Trump Trolls Media

by Alex Pappas | The Daily Caller
September 16, 2016

WASHINGTON — The media showed up to the presidential ballroom of the new Trump International Hotel on Friday morning expecting Donald Trump to take questions about whether he still questions if President Obama was born in the United States.

Instead, they got more than a half hour of a variety of military heroes — generals, medal of honor recipients and a gold star wife — expressing support for the Republican nominee. And it all aired live on the cable news networks.

Before the event, Trump tweeted: “I am now going to the brand new Trump International, Hotel D.C. for a major statement.” That was interpreted by the press to mean he was going to address “birther questions.”

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  • ihatelibs says:


    1. Pamelawjenkins1 says:

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  • fish53 says:

    Good move Trump! You played CNN like a fiddle! They looked like “fools”! Keep up the good work Trump. Don’t let the demon-craps and Killary stop you. She’s such a liar! She know she started that birther movement and when she got caught, she threw the ball to somebody else to keep her crooked self in the clear. Also, those black leaders look disgusting up there defending crooked Killary after what Obumo, Killary, and her husband did to black males. What Sell-outs for money and power. Remember: All good things, if not gotten right, comes to an “end”. Wake Up America! This is a scam gone wrong by the demon-craps trying to smear Trump and his followers. Wake Up!

  • Tiger says:

    He totally obliterated her and her troll reporters who were screaming out from the back of the room, he ignored them completely the matter is closed.

    1. BOC says:

      He took a page out of the Bamster’s and Kanks press conference playbook. Brilliant Strategy!

      1. Tiger says:

        Mavalous daling simply mavalous. He will eat her up and spit her out on the stage.

        1. BOC says:

          I don’t know. I think the b#$%& would give an Anaconda indigestion!

          1. Tiger says:

            Indeed it would burp for days.

          2. Tiger says:

            Wanted to share this with you. Found it today, it is on the net news but nowhere on our news. This happened this 9/11 the same day Hellery fell out. Me thinks that the time is coming for O and H who hate Christianity and love Islam to get their due. I see it as a sign. We are still loved and prayers being answered. I believe it 100%.

            This has gone viral the world is seeing it.

          3. BOC says:

            Thank You and I hope their comeuppance may be imminently close. I truly appreciate your passion, undying love of God and country. We must stay steadfast in our beliefs and refuse to break under the unrelenting onslaught of lies and slander from the bottom feeding, progressive left!
            I look forward to your thoughts and insight on the issues of the day. They’re always sprinkled with intelligence, passion and humor whenever warranted. You truly are a very special person. Keep the faith, I believe the tide is turning!

          4. Tiger says:

            Thank you for such lovely thoughts aimed in my direction. I have deep and passionate love for the Almighty. My life has been filled with miracles for me and my children. The connection with a Living Almighty that has given me so much and everything I ever asked Him for, has taken me a very long way, safely and believe me I have roamed far and wide in this world. Been in some very precarious situations and places I sure should not have been.

            I love this country, my people taught me that. I feel privileged to have been first born here on my mother’s side. It is such a joy to know you are free and that is why I am so saddened at the real threats this country is now facing on our own soil. We went to war to keep it from here. Each time I left my children for over a year for these wars all of us kept saying to each other, this is for our families and our country to keep this terror away, to stop it, to end it. But I suppose all that blood, all that treasure in mother’s sons was for naught. It only postponed the inevitable that an O would come and undo everything. We are in danger of losing everything and we have to endure like you say, we have to stay steadfast in our beliefs yes.

            Your posts always thoughtful and well written I enjoy so many good people on here and other sites and I learn so much from them. Thank you again because when people of your quality enjoy what I post it is “Special” to me.

          5. BOC says:

            I won’t make this” The Never Ending, Never Ending Story” or in this case a thread, but I wanted to thank you for your service and the unbelievable sacrifice you have made to serve this great country.
            I agree, the skinny little Marxist has about undone everything gained since 9/11, but that was his intent wasn’t it? To weaken us from within, isn’t that the mantra Alinsky acolytes? The Republicans gave us another milk toast, limp wristed bed wetter, albeit a gentleman, in Romney allowing the tear down complete of all that had made this country “The Shining City on the Hill”.

            This being a public forum, I won’t get too deep, but you have a beauty of spirit and a passion for life that makes you a truly remarkable person! Don’t ever lose it!

          6. Tiger says:

            Thank you again.

            Welcome for my service a family tradition.

    2. says:

      Witchey woman……………………………

      1. Tiger says:

        Spelled with a B.

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