Trump to Black Church: I Will Carry On Abraham Lincoln Legacy

by Jessie Hellmann | The Hill
September 4, 2016

Donald Trump on Saturday delivered a message of unity to a predominantly black church in Detroit, promising to carry on Abraham Lincoln’s legacy if elected president.

“Becoming the nominee of the party of Abraham Lincoln … has been the greatest honor of my life,” Trump told churchgoers at Great Faith Ministries, marking his first appearance at an African-American church.
“It is on his legacy that I hope to build the future of the party, but more importantly, the future of the country.”

As part of his continued effort to appeal to minority voters, the GOP presidential nominee visited the church on Saturday and taped an interview with Bishop Wayne T. Jackson beforehand.

The interview won’t air for another week, but Trump afterwards addressed the congregation, promising that if elected president, he would unite the country.

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  • justinwachin says:

    I think part of the concern is seeing how a man that has run his campaign on making caustic and over-the-top remarks will be able to unite people.

  • AHP1081 says:

    Trump says he will carry on the legacy of Abraham Lincoln. Since trump is so stuck on himself, I doubt he even knows the legacy of Lincoln or anyone else for that matter.

  • WRBuchanan says:

    This is all you need to know about the Democratic Party. This is going on everyday and I might add that Urban Black People are the most vulnerable of any class of people in the country due to the Education portion of the take over.
    Democrats opposed ending Slavery, they opposed blacks voting, they created Jim Crow Laws, they oppose school choice, they are actively trying to bring this country down.
    Just read the little picture below and if you don’t see every single point being driven home everyday you need to open your eyes cuz it is that Obvious to anyone who can think.

  • Albert L Biele says:

    The democrats are anti-God, while the republicans are pro-God, and yet the blacks who have, a high percentage of pro-God believes have, by majority supported the anti-God democrats, who have done nothing to improve the circumstance of poor black neighborhoods. Trump has it right! You improve the educational system, and job opportunities for these communities, and you pave a road that leads to the American dream; and the race problems will soon dissipate, I truly hope that the blacks, who have been left behind, give Trump a chance–there is truly nothing to lose.

    1. AHP1081 says:

      Albert L. Biele

      My conclusion is you are a trump supporter, and when he delivered his remarks you may have been envisioning some manifested utopian world where everyone lives in perfect harmony.
      Lets pretend you are the mayor of Detroit. Then I place the “I will do agenda” in front of you. First you are tasked with improving the educational system. I, AS ONE OF THE FEW TAXPAYERS LEFT IN DETROIT, ASK JUST HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DO THAT? One of two thing can happen here; you might say I will raise the taxes, in which, I will leave Detroit. Then you might say, I will get it from the Feds, which I would reply by stating that the Fed have and do fund most of the education in Detroit.
      Second, you are tasked with improving job opportunities for the communities in Detroit. I, AS ONE OF THE FEW TAXPAYERS LEFT IN DETROIT, ASK JUST HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DO THAT? To this you might offer that you will raise the taxes to create more city jobs, in which I would leave the city, or you might beg the feds to provide federal money to create unnecessary city jobs which will only mask the failure and the city will ” sooner than later” fail.
      Third, You indicate you are going to pave the roads to the American Dream, which by all accounts is a vague “pie-in -the-sky” comment. An educated person would pin you down with; “exactly what does your comment mean because each person may view paving the road to the America Dream in different perspectives. I will guess that you are speaking metaphorically, but here again, even a metaphor is subjected to individual life experiences. So, basically trumps’ and your exercise of parroting his remarks, provide no actually plan of how to accomplish the American Dream. Throwing good money after bad has been the history of Detroit ever since the democrats and the unions took control of the city. You provide no plan to achieve the agenda, in short you are mimicking the propaganda which many dictators use and have used to sway the people into believing a utopia can be achieved if only you follow their orders to a “T”.. Socialism DOES NOT WORK, and you suggest that it does. When one offers a laundry list of things which need to be done without even the remotest idea of how to accomplish it, the end result is stagnation. The city of Detroit was a highly productive city for many years then the democrats,the unions, including the teachers union teachers took over, and Detroit basically died.

      1. Albert L Biele says:

        I wouldn’t do any of the above. No man/woman can excel in life unless that person is motivated to do so. What we suggesting is to present the opportunity. So, the first step would be to motivate a reasonable number of the less advantaged people, and secondly develop schools of learning, absent drugs a and violence, secondly get people like Ben Carson, and others who have excelled to success from similar conditions, as motivator’s; education being the fundamental catalyst. Secondly, the crime element in these neighborhoods must be substantially reduced, including clamping down on drug trafficking. We must also pass legislation that encourages new business start-ups—to provide decent paying jobs for the many Americans that are presently unemployed. We live in an imperfect world amongst imperfect men/woman, meaning that there will always be those who will not excel, but I’m confident, there are those who would jump at the opportunity, if offered a pathway to succeed, given the opportunity. This would resolve, in part the terrible dissension that presently exists between the races

        1. AHP1081 says:

          Albert Biele
          Thank you for your response. I agree
          a person must be motivated to excel but we cannot dictate that motivation, and we cannot buy that motivation. it must be within the person. The point I am trying to make is that socialism will not cure the problem, socialism is just a crutch to begin with, then it becomes the master. What the schools in Detroit need is the removal of the unions and the removal of all criminal students and teacher if applicable. Then they need to return to a basic agenda of reading, writing, and arithmetic. However, the establishment is much more concerned with keeping those in public school down and ignorant. Until the population recognize what is going on and demands, by their votes, a change of venue it will continue.

