s hurricane recovery effort in Puerto Rico and questioned the leadership of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz who is criticizing the president’s effort to get supplies, electricity and other relief to the U.S. island.

But after facing criticism over his attacks of the mayor, Trump tweeted praise for several other officials involved in the recovery, including the governors of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. He also praised Puerto’s Rico’s representative in Congress.

“We must all be united in offering assistance to everyone suffering in Puerto Rico and elsewhere in the wake of this terrible disaster,” the president tweeted.

He called out three government officials for praise.

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  • Tiger says:

    She is the perfect example of why a woman should never hold a high position. To cry and wail and cry foul play when Trump responded immediately, is just hormonal and doesn’t speak well for women.

    Most likely a liberal paid by Soros and Hillary to cry foul and racism on Trump, don’t let a tragedy go to waste. The real world and people know Trump has and is handling tragedy after tragedy in a great way, co-coordinating with governors who do know their stuff and people in the know. This mayor slammed by Fema and others. She has a screw lose needs to find the missing bolt.

  • juniemoon says:

    All the supplies from the U.S. are there in Puerto Rico. They’re held up at the docks and no distribution by the locals.

    Dimwit mayor cruz is not making an effort to get those supplies out to the people. Cruz is following instructions from the dimwit party in order to embarrass President Trump. Stupid mayor has got her nerve arguing with the President of the United States. Time to get rid of that dumbass.

  • Stikit says:

    Puerto Rico, is a disaster because of failed liberal management, which is an oxymoron, because it doesn’t exist. THEY are bankrupt!! They failed in every respect with infrastructure, all bridges destroyed, power lines are ancient and disheveled. No transportation, no communication, no organization…and virtually no power. And they sh*t on Trump, for their total failures, and want us to put humpty-dumpty together again, though they are displaying no effort, or will, but swift to blame our President, as a political smear, because, as with most liberals they are useless whiner’s that are not fit to govern anything.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      She has a D-beside her name, that tells a lot!!

  • inspector says:

    Jam with Trump she got here talking points from the Democrats

    1. truthseeker says:

      President Trump is our Leader ! Attacking him is attacking us as true Americans. Let Spain take them over and put that suggestion to them. We don’t have to keep them on our Pay roll. If they cannot pay their bills cause of so much corruption, just let them go. That would deflate their massive Ego. Sometimes when you have a leach sucking off you, you must put a little salt on it to remove it in those hard to reach area’s .

  • inspector says:

    We don,t owe these people anything They don,t pay taxes to the US treasury .The 3 million Americans down there are working there and not paying taxes to the US. Beggars can,t complain Be thankful for what your getting

  • Navy Bob says:

    I actually feel bad for the Mayor. She is being used as an anti-Trump pawn and doesn’t seem to know it. On the Sunday morning show today, the FEMA Director stated they only had 16 confirmed deaths so far. He stated he feared the number would go up, but is a far cry from the “doom and gloom” the Mayor is portraying. The Director just returned form PR and said other mayors and the Governor were working with FEMA and getting the supplies distributed, but the San Juan Mayor is not cooperating with his people of the other PR Government folks. He stated they have delivered gas to 700 of the 1100 gasoline stations on the island, and where is this story in the press? He acknowledged that they are having massive problems, the biggest of which is local man power to help with the deliveries, but he said they are doing well. I know the media could NEVER say that the Administration has their act together here, as ell as in FL and TX, but some recognition of the herculean effort being put forth by FEMA and their workers would be nice.

  • 7818TD says:

    The Lord helps those who help themselves, and where in Houston, Florida, and Mexico, we saw Neighbor helping Neighbor, even before help got there, in Puerto Rico, you see nothing. Dysfunctional Country, Island of Detroit???

  • ItsJo says:

    The “CMU” (Carnegie Mellon U.)graduate, is just Another Liberal ‘Jumping on the Bash Trump Bandwagon-that he ALREADY had efforts in the works, as he talked with several in P.R. Why did SHE not get to the “Sitting Medical Pallets, and start handing out the medical supplies?” She was NOT ON TOP OF ANY THING IN P.R. AND THINGS JUST SAT THERE, ALSO W/TRUCKS OF OTHER SUPPLIES, THAT NO ONE WOULD DRIVE…..DON’T THE PEOPLE OF P.R. “JUMP IN TO HELP OTHERS, AS DID THE VOLUNTEERS OF TX., FLORIDA, ETC.? APPARENTLY NOT, BUT SHE JUST DID WHAT ALL LIBS DO….”ATTACK PRESIDENT TRUMP, AND PILE ON”…..TYPICAL.”

