Trump warns of ‘rigged’ election, recruits volunteers to monitor polling places

Fearing a “rigged” election, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is recruiting volunteers to monitor polls on Election Day — prompting voting rights advocates to prepare for fallout and say the real estate mogul’s language already is bordering on voter intimidation.

In recent weeks, Mr. Trump has called on his supporters in the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Ohio to go beyond simply voting on Nov. 8. He is urging them also to be on the lookout for any funny business on Election Day.

A section added to his campaign website explains where people can get more information on how to be a “volunteer Trump Election Observer.”

“I hope you people can sort of not just vote on the 8th — go around and look and watch other polling places and make sure that it’s 100 percent fine,” Mr. Trump said at a rally in Pennsylvania this month. He said the only way he would lose the state to Democratic rival Hillary Clinton is if cheating occurs.

Democrats and Republicans increasingly are sparring over election rules. Democrats want the broadest turnout possible, and Republicans fear unqualified voters could swing an election against their candidate and want tight checks at the polls.

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  • Capitalist and proud of it says:

    Too much “crying wolf” Donald. And I’m a Republican. A Reagan individualist.

  • DOC says:

    Sounds like Trump is making a excuse if he loses. Cry baby.

  • Lorraine E says:

    Hopefully The Donald has some very savvy computer techs who will be over seeing how the electronic votes are tallied. That is where most of the votes can be deleted or changed. Historically democrats have become super pros when it comes to cheating to win elections.

  • Leslie Woodhull says:


  • steve whitlow says:

    The biggest problem in voting is the illegal registering, who ever is doing the dead people voting for them etc, etc. The BLM & the black panthers we can watch them. But the voting records of the people voting should be audited, but that’s probably at least 200 million auditing & that’s a Major Problem.. Thanks, SCW a Vietnam Vet 1965-1971.. God Help the USA on Nov. 8th, WE THE PEOPLE BETTER HAVE A LANDSLIDE VOTE ONCE & FOR ALL AGAINST THE DEMOCRAPS (rats).. Thanks again..

  • Walter Flatt says:








  • Kevin says:

    If the democrats want to alleviate concerns the republicans have over voter fraud, then STOP objecting to voter ID laws!!! Illegal aliens HAVE ZERO SAY in the internal matters of our country! When we hear of voting precincts with 120% voter turnout, and 100% for the democrat candidate, sorry, that just doesn’t happen statistically.

  • MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

    There needs to be a better way for counting mail in ballots, maybe mark them with a color stripe when counted, add a different color if recounted. After a certain time frame (TBD) no new ballots ‘found’ or allowed. It is ridiculou how several elections were stolen with sudden appearances of 30,000 ballots,

    Also, Military ballots MUST be counted! Especially from those deployed!

    1. bobnstuff says:

      My guess is you are guessing on how absentee ballets are counted. Your absentee ballots in Pa. are counted at the polling place where you are registered and there really aren’t that many. in 2004 my polling place had the largest number of voters they had ever had a out of the 876 votes only 28 were absentee.

      1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

        Thanks for that info but NO, I was actually pondering states like WA and OR that switched to ALL mail in ballots.
        Prior to the switch it seemed like only the ballots at polling places were counted and results called 100% within 48 hours

        EXCEPT when Governor races were too close and they need to do recounts and suddenly there are 30,000 ballots discovered in the truck of a car used to transport ballots and ledgers from a polling place

        and then lo and behold a whole room full of ballots discovered in a room where ballots were never supposed to be stored…

        Somehow the military ballots from overseas always arrived too late to count or didn’t have proper postage (when they needed no postage to ship it back with military courier or carrier)

        I want a way to ensure all legal ballots count and fraudulent ones do not. I don’t want MY vote canceled by a corpse, a pet, or an illegal, no Disney critters either…

        1. bobnstuff says:

          You here all the talk about voter fraud from the right. They really don’t care about fraud, they want to use it to suppress voters. I’m not convinced there is a real problem but I, by just looking at the Republicans plans can see that they don’t really deal with the problem. If the goal is one man one vote and they want to protect every ones right to vote there are real things that can be done. First we need a nation voter registry so no one can have double registration. Second we need the deaths reported to the office of elections so when someone dies they are taken of the rolls. No dead people voting. Third we need to print a copy of the ballet when a person votes so you have a hard copy as well as a a electronic record for fast returns but still have a hard copy to cross check. Last use Social security numbers as a base for registration. Illegals don’t have social security numbers plus by cross checking them you should be able to tell their citizenship. I haven’t heard any of these ideas coming out of the right. All the right wants are ID’s that are harder for some groups to get then others. In person voter fraud is so rare and the right to vote is so important that our government should be trying to find ways to say yes you can vote not no you can’t. We need everyone who is legally allowed to vote to be able to.

          1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

            I strongly disagree that talk of voter fraud is aimed at suppressing LEGAL voters in any way, shape or form! I am also amazed that ANY adult of voting age does not have a photo ID!

            The amount of time and money spent (WASTED) on suing states instead of opening FREE ID days and places is typical political claptr@p not problem solving.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            It’s not just photo ID but the right type of photo ID. My daughter has lost her ID many times, she has had it stolen, lost in a flood, and just lost it. She loses car key on a regular basis. She’s lucky because she has transportation and money to replace them. If they really feel the need for photo ID they need to make it easy to get. Only if you can make getting the ID it’s self as easy as voting should you make it needed. Voting is a constitutional right and must be defended at all costs.

          3. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

            Agree with most, some lost licenses/id’s can be ordered/replaced using online services for low fees ($10- lost license) if the address is still the same.
            Voting IS a constitutional right FOR living citizens in the actual area they live. The dead and pets shouldn’t vote. The Unions shouldn’t bus people across multiple state lines to vote early and often, NON-citizen’s should not be voting for any city/state/federal offices!

