Trump slams RNC chairman, calls 2016 process ‘a disgrace’

by Bob Cusack
April 13, 2016

NEW YORK — Donald Trump on Tuesday slammed the chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), claiming the party’s system for selecting its presidential nominee is a “scam” and a “disgrace.”

During an exclusive interview with The Hill at Trump Tower, Trump said, “It’s a disgrace for the party. And Reince Priebus should be ashamed of himself. He should be ashamed of himself because he knows what’s going on.”

Trump is furious with several aspects of the Republican nominating process, including how Colorado recently awarded all of its 34 delegates to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) without having a primary or a caucus. He doesn’t agree that some delegates aren’t bound to vote for their state or district winner at this summer’s GOP convention in Cleveland.

“It should go to a vote in Colorado like other places. … The best way to do it would be just a vote, should be a vote of the people. That’s the way it should be done. The delegate situation is a very unjust way of doing things.”

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  • Bill says:

    Upaces, you and millions of people feel the same. Our country has been sold out by corruption to the core. A phony election to make the sheeple feel like they participated! I for one will write in TRUMP’S name as both party’s are an embarrassment. The only descent true American is TRUMP. The rest are socialist/marxis/bought and paid for hacks and crooks.

  • snowyriver says:

    All members of the RNC should be eliminated.

  • Brenda Huddleston says:

    Trump 2016…….Period!

  • Patricia A Galle says:

    We are a Constitutional Republic and always have been. The delegate rules for the Republican Party have been in place since 1880. To win the nomination, you have to have 50% plus 1, which is a true majority. This election that number is 1,237. If you have 1,236, you do not win. Another ballot is cast. The year that Abraham Lincoln won, he arrived with 22%, and he won on the third ballot. We will not change our rules for an old fraud that is too stupid to understand them. Most people do not know these, because they don’t bother to vote. We have the fairest voting process in the world in America. Trump is a liberal Democrat, pretending to be a Republican, and he has trouble keeping up the charade. He is 70 years old, which is older than Hillary. That is another reason 45 year old Ted Cruz will get my vote.

  • Bill says:

    Bob, I understand you believe in the RNC, but don’t you find it a little strange the RNC has been against Trump from the onset. The character assassination by the “Party Elite” is a little over the top. The division of the party is a little strange to say the least. The question you need to ask yourself is WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF? It sure doesn’t appear the GOP/RNC wants a victory for the Republican Party, but it would be ok for Hillary the criminal to get a pass. I believe the RNC should have put it’s $ and energy to a more productive purpose by exposing Hillary the criminal instead of trashing Trump?

    1. Sara says:

      Exactly. They are running scared. No pun intended. Why? Because they have warehouses FILLED skeletons, and trump holds the skeleton key.

  • says:

    You’re not stupid, Upaces, the process is stupid. And you’re right! There’s no difference between the two parties, that’s all a sham for the sheeple. That’s exactly why we need to vote for an outsider. Otherwise, it will NEVER change. Vote Trump 2016 (no more career politicians)!

  • 1josephg1 says:

    A very wise man told me years ago that there is not a dimes worth of difference between a democrat and a republican. The so called republican party is caught between a rock and a hard place. If they do not take the correct course of action there will be another low life demonocrap in office. Everyone is scared shitless that DT will get the nomination and then possibly get to be president and bring to light all of the illegal activities of those in positions of power and influence. Both sides fear that!

    1. Sara says:

      Double right on spot.

  • nodo says:

    Sorry, meant to say process not rules.

  • Jack Burns says:

    This seems very interesting?
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  • Brenda Huddleston says:

    Trump has only been in “politics” for 9 months, and they have kept him pretty busy. In my opinion, Reince should as the head of the party, be helping all of the candidates to insure that each of them are up date with all of the data needed to be successful. What is his role anyway? I am sure that with the anti-trump text that was sent after Colorado, the party was thrilled that Cruz had gotten one over on Trump.That is not being balanced. He should be there for all of the candidates to help them fairly win. You can say all you want to about Trump, but he has done one hellava job with no political experience and no donor money. All I need to see is how many of the establishment types don’t want him to win, to know that he is exactly what we need.

    1. jnora says:

      Pribus wants Trump to fail because it would break up their good ole boys club!

  • Jack Burns says:

    Obama Lost the house and the senate because of his failed policies including Adding more debt to the United States governmen than all presidents combined. He has done absolutely nothing for African-Americans. I noticed that you don’t list any of his accomplishments because it just aren’t any worthy of note. Spare me the buzzwords and platitudes since frankly after all this time I have decided that you just do not know what the hell you are talking about. You are just a hopeless ideologue lost in your own murkiness.

  • Jack Burns says:

    Obama Lost the house and the senate because of his failed policies including Adding more debt to the United States governmen than all presidents combined. He has done absolutely nothing for African-Americans. I noticed that you don’t list any of his accomplishments because it just aren’t any worthy of note. Spare me the buzzwords and platitudes since frankly after all this time I have decided that you just do not know what the hell you are talking about. You are just a hopeless ideologue lost in your own murkiness

  • 1ColtonDelaney643 says:

    I have been researching and learning more and more this past year about how things work in Washington, I have been for Trump since he first announced, I never had any idea of the corruption and greed in the washington establishment, Trump is absolutely correct its a sham, Colorado says they changed the rules last year, ,yeah maybe 6 months ago they changed the rules to keep Trump from getting delegates, Cruz has been offering trips cruises and dinners for months to the “delegates” I never knew you can buy delegates the same way you can buy a senator or congressman. Florida changed their rules also anticipating a Rubio or Bush winner take all, they wanted to keep Trump from getting any delegates. It backfired bigtime for those idiots because he got them all.
    For me ,seeing this greed and corruption and dirty tricks changing the rules as they have done only strengthens my resolve to support Trump all the way.
    The days of the state senator like a Harry Truman are over, If a billionaire cant get a fair shake in Washington, how’s a regular person with great aspirations but little means supposed to run for president, Colorado republicans didnt get a chance to be heard, there voice and vote was silenced by cheesy deals made by Cruz with crooked bought delegates. Just more bull shit from the Washington establishment. history will blame the washington republican establishment for the destruction of the republican party, Trump has brought out millions of new voters who are fired up because we have never been heard before Trump started listening, Millions of new voters to the party and the Republican establishment has all but told them they are stupid and wrong for supporting Trump, These other idiots call themselves conservatives, kasich wants amnesty in his first 100 days. Rubio also was for amnesty, and a 300% increase to the H1B visa program where 100’s of thousands of americans fired and replaced by cheap foreign workers from india. How is that conservative, doing what the high tech lobby tells you to do, how is it good for America.? Cruz wants to increase the H1B visa program by 500%. How is that good for America?Firing Americans replacing them with cheaper foriegn labor. Thats not conservative values.
    These republicans like Cruz, Ryan, romney ,kasich, Rubio make me want to puke,

  • Francis says:

    Actually, Trump, YOU are the biggest disgrace. We really have just two viable candidates left in the race. Ted Cruz and Trump. Ted is the true Conservative, the true patriot, the one who is honorable and brilliant and who will restore our country to the principles of our founding fathers and the Constitution. Trump is a loser in every way. He’s conning the American people and using every trick and gimmick to do it. The good thing is that more and more people are totally fed up with Trump. I believe that Trump’s campaign will completely implode, and he’ll keep going DOWN while Ted SOARS and keeps picking up momentum.

    1. Sara says:


    2. jnora says:

      WRONG, WRONG, WRONG…Trump is just what we need to expose both the Democrats and the Republicans and their secret meetings and back room politics that keeps them in their cushy jobs. Term limits, here we come….


    These sorry SOB’s are giving the White House to the demoCRAP’s for another four to eight years and it makes me sick. I didn’t vote for Trump in the Primary but I can say this about the situation, when the convention is held and Trump has the delegates that he is supposed to have and they jump over to someone other than Trump I will never vote for a republican again. I will sit back and watch the United States fall apart but I will watch it happen from another country because it proves this one has gone to HELL!!!! I didn’t give up twenty-three years of my life for a bunch of demoCRAP ass kissing boot licking RINO’s that would rather split the rePUG party than support the person that has carried the most promised delegates into the convention and I will not vote for some dark horse candidate hand picked by the sore losers when their candidate was beaten during the primaries.

    1. jnora says:

      Time for a third party and I will be the first one to sign up. I am ashamed to call myself a Republican. I think Trump may just be the founder of that third party. I want to see him blow this corrupt system to pieces. I will do everything I can to get Trump elected. I also want to see the look on Hillary’s face when she is told she has lost. I just can’t stand her and talk about corrupt. You will never convince me that the Cllinton machine had nothing to do with Vince Foster’s death…not to mention Ambassador Stephens and three brave warriors! I hold her directly responsible for withholding help for them. How could any human being be so cold and uncaring. I have lost a son (via suicide), but if someone told me under those circumstances what she told those families and out and out lied to me, I would have within me a very strong feeling to last out. I would not do it, but I surely would want to and I would be very vocal about it when the truth came out, as it has. She wants everyone to be beholding to her and her being Queen…we can’t let that happen.

  • Jack Burns says:

    Can you utter a sentence without using the word facist, which you should look up preferably when you have a mirror facing you. Obama is a complete failure as a President. We are in shambles domestically and our foreign policy is a complete disaster no matter what region you look at. You list the Congress, the Senate op and mist high State offices because of this incompetent President whose only qualification was that he looked black. Obamacare is another abjrpect failure, ipunsffordable because if the high premiums and outrageous deductibles. The Vpco,Iraqi debacle is not about the ire son who exposed the scam it us about the crooks who created it.

  • Eddie says:

    All con artist and pathological liar Donald Trump does is whine, complain, hurl obscenities, call names, hide his taxes from the voters, make unsubstantiated accusations, try to seize property from elderly ladies under the guise of “eminent domain” so he can build a parking lot for his limos, and have his storm troopers assault female reporters. No wonder Trump won’t debate Ted Cruz one-on-one. Cruz will expose Trump for the inept clown he really is.

    1. jnora says:

      Cruz isn’t worthy to debate Trump one on one. Cruz would fair miserably. Trump has released his taxes…all in line. Obviously, you do not understand “eminent domain.” Oh, you do know by now that his campaign manager was cleared of ALL charges. None of them were brought to court. As a matter of fact, the woman was lying.

  • ADRoberts says:

    So Trump is throwing another tantrum. He knows he cannot win the 1237 votes. So what does he want to happen? I know. he thinks that they should throw away THEIR rules and just give HIM the nomination anyway. LOL
    So he came over because the conservative voters are so EASY to deceive. Guess he did not bother to research everything he needed to be able to steal the nomination.
    Folks, he isn’t going to win. But he will make sure that EVERYONE is sorry that they ever heard of him.

  • Seedman says:

    Caleb Howe diagnoses Trump as using psychological projection. Trump denies his own unpleasant impulses and attributes them to others with outlandish lies & voter pandering, the tactic of deliberate projecting blame shifting. Donald is classy, except when he is not, which seems all the time.

    1. jnora says:

      If you are wise, you will not answer or include ADRoberts in your discussion. He will ruin it no matter what side you are on. He is probably one of Soros’ paid doofusses (or is it doofussi?). You will find out as you go on longer with him.

  • ShemSilber says:

    What this multi-ring political circus of presidential and other aspirants does is prove what I have said for some time already: that there is no such thing as a democracy anywhere on the face of the earth. It is an illusion, a mirage, designed to keep the sheeple in line with the oligarchy or whatever other form of tyranny.

    Concerning “sheeple,” we are all sheep, so to speak, from the top dogs to the bottom of the heap, but the question is, “Whose sheep are we?” For there are two choices. (1) We can either be the sheep of the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus, but not the wimpy effeminate and powerless one that many imagine), our Creator, our Redeemer, and our Messiah, who will help us through these Dark Ages and into immortality and amazing light in His Kingdom, or, failing that, (2) by default we are the sheep of the Azazel, the satanic one, the father of lies, murder, oppression of the people, and destruction, the one who goes by the alias Allah of Islam. The end of the latter choice is to die the second death (Revelation 20:14; 21:8; Romans 6:23; Malachi 4:1-3 [3:19-21 in the Jewish version]), becoming ashes under the feet of those whom Yahushua has made righteous by their choice and at their request.

    May the numbers increase who choose life in the Master Yahushua, omein!

  • nodo says:

    The delegate process has been in play for about 150 years or so. Good, bad, or indifferent, the rules of the game were evident before this election year began, so to cry foul now is a bit ridiculous. You do not change the rules in the middle of a game, but you do follow up after the game is over. We the people are the only ones responsible for the mess we are in. Our votes have put in these liberals, and even now not many who are so hot for Trump or whoever else really care to educate ourselves on the issues and what to do about them. We are only good at crying about the ills but not taking an active part in changing them. Even if we get a responsible president in who is willing to bite the bullet and make the drastic changes we so much need, the people will cry just as soon as their own special item is touched.

    1. Gnowark says:

      Depending on the state, the rules MAY change from election year to election year. You can decide for yourself whether the delegate rules have been changed by the ‘national party leaders’ or the indiidual states. This year’s convention delegate rules have NOT been made yet.

  • BOC says:

    It is a disgrace. The GOP spends somewhere North of $66 mil. to take down a candidate supposedly wearing the same uniform instead of aiming at the real enemy, Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Progressive movement that is tearing this country down brick by brick?!?!?!??! The GOP true talent is perfecting the circular firing squad………..

  • Ron Thomas says:

    The RNC Chairman needs to “step down”. The RNC needs to regroup and rethink their strategies. Your supporters will not allow you to destroy the RNC. If things get out of a hand and the true nominee is not elected, we’ll vote for nominee that should be. The RNC is full of cronies and is heading to be doomed by all Americans. I’m 67 yo, Vietnam Veteran, and I’m voting for Donald Trump. RNC, if you put any other candidate in other than the one who won delegates fairly (by vote of the American voter), your party is over with.

    1. Gnowark says:

      Thank you for both your service AND your opinion. I don’t think there is much difference between red & blue career politicians, except for which demographics are being lied to. (younger -64yo USAF vet)

  • Jerry Oakley says:

    I agree the voting system we have now in this country of ours is a sham and down right deceitful to the American people. They always create a way for the people to vote so they can tamper with the vote and turn elections the way they want them to go. I honestly don’t think we have had an honest election in this country from day one of this country.

  • kerijay says:

    The real Trump to destroy the republican party to elect Hillary because he knows he’ll get what he wants.
    It’s a toss up who lies more Trump or Hillary for God’s sake listen to his own words.

  • Richard Hennessy says:

    If Trump weren’t such an arrogant know-it-all, he would have shown up at the Colorado convention. How did he expect to get delegates when he didn’t think it was important enough to show up? Did he think he could win delegates with a speech from New York? What at whiner?

    1. Gnowark says:

      There were no delegates assigned by popular vote. If he had shown up, he would have had to go to districts and beg for delegates from district/state RNC, not the people

  • Jerry Oakley says:

    Well it is like I said the Republicans have their own click in government just like the Liberals do. You have to remember there is no Democratic party anymore that ended when they our government killed JFK that is when the Democratic party died and Johnson began the Liberal party. either way they are all crooks anymore and they are scared to death of Trump because he is not in their click so they fear him and what he just might find out about them. Which all you have to do is just open your eyes and see what they have done in the past 50 years they have destroyed America kicked GOD out of our country can’t pray but the the non believers and gays can say and do what ever they please but heaven forbid should we mention GOD JESUS SAVIOR or anything that pertains to the Bible in public Yes it is coming to that point when you will not be able to worship our GOD in public. This America of ours is dying and it is the politicians that we have had in office for the past 50 years doing it to America and the silly people wants to continue with these same people like Hillary Clinton Ted Cruz and put them in charge which is the same ole same ole we have had for the past 50 years. Listen people nobody in Washington likes Ted Cruz but since he is and has already been in their click and knows what is truly going on in our Government they are willing to back him anything to defeat Trump because they fear Trump. They fear what he will find out about them when he gets in office and what they have been up to for the past 50 years ever since they killed JFK. Yes our own Government killed JFK and this country has gone down hill ever since. They don’t want anyone in office that can’t be bought bribed or paid off and destroy their little syndicate they have created in the past 50 years. That is the truth and they know it and no one gets in office unless they walk the line they are given to walk. Truth being said is all I am saying our government stinks all the way to high heaven and the very reason this America of ours is falling and the Grace of GOD that once backed and kept this country strong they have turned their back on GOD and America is losing the Grace of GOD that kept us free and strong

    1. Gnowark says:

      But the Warren Commission investigated JFK and said the magic bullet wasn’t, grassy knoll was a sound reflection, bolt-actions can match semi-auto speeds, and it was video, but what difference does it make? (the latter 2 weren’t in the Warren Report). See Matthew 24

  • frances says:

    Okay, this is my thought. I agree with many of you that the system is not the best just like the Electoral Collage that will determine the president in the fall is not the best because you can win the presidency without winning the popular vote. However, as stated by many it is the process that has been in place for years and years. It bothers me that Trump did not know the process. Okay so it needs to be changed, I agree, but it is what it is now. You can’t change it midstream just to favor Trump. He says he will put the best people around him as president but can’t put a team together that knows the rules. If all you Trump supporters will think with common sense and not with your emotions you will see that Trump dropped the ball and does not want to admit he was was not up to speed on the process. I am not against Trump but I see that he is not the fix all he claims to be. He is counting on people thinking with their emotions not taking a step back and looking at it with clear eyes. Just listen to the bluster and what he is saying and it speaks for itself. Trump is upset by what happened in Colorado but my simple question is why did he not show up to compete in Colorado if he wanted it. Which brings another question, why did he not contest the process BEFORE the election was held. I am an undecided voter and still listening to the candidates to decide for myself who will be the best candidate to get this country back on track. I like that Trump is a successful businessman but upon looking deep into how he got there some of it is not so pretty. He makes a lot of promises I like but what is there to show it is more than words. Look at all the bluster and promises that came from Obama and where are we now. Just saying!

    1. Gnowark says:

      Trump has personally been successful, while barry soetoro hasn’t [look at the community he organized – Chicago] although it might be better to point out the record of bho’s handler, Valerie Jarrett.

  • Ken says says:

    For 27 years the Establishment has selected the candidate for both Parties. They would be happy with any one of 4 candidates running – Kasich, Sanders, Cruz, Clinton – Professional Establishment Politician Puppets. Trump is the Establishments biggest fear – not a Politician – not a Puppet – not playing by establishment rules (reading the script) – not controlled. They will spend however much it takes to keep Trump from being nominated. Trump would disrupt 27 years of Progressive agenda success and dismantle parts of it and break the cycle of USA destruction.

  • Shaymamma8 says:

    Almost no one disagreed with this until Trump started whining. Everything he disagrees with is disgusting, well, so is Trump!!!

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    I guess Trump’s position signifies he’s mostly a one-man-band, otherwise known as a dictator. Each state sets its own process for selecting delegates, which I agree are not so democratic, but he’s unable to live within the rules, maybe because he doesn’t know what they are. That’s one fault with a greenhorn running for president. Politics is far more than his refrain ‘deal making’. Of course neither party does more than nod toward one-man one-vote with Dems having 30% super delegates swaying the public votes by states in primaries/caucuses. When will we go to electronic voting of all voters, not just activists, primary and caucus attendees, and somnolent citizens recently turned on to politics and citizenship responsibilities for voting?

    1. Jack Burns says:

      The RNC’s problem is that let Colorado cancel an election and rig the “process” with “rules” so they can control the outcome. The “complicated” process is made “complicated”. Trump is exposing all that us wrong and the political class is being exposed for what they are, powerful and corrupt. Until he came along very few knew about this crap and now they do so you can attack Trump but his supporters now kniw the truth about how elections are corruptly managed

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Colorado is a purple state, ruled in the north by ultra-conservative republicans, and the rest of the state is moderate or progressive. Republicans value ‘control’ like fascists and it’s no surprise that caucuses with interpersonal schmoozing works for them and for Cruz, not Trump or Kasich.
        If you and your ‘very few’ didn’t know what was going on in CO or the rest of the Republican Party, it’s a failure of citizenship that you are so detached. I do credit Trump as you said for bringing the processes of republican power into the spotlight.

        1. Jack Burns says:

          You are adept at giving away insults but little in the way of anything else. Fact is they cancelled an election to gain power and Trump us to be given credit for exposing this scam . Democrats are no better with their SUPER DELEGATES. Just give it a name and it is legitimized. Fact is the corrupt Clintons will win these primaries because of their iwn little scam. .

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Thanks for seconding my motion. It doesn’t signify an insult that Republicans are lacking a democratic basis for caucus states and their results. The topic is Trump and the GOP, not Dems who have their own issues as you say. Following fascist rules is bad in either party.

          2. Jack Burns says:

            The topic is not Trump just because you say it is. The topic is the corrupt manner in which delegates and super delegates are chosen without a vote and an election. Trump is exposing all of this. If the voters in Colorado were a majority Black and Gays there would be riots in the streets and the mainstream press would be looking to hang all of us. But they are white so it does not matter and they can shift the focus to Trump who “does not know how to play the game”. What bullshit.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            Read the headline. The entire contents is about Trump’s bellyaching, a trait he picked up from the Tea Party and Freedom Caucus in DC. Though we agree on the corruption part, none of the other score of candidates complained about the rules. In 2012 Romney and Paul followed the rules without complaint, not did McCain/Palin 4 years earlier. Are you defending the rules because all candidates and nominees are white? Ben Carson and Herman Cain followed the rules too and lost. And why the unnecessary and irrelevant smear of blacks and gays?

    2. Jack Burns says:

      The “DICTATOR” has done pretty well, don’t you think? Beating out 15 heavily funded corrupt members of the now exposed political class. Quite a feat for one person. You are either blinded by the headlines if you do not give him a lot of credit if you are part of the corruption.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Trump has done very well–with the know nothing do nothing base republican voters, the Tea Party members. The hat but no cattle bunch of malcontents. Now that discontent is real as republican fat cats work mightily to retain control of the levers of power, call it corruption if you want, but even voting republican perpetuates that fascist system. Trump is simply a messenger, a pied piper, a rat, an opportunist tapping those folks who have already trashed DC governance in congress receiving a 13% approval rating. Trump only represents about 10% of the electorate and can not be elected. His expertise in media, having one good eye, is the only reason he’s leading in the land of the blind. I’ve already posted my goal above for elections at any level.

        1. Jack Burns says:

          Obama has practically destroyed this Country single handed. Isis will take over and do the rest. He does not need the Congress of which his party had control for two years. Approval ratings were low during that period of chaos. Still waiting for those shovel ready jobs and for his great success in Iraq to materialize, as Biden said. The Facists are in all the Universities. And the commie is running against the most dangerously corrupt woman, , married to a rapist and an impeached former President who had his law license taken away, in the history of the United States.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Obama isn’t responsible for fascist tendencies of either party. Unlike Trump, Mr. Obama won his primaries, nomination and 2 elections despite them. Sorry to hear you have adopted the worst fears of ISIL. That means their propaganda was successful with you. In the freest country in the world, there will always be some misfits and malcontents. Their radicalization in no way reflects the president’s success with elections. It does mean we must deal more with mental health and acculturation issues, with acceptance and tolerance issues, with bigotry and prejudice that prevents otherwise ordinary citizens from achieving the American Dream. It’s a republican congress that prevents infrastructure “shovel ready” jobs from emerging and that term still means jobs and paychecks are still 1 to 2 years down the road. Few jobs of any worth can be started instantly if you know anything at all about municipal, state and federal projects as I do. As you said Dems controlled congress only 2 years and saved lives with ACA, a decades-delayed program. Plus you have no patience for Arab nations to become threatened enough by ISIL to take ground forces into harm’s way. Good strategy like ‘shovel ready’ takes time. Your hateful memory is coloring your views of this issue which is Trump and GOP delegate-selection, not Bill Clinton or Hillary.

          2. Jack Burns says:

            Can you utter a sentence without using the word facist, which you should look up preferably when you have a mirror facing you. Obama is a complete failure as a President. We are in shambles domestically and our foreign policy is a complete disaster no matter what region you look at. Democrats lost the Congress, the Senate and most high State offices because of this incompetent President whose only qualification was that he looked black. Obamacare is another abject failure, unaffordable because of the high premiums and outrageous deductibles. The Colorado debacle is not about the man who exposed the scam it us about the crooks who created it.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            If this is an incompetent President explain the fact that we are doing better then almost every country and the lack of body bags with servicemen in them. There are more job listing then at any time in history, companies can’t get enough employees. He was elected twice. Now try to say that our country isn’t the strongest both economically and militarily. Could it be better yes but if you look around we are the top nation in the world.

          4. Jack Burns says:

            The body bags have increased. It is just that they have different people in them. You seem OK with that but most concerned people are not. Comparing us to the European Disaster with open borders that are now closing is like saying we are a decent house in a very bad neighborhood until of course people like you get their way and we will suffer the same. The zero was supplied to solve all their problems but it did just the opposite with Britain expected to pull ut this tpyear, creating more calamity. Some of those jobs are Nit filled because of the generous public benefits people receive along with the failure of the Public Schools to properly educate, despite pouring trillions into them.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            Reputable historians today rate Obama very high, in the top 5 presidents. The failure is on your part to appreciate what he’s done for Americans to meet their needs, unlike congress being Republican which he must work around. There is no shambles at home or abroad that Obama is responsible for. The loss of congress is immaterial as today it does nothing of note, in fact the Senate trashing Constitutional ‘advise and consent’. You fail to note the rise of hundreds of hate groups to counter the equal rights movement for ordinary citizens denied equal protection of the law. Your selective attention is why republicans can’t win the presidency and may very well lose congress this year. ACA does need adjustments that republicans refuse to do; that’s your party. And you realize at the end you have condemned CO republicans, your fellow party members?

          6. Jack Burns says:

            Obama Lost the house and the senate because of his failed policies including Adding more debt to the United States governmen than all presidents combined. He has done absolutely nothing for African-Americans. I noticed that you don’t list any of his accomplishments because it just aren’t any worthy of note. Spare me the buzzwords and platitudes since frankly after all this time I have decided that you just do not know what the hell you are talking about. You are just a hopeless ideologue lost in your own murkiness

          7. Jack Burns says:

            Just one more thing. If you wear a dress but have a dick please go to the men’s room thank you

          8. DrBillLemoine says:

            You really aren’t up to date, only tune in for presidential elections? Bush2 spent $6 trillion off budget on wars and tax cuts. Obama rightly put it back in budget. Actually his $4 trillion is tame in the history of the nation, especially compared to 2001-2009 with surplus turning into $15 debt; that’s 8 years compared to Obama’s half. Haven’t notice either the number of minorities (not all blacks) in government. They are working executives, not the pretty faces the GOP fronts its party with but do nothing.
            There isn’t space here to list all Obama’s initiatives, so you will remain ignorant of them.

          9. Jack Burns says:

            Thought so. There are zero accomplishments for him or Hillary. Every large city run by Democrats is in shambles. We are 20,000,000,000 in debt and have nothing to show for it except a failed health plan which he said would save us $2,500 a year. Instead it is so expensive that no one can afford it. “Bush’s War” was supported by every Democrat. Obama pulled us out after we won and his failure to leave any forces took us back to square one.

          10. DrBillLemoine says:

            I’d say keeping the US out of war advocated by Republicans against (serially) Iran, Syria, ISIL is stellar. Equal rights for everyone is moving forward, despite backtracking via congress and SCOTUS on voting and civil rights law. You are clearly not black, Latino, female, underpaid, rejected by shop owners, fearful of deportation, lacking healthcare coverage denied to you by insurers, and all the other important things to improve the American Dream.
            It’s not the president’s fault that MI fails to support its cities (especially Detroit and Flint), NC denies gay rights (leading to business and entertainment boycotts, including your favorite porn channel) and so much more making you oblivious to fellow citizens. That’s why Republicans can’t be elected–they resolve no needs, just create problems for average Americans.
            It’s congress responsible for failing to fine tune ACA (preferring repeal). Bush’s Iraq invasion got us 2800 dead Americans and failed to secure status of forces agreement forcing us to withdraw (because you especially wouldn’t want our troops subject to Sharia Law remaining in place there). I’d hardly call Iraq a win when we have no influence there, only Iran whose work we did subduing Iraq for them.
            You got a lot to learn and pay attention to.

