Trump takes in $51 million, takes potential VP’s o

Celebrating new success in fundraising, Donald Trump says he took in $51 million for his campaign and allied Republicans in recent weeks, a huge jump from his previously lackluster figures though still well shy of Hillary Clinton’s money machine.

Trump also appeared to be moving closer to choosing a vice presidential running mate Wednesday, though two senators who had been under consideration said, “No, thanks.”

Bob Corker of Tennessee dropped out of the running, telling The Associated Press that “there are better ways for me to serve” and that he cherished his position as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In an interview with Politico, Joni Ernst of Iowa said she can best help a President Trump from her place in the Senate.

“I made that very clear to him that I’m focused on Iowa,” she said, a few days after Trump suggested she might be on his list in a weekend tweet. It’s not clear how serious a candidates she actually may have been.

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  • Webb says:

    Make your Choice!

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    The Hilda-Beast will be president only when there is a Plant Life Environmental Protection Agency, [PLEPA] who make it illegal to harm any plant in anyway, fashion or form. This means, no lawn cutting no tree trimming, no harvesting of any plant life. When we have that, then and only then will the Hilda-Beast become president.

  • justinwachin says:

    Part of Donald Trump’s earlier donation woes came from his early remarks that he was really rich and planned to fund his own campaign. I’m not rich so I see no need to send money to a multi-millionaire.

    The people who are removing themselves from consideration as Trump’s VP probably realize they are unlikely to be asked to fill the role. It’s normal in high profile job searches for potential hires to withdraw from consideration once they realize they are not likely to get the job offer. This is a face saving tactic for them.

  • justathought22 says:

    thought he was self funding. wasn’t that his big announcement? or did he run out of money to pay his kids?

    1. ricktenny says:

      He self funded his primary campaign. Would you put up what promises to be a hard fought contested race that may end up costing multi billions. I would not.

    2. Elaine says:

      Even multi-millionaires have to watch their money. Hillary Clinton could well afford to “self-fund”, but she is too selfish and greedy to spend her own money. Instead, she receives tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments like Saudi Arabia, in exchange for …….? I’m glad Trump is getting help from us little people. It shows who his true supporters are … not some foreign interests, but American CITIZENS.

      1. jnora says:

        Blackmail, Elaine, blackmail!

        1. Elaine says:

          Oh …. how very true!!!

    3. jnora says:

      He did self fund the primaries. I think that is what he is talking about. I don’t care if he is asking for money and I live only on Social Security and have sent him $70 so far. I believe in him and we MUST save our country by getting him elected!

    4. jnora says:

      That is a very nasty comment about someone that is very successful and has made a very successful business even more successful. Sounds like envy from you to me.

  • tarbella says:

    I do feel Newt Gingrich would be great as a VP side kick for Trump. He has much knowledge about what’s going on, knowledge about the Constitution, knows human nature pretty well and seems to care about this country. I know he’s not perfect and most likely has his faults, but he’s a whole lot better than Hillary and her co-hearts.

    1. ricktenny says:

      That is an apt description of our Founders. They sure as heck had their faults, making them far from perfect, but they had a very good grip on what they didn’t want. I agree, Newt will make a great VP as well as a guide for Trump.

    2. Elaine says:

      Although I like Newt, there are things about him I did not know, and am not particularly crazy about. He is a globalist, for one thing …

      1. tarbella says:

        True, but there really are not many that think like many of us so we have to hope for the best. I too like Cruz, but he and Trump would have to bury the hatchet.

        1. Elaine says:

          Indeed. The most important thing is that we cannot allow Hillary to be elected. I will support the Trump ticket no matter who he chooses. He is apparently giving this a great deal of thought and is doing his homework. I trust his decision.

          1. tarbella says:

            I’m with you, Elaine.

          2. jnora says:

            I think he will blow people away when he also announces his cabinet choices (will have to be OK’d by Congress of course). If there is one thing he knows how to do, it is keeping good people around him. That is so important. Look who Obama keeps around him!!!! Crooks!!

  • onefour says:

    When one takes money from foreign counties, wall street etc. as Hillary does it’s no wonder why she has more money in her war chest. I’ll take grassroots donations anytime as Trump has. regulus30 money may not buy the election but it does pay for the ads

    1. jnora says:

      Secretaries of State are NOT supposed to make other money while in office and she made something like $140 million while Sec. of State. I’ll leave it to you to make your own decision on that. She is in the pockets of the Islamic countries and there must be some blackmail going on somewhere along the line. She WILL, if elected, look the other way, I assure you.