          4. bobnstuff says:

            You can replace you ID on line but if it’s not pretty new they will make you get the picture retaken. That’s if you have access to a computer and know how to use one. If we had a national voters data base you could use E-verify. If you cross matched death records another problem goes away. My complain is that the republicans aren’t really concerned with stopping fraud as much as suppressing voters. One of the law makes in Pennsylvania admitted that this was the reason for voter ID.

          5. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

            ‘access to a computer’ and ‘know how to use one’ is a fantastic function of MOST Public Libraries nationwide. A librarian or helpful volunteer will guide you step by step AND make sure you close the webpage when you are done so your personal information is safe.
            I still firmly disagree with you on the suppression aspect. I know I myself and many others who are tired of OUR votes being over ridden by the dead, the pets, the illegals and those misfits bused poll place to poll place and over state lines by unions and acorn like organizations. I believe even ONE fraudulent vote is one too many and I don’t care WHO cast it.

          6. bobnstuff says:

            It’s bad when they tell the truth.

            I run into people every day who will not touch a computer, even when given help. Pa. sight isn’t very user friendly either. I have found that the government really isn’t very got at tech stuff. My fear is that people like Turzai use this issue as a why to take away voters rights.

          7. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

            ADDITIONALLY the use of SS numbers is already too problematic with Identity theft. USE BIOMETRICS and a national dadtabbase

          8. bobnstuff says:

            Bio metrics would be cool but I don’t see it happening for a good while, We have a government that is using floppy disks.

  • Thomas Martin says:

    Dishonest as they come and they will cheat
    Evil to their bones
    Makes the mob look like child’s play
    Obama’s administration is the most corrupt in our history
    Cannot stand the thought of a fair election with voter ID in every state
    Rigging election is their bread and butter
    American citizens means nothing to them just control and power over us
    Treats our enemies better than our citizens
    Stealing the election is their number one goal

  • Luke says:

    Who cares what the liberal trash thinks, they are liars, thieves and criminals committing voter fraud and should be watched every minute..

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Since voter fraud is a crime why is it that there are not people in jail?

      1. Luke says:

        Well has the liberals put anyone in jail that commits a crime against America and its citizens, look at the hillery mess, she’s a damn traitor and committed treason but she’s not in jail.
        Look at the illegal aliens killing Americans and demonrat mayors with sanctuary cities violating federal laws, that’s why our country is a mess..
        demonrats with the mental disease of liberalism and political correctness, will we ever be rid of this trash..

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Elections are run by the states not the the federal government it’s up to the states to prosecute. There are very few cases and they are from both parties. I don’t know what you grips against Clinton has do do with voter fraud anyways. If I were to talk about mental disease I might look at people who rant over and over about the same things even when they have no baring on the subject at hand.

          1. Luke says:

            Since you are clueless about clintoon’s part in voter fraud or that national elections fall under the feds and not entirely on the states it is futile to continue.
            clintoon is a worse person than obumba, she’s a proven serial liar and cheat in elections, ask bernie…

            Vote for America and Americans, vote TRUMP/PENCE/2016

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Please educate me about Clinton’s part in voter fraud.

          3. Luke says:

            I’ve already surmised that you cannot be educated, your blind devotion to evil is set in stone, have a good life if you can, I believe you’re a miserable person..

          4. bobnstuff says:

            In other words you have no link to anything connecting Clinton with voter fraud. You made it up like Trump does his facts.

          5. Luke says:

            OK lets play it your way, what facts does Trump make up?

            Anyway clintoon doesn’t commit the fraud herself but she is the leader of the corruption in voting this time around, her campaign’s e-mails prove it. That is evidence, now you post yours

            But you answer my question..

          6. bobnstuff says:

            The fact checkers say he lies 70% of the time, Even the conservative media will point of is lies.

            He has lied about his wealth, his products and his personal life. Any time he give a number it’s wrong, not once have I seen figure use by him that was true.

            He lies about what he is going to do if he is elected. He told Steelworkers that he will bring their jobs back but for a number of reasons they can’t come back, not to Western Pa. at least.

            He has said so many lies about illegal immigration that even he is having problem keeping track.

            He lies about what he has seen, Dancing on 9/11, money being unloaded from planes, etc.

            He said he was against the war in Iraq in the beginning but in fact he never said so back then. He said he was going to show us his taxes, were are they?

            The list is much longer but you get my point. I’m a republican, life long, held office in the party, work on campaigns, republican and I have tried to find a reason to vote for Trump but there is no way. At least Clinton can run a campaign and understands what the job of President is. I will hold my nose and vote for her because Trump would do so much damage to our country and to the world we might not survive.

          7. Luke says:

            What fact checkers, LOL, give me a break, you’re going to vote for a serial liar that has hurt this country and been responsible for the deaths of many including those in Benghazi.
            I believe you’re a liberal and haven’t posted one lie Trump has told you can prove with facts, just hearsay.
            So vote for that lying liberal trash hillery clintoon and prove you care nothing for America like her..

          8. bobnstuff says:

            Do you believe he is worth $10 Billion dollars? Do you believe he will bring steel jobs back to Western Pa.? A simple yes or no will do. Is he or is he not going to release his taxes like he said he would?

            Now explain to me just how Clinton killed anyone in Benghazi. After millions of dollars spent by congress to prove wrong doing they came up empty. Remember just because Hinnaty say it’s true doesn’t make it so.