          11. Jack Burns says:

            Spare me the heartbreaking bullshit. I grew up in the South Bronx. Four kids in one bedroom apt. Dad fighting in WW11. Survived on very meager Army allotment. Ration Stamps for meat and butter. No government handouts for the European Immigrants. No such thing as defined poverty levels. No health insurance either. We were all dirt poor., Collected 2 cent soda bottles from age 8 on weekend. Carried them in a hand made wagon. Good days work was .35 cents. Part time job at 14 after school $1 hour. Gave my mother one half of the $12 I earned each week. Slept with my brother and cousin for years in same bedroom. We each had one drawer of a dresser and shared a small closet. 7 people 3 small bedrooms and one bath. Everyone had a job. Joined Army at age 17. $78 a month was the pay. Served two tours during Berlin Crisis recall by Kennedy. Started college at night for 12 years. Got MBA. Employer paid some according up to my grades. I paid rest out of my $60 week salary. Worked my way up into Management positions. Got married. Rented small apt. Saved for a small condo and then a home in suberbs with 2 hour each way commute to NYC. Did that for 35 years. Raised my family and paid for my kids college. No loans, only hard work.Taught them values and they are doing the same things I did. Put savings first so you don’t have to depend on anyone, especially the government.

            So spare me the heartbreak for these wusses who get upset because they are underpaid and cannot go into a girls bathroom because they have a dick. They should be lucky to have a job and a place to piss. If you come into the Country legally like most of those Europeans did you have no worries about deportation.

          12. DrBillLemoine says:

            “…heartbreaking bullshit….” You are a straight white male citizen, a status that admitted you to everything you listed, unlike the bigotry/prejudice you are showing now against non-SWMCs. Got no heart, I see. No sympathy for the underdog, the American and Christian ways. Clearly a Teapublican and Trump supporter. Plus you have no feeling for law and order, for equality under the law for ‘live and let live’. BUT that puts you in a tiny minority yourself who will never see a president of your choosing ever again, at least while you are alive and kicking against the mores of this nation, its changing traditions and its forward movement. There, but for the grade of God, you go.

          13. Jack Burns says:

            More meaningless words from one sick puppy. Hallmark of someone who had no answers. Victim victim victim. Hope you realize it before it is too late. American Dream is earned, not given away..democrats lost the Senate, the House and most State offices. Presidency is next.

            Please see a doctor. You are really pathetic.

          14. DrBillLemoine says:

            Lost the thread. Got no more ideas. Can’t argue your point of view. Attack the messenger. Typical cowboy.
            American Dream depends on equal opportunity under law, absence of stonewalling cowboys like you.
            And just what do you think is happening now to oblivious republicans. Trump knows and is telling all. Get back to the thread or get lost.

          15. Jack Burns says:

            The money for the shovel ready jobs Obama promised as part of the trillions in Stimulus was already pissed away by this incompetent President.

          16. DrBillLemoine says:

            Why are you ignoring the fact that republicans in DC have uniformly rejected job creation via infrastructure funding? Realize too that congress has refused to approve legitimate budgets and followup appropriations for any job creation not established via executive orders. You got a very narrow point of view.

          17. Jack Burns says:

            He tried that truck before with the stimulus program. We gave him trilions and no “shovel ready” jobs were created. He gave it away to his political supporters and the unions. Look it up.

          18. DrBillLemoine says:

            You look it up, but not with Fox (comedy) News, Rush, Hannity or Beck. There were no trillions for infrastructure. Shovel ready projects are available in any well managed city or state today. Just remember my explanation of ‘immediacy’.

          19. Jack Burns says:

            I see you are a doctor. Probably a Proctologist. Here is a hint. You are supposed to stick the hose up there, not your own head.

  • Leo Klaudi says:

    I agree with Trump. The rules for federal elections should be the same in all states and it should be a primary voted on my the people with delegates assigned in the same manner in each state. It’s the only fair way. Elections in our country have become a sham and it’s so corrupt it’s shamful! I really think it’s time for Rev-2. In the mean time study how to make a write in vote at the polls for the general election and come out and do it in the presidential election swamp them with write in votes that will take weeks to count. Ask your local election commission for instructions to do a write in ahead of time so as not to slow down the election process. This year is the one election that NOBODY should miss. VOTE in your PRIMARY & GENERAL elections this year for sure! VOTE, IT’S YOUR CIVIC DUTY!!!!!

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Another good post and I will follow your advice just to be sure I get it right! At lot of things with this administration, this congress, this voting systems have been done in the dark and it is now coming clearly to light. The past two years have made the graft, corruption and manipulation quite obvious and it is our job to change it! Go Trump and go patriots of this country. Let’s take it back. First thing to do is delete the delegate process in voting. Talk about a process fraught with deceit and fraud! Can’t imagine the bribes to the delegates behind those closed doors! Absolutely no bounds there outside of the individual’s integrity and that alone gives me reason to shutter! Corruption rampant!

      1. Leo Klaudi says:

        Yes , the corruption is rampant in elections all over the country and its at it’s worst in the presidential elections. That’s why I think the federal govt. should control and and enforce standards for the presidential elections and presidential primaries even the rules for getting on the ballots. Now the for turning committed delagates away from their candidate is really getting corrupt. I’ve read where Cruz and Rubio are offering vacations to some delegates. Whose paying for that, their campaign donations? I really don’t think most contributors would condone that. You can bet your ass that those $s aren’t coming out of Cruz’s or Rubio’s pockets!
        I got an email from the Cruz campaign last night offer me the opportunity to be a delegate for him at the convention. I had to respond favorably and agreed to be interviewed first. HA! I responded alright! “TAKE A HIKE TEDDY BOY! ” via my email.

        1. Francis says:

          “the corruption is rampant in elections”

          Donald Trump is a part of that corruption. Trump gave TONS of money to Democrats (Hillary, Rangel, Reid, Schumer, etc) who caused that corruption. Trump does not intend to save our country.

    2. bobnstuff says:

      Election laws are set by the states, do you want to take another right from the states? I hear every day about the Feds stealing the rights from the states and it being a bad thing but now taking those powers is a good thing? Should the Feds set voter ID laws? If you don’t understand the local election laws go find them and read them. If you are running for office go to your local board of elections and they will help you understand the rules. If you have never looked at your local rules and have never paid any attention to them then go check them out and see what you don’t like. If you have never check out the laws don’t complain till you have.

    3. kerijay says:

      It’s not your civil duty if you don’t pay taxes, don’t care or pay attention to politics and only care what they can get at other expense.

  • CCblogging says:

    I am voting for Trump and if it means voting third party, so be it. There isn’t a nickel’s worth of difference between the Republican establishment and the Democrat establishment. Trump 2016

    1. Ken says says:

      You are starting to see the picture. Liberal RINOs and DEMs are joined at the hip identical twins – both are Professional Politicians that are Puppets of the Establishment with 27 years of Progressive wins.

    2. frances says:

      A third party vote is a vote for Clinton plain and simple just like staying home and not voting because you didn’t like Romney gave the election to Obama in 2012. I did not like Romney so I looked at my vote as not a vote for him but a vote against Obama. Your vote for third party is the same as not voting. So it is your choice to waste your vote and help the democrats.

    3. jea2comments says:

      Amen to that! No matter what party Trump would run in, no longer makes any difference. I would vote for him, whatever party he was in. Even if Trump does not get the nomination I’m writing his name in on the write-in space on my ballot. I’m not going to let the RNC or The “Establishment” tell me who I will be ALLOWED to vote for, by their choice of nominee. No one running is getting my vote except for Trump!!! Trump 2016 and beyond!!!

  • SDofAZ says:

    Boy, has this been an eye opening year. The parties are PRIVATELY run and operated. This is a sham and we need it changed. Thanks to the obviously lousy party system we have been lead and manipulated for YEARS. Now we have to demand change and accept no compromises. Lousy, sneaking, manipulative Aholes! Go Trump. And Cruz is right in there with them all, a consummate politician. NOT AGAIN! Another harvard attorney who is not qualified by his birth alone. Here we go again!

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Why did Trump not know and understand the system? Are you say it’s been around for years so why is it news to Mr Trump now?

  • del says:

    I agree with trump! These fat cats would rather let old crook Clinton win than let we the people have our vote. The are worried àbout their cushy useless jobs

    1. jea2comments says:

      If Trump gets into office, his motto is going to be: Cut The Fat, there will be a lot of them out of jobs and they know it.

  • Rose Boltz says:

    When do us voters get a say? Nay no say for us.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      You get your say in November. If you want a voice in the party you need to get involved with it. They are more then happy to have you come and work with them but if you only show up to vote you get as much say as the energy you put in. To have a real voice in a group, any group you must put a little work into that group. If you want power go work on campaign and go to the monthly meetings. Be involved. Sitting at home complaining gets you nothing and to be quit honest it shouldn’t get you anywhere. For our government to be any good it takes a citizens involvement. You have as much power in the party sitting at home as you have in your favorite sports teams win while watching it on TV.

      1. SDofAZ says:

        Good point, bobnstuff. But this is quite alarming information that has come to light. The parties are big business too! I do intend to get involved, but I think it will be with the new third party that should be forming soon.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Everything that Trump is complaining about is old news, A change six months ago shouldn’t come as a surprise to the man who wants to be the leader of the free world. I’m no Cruz supporter but he does understand more about how thing work then Trump. Big business has more power in national politics then I would like but the problem Trump is having is the system not the money.

          1. Leo Klaudi says:

            Yes, thats the problem. As soon as some one is elected the big business’s that funded their election goes to work corrupting them and succedes in getting political favors. Trump in fundind his own campaign doesn’t a owe any body anything except the people by doing what he promises to do for the whole country and NOT ANY SPECIAL INTEREST! This is the kind of guy I’d like to see in our White House!

          2. bobnstuff says:

            I would love a candidate who would not be ruled by special interests but I would like one who was honest and understood that there are rules that even the president must obey. The idea of some one like Trump is a good thing but Trump isn’t a person I would want as president.

  • bobnstuff says:

    Trump once again didn’t do his home work and is complaining after failing the test. I know how the system worked, it’s been the same for are very long time and shouldn’t have come as a surprise to Trump and his very smart people that advise him. It’s the party not the voters that pick who runs. I’ve been on my local republican committee and seen how the party works. It’s not as undemocratic as it sounds, I was elected to my office in the party by the voters and then I got to pick my county party leaders who pick the state leaders and so on. If you want to be part of the leadership in the Republican part you start at the bottom, that’s the job no one wants but is the base of power in the party. Trump likes to act before he thinks and doesn’t like rules so he never checks them first. He seems to believe he can make them up as he goes but this time he can’t and he is not a happy camper. I’m sorry Trump supporters but your leader didn’t do his job and has let you the voter down. Don’t blame the party, they didn’t do anything different this time then before. The person you should be angry with is Trump for failing to do his job.

    1. Jack Burns says:

      So everyone has their say in your little process EXCEPT THE TAXPAYERS AND VOTERS? You must be part of this crooked system to think that is acceptable! BTWthey did do something different. THEY CANCELLED THE ELECTION AND ELIMINATED THE VOTERS LASTAUGUST.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        When I was a officer in the Republican party I was elected. Did you vote for your Ward Chairman? It’s on your primary ballet if you look. In my state and in most states you get to elect your party leaders. You get your say if you choose to but if don’t at least know who your local party leaders are don’t complain they they aren’t listening to your views. All politics are local. If you want a say you must get involved.

      2. SDofAZ says:

        Yes, but bobnstuff has it right no matter how bitter the pill. We have been complacent while this was happening. That part is quite true and not to my liking at all!

        1. Jack Burns says:

          I am supposed to be aware of the corrupt process in Colorado? Give me a break,

    2. Bill says:

      Bob, give us all a break, the corruption is all over the place. The GOP and Demos are one in the same, the constitution is ignored by the president, congress and the judicial. The people’s vote doesn’t matter and is freudulent. Sorry, but the system is broken.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        The system works just not the way you want it to. In this case it’s not the system that is the problem but the fact that the major player didn’t know how the game worked. If Trump wants to be a Republican he needs to play by the rules of the party. They will not change them for him. This isn’t the first time he has run into problems because he didn’t understand the rules or figured that they didn’t apply to him. He has had projects shut down because the local government wouldn’t change rules for him. If you don’t like how the system works, don’t complain, do something. Get involved with your local party.

        1. Jack Burns says:

          It is not supposed to be a ” game” but even you admit that it is a gaming if the American Voter to benefit the political class. Your criticizing Trumps success as a businessman is really laughable. He has made fools of 15 established candidates including the Bushes with Less than 10% of the money they spent attacking him. Let’s dispense with the GAMES and have a SIMPLE ELECTION.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            If you want to be like elections in other countries you can get rid of parties and have run off elects till someone gets 50% of the vote. Our two party system goes back a long way and even though it has some problems it has worked. You must remember that the parties are private clubs and not government institutions. They can and do set their own rules and if you are a member you must follow them. Trump doesn’t understand this fact. You say Trump is a successful businessman and I say he is a successful gambler. He likes taking chances that good business men would pass on. Good business men don’t get sued because of how they do business and don’t brag about bankruptcy. Tell me how a good businessman takes a airline that is doing OK and makes it loose money? No I’m sorry but if you think Trump is a good businessman you have looked very close at how he does business.

          2. Jack Burns says:

            You have to be kidding. I live in NY and have followed his businesses since the early 197o’s even as a banker. He has singlehandedly made fools of the most entrenched establishment political figures in modern history even after being attacked with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of attack ads. Now THAT is talent.

            The Sham in Colorado where voters were Left out of the process is despicable. If you think this two party system works then you must really be convinced that we have two parties which puts you right in the middle of this scam. At present I am ashamed to be a member of the Republican Party. It will change when President Trump becomes the titular head of the Party and all those corrupt people responsible for this mess will find out that they have been in the wrong “Club”. We are taking names and will kick ass.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Funny last year when the primary was cancelled no one cared. I don’t recall Trump even saying a word. Trump has no problem with corrupt people since he has worked on corrupting many and dealing with some of the most corrupt himself. Trump will not be the head of the party even if he becomes the candidate of the party. Tell how great Trump is when he can be out foxed by a guy like Cruz.

  • Sonya Czech says:

    I have felt for YEARS that they should do away with the Delegates and just let the PEOPLE decide who they want running for President and then who they want as POTUS! Our population has grown since 1776 and it’s time to show that with our elections.

    1. SDofAZ says:

      The reason they installed the delegates is obvious now. It gives all the power they need to change the elections to the parties. And it is called bribery. Can you imagine what happens behind the closed doors to swing the delegates? Really the opportunity for graft, greed and corruption is absolute! But bobnstuff is right, we have to be engaged. But I detest corruption and it sounds like the current parties are beyond reform.

  • Upaces says:

    I feel a little stupid I hadn’t put it all together.
    ALL of the politicians in D.C. ARE OWNED and SLAVES to support or NOT to support what their owners tell them to do..

    I am sooo ashamed to the Republicans. I can’t even tell anymore the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats.

    1. maxx says:

      That would be because there is no difference and you are correct to be suspicious. America has been controlled by “the political class” not by the people since the 1860’s when Lincoln usurped the Constitutions own power that granted “states rights” because each state voluntarily joined the Union and “states rights” were the carrot given to them. States rights was the remedy for the states fear that a federal government would eventually overreach the authority of the central government. We are not a democratic republic but a single party oligarchy. This is also true for the case of the three co-equal branches of the federal government. Presently, the executive branch controls the Judicial branch and the Legislative branch. There is no separation of powers as defined in the Constitution.

      1. skipsart says:

        We were never a Democratic Republic. Originally we were a Constitutional Representative Republic but we don’t seem to be “represented” anymore.

        1. ADRoberts says:

          And you have to admit that our electorate are no longer INFORMED either. They are mostly interested in their OWN AGENDA. You know. Free stuff and grants and bailouts. Anything to get a chunk before the balloon bursts.

          1. skipsart says:

            You are correct. The Founding Fathers warned us to stay educated and vigil.

          2. jnora says:

            Stay away from AD Roberts…he is a sham and hurts people. I would imagine he is even one of those paid disrupters on this site. He hurt me very badly regarding the suicide of my son and my family’s tragedies. Do not correspond with him. He is irrational and knows nothing worth anything.

          3. skipsart says:

            thanks for the heads up

      2. Ken says says:

        All 3 branches of the Government are Puppets of the Establishment

        1. ADRoberts says:

          They maybe you should go to God and submit to HIM. He will treat your fairly, as long as YOU accept HIS Lordship. And His kingdom lasts for ever.

          1. Ken says says:

            Guess what Bob – we both have the Right to Freedom of Religious choice – this thread is about politics so stick to the subject.

          2. ADRoberts says:

            A dodge. But still not able to avoid the questions of life that ALL have to answer. Oh, I guess you don’t believe in God.
            “So stick to the subject” Translation: I can’t deal with God so I will try to silence you.

          3. Sara says:

            Just want to make a point, and it’s not to say anyone has to or is right/wrong in their particular beliefs, but even though there’s supposed to be separation of church and state (meant to keep a particular belief system from passing/not passing legislation that serves their group), IMPORTANT: religions have always had an impact on politics and politics has always had an impact on religions. Therefore while not imposing your belief system on another (unless it calls for hurting/beheading people for no reason, it obviously needs addressing), discussing religion is important when discussing politics because they’re as far back as historically known, intertwined in shaping civilization, wars, hijacked and used for corruption and an excuse to initiate conflicts and so on.

          4. ADRoberts says:

            By your own words, you prove that you do not know the Constitution. It says, “shall make no laws establishing…….” And that is the ONLY separation of church and state. And what YOU said is wrong.

            Now the rest of your post is gibberish. Check out what George Washington said in his FAREWELL speech.
            Check to see which “RELIGION” is being targeted by atheists and muslims and everyone else. Even muslim doctrine is being taught in schools all over the nation. And yet, when a single child bows their head in silent prayer over their lunch, there is a teacher there demanding that she stop.

          5. Sara says:

            Okay, first, if I made a mistake, there’s no reason to go off on me. Just explain it to me without attacking. I’m a big enough girl that I can admit when I am wrong, so kindly correct me if I’m wrong-i can’t know everything, but I stand by that religion has always helped shape and had its tentacles in politics (for good and bad), and politics has always had its tentacles in religion. Christians of course are the ones being targeted and persecuted-I see that/you’d have to be blind not to-but we were warned that day would come. Our nation was based on Christian beliefs and values. My point was only that it has to remain a part of political discussion because they shape each other, always have. You pointed that out when you said who was targeting it, and one in particular is very politically charged. See the point I was trying to make? As a side note, I think atheist are the non threat. Did you mean satanists? ( definitely a threat.) Atheists are open to God, they simply lack the proof, haven’t had an experience that leaves no doubt, but it’s not that they wouldn’t welcome it. They tend to be very intelligent, science and logic minded people. Two examples: Stephen Hawking, he’s terrified of what CERN is doing. It’s making him have his own little come to Jesus time. Second -Seth MacFarland, grew up in a devout Irish catholic family, but is an atheist, because he’s a highly intelligent creative person. He’s not opposed though, and they do a lot of God and Jesus skits that would be offensive to a Christian without a sense of humor that doesn’t know where he’s coming from. He’s got the background -when it clicks, he’ll get it. I was agnostic until I asked for and given the best gift ever. I apologized for my lack of full belief and asked for proof and it was given to me. It’s a process for some people, but it was science (I study A LOT beyond nursing anything science related-space, other religions, history, micro biology at cell level, DNA, etc.. and all those dots go back to one thing, and biblical writing that I finally made the connection between science and what’s wrote that they had different terminology for what’s going on today. Satanists on the other hand aren’t open to a creator because they worship his enemy. Funny how they could deny god but believe in a devil of sorts. Not sure how one could exist without the other. Did I miss anything. I’ll read what you told me unless you just want to tell me.g’night.

          6. ADRoberts says:

            No, atheists are very aggressive in FFRF. They are NOT benign. And I have a book I can refer to them that proves ALL doubts and arguments against God are wrong. “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist”, by Norm Geisler. And I have referred it to many atheist. They refuse to read it but deflect to a fellow who claims to have refuted the whole book. No, they are NOT open. They are definitely NOT interested in finding God.
            Just finished reading all of your post. You impress me. Hope you continue and find a closer relationship with Jesus.
            Here are two points for you. 1. God could easily just pull back the curtains and terrify everyone into serving Him. But His intent is that we will CHOOSE Him, willingly. 2. The plan of salvation was long in coming about. I can give you an abbreviated version but it would be long and too long for now. If you want it, ask. I will take the time
            Beside Norm Geisler’s book, there is also Lee Strobel. He was a reporter for a Chicago paper who decided to debunk Christianity. He failed but because an outstanding apologist for Christianity. His books are excellent, including “The Case for Christ” and one I especially like, “The Case for Easter”.
            Sorry if I was too harsh.

          7. Sara says:

            Say it and I’ll make note of and get to it. Got a lot on my plate, but like to learn so it’s not a task, just gotta catch up. No worries. Thank you.

          8. ADRoberts says:

            God bless you. ANd I hope that you find GOD’S will for your life. I never believe that any two people should actually believe the same thing. God leads us all on different paths. Some things, though, are not flexible or negotiable.

          9. jnora says:

            You sound like a kind Christian, Sara. A fairly rare find these days. I to have a kind and soft heart. My counselor tells me not to follow politics and I understand his reasoning. Unfortunately, I find it incredibly interesting, and I feel like at least someone needs to care and know that we are about to collapse if something isn’t done. I cry for our country and I cry for the ignorance of the American people. The young and nothing about what is happening. They believe everything Hillary and Bernie are telling them… All the promises. They do not know that there will be no jobs or taxes to pay for their goodies. The baby boomer generation is about to ruin the world. Perhaps God’s plan was to give us free will and let us implode ourselves.

          10. jnora says:

            Sara, whatever happens the rest of our life does not really matter because no matter how bad it gets is like a blip on the radar in the scheme of things. Was talking to an elder at church this morning who was the first one to arrive at my house when my son died. He and his wife are so loving to me. He says that I deserve some happiness before I die. I don’t know how that is possible, but I know I need to try. I know that God doesn’t want us to be unhappy. He has left me here for some reason and I hope He reveals the reason to me soon. I do suspect that He isn’t leaving me here just to suffer with sadness. I think He has kept me here to help others. I have done that and I have been bitten in the butt lots of times. My counselor tells me not to get too emotionally involved because I have so little to give. I am using it all trying to keep myself together I have very little money, but I will try to pay it forward by paying someone’s Wendy’s bill or something like that. If more people in this country and elsewhere saw Christianity in motion, they may understand that we need it. I’ve blabbered on enough, so I’m going to sign out for now. Don’t let AD get you down. Just rise above it. Always take the high road of dignity. You pass this onto Siegel also. Hey Siegel, our congregation just opened the first Christian church in Jerusalem fot hundreds and hundreds of years. We are trying to assimilate. Yes, there is vandalism, but we are coping. Mostly from the Hacitic Jews. We must learn to live in harmony, because we are going to need each other in the future and maybe not even the very far future. Pray for our country and our world and the residents thereof! Sara, You have such a sweet demeanor… Please don’t ever lose that. Sorry if there are typos.

          11. Sara says:

            Don’t apologize for a long post -I do it all the time. Don’t let people talk you out of being that kind soul. You get bitten sometimes, but I’ve also seen good deeds (just one) take root and spread. A perfect stranger can make or break your day. There was a foreign man who owned a gas station I went to regularly. I went in one day with that look in my eye. He said “are you okay?”. I nodded trying not to cry. A tear rolled out. He said, “oh no, I’m so sorry.”, (as if it was his fault), and put his hand on his heart and said, “it hurt my heart to see beatiful woman cry, my heart, it hurts.” Needless to say this still makes me cry, he was always so sweet and could see in my eyes if something was wrong. I ASSURED him I was okay, because you know how it makes you cry when someone’s really nice to you when you’re upset? He thought it was his fault lol. But people remember those things, and they quite often do pay it forward. So write off the ones that bite you hard and keep on being you. And you’re right, God wants us happy (and so does your son-regardless of what was going on with him at the time, I can PROMISE you he doesn’t want his mom, the one who gave him life broken to be broken hearted.) Be happy in knowing what you’re doing MATTERS. Help other moms once you’ve figured out the way through it. You’ll never get over it, but you can be happy. You can talk about whatever his funny quirks were, funny things he said and did with a happy year in your eye. Are you past the point is feeling phiysicallty sick about it? That’s the worst. I remember the initial shock and then the times it would pop back months later with a trigger and I would have to leave wherever I was so my son wouldn’t see me and remember just melting into the concrete outside a restaurant sick, crying and my mom literally holding me up under my arms. Oh my God, that probably crushed my husband – I hope he missed those ones but saw just enough to know how much I loved him. That will go away. I KNOW the soul doesn’t die (saw it in him and as a nurse in others-his soul left after he coded but before his body died). I started grieving then/I knew he was already gone. I never understood this until about 6 months ago. Apparently the body has to be strong enough to hold onto the soul which is much less dense. So when people survive a code, their bodies were strong enough to retain the soul. His wasn’t. It took too long to get him intubated, so brain death. I’ve seen plenty of vent patients with their souls intact even with severe head trauma. His wasn’t there. Apparently it weighs 22 grams. He has visited me many times. Will save it for another time, but the funny thing was he didnt ever seem to understand why I was so upset and asked why he left. I always misinterpreted this as he didn’t know he died. He always asks me what I’m talking about like I’m nuts and says he’s been here the whole time and that he never left. I don’t think he did, and I was the one who misunderstood -in this world I can’t see him, but apparently he can be in both-i just can’t see him, nor can I control when he checks in on me. You’re also correct in that the only thing we need be worried with is our souls in the end. If you reach one person, you’ve made a difference because it spreads, and once it catches fire, it burns faster like a brushfire. Peace sister.

          12. Sara says:

            Well I hate to say it, but unless your political involvement is causing you undue amount of stress you can’t handle, I would have to disagree. I’ve been criticized as well and called crazy by my own family for my “conspiracy theories” all of which are coming out in the open now -lol not funny but I feel vindicated. Anyway, it’s our civilian duty to correct our government’s actions when they are clearly going off the rails. If you’re up to the task, someone has to do it, so keep up the good fight because you’re right, even though people are catching on, it takes years to unravel this web and understand how to fix it. There aren’t that many of us with the full comprehension. You cry for what’s happening because you are AWAKE. It’s healthy. Everyone should be screaming “I AM A HUMAN BEING GODDAMNIT!” That’s a normal reaction, not what we have going on which is a conditioning, a normalcy bias, a Stockholm syndrome sort of cognitive dissonance. You’re healthy to cry, because it’s very real, scary, and sad. You are of service to others, not of self by hiding from this. You work for the greater good even if it puts you at risk. That is how God wants you to be. I see nothing at all wrong with it. I’ve heard counselors say similar things when you’re having a hard time. They want you to feel better. I would NOT feel better turning from this even if it’s taxing as hell at times. How can we do that with any conscience? You’re doing His work in your own capacity. Be proud of yourself. And thank you, I try. My own adversities have taught me lessons at a young age through the school of hard knocks. Keep in mind, medical staff (including myself) are taught to immunize. I’ve not worked OB since 2002, but if I were well enough to return to the hospital, they’d have to find a way to work with me because I would refuse to give hep b immunizations and vit k shots to newborns knowing now what I didn’t know then. Newborns aren’t having unprotected sex or shooting up and I know vitamin k reduces intracranial bleeding (more common in preemies), but I don’t trust what’s in those vials at this time. So counselors learn similar things that aren’t always right for you. I don’t know the details, I’m just making a point. Wish you were my neighbor.

          13. jnora says:

            No, Sara. Separation of church and state was to keep us from having a national religion. It was to keep the Church of England from being the official church of the colonies. It was not meant to keep religion out of the colonies. It was meant for people to have the freedom to choose. The people of that time were deeply religious and that is what our country is based on.

