Trump to Pick Mike Pence, Says Source

Donald Trump is planning to announce that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is his choice for his vice presidential running mate, according to a Republican with direct knowledge of the decision.

As Trump narrowed in on his choice of Pence, the two men spent time at both Trump’s golf resort in New Jersey in early July and at the Indiana governor’s mansion this week.

In addition to testing the men’s chemistry together, Trump was reportedly impressed with Pence’s calm demeanor, his experience on Capitol Hill and as a governor, and Pence’s potential to assist Trump in governing, should the ticket win in November.

Pence served 12 years in Congress, rising to the No. 3 post in the House Republican leadership, before leaving to run for Indiana governor in 2012. There he faced criticism for his handling of a religious liberties law that many said would discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender identity. When he backpedaled in the face of boycotts, he angered some conservatives, as well.

This year, Pence drew attention for a new abortion law that restricts access to abortion with new rules for doctors and a ban on procedures done solely because of the mother’s objection to the fetus’s race, gender or disability.

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  • ONTIME says:

    Well it won’t be long now and we will all know if Pence has lint in his shorts……and how much…

  • rowleya says:

    Too bad for Pence
    Can’t vote Hilly Billy or Trump
    No candidate for Prez has Credibility
    A Clown or a Witch in the WH demeans the status of USA .
    It is a frightening future for our Security and Sovereignty

  • justinwachin says:

    I’m glad to hear these two are comfortable working together. In order for Mr. Trump to accomplish as much as possible everyone is going to need to work together.

    There will still be room for the other VP candidates to serve in the administration in other capacities.

  • Mountain_Goat says:

    Terrible choice. The Evangelicals are already in the Trump camp. And the country doesn’t need to double down on contentious relations with gays. Not to mention elevating the damn abortion issue for more fruitless public debate.

    1. I Seigel says:

      I think the pundits will say exactly this over the course of the next few days. Good comment.

  • jimamrhein says:

    Jim All I Want To Say Is; “CONGRATULATION TO YOU GOV. PENCE”!!! I Hope This Is TRUE!! Only Problem I Have Is: Who Will Be OUR INDIANA GOVERNOR CANDIDATE TO REPLACE YOU???? The “REPUBLICANS MUST WIN THE STATE HOUSE”!!! We Certainly Don’t Need “THAT JOKE” The democRATS Have Running!!! BEST WISHES TO YOU & MR. TRUMP!!!! Jim

    1. Joe Wilson says:


  • wiseone2 says:

    Gingrich isn’t a good choice……he’s connected with the globalists, But we’ll have to wait to see what stronger, intelligent heads will prevail!

    1. Phil says:

      Newt would have been an awesome choice but Mike Pence is ok.I just think Newt could have helped him rationalize better.

    2. Robert Early says:

      In any administration, there are at least four other positions more important than VP. How often do we hear from Biden and his accomplishments? I expect to see Gingrich and others in very visible and important positions. How about Trey Gowdy as AG? How about James Edward Smith as head of Homeland Security? ETC.

  • Tiger says:

    I like this. I don’t like Gingrich I think people forgot him sitting on the couch with Pelosi and all the other things he did to not run for president.

    Now we are hearing the Never Trump group trying to unleash the Delegates to vote their conscience. So sad.

  • danstewart says:

    I will wait for Trump to announce his pick. Hopefully it will be Gingrich.

    1. Calvinsky says:

      Gingrich is well spoken and has some positive aspects to him but he’s a
      shill for the NWO; as a member of the notorious CFR and while in
      Congress he pushed NAFTA into law fully admitting he was transferring
      American sovereignty to an un-elected body of world bureaucrats. He has
      too much bad baggage.

  • cae973 says:

    no Pence…will not vote for him ever….and sadly if Trump wins Pence guarantees a Dem win for the next presidential election which will undo anything and everything trump accomplishes!

    1. otoman says:

      We know the facts. You wouldn’t vote for Trump no matter what. You democrats are not intelligent enough to write a convincing post. Liberalism is a disease that invades the very soul of man. It turns truth into lies and lies into truth. The sad part is, liberals love the deceit that they spread.

      1. Aman: Liberals are motivated by something that logic can’t change.
        Liberals act because of an ideological fervor embedded in their DNA.
        They operate on a different wave length than civil society.
        Impartial reasoning and negotiating doesn’t pacify the Liberal mind, but validates and encourages them.
        When we try and negotiate with a Liberal, stating undeniable truths, it signals a weakness and emboldens their efforts.

    2. Janet Hall says:

      Why do you say this? What is so wrong with him. I really don’t know much about him.

    3. Jim says:

      Remember pence Is not going to be the President only V P, we never heard of biden until lately

    4. Phil says:

      That is ridiculous!

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