  • Jeanne Stotler says:

    In the one I saw, she was standing in front of flats of food and other things, I saw the GOYA label on some. I have a friend that works for DHS and she’s been working 12 + hours a day since HARVEY and FEMA did send supplies BEFORE Maria hit PR, the roads and fallen wires, poles etc have kept them from being delivered. Where are the MEN who live there, they should be helping to clear roads and deliver supplies.

    1. ItsJo says:

      True post Jeanne….they certainly did NOT volunteer as did the people in Tx. and Florida….Guess they DON’T do anything, THEN FIND FAULT

      1. Jeanne Stotler says:

        I lived in Fla. for 16 yrs, we kept at least 10 clean milk jugs ready, a evacuation box if needed, propane stove and propane tanks, Sm. ones, food that wouldn’t perish, like tuna, spam canned veggies, and canned potatoes and a first aid kit well stocked. Since I am a Nurse I made sure a copy of my lic. and my extra stethoscope and BP cuff were also there. We were lucky the only storms during our stay were tropical storms, in fact here in DC suburbs we have see more than we did in Fla. (his was Miami and Palm Beach)

  • Rodney Steward says:

    This woman was very pleased last year when America bailed their a$$es out at the tune of 4.5 billion $$$ because of the mismanaging of their money from this very same woman and a couple of others! Now we’ll have to BUILD BACK the whole country with money we don’t have, then she’ll be happy again! Just don’t let her handle the money or it’ll be gone again!

    1. ItsJo says:

      WE, should NOT send them any taxpayer’s Money….Let HER figure it out, with the corruption she apparently shared in, and squandered what was sent prior. She knew this hurricane was coming, and DID NOTHING TO PREPARE….Screw her and ALL Liberals-

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        I totally agree, she’s their Elizabeth Warren, money hungry liar!

        1. truthseeker says:

          Rumor has it that the Democrats are telling her to be Nasty to our President and President Trump knows this and is prepared for it. I would advise them to shut their mouth and NOT ! tell off our President .

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            And I would totally agree with you my friend, these Dems. just can not handle the success this President has had, and they’re not use to a workaholic after 8 years of a clown!!

          2. truthseeker says:

            I like how President Trump blew turned away , when she said, ” This is about safety and not Politics'”, especially when we see piles of food just sitting there . How many Mayors does it take for that Island ? We should just let the country of Spain take it over and write off that debt o that the Gov. and Mayors piled up .and let all those in charge go to Debtors Prison until they can figure out how to pay it off. Lesson learned would be how all of our Politicians might think twice !

          3. Rodney Steward says:

            Wish we could dump them on someone else, but sadly they are considered part of America now and and are citizens, but yes, this Dem. acting fool is being pushed by the Dems. and even favors Elizabeth Warren and just as bright!

    2. truthseeker says:

      To late she already received plenty and just in time to put in the sod on her Front Lawn , or maybe a new Lear Jet in order to get out quicker .

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        Probably to her fine home here in America, she’s a low life Dem.!!

        1. truthseeker says:

          This Mayor of San Juan has stated several times, she is not a Democrat , so what party does she belong to, could it be the communist party as a lot of people feel she is. America does have the right to disinherit Porta Rico . Maybe after the 4 Billion dollars she got as bail out money should tell us we need Spain to take her back .

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            A great comment my friend, but the Dem. party is the communist party of America! There is the American Communist party located in Berkeley California and is to have 70 members of congress and senate of both sides that belong to it, but I can not show proof, just read it on the net!!

          2. truthseeker says:

            I too read something about how the Republican Party severed themselves from the rest of the Republicans in order to not have to report for work and have their own attendance rosters . This is why we have such a great divide when it comes to any productive voting and the Democrats’ know this . It is a joke on the Republicans from people like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi as a roadblock to all votes they chose not to pass . This is the biggest reason why the Supreme Court needs to pass a law that these Senators and Congress people cannot not get pass a two termer . They all know that they are more powerful than our President .

          3. Rodney Steward says:

            And that’s what makes me so sick, Obama was treated like a King by both parties and the B-TARD wasn’t even a true American with a made up family and hated this country more than anyone I’ve ever seen!! And now we’re in a total mess that’s more than likely going to require a war to correct!!

          4. Askjrsk says:

            The Lemyan Prince with fake ID? I had fake ID to buy booze before I was of age but Obama should be over it. Does he think he’s a white girl not a colored Kenyan boy foreign student? Everyone else knows.

          5. Rodney Steward says:

            He knows what he is http:/…

          6. Askjrsk says:

            Unfortunately this won’t come through could be taken down.

          7. Rodney Steward says:

            You’re right, it’s been blocked, more and more stuff on Obama and Hellary is being taken down, Soros must be having it done!! We’re watching our freedom being pulled right out from under us!!