          14. Sara says:

            My bad if I sad that wrong-I just meant that it’s nearly impossible to avoid faith when discussing politics these days because we have so called “faiths” that call for hurting or killing/maiming others-and those so called faiths are infiltrating our government by design it appears. Prior to that, it was avoidable, but it seems we have a very evil entity working from within that has infiltrated.

          15. Ken says says:

            Hey Bob – No dodge – let me spell out what I said politely. As a Constitutional Government Conservative and a Christian the last two years have produced a noisy but small group of Religious Zealots that give Conservatives and Christians a bad name. The are not Constitutional Conservatives they are advocates of a Theocracy. God will judge whether they have any Christian values. The Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they drew a clear line between Church and State. The Revolution was fought to throw out King Richard and his Theocracy. Religion is your personal Right just like every Citizens – keep it personal – enjoy it.

          16. ADRoberts says:

            So YOU know about these THEOCRACY people. I have never heard of them
            Let me guess Anyone who does not agree with you must be one of these Theocracy group.
            So in your zeal to prevent those who are just Christians from having any say in government, in your concern that they MIGHT do something that they have NEVER done in their lives and force their beliefs on you. LOL.
            You have a VERY GOOD imagination. But it is false.
            Now to show YOUR stupidity. The words and concept of “separation of church and state” is NOT in the Constitution. I don’t believe it is even in Federalist Papers. But those words were put out by Jefferson. Your problem is that the INTENT of ALL of those Founding Fathers was specified in the Constitution. “…..make no laws establishing a religion.”
            Now you stop trying to silence Christian from the Constitutional rights to free speech.
            I will make a guess. You are not a Christian. You are an avowed atheist.

          17. Ken says says:

            Bobbie – you are so full of shlt that you are turning brown. Never heard of a Theocracy – I thought you were smart but I was wrong on that one but I nailed the rest. Enjoy your rights – however it goes I will hear you whining in November – put your head back in its safe space.

          18. ADRoberts says:

            Yes, I have heard of it. In the imaginations of those who hate Christ and Christians. You see, a Christian knows that God will NOT force anyone to accept Him. So they won’t either. And those who claim to be Christians who WILL force their way on others are IMMEDIATELY to be rejected as being Christians at all.
            Now understand this. There is NO solution to the problems that are coming. Not Trump. Not Cruz. We are in last days. And if you had any knowledge of what that means, you would be terrified. WHY? Because you trust men and not God. And from a human point of view, there is NO HOPE.

          19. Ken says says:

            When will you declare the END date? It is very clear you are part of the problem and not part of the solution. There are hopefully enough Patriotic Americans left in this Country that we can keep the Rights to speech and Religion and Guns just in case the End` is 100 or 200 years away. EOC

          20. ADRoberts says:

            So you have backed off on your nasty language and filthy mouth? WhY? You want a date? Ask God. He stated in the Bible that not even Jesus knows the time. But since you are so knowledgeable you knew that already.
            Now get this. The elite have psychologists who can tell them what most people will do and what it will take to force them into subjection.
            When will God say ENOUGH? I never claimed to know. And anyone who does claim to know is lying. But it is sufficient to say that God has promised that when a nation rejects HIM, He will reject and judge them.
            Now one question. Do you claim to be a servant of Jesus Christ?

          21. Ken says says:

            I knew the END date but were curious to see if you were dumb enough to post a date. Jesus doesn’t need servants He needs believers. Nasty language and filthy mouth? Are you brain dead? That was a dumb question = you have already offered proof of that.

          22. ADRoberts says:

            And all of that was illogical and irrational. But then, you seem to be a waffle on most issues.
            And yep. I believe that you knew the END date. LOL

          23. Ken says says:

            Sorry about that – no gotcha – I don’t play games with brain dead fools.

          24. ADRoberts says:

            But you do play a game. ANd the game is to do anything and everything you can to tear others down. I guess it makes you feel superior. Your “likes” record reveals that your efforts to entertain yourself are not entertaining others. They see you for what you are. And no amount of twisting, spinning and name calling will change that. 3139 comments and only 3110 likes.
            And THAT is another “GOTCHA”.

          25. Sara says:

            Then why did God give us free will? Are they using prophecy as a manuscript or is it actually playing out, or both? Trump got a revolutionary ball rolling for truth. Truth will open Pandora’s box for those that bought all the lies all these years and could very well create needed change, but it will require people to remain peaceful unless defending themselves. It will require working together as one for the sake of all. It will require discernment. It will be quite an undertaking but can be peacefully accomplished for the most part if we keep our senses. I think the best solution to purge out the corrupt is to offer them their full pensions without the threat of trials or punishment if they step down voluntarily and stay out of all branches of government and public sevice, education, ngo’s, banking, etc… Otherwise they’ll continue to use our tax money to get their spooks to keep covering and killing anyone who has Intel on them. We don’t need any more dead whistleblowers. Not saying they don’t deserve to be charged with war crimes/crimes against humanity, it’s just not worth the time and taxpayer money to do it when that time and money could be spent repairing things. Besides, someone else will take care of them. Think of conducting Nuremberg trials and investigation to the exponent of 20-it’s not worth it. If they don’t step down and they’re caught, well then they face full consequences.

          26. ADRoberts says:

            Too tired. Could not read. God DID give us free will. He does not know what our decisions are going to be or free will is a joke. He does want EVERYONE to be saved. John 3:16. And you can find HIM if you want to.

          27. Sara says:

            I feel ok with that. I’m okay. I just worry about the kids.

          28. ADRoberts says:

            Give them the Gospel too. And pray with all the faith you can muster.

      3. Sara says:

        What to do if they use this as an opportunity to pull out all the stops? Like the use of weapons we can’t even see coming or have the ability to protect ourselves from? Like if they fully switch on the “matrix” so to speak with all the darpa technology? Knowkede carries some protection, but I’m not sure how much. We’re already sick, suppose they disable us unough we lose our strength and will? Just know and spread to others to keep it peaceful. Any new pearl harbors are most certainly FF’s (don’t believe it for a second!) and meant to gain more control through further conflict. Absolutely no fighting unless in self defense. Honestly I’m getting my garden in order and would urge others to do the same. All it takes is the grid down and shtf. If everyone has just one fruit or vegetable bearing plant/medicinal herb to maintain, and fruit trees rather than decorative trees are growing all over the place, food will be in abundance even for city dwellers who can grow in small yards, from window pots and rooftops. WE make the world go round (they actually cannot survive without US), and all have a skill or special talent (sewing, engineering, construction, medicine, machining, arts/music, cooking, weaponry, gardening, etc…). We can survive fine without grocery stores and utilities if we are prepared in advance and need to go back to old skills. My grandma grew up growing all their own food, no running water or electric. She’s 103. Any ideas though about semi disabling us or worse? I could see this as an opportune time, especially if we don’t maintain order ourselves. That’s crucial and our civil duty to be self reliant and help our neighbor. Thoughts?

        1. jea2comments says:

          My mom was born in the Depression in 1929 and it was tough then. Can you imagine what it will be like when the next crash comes? Back then people were nicer and more civilized, NOT like some of the hooligans we have running around today. My step-mom was also around during the Depression and she lived on a farm, she used to tell me a story or two about those days. She would say that people would be walking down the road and asked if they could have something to eat. The people were tired and hungry and just walking around. Her family would give them something to eat and drink and then they’d leave. It was a very tough time back then and many people had little to nothing. People of that era were more self sufficient back then, in percentages we’re talking 90% could take care of themselves and about 10% could NOT or didn’t have the means to do so. Fast FORWARD about 80-88 years, now those percentages are the complete opposite. Do you see where I’m going with this? People have become “weak,” lazy and reliant on the “system” or the matrix” as you call it. I don’t see this ending too well for the current society we live in today. Not to be pessimistic but really our society doesn’t think or act like the people did back over 80 years ago. Those with knowledge and know-how will likely survive, and those who don’t or can’t won’t.

          1. ADRoberts says:

            I had family that recounted living in the country during the depression. They did not know they were poor.
            It all depends on what your STANDARD is and how much you work for what you get.
            Lawyers, politicians, CEOs, managers are all going to be in trouble.
            I moved to the country for that very reason.

          2. jea2comments says:

            I can see it now…as the politicians flee to their underground bunkers like rats in a cage. They had better hope that people don’t find them, as people will probably steal everything they have.The rich will be the most affected as they are used to “living high on the hog” so-to-speak. For the rest of us, we will just have to strive to get by. As far as your comment about your family living during the Depression; did they live on a farm? My step-mom did and she said, they knew about the Depression, but they were not affected by it as much as others were, as they lived on a farm and were essentially self sufficient fortunately. Had they not lived on a farm, and had cows and cattle they would have been affected in a much more severe manner.

          3. ADRoberts says:


          4. jea2comments says:

            That’s good, keep your eyes closed, and NEVER ever listen to common sense. Never entertain the idea that someone else might have a opinion of some merit whose view is contrary to your own. That’s the LIBERAL way! And no sense reading my posts, you might learn something! You asked me some questions to which I answered, but you’ll never know what I said now, because I’m on your Ignore list now! Maybe others will get a bit of information and entertainment out of it.

          5. ADRoberts says:

            Rejected because of who you are.

          6. I Seigel says:

            I’ve noticed that you really do avoid a discussion where you’d actually have to think about the other person’s POV. You’re great at name-calling, and once you’ve put a label on someone, you easily dismiss them. You’ve chosen to avoid my very reasonable questions because they apparently would challenge you to think outside your very narrow box.

          7. jea2comments says:

            I don’t why ADRoberts is even on this site, since he or she doesn’t want to discuss any of the topics, so to them I would say, why bother coming to this site? Afterall the posting site in which we or at least I am posting on is called: DISQUS, as in Discuss. Perhaps in ADRoberts world Disqus means Disgust. Apparently I’ve disgusted him and now I’m on his ignore list. lol… To him, I say; whatever dude.

          8. I Seigel says:

            Yes, he as “tired” of me as well. Apparently I’m to be ignored, too. LOL! Not a great loss, as far as I can tell.

          9. I Seigel says:

            One thing to remember is that however this close-minded moron AD votes, your vote will cancel his out, rendering him basically meaningless in the scheme of things. Like a Voter Vasectomy!!

          10. jea2comments says:

            lol…thanks for the chuckle, I needed that. ADR must be one of the low-information voters. Scary how they walk amongst us, and even scarier…they vote!

          11. ADRoberts says:

            Trying to spin? I recall a very lengthy diatribe with little or no facts and a lot of attack.
            You spin it back and claim that YOU are the one offended. LOL
            “Give me one question at a time. Let’s see if you can handle a discussion when you have not tried to overwhelm someone with MASS.

          12. I Seigel says:

            ME offended?!?! By whom? Certainly not by YOU! LOL!
            So, in one post you criticize me for being very short, and now you criticize me for overwhelming you with “mass”. Am I wrong, or are you giving conflicting statements here?
            And in none of your posts have you offered any answers to my questions or a different point of view from what I’ve stated. All you’ve done is evade and attack. Try EXPLAINING.

          13. ADRoberts says:

            Just like those who criticized Jesus. They complained that they had played a dirge and he did not mourn. They played a jig and he did not dance.
            So no matter what I do, either way I go, you WILL find fault.
            And I am sure that you have NO IDEA what is the problem with this country. You don’t try to figure it out.

          14. I Seigel says:

            “GOTCHA”? Huh? More incomprehensible drivel.

            I have plenty of ideas what the problems are with this country. And I could offer some solutions to those problems. But the problem here is that your list of problems most likely differs from mine. Where you see problems and catastrophes, I see a pretty good to not-so-bad situation. So your problems and solutions will probably not be the same as mine. I’m not claiming that you’re misguided in your viewpoint and that I’m right. I’m just saying that we probably see things quite differently. So when you say I’m “not interested in solving the problems of the country”, just recognize that you’re only considering the problems AS YOU DEFINE THEM. Like I said, without a common language – or agreeing on common terms like “problems” – there really isn’t any basis for discussion.

            As just ONE example – and so as not to overwhelm you with “MASS” – let’s take Obamacare. You probably see it as an unmitigated disaster, government intrusion and needing immediate dismemberment. I see it as a good first step and a work in progress. So your solution to this “problem” is going to be quite different from mine.

          15. ADRoberts says:


          16. I Seigel says:

            “Give me one question at a time. Let’s see if you can handle a discussion when you have not tried to overwhelm someone with MASS.” Couldn’t handle just the one question, huh? LOL!!

          17. jnora says:

            We could say the same thing about him…rejected because of who he is!

          18. I Seigel says:

            Yeah, I tried to have a calm and rational discussion with him, but he doesn’t seem to be up to the task. He accused someone of “situational ethics”, and I wanted to explore that with him. Nope. He just ignored the question and attacked me. That’s his M.O.

          19. jea2comments says:

            And who am I? Oh…that’s right I’m a Trump supporter and I’m not politically-correct. I haven’t drank the “koolaid” nor do I wish to. I see I’ve “overwhelmed” you previously with too many facts…which must have put your brain on overload. Did you throw a breaker?

          20. ADRoberts says:

            Not at all. You have no facts You do have a lot of opinion and attacks.
            If you were rational, you would recognize that you have been deceived.
            God have mercy on you.

          21. jnora says:

            To all of you who are attacking AD Roberts: I, too, am a Trump supporter. For a while, AD and I went round and round and he ignored me, but then I found out who he really was and found out we had lots in common. Like me he is a staunch Christian. We just have differences politically. I would like Cruz to be president, at least of the ones running, but I don’t think he can win and electability is what I’m interested in right now. AD is voting his conscience right up front. We believe the same, I just think we need to go in increments to combat the evil forces of the Democrats. Personally, I am standing up for AD. We have agreed to disagree on politics and there is much more to him than you are suggesting. He is smart, deep thinking, and appears to be a deeply moral man. So, LAY OFF YOUR LONG MESSAGES TO HIM THAT, BASICALLY, SAY NOTHING! If you have something relevant and substantial to discuss with him, he will discuss with you. I know that for a fact.

          22. jea2comments says:

            Attacking ADRoberts? ADRoberts has been the one “attacking” as far as I can see. He has a bad habit of “labeling” people and judging. I don’t think that’s right. He probably is a stanch christian like most of us on here, however, he’ acquired the habit of projecting himself as “holier than thou” (that’s pride), and he makes assumptions about people that are simply not true. He’s called me: hateful and wicked. I don’t appreciate that. I don’t care how he votes, I just don’t like the way he talks to people on here, including how he talks to me. If he wants to talk and disagree with people, on political issues, that’s one thing and I can understand that, but differing political opinions don’t give him the right to “label”, name-call, or judge other people. Making assumptions about people = judging. Last time I checked Judging was up to God, not ADRoberts.

          23. jnora says:

            I agree with you to a point, but let the sinlrss one cast the first stone. Does include AD, of course. Christians have different types of sins from one another. I just delved further with him and now we are on an agree to disagree basis. That would be best for all.

          24. jnora says:

            Sorry I tried to mislead you. I was very wrong and I ask your forgiveness! He is a clod.

          25. jea2comments says:

            No problem, and you’re right about him, ADRoberts is a clod, he’s a cold clod and I’d consider him a wolf in sheep’s clothing. By his deeds he has shown us all that he is a hateful, prideful, spiteful, game-playing nut job. I can’t stand people like him, who profess to be christians and then act like the devil. I’m not the judge of anyone, but the Lord shall surely judge ADRoberts for his evil deeds and by his works, which from what I can see are not good! Shame be on him! If ADRoberts is reading this he needs to fall on his knees and repent and check out Romans 10:9-13. I got two words for ADRoberts:
            Repent or Perish!

          26. I Seigel says:

            Jnora – just so I understand you correctly: You had a disagreement with AD until you found out he is a good Christian, and now you’re buddies and you’re defending him against “attackers”. Is that right? So being Christian “heals all wounds”? Do you cut the same kind of slack for other Christians? Timothy McVeigh, David Duke, Dylann Roof? How about Eva and Adolph? Do you “get” all of them, because they were all Christians?

            It seems you confer the label “Christian” on someone, and that makes them an ally. Just like AD – and many others here – labels someone a “socialist”, or “libturd” or “Jew”, and that makes them an enemy.

            Let’s forget the labels and deal with what people say and do, rather than just trying to classify them so we can then easily figure out how to deal with them.

            What if some illegal-looking, overweight immigrant rear-ended you at a stop sign. You get out of your car all mad (and hurt?), and you’re about to read this immigrant the riot act and then you see this big silver cross she’s wearing around her neck. Is your attitude towards her going to change all of a sudden, because you now know that you’re dealing with a Christian, rather than just some stupid illegal alien?

          27. jnora says:

            I see where you are going…no, I am NOT anti-semitic. If a Christian does not practice Christianity where it shows, then I would just as not deal with them. I DO prefer to work with rational and kind people, no matter their religion (except for the Muslims, because they ALL hate us and I don’t believe there are ANY “moderate” Muslims). I love the Jewish people and think we should stand up for them in Israel just as they were Americans. Evidently, the Democrats do not believe that and they keep glorifying the Palestinians. If the people you mentioned asked forgiveness and were repentant, I would have forgiven them, just as God would have….He is a God of mercy of which none of us cannot understand. A friend of my nephew’s in Milwaukee was studying the Bible with Jeffrey Dahlmer while he was in prison. This friend of my nephew’s baptized him right before Dahlmer was murdered in prison. IF he was truly sincere, he will be with God forever after judgment day. You see, we cannot understand the mercy of God. Some Christians do look down on others, as AD may be doing. Shame on you, AD. It all needs to stop. God does not want that turmoil, but only good testifying about Him. I am not justifying anything that AD is doing…he can be brash and condescending. That is between him and God and not for you to judge him. Nor, should he judge you or anyone else. Are you there, AD? For a Christian, it is tempting because we want so much for people to know and love the Word of God and become Christians. The difference between us and the Muslims…we don’t cut off heads if they don’t convert. If you are not a Christian, you have no idea the beautiful feelings it gives you inside. Were it not for my faith, I would probably not have made it this far in life. I think I will bow out now.

          28. I Seigel says:

            You paint Democrats with an extremely broad brush. Democrats are not a monolithic block on ANYTHING, Israel included. There are plenty of Democrats who are appalled at any criticism of Israel, Israeli policy, or the ruling party at any given moment. And there are some Democrats who are uncomfortable with some of the policies Likud has been carrying out – just like there are many Israelis who are uncomfortable with their country’s policies towards settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

            There is wide variations in how conservatives view Israel, too. Some are very “pro”, and support Israeli policies. Some conservatives – like some of those on this forum – are very anti-Israel and very anti-Semitic.

          29. jnora says:

            This may sound very bad to you and I mean no hurt, but I don’t think you can be a good Democrat and a Christian. Even the first tenant of the Democrat party knocks it out….abortion. The two are mutually exclusive. Christians believe abortion at any stage is murder, as do I. Also, God intended us to work and the Democratic ways and systems encourages people NOT to work and live on the system. They try to eliminate God from our country. Separation of church and state does not mean that. It merely meant that there is not to be a state religion (at the time, they wanted to free themselves from the Church of England/Anglican). They have interpreted it completely. Everyone (except the Muslims or Polygamists with their Sharia law and multiple wives) should be allowed to practice their own religion. Why did it work so beautifully in the 1950’s. The only thing I found wrong with the 1950’s was the Korean War and the bad treatment of the African-Americans. We HAD conquered the equality problem until Obama stirred the pot Those who want to excel, have every opportunity to do so. The Korean War? Who knows. Our military is so very weak I don’t know if we ever could overcome North Korea if need be. Obama has truly been the great divider and Hillary would be no different. She is no different than Obama. The lives of my son an my grandkids is in the balance and I hope to leave a better world than what we have now for them. I love them too much to even think of them having this turmoil in which to live their lives.

            In the Democratic debate the other night, all both of them could do was say, in essence, “poor Palestinians,” and it made me sick. Personally, I wish Netanyahu was running OUR country. What an admirable leader and the way Obama treated him was deplorable. The Bible states that Israel will always be at war….it is a prophecy being fulfilled. They are living among countries on all sides that HATE them (most countries hate us, too. They are good and smart people. That is what keeps them ahead. Personally, it is my opinion that Obama is a Muslim. He has lied to us about nearly everything else, so why not that. Were he a Christian, why would he cancel the National Day of Prayer and open it up to the Muslims and PRAY WITH HIM and know the prayers? If he calls being a Christian being a member of Wright’s congregation that spews hate, is that a Christlike thing? Yes, that is a broad brush, but that is the observations that are right in our faces. You’d think we could, at least, have a first lady that is proud of America!

          30. jnora says:

            Perhaps that is why people are leaving the Democrat party for the Republican party in droves. I see a third party in our future that WILL be successful. Part of my severe depression (other than that my youngest son committed suicide in Nov. 2014) is that I keep up with politics, but someone has to care. The good Lord knows it isn’t most of our young people if you have ever seen Jay Leno or Jesse Watters interviewing the kids in colleges.

          31. Sara says:

            I wish I could just talk to you and help you through this. I’ve been to hell and back so many times, I feel I could really help you find peace. Fighting the good fight is a good feeling. People are waking up, I was losing faith in humanity but I see an awakening. Your son doesn’t want you sad. It would break his heart.

          32. I Seigel says:

            You know, Jnora, it’s funny that you say that. Because I was thinking how difficult it must be for a Christian to be a Republican! I understand your concern – and everyone’s concern – about abortion. But conservatives – pardon me for saying – seem to be only interested in the fetus. I don’t see too much support from Republicans for programs designed to help babies, or youth, or mothers or families. Family leave? WIC? Universal Pre-K? Child health care, youth counseling, drug intervention programs, gang intervention programs? These ideas are all from the “libturds”, and conservatives loath these types of “social-engineering” programs. Sure, I hear a lot about adoption, but I don’t hear anything about helping the American-born children of immigrants – legal or illegal – with health care, schooling or other issues. Jnora, you demonstrate to me that Republicans are just as pro-child, and pro-teen, and pro-Black-life or pro-Latino-life, as they are “pro-life”, and I’ll seriously reconsider my long-held beliefs.

            As to Obama and everything you said on that subject:
            That all may be true, and arguing about it won’t change either of our minds, so I won’t challenge anything you’ve said. But let me ask you this: Almost all of the fears that conservatives have exploited for the last 7 years – the bailout will cause our interest rates to soar and our credit rating to tank, Obama is “coming for our guns” and hoarding all the ammo, that Jade training exercise thing in the Midwest last summer was just a way for the military to spy on us and confiscate our guns, Obamacare will be a huge job killer, etc – how many of them have come to pass? And when you call Obama the great Divider, I think the divisions in this country and in the government could be equally blamed on Republicans, too. Don’t forget, on Obama’s inauguration day, the Republican leadership vowed that they would not cooperate with him in any way, and that their goal was to make him a one-term president, another thing that they failed to do! And the Rush Limbaugh’s of the world also said the goal was to make sure Obama failed. At a time when the economy was falling apart and hundreds of thousands of people were losing their homes and jobs every month, can you imagine anything more divisive than that Republican announcement on the FIRST DAY of O’s presidency? Where was their concern for jobs? For the foreclosures and bankruptcies people were facing?

          33. Sara says:

            We just have to accept the two party system is a false paradigm now, return to constitution and laws that are within it and make sense. Abortion (i am saying this as a nurse), isn’t a black and white issue, a yes or no. There need to be more restrictions, earlier inexpensive detection methods, and any abortion past 6-7 weeks should only be allowed in hospitals (preferably find a way to keep elective oops abortions in the 2 week blastocyst range before cells begin organizing-there are ways) between OB/GYN and the physician when there are ethical reasons for doing it such as severe malformations, danger to the mother that could result in death, health of the mother that could be detrimental to both mother and baby, severe genetic defects, etc… I rarely hear a sensible approach-it’s always right/wrong, and it’s not always that easy. PP does need to be defunded due to the DNA and organ harvesting etc…

          34. jnora says:

            Rush wanted him to fail because he knew he was going after making us what Saul Alinsky would have us to be…. Socialists. When you take away a country’s incentive, it is against God’s Word. We are taught to work for what we have and use our God-given talents. When people like my son, who has worked so hard for what he has and then has to give it to someone who is just living on the system for no reason other than idleness, it is absurd. The Republicans believe in the Biblical tenet of teaching those in need to fish rather than giving them the fish. Of course, if they need the fish and are in desperate need, we believe in helping them immediately. I have been in that position. I had a Republican politician in our county pay a $4000 medical bill for me out of his own pocket. I had loving Republicans stepping up with financial gifts, gifts of their time, and mostly of their love since I had no family to care for me. We Republicans have a deep sense of caring. They believe in trying to keep the families together, so they can care for each other. We don’t believe, however, in propagating generation after generation of people on the dole, including illegals. What this does is increase crime and drugs and idleness. Those people have minds that could be a valuable resource for the United States, and yet they are wasted. Idleness begets crime. Capitalism is wonderful and that is what made our country great. The Democratic plan would take that away by raising taxes so high that businesses would lay off, close down, or leave the country to the point where no one would have jobs and the government would run everything and would, eventually, collapse. Everybody would be under the governments then and no one would have that good old American initiative that created the things that made us the leader in the world. Everyone would be the same… No one would be for no one would be Rich, except for the government honchos like the Clintons and the Obamas, etc. working gives you a sense of worth. Yes, I am living on the government now with Social Security, but I work 50 years and paid him more than I will probably ever get out of it. I do get a few food stamps because I have so little on which to live. Being a conservative all my memorable life, it really bothers me to take those food stamps. Then I see people abusing them and it really bothers me. I used to see a woman go into the deli at Publix ( A regional grocery store at which I worked) and by 19 full-sized Boar’s Head sandwiches, complete with Boar’s Head cheese and meat the day she received her food stamps and says she does it every month. That is not a needy person. I remember thinking that I could eat for about six weeks on what those cost. I was getting $16 a month in food stamps. Then I gave them about $5000 in medical bills that insurance and Medicare did not pay and they raised it to $47 a month. I am grateful for them, but I still feel guilty taking them. I eat one meal a day and a granola bar and a little box of raisins for breakfast in order to make ends meet. The government needs to purge the system of people that are using it in an unfit way. There is so much disability abuse. Here is abuse and fraud everywhere. They told me that there is no job that I can do. Thing is in my case, it is true. I spent nearly all of my time in a chair and try to do at least one thing a day to have some activity, even if it hurts. I have nothing that will kill me at this young age of 66, but I will suffer with them to generation the rest of my life. It will get worse and worse and worse. I have had so many surgeries you would not believe it. I need those benefits, but so many don’t. The frauds get the benefits yet our veterans do not. There is so much pork in these bills that they pass for local “favors” that it is despicable. We need to clean up America and DC and we need to do it now. The Democrats will not do it and have prove that they will not do it. Most of the Republicans will not do it either because they are fat and sassy in there cushy jobs. America is broken and I think you will agree with me on that. If we knew what was really going on there would be a revolt in America. There may be anyway. I feel that the Democrats will make sure there is tons of election fraud as there was in the last presidential election. It was proven, yet nothing was done about it. Can you tell me why? Obama got more votes and there were registered voters in some precincts. Why was that not investigated and people held responsible for the crime? These are the things that make me crazy. I guess I am a black and white person when it comes to right and wrong. That is pretty much how it should be and I don’t know how anyone can justify otherwise. If Hillary gets elected I can see her pardoning herself. How ludicrous is that? The Clintons are like John Gotti… Teflon. I know there are crooked Republicans, too. Throw their sorry butts out, also. I am a very compassionate person and I am a Republican. However, when the Republicans start doing things that I think are wrong, I will call them to task. I don’t usually tell people I am a Republican anymore because it is all such a mess and I am really not proud of it anymore. I certainly would not say I was a Democrat. So, there you have it NOT in 25 words or less. I just want our country to be a country that people look up to and respect and a country that does good for mankind. We are no longer that. I so your for the 1950s!