          9. Luke says:

            Do you believe clintoon will bring jobs back to America when she has been selling us out to special interest and our enemies for 35 years..
            OK clintoon didn’t respond to request for protection for Benghazi nor did she send help to save them after the attack started and lasted 13 hours, she is a lying thieving murdering trash.
            And just because you can’t see that doesn’t make it your way..

          10. bobnstuff says:

            Do you believe the CEO of Walmart handles store security for each store, It’s the chief of station job. The Secretary of State is not an expert on security and a little back water place like Benghazi wouldn’t make it to the top of her things to do list and to be honest with you it shouldn’t. As far as sending help, that fell on the head of the military, once the embassy staff was sent from Tripoli , which it was, the next group to be called on was the military who Clinton had no control over. She was Secretary of State not Defense. If the only place you go for news is the anti Clinton sights you will get a lot of misinformation and twisted facts. There have been more investigation into those four men’s death then any other event of it’s kind in history and the official reports never come up with Clinton being directly responsible. Mistakes were made. This isn’t the first time we have had people die at diplomatic out post, there have been hundreds of deaths over the years. The only reason coverage of this one has lasted as long as it has is because of people trying to get Clinton.
            As far as creating jobs, Steel and Coal, both are ships that have sailed. We have created a million new jobs in the last four years. Solar now employees more people the coal. It’s the new industries that will create the jobs for the future, one that require education and training. The world is changing and the idea that we can turn back the clock is a myth. The old factory’s that hired hundreds of unskilled laborers is gone. In the Mon Valley there was once a half dozen blast furnaces, all built in the 20’s and 30’s and they needed thousands of men to run them. The work was hard but thanks to the union they paid well. Those mills are long gone and now there is one plant, the Homestead Works, Edger Thompson works, It employs around a thousand workers and produces as much steel as all those other mills combined. It also can make a variety types of steel unlike the old blast furnaces. The Steel industry has moved south just like the auto industry. If you are going to open a new plant you go to cheep labor and cheep land. In the last fifty years we have built a whole new industrial base and it’s automated and were once it took hundreds of people to do the job now it take a handful. Depending on who’s numbers you trust the US is either number one or number two in overall manufacturing in the world. It take six Chinese to do the same output of one American worker. I done want some one who says he will make us Great Again as if he can take us back to some mythical time in the past. I want someone with a plan and who knows how the system work to move us into the future. Every time I ask people why I should vote for Trump they always attack Clinton. You never answered my question, do you believe Trump is worth $10 billion dollars? Do you believe he will bring the steel industry back to Western Pa,? Is he going to let us see his tax returns?

          11. Luke says:

            The state dept is in charge of embassies around the world, the trash hillery clintoon let these four people die while she sat and watched then lied about how it happened to their mothers, what a sorry pos . Anyone who condones what this low-life clintoon dog did is no better..
            IMHO you need to leave America

          12. bobnstuff says:

            Did you know that Stevens turned down extra security twice in the months leading up to the attack? Also did you know that the State Department sent as much help as they had and contacted the military for more help. Drones were sent and they did a fly by but chose not to send people even after the State Department got permission from Libya. It military decided that it was to risky to send troops in. Now you are going to tell me about a stand down order that never happened. The guys that keep making the claim were sent back to the embassy to protect it. The military did not do a stand down order.

          13. Luke says:

            I’m not wasting any more time with your lies, so bye, liberal

          14. bobnstuff says:

            You just can’t handle the truth, and you still didn’t answer the Question, do you think Trump is worth $10 billion. Is he going to bring steel jobs back to Monessen Pa. and will he show us his tax return like he said he would last year.

  • Don Wright says:

    Voting irregularities definitely occur in the polling places on the nations major campuses. The professors urge the students to vote … many of them have already registered in their home states (absentee ballots) and they vote again at their local college and or university. We know that the millennials have not had time to grow up and understand what it means to have a “true” opportunity for a career … many of them come to school with little or no knowledge of what America stands for, its Constitution etc. They are caught up in the “socialist” environment these universities present to these students … are encouraged/conditioned that the socialist point of view is correct … and then encouraged to register as soon as they get on campus to vote … truly a massive voter fraud … and an illegal act. Poll watchers must address this … carry signs that state … voting more than once is a crime and make sure that these signs are clearly depicted so that these students understand that this is not a game. Regrettably, during the last two elections this was one large part of the voter fraud that occurred … nearly 100% given to Obama. You better believe that the left does not want poll watchers. If you live near a school, university or college … volunteer to be a poll watcher … The vote tallies should be fair and not “illegal” like happened during the last two elections. It is very likely that if the voting had been fair and not counted the million plus illegal votes cast for Obama that he would not have won his second term. That is how serious this issue is.

  • Patriot47 says:

    Voter ID and paper ballots.

  • JC says:

    the democratic party are pros at election fraud—so we the people and (Trump) will do whatever it takes to keep the democrats honest at the polls !!

  • ImforCruz2 says:

    He has been associated with the commircrats for so long .. Im sure he knows how its done and that they are not beyond anuthing..
    Trumplethinskin is a democrat.. He knows its rigged.. Just like he did in the primaries..

  • Pete says:

    Remember one overriding truth, progressive/socialists (Hillary &

    the left + #NeverTrump) have a amoral attitude toward honesty. Broken down into its simplest terms it is “The end justifies the means”.

    I can understand that being a democrats method since the bulk of them are functionally anti-Christian.
    What I find particularly nauseating is the depths of deceit that some republicans have gone to in their quest to deny the voters choice.

    Initially I felt that dubbing the Republicans Against Trumps (RAT) as a rat pack was extreme, as time goes on I’m beginning to think the lady from Alaska didn’t go far enough.