          8. Askjrsk says:


          9. truthseeker says:

            He knew how to play the race card . Our Love and guilt we have towards black people is gone way to far . Obama paid one million dollars to hide to Foreign Student ID and had to send little buddy/ roommate back to India or where ever he came from. We have had a Muslim take over since MLK . I lived in Michigan and the white people had to flee their homes, due to the crime. Integration did not work . People like the Kennedy’s sent their Children to Private schools, but for us who could not afford to do so , had to open our Public schools for them to integrate. Now most of our Football players are black and we see how that is working. It isn’t being racist to say we come from a different culture . It is not the Skin, but the culture that we have a conflict with.

          10. Rodney Steward says:

            You’ve made a whole lot of sense truth., a lot, and Obama brought out the worst in both races and it’s so sad, I know it has in me! I was NEVER as racist as I am now and was in the service with some of the best black people in the world and would have died for them, but Obama forced racism and killing of our cops, destroyed our school systems with these socialist teachers, and the list goes on and on and like you, it makes me sick! But this is how you bring down a country, and for God sake’s why would you want to destroy the best country in the world and if people think differently they should live some where else for a short time!! Hopefully things will change soon, it has too!!

          11. Askjrsk says:

            Makes me so dang mad I’m going to BERKLEY there, and smash out the windows and burn down Starbucks and protest!! It’s my right. It’s my party and I can vandalize if I want to. First amendment and I can’t practice the second amendment until I practice the first.

          12. Rodney Steward says:

            LOLOLOL, I’ve got a feeling the 2nd is going to be the only thing that really matters before it’s over!! And Berkeley should be burned to the ground, the whole place! They’ve produced nothing but communist for a while!!

          13. Askjrsk says:

            Absolutely. Could you see them try and change their own oil?

          14. Rodney Steward says:

            LOL, First, they’ll want to know what oil is!!

          15. Askjrsk says:

            It’s what you find in a Teselas trunk. Under the coal.

          16. Rodney Steward says:

            That be the lug wrench that they know nothing about either! 🙂

          17. Askjrsk says:

            The lug wrench is to break down the coal in the new electric car and mix with oil to put on the battery. China is building so many electric cars that have a five year life expectancy. The toxic waste is unprecedented with lethal batteries. Perhaps they’ll melt them down into new Teflon cookware to sell at Target. Even though it is illegal to manufacture the lethal toxic Teflon in the USA, however .

          18. Rodney Steward says:

            That seems like a awful lot of work for a country that’s only aloud so much power a day use, so I figure the coal and oil is used for light at night and the toxic waste is fed to the kids that are starving and then sell their Teflon to those dumb Americans for nothing after they spray lead paint on the outside of the pan!!

          19. Askjrsk says:

            Nancy Sinatra and Cher and Hanoi Jane and Judd Ashley buy the lead paint. Fills in the wholes and deep ruts.

          20. Rodney Steward says:

            And pretty sure they sniff it quiet often from the way those bats think!

          21. Askjrsk says:

            Here you thought those were boogers in their nose. No, it’s lead. Then there’s the problem with those asbestos wigs, makes . Purdy eyelashes, too. Then there’s been those carcegenic needle shots, slightly used from an almost clean garbage can. . They would freeze things that go floating uncontrollably in the night. Like those floating ribs Hanoi Jane had removed. Fed them to the pigs. Pigs died a horrible death. Animal cruelty!!!!

  • po'ed in az says:

    Just exactly how much does Puerto Rico contribute to Federal Taxes?
    They pay an exorbitant amount in “State” taxes but continue to fight true Statehood. It seems to me they want the benefit of telling folks they are US Citizens without the Federal burdens of Citizenship.
    So tell me again, why should the tax paying Real Citizens be burdened with the costs of fixing this in it’s entirety?

    1. Jeanne Stotler says:

      It’s been a problem, a lot of fraud and other crimes,

      1. ItsJo says:

        Correct Jeanne, as they ARE looking for a ‘Bailout from WE the American Taxpayers.” They have Bankrupt their OWN TERRITORY…so THEY should Deal With It, as you mentioned-
        with Fraud and Crimes.

        1. truthseeker says:

          They have no Bankruptcy clause to fall back on and why would they need it .

    2. truthseeker says:

      During the last Presidential election of 2016 they had been asked if they would vote to become the 51st state and we hardly heard a peep out of them.

  • CBUJAN says:

    All because of this bitch who no one ever heard of before has caused the lying media to go into high gear on bashing the president.

    1. truthseeker says:

      Just remember! President Trump stated, ” You hit me, and I will hit back twice as hard”. For some reason they think that our President has no power to do anything and is so defenseless that they can use him as a punching bag. They may want to rethink it .