          35. jnora says:

            P.S. If we don’t stand up for Israel, as Obama or Hillary would not do, we will become an even more evil country than we already are. They are good people surrounded by countries that hate them while they are trying to be good and are our best ally. Netanyahu is one of the finest leaders in my lifetime. I know the reason we don’t treat them well and that is because Obama is a Muslim. You will never convince me otherwise. He cancels the National Day of Prayer and yet throws out a rug and prays with the Muslims right there in DC and knows how to do it, also. He even changed the draperies in the White House to depict a Muslim theme and, frankly, I am tired of looking at those gold drapes. They speak volumes! Please forgive my outspoken nature, but it is time we rose up and spoke out against our evil government. I believe that is what God would want us to do.

          36. I Seigel says:

            Yes, I miss the 1950’s, too. 19 cent/gallon gas, Coke and Pepsi with real sugar, not corn syrup. No black neighbors, no internet, no jet airplanes. I miss the air raid practices, where we used to hide under our desks at school to protect us from a Soviet A-bomb. Leave It To Beaver. I miss black and white television, no gay people to rile things up, did I mention to problems with Negroes? Of course, we didn’t have all those great medicines that bring your cholesterol down and help with blood pressure, and a lot more people died of the flu and prostate cancer. People got abortions, but we didn’t have to know about that.

          37. jnora says:

            I guess I was shielded from that in Cleaverville, but I had a glorious childhood. We witnessed so many wonderful and historic things.We were allowed to be kids and we lived through it. Our cholesterol wasn’t as high because our stress level was lower and our food was more natural. Very little to none fast food. I miss Captain Kangaroo, Ding Dong School with Miss Francis, Mr. Green Jeans and so much more. I miss hurrying to get home from church to watch the Beatles come to America (that was the 60s and probably would have been better had it never started all this crap). I remember the first time I heard the Beatles was the night I got my first kiss. Even that was so innocent until I was raped when I was a 17-year-old virgin. There is always some sort of spoiler, isn’t there? My parents tried so hard to shelter me. My mother was sheltered all her life She married my father at 18 and she never told me anything about the birds and the bees and I honestly think it is because it is because she knew so little herself. I remember when I was in the 8th or 9th grade I asked someone at school (Christian school) what a queer was. She told me to go home and ask my mother and if she wouldn’t tell me, then she would tell me the next day at school. When I asked my mother, this was her reply, “it is something that is not very nice between boys and girls.” I honestly think she did not know! That was part of her sweetness…her naivete. I remember when I was in high school, we lived in this really nice neighborhood and I used to babysit for these people down the street that had both endured a Nazi concentration camp. Both he and his wife had the tattoo numbers on their arms. As it were, he owned the Astronauts Motel in Cocoa Beach, FL (we lived in Lakeland, FL). John Glenn was their children’s Godfather. They had me look up something in their address book one night and I saw that Walter Cronkite was in there. When I entered the hotel business, I had a chance to inspect that hotel and it was, of course, in shambles and closed down. All the original astronauts’ names were still in mosaic tile in the pool bottom and it reminded me of Henri Landwirth and his wife. Here is the kicker. They had a house guest that came quite often and would walk around the neighborhood on every visit. We would peer out and I didn’t know who he was until my parents told me. The person I am today would have walked along with him and tried to talk with him. IT WAS WERNER VON BRAUN!!! Oh, what an opportunity I missed. My parents should have done what I wanted to do, but they figured he wanted his privacy and they are probably right. Besides, I don’t know how much English he knew. Perhaps that is one reason he was such good friends with the Landwirths…they were German. I was within reach of history and let it go by me. I would have been in awe of him as I am today. So many good things happened to me in the 50s and even in the 60s, but the 60s was the decade in my life that I saw the most change. It will probably be displaced by this decade, though. However, it was the 60s that started it. All those hippies and SDS, Black Panthers, Bill Ayers’ types went into academia and filled the students’ minds with pure trash. Now it is coming to pass, much to my chagrin. Well, I guess it actually started with the Beatniks…remember them?

          38. I Seigel says:

            Don’t forget those happy 50’s memories of the McCarthy Hearings, too. All the fears about the Red Menace and the Yellow Peril. It wasn’t all Ayers and the SDS in the 60’s. We had our share of fun and good memories in the 50’s too. Vietnam, the KKK burning churches and crosses in the south, race riots in Alabama, lead and asbestos contamination in lots of places. Women didn’t get mastectomies then – they just died of breast cancer. Yeah, I miss the 50s too.

          39. jnora says:

            Sorry Siegel… I answered myself I hope you can see all the posts. My memory, along with my metabolism and my hormones retired to Tahiti without me and I could never re-create them. However, ask me about something that happened 50 years ago and I can tell you every detail. The things I want to forget I can’t and the things that don’t matter I remember. One of God’s little jokes on us, I guess. I went to see Foreigner one night at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville with my friend named Julia. Well, my name is Janelle. I know, I know, I said my name online. I don’t care if the rapists know my name, because if they try to get me, they would have to rape me at gunpoint and I would have to be holding the gun because, as I told you, my hormones are in Tahiti. Anyway, we also had meet and greet tickets. So, they were all lined up there and I am the first one to meet them all. The first thing out of my mouth is, “Hi there, my name is Julia and I’m glad to meet you.” Julia is my crazy friend and she was almost on the floor laughing and so were all the members of Foreigner. It is a good thing I can laugh at myself. I know now at what point I am in memory loss, but I won’t in the future and I am looking forward to the day where I am so loony I don’t know it. Then everybody else can be miserable and I can be happy… LOL Oh, I almost forgot. I was also about to wet my pants from laughing because my bladder control went to Tahiti, too.


            Julia He he

          40. jnora says:

            Awwwwww, gee Seigel… With don’t take the first happy thoughts I’ve had in a long time away from me. Yeah we play in the DDT wins mosquito man came around but we were oblivious to the damage it was doing us. My sister is sure that is what gave her breast cancer, but she is really too mean to let the big C get her. Hey, we didn’t get polio dude Dr. Jonas Salk. Brothers and sisters as in my case got to have the chickenpox together and we got days off from school. I had the measles and the mumps and lived through it. In Florida right middle of the citrus belt, we would get out of school when I was in high school to go do the smudge pots in the citrus groves when It got freezing, thus missing school. For some reason I got out of school and never had to go do smudge pots. We lived in the middle of an orange Grove and had all kinds of citrus trees in our yard. Maybe that’s why… We had to 10 guard our own trees. We would drive around the steak and shake with our cars, our muscle cars, back then with the whole car buying a $.10 Coke so we could stay late to see who hadn’t what car. I had a 1968 Camaro which was my first new car. That was for me and my girlfriends. However, my boyfriend at the first Mustang Mach 1 in the state of Florida, as his father was a car dealer from Orlando. It was a bright red convertible and you have no idea how proud I was. I felt like the bell of the ball. Everyone watched us as we drove through slowly. We would spend all night doing that and it was so much fun. None of my friends ever gotten trouble. Then I went off to college, Christian colleges, and learned everything that I was not supposed to do. They probably have rules that were implemented because of me… LOL. I was a bit rebellious, though, and remember one night my father chasing me through an orange grove. He fell down and I still feel guilty to this day. I don’t even know what I did to upset him … Probably came in 10 minutes late or something. So, Seigel, please allow me the few happy memories I do have to try to see was one person offset what AD that has done to me psychologically. Okey-dokey?

          41. I Seigel says:

            OK, we’ll keep it to Ozzie and Harriet and Grape Nehi’s. We can toss in “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and ’64 Mustangs, too. “California Girls”, if you’ll permit me.

            And I agree that kids would be healthier today if their parents allowed them to get sick. Too much use of antibiotics. Let the kids develop immunities to stuff. Why all the allergies to things? I don’t remember schoolmates being allergic to peanuts or strawberries or gluten. And let kids have some unsupervised play. They’ll figure out how to get along with others on a playground. They don’t need their parents to tell them how to interact. AND NOT EVERYONE IS A WINNER OR A HERO ALL THE TIME!!! THEY DON’T ALL NEED TROPHIES!

            OK, now please help me down off of my soapbox…

          42. jnora says:

            You are right about those things. I had extremely strict parents, but even they would let my girlfriend and I get on the bus and go to downtown Tampa and go to a movie and eat at the local royal cancel.

          43. I Seigel says:

            I gotta say my parents must have been INSANE to let me hitchhike across country with a friend after I graduated from HS. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?!?!? 🙂

          44. jnora says:

            Who knows? Boys are different. Minewood Harley let me out of their site. My cousin however had just a strict parents as I do. When she got out of high school she went to Switzerland by herself. Go figure.

          45. jnora says:

            Well, I lost my reply again. My dishes and working this morning so I can watch my doggie shows on CBS and get a glimpse of Dr. Chris and my cell phone is nothing but gremlin food this morning. Anyway, you are right about those things everyone of them. I had very strict parents, I mean very strict. When I was 10 years old, we live in a suburb of Tampa. Florida. My girlfriend and I would save up old newspapers to sell to the fish markets. My parents let us load them up put them on a bus and go to downtown Tampa. Would sell the newspapers and with the money we would go eat at the local slider place called Royal Castle. There we would drink Birch beer and a sliders. Then we would go to a movie and return home. I would not even do that myself nowadays. Oh, how things have changed. It surely was safe if my parents let me do it then. Yes things are very competitive and we did get sick, but we got well. Nothing against immunizations, but sometimes I think you could make is so fragile that we would catch other things easier. In all my school days in the 50s and 60s, I remember one kid that had allergies and that included asthma, which is analogy. Virtually all of us ate peanut butter, and we ate whatever the school served us. I have etched in my memory The school cafeteria smelling of sauerkraut. Now, I know I didn’t eat that, but I do remember my first grade teacher sitting with me in the cafeteria from lunch time which, by the way, was not at 10:30 AM like some are now, until about three or 4 o’clock waiting for me to eat my green beans. Now I don’t relish green beans, even today, but I will eat them. There was always order in the classroom, but if anyone acted up it was dealt with promptly. Kids were not passed along, but held back if they could not do the work. Teachers took an interest in the kids. We lost in sports and every other kind of competition if we deserved it. We fell down or if the volleyball hit us we shook it off and got back up. Certainly if we were hurt enough to need care we would be taken care of promptly. I know that it is human nature to block out the bad parts and that is probably what I have done. This decade I have so few good parts to remember I will not remember this decade. The only thing I will remember is the hurt my children and my family have caused me. It will pass only when I die and go to my Lord. I refuse to push my dead son out of my memory. So much of the family has done that because he did do some bad things, but he was mentally ill and could not help it. Only a mother will continue to love a son under those circumstances. Maternal love is so very strong. God loves all of his children and they do terrible things in life. Yet, he continues to love them beyond our comprehension. My maternal love is minute compared to His love for us. I am crying so I think I will close for now. Answer if you wish and I will read it later. Thank you, my new friends. I will try in the future not to bring up my problems. That is what I am working on now with my counselor. They are not as important to other people as they are to me. Bless you for trying to make me feel better. I think going outside and seeing God’s beautiful handiwork, Tennessee has that you know, will lift my spirits.

          46. jnora says:

            Oh, and remember Nehi and Grapette (the one with the twisty bottles)? Remember Cherry Phosphates at the soda bar? I remember throwing our Turkish Taffy onto the sidewalk to break it up, too.

          47. Sara says:

            The Israeli Jews and everyday Palestinians are not so much a problem. I had a friend (2 actually) who lived there for a year (the other was born there). They don’t fight among each other unless there’s a military attack/it’s the governments driving the military just like here until our military said enough regarding certain things. This is why we haven’t done in Syria yet. Military said uh uh. There is Zionism which I don’t fully understand, but it’s worth studying-the everyday Jew isn’t part of it, just as the average catholic either doesn’t know or disavows the Vaticans evil dirty deeds and secrets. I mean come on, the biggest observatory and the telescope is called “Lucifer”? Just what are they looking for? God riding his space jet ski up there? And what’s in the basement that is so protected, no one can see it? Hmm? Israel is in a hot bed area, but their defense technology is superior and they don’t need much assistance, at least not now. We should get out and stay out of foreign entanglements. Netanyahu seems okay to me, but so does Putin (I know people hate him but I’ve heard nothing but bluntness from him which I like), I liked Gaddafi too-he did more for Libya and Northern Africa than ANY dictator (automatic bad connotation) in history. His people loved him and he SAID it was Isis against him and anyone watching the video can hear them yelling Akhbahr (sp?) as they tortured the poor man. He would get up in front of congress and speak the truth. He was our ally. We sold him down the river because of the dinar and destroyed a beautiful thriving country. Not sure how I got off on that full tangent, but I hope you found it interesting.

          48. jnora says:

            Sara…I have found in virtually every case except the Muslims, it is not the people that are our enemies, but rather their governments. All, I repeat all, Muslims are taught to hate us from a very young age. They may say they are moderate but in their hearts they are not. They know if they say something they will be hurt badly or killed by the others.

          49. jnora says:

            And Obama treated him so terribly when he was here. He bows down to the Amans and Emirs from places like Saudi Arabia and then takes Netanyahu in the back door and makes and wait. He is 100 times the leader Obama is. Even Putin is way more a better leader than Obama. No wonder everyone is laughing at the USA. We are being run by a beanpole with big ears that doesn’t use them to listen to reason.

          50. Sara says:

            Omg, I saw that -it was a disgrace. He snubs some and bows to others. Take Scalia’s funeral too. He snubbed Gaddafi. You know he made GW or Gtown university (forget which) cover a cross during a speech!?! Wtf??? I put my cross back on that night-I figured if it scared him that bad it must be powerful 😉

          51. jnora says:

            I most certainly rescind my comments. Like 180 degrees!!!!!!

          52. I Seigel says:

            I don’t understand. What do you mean?

          53. jnora says:

            These posts are out of order I’m sure. I resend ever having stood up for AD. Please forgive me for misleading you.

          54. jnora says:

            Siegel, please see the above edit.

          55. jnora says:

            I retract my above statement WHOLEHEARTEDLY. He is a sham at the very least. EVERYONE…please do NOT do him justice or please him by answering him and giving him fodder or a platform for his venom! He tries to hurt everyone with which he comes in contact.

          56. jea2comments says:

            Soooo…now you’re a psychologist? Actually I am a rational person. Perhaps it is you that should look in the mirror, because once AGAIN you’ve “labeled” me and made assumptions that are totally incorrect.

          57. ADRoberts says:

            You will never end your onslaught. I leave it up to God to decide. May he judge today between you and me.

          58. jnora says:

            Now, AD, don’t be condescending. You may do more harm than good.

          59. ADRoberts says:

            How can you state something that is right and not appear to be condescending?
            How do you say to someone that they are wrong and not make them angry, especially when you prove that you are right, LIKE I DID WITH YOUR SUPPORTING TRUMP.

          60. jnora says:

            You may want to try just planting the seeds and letting them grow and be done with it. Let them make up their own minds. Do it more gently, more Christlike, and then you have done your job that God wants you to do. They are then responsible for their own souls. They have been presented with the word of God. We cannot convince everyone , as much as we would like to so. Do not break other covenants trying to be right and make your point. They are responsible for themselves and we are responsible for telling them one time. I’m sure that you are able to get our TV show where you live. You may want to watch one of them. It is watched all over the world and is called “A New Day” with our minister, David Young. He is “getting to be quite a big deal nationally. Even with a huge church of 2500 members and him traveling all over the world to preach and ministering to that large church, he still finds time to write me a personal note about every six weeks. We get it here at 7:30 on Sunday mornings. You will have to check your listings. I think you can get it on our website also which is or I think you can also get it at North Boulevard.Org. He has been told that the government is watching him because he saw something in India that he was not supposed to see. I have no doubt that we will start to be persecuted for being Christians, but I am ready for it. If you find it and have a DVR, try recording it if you times. You can get all of David’s sermons on our website also. You can also get the new day programs on our website but I don’t know if you can get the video. He is a wonderful preacher. We have already started one new satellite church that has over 300 members and we are starting our second one that is just getting cranked up. We feel, since we are such a rich church, that is what God would have us to do and we are teaching other churches how to plant churches. Check it out. Get off here for a while and listen to a couple sermons. He is so down-to-earth and keep your attention and is not afraid to talk about homosexuality, Muslims, radical Muslim terrorists, or anything else that is not PC. Good luck and quit I can everybody mad on here… That gets your cause nowhere.

          61. ADRoberts says:

            I obey God and not you. And I don’t DO TV ministers. The ONLY two people who have been on TV that I consider are worth hearing are Billy Graham and Dr. James Dobson, who is not a preacher at all.
            You have come on now as being my instructor. Not happening. Not reading it and not following it. Sorry.

          62. jnora says:

            He has never asked for one penny and never will! He is on a par with the two people you mentioned. Do not slam what you do not know about, please. It offends me like you are offending everyone else on this site instead of making them want to learn the Word… You are turning them against it, AD.

          63. ADRoberts says:

            Not so. And I have found many that I have encouraged in their lives. But you persist in demanding that I take your instructions. I have been blessed by God, financially spiritually and in respect to my confidence in HIM.
            And you want to take me down? Sorry. Not going to happen. Am 67, monogamous for life, basically out of debt, living way out in the boondocks with my wife and her mother. All I am looking for is the next door for God to allow me to minister to others. Otherwise, I am ready to die and leave this place of arrogance, deception, disinformation, lies and ungodly people who persist in being Laodiceans.

          64. jnora says:

            You really are closed minded. And I thought I was close minded that you take the cake!

          65. ADRoberts says:

            Check out James and what he says about people who are wavering and easily to move about. Then know that just because I reject you as MY instructor and find your directions lacking for me to continue to obey God, you conclude that I am closed minded. Wow. Maybe there is a reason you have so much family trouble.

          66. jnora says:

            For crying out loud AD, I have read his books listen to him and my cousin was one of his first employees and she worked for him for 14 years until he got ran out of focus on the family… Unwarranted by the way. I know about him I know about Billy Graham but I also know about David Young and there is no one I admire more than him. I have listen to the good things he says for over 10 years now. By the way, the comment about my family was the lowest blow I’ve had in a long time and you have hurt me badly and I will have a setback because of it. Definitely not how a Christian should act by making someone was already terrible problems worse!!!!’I will not read or write anymore posts to you.i’m not judging but that was cruel and unChristlike. Bet you that everybody on this discussion would agree with me. You need to ask forgiveness for that AD.., you have no idea how badly you hurt me, especially when I tried to stand up for you. Boy was I wrong. You are what everybody is saying you are and worse. You are a bully and you think you’re better than everybody else. I hope everybody reads this post and won’t even correspond with you. It is not worth it …you are too ignorant. I did not say stupid I said ignorant, and I mean big time ignorant. Why don’t you try getting some lessons in kindness and people skills. To say something like that about someone who lost a child to suicide is one of the worst things that is happened to me since he died. Thank you for the setback !!!!! All that therapy and now it’s like starting at square one again.

          67. Sara says:

            Ahh, I found it. Keep your head up sister. Someone like that is NO REAL MAN. It’s a reflecton on him, not you. He needs counseling, not you sweetheart. Don’t let IT make you cry. IT isn’t worth it and don’t give IT the power to hurt you or your son’s memory who isn’t here physically, but I’m certain would sucker punch him in the mouth for talking to his mama like that. Xoxos.

          68. jnora says:

            I was trying to get everyone on this site to quit corresponding with him. That would be the best punishment for him…no one to hurt or pick on…how sweet would that be? Do what you can to see that it happens, at least in this discussion. He has thinly veiled that I was responsible for my son’s suicide. Not true…I had not seen him, except at his father’s funeral where he hugged me and told me he love me. I started to tell people, but started crying and didn’t have the heart for it. Thanks for trying to help me make it through this. Blogs are not for me with bullies like him on them. You are right…he is either one of those paid disruptors or a sicko of some kind. He is probably one of those mean old guys just sitting home in his underwear laughing at making people hurt. He will have to answer to God about it some day. I don’t want to lose MY decorum by continuing to even reading his posts. Thanks! You are getting a star in heaven.

          69. Sara says:

            You are correct in that if you don’t give anyone something to retaliate against which in the case of some seems to be EVERYTHING. They criticize all day but can never offer viable solutions to problems, just point fingers. You can ignore or kill with kindness- either way you’re in the clear;) I like the underwear analogy-I visualize many angry old coots that way. Here’s a message for angry pri***, try being one of those cool, wise, funny old men that everyone loves, who has good stories, and helps people, especially shows kindness to those women who’ve suffered great loss. Their wives if they have them are either saints or hate their guts and they never get any.

          70. jnora says:

            Well, he probably rarely goes out and is made fun of when he does. This way he can convince himself he is BMOC (Big Man On Campus). I’ll bet he is ugly as dirt and always has been. Probably had to get a wife at gunpoint (him, not her father, pointing a gun on her). HA!

          71. jnora says:

            I am actually going outside and TRY to wash my car for the first time in years. I bought something that may help me be able to do it. My shoulders are mush, but I want to try to stay as independent as possible. Maybe the beautiful day (about 75 degrees) will help my sad, sad spirit. Thanks, my new friend! Janelle

          72. Sara says:

            Ha! I’ll put that in my pipe and smoke it;) thanks for the giggle. With that second image, I’m going to put on some music and laugh as I water my flowers outside. God bless the poor lady if she actually exists and tolerates this. Or maybe he only does this behind the computer and acts like a good old grandpa with the family. Who knows? Wouldn’t it be funny to see though?

          73. jnora says:

            No, no, no, Sara…there is NO possibility that he could EVER act like a good old grandpa. Trust me….that man, or whatever he is, doesn’t have it in him. He is a spawn from something and I know it isn’t a couple of kindly parents that taught him how to be nice to people. He must have taken a course in how to piss off people or something. Graduated Magna cum laude I’ll bet! Only in that one course, of course. He, he…hope he is reading this. He deserves it. I already turned the other cheek.

          74. jnora says:

            Yeah…Trump just won NY big time. That will just delight AD. Poor Cruz…he came in dead last, even after Kasich. Trump will really shake things up. He needs to be given a chance. He is a DOER. I just hope he can beat Crooked Hillary. I do not, for the life of me, see what people see in her. She is such a fraud. IF she should get elected, she’ll probably pardon herself. If she gets elected, we are doomed big time. She is just an old hag and her husband is all used up now. No women are throwing themselves at him now. More are throwing themselves and funny old Bernie now….poetic justice yet again.

          75. Sara says:

            BDA too but he can’t find it under there.

          76. Sara says:

            Well Love, you’ve proven to have more patience than me. Well done. Do you ever listen to AJ, Ickes, pastor Manning? They’re all very informative whether you agree or not. They’ve all been ostracized of course, but that always comes with standing up or being the first to be truthful. Watch some old interviews or speeches by Susan Lindauugher. Quite interesting, I’ve watched her Wikipedia credentials go from delusional nutcase to giving her some of her credentials back over 4 years. Pastor Lindsey Williams has a good bit of info too. I like Icke because even if you don’t nevessarily believe everything, he opens up your mind which is a good thing-he helps you get unconditioned.

          77. Sara says:

            You’re adorable.

          78. jnora says:

            I love the throw a break or comment. Pretty much describes AD.

          79. jnora says:

            Wonder how AD Roberts likes being talked about in the third person…LOL.

          80. jnora says:

            Is there anyway we can block AD from this discussion due to being inappropriate? He is really saying some inflammatory things to people. He ruins what this site is all about for all the others. If there were a way to report him and there may be, we should all do it

          81. jea2comments says:

            We might be able to contact this website: 1776 Coalition and FLAG – ADR for his inflammatory comments. To sum him up, he’s just a spiteful person, who likes to play head games. In short he’s a nutbag! IF we hear from him in the future, maybe we’ll get him FLAGGED and 86’ed off this site! lol…

          82. jnora says:

            A masterful idea, my friend. He is on other discussions. I think we should do it.

          83. jnora says:

            I just flag everything I could because everything he wrote is inflammatory… Surely not a discussion.

          84. jnora says:

            That reply below from AD is the cattiest thing I’ve ever seen! Who does he think he is anyway?

          85. jnora says:

            Do you think AD has put two and two together and noticed that no one is answering his posts now?

          86. Sara says:

            Yes, that part of the family lived on a farm, the paternal side were city people and greatly affected by the depression and were poor children but used it wisely (some more than others) to eventually create a lot of wealth. I’m not close with them since the ones I loved have long been dead, but given the choice, I’ll take grandma’s poor farm skills/life over all theirs millions, probably billions, because unless you see what lies ahead and utilize that money TO become skilled and self sufficient, it will not buy you a thing and as you said, will have very little chance of survival without the smarts.

          87. jea2comments says:

            Yep! Agreed. We don’t live on a farm but I wish we did, and where we live you can’t grow anything, or if you manage to, nine times out of ten, the animals, or the weather will get it. It would be nice to have a farm, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Oh…well, I guess we will have to strive to survive. I guess I can always pull a “Ewell Gibbons” and eat tree bark…lol. That’s some good fiber…but a tough way to get it.
            Also, one more thing comes to mind. Water will be a key issue and if the water isn’t clean, it must be filtered and purified. A lot of people think “filtered” means “purified” BUT they are two very different and separate processes. Filtered of course means to remove particles, dirt and foreign-matter from the water, whereas “purified” means to remove germs and pathogens from the water. Water Filtration can be done in several ways: By use of a water filter, or water filtration system, or if no water filtration system a person could use something as simple as a coffee filter (paper coffee filter), where you pour water through the coffee filter to “filter” out particles or anything foreign in the water. The next step of “purifying” the water is necessary in order to achieve safe drinking water. You can do that in a few different ways: Either boil the water for a minimum of 10-15 minutes, or if no access to boiling the water you can add: 8-drops of regular unscented bleach to every 1-gallon of water. It sounds terrible but bleach will kill all the germs! In small amounts, the bleach won’t hurt you, but again you don’t want to use this bleach method unless you have no other way to purify the water. Also, there are iodine/iodide tablets you can find in a sporting goods store or in the sporting goods section of almost any store. The tablets are good to have in the event of an emergency and where you can’t access clean water. Also, you can use sand as a water “filter.” You can take regular “beach sand” and put the sand in a fine-mesh strainer, get a bowl or container (to catch the water) then pour the water over the sand through the strainer. The sand will “filter” the water, now onto the purifying process, which are either: a) boil the water, Or b) bleach the water – 8 drops per gallon, OR
            c)iodine/iodide tablets (comes in two different tablets, one tablet to filter and one tablet to purify the water. Now onto food: I’m thinking many people will have to become hunters, almost instantly, as there will probably be no food left at the stores. That’s scary! So what are we gonna do? We might all have to become hunters like it or not. Fishing might work for awhile until the fish are gone. Hunting small game or large game will work for awhile as well. But we always have to remember where God guides…He provides. Anyways, He’s in control and we’ll trust in Him. Peace.
            Romans 10:9-13

          88. Sara says:

            Impressive, I want you on my side:) I have a great filter that even gets out fluoride, but one can be made by taking a large bottle and using the sand you spoke of, but make many layers starting from largest particle to smallest-rocks to pebbles to sand, then you can use activated charcoal or make your own by scraping the black chips from charred wood, and it absorbs all kinds of toxins. There’s always distillation (boil and used oversized lid to let it drip into clean container, among other things. We don’t need big gardens, everyone just needs to maintain at least one edible fruit, veggie, herb, plant all year long as well as planting nut and fruit bearing trees in every yard/lining the highways, city streets=abundance. Nuts last forever and provide protien. It just takes a collective effort (harder to treach people to fish than give them fish), but I think it can be done. Why do we plant decorative trees when Apple, lemon, avocado, pecan, orange, peach, plum, pear, pomegranate, trees can be grown, some even created (not gmo, but spliced-i forget the word) to thrive in cold weather ? Seems silly. In Jamaica, I could just go pick a piece of fruit. I don’t like to hunt, would if I had to, but fish and crabs/oysters are plentiful where I live.

          89. jea2comments says:

            Thanks for the post again and that’s cool, you sound like you have some great ideas…pretty creative and smart. The bottle, sand, pebble, charcoal (layering) idea is good. I’ve also heard that charcoal can relieve an upset stomach. Who would’ve ever thought that? The terrain I live in is not conducive to growing anything, and if you’re lucky to grow anything, as I’ve said before, it’s either stolen by the animals or the weather gets it. Trees bearing produce are a good idea, but same problem here. It’s a tough terrain. You’re lucky to live where you do, as you have access to natural resources, that’s good. Also nuts are good, but they don’t last forever, and if left in the heat, or even too long at room temperature, they will go rancid. I found that out when I forgot about a package of walnuts that I bought. I opened them up and they smelled terrible, they had spoiled and went rancid. For nuts to stay fresh they must be refrigerated or can be frozen as well. You’re lucky to have access to fish/crabs/oysters, you could make lots of good recipes with those ingredients…Jambalaya comes to mind. I love Jambalaya and just had some not even a week ago, it’s very good. I’m also not a hunter, but if I got hungry enough, I’m sure I’d learn in a hurry. Hunger – is a great motivator. lol… 🙂 Peace.