  • Patriot41 says:

    One would bet that the major election fraud takes place electronically, after the vote! That is why it is so important to go back to the paper ballot, where each precinct has a source document for all ballots cast.

    It may take longer to count individual votes and deal with paper inconsistencies and errors, but in the end we have a reliable vote count. With utmost security to insure that all ballots are protected when cast and not destroyed before verified, it is the safest voting method know by man.

    Absentee ballots are another source of voter fraud that must be dealt with. Because voter ID is not enforced, many politically minded citizens make special efforts to vote more then once. Then too, is the constant problem of getting our military absentee votes in on time for each election cycle. Many states have different periods of time established, for our military members to cast their votes and cut off dates that are not conducive for members overseas, to get their votes counted prior to election day. These are serious problems that need to be corrected immediately, if we are to have a creditable election system.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Voter ID is enforced in that your signature on the out side envelope has to match the one in the book, they check plus just like voting in person they look you up and check if you voted in person. Absentee ballots are counted at the end of the day after the polls have closed. When these ballots are counted watchers from both party are there as they have been all day. Poll watchers are not aloud to leave the polling place and must stay all day, it’s one long day. There is more then enough time for oversea votes to get there and no absentee ballets are counted until the end of election day..

      1. Patriot41 says:

        Oh that it would be as easy as you suggest, when it comes to absentee voting for our military members. Having been in the military for over twenty years, one can assure you that it is not as easy as you suggest.

        Let me give you a few examples to prove my point. Most of our young men who enter the service, are not given special training on how to cast an absentee ballot. In fact, many have never voted before and are not aware of their home state requirements for absentee voting. Different states have different voting cut off dates.

        Depending on where our troops are assigned overseas, there may or may not be, access to legal advice or even an absentee ballot. If the troop’s state officials are on the ball and doing their job, they will get an absentee ballot to that troop through the mail in a timely fashion, but one can assure you that is not always the case. Troops are often reassigned on temporary duty to other locations and rarely think about letting voter registration officials know about it. Nor do they realize that they must request an absentee ballot from their home voter registration officials. In the case of email, they often change email addresses when reassigned.

        Then there is the case of shipping the ballots from isolated overseas areas to the states, for the official vote tally. One recalls when thousands of ballots were dumped overboard by the navy, while en route to the states. At that point in time, it was a close race between presidents and democrats fear counting military votes under such circumstances, so the ballots were accidentally lost overboard. Many democrat officials, have a hard time justifying military absentee voting to begin with.

        There is just as many problems with civilian absentee voting in this country, as with the military. Without voter ID, Mickey Mouse and Minnie have voted several times, along with many other fictitious characters. Democrats have a habit of providing illegal immigrants access to our voting machines, who cannot later be tracked to the addresses that they provide at the voting precincts. Then of course, there is motor voter registrations taking place on a daily basis, along with electronic registration over the internet. Anyone with a little adverse coaching, can cast an absentee vote.

        One will not go into the rigging of voting machines by democrat union members, in charge of setting up those machines or those software technicians, that can write software used in those machines, to change the vote to the desired candidate. Remember the case in Nevada and other western states, where voters actually watched their vote changed on the screen?

        Finally, we have the fact that companies in foreign countries, are given the privilege of counting all of the electronic votes that are cast by U.S. citizens. Why is that, do you suppose? Why is it that we have hundreds of foreign officials monitoring our voting procedures? Could it be that our government officials do not trust any of our citizens to do the job properly? How is it, that those foreign monitors can authenticate the results of electronic voting, once the vote is cast? Can they follow all of the votes to their final tallying point?

        Voter ID and a source document, is the only way to verify an accurate vote, even with all of the problems that we are faced with while using that method. At least we can perform the necessary recounts with an available source document.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Just for the record Mickey and Minnie did not get to vote, their registration would have been kicked out by the board of elections or questioned by the poll workers or the poll watchers. When someone fills out a voter registration card it must be delivered to the board of elections even if it’s filled out as a joke. Then it’s up to the officer there to determine if it’s valid.

          It took me less then thirty seconds to find the rules for absentee voting in Pa. and I wasn’t really looking. When you apply for your absentee ballet in Pa you tell them were to send it. If you move in the ten days or so it takes to mail it out to you there is nothing the Board of Elections can do about it. If the Military can’t get you your mail it’s their problem.

          The story of ballets being dropped over board is a good one since it could only be from the people on that one ship. We don’t use ships to transport mail and have for a long time. Even the mail from the ships are put on planes or helicopters.

          I’m surprised when I here stories on how votes are tallied. I can’t speak for the rest of the country but in Pa they are not sent over the Internet but recorded on a removable hard drive which is hand delivered to the county office where they download the data. The voting machines are not hook up to the Internet at all.

          You seem to believe that one party controls the voting. Have you never voted? Both parties are involved and the poll workers are watched by both sides. The elections in Pa are very controlled and you must be registered to vote, sign the book, and there will be people watching while you do it. Having worked the poll as a watcher I was very impressed at just how good a job my local poll workers do. By the way I am a republican and was a poll watcher for Bush.

          As I have said I can’t speak for how other states do it but Pa. has a good, fair system and if Trump loses it’s because Clinton got more votes then he did.

          1. Patriot41 says:

            Bob, been voting in this country for 57 years and yes I have even worked in the precincts and as a poll worker.

            Media reported that both Mickey and Minnie voted in elections both in CA., and in NV. Whether those votes were counted, is unknown as that was not included in the news report.

            No doubt that since you have worked at the polls as you indicate, you would in fact, know how to look up the election registration requirements, but many of our youth who have turned voting age, do not have that common knowledge. Many are registered through the mail or even at the school they are attending, when they register for the draft.