          1. Albert L Biele says:

            I couldn’t agree more. Man is inherently corrupt; given power for too long a time, even the ultra-honest person will become corrupt, exemplified by the Biblical David and Solomon; Term limits for politicians, and no tenure for teachers, combined with an all-out war on the criminal element, is what must be accomplished if we are ever to eliminate decades of degradation. The curriculum in grades 1 through 12 must prepare these young spirits for good paying jobs, and or, for students who excel, collage. These people have voted for the same party, without result or resolution for decades, and now they are again being herded toward the voting booth, being given the same “Change” promise they have been given for the past 80 years. All Americans must have an equal opportunity to become self-sufficient. You don’t give these young adults food from the fields; you give them the seeds needed to plant, to make them self-sufficient, to put them on a road that will lead them to the American dream. There is no such thing as failure, because in essence, failure is a lesson in life that teaches us what not to do. The lesson learned is not to make the same mistake twice. It holds true in business and in politics i.e. if your politicians have not resolved the poverty problem in 80 years, guess what! —What Trump said is true—they have nothing to lose. The only people talking against a party change are the politicians, some hypocritical religious leader and neighborhood organizers who financially benefiting from the degradation of their own people.

          2. AHP1081 says:

            Albert L. Biele
            Thank you for your response. Now we have a mutual agreement on virtually 90% of what you expound. However, like the conservative I am, I do not see trump as the solution. And in opposition to trumps ” you have nothing to lose”. I disagree, there is always something more which this government can take away from us and I see trump as the conduit to further destruction.
            You have a good day

        2. alfred e newman says:

          reduce unemployment eliminate mandatory over time reduce drug addiction eliminate mandatory over time at time and a half it cost the exact same amount to have 3 people work 8 hours each as it dose to torture 2 at 12 hours meth is very popular with the very tired slave driving big business keeps the political prisoners very tired

  • 1mikejanz1 says:

    Is he not the first republican presidential nominee to be allowed to speak in an all black church?
    I’ve been racking my brain and for the life of me, I cannot recall one in my 68 years!

    1. AHP1081 says:

      I wonder how much he donated to the coffer?

  • Anouk says:

    Donald Trump is a truly amazing achiever. He behaves more and more like a Leader. I admire his Courage, Patriotism and Love for his Country.
    Go Trump!

    1. dmttbt says:

      I have to agree with you on the things you said about Trump. If you grow up to become anything you want, then people say you are a thief. WHEN PEOPLE SAY HE IS NOT PRESENTIAL, I THINK THAT IS A COMPLIMENT. When people say he has no political experience and there fore can not do the job, I say that is points in his favor. These people who are in politics and have collectively spent all the money we have or will have for the next 30 years are the ones saying he doesn’t have the experience they have. Thank God or Buddha or whichever entity they choose.

      1. Anouk says:

        Thank you dmttbt!

  • Tony says:

    This election is a no brainer!
    The Government is a business.
    Who can run it better than a businessman?
    Unless, you would “trust” Hildebeast with your money??? Not me!!!

    1. AHP1081 says:

      One of Your Questions; Who can run it better than a businessman ? Maybe a business man who has not filed chapter 11 three times!!! Maybe a businessman who has not been the owner of 10 additional business which failed!!!!. Maybe a businessman who is not suspect of having ties with the mob!!!
      And lastly, remember American cannot file chapter 11 or close its doors because of poor management.

      1. Tony says:

        Trump has created 515 businesses and only 11 of them failed. That’s a 98.64% success rate. I’ll take those odds any day of the week!

        Many of the United States’ largest and most prominent businesses have filed for (and emerged from) Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection one or more times, including General Motors, Charter Communications, Delta Air Lines, Kmart, Macy’s, and the Texas Rangers baseball team.

        There’s so much more on this. Just do a Google search using these keywords, “trump 515 businesses bankruptcies percentage”.

        Oh, and how about Hillary’s ties??? Foreign governments that DON’T like us!!! She makes ole Tricky Dick Nixon look like a saint!!!

        1. AHP1081 says:

          Of the 515 companies that Trump has a part in running, 268 bear his last name, according to a filing with the Federal Election Commission. Yet not all of the buildings emblazoned with Trump’s last name are owned by him; for many properties, he merely licenses his name to other developers.