          90. Sara says:

            Yuck on the nuts. Yes activated charcoal is a good thing to have around. If taken (the sooner the better, def. < 2 hrs) will absorb poisons of all kinds. I worked ER-it came smooth and black as night. The person almost always puked it up (think of the blackest tiniest dots EVERYWHERE-we usually had to take the bed outside to hose it off to get in crevices),, but it would soak up poison from the wrong berry, or meds or anything else. Only induce vomiting when it's not something caustic/chemical that would cause damage coming back up. Peroxide works like ipecac in dogs. (Great when you come home and they've found w pound of dark chocolate and only leave the wrapper as evidence). Not sure about people but don't know why not. What climate do you live in?

          91. jea2comments says:

            Good to know about the charcoal stuff. It’s weird how humans can eat chocolate, but dogs can’t tolerate it. They love it, but it’s certainly not good for them. Thanks for the tip on the peroxide, that works like ipecac for dogs. I’ll have to remember that one. There are so many things to learn out there, and if we learned just one thing everyday, which hopefully we do, we’d be a treasure-trove of ideas. 🙂 I live in the Southwest area of the U.S. it’s a mountainous, rocky terrain. The winters can be very cold and brutal. I remember one year when the power went off, and it was so cold you could see your breath. Luckily at that time we had a woodstove and had a fire going. All the neighbors left and went into the city to find a hotel to stay out. We toughed it out for six days on-and-off. That was tough and it was bitter cold. But like I say, “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” lol… Another another note I was recently listening to a conservative radio station about a week ago, in which they had a guest come on, who seemed to really know a lot, he talked about the situation the world is in, and how to protect yourself and your family. He has a site in which he referred people to and it’s called – I’ve heard of it before on numerous occasions and it would be good to check out and would teach you a lot of things. I always like to learn new things and if I can learn one new thing each day, then I consider that an accomplishment. Anyways, have a great day. Peace.

          92. Sara says:

            Well if it’s got trees and streams, you’re good with game and berry picking and a short growing season. If it’s very dry/desert, you’ll need well water and growing beds. If you have clean water, you’re good-you can grow inside, outside, or in a greenhouse-plenty if you use upright space.

          93. jea2comments says:

            Well…let’s put it this way, I don’t have a “green thumb” and I won’t be winning any Gardener awards, that’s for sure. lol… 🙂 I’ve made every mistake in the book, and I’ve figured out gardening is not my specialty. Experience is a good teacher…sometimes…and sometimes it’s a tough teacher. Mother-nature “schooled” me and said, gardening is not for you dear. 🙂 I admire those who can grow things though, because I know I can’t or even if I manage to, the weather or the animals, squirrels, birds will get it. Oh well… Anyways, have a nice day. Peace.

          94. Sara says:

            I’m not that great either, but found out what grows in my area without much bother with weeds and bugs so I try to stick with those. Peace to you too;)

          95. jea2comments says:

            Awesome. Never give up. 🙂

          96. jnora says:

            So what if AD Roberts isn’t interested in gardening. He had better thank the good Lord that SOMEBODY is interested in it so we can all eat. LOL…what a cod he is.

          97. jea2comments says:

            Yeah, true. I have a very difficult time with growing
            anything, the weather usually gets it, or the animals. The cold snaps get my plants every year. Sheeeesh… it’s frustrating. Oh…well.

          98. jnora says:

            I AM SO PO’D!!!! I just wrote you a really long post about gardening that I think would have been very helpful to you. It disappeared, I think, because my cat decided to stroll across my keyboard. I just can’t get mad at my cats. They don’t know they are doing it. Anyway, I’ll tell you in a short synopsis what was in it. My mother had the greenest thumb EVER…even had a big greenhouse (that may be a suggestion for you, also, on a small scale). She taught me a lot, but not as much as she knows, but the basics. I am passing it down to my granddaughter. She hated it until her butterfly bush bloomed and was full of butterflies and I sent her a picture of it (she is in VA). Now, she is all excited about it. I have certainly planted the seed within her. Use the free things available to you like your County Extension Agent. I have taken classes like weed classes and all kinds of things. They will test your soil for free and tell you what grows where and what kind of sun exposure it needs The nurseries also will tell you. That is what they are there for…to help people with their land and plants, etc. Oh, and also the farmers…LOL. Make you they teach you exactly how to plant a plant or flower or tree. That is SO important. I have my own special recipe that works well, but I would hate to tell you because it may not be appropriate for you or your zone. Make sure you find out what zone you are in (you can Google it), as that is important in buying the plants with the correct hardiness (cold/heat). Go to a really good nursery and their help will be invaluable. Were I redoing my yard now, I would plant a fruit tree because we may need to be self supporting some day. At least we would have something to eat. I may plant a peach tree someday and then freeze the peaches. Should can them, but I have never canned, but the County Agent’s office could help teach me. One very important thing is this. The best $175 I ever spent is to have a landscape architect (that was in 1995 and I am sure it would be more now) draw out my yard and show me what plants, shrubs and trees to plant where. It turned out magnificent, especially with my all-bermuda grass lawn. The main thing he impressed on me was to make ALL flowerbed curved and with no 90 degree angles. It is not only much more eye-pleasing, but much easier to mow around. What an excellent tip. That alone was worth the money I paid him. Boy, do they ever know their stuff. I loved that house…so beautiful. Anyway, if you have any specific questions, please ask and I’ll try to figure out the answer to find out where to send you.

          99. jea2comments says:

            Sorry to hear about the cats running over the keyboard. Thanks for the info. it’s a tough uphill climb, but oh…well, all a person can do, is their best. I won’t be winning any gardner awards, that’s for sure. lol… 🙂

          100. jnora says:

            Sara: Please see my gardening post below. Gardening can be such a blessing and even more if you are very successful at it. I wrote it to jea2comments.

          101. jnora says:

            In what state do you live?

          102. jea2comments says:

            AZ. It’s hot in the summer and cold as ice in the winter! Oh well…as they say, what ever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. 🙂 Oh…by the way…I heard a beautiful song the other day on YouTube by Jordan Feliz, it’s called: Beloved. It’s beautiful, check it out. Anyways, have a nice day. God Bless.

          103. jnora says:

            This is to everyone and a little off subject, but I came across this post to AD Roberts from an elderly and obviously VERY well-educated woman that saw right through him right off the bat. You just have to love her. Every post of hers has the most intelligent comeback to his usual talking points. I mean she backs up what she says with proof and AD just can’t handle it and says REJECTED…you know his MO. Her name is Eleanor…look her up. Here goes:

            “Poor baby, can’t handle the truth, can you? ADRoberts , I believe you and some others are actually TROLLS paid by the anti-Trump establishment to try to destroy Trump!! Do you even know WHY??”

          104. jea2comments says:

            AD is probably being paid by soros and/or other loons! Also did you see Trump’s latest speech on Foreign policy? If not, check it out on YouTube, it is great!

          105. jnora says:

            Do you live in Jamaica? Cool beans!

          106. Sara says:

            Ha, no, but it’s on my top 4 places to move. Been there though. Nice guess-I already have docs set up, but I have two dogs and 3 cats fairly young and Jamaica rules don’t allow pets not born in Jamaica or the UK in or if they’ve ever had rabies vax. I wrote to them not too long ago asking for if a long quarantine would be ok and the law stands. They’re trying to fix it for travel and immigration, but lot done yet.

          107. jnora says:

            I think I would choose New Zealand. With all this mess, it looks like I may have to start choosing a country.

          108. Sara says:

            It’s good but very expensive and hard to enter. That’s where all the elite are going anyway, and I don’t want to be part of that. Uruguay is my first choice. It’s not the country it was in the 70’s. Read about it and what Pepe Mujica did for the country. I found a beautiful beach house with a pool for 173k. You’re welcome to join us when we go. I’d be gone but I won’t go without my son, so just waiting on him. Pets ok, entrance easy and work permit easy. They’re very welcoming and have a wonderful culture with a European flair. They can be self sufficient if need be. Motto is freedom or death.

          109. jnora says:

            ELITE…leaves me out for sure!

          110. jnora says:

            This is sort of a weird question, Sara, but could you tell me why I ate a small piece of coffeecake with my meds this morning. It is now nearly 6:00 p.m. and I have been in my recliner doing paperwork and trying to put out fires with Verizon, Dish, etc. all day long. I do this nearly every day. I want to eat something, but I just can’t make myself do it. I just don’t eat, then get over the hunger and never eat and then go to bed. It is getting to be a pattern with me. I suppose it is the massive depression and just not caring about myself. Sometimes, I end up eating something about 10 p.m. or so and I know that isn’t good either. I am so mixed up.

          111. Sara says:

            Gosh, I don’t know. If you’re depressed but don’t feel like making the food, get something pre-made that you like and can just heat or pop open and eat. Or if you’re not wanting food, just drink milkshakes and smoothies of some sort, fruit ones or protien ones. There are so many kinds that are yummy. If there’s no smoothie shop, make them and individually freeze for drinking later. I only graze eat, like small amounts-just can’t eat a heavy meal. Ask your doc if you lose too much weight, are feeling ill or weak and it doesn’t resolve. I lived off shakes when I had steroid induced adrenal insuffiency-it took a long time to recover/6 months before I wanted any food. Alcohol has been like poison to me since then so I drink very very little.

          112. jnora says:

            Well, I don’t drink a drop since my alcoholic son shot himself in the head. I can’t stand to look at a gun, I can’t stand to go down the beer aisle in the grocery store, I can’t stand watching a beer ad on TV. It seems I am always running from things that remind me of his death. Like I say, I am just now after a year and a half beginning to grieve his death, because I am grieving my living son and the things he is doing to me. I need to put something happy into my life. The only time I am happy is when my granddaughter is here and that is one week a year. As for the other 51 weeks…they suck.

          113. Sara says:

            Babies, children and even teenagers are probably the most healing people to be around. Can you babysit? Six months after my husband died, a friend had a baby and had to return to work. She handed her over to me when she was just 3 weeks old. I could be with her while my son was in school during the day. She was with me all day unless I worked night shift before. She went everywhere with me. I also rode around in the car with my best friend the first year (4 kids so always driving around). This was of great help, just being with her. It’s very hard to be miserable when you have an infant strapped to your chest and can just love on it all day. Can you babysit for a mom that needs to work but can’t afford to pay much? It world help you, mom, and the baby:)

          114. jnora says:

            With my emotional problems, I know I couldn’t do that. If I were the mother of an infant, I would not turn that child over to me, even though I would give it so much love. I sleep way too much to so something like that.

          115. Sara says:

            Deseo que podría hacer el dolor desaparece.
            :::: “” …
            ///// \ ///////
            X :: ;;; )))))))))
            Entender mi amiga? Mucho amor.

          116. jnora says:

            This one came through…with the symbols…

          117. Sara says:

            lol- I sent another-between the two, you should be able to get it. I’m on call till six so I gotta run, but hang in there-I know its so hard.

          118. Sara says:

            Felicitaciones si averiguarlo. Si lo hace, use esta noche. Buena suerte. Tu amigo, Sarafina.

          119. jnora says:

            Lo siento, senorita Sarafina. Poco Espanol. Don’t even know if I got that right.

          120. Sara says:

            Did you get the text with the message/symbols? I don’t think it was allowed through.

          121. Sara says:

            That’s funny. It must have gotten noticed……..
            having another go at it cuz I’d do that 4 ya… just cuz you’re so sweet!!!!!
            The 2 of us could do wonders together. It’s sunny and 70+ here today….I watered the flowers at six before the sun got too hot. It’s not cooling off till nine at night now so trying to do a little in the morning and evenings. Hope you’ve been feeling okay. I’m tied up for a bit but I’ll check on you later. There’s so much going on its hard to keep up<3

          122. jnora says:

            I answered your post and was almost through hit the between words and it disappeared. I am having a really rough day today I have to go to a funeral viewing at 4 PM and there’s always that may because I remember Brian. So I have been two cents is and is been quite a few have been done correctly with no malice in the room and no families fighting and I wish his been that way. He deserved respect and I am the only one that gave him respect, in the family at least. All the church members were a go to church gave him respite. I’m going to put white wreath on my door the month of May in the month of November. He was born in May and he died in November. I want God to know how much I love my son. Anyway, I divert. DISH has been out here already a couple of times in the last few days trying to fix my TV reception. Turns out it was trees blocking the path, none of which were in my yard. The grouchy 90-year-old woman in the other half of my duplex was sitting on her glassed-in porch just glaring at us. She tells everyone that I stole $100 from her carport. I did not do it, of course. If you ever hear of me stealing something, you may as well give up on mankind. My faith would never allow me to do that. However, she is convinced that I did it. Who leaves $100 on their carport anyway? First of all she thinks I’m a thief. Yes I am low on money but I have an 846 credit and I have kept it there by living within my means, not by stealing. The really nice neighbors behind me have just put in a beautiful wood fence with posts. I thought I would give her something to clear The really nice neighbors behind me have just put in a beautiful wood fence with posts. I thought I would give her something to clear at, so the DISH man and I decided to play a little joke on her. I pointed to one of the fence posts that would be right in the middle of her lot. She could not have done anything about it because it would not be on her land, but would be somewhat unsightly. When I did that she came storming out and said, “you are not going to put that dish on there, are you?” I told her I was considering it and she asked me if I had talk to the people and that I had better talk to them. For the sake of the joke I told him itsy-bitsy lie and said yes and that they were fine with it. She told me that she would have to talk to them also. I mean she was livid. Finally, so as not to put her in a coronary attack, I told her, “of course not, Gloria, I am not putting the dish there, I am putting it on the other side of the house.”

          123. jnora says:

            Will finish in a minute…Ineed to get the clothes out of the dryer and fold them before they wrinkle.

          124. jnora says:

            Anyway, I am back now. Then she said that she was going to put up a fence between our yards. I asked her why and she said so she didn’t have to look at the mess. I said what mess? I keep my place very neat. I have a double carport with an older but very nice Lexus in it and beautiful white wicker patio furniture on the other side. I have a brand-new metal building on the side of the carport. Now, behind it is the Storage building that was here when I bought the house. It is very well-built and I keep my lawnmower in it. I moved from a house with a huge garage and a big attic in it, so I need it for storage. Were it not in such good shape inside I would tear it down. The trimwork is rotting but the building itself is OK. I need to put some shingles on the roof or maybe I can just bleach the ones that are on there because they are under HER trees. She hurt me badly by saying she needed a fencr so she didn’t have to look at my building, because I take pride in the way my house looks, almost to a fault. I have nearly always had the best house and the best lawn in the neighborhood everywhere of Ly I have nearly always had the best house and the best lawn in the neighborhood everywhere I have lived. I told her that I just did not have the money to redo that building and that is the truth. So, what I am going to do is wait until the day she finishes the fence. I am going to try to beg for help on the supplies or just go into debt to buy them… They shouldn’t be that much. I think my shoulders will allow me to paint a building that small, but I do not know how to do the doors. They will be tricky. I’m going to try to get some guys from church to invest some time in helping me. Not, of course, until the day after she finishes the fence. I am so sick of her saying spiteful awful things to me when I try to help her and her basically calling me a thief. I take pride in my honesty. I am sure that will really upset her but she has really upset me. I could not or would not sue her for anything, as I would not sue another Christian, as that is not Biblical. I know it is spiteful, but I am so tired of people running all over me when I try to do good things for them.

          125. Sara says:

            There are foods that grow in all climates. Potatoes, kale, and root veggies love the cold. There are ways to garden indoors too. I orderd a book on aquaponic gardening. You use elevated rock beds and water can flow with gravity. Fish can even be incorporated into the system to feed the veggies, and veggies give fish proper balance needed. I’m dying to try it, I just don’t have physical strength to construct frame and I need it at waist level. My son will help tho, he’s totally vegan and can build. It’s not complex, I just have bad back. You can also buy salt, dried rice and beans for so so cheap that will sustain you until growing season. If everyone grew just a little something, you’d be very comfortable with lots to trade, but it will take a coordinated effort. Use meat just when you need it, but unless there is radiological problem, there should be plenty of game. Learn to jar the excess (I’m trying, but fear poisoning myself as I’m no expert yet). It is those who lack the sufficiency or coping skills or moral compass that worry me. I suppose I’d offer a meal and try to teach them survival upon confrontation as first line tactic. If they’d rather just kill me, they’ll be in for a rude awakening and would be my dogs next meal. Ultimately, you’re right in that God is the final answer. It’s no pass to not try, but he will be needed for sure.

          126. jea2comments says:

            Thanks and I didn’t know, about many of the things you are talking about, but much of what you are
            saying sound like some good and creative ideas.
            I had heard of hydoponics but never investigated it. I admire people who are “strong” and can take care of themselves, as there are too many people in our society who are dependent on the “system” and other people for basically their every need. That makes people “weak” and dependent, and I don’t like being dependent on anyone, but myself and God. I think the way people used to think and live, those were the “smart” people and the independent people. Our current society needs to go back to that way of living, me included.
            If you don’t mind, tell me more about the idea of the hydroponics, that sounds interesting.
            How does it work? You mentioned raised rock beds before. Is it like a pond? Or is it constructed in the shape of a elevated square box, from pvc material? Sounds like a good idea. As far as your idea of jarring stuff, my step-mother used to do that sort of thing. She was raised on a farm and that was second nature to her. From what she used to tell me, it’s not too tough and I’ve heard that the risk of “botulism” is very low, as long as a person takes the time to sterilize the jars for at least 15-20 minutes, and ensure that the product you are canning is prepared correctly and then added to the jars and then heated further to complete the process. Heating times depend on size of the jar and the food that is being jarred/canned. To be on the safe side, I’d look it up on the computer or invest in a canning book, like the book that the company Ball has out. I heard there are two methods, one is the water-bath and the other the pressure canner method. I’ve never bought a pressure canner, but it sounds like it would be good for certain foods. I don’t have a lot of extra time, but the idea sounds good. I got a chuckle out of what you said about confrontation with strangers, and to that I would agree. If they start something, I too will try to befriend at first, but if that doesn’t work, they will be pushing up daisies or Fido’s next meal. I truly hope that won’t ever happen, but hey, the way I look at it is, it’s either us or them and I’d rather it be them! But I always say and believe that God is in control of all things and as He has promised, He will never leave us or forsake us. Amen to that! Anyways have a good day. 🙂

          127. Sara says:

            Well I’m not in the best health but I do my best. Yes, it’s the tubs with rock medium (like bussers use in restaurants) with PVC piping. The download is on my old phone- if I can pull it up I could try to send it to you. Like I said it’s not too hard once it’s set up (weeds and bugs are less of a problem) requires some tweaking but I could even build the frame if my back wasn’t jacked but like I said my son will help. You have a good day too- it’s beautiful out where I am.

          128. jea2comments says:

            I hope you get to feeling better. I know what you mean about the back problem. I got the same problem from time to time. Thanks for the info. as well. Maybe someday I might get adventurous and try your idea out. It’s beautiful over here as well, a nice sunny day for a change. 🙂

          129. jnora says:

            When I was a kid, the local Christian college raised hydroponic tomatoes. We had some friends from Colorado that used to come to Florida and they would eat them like apples they were so good great big round red ones! That was in the early 50s so it has been around for quite some time. I remember seeing them hanging from about 6 feet or so. It always amazes me that there was no soil whatsoever.

          130. jea2comments says:

            Oh…what a neat idea. Never heard of the idea until as of the last few years. It’s tough getting a good tomato these days. My sister used to grow the cherry tomatoes in her garden many years ago, and they were really good. They actually tasted like a real tomatoes. Oh…to have tomatoes like those again, would be great.

          131. jnora says:

            Unfortunately, I have something called Barrett’s esophagus and I cannot eat anything that has tomato in it. I can’t even have a meatloaf for crying out loud. Tomatoes a very bad for acid reflux. I cheat from time to time but it is a death wish for me to eat the things on the list of things I cannot have. They should’ve given me a list of things I can have because it would be shorter. I tried to stay to the list because Sopha Jill cancer is a terrible way to die, or so three doctors told me. Not that I would need it but I can’t even have cauliflower. Some of the things on the list are caffeine, chocolate, carbonated drinks, onions, garlic, red meat only once a week, anything spicy at all, no tea or coffee, no citrus at all, and lots of fruits are for bidden. Apples are the best thing you can eat when you have reflux, so I bake lots of apples with Stevia. My diet is so restricted, I eat pretty much the same thing all the time. Basically, all I care about is sustenance at this point of my life. The days of my dear mother’s fabulous cooking are over. She made me into a good cook also, but I am too lazy to do it anymore and I have the sort of forgotten how to do it. I just don’t care anymore. I do make sure my kitties get the best nutrition they can though. I am hoping they live as long as I do. The three of us couldn’t stand to be apart from one another. They are what makes it possible for me to live alone. I know I am rambling so I will stop. Extra lonely this morning and I am putting off going into the yard and spreading weed killer with a sprayer. Not good for my shoulders and I hope I can do it but I can’t afford for my Guy Friday to do it. BTW, if any of you are on Social Security and Medicare now, did your supplement just get raised? Mine went up by $9.37 this week… Right in the middle of the year. However, of course, no COLA raise in two years! They said they raised everybody’s premium. I have Mutual of Omaha.

          132. jea2comments says:

            Have you thought about cooking maybe one big meal of the things you can eat and then possibly freezing them? That way you only cook maybe once a week. I used to know a lady that said she only cooked once a week for her family. She said that she would spend one day a week and cook the whole day and then freeze all the meals all at once, and then when she wanted dinner, she simply pulled the “frozen meals” out of the freezer and waaa….la. Dinner was ready in a flash. As far as Soc. Security I’m still a little too young for that, but I know of people that have been affected by the premiums and yet they have got NO COLA this year, due to their reasoning that there has been no inflation?! WHAT? Of course there has been inflation, all one has to do to see inflation is go to the store. And yet, we can give foreign countries who are our enemy money? I’m always amazed at the audacity and the outright evilness of the current administration. I think everyone with an ounce of brains is fed-up with ALL of them. Can’t wait till Jan. 20, 2017 – also known as the end of an Error!

          133. jnora says:

            I rarely cook because if I do, it tastes so good I just pig out and eat it however many days it takes for it to be gone. I have absolutely no motivation to cook. I would rather just put something that costs a dollar in the microwave. I rarely buy meat at the grocery. I eat so much chicken either at Wendy’s or frozen that I buy either pork or a very thin ribeye (as a special treat) or maybe some hamburger meat to make a Shepherd’s pie with because I love it so much and it is so easy. Gets some lima beans in me and that is good because I am on morphine and that constipates me so badly that it is nearly impossible to combat. Morphine doesn’t make me high at all because it is at work on the pain. If I didn’t take it, I would feel like someone was hammering a hot piece of rebar down my spine. I do hate the side effects of it. Also, gives me terrible dry mouth so bad it wakes me up several times at night.

            We haven’t had a COLA raise the last TWO years. The first year, if I can remember, they said it was because the cost of gas was low. Then this year, they said something about inflation and that they didn’t factor in the cost of gas into the inflation number. They do whatever meets their needs on any given year. LIARS!!!! I have had my Medicare premium raised along with my supplement raised twice. I have had some of my extra help taken away also (like 25% of it). I am so poor, they have to give me extra help to even make me able to live. I have the necessities of life and there are many that are worse off than I am, so I feel blessed. My son, a millionaire, told me he wouldn’t pay one penny if I ever had to go into a nursing home or needed any long-term care. He is so cruel to me. Our County Mayor told me he would make sure I had a place to go. Pretty bad that others have to help me when I have a rich son, isn’t it? I have tons of rich relatives, but they just don’t care. I have a living will that will let them do nothing but feed me and keep me hydrated. Nothing else. I don’t want what little I have (a car and a house that is paid for) to be taken so my grandkids and the church are cheated out of at least a little inheritance. I could not live without those two things being paid for. I drive a 12-year-old Lexus, but they told me that it would go another 400K miles and I believe them. It still looks really good. She is white pearl and still looks relatively in style. Her name is Snow White. I only drive about 5K a year, so she should make it unless some idiot (or me) totals her. I bought her when she was only 4 years old and paid cash. I was in the real estate business back then and had a nine year old Camry with hail damage all over it. Couldn’t use that for real estate, so I sold it on Craigslist for $5,000. That is why I will only buy Toyotas…the resale. I used to drive Hondas (had three Accords), but I like the Toyotas much better. This is the last car I will ever have, hopefully. With my inheritance, I paid cash for a brand new beautiful brick house in a golf course community…one of the fanciest in town. I loved it there, but then came the surgeries and my 20%. I always try to keep my credit score over 800 (it is 846 now, even after being married to a con artist that tried to ruin it by using it), so I had to sell my beautiful home in the prestigious neighborhood and also $22,000 worth of things in it, including all the gorgeous furniture (much of it Drexel Heritage) and china, antiques, fabulous figurines, collections, etc….all very tasteful…that I inherited from my parents. I was able to get the family treasure. It was a console table that was in one of the Dupont mansions. It was gorgeous. Had to sell it also. All this stuff I had to sell for pennies on the dollar. I had gold and silver bars they left me, coins they left me and all my gorgeous jewelry, my 3 carat diamond/platinum ring (my ex left me paying for my own engagement ring!) and just about everything I had of worth to pay doctor and hospital bills.I bought half a duplex (no maintenance fees, though) in an established neighborhood next to the airport. There are nice brick houses in the neighborhood and it is very well established and built much better than my house. The duplex is within 160 SF of the size of my house, if you can believe that and, best of all, I like living here much better. Although, my street is the extension of the airport runway (just a small executive airport, but MTSU has their pilot training classes there). We have renamed my street “touch and go lane.” I hardly notice it inside and even when I do, it is comforting to me, as my father always had a plane and was a demonstration pilot for Cessna when I was very young. It reminds me of my wonderful father. It is sort of like a chiming grandfather clock…you get so used to it you don’t notice it. I use less gas living on the north side of town and am closer to everything. Plus, my taxes are 1/3 of what they were in the house. So many huge trees here, so my utilities are really low. I had always lived in new places, so had never had to rake leaves. Do hate that, though, but my Guy Friday that does my lawn does that for me now, too. Both houses are two-story, but this house has 2 1/2 baths instead of just 2 like the house. There is a bath upstairs, so if I ever need a caretaker, she could live upstairs here. I just had a bonus room at the house. It is so peaceful here and it is on a slab rather than having stairs up to it like the house. I planned for being disabled like I will be. I have French doors that I can just wheel straight into if I am in a wheelchair. The house would have been a nightmare. All in all, I made a good decision and it was only $129K. Prices are low in TN. You really get a lot for your money and then property taxes are low and no state income taxes. They froze my assessment for my County taxes when I turned 65 and my City taxes are lower than they were in 1987 for this house. The high tax is the sales tax and it is 9.75%, but overall, it is inexpensive (relatively) to live here and the people and the weather are so nice. Lots of Christians. Only drawback is a HUGE mosque they just built to prey on our university here. Middle Tennessee State University actually has more undergraduates than the University of Tennessee if you can believe that. I am surely glad my house isn’t close. There are lots of mad people that live close to it because their house values went down by about 50%. I think they should change the zoning on both sides and put pig farms flanking the stupid things! I have spouted off enough, I guess. Later, guys.

          134. jnora says:

            I wouldn’t make these post so long except for the fact that I have no one to talk to here. My cats only sleep, but I talk to them anyway. I could be reading them the ball scores and they wouldn’t care if I read them lovingly.

          135. Sara says:

            You and I have a lot in common-so much it’s inexplicable.