            It is true, that it is the voter’s responsibility to properly register and to provide the appropriate home address. Military members often change their home of record address as well as moving from installation to installation, every two or more years. Unfortunately, it is not the military’s responsibility to remind them to properly register and they normally do not. At times, their absentee ballots are sent to their home of record and never forwarded to their current location.

            The overboard ballot drop occurred during the election between Bush and Gore and it was reported in the media, so it happens! And yes, many military personnel stationed on Islands do still get their mail as well as supplies, by boat. It all depends on where their APO is. True, we do have aircraft that carry mail, but nonetheless, some of it ends up on ships for transfer purposes.

            Don’t even try to convince me or anyone else, that PA has a great voting process. One remembers news reports of many different precincts literally dumping republican ballots in the trash receptacles behind the precincts. One also remembers more voter numbers being reported, then voters that resided in certain precincts.

            Another laugh you provided here, is the fact that votes are not transmitted over the Internet. How does the major media get such information before the polls are closed Bob? How do precincts report their voting process to the major voter processing centers, throughout the day of the vote? Do they carry their hard disc drives to the center throughout the day? Not likely. Who controls the software for voter tally and how is the information fed to them? Hello internet, whether on secure line or not, it is used for voting purposes.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            I can only speak for Pa. but we have been using voter machines for a very long time and you can’t just dump votes into the trash, it can’t be done. In Pa. the precincts drive the removable drives to the county election board and hand delivered them. At that point they are downloaded and the drives are saved. The software is not on line so it can’t be hacked. It is tested before the vote. The thing to remember is that the republicans are in control of the legislature and is strong in the state. We are not like California or most other states. You vote on election day. No early voting, no online voting. No registration on election day. When you go to vote they use a paper record not a computer to check your registration. I have been voting in the same ward for 42 years and I think the same ladies have been working the polls the entire time. Could the system be improved yes but is it open to major fraud, no.

          3. Patriot41 says:

            During the last election, a reporter showed ballots in a Philadelphia precinct, that were being dumped in the trash.

            Sounds like your precinct has a pretty good system going. However, I would not bet that voter fraud has been completely erased there.

            You all should be very careful with checking the voting software that is being used in those machines.

          4. bobnstuff says:

            Philadelphia uses voting machines, how do dump ballets when there are no ballets? I have worked my polling place, my brother works his. What interesting is when you get a new voter who are at the wrong voting place. Knowing your local geography is very handy in that case. We have around 1,000 voters in my ward and I swear those ladies know them all by name.

          5. Patriot41 says:

            Perhaps it was absentee ballots, I cannot remember now which it was.

            How about when the legislators keep changing the districts and the voters are left wondering where to go to vote?

            We have a similar voting situation in our precinct and the ladies know most of our voters.

          6. Patriot41 says:

            You have a marvelous precinct there Bob.

  • gerald Hughes says:

    I have volunteered, will be looking for ways and means to sends some liberal dem bloodsuckers to jail.

    1. Earl Rogerson says:

      They should lock you up and throw away the key.

      1. gerald Hughes says:

        Yeah okay, has to be irritating to a liberal dem bloodsucker to realize that if he is caught he can go to jail for vote fraud.

    2. bobnstuff says:

      Good luck with that. I have worked the polls in Pa and in person voter fraud is almost impossible. You would have to be able forge the registered votes signature since they check it against the one in the book. In Pa, as in every state I know of, they keep records of voters and once you have voted your done, you can’t do it twice. Trump seems to think poll watchers are a new thing but there are always poll watchers. If trump loses in Pa it’s because Clinton got more votes.

      1. gerald Hughes says:

        Well then, it won’t do any harm to watch, I would do that 24 hrs a day for a month to get to put one liberal dem bloodsucker in jail.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          What are you going to do if it’s a republican? You seem to think it’s only Democrats that cheat. One of the few cases of voter fraud was a Walker supporter.

          1. gerald Hughes says:

            You are a bare faced low life lying liberal dem bloodsucker, There have been 17 instances of people arrested for vote fraud, in the last 2 years, 16 of them were liberal dem bloodsuckers, you scum think that all you have to do is keep talking and lying, you are in error,

          2. bobnstuff says:

            You say it but I don’t see any proof so unless you have a link to a real news source I will take it as one of those RWN claims. You do remember the guy who voted for Walker 7 times and the company employed by the republicans down south that were convicted for throwing away registration cards if they said Democrat. So say you are right in 187 million voters there were 17 arrests, that makes it one of the least common crimes in the country. Last time Obama ran he won by 2,500,000 votes. Do you real think those very rare cases made a difference.

          3. gerald Hughes says:

            You liberal dem bloodsucking scum, don’t even realize, this is no longer about politics , do you?
            Why do you thinks conservative jumped on Trump you liberal parasites are in deep doodoo.
            Why do you think that conservatives continue to buy more weapons,
            You liberal scum are sitting there behindyour computers playing with your pud and thinking all you have to do is keep talking.
            Talking is about over liberal parasite.

          4. bobnstuff says:

            First thing you should know is Trump is not a conservative. Second thing is republican run state have more poor people, use more welfare and more tax dollars. Third it’s republicans that increase the size of government. Listen to Trump. He plans to spend a bunch of money but he will be cutting taxes so just who is he going to do it.

            Now about you statement about voter fraud, were is your proof, I’m sure you didn’t make it up, or did you?

          5. gerald Hughes says:

            Stick all that liberal dem bloodsucking garbage in your nose, liar.
            No one has taken you libera fing garbage to raise,.
            Google it, just like I did c-sucker.