  • Judy Cummings says:

    OK, I am going to be the devils advocate here. What has Obama done in the last 8 years to advance the African-American people? Division is worse than it was in the days of Slavery. This nation was growing in the needs to unite as a county until the Muslim got into the White House. So let’s not all go stupid here. It wasn’t just Abraham Lincoln. And please remember your history that is wasn’t White Men who started the slavery in the USA. Black men brought them over and the first plantation owners who had slaves, were black.

    1. Retired says:

      The slave trade started in Africa with African tribes collecting other tribe members and selling them. There is a Museum in Africa were it took place. Something the Black community does not want to acknowledge .

    2. dmttbt says:

      The slaves would have been killed or sold by the other tribes who captured them. They did not speak our language and they had no skills as workers other than hunting animals to kill. They remained as slaves for way too many years as far as I can see but not when you see them out wanting Black Lives Matter to get them special treatment. They are talking reparations for slavery. I say every slave that is still living should come forward and collect. The will be at least 150 years old if they were born on the last day of slavery, and that baby would not have been much of a slave at 1 day old.

  • Unicorn71 says:

    Goes in one ear and out the other!

  • Tiger says:

    Lincoln was very concerned that the slaves would be a burden on America and he worried how long it would take them to catch up to the education etc of the white man/woman. They were doing pretty good under MLK leadership but thanks to the Demoncats it has been a regression of immense proportions and yes they have become a burden to America and their own people. They are terribly abused by their own, pimps, gangs, drug dealers you name it and now ISIS recruiting among them and we see BLM includes Muslims and illegals.

    He is right, these cities have to be cleaned up, the drug dealers and weapons taken out, the gangs taken out and schools and everything else revamped. Then and only then will they come up and be a real part of all America.

    Mexico owes us, they are the biggest producers of drugs and weapons and Trump was right to bring this out to the Mexican president, who agreed with him in part til he was forced to back up his comments by irrational Mexicans who are most likely the Drug Cartel’s best friends and on the take.

    1. dmttbt says:

      When the president of Mexico says that they will not pay for a wall, he just doesn’t realize that their number one money source is from the illegals sending money back to their families in Mexico. When the border closes and the illegal trade is stopped, yes they will be paying for the wall. *** We don’t even have to build a wall, it can be a fence with concertina wire and very high voltages. Place picture signs that do not require you to read and then place motion activated claymore mines on our side for those who do not get the picture.

      1. Tiger says:

        Amen a picture worth a thousand walls.

  • joe says:

    Unfortunately, the so-called legacy of Abraham Lincoln is only that Lincoln made a politically advantageous move with his Emancipation Declaration. IOW, it was political grandstanding and nothing more. The country was ready to eliminate the absolute cruelty (at least) of human slavery.
    I still support Mr. Trump. He is the better of the two major candidates and actually the best of the field.

    1. Blue 3 says:

      You’re right. Set the dialogue for equality in the future, but really was only a call to arms that the North needed. They got treated like slaves by the Northern aggressors.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        Right Blue, slavery was never the issue of the civil war, it was just thrown in at the last long after the South freed their slaves so Grant could continue the burning of the South! And when did the North free theirs, 2 years AFTER the war was over! Per capital, the north had more slaves than the South!

  • NJ Lady says:

    Well, I support “the Donald,” but I believe in taking care of myself…not expecting politicos I don’t personally know to take care of my wants and needs.

    1. Blue 3 says:

      He’s not talking about taking care of your needs. He’s talking about creating an environment that each person has the means and tools to take personal responsibility for one’s self, family, and community.

      1. NJ Lady says:

        We shall see, Blue 3…:)

  • GrizzMann says:

    The Democrats have kept too many people on the plantation for too long, with unfulfilled promises and lies about republicans being racist.

    1. Pete says:

      There is much of the upper level of both parties that have neglected the black and hispanic inner cities for decades. Now that someone has opened that subject it shows the neglect for what it is, democrats needing the dependency for votes & the republicans not having the gumption to fix the problem.

      1. dmttbt says:

        I will honestly say that there should be no extra considerations for people because they are of a particular race. There are laws on the books for immigration and everything else you can think of. Trump said that the illegals are not all good people. The fact that they are here illegally proves that they have broken the law. They knowingly and willfully broke the law. I don’t care if it was 20 years or 20 days ago, it is illegal. They should not be rewarded for breaking the law and be offered citizenship while those who have done it legally set back and watch the unfair treatment. If the legal immigrants are smart they will vote for Trump and against Hillary who wants everyone to come in no matter what.

        1. Anouk says:

          I am a legal citizen for more than 45 years and I will vote for Donald Trump.

  • daquain says:

    Like the man said, “What do we have to lose?” I’m voting for him.

    1. Blue 3 says:

      Awesome. Now convince a dozen more people to do the same. Thank you in advance for your efforts.

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