          136. jea2comments says:

            Thanks for the post. Sounds like you live in a nice place overall. Maybe the people that live next to the university should get a pig farm set-up, or better yet someone should build a BBQ restaurant that serves Pork ribs, and cook lots of bacon along with those ribs! Proudly display a sign out in front of the business that says: Pork Ribs and Bacon wrapped ribs sold here. Make that the Daily Special. Also keep the doors open all day, so the smell of pork and bacon waft through the air. And for the topper, have a business open along side of the mosque that sells women’s bikinis. Problem solved!

          137. jnora says:

            Our wonderful citizens have actually thought of both of those things on either side of the mosque. And some creative people here in town have come up with very funny names for both of them, especially the porn store…actually was a porn store…but I can’t remember them, as most things. If I think of them, I will let you know. They were really funny.

          138. jea2comments says:

            Here’s a name for the Rib Shack: Porky’s Rib Shack.
            Then have a cartoon picture of a pig on the sign. The Bikini Shop could be called: Bare It All – Bikinis with a mannequin outside and in the window of the shop – sporting a “thong” bikini. The less coverage the better. lol… Between the Rib Shack, the Bikini Shop and the Porn Shop, they’d move out. Problem solved!

          139. jnora says:

            Here you go…


            I always remember the ones when I was a kid hanging upside down at about 7′ from the ground. Of course, they had a huge business growing them. One of the ways they earned money for the school.

          140. jnora says:

            I would just assume die as a kale or fish. Who wants to live to be 100 without having any of the things I love to eat. I keep losing weight and losing weight because I only eat one meal a day. That is usually from Wendy’s and usually chicken with no fries because I can get it for a dollar and nine cents Using the senior meal and the tags for the little bitty frosty. With all my Social Security I have to do something like that. It has however kept me away from redmeat.

          141. Sara says:

            Iol-if you had my son cooking, you’d never miss the meat. He is a genius mad scientist in the kitchen. The Alfredo made from cashews-you’d NEVER know its not butter and heavy cream-he fries up tempa, tastes like GOOD chicken. Makes great sushi too.

          142. jnora says:

            I lived in Florida for over 30 years and I eat no fish or anything that swims. My parents, being raised in Colorado, never had access to anything but trout or salmon. In California one summer, my father got some bad oysters and would not even allow any kind of seafood in our house from that time on and that was before I was born. I don’t care how much ridicule I get I just will not ne I don’t care how much ridicule I get I just will not eat it. My mother could not even cook fish sticks for my kids and my father was in town, as he was a traveling sales person… a rich one. It was somewhat hard living in Florida and not eating fish, but by golly I did it and will not eat fish for the rest of my life. Both of my sons ate it. Luckily, their father taught them to eat and he was an Air Force brat and lived all over the world. My daughter-in-law is Chinese and she will eat anything. When we go to eat Chinese food she gets chicken feet off the buffet. When I was living with them In Georgetown, TX while he was A captain in the Army, I opened a to go box in the fridge. Looking at me was a full l, intact octopus. My ex-husband had dare her to eat One and she had gladly obliged him. She and my son are eating my share of seafood for me.

          143. jnora says:

            Frankly, I am surprised I am still vertical. Probably because I don’t eat a lot of food and my fabulous natural vitamins. Moderation. I wonder what kind of nutrients were in the manna that the Jews ate for 40 years? I am sure they had everything they needed, but I wonder sometimes what it was and what it tasted like. To think that some people, like my son that died, would not even eat leftovers. We are so spoiled. I eat nearly everything I cook. I eat it until it’s gone. I’ve always been that way, but now, financially, it is a necessity.

          144. Sara says:

            We’re being slowly poisoned. I know it’s hard to eat right/cook when you’re sapped, so eat what you want but stay away from gmo’s or meat that has consumed gmo corn or grain. Dairy is inflammatory but I LOVE it. Butter, milk, ice cream, cheese. But the gmo info came staying from straight from a doc who cared for navy seals-he is an expert and amazing doc. Not everything has to be organic-conventional produce is fine if it grows easy without pesticides and has a thick peel you don’t eat (you can find a list online). But gmo attacks your body and causes severe gut issues and inflammation. So watch for anything made with or from soy or corn (like oils)-80% of both are gmo.

          145. jnora says:

            Frankly, Sara, I don’t care anymore. I eat frozen yogurt or a Wendy’s Frosty every day of the week. My diet is horrible, but I am not fat, mainly because I ate so little. My blood work is perfect, but that is because of all the meds take, I am just biding my time here on earth. Food is soothing to me and I want what I love to eat. My doctors are pleased with me even though I have a crummy diet and they all know it. I think they overlook it because of my psychological problems. They don’t want everything in life take him away from me. It is the smallest of things that are the only things that I have to take pleasure in anymore. I don’t want to strip me of that.

          146. Sara says:

            I’m by no means suggesting you deprive yourself of the little things that bring you even a small amount of pleasure. I eat a LOT of ice cream every day, but I try to eat good things and filter my water and stuff too. I just want you to survive long enough to help get done what needs to be done, because believe it or not, you are a wise and powerful voice that can truly be a part of saving humanity. That’s the only reason I’m trying to hang on as long as possible. My conscience won’t let me give up without doing everything I can until I take my last breath. We’re very much the same. I am not afraid of death either, in fact sometimes it would be a relief, but you are one of God’s workers, and I don’t think he is done with us yet. Much love to you.

          147. jnora says:

            Sara…you seem to be one of the good ones! Heck, no matter what I eat or how much exercise I get or no matter much I worry and grieve, God can make me live 200 years if He wishes. He has some good out there for me to accomplish, so I had better get busy! It has been so windy out there, I have had an excuse not to spray for weeds. Two days ago, my sprayer broke and so I bought a new one yesterday and then came the winds. I’d like to keep what few shrubs I have. May just have my mowing guy come and mow it and wait for the “May flowers” and wait for the April winds to go away. We are about a month behind here. We have had two windy months…LOL. This stuff I use on my yard (best ever) is made by Bayer and is called Bayer Long Season Weedkiller. You put it on in the Spring and 2 hrs. after you spray it, YOU WATER THE GRASS! Go figure. They say that activates the component that keeps the weeds from coming back, so it lasts all season long (6 months). My yard (when I was more able to tend to it correctly) had the most beautiful grass in the neighborhood. The lawn services stop by and would ask what on earth I did to make my grass so beautiful. All I did was, in the Spring, I put down the exact Walmart equivalent of Scott’s Weed and Feed. Then a couple of weeks or more later I’d do the weed spray. Beautiful grass. However, many surgeries and the stupid moles have ruined my yard. I have tried about everything. A guy at church (we call him the mole man) catches them alive and relocates them to another county that he doesn’t like. Drives 20 miles to give them a home in that county. I always found that funny that he did that. He puts a mark on his ax (I call it an adz because my daddy taught me that and that is what he REALLY uses…has two blades in two different directions) for every one he has captured. He hasn’t been able to catch the darn thing(s) in two years I figure 3 strikes and you are OUT. The poison peanuts are out there now. Sort of wish my cats had front claws and I’d send out my kitty posse, but they don’t. I know someone who’s cat is a one-kitty arsenal. The last two years they have done tunnels and this year it is mounds. Anyone have ideas? I feel like giving up my yard and going after him with a lawn aerator or plow! I feel like the guy in Caddy Shack. Maybe it would make me feel better to go at the mole(s) with a machete or something and just have a wild old time and let some frustration out. Sort of like hitting those old demolition cars they have at carnivals. Of course, now the kids do it on the streets. Oh, how I divert.

          148. Sara says:

            What are poison peanuts?

          149. jnora says:

            That is what they call those pellets you buy to poison moles and gophers. I don’t know why they call them poison peanuts…they just do. They don’t even look like peanuts. Whatever, they don’t seem to be working. He is a crafty little dude.

          150. jnora says:

            Sara… I just saw below that I wrote myself a post. Can you see it, though? What a goofball I am.

          151. Sara says:

            I do that on purpose as an addendum. You can see it fine:)

          152. jnora says:

            But this new government would take their land from them also.

          153. jea2comments says:

            They seem to forget who elected them? We have the power to put them into office, and we also have the power to take them out of office. People have way more power than they think, but it’s only good if that power is exercised! If the people were to ever rise up, those COWARDS would be fleeing for their very lives! That’s what you call Liberty!

          154. jnora says:

            Did you watch that show, I think on the history channel, called Hiding Hitler? It was amazing. Via DNA they have proof that the body in the bunker was a woman. No doubt, poor Eva. They found tunnels leading to the airport. They traced Hitler all the way to Spain and South America. They found clusters of Nazi communities and very old people that had actually seen Hitler after he had supposedly died. I am not a conspiracy nut but they had proof of the stuff. He really concocted a quite complex plan of his escape. COWARD!!! He should’ve died by medical experiment. It was very interesting and they may never find him but we now know that he did not die in that bunker. He was so sick I doubt if he could’ve lasted many years anyway. Probably OD’d on something or another.

          155. jea2comments says:

            No, I’d never seen that show. Maybe I’ll try and pull it up. Hmmm… so what we were told about Hitler ingesting a cyanide-capsule was wrong? I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, as much of what we have learned in history, isn’t always true. Especially, with the current history books, (especially in the last 10-years or so), and in which jihadists are now portrayed as “freedom fighters.” Freedom-fighters my butt, they are terrorists and should be labeled as such. Parents these days, need to remove their child(ren) from the Public education system, as it is nothing more than a cesspool of liberal indoctrination. Liberals are indoctrinating young, impressionable minds, and IF I had a young child there is now way I’d send them to public school these days. Home-schooling is on the rise and hopefully more and more parents will choose homeschooling, as that is the ONLY way a child is going to get a quality education. Plus, the public school system has Common Core, in place NOW, which is non-challenging and too-easy of work for our kids. It’s called: Common-Core and it’s nothing more than DUMBING-DOWN our school-age children. Parents need to take control of the educational process and start Homeschooling their child(ren) or get a trusted adult, friend, neighbor, and run a background check on them (costs less than $20 to run a background check online with fast results). Also, when it comes to teaching a child(ren) the subject of History. Better get an “old” History book, – a book that’s at least 10-15 years old) as the new history books have been re-written and have negative connotations towards christians and christianity, and yet embrace Islam? These NEW history books are worth a diddly-dee and are full of LIES and indoctrination slanted towards promoted muslims/islam and going against our long-held beliefs of christianity and U.S. culture.

          156. Upaces says:

            My parents also lived at that time. One side of the family had 13 chilren; and dthe other had 7 children.
            They were all farmers. It was a hard life and yet, they never complained. They taught the children the same values.

          157. jnora says:

            Please stay away from this man, AD Roberts. He hurt me so badly regarding my family tragedies and the suicide of my son, more or less blaming me for it. He is a sham and is only out to dominate and hurt. Please stop engaging him. He deserves to be shunned.

          158. Upaces says:

            I am soooo sorry that happened….to me? They are nothing but “souless creatures.”

          159. jnora says:

            Oh, everyone has a soul and 80 will find out one day that he needs to get his ducks in a row before he goes before the Lord, as do I and everyone else.

          160. jnora says:

            Ditto here except my father’s side had a coal company, so they were almost depression proof. My mom side could grow the food for my daddy side my daddy side could keep them warm. It would’ve been a good thing that they met and married at 18. Their families could’ve taken care of each other. Now my family won’t give each other the time of day or at least me they won’t give the time of day

          161. Upaces says:

            You had/have a solid family that pulled together fo each other.

          162. jnora says:

            Yeah, maybe back in the 30s, but it is in shambles as of 2001. That is the year both my parents died and I got my second divorce. I waited 20 years after my first divorce and then married a very adept con artist. He suckered the entire family, even the very rich and the lawyer (No. 1 labor atty. in the U.S. for the last 5 yrs. straight). Oh, was he good. He actually managed money for rich people for a living. Still writes for many papers all over the country and they hang on his every word before they invest. Yet, he can’t get a credit card and has no stock of his own. He even had his own TV show in Savannah when I met him. He used my credit and put me deeply in debt. Even left me stuck with a big screen TV and a hugs sound system. In addition to that, I had to end of paying for my own 3 carat custom made diamond and platinum wedding set. I kept my good credit score (always over 800) when I recovered from it. I was only married to him for a year and a half, but he was having me start on building a house because my father was giving us some beautiful land in FL. He made sure it was in mine and my sister’ name. Right before I started working on it (had only met with an architect) I found out that he had set up housekeeping with an old girlfriend in another city while he was supposed to be taking care of his very elderly parents in Venice, FL. I was helping with my dad after my mother died in North Central, FL. God was with me on that one in finding out before my inheritance came. My father died in a tractor accident about 7 months after my mother while I was going through this divorce. He did live for 3 1/2 weeks after the accident. I was in Gainesville, FL, but had to go to Atlanta, GA for the divorce. So, while my father was dying in FL, I had to drive to GA to go to court. I was going to do everything in one day. I had a 10:30 appt. in court, so me and my 1996 Taurus set out at about 4;00 that morning. I was somewhere in Southern GA, it was still very early and every bit of my transmission fluid ended up all over I-75. A trucker helped me (I was really distraught just losing my mother, in the process of losing my father, and having to deal with this clown) get it into a truck stop. I called the police and told them I HAD to get to Atlanta for a court appearance. There were no car rental places for miles and miles. Then this angel (actually a black cop with his arms folded and a stern look on his face) walked up to me and told me, “don’t worry, ma’am…I will take care of it for you.” This was about 5 a.m. and the clock was ticking. He choreographed a plan whereby each county would have one of their deputies at the county line on I-75 ready to pick me up and take me to the next county line. He definitely earned a star in heaven for that! They would drive REALLY fast to get me there in time. Well, in Macon, GA, they had an emergency and had no one available, so the officer dropped me off at the Enterprise place and I rented a little putt-putt car and made it to court. My atty. told me NOT to tell the judge what happened because no one would believe it. I made it back to Macon to return the car, but realized that I was still about 100 miles away from my car. The Enterprise guy drove me to my car in his own car and on his own time. I didn’t even ask him. He asked for no money, but I did give him, at least, gas money. He seemed to not be an ax murderer. At the truck stop, they got my car where it would make it back to Gainesville. I ended up writing the newspaper in the little town that employed my hero cop. I soon received a letter in the mail from the Police Chief thanking me for the good press. This was about a month after 9/11 and they were so appreciative. I hope he got a commendation for it. Probably the most exciting thing that happened for them that day. Surely wouldn’t be now, but probably then it was. My life in the last 15 years has been full of unfortunate things like this, but with every single one has come a sign from God or a way to work it out…all from God. He made things happen and put opportunities in my path to work things out. I had traveled all over the country (and other countries) by myself and usually this would not have thrown me, but with the tragedies taking a toll on me, it did throw me. God gave me enough wherewithal to cope with this situation and give credit where credit was due….to God and to this wonderful cop that made me able to get to court to get rid of the bum I married.

          163. Upaces says:

            God was really watcing over you sending those to your rescue and be your Knights in Shining “Badges.”.

          164. jnora says:

            Yes, indeed, He was. He knew I couldn’t handle anything more than what I had already. He sends my signs all the time. One time I was praying in my dark garage with the garage door slightly up so it wasn’t completely dark, but it was almost completely dark. I was crying as I was praying and lo and behold hey hummingbird flew under the partially open door, only about a foot open, and came into the garage with me. From what I understand from our county agent, that is extremely unusual for a hummingbird. I hadn’t even seen any hummingbirds around. Now you tell me if that is in God’s intervention I don’t know what is!

          165. Sara says:

            I’m totally with you and like your mind set. I’m a nurse, so I get the disease/sanitation thing. I wish I had the money to get a pantry full of emergency stuff, like my own crash cart so I can better do what I might need to if that time comes-even if it’s the old timey bottles, needles, and tubes that need sterilizing-at least I would not run out of supplies. Not even sure if you can get that stuff anymore. I looked up the prices and it would cost thousands just to have some IV fluids, tubing, direct transfusion, tourniquets, chest tube trays, and a few airway/intubation kits. I don’t have that kind of money anymore and I don’t work at the hospital anymore, so I can’t pilfer it (no-I felt no guilt about snagging IV fluids and stuff to save someone a $3000 hospital visit for dehydration). Anyhow, i have noticed that acts of kindness really do leave an impression on people. I called triple a for a stranger with a 3 year old who locked her keys in the car at the grocery. It was 96 degrees out. They came and she wanted to know what she owed me. When I said nothing, she hugged me and started crying as ever the cop that was there watching the whole thing wouldn’t help jimmy her car, and even threatened to get me for “fraud” using my triple a for a stranger. I thought fast and said she’s my FRIEND, I rode with her (as I’m putting my groceries into my own car) and told the lady, hang on let me call my son-he was gonna come get the groceries when we were done and take the truck back home. So I confused Mr. Cop and so he went on his merry way. The lady also happened to be black, which just made it better, because she won’t forget the white girl who helped her out in the heat and know that the divide and conquer is BS. So it’s just up to people like us to help them along the way, even if we just give a neighbor a couple tomato plants, that’s how it spreads. My grandma didn’t teach me how to gut a hog, but pretty much everything else and I can do without meat and I can fish. Like you, I’m good with God, but the hardest part about that is worrying about others-I got shown what it will look like in a mathematically impossible dream a while back and while amazing, there was one terrible feeling and that was wondering who you loved would have to suffer. It’s not something that can be forced upon a person,(it sure didn’t work with me) they have to want it, and it can’t be pretend, I think you have to see it. That was my fence walking problem-i had no proof so I felt like a hypocrite without it-so I asked and the most amazing thing EVER happened to me. So I try to give little breadcrumbs about how to get that connection without a doubt. Peace-you’re on the right path:)

          166. jea2comments says:

            Sowing seeds of kindness shows compassion and imparts mercy, that will some day be shown to you as well. Peace.

          167. ADRoberts says:

            Sin is still sin. And you are a wicked person who RATIONALIZES. God does not accept rationalizing AKA situational ethics.

          168. jea2comments says:

            Judge not, lest thou be judged. So…you’ve NEVER rationalized…not once in your life ey? I suppose you’ve also never lied either…not once right? What Sara did at the time, was what she thought was right. Granted it wasn’t so honest, but she did what she thought at the TIME, was right. She also probably saved herself a ticket or a possible jail trip. God judges the heart and the intents of the heart, just as much as our actions. Her intent was to help a stranded motorist. She did that. Was the way she did completely honest? No. Even the characters in the bible messed up sometimes: Moses killed an Egyptian, Abraham lied and said he was Sarah’s brother in order to protect himself from getting killed and there are numerous other stories that attest to the FACT that we all mess up sometimes. Last time I checked, no one on this earth is perfect. We all sin, we all have flaws. So…who are you to judge anyone else? That’s God’s job, NOT YOURS!!! Then to add insult to injury you call her a thief, and me a wicked person. Wow, I wonder what God thinks about that and what He would say to you? He would probably tell you, what I’ve told you before: Judge not lest thou be judged. To people like you I’d say: Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

          169. ADRoberts says:

            You don’t know the Bible. You probably have never even read it. But you know a few phrases you use against people.
            So a little lesson and I will ignore the rest of your post. The admonition to “not” judge is not about the JUDGING but about the corruption of those who judge. And to prove that, you go to the end of that very chapter and find, “by their fruit, ye shall know them.”
            Oh, also, judging is NOT what most people claim. It has THREE components.
            1. Declaring guilt.
            2. Pronouncing punishment
            3. Making sure punishment is carried out.
            YOU FAILED.
            And I caught one word about no one being perfect. You failed again. There was Enoch, Job, Abraham and DAvid. And then there is the provision of the Holy Spirit coming and taking control of a person when they are SANCTIFIED. And then they ARE heart holy and perfect in the sight of God.

            You just don’t know enough about WHAT God has provided.

          170. jea2comments says:

            Actually I do know the bible, and yes I have read it from cover to cover. Have you? Apparently, you’ve made yourself the Judge here, not me? Yes, the bible does say, “by their fruit, ye shall know them.” We can judge the works, BUT not the person, and it’s impossible to know their motives and the intents of their heart. And you call me wicked? Hah! You’ve judged me wrongly. Those who judge, put themselves on a pedestal above God in a sense. Judging is God’s job! Judging also in a sense boils down to pride, and thinking you know what’s in another persons heart and mind. Actually, you can’t know or really understand these things as you are NOT God. You seem to think that you are “holier than thou” and I’d say you are operating in “Self-righteousness” which is also a sin. So don’t go telling me how wicked I am. lol.. You know nothing, and you view yourself as “self-righteous”, which is a sin. Apparently, you don’t have a whole lot of love in your heart for your fellow man, at least NOT on this website anyhow, as I’ve noticed how you like to pick fights with a few people on this site. Hmmm….I wonder what the Lord would think of that?

          171. ADRoberts says:

            You failed again. You claim that we can judge their works but not the person. I already explained how judging works. Apparently you did not pay attention. I don’t judge because I do not pronounce punishment and do not carry it out.
            And then there is the word in Corinthians where it says, ” …then we will KNOW, even as we are known.” Do you get that? Yes, it says that we are ALL known by other for who we are. And the only difference between now ant then is that we will not be able to deceive ourselves and think we are something we are not.

          172. jea2comments says:

            The only one FAILING here, is you AGAIN. Once again you’ve managed to give me your twisted version of what it means to “judge.” We ARE to judge the person by their fruits and their deeds. Are their deeds good or bad? You’ve made so many assumptions about me, that are simply not true. I NEVER claimed to be perfect and I know I will always be a work in progress, and the only opinion that I have to be concerned with – Is God’s opinion of me. I’m a sinner saved by His Grace. I also try not to judge other people, and I’m not a cyber-psychologist like you seem to want to be. ALL of your labels about me are wrong and you really need to just ask the Lord to forgive you for judging me wrong. Your self-righteous attitude is becoming annoying now. Self-righteousness is also a sin, and it boils down to pride and that’s not a good thing in this case.

          173. ADRoberts says:

            You judge. And then you claim that I am judging.
            You are not smart. I made a valid case and you did not refute it.
            You lose. ‘
            Oh, and your contention that you are a “sinner saved by grace” fails in light of Romans 6. You are to STOP sinning. It is there. Cut and dried.
            Also the verse. “Do not be deceived. God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap…………”
            Then your last lie. Where do you find in the Bible mentioned “self-righteousness” and where does it say that it is a sin?
            You are now guilty of lying by fabricating things that just aren’t so.
            You see, I am smarter than you and know the Bible better than you.
            Oh, And your claim of pride. Not. I give God all the glory for ANYTHING good that comes of my life.

          174. jea2comments says:

            lol…and now you are rationalizing. Self-righteousness is an attitude of the heart, and the person who has that kind of attitude, thinks they are always right, even if their wrong. Self-righteousness is pride, believe it or not. Pride is also a sin. Pride says: “I’m better than everyone else.” Pride is selfish and self-serving, and it’s a negative character trait in anyone, and especially in a christian. God loves the humble and resists the proud. How about we just agree to disagree, because I can see that we won’t ever see eye to eye on various topics.

          175. jnora says:

            I am sorry I forgot to include you in my comment below. I ask that you stop corresponding with this man. He has set me way back in my grieving process for my son committed suicide and my other one who is mentally ill. I am close to catatonic this morning and I ask that you not give this man father to hurt anyone else. Please just cut him off. My comment to the other two is below. My counselor tells me I am strong to have made it not only through this but too many other tragedies and traumas that have befallen me. And his 25 years of practice he said he has never seen anyone that had to bear as much drama as I have had to bear in such a short time. God has carried me through it and will continue to do so, but I am fragile because I have been hurt so much and he pushed me right back with his horrible words about my family. Thank you. I am sorry I tried to stand up for him. I was clearly duped. He said many simple things in his postd and will have to answer to God for them! If he tries to answer me I will not read it because I will not be on the site. I don’t need anymore damage done by this moron.

          176. jea2comments says:

            Jnora, I’m sorry to hear about your pain. I can identify with you in some ways. I’ve had a few relatives commit suicide through the years, and it’s very painful and you never really get over it. I think we all know that ADRoberts is just not a good person, and more importantly God knows it. I’ve decided to let him go, as he is nothing but a prideful, finger-pointing, prideful person who delights in judging others and has essentially put himself on a pedestal. To ADRoberts I say: God loves the humble and resists the proud. I think ADRoberts is going to be in for a big surprise come Judgment Day. He actually thinks, he’s a good person, when actually the opposite is true. My heart goes to you Jnora, and I’m praying the Lord will heal you and comfort you. It takes time and the Jehovah Rophe – is our God of healing. He heals, he restores, He rescues and He saves. God Bless you.

          177. jnora says:

            Thank you SO much. I know that, with God, all things are possible.

          178. jnora says:

            But he is messing up discussions all over this site, not just this one. We could’ve had a fruitful good discussion on the issues had he not been there to demean everyone. He sort of reminds me of a member of that Westboro Baptist Church that disrupts the funerals of our valiant military members who have lost their lives so that people like him can spew their venom.

          179. jea2comments says:

            I hear ya and I agree.

          180. jnora says:

            I’ll bet my psychologist would like to get hold of him. Not healing, because I don’t think he can be healed. Most likely, to give him a good can of Tennessee you-know-what…LOL. No, he is a Christian counselor and he practices true Christianity. He would most certainly straighten out AD and his warped theories about Christianity. He is such a wonderful counselor. Talk about knowing the Bible…Instead of just sitting there listening to you, he actually gives you good sensible Christian advice. I go about once a week, he somehow puts me back together and sends me on my way. His office is the only place I feel safe. I know he will never hurt me. The church pays for it and has been paying for it for over four years now and he charges $120 an hour. It is such a giving church and so full of love. Is a very large church, about 2500, but it has the feel of a very loving small church. They have been my substitute blood family.

          181. jea2comments says:

            That’s nice. I recently watched a wonderful four-part series that came out on the TBN channel by the minister John Hagee out of Texas. If you don’t have the channel TBN, go to YouTube to pull up the four-part series called: The Four Kings – The Final Battle of Thrones. Pull the series up starting with Part 1 of course. The series is very good and it talks about bible prophecy and describes the times we are living in. It is very informative, enlightening, and interesting. It also tells us that the rapture of the church is not too far off. I would highly recommend watching it on YouTube, it is great and very encouraging. Peace.

          182. jnora says:

            When the Bible mentions time, it may be very different then our concept of time. For instance, a day of creation could be 1 million years. I, too, think we are getting closer, but I don’t think it’ll be in our lifetimes. OK by me if it is, though. Everything that was prophesied is coming true. As it says in Isaiah, they are calling good evil and evil good…I may have those reversed. I see Hillary and Obama and the rest of the left stand up there and do exactly that. That is what is happening in this country. Homosexuality is rampant as is every other perversion one can think about. We are becoming a great big Sodom and Gommorah.

          183. jea2comments says:

            God’s concept of time is probably far different than our concept and perspective of time. One day could be an actual day, a thousand years, or a million years. Time is different for God and the way He views it, is far different than the way we view it in my opinion. As far as the Lord’s return goes, that too is up to interpretation, and only the Lord God knows that day and time. Even Jesus, doesn’t know the day, nor the hour. In God’s perfect time, He will rapture the church. With all that we see happening all around us, in my opinion His return is probably going to be sooner than many people think. But, all will take place according to His perfect will and timing.

          184. ADRoberts says:

            So according to Corinthians, we DO know people and we can see what they are doing and why. Sorry. You are just plain wrong.
            Now I could compare what I have done for my fellow man. And once again, I am confident that I would best you. That appears to not be hard. And your claim that I am “holier than thou” would seem to support the idea from YOUR point of view or you would not try to turn back my live work against me.
            You want to know what God thinks of me? Enough that on FIVE occasions, I have prayed for impossible situations and HE has answered me. Yes, miracles.
            And at least TWO of them, I was the only person praying.
            Now consider this. In the parables of the farmer sowing seed, have you ever thought that the first one in the field is the one who PLOWS the soil? That is right. Someone has to go in and BREAK things up and destroy the complacency of the soil before the seeds can even be planted.
            Yes, I do break soil. And I do so at the instruction of My God.

          185. I Seigel says:

            What a bunch of sanctimonious, ignorant crap. Get down off your self-built pedestal for a minute, oh miracle-receiver, and try to figure something out here:
            “JUDGING” is NOT THREE components. Maybe you’ve heard the expression, “judge, jury, and executioner”.