            If what you said were true you would be happy to see us go, but all of you whine like puppies when we talking about separating ourselves from you worthless scum,
            You have about 2 year, we will separate ourselves from you and you can quit sending us money you lying c-sucker.
            We;ll see who is taking care of who, personally, i, look forward to watching you worthless low life parasites starve to death in the streets,.

          6. bobnstuff says:

            So the mother ship is returning for you in two years. Lazy RWNJ always making clams but to lazy or incompetent to prove anything.

          7. gerald Hughes says:

            no one has adopted you lying c-suckers, if you reall wanted to know you would ahve already looked, youa re simply anorther low life liberal ddem bloodsucking parasite trying to talk his way through without expending any effort, soon we will be done with you scum.
            Be fun watching you starve to death.

          8. bobnstuff says:

            I’m sorry to disappoint you but I have no fear of starving to death. You on the other hand might have a problem. You see I did look before I challenged you and amazingly enough I found nothing but I’m sure you got it from those voices in your head. You do love to call names when you are holding an empty bag.

          9. gerald Hughes says:

            1st liar, liberal dem bloodsucker is not a name.
            It is an identifier and typifier
            I can name you that way and everyone knows everything about you and it saves me a paragraph of typing.
            You did not look if you ahd you would know, liar.
            You liberal dem bloodsuckers have done that for 50 years.
            Maybe not hungry now scum bag, but in about 2 years we will close off our borders and it will be over for you compost heaps.

          10. bobnstuff says:

            I went and looked at your post, not just to me but to others and find you to do little but call people names. You don’t even read the post you just try to make yourself feel big. You fail. I’m not a a Democrat, or very liberal and having written checks to the government for over a million dollars over the years in taxes I don’t think I’m a scum bag at all. I have created hundreds of jobs and owned a number of business’s. All you do is make statements that you can’t back up and call names. I’m not sure you are worth the air you breath. I came to this sight to have exchanges of ideas with people who think, even if they don’t agree with me. I don’t know why you are here since mostly you just spout insults. Having said this I’m done responding to you, Go take your meds.

          11. gerald Hughes says:

            Oh my, another liberal dem bloodsucker, that makes 500k ayear, pays 125k a year in taxes and is thrilled to do so.
            Then, to demonstrate his solidarity with his lesser fortunate brethern, he gets on public forums, whines and begs for handouts and tries to raise taxes on some one else to pay for them
            WHAT A GUY!!!!
            You are not here to exchange ideas, like every other liberal dem bloodsucker in the world, you are here because you consider yourself among the intelligentsia and really don’t understand why people refuse to accept your statements verbatim and change their ways.
            I, on the other hand, am here for the sole purpose of calling you out on your liberal lies and pretending to be a real human being.
            I have cordially despised you liberal dem bloodsuckers for 50 years.
            I have evolved over the last 7.5 years, however, I now, hate you, with a depth, intensity and bitterness, that has no bottom.
            You garbage are trying to destroy, the last best hope of mankind on this planet to live free.
            The disgusting part is the reason that I hate you, you are doing it for a few bucks a week in handouts.
            There is little doubt in my mind, that, shortly conservatives will simply separate themselves from you ersatz life forms.
            And cease to deal with you at all.
            For me, it will be the sooner, the better.

  • Glenn says:

    The Democratic and Republican Parties can no longer be trusted. Even if someone monitors the election, the machines can be rigged for a percentage win. Just like the casino. Now every place shall have paper ballots to be counted within a specified time period to verify results. Wake UP America!! Go see the film Hillary’s America and find out what corruption is in our Country by OUR LEADERS.

  • Myna says:

    Why is voter fraud only brought up before a major election? They’ve had four years to work on this very important problem. Now it’s too little too late.

    1. Steamer says:

      You are absolutely right! There were precincts in Ohio and Florida in 2002 with more votes than they had voters registered. They all seemed to go DEM. by the way!

  • Tiger says:

    And it will be rigged from one end to the other because this is the Last Dance and we either take the Ballroom or we are left outside the door.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      Last dance is right, this if Hellary gets the house it may very well be our last election if she makes the changes to the Constitution she claims!

      1. Tiger says:

        And she will.

        1. Kevin says:

          I don’t agree 100% with Trump, but then I didn’t agree 100% with Reagan either, but I’ll take 95%! On the other hand, Clinton (I refuse to refer to her as “Hillary” because only “friends” refer to each other on a first-name basis) rates a 0 (zero). Hillary Clinton is an even more evil, power-hungry tyrant than was her husband. As demonstrated by her use of a private email server for handling classified information (which is blatantly illegal), she absolutely believes that rules are for the “little people,” and do not apply to her. If she gets back into the White House, there will be nothing holding her back, and she has stated that she will “take on the NRA” starting the first day. She has also stated her support/approval of the “Australian” model for gun control (which was a mandatory gun buy-back scheme – note “mandatory”). If she moves against the American People to attempt gun confiscation, it will mean war, and I don’t mean a cold one. Hillary Clinton is a bigger threat to national security than was Obongo, and that’s saying something!

          1. Tiger says:

            With you all the way.

          2. Anouk says:

            I agree with you 100%. Anyone voting for this corrupted lying witch Hillary should move to Venezuela and have a bitter taste of what communism really is.
            America First. Trump for President.

          3. k9maiden says:

            I believe this meme sums up Killary to a T. Look at that face, like BO, when crossed, his eyes get that stare, as if the demon is coming out, and look at Killary, when crossed, this look is one of pure evil.