  • buffalobob826 says:

    She is upset that she is not getting the money for the relief efforts so she hand it out as she sees fit, in which the majority of the money would go to her and her friends and not to the people that needs it.

    1. Askjrsk says:

      That was Carmen Cruz agenda. Like Hillary exactly, steal the relief funds of hurricane victims. Spot on!!!

  • JMICHAEL270 says:

    Typical Progressive Dimbocrat

  • regulus30 says:

    “After facing criticism” of the mayor, Trump praises three [3] other officials? Why do the media always have to add their sick immature little snarky comments into the subject, it is just driving MORE VOTERS TO THE RIGHT; please keep it up however.

  • cathylovesyou says:

    Difficult to do now with what Puerto Rico is experiencing at this time, but San Juan Mayor is inept doesn’t know what she is talking about, a sell out to Schumer and the rest of the Communist party in DC. I listened to her praising Trump and Fema, then it seems Schumer gave her instruction to trash Trump and others in the Communist party to start the Racist card BS. Dems are all immoral, those doing it and those standing by in silence. She sounds stupid and Pr’s Governor Smart. Hmmmm.

    1. ItsJo says:

      BINGO! The ‘Schmuck, Schumer is SO filled with Hate, Anger and his Own Ambitions, that he can NEVER say or do ANYTHING other than PUSH his “Corrupt Democrat Party’s Agenda for -‘Power/Control and Money….Lots of Money they ALL Make and Hide-Just look at Hillary, Obama, etal.”

      1. Gary Smith says:

        Well said

    2. truthseeker says:

      She is deflecting the fact that she made sure the food and water was not handed out . One of the Puerto Rico Police had a chance to call our Police in New York and inform us that she is starving her people. This Mayor should be charged with criminal humanitarian abuse. She sure looked like she just left her 5 Star Hotel and a Baseball Cap does not make her look desperate it just makes her look plain stupid .

  • Fidel castro says:

    Just a spanish hillery clinton. Hope someone shoots her. Should have done her job better in preparing for the storm, dumb bicth.

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Thank you these dumb people. Used to being pampered as they prey on innocent people to
      Line their pockets.

  • ROB says:

    The liberal agenda must come first above all else. Bash Trump regardless of what happens. This coke bottle wearing bimbo needs to find a job and start handing out the water she has behind her. Shut up and go to work dummo.

    1. Rick Vitti says:

      Why was Puerto Rico NOT prepared for this? The fault lies at her and other leaders of the non state! Trump has been dong a great job at relief. I guess the 10,000 people he sent so far is not enough.

      1. ItsJo says:

        Exactly correct Rick…What did SHE do in preparations of this KNOWN hurricane that was coming? Typical CMU, Liberal!

        1. truthseeker says:

          I seriously doubt she was even on that Island . Riddled with paranoia she fines an urgent need to get in front of the cameras and do some of her best acting yet .

      2. truthseeker says:

        The Gov. and Mayor are suppose to be on the Front lines and not on the side lines as spectators complaining about how terrible it is.

        1. truthseeker says:

          No initiative to go to the states and assure their people they will come back with food ! No they never had been winged and are use to nursing off our Country, while piling up the debt for the Federal Gov. to bail them out, the same Federal Gov. that they brag they do not have to pay into .

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            And they want to be a state of America, we have enough welfare bums now, don’t need a whole country of bums!

          2. truthseeker says:

            Not really ! When it came to a vote almost none of the Citizen made any attempted to even bother to come out and why should they. No Federal Taxes and so when they need help it is up to the United States and when they spend their money not having a Bankruptcy Clause , again we bail them out .

          3. Rodney Steward says:

            TRUE!!!! There’s a man that just opened up a land field about 2 miles down the road that we tried to stop with signatures, but could’t get enough because we don’t have enough here in the rural area I live! But this POS lives there just for the taxes and he’s from our state, wonder how his place is NOW!! 🙂

          4. truthseeker says:

            I am not sure what area this place is , I assume it is in Puerto Rico ? I would not want to live in a Landfill no matter how much I may save .

          5. Rodney Steward says:

            Sorry; the land field is in Alabama, and he’s lived here all his life till he bought this place! After he got it going, he married one of those P.R. women that lived their so he moved their for the lack of taxes !! His book keeper told him how to do this and make big money! He was living like a king until this storm and hadn’t heard crap and don’t really care!

      3. truthseeker says:

        They have Ten Thousand people on that Island and cannot even distribute the food we shipped to them . What a waste of manpower !

    2. truthseeker says:

      Yah! Talk about a bad Photo Op . What nerve she has, just reflects just how two faced she is.

    3. truthseeker says:

      We need to just detach ourselves from them as an annex and let Spain take it over. It is the only way not to be pulled down in the debt they have made. They have 78 Mayors on that small Island .

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