            There is a “judge” – which you seem to like to do. That person is the one “declaring guilt”. Or maybe you’re just the “prosecutor” – the finger-pointer.

            There is the “jury” – which pronounces the punishment.

            There is the “executioner” – “making sure punishment is carried out”.

            Maybe we separate these duties into 3 distinct people (or a group like a jury) because we realize that no one IS perfect, and this is (Western) civilization and society’s way of living according to biblical teachings.

            Once again, YOU HAVE FAILED.

          186. ADRoberts says:

            Did not fail. You separated into the components that exist in our court system. But you failed to change the FACT that it takes all three to be a complete judgement.
            I am able to be “sanctimonious” because I am right. And you are ALWAYS trying to twist and spin to get the argument spun the way you want.
            YOU FAILED AGAIN.
            It would seem that the people on DISCUS agree with me and NOT you.
            You have 3100 comments and just 1400 upvotes. Then I saw that you brag about being from Brooklyn And that explains it all.
            So I refuted your claims about judging.
            I refuted any claim you might have about others supporting you. And I have shown that ONCE AGAIN, jerks like you and Trump from NYC are out of sinc with the rest of the country. You just aren’t smart enough.

          187. I Seigel says:

            And you’re dumb enough to believe everything you read – or think you read. And you put value in meaningless statistics, and only see what you want to see, like the few people who agree with you here. You run from any challenge to your fragile belief system. You’re like a fembot who overheats and explodes because you’re “not programmed to respond in that area”. And yes, I’m aware of the mixed metaphor.

          188. ADRoberts says:

            I respond with reason. You come back by calling me dumb.
            You lose.

          189. I Seigel says:

            Bwaa Haaa Haaa!!! What an egotistical, self-righteous hypocrite you are!

            “…jerks like you and Trump…”

            “You just aren’t smart enough”.

            “You are a fake and a pretender”
            These are just what you’ve called me. Do you want me to quote the things you’ve written to about others? And I called you “dumb” and you get all in a tizzy!
            So, Mr I Know Everything About the Bible: you must have heard the one about not casting stones. GOTCHA.

          190. ADRoberts says:

            No, I got you. The one about casting stones is about NOT throwing stones if you are guilty yourself. And you have yet to disprove me.
            Are you a fake and a pretender? If not, then I will apologize to you IF I called you that. Trump IS a fake and a pretender. And he proves it every day.

          191. jnora says:

            We need to get you two a referee? As my dear mother would say, “STOP THAT YOU TWO!!!”

          192. ADRoberts says:

            I do not even know which bum you are talking about. But my job is to refute wrong and to NOT let them have the last word.
            To many this is a sign that they have won. And since I have refuted them and they have not responded, I will not let them have the last word unless I am sick of their moronity. For sure, I do not read long posts very often/

          193. jnora says:

            Be careful AD…my very best friend is as New York as you can get…from Nassau County and is still in the area, well Ft. Lee, NJ running a hotel. Never met anyone with a better heart. You do need to quit judging. Our country is full of diversity. I love all and even pray for the Muslims to come around before they die. It is sad what they will find out when they die if they don’t know Christ!

          194. ADRoberts says:

            I have not judged. I HAVE seen their fruit and stated where they are wrong. But to JUDGE requires pronouncing punishment and carrying it out. And that I have not done. And your understanding of judgement is just plain wrong.
            i have faced resistance to my very existence from both the word and the leaders of two local churches. And I would despair and quit had it not been for the FACT that God has allowed me to have prayers answered and FIVE MIRACLES performed by HIM.
            Diversity is a code word for silencing anyone who does not go along with the agenda of homosexuals and muslims and women’s libbers.
            It is a word that causes me to INSTANTLY go on the offensive and take down the arguments that that person is claiming IF they are wrong.
            And that includes you. There is no excuse for your continued support of Trump. He was a real liberal and probably still is. He lies. He has a nasty mouth. He brags about his philandering. He is so dumb that he did not bother to check out the process of choosing delegates. And because of his STUPIDITY, he is guaranteed that IF he cannot win on the first ballot, he will certainly not have a second chance.
            So what does he do when he discovers that he did not do his HOMEWORK? He has ANOTHER tantrum and claims that the system, that has been set up like this for DECADES, is somehow corrupt.
            Yes, Trump is incompetent.

          195. jnora says:

            Siegel… Please don’t even try to reason with this sham of a guy, AD, anymore. He said something so despicable to me that it will probably take a year of therapy for me to get over it, seriously. Read what he said about my family situation. I had a son commit suicide and a family desert me because they were greedy. Yes I am alone, but I have my church family that loves me. To say something like to one that’s lost a child by suicide is inexcusable. He is a sham and does not deserve anyone to browbeat or even to correspond with him. His wife, if he has one, probably won’t even talk to him. I can’t imagine him even being able to get a wife, much less keep one. HE HAS FAILED (to use his words) BEING A DECENT HUMAN BEING BY HURTING ME SO BADLY BY POURING SALT IN THE VERY DEEP WOUNDS…I AM OUTTA HERE!!! I WAS, OBVIOUSLY, STANDING UP FOR SOME KIND OF SUB-HUMAN! SORRY FOR MISLEADING YOU IN THR SPIRIT OF PEACEMAKING.

          196. I Seigel says:

            Yes, I agree and will follow your suggestion. We’ve seen lots of “Christian” conservative politicians lately wrap themselves in the religious cloaks and make a big show of how pious they are, but then they do things like sneak off with a mistress, or try for a rendezvous in a men’s room, or deal cocaine and lie and commit fraud. And they also have in common that they believe in being “born-again”, so after all the sinning, the lying, the cheating, the causing of all kinds of anguish to others, then they ask Jesus for forgiveness and they consider themselves “saved”, and they start all over again. Like I said in a related post to you, I find it surprising sometimes that it’s the Republicans who call themselves Christians, because in many cases, the 2 terms seem to be incompatible.

            I didn’t mean to go off on that tangent, Jnora, so I apologize if I’ve offended.

            And AD here is just another example of the holier-than-thou attitude that, since he can quote Bible passages he thinks that means he is a devout and practicing Christian. But trying to actually LIVE that way is a completely different story. And supporting policies that would show compassion for his fellow man and woman are beyond his capability.

          197. jnora says:

            To all of you: I have really had a horrible setback this week because of that awful person, AD Roberts, and his terribly mean-spirited comments. I knew it would do that to me. I did have to have a visit with my counselor and I have lost much of what I had gained from seeing him due to this man and his despicable name-calling and blaming my family problems on me when, in fact, they were not my fault. The mental illness of the people in my family is something that this man knows nothing about and he should not hurt someone that was so precariously balanced and trying to cope and was doing so with the help of God. My Christian counselor was so proud of me for being able to live through so much, more than anyone he has seen have to go through in such short a time in his entire practice of 25 years. It was only with God’s help that I was able to do that. This man was so insensitive that he thought he knew best. He thought I needed admonishment for something I did not do. Let me tell you, a little bit of guilt goes a long way in life. I was experiencing guilt for things I did not do and this man made it even worse. I hope he is proud of himself. He will have to take it with him on Judgment Day and present it to God himself. I forgive him because that is what Christians do, whether he has asked forgiveness or not, as hard as that is to do. That is what Christ would do. I thank you all for your support and kindness. I am once again hiding in my home, able to do nothing but sit and pray and cry… with most of my progress down the drain. Again, thanks to all the others for your support, kindness, and loving thoughts.

          198. jnora says:

            They were NOT perfect. Remember that David was a murderer and an adulterer. God MADE them perfect after they sinned. Now, we are made perfect if we allow Jesus to strip our sins from us through his great mercy. However, we do have to ask and repent AND forgive others. Remember, those who do not forgive shall not be forgiven. Perhaps you could tone it down a little? You are turning people AWAY from God instead of making them desire Him. That isn’t judging, it is just an observation.

          199. ADRoberts says:

            God did not make them perfect. The process of being made perfect was created when Jesus, repeatedly telling them that he HAD to go to heaven so that he could send THE COMFORTER, and did so.
            God in dealing with David, simply forgave him. And as far as I know, David’s heart was still just as selfish, indicated by the way he dealt with his wicked sons.
            Now I have two more things for you.
            1. Not a single prophet in the Old Testament “TONED DOWN” their rhetoric. It is not what is necessary to bring sinners to repentance. As Ray Comfort has stated repeatedly, the FIRST thing to bring people to salvation is to make sure that they KNOW that they are sinners and are going to HELL. There is no NICE way to do that. And the Church of Laodicea was guilty of being so acceptable to the world that the world was NOT offended by them at all. That is the SEVENTH AND FINAL church in Revelation prophesy.
            2. I do not need their forgiveness until I am persuaded that I have erred or done something wrong. And I have apologized in the past. As for forgiving them, they have not sinned against me. So if they have done something wrong, let they explain it to God and then make restitution to me.
            Yes that is right. Much of what “Christians” believe about forgiveness is just plain wrong. Asking God for forgiveness is only part of the requirements, especially when someone has intentionally sinned. They must also make restitution and restore the name and the standing of the person they attempted to harm.

            Now tell me how many people you know who came to Christ under easy and pleasant circumstances. Most are like a caged animal, looking for a way out when the presenter DEMANDS a decision.

          200. Sara says:

            Thank you!

          201. jnora says:

            Please stop, AD. I am trying to stand up for you, but you ARE beginning to sound irrational. Do as God would have you to do. Be nice and kind to others, no matter what you think of them.

          202. ADRoberts says:

            You want to tell me what to do. WHY? Do you know who I am or what God has ordained for me? Do you know that I am, by the Gifts of the Spirit, an EXHORTER? No, you have no idea what an exhorter is. And I am not willing to explain it. Sufficient to say that I am doing God’s will.
            Ray Comfort has a video titled , “180”. It is about what happens on the street when he confronted people in such a way that they had to admit that they were sinners. Get a copy. Watch it. See how “nice and kind” he is to them. Watch the Adam’s apple of the woman who is under conviction as it goes UP AND DOWN. But Comfort FAILED to pull the trigger and ask her to repent right there.
            Now go back to the prophets and see what they had to say. One said that he was charged by God to give them the message of destruction that was coming. And IF he failed to give that message, their blood would be on HIS hands. But once he has told them, ( and they did get angry) he had done his job and their blood was NO LONGER on him.

          203. Sara says:

            I’m going to cross the God line-P!$$ 0fF!

          204. ADRoberts says:

            So by crossing the “God-line” you have admitted that Jesus and God are not really first in your life. So sad. And your desperation to express yourself forcefully betrays your lack of confidence in your mental and reasoning abilities. So sad.
            What I have said about Trump is true. But you don’t have to admit it. You can continue to have “faith” in him, more that it appears you have in Jesus Christ.
            God have mercy on you.

          205. Sara says:

            Sorry, I stand by it. Jesus himself would have had it with you. Jesus doesn’t expect anyone to tolerate straight up verbal abuse, and you’re straight up mean. So p!$$ off.

          206. ADRoberts says:

            ANd again, you show your arrogance and stupidity. You really think you can speak for Jesus and Jehovah? And I continue to ask you for proof that you are a Christian. Just testify that you live in John 14;12. That is where Jesus said what HIS followers would do. YOU CAN’T DO IT. YOU FAILED and yet that persist in claiming that yo ucan speak for him.
            God have mercy on your arrogancy and pride.
            Now a lesson forf the fake Christian.
            The Lord’s Prayer. You DO know it? Then go to the part of it where Jesus says, “…..and forgive us our debts AS we forgive our debtors.”.
            You just admitted that you have no forgiveness. You admitted that you don’t obey the instructions of Jesus. So where does your authority come from?
            Where does it tell you in the Bible to use foul and profane language, to act like the devil, just because you lost a discussion? Where does it say that you are supposed to support wicked people to run the country. Where does it say that God uses wicked people to correct Godly people. Oh, that is right. He does use the wicked to punish the ones who are SUPPOSED to be his people and are still wicked.
            Do you get that. America is wicked. And IF He allows trump to take charge, it will be because He is punishing America with this wicked man.

          207. Sara says:

            Whatever. You’re infinitely worse and the pot calling the kettle black. I spoke for MYSELF and at least I can ADMIT when I’m
            not behaving Christlike.
            Just taking wild guess Jesus might find you irritating as hell and wouldn’t find much pleasure in having tea with you if you happened to be living in his time. He wasn’t some upright arrogant prick who judged and insulted and hurt feelings. He gave messages with loving kind sincerity. He was perfect and pleasant to be around during his time here. He would have put up with you only because he’s perfect, but I can guarantee you he’d find jnora, jea2 and me far more pleasant to sit around a fire and talk to, even if we were the street trash of the time- at least we’re kind, funny and good hearted. He hung out with the worst of the worst to try to help them. Maybe try to emulate him a bit more. I’ve got patience but I’m NOT Jesus Christ and my patience with you is run out like I said unless you decide you want to be a little kinder. Jesus and I love to hang out together, he and I listen to Zeppelin together while I vacuum. Lmao-just because you’re Christian doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun, so with that I’m going to be tickled the rest of the night with the image of me and the other two ladies having a nice warm summer dinner, sharing some wine with Jesus. He loves music too. So I’ll return your message – May God please bless YOU, because you could use some love in your heart.

          208. ADRoberts says:

            So you tried to back down from talking for God. But you simply can’t help yourself. Now get this. Either you are HIS or not. You can’t have two masters. That too, is in the Bible. But it does not stop you from trying.
            And then you excuse yourself.
            Apparently there are several of you who know each other well. Not a surprise. Now understand this.
            “Do not be deceived. God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man(woman) soweth, that shall he also reap. He that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh, reap corruption. But he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”
            Think about this as you get drunk. Then go back and continue to deceive yourself. Because you are certainly not deceiving me or any of your friends.
            Ask them. They KNOW you.

          209. Sara says:

            GO away please.

          210. ADRoberts says:

            You arrived here on September 2013. I have been here since November 2010. And you demand I leave? LOL
            You have 692 likes
            I have 111,039 likes.
            And you demand I leave.
            I really am beginning to feel sorry for you.
            So I will give you some encouragement.
            John 14:1-3. “Let not your heart be troubled…….” Look it up to find the rest.

          211. Sara says:

            No, just leave me alone- talk to anyone else who wants to talk to you. I don’t wan to and don’t come on here to get likes, have no idea how many I had and don’t count them, and no clue when I became active, nor does any of that matter to me. It not a job and I don’t stay on here all day long.

          212. ADRoberts says:

            I have a granddaughter named Sara who is THREE. She is now learning from her sister to steal candy and lie.
            I no longer live close to her. And I miss all three of them.
            Now a word for you. Try to keep you eyes on Jesus. This world is not on your side and HE is. Do your best at doing what is RIGHT. And don’t quit trying. Oh, and yes, resist evil. It can do you no good no matter how enticing it looks.

          213. Sara says:

            Thank you.

          214. jnora says:

            Yea Sara!!! Good girl. Want to meet somewhere between Arizona and Tennessee? I think AD thinks he’s Don Rickles but he sure isn’t funny, only insulting. If he doesn’t watch out he’s going to end up in the land of blasphemy.

          215. Sara says:

            Agreed. He should pay attention to people like Steve Piecheznik and get head out of you know where. I’m on the east coast, the beach. Got a small oceanfront condo if you ever wanna stay no charge or most definitely when I’m up for a trip l’ll meet wherever you want when I’m physically feeling up to it. Did you like the story I made up about Jesus and having a cookout or something with him? That image stuck with me all night-I’m quite certain we’d all get along famously. Wish he’d come back and clean house, like make an announcement-like HEY EVERYBODY, I’M BACK, NOW WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT? I’M GIVING YOU ONE LAST CHANCE TO GET IT TOGETHER, WHATS IT GONNA BE?”

          216. jnora says:

            What state… You can tell me. i’m not an ace murderer or anything. I have relatives in South Carolina and North Carolina and my son is up in Virginia and the rest of my relatives that don’t speak to me are in Florida. I have the East Coast pretty well covered.

          217. Sara says:

            It’s not you I’m concerned about. I’ll find a way to tell you. I love your beautiful stories, even the sad adversities which have clearly enhanced your growth into a wise, caring, genuine, and loving individual with a beautiful soul. You’re the kind of person who can help change the world. I know sometimes it feels like we little people don’t have the power to make a difference, but nothing could be further from the truth, so keep on being you, and maybe others will catch on that they too have the ability to crush evil, and evil cannot prevail when you have enough goodness.

          218. jnora says:

            I feel like telling AD, “Well tooty toot toot.”

            I am sorry, Sara, but I thought it was you that lived in Arizona, but it is actually jea2. In what state do you live? I don’t think that AD can find you in any state. Probably won’t want to get out of his recliner and put some pants on to do it, anyway. You probably need to read the edit that I just sent to Siegel a minute ago. It is about the band Foreigner and the loss of my memory along with other things. I want you to know some things about me, but I don’t want to have to write that one again. It seems that every part of my body either hurts, doesn’t work, or both. That is why I just want to drop dead all of a sudden when I do die. I hope God thinks after all the suffering I have had in life that I kinda sorta deserve a quick and easy death. I say that not to be morose…this is just a fact. Think I’ll go to bed now since it is 1 AM. I am getting to the point where I don’t go to bed until between one and 3 AM and then I was sleep until 11 or noon. I get absolutely nothing done. I must spray my yard for weeds tomorrow if it isn’t too windy. Not much of an impetus to get up, is it? I’m so sorry I have diverted you all from the subject of this discussion. We can get back to politics tomorrow. I can get mad again. I do better when mad then when Hur i’m so sorry I have diverted you all from the subject of this discussion. We can get back to politics tomorrow. I can get mad again. I do better when mad then when hurt. Just keep you-know-who away from me. Kapish? Now need freaking online bodyguards and I am depending on my Three Musketeers, OK? Nighty night, my friends.

          219. ADRoberts says:

            My wife is a nurse too. Pediatric office. But you seem to be double minded. What gives.
            I read the rest of your post and find that you are trying o rationalize that he good you desire to do justifies the SIN that you use to make it happen.
            Want to serve God? Call the AAA and when it arrives, PAY the cost. No matter how much good you do, when you ignore the RIGHT in favor of “expediency” of stealing, you KNOW it is still wrong.

            God has NO SHADES OF GRAY. And you know it. You want to do good? Do it. Trust that God will provide OR do without something so that you can pay the price of your “GOOD DEED”.

            You know better. When you do wrong in order to do right, it is still wrong. And your TESTIMONY to that black woman was that you cheated. And she KNOWS it too.

          220. Sara says:

            In a sense I did do what you said, but to work against corruption and those who don’t ever offer to help others. That being said, I have a membership that I pay for annually which provides coverage no matter who I am with (I stayed with her and her little boy) AND I MADE a friend that day, so that wasn’t a lie, I tipped the driver who was already in the area simply to unlock the car-no towing necessary. Do you still feel that I did a wrong?

          221. Sara says:

            If you had been in the same position, what would you have done differently?

          222. ADRoberts says:

            You should not care what I think. This is, like all of our lives, between YOU and God. Do you think that what you did was right. And how much would have cost you to just pay the man and not imply that she was covered by your membership.
            I have a daughter whose mother-in-law DOES this all the time. I can say nothing. But they know it is wrong, at least the way I TAUGHT HER. It is still between the person and God.

            You want a clear understanding of how it works. Read just 3 verses. Romans 2:14-16. There it tells of how God is going to deal with those who have never heard the Gospel and have never heard the LAWS of God. ANd I can assure you that IF God is going to judge them according to what He has written on their hearts, He will do the same with us, judging acccording to what we KNOW in our hearts is wrong and right.

            Here is the kicker. “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” Philippians 2:12. In other words, don’t test God and try to claim that you did not know something was WRONG FOR YOU when you knew it was.

          223. Sara says:

            I only ask because you called me out on it. What would you have done when you went in the grocery and came out at minimum 45 minutes later (probably more like an hour) to see a woman with a miserable toddler sweating in a hot parking lot and a cart of groceries getting ready to spoil with a policeman already present with a tool that wouldn’t work on electronic locks unwilling to think outside the box to help, gave it to another male in the lot who tried but couldn’t make it work? My groceries were going to spoil as well if I didn’t remedy it, and I have my own health issues that didn’t afford me the time to spend trying to exhaust other avenues- I thought about it, the locksmiths were closed on Sunday, I suppose I coulda spent an extra hour waiting for emergent locksmith call but I opted not to. I did tell the operator the situation and that the police wouldn’t help (he could have-my moms a cop in the same county, but local) and she was ticked as well-I fibbed and said it was my friend which after the favor that had her hugging and crying tears of relief, became truth, I made a new friend, or o decided to befriend her on the spot as I said hi to them on the way into the store (her little boy was cute and had his own cart). So no, I fibbed some, she wasn’t someone I had known for more than 90 minutes, but I seriously doubt Jesus had a problem with it and I certainly don’t feel any guilt about it given the situation. I have a paid membership, and tipped the driver. I also picked up a couple in a two seated sports car on the side of the road because they were not near a phone, from out of town (we don’t have regular taxi or bus service) getting HAMMERED by chickpea sized hail. My boyfriend was irritated because I was late-he doesn’t understand my bleeding heart either. But they were more than happy to squeeze in with her on his lap to get a ride to the mall where they could get a ride the rest of the way and apologized about the wet leaves and dirt which was silly and totally cleanable. So that’s just me. I’m fine with it. My question is what would you have done in the same situation? Do you have an alternative idea that would have not let anyone else suffer in a hot parking and lose two carts of groceries? Just asking? God and I are cool;)

          224. Sara says:

            I think God would be more irritated with the twenty or more people who walked by without doing a damn thing to help. My two cents. That being said, I’m going to have a crown on the rocks, a smoke, and take a hot shower. Bless ya, have a good evening. Oh and listen to some hethen Zeppelin too-good times, bad times, maybe some stones, too.

          225. ADRoberts says:

            When I am there, then I will decided. And I will tell you now that my wife and I have probably given about one years salary to people in need. But as I said before, it is between you and God.
            And I WILL say, YOU CAN DO BETTER. You know what is right and you can do it. You don’t want to go looking after other opinions to justify yourself. And for sure, if I reject your decision, you will just reject me opinion.
            Leave it where it belongs. You will answer to God. And God does not believe in SITUATIONAL ETHICS. At least, I don’t think he does. So are you going to risk eternity on it.

          226. Sara says:

            Lol-God and I already met, and I certainly do not fear him as far as my own fate.

          227. ADRoberts says:

            What a shame. The Bible instruction is for EVERYONE. “Work out your own salvation WITH FEAR AND TREMBLING.” Philippians 2:12.
            Even the most devout MUST be aware of the power and awesome magnificence of God. And yes, FEAR HIM.

          228. ADRoberts says:

            And it is still between you and God. No one else’s opinion matters.

          229. jnora says:

            Sara and Siegel… Please look at AD’s extremely cruel post about my dead son/family. Please do not correspond with this man ever again. He is not worth it. He obviously is not much of a Christian to say something like that to a woman whose life has been shattered by death and middle illness around her. I was very wrong about him. I thought I was standing up for a true Christian, but evidently he is a sham. No true Christian would say something like that. I will now have an emergency call to my counselor because he has been so cruel to me to say that and I will have to start all over dealing with it, I will now have an emergency call to my counselor because he has been so cruel to me to say that and I will have to start all over dealing with that death and the mental illness of my other son. I will never get on another blog. That is what is wrong with this country. People think if they have anonymity.,,,they can say anything hurtful they want. What he deserves is to have nobody to respond to him and he can sit there and argue with himself. His poor wife and kids if he has them… Gee…imagine his spawns if his wife can get that close to the bitter old coot! You have no idea how deeply that cut into me.

          230. Sara says:

            I haven’t found the post yet, but do not let others do that to you. I have had very cruel things said to me as well upon disclosing that kind of information when it’s part of a story to help someone. There are literally paid for trolls who come on these sites to provoke people. No I’m not kidding-I could name a few- you could google then and see clearly they are PAID AGENT PROVACATEURS. Ignore as you said to me sweetheart. You don’t need a counselor for this a-hole. It’s a pure eflection on HIM to be so cruel, NOT you or your dear family. They are paid to create division and chaos among people. Don’t be sad. It’s not you.

        2. ADRoberts says:

          Trust in God.
          You won’t live forever.
          At least your body won’t. And if you live for HIM, your soul will live with Him.
          And then you can’t lose.

          1. jea2comments says:

            Amen to that! 🙂

          2. Sara says:

            I’m with you on that and comfortable, but I don’t want to leave this for our kids-that’s what worries me. They haven’t obtained the full wisdom we have to fearlessly face this stuff yet. I hate it for them, as if growing up isn’t hard enough already. You and I know that, but they don’t understand it deep down yet.

          3. ADRoberts says:

            Each and every person makes their own decision as to what they will do with Jesus Christ. All you can do is instruct them, live a godly life before them, pray for them and just maybe, God will take them home before they succomb to the wickedness of this world
            Death is not the enemy.
            And God told Baruch, the Secretary of Jeremiah that even though he as a good and godly person, he would suffer with the wicked of the nation.
            “The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” Just make sure that you ALWAYS pray for God’s will. WHY? Matthew 7:21.

        3. jnora says:

          They would probably take all our land from us also. Frankly, speaking just for myself and not my loving descendants, I don’t care if I live in this world or not. However, I do care about them and they have a long life to live. What a horrible inheritance they will get. I have worked all my life to have something to leave my grandkids and look what they may get. I had/have two sons. The younger one committed suicide a little over a year ago. The older one is wealthy and won’t need my help. I have three grandchildren, two of which I cannot see, that I worry about greatly. They are excelling in school to a very high degree and I don’t want to be for naught. God needs to bless America. Or perhaps his plan is to let us implode ourselves. Man’s free will… It is us that has messed up things, not God. We have given into Satan. Well, I have tried my best not to, but a majority have. The family has broken down and they are calling good evil and evil good just as it says in Isaiah. That prophecy is already being carried out. My parents were born in 1916 and 1919 and were products of the depression. It gave them strength, kindness, a willingness to help others, and the ability to get along with less when needed. It also developing them a deep love of God. I suppose it affected Bonnie and Clyde in a different way. My mother’s recipes are fabulous, but made from inexpensive things from the depression. We used to have a very happy family before they died. I see that very seldom now days and my family has fallen apart. My mother was the bond that kept us together. I have to apologize for nearly every post because they are so long. I do that because I am lonely and because I speak what I think as I think it. I am so disturbed about our country, this world, and Americans.

          1. Sara says:

            My posts are long too-it’s just a heavy heart sometimes with lots on the mind. I’m so sorry about your losses. Money or not, your other son still needs you for the security that only a mom can give. I got a god smack about a year after my husband died. I was walking through Home Depot with my son tearful and it hit me! What if he could see us? It would devastate him to see us so sad, so I explained it to my son how we wouldn’t want to hurt him. It ended right there with ease. Now just happy/laughing tears. Your boy doesn’t want you sad and broken. I get the breakdown too. The glue was lost when my father in law and husband died because my sister in law craftily divided almost everyone where they wouldn’t have allowed it. On my side, everyone just grew apart, but no bad blood, so I’m sure they’d come together in a time of need. You wrote a beautiful post. It really is good vs evil now and many many are waking up and seeing that. Keep the faith.

          2. jnora says:

            Thank you Sara. Losing a child, especially by suicide, does alter one’s life forever. My supposedly Christian family, most of them millionaires, became entirely a strange with me being the lone person. My father left me 45 acres of gorgeous land in Florida adjoining my sister’s land and her daughters land. I had waited 20 years to remarry and had only been married to this “con artist” for a year and a half. My mother died in March 2001 and in June 2001 I found out that he had set up house with an old girlfriend in another city. That did it for me. It was a portfolio manager managed peoples money for a living, yet he couldn’t even get a credit card of his own, much less stock. He had garnishments, text lanes, and awful credit. He wrote and still writes a financial call them for many many papers throughout the country. He is just good at being a con man. My entire family, even the number one labor attorney in the United States for five years your new row, was taken in by this man, so I don’t feel quite as stupid. However it was not my money and my credit that he took. Meanwhile , I kept my credit above 800 through it all. I turned him in to the SEC and the Florida Department of Banking. They wouldn’t tell me which entity did it, but one of them shut down his website for erroneous information being on it. This was in June after losing my mother in March. The divorce was in October while my father was in hospice care after being in a tractor accident. He left 3 1/2 weeks after that.