      2. Kevin says:

        The President alone has no power or authority to make any changes to the Constitution. I’m sure you must know this, but changes to the Constitution are made by “amendments,” which must be voted on and passed by Congress, then sent to the States for ratification (or, there is the “Article V” process, where the States can convene a constitutional convention and force new amendments onto the federal government. – but then, the new amendments still have to go through State ratification). But then, that wasn’t your point, I suspect. Under Obongo’s “precedent,” Executive Orders seem to now be accepted as “Law,” which, or course, they aren’t…

        1. k9maiden says:

          WE KNOW ALL THAT KEVIN! The problem is, the regimes don’t give a rat’s red patootie about the Constitution, they are dictators and they will do what it takes to get control of this country until it has changed forever, including the far left SCOTUS that will be hand picked by Killary and will do everything she asks. Don’t you people get it, the two regimes, BO and Killary do NOT play by the rules.

          1. Kevin says:

            Hey, I’m on your side, okay? Yes, I “get it” very well.

    2. Earl Rogerson says:

      Republiscums don’t deserve to be on Earth.

      1. Tiger says:

        And so what do you propose? I am an Independent. You think a “Final Solution” is in store for anyone who disagrees with you?

        You honestly believe that every person in America who is a Republican is bad? This is what you think?

        You people are dangerous and all the more reason to get H beaten like the bitch she is.

        1. Kevin says:

          The main problem “Earl” has with his plans for Republicans is that we Republicans are heavily armed, and WILL NOT “go quietly into the night” like a bunch of Jews in Nazi Germany. TRY to herd ME into a cattle car headed for a FEMA camp, and I will blow their stupid heads off! I have thousands of rounds of ammo. Of course, the better solution is for the democrats to back off before it gets to civil war, but I guess we’ll see…

          1. Tiger says:

            He is a demonic Soul who hates Christians and he knows better but likes to throw his weight around due to the demonic O. But you are right I will fight before they do that to me. I won’t repeat what my mother and grandfather and father went through in POW camps in WWII.

          2. Kevin says:

            I am very sorry that you had family who were impacted by what went on during those years. But, I know my history well enough to imagine. My family has been here since the 1890s, but my dad helped build “Liberty ships” in the Portland shipyards during the war.

          3. Tiger says:

            Ahh it is OK made them stronger and sure gave me a backbone and heads-up to what can happen in the blink of an eye under a Dictator.

            Portland, Maine I lived in Maine one of my favorite places in this world.

          4. Kevin says:

            Oops, I should have been more specific – Kaiser Shipyards, Portland, OR.

          5. Tiger says:

            Oh OK not a problem doesn’t matter great all the way and honorable.

          6. k9maiden says:

            That’s right Tiger, Islam, founded not he sword, Christianity founded on love and peace, that’s the difference. Liberals seem to love everything bad and hate everything good. They are cowards at heart, but love to talk as if they are tough, and ISLAM is peaceful. That’s just how lame brained they are.

          7. Tiger says:

            I have read the Qur’an, studied the evil man that wrote it and know Sharia Law and what it is. They can’t pull the wool over my eyes. I am also an Army Combat Support nurse who served in Shield/Storm and this war and know what they are downrange and how they fight and how they kill and torture they are monsters belonging to another time and have no place in any civilized country, as Europe has learned.

      2. k9maiden says:

        You’re stupid, you can’t even tell anyone why, all you have is the usual one line nonsense sentence that means absolutely nothing.

    3. Tor293 says:

      Amen Tiger, but there are too many wallflowers in today’s society who don’t know how to dance. The last two elections were rigged and this one will be no different. The first thing has to be done is get rid of the Electoral Collage FARCE, then unfortunately do away with absentee ballots, shut down the illegal polls that are set up in certain Town Halls for non registered voters. Voting should be allowed only at your normal designated voting poll, then maybe we’d get the President the LEGAL AMERICANS VOTE FOR. Otherwise we are screwed again!!!!

      1. Tiger says:

        You my friend speak sense and we know nonsense prevails in this election along with Monkey Business and much to do about it that won’t be done.

        We are screwed.

    4. k9maiden says:

      You are absolutely right TIGER. The rig is already in, just like 2012, BO KNEW when whispering to MEDEDEVED, that he had the election in the bag. We all know that Killary is assured the same result. Then the loons on the left will holler “Sour Grapes” and that will be the end of our country. What is wrong with this picture? Nixon tells a lie, is demonized by the liberal media 24/7 for 75 days, I remember it well, it happened. He did open the Gateway to China, and he did end the Viet Nam War, yet, the Dumbocraps still demonize this man. NOW we have an illegal, an Arab/Muslim/Communist who truly hates the free world falsely elected, when he shouldn’t have been able to run in the first place, and now we have a lunatic lesbian who has cheated, lied, and one of the most corrupt politicians in history and who has body bags a mile long because no one crosses the Clintons and gets by with it. Dr. Drew was just fired because he questioned the lunatic’s health! Yep, looks like the Demoncraps of today prefer oppression over freedom. What a sad state of affairs.

      1. Tiger says:

        Yes and she won’t survive the debates she will seize and stroke out or if not then shortly after. She will get hers as will Billy. This countries useful idiots will understand when the Free Stuff has to be paid for and the rich leave and upper Middle class and Intelligentsia like they have whenever a country went Communist. They will live where the government tells them, eat what they are told, given rations, work where they are told for as long as they are told and there will be no such thing as freedom from the grip of the government. Land, water all taken and under their rule and no more traveling freely and RVing etc. They will understand in short order.

        My guess if she dies O will do something. Maybe that is why they chose her in the first place.

      2. Tiger says:

        This is a cartoon that should be shown to all children and even adults because they don’t seem to know the difference between Communism and Democracy or our Republic.