      1. onefour says:

        Of course they’re not. The point I was making was how much money she filtered into Laureate U while Sec of St and how much was taken out as ‘payment’ for Bill’s 20 – 30 minute speeches. They finally threw him out.

  • Tiger says:

    Be careful Trump with that VP pick. No woman and no Gingrich, people remember Palin and they know Gingrich. Sessions, Pence, Corker good picks.

    Ahhh what am I talking. This last week we saw our country, before our eyes prove to us we have a Dictator in office, a Dictator on the way to step into his place and of course H would keep Lynch so that nobody comes back with charges on her.

    The system is rigged for sure.

    1. jnora says:

      I live in TN and we are trying really hard to get rid of Corker (and Alexander, too). Corker is nothing but a RINO. Besides, they look ridiculous standing together. They look like father and child. Who could take them seriously? NO CORKER…he pulled out anyway. He probably saw himself on TV standing next to Trump. I would like either Gingrich or Sessions. The reason why Gingrich couldn’t get his Contract with America completely done (it made it through Congress) is because Clinton kept vetoing it and we didn’t have the votes to overturn the veto. Besides, he is a genius and is probably the brightest person in D.C. People like him, also.

      1. Tiger says:

        Gingrich is all you say but he also sat on the couch with Pelosi on the Obamacare and his wife was not well liked and people forget the reasons he did not beat Romney out of the presidential running.

        Thank you for the views on Corker. I personally thing Sessions one of the best and most honest men to ever hit Congress and he has stood strong against O’s policies writing letters to the president and he is right on. Yes Sessions would be a good pick.

      2. Tiger says:

        I remember this also and I don’t want any part of Newt.

  • FLChristyB says:

    I agree with regulus, money will not buy this election, the extent to which the Democrats can commit fraud will decide it, just like it decided the last election. No body will ever convince me that Obama won that election without massive voter fraud, proven fraud, but like Killery, as a Democrap he could get away with murder. Republicans MUST find a way to keep the elections FAIR, everyone must be vigilant and voice their concerns if they see mischief, and there most certainly will be, you can bet your life on that!

    1. Glenda Jordan says:

      I’m not quite as confident as you or regulus…hillbilly is capable of any wrong and getting away with it, she has multi-millions to “set up” voting places as she sees fit (which w/her will include fraud), and being the first woman POTUS has been her agenda for at least 20 years. If we Americans do not rise up against all the corrupt goings on I feel very sad for what our country will look like as soon as 6 mos from now.

      1. Robert Briggs says:


        Hey please don’t connect us Hillbillys in Tennessee with Crooked Lying Hillary.

        I think an Apology is in order.

        You All Come Back Now Ya Hear, just leave Crooked Lying Hillary at Home!

        Bobby The Sea Going Hillbilly, in Tennessee

      2. Nicki Short says:

        <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!bq43p:….,…

    2. Elizabeth Valentino says:


  • regulus30 says:

    Money won’t buy this election; it is an ideological race and most already know it is a choice between eight [8] more years of obammie or a new direction handcuffing the over zealous big government.

    1. clyyde says:

      Guess regulus hasn’t been paying attention. Distribution of money determines the elections, and the fat cats who give the orders determine where the money goes. Rig polls, rig voting—poll officials are no longer allowed to observe vote counts with electronic voting as done in Spain (2012)—hordes of illegals allowed to vote, protestors/demonstrators bused in to create turmoil, etc., etc.

      Elections are a formality to give us suckers the impression we have anything to say about running this post-constitutional country.

      Money says hrc will be dictator. Color me surprised if Mr. T should win.

      1. regulus30 says:

        i PAY PLENTY OF ATTENTION; this is about more than pork barrel

        1. clyyde says:

          That’s what I said—with different words…

          But look at it this way: the fat cats who run the show have so much $ that it’ll be next to impossible to defeat HRC when the big bucks are applied in the most effective places.

          The only disagreement we have is about the “most” who understand the choice. I maintain that most vote for familiar names, and a huge percentage vote out of habit. Few vote on principle, which would doom HRC with all who prefer veracity to mendacity.

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