          3. jnora says:

            Sorry for the length of this, but I do get lonely and it helps me therapeutically. My father died and the entire family turned against me. My sister made me homeless because she couldn’t totally control me. I had lived alone for so many years that I could not stand someone standing behind me every time I turned my computer on and telling me every move to make. So, she kicked me out of her house and I had nowhere to go. First time anyone in our family has ever been homeless. Luckily, a friend of mine took me in and his family treated me like their own. My sister tells people to this day that I was shacking up with a guy and I hotel. She could’ve discredit made with the truth, but rather chose to make up something. She has a new husband since hers died in 2002 as she danced on his grave. He had had Parkinson’s for nearly 25 years and mayo clinic was doing major experiments on him. Her husband had made so much money during his career that there was plenty to put him in a wonderful home for he would get good care. Instead, she hid it and would leave him in their motorhome for Weeks and leave him home with a filthy, filthy caretaker that wouldn’t even wash her hands after cleaning him up and took a shower about once a week. Poor Gene deserved better.

          4. Sara says:

            The more you tell me the more we have in common. I get the family who can’t control or manipulate you and the abandonment. This is so weird. I’ve dealt with very similar issues and the one who should love me the most tries to use psych warfare on me, but once I became aware of it, I refused to be part of it. It took years to see how long it had been happening for an agenda I’m certain and that would be asset control.

          5. jnora says:

            Another thought on that, Sara. I found out during my two divorces and all the deaths that the people I expected to stand by me didn’t and the people that stood by me were sometimes strangers or near strangers. Odd, isn’t it? It is from that pool of people that I have found my very best friends. It is from the other pool of people that I have shunned my family because they just didn’t love me. I don’t want to put myself on a family that doesn’t care about me. I just wanted to come and twist the knife and continue their lies.

          6. Sara says:

            Oddly it doesn’t surprise me. I’ve experienced the same thing. I was once with a man who I’ve known 14 years now, his ex wife (a friend) has known 23 years and the entire town adored him. I can usually spot a sociopath within a reasonable period of time, but this one, I can say if I met him over, I would not be able to spot it given a second chance (not saying I didn’t learn A LOT, but he was the best-in fact I have an author trying to work on it but it takes me to give him the material and life is busy enough) 5 kids, wonderful father, not at all deviant or kinky, normal male, often thought I was too liberal in my parenting (I have my reasons), but he was accused of molesting a friend of one of the children (long term, not once). This seemed logistically impossible as we were inundated 24/7 with children between the ages of 2 and 20 ALL THE TIME. His wife and I questioned hard if it was possible or if he was even capable of such a thing, knowing people can be deceptful before we bailed him out. This was in 2012 when I got sick. Anyway, I had an amicable split with him after 5 years for other reasons, but his wife called me one day in May 2014 and casually asked me what i wanted her to do with the videos in the drop box. I said what videos? She said the sex videos and pictures. I said what are you talking about? She was shocked and thought they were consensual until she found a couple in which he was adjusting the camera to make sure the tee shirt hid the camera. As she was going through them (she gave me the passcode to open it) she kept saying here’s another and another, then she came upon one and said oh my god that’s not you that’s ME from 7 years ago (we look alike) with a krazer phone. Turned out as soon as the technology was available he’d been videoing every encounter. Probably sold them-we found out they were categorized to music in the collection of things confiscated in 2012 that the police never bothered to look at. But it was at that moment we realized that he in fact was quite capable of the charges. He was so well liked that the community gave tens of thousands for his defense. There STILL has not been a trial but he lost his two character witnesses. I wasn’t so upset by the deed but more the level of deception. I caught myself later tossing sweatshirts over tv’s, phones, computer monitors and dvd players( he used all those). When I caught myself I had to make a conscious decision to stop and trust because I would never really know and I didn’t want to go through life so mistrusting as it limits relationships. Anyway, yes there are snakes, but there are also plenty of very good people and like you, I find them when least expected and it may be the cashier at the grocery who cares more than a family member. I’m sure you’re a caretaker like me, so it kinda sucks after giving my best years saving others at the expense of my own health to not get much back when needed. You can spot MOST sociopaths though within a period of time, one good way is when you are of no use to them, it comes out very quickly in most cases. If you need to ever do a “check” be unavailable with time/resources, and you’ll generally see quickly. Although my personal story everyone can learn from, we should probably find a way to exchange numbers because we’re way off topic, -that being said my story is still of use spotting a politician who is of service to self or service to others. The charming nicey nice ones should be carefully watched.

          7. jnora says:

            Sarah, sociopaths make great salesman and everybody seems to like them. They are the bell of the ball, the life of the party, and most people not close to them don’t know. You should’ve seen them praise my ex-husband had his funeral. It was disgusting to me. He did horrible things to me, his wife at the time he died, and his two sons. He used to hold by oldest son up by his heels and beat him upside down. He did unmentionable things to me, but I have forgiven him. However I still live with the nightmares of them and the consequences it put on my children. My rebellion in my younger ear years and rebound from a previous relationship made me make the worst decision of my life. Even right before we went down the aisle, my father was begging me not to marry him. Father does, indeed, know best. Sociopaths have no conscious development at all. They lie when they know they are going to get caught. They lie when it is not necessary to lie. They just don’t care. They must have complete control over you. My ex picked out all my clothes and would never let me wear purple. He insisted on naming both of our children… I had no input whatsoever. I knew he was cheating on me because he would come home with a gift for me, usually lingerie. I stayed with them until I was sure he was cheating on me… 8 1/2 years. I suppose I should’ve stayed 10 years and I could’ve gotten his Social Security. Although, I don’t think it would’ve been much, if any, higher than mine even with him making so much money in his lifetime. I remember when the therapist tested us. I came out fine, but he walked into a room where I was sitting, looked me straight in the eye, and said, “your husband is not a very nice man.” That was probably the most understated comment I have heard in my lifetime.

            It is now 3:30 our time. And I have been sitting here in my recliner all day and haven’t eaten anything but a granola bar. I have a raging headache I must go cook something for me to eat. That will be my one true meal of the day. Think I’ll make a chicken salad… The kind with the leaf lettuce and not the kind with mayo in it. I make I may get back on later, but my counselor a club or me if he knew I was on a blog this long anyway. Not exactly the most cheerful thing you can do as a depressive. Thanks for giving me good things to think about, though, Sara.

          8. Sara says:

            You and I have way too much in common.

          9. jnora says:

            Gee…so sorry for you! I wouldn’t even wish this on ADR!!!!

        4. jnora says:

          Sara: I can’t remember if it was you that asked me about my parents being raised during the depression or someone else. In the middle of my reply my phone froze and a message disappeared. Anyway I’m going to rewrite it and send it to you and hopefully, if not you, The person that asked will see this. I just got off the phone with Verizon and them trying to fix it.

          Mom brother was born in 1919 on a farm and I one room house, no bedrooms just hooks, in the middle of the Prairie in Colorado. They were fairly poor and raised pinto beans, cows for their milk and maybe meat, but I doubt it, and chickens to eat. Until her death she loved pinto beans and chicken, but I never saw her drink a glass of milk. She would cook with it, but not drink it. She told me that she had drank too many glasses of warm milk right out of the cow and that is why she wouldn’t drink milk. She had two dresses… One for school and one for church. The school dress was made out of flour sack as were most of the girls’ dresses in school. They had two pairs of shoes…one for Church and one for school. They truly did have to walk a long ways in the snow to get to school. She said the highlight of their week was to go to town, Colorado Springs, on Saturdays and get a loaf of store-bought bread. What ever my grandmother that died before I was born did, she did it right. Beside my mother being the best cook ever… She could make anything taste good… She was the kindest, most gentle and most wonderful woman ever. I know she was a sinner, but I can honestly say in the 51 years I have her as my mother on earth, I never once saw her do anything that was sinful.

          My father was raised in a much better house in Colorado Springs. His family was much more affluent. They never even felt the effects of the depression because they were in the coal business. They were in a business that sold a commodity that everyone had to have. But he worked hard. He started driving at seven and was driving tourists up Pike’s Peak at age 11 because they were too afraid to drive it themselves. Not much is changed in the roads since then if you can believe it. It is pretty dicey. I can’t do it because I pass out a certain altitude. Coming down you really have to watch your brakes. My dad was born in 1916. They were married in 1937. I remember my mom telling me that she used to get $.12 worth of steaks to feed the two of them after they got married. Shortly after they were married, They were converted to the Church of Christ where they continued to be very faithful until they both died in 2001, my mother falling right into my arms. I am always thanking the good Lord for the parents I had. They taught me the word of God and lived it. I had some rebellious years I’m sure that I heard them from time to time. I am glad that they did not see both our family breaking up over my Dad’s will and also what has happened to the country that they both loved so dearly. My father saw 9/11, but my mother did not. It would have broken her heart. They are both now and a place of comfort right where they should be. When I think what could’ve happened to me and I not been born to them it makes me shutter.

        5. jnora says:

          Truthfully Sara? I don’t really care what happens to me because I know what is ahead for me.

          1. Sara says:

            Yes, but you care about others which is why you push for good.

      4. ADRoberts says:

        And YOU think that Trump is not elite? LOL. Who else gets away with not showing up at a debate, just because he is AFRAID of a woman, who he can’t control. LOL

        1. Francis says:

          Exactly. Trump is TERRIFIED of strong women. Terrified of Megyn, terrified of Heidi, terrified of Carly. God forbid, if Trump should become the nominee, what will happen when he has to confront the evil hag Hillary Clinton with her vicious snarling? Bet any money that Trump will refuse to debate one on one with her. One of the biggest problems with Trump is his huge ugly ego. Trump thinks he completely owns the entire presidential race. He’s still acting as his own boss. He refuses to follow the rules of the RNC, and he thinks he can make up all of the rules. What a JERK he is!

          1. edorr1atcoxdotnet says:

            I have noticed through out, there is only ONE PERSON correct with Trump, and you know it isn’t the other person. Lord help us if he gets elected.

          2. Sara says:

            The rnc and dnc are dicking around with both him and sanders. The rnc is changing rules as they go along and paying even dirtier pool than they did with Reagan.

        2. jea2comments says:

          Trump afraid of Megyn Kelley? Hah…that is laughable. It was Fox News that picked Megyn Kelley over Trump; I’m glad he stood his ground and INSTEAD chose to raise money for our Veterans to the tune of 6-million while the rest of the boys were battling it out in the debate. Trump is actually for our Veterans, unlike the rest of the career politicians who are ALL TALK, NO ACTION. Trump actually backs his words up with ACTION! Something that politicians never do. The only actions they take are to line their own pockets with taxpayer money, or to ensure they get “perks” for themselves. Most are criminals, if not when they enter office, they certainly are after they leave office!

          1. ADRoberts says:

            Irrational. But then, if you are a Trumpster you WILL find no fault in him at all. Even to hint that he is not perfect, complete with his donations to PP and ultraliberals, and his foul mouth. and his sudden change from a life of liberalism and his philandering……….. All of it is PERFECT to a Trumpster.
            And by the way. Trump HAS HAD “deals” with mobsters. But you think that is great too. After all. The only crimes that matter to you are the ones viewed in your eyes as being committed by those who OPPOSE Trump. LOL

          2. Sara says:

            So far, unless given another reason to, in backing him, and I’ll admit he comes off as an arrogant cocky prick at times, but he doesn’t have the blood of millions on his hands. He’s by no means perfect or polished, but I think he will help get is on a good path. Soft spoken sweetheart Ben Carson is backing him, so is Rand, and Sessions, and many others. Primarily military, who knows what’up. He’s choosing great advisors, and getting a giant crash course in REAL geopolitics, the real puppet masters.

          3. ADRoberts says:

            “….I’ll admit…..” “……arrogant cocky prick…..” ” …… no means perfect or polished….” “….I think…..”
            Now why would Carson back him after Trump attacked him so viciously? I can think of one or two reason. Carson’s campaign expenses just got paid. Carson got a promise of a job in the government.
            Rand? Gave him over when he backed normalizing relations with Cuba. He is a non person and his endorsement means nothing. Sessions? I am guessing he has gone over to the control of the Bilderbergs.
            Now who has endorsed Cruz? Dr. James Dobson, Governor Walker. and a lot of other good people. And they I guess are nothing to you in comparison to Carson, Rand and Sessions.
            Now about those “advisors” Do you REALLY know any of them as being great? Or are you just “hoping”.
            As to that crash course, he can’t even figure out that Kim Davis WAS obeying the laws of the land and was supposed to have laws protecting her religious freedoms. He was supposed to be smart enough to have researched the Colorado process and taken “care of business? He did not. He was supposed to have researched PP and know that they MAIN business is abortions.
            No, he is not dumb. He is deceptive and does not do “business” unless it is for MONEY in his pocket.
            Like the million dollar fine for working illegals. Like the claim that he will take care of American workers when HE has companies over in China and in Mexico. And he is doing NOTHING TO BRING THEM BACK.

          4. Sara says:

            I have a lot of thoughts about all that and love these discussions, but I’m beat and need to lay down-will get back to this one as soon as I get a chance.

          5. jea2comments says:

            I never said Trump was an angel, NOPE never did. Trump has admitted many times that he has contributed to both political parties, and even admitted that Hillary went to his wedding several years back. Trump is a savvy business man and it actually behooves him and his business ventures to donate to different parties from a business standpoint and perspective. I think they call that hindsight and good planning. As far as your accusation of his “foul-mouth.” I really haven’t heard anything that foul coming from him? Can you site a few examples? IF him telling the truth is offensive, to some, oh…well…so be it! I find him refreshing, and I love that he is NOT politically-correct. He speaks his mind and he doesn’t care what the libtards think. And oh…please do tell me what deals he’s had with mobsters? Even if he did, he still looks like a choir boy in comparison to: Tricky Ted, who is a liar, a cheat, a fraud, a philanderer, and who uses the bible and christians in order to extort votes. And then we have Hitlery – The Murderess of Benghazi, who should be in prison wearing an orange jumpsuit! We also have Bernie “The Socialist” Sanders, who should be in a rest home somewhere playing checkers. And then last but not least, we have John Kasuck… I mean Kasich, who won a whopping 1 state, who has been funded by Globalist George Soros, to the tune of 700,000, who is only in the race to act as a “spoiler.” No one sees any problem with that though, and the media have no problem with Tricky Ted’s affairs with five women. Nope, that story has come and gone, BUT if Trump were accused of the same thing as Cruz was, it would be front-page news and blasted over the airwaves day and night until everyone in the country would know about it. Funny how…the lame-stream media have no problem with Tricky Ted, and how they “protect” Hitlery and never attack Bernie, and yet they are rabid dogs when it comes to attacking Trump. Just one more reason I know that Trump is the REAL DEAL. Anyone that has been paying attention at all, can see that. However, for the Libtards and the uninformed, that seems to be too hard to figure out. We either get Trump into office, or watch this country fall further into the abyss.

        3. Sara says:

          I think he’s loaded and rubbed a lot of elbows with them, but I don’t think he’s part of them
          or their belief systems. Not saying he hasn’t screwed a few over financially along the way, but think he has the least chance of wanting any parts of their agenda. He could be living out his years on a 290 ft yacht or doing anything he wants, but even he knows his money is worthless on this path to care for his family whom he loves. He has a respectful smart young son, who he doesn’t want to see living in a world so different from the one we had not all that long ago. He’s got nothing to gain at his age by taking all this on EXCEPT, fixing our nation that probably can’t withstand one more administration. He’s not talking about all he knows, (far more than he’s letting on) or they’d NEVER HAVE LET HIM GET THIS FAR. He had an awakening just like the rest of us. It can happen to billionaires too. Some of the younger elite aren’t going along with their elders and it’s not going over too well. I hope this isn’t the biggest snow job in history, but I’ve been watching closely, and even if he doesn’t get in, he started something important, and Americans will not settle for backpeddling or a stop in this move forward to righting things.

          1. ADRoberts says:

            He has done NOTHING to fix our nation so far. He uses eminent domain. He could have lived on his inheritance from the start. But you failed to understand that for the rich it is not about the money. It is about POWER. And that is Trump totally. He cares nothing about this nation or he would have kept his companies here instead of sending them or allowing his “subcontractors” to take them to China or Mexico.

            I will tell you what he is going to do. He already knows that even in Republican ranks, he can’t get above 37%. He can’t win 1237. And he has made 70% of the women of this nation mad at him. So he will not get the nomination. And then, in his arrogance and pride, he will run as an Independent. And in doing so, he will split the conservative vote. HE KNOWS THIS. And the result is that he will give the election to Clinton.
            And he knows this too.

            You want proof that he is deceiving. Look at the disaster that occurred when he was trying to SAY what he thought conservatives wanted to hear in response to that fake question. “Should women be jailed for having an abortion if abortion is illegal.” He is not a real principled conservative, so he said what he THOUGHT conservatives wanted to hear. And then he failed and still does not know what he should have said. So he backpedaled and said, “It’s convoluted”. LOL.

          2. Sara says:

            He stumbled on th abortion question, and can hopefully articulate better and correct that later. It’s a complex issue and the answer is not easy and long to break down- we can discuss it another time. But he did start by promising to push to defund planned parenthood-a big step in the right direction. He also hires the same offshore workers he speaks against doing because although it sound hypocritical, he is confined the same trade agreements and laws which make it nearly impossible to break even much less profit so he has to work WITHIN that system everyove else is until the trade treaties are fixed and the trade and tax laws. He hates the system, but one almost has to work within it if much bigger than a mom and pop operation. So he wants to change the SYSTEM, so he nor anyone else has to deal with it any more, and people can afford to bring the jobs home and afford to pay employees a good wage, as we did once upon a time when dad could support a family alone.

          3. ADRoberts says:

            The system worked just fine until the liberals he backed got their hands on regulations. You can’t fix what you backed. And he backed them.
            There are many faults. Just a few are NOT REALLY pro-life. Not really against amnesty. Not really against universal health care. foul mouthed, philanderer. and has NOTHING good to say about just about anybody.

        4. Sara says:

          I do not think trump is an elitist. He’s loaded, but not the kind of loaded where he can literally pull the strings of the world for shits and giggles like Soros (aka Soron). He may be abrasive, but I don’t think he’s got a personal agenda other than fixing this bloody mess that he is tired of being a part of. He knows his money can’t buy the safety and freedom of his loved ones. He nor his family (good kids by the way) are not part of the cfr, trilateral, bilderburg, mega banks, secret societies, or any of that sadistic secret world manipulating crap. He’s not afraid to speak to anyone. He’s sick of their crap. He’s sick of having to dish it right back. I mean come on, they started talking about his manhood, they picked on a tasteful photo of his wife, he didn’t start any picking, he just fired back, as if you wanna play with me? I’ll give you double what you gave, now see Cruz might be on the DC madams list. Never would have come up had he kept his mouth shut. Nor would have the porno gay park stuff about Rubio if he’d kept his mouth shut. They’ve learned not to push further because he’s got plenty more where that came from. The agent PROVACATEURS are gonna stop too because they’ve been caught at his rallies-bought and paid for. You want truth? Listen to the military. Listen to the FBI. Listen to the CIA. Listen to all the whistleblowers, then you’ll put it together.

          1. ADRoberts says:

            If I did not know better, I would say that you are a paid propagandist for Trump. Maybe you are.

          2. Sara says:

            Actually when I was in my twenties my girlfriend and I and my son world be laughing at his hair and all the gold at trump towers when we rode past, but but I could care less about that right now. Whatever dude, I cannot deal with you. Just an angry contrarian. You’re an irritating ***** and I don’t feel like taking your crap anymore or watching you continue to dish it out to others. Even writing this has been 5 minutes wasted today.

          3. ADRoberts says:

            Time will tell.

      5. Upaces says:

        Even though I don’t feel any better about what is going on…
        I DO appreciate you going into detail.

      6. Upaces says:

        Thank you for explaing further!

      7. Upaces says:

        Can I have your copyright permission to send to everyone I know.
        I WILL leave your name on the emails I send out.
        I wll wait. for your permission…

        1. maxx says:

          Please feel free. The more people that actually know what happened back then the better. However, based on the adoration of Lincoln many people will not want to hear what a tyrant he really was. What he wanted to do, free the slaves was one thing, the way he did it was unconstitutional. Honest Abe, not so much. It was history so I can only pass on the facts as I read them.

      8. Upaces says:

        I am glad I am 70 yrs old. I don’t want to see and experience what our Beautiful AMERICA will be like in another 10 years.

      9. Upaces says:

        States that can still secede.
        The seceding states joined together to form the Confederate States of America (CSA). The eleven states of the CSA, in order of secession, were: South Carolina (seceded December 20, 1860), Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee (seceded June 8, 1861).

      10. jnora says:

        That’s a it! A shame it is so skewed due to egos and greed!

    2. Sara says:

      Don’t be ashamed. We’ve all been there and there’s more to it than just that. They’ve been one in the same at least since the Reagan administration (excluding Reagan, but including Bush vp). For years they’ve been pulling the wool over our eyes in the biggst glorious mindf*** in history. All previous attempts failed and so this one had to be much shower and covert. Be glad you’re catching on to the deception. If you wanna know how much deception has been going on, note that the Smith Mund act was repealed in 2012 making use of any sort of propaganda on the American people completely legal. Even though it’s been going on forever, this upped the ante so they would be in the clear when telling complete lies on the corporate controlled media, omissions, putting out disinformation, using false flags, etc… It’s quite a shocker I know. If you want a total smack in the face, data dump sort awakening let me know and I’ll send a good link. Otherwise, just start researching alternative media. I’d probably start researching some of the deeper darpa projects and see Aaron Russo’s movie “freedom to fascism”. Great watchable documentary that covers a lot of ground. Don’t worry either way, just keep on the good path and protect your soul.

    3. jea2comments says:

      There is no difference any longer, between the parties, as they are now both on the same page! They are bought-and-paid for largely by Soros as well as other globalists, special interests/lobbyists and by the “banksters.” They all fear Trump, because THEY know if he gets into office, they won’t be able to line their pockets on the taxpayer any longer. THEY all know that the Party will be over and they will do whatever it takes to keep the party going for as long as it takes. Trump has opened America’s eyes to the very corrupt process of politics. We can all now see the veil has been dropped and both parties are being exposed for what they are, and the word that best describes both parties is CORRUPT! IF Trump does not get the nomination, people are not going to soon forget about it, and this will pave the way for a Third Party, or he may have to run Third Party. The RNC made Trump sign a pledge to not run third-party, however, they are not keeping their end of the bargain as they are doing everything in their power to impede and thwart Trump’s campaign up to and including STEALING DELEGATES from Trump! The veil has been dropped alright, and they really don’t care if the Republican Party goes down in flames or that we could very well end up with Hitlery! AGAIN, it doesn’t matter to them because both parties are on the same page now! BOTH PARTIES are now “traitors” in my book and both parties should be ABOLISHED! There will be a lot of anger if Trump doesn’t get the nomination, and I believe that same anger will pave the way for a Third party.

      1. ADRoberts says:

        You should fear Trump too. He is a Trojan Horse by his own words. And he will NOT work to save America.
        If he wanted to give us jobs, he would have already brought HIS companies back from Mexico and China.
        He is lying to you.

        1. jea2comments says:

          Well, he has created jobs and thousands of them. Out of the candidates running I like what he has to say. I don’t like Tricky Ted, because he lies, he’s also cheated in Iowa when his ground campaign lied about Ben Carson dropping out of the race. And then…there were the accusations of the Cuban Mistress Crisis Ted was accused of. Although I have to admit I laughed when I heard the story was in the National Enquirer with 5 pictures of Ted’s mistresses. The National Enquirer is not going to print that kind of story and post the pictures of 5 women unless they have some kind of proof, and no Trump is not responsible for the story breaking. That story by the NE had been researched for several months prior to it breaking. Since Ted has run on the platform of being a conservative and a christian, it doesn’t sit too well with most that he is accused of “philandering.” To Tricky Ted I’d say: If you’re going run your campaign on the platform of being a conservative and a christian, you had better be squeaky clean.” And Teddy Baby you are NOT!

          1. gf says:

            Spot on! Thanks for the post! What you wrote, is the situation, in a nutshell!

          2. ADRoberts says:

            You lost for one reason. You tried to overwhelm me. I reject you and did not read a thing.

          3. jea2comments says:

            I never tried to “overwhelm” you as you accuse me of. I simply voiced my opinion, if that’s too overwhelming for you… oh…well. Also, your refusal to hear a different opinion other than your own, tells me you are pretty close-minded. Are you a LIBERAL?

          4. ADRoberts says:

            Rejected for your hatred and who you are.

          5. jea2comments says:

            Thank you. I consider that a “compliment” coming from you. lol…

          6. ADRoberts says:

            Not at all.
            “Seek ye first he Kingdom of God. ……” You don’t. What you do is to try to rationalize and excuse your wickedness. God won’t

          7. jea2comments says:

            Once again, you have “judged” me wrongly. You’re quick to label and accuse which = Assumptions = judging, and your assumptions are totally incorrect.
            It’s kind of funny, as if you knew the real me, you’d see just how wrong you are.
            God’s opinon of me is the only opinion that I need to be concerned with. Last time I checked we all are sinners, some are saved by Grace and others are not. I know I will always be a work in progress, and I try not to judge other people. I leave the judging to God. That’s his place, not mine.

          8. ADRoberts says:

            God is the only judge. And the only one who matters.
            But we, and I am including all the others who read here, KNOW you by what you say. I did not judge you as I pronounced no punishment and did not carry out said punishment.
            I leave you, again, in the Hands of God.
            And I also am required by God to point at John 14:12 for you to be reminded of what JESUS requires of those who believe in Him.

    4. ADRoberts says:

      I have read your comments before. You are a Trumpster. And you know that most of the rules have been set up for decades. But that does not make any difference to you. If they don’t go Trump’s way, you are sooooo ashamed. LOL.
      You are as poor a loser as Trump is.
      And now I can say with authority and backing that Cruz is smarter than you or Trump.
      And you still have a NASTY moniker.

      1. Jack Burns says:

        The “rule” to cancel an election and disenfranchise 1million voters was not decades old… It was done in August 2015. If the voters were Black or Gay you would not even attempt this scam. But you trample on white people.

        1. ADRoberts says:

          I did no such thing. And the complaint that Trump has had is about the process of caucusing in Colorado. And that did not occur in 2015. And I can assure you. IF there is an attempt to steal the election, you are going to wish you had never heard the name of Trump.

          1. Jack Burns says:

            You would not have cancelled the election if the majority of Colorado voters were black or gay. But they are white so it is OK. Trumps complaint is not about your rigged process it is about not letting the voters have an election which you cancelled last August. Stop lying you are digging yourself a bigger hole. The coverup is worse than the crime.

          2. ADRoberts says:

            I do not live in Colorado. I do know that whatever they did, they did according to the rules and laws of that organization. And I will be happy if they stop Trump the fake conservative, foul mouthed, philandering, arrogant, mean spirited Yankee in his tracks. So there.
            I am glad that YOU too are angry and losing.

          3. Jack Burns says:

            I see you are completely avoiding the true facts and distorting the truth. That is what liars do when caught with their pants down.

          4. ADRoberts says:

            “True FACTS?” Are you kidding. I have had 67 years of learning about what to believe and what not to believe. And my first lesson in public life was when I was a fire inspector for Dallas. I would see stories in the NEWSPAPER about a fire. And the ONLY way I could be sure was that the address was of a fire that I HAD BEEN GIVEN TO INVESTIGATE. All lies. Not a bit of truth. And I KNEW because I was the ONLY one to investigate it.
            So you believe Trump. And you have solid grounds to believe him because it was just FOUR YEARS ago that he was a LIBERAL IN ALL THINGS.
            And now, suddenly, he is a conservative in all things. REALLY?
            I think you may be a sucker.

    5. Sara says:

      Feel no shame. You’re awake now. We were all fooled at some time or another.

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