  • Pat Enery says:

    They’re not going to do anything during the election. It’s going to be or already done with software installed on the electronic voting machines. They will delete or switch votes during the counting, after the polls are closed. This has already been proven & done. Remember “uncle” Joe Stalin’s quote? It’s not who votes that count, it’s who counts the votes. Will Trump’s people be able to monitor the counting or know when the keystroke will wipe out his votes? We need hard paper ballots, not electronic thievery.

    1. Earl Rogerson says:

      You Idiots are Really Desperate, Aren’t you ?

      1. k9maiden says:

        And you’re really “SKEERED” aren’t you Earl, that we all know what happened to rig the election in 2012, and we will protest and do everything possible so it doesn’t happen in this vital election. We cannot have another Commie regime, it will be the total destruction of t his great country!

    2. Kevin says:

      That’s true. I don’t know what computer language these voting machines’ data processing source code is written in, but here is an example of all you would have to do (in Fortran):
      Dem = 0
      Rep = 0
      Do 100 I=1,N
      Read(10,*) Vote
      IF(Vote .eq. “D”) then
      Dem = Dem + 1
      ElseIF(Vote .eq.”R”)
      Dem = Dem + 1
      100 continue
      IF(Dem .gt. Rep) then
      write(6,*)’ Democrat candidate wins – yeah!!!’
      Can anybody spot the one line of bogus source code, buried in the rest of the program? Sure, I’m confident “safeguards” will be in place (at SEIU) to ensure this kind of tampering will never happen. You bet…

      1. chuck quinn says:

        George Soros owns most of the voting machines that will be used in many key states. Pa. Ohio, ECT. ,ECT. DUHUUUU !!! Who’s going to watch those ?? Trump’s people should know this and put experienced poll watchers there !!

    3. k9maiden says:

      George Soros, one evil man who has put millions in the destruction of a free America, owns the company that makes these voting machines. Do I need to say more?

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    In a democracy like ours, poll watchers are always welcome. It’s the reason our voting is so free and voter fraud is so rare. Thankfully such partisan attendance to ‘watch’ voting is governed by laws against politicking within certain distances of ballot booths or locations. No intimidation, under the guise of poll watching, is allowed within certain limits. Nobody should be afraid to vote because of Trump poll watching.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      To bad it don’t work that way in your black areas, that’s where the main problem is! They raise he$$ about voter ID, but gladly show it to get food stamps, welfare and anything else free! Ole Doc, you’re just like road kill, you never change!

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        What is the problem in ‘black areas’ you imagine? It’s not voter ID that’s the problem, it’s new photo IDs. Food stamps, which I have used long ago, require multiple sources of ID, so you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        1. gvette says:

          I guess it might be the nigger poll worker in Ohio that voted 6 times for Gay Barry, or was it 8. Then there were areas that Romney didn’t get one vote. That’s statistically impossible!

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Deal with reality. I never heard of the super rare exception 6 or 8 time voter you mention. Is he one of the 27 instances of illegal voting found out of tens of millions of votes cast. There is no voter fraud problem, speaking of statistical insignificance. Can’t you imagine of inner city precincts with all minority voters having nobody voting for Romney? It’s not statistics there but reality–and maybe ‘redlining’.

          2. DrBillLemoine says:

            I don’t take any information seriously, don’t peruse white supremacist and racist bigoted Breitbart for anything true or valid. Get a better source. I’m quite familiar having been familiar with Duke in LA 25 years ago. Pity he’s back from Russia now.

          3. gvette says:

            Yes, i know Bill. You only believe what the alphabet channels tell you.

          4. Jon Roy says:

            I suppose you consider the 16 million + uncounted votes in CA alone for Sanders just an oversight. Around 4 million around LA alone. That’s just the ones that have been found.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            Just where are you getting these figures? Reputable sources are critical, there are so many unreliable around the right wing blogosphere. And the Hillary nomination is not in doubt, even if you are right.

        2. Rodney Steward says:

          So it’s proof they have all kinds of ID, they just want to start BS that is pushed by the DEMS.!

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            The problem, I’m sure you are well aware of, is PHOTO IDs, required by red states aiming ‘surgically’ the Courts have said in NC at decreasing black voting which is over 90% Democratic due to bad Republican policies. The oppression has been proven by Justice Department attorneys and verified by Courts everywhere. Ever since 2000, Republicans have been trying to steal elections like Bush2 did. There is NO voter fraud of note. but plenty of angst over decreasing enrollments of Republicans. The facts don’t lie.

          2. ezekiel22 says:

            Your facts ignore real life incidents. Suggest you check in with True the Vote. You can check Project Veritas too.
            I suppose as long as you are at it you can ignore the LA Times or Pennsylvania or Ohio or even Nevada. You be cherry picking and not addressing the fact that it is happening now. Heck even your snowbirds are comitting fraud in your state by voting in other states like New York.
            Considering your weak objections to voter ID laws Why do you bother? Identification is needed for way too much today that is vital to even the act of living which happens to also be a right. Like I have said before why do I need identification to buy a firearm and not one to vote? You can’t justify it.
            The FBI has informed two states or was informed by two states that they had voter databases hacked and into stolen. Crazy Harry Reid thinks it is the Russians. You might also check how Soros is trying hard to influence our election. See who all he has bought.

    2. Jon Roy says:

      Rare? Did you miss the CA, NY, AZ and CO primaries? MASSIVE Voter fraud by the DNC & in CO by the RNC (removing and replacing delegates to get the outcome the leadership wanted not the voters.). Millions of votes changed , erased and not counted. Paper trails destroyed so that the count couldn’t even be verified and still then used to report voting results.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Rules are used to avoid fraud. You resemble Trump complaining about ‘rigging’ when it’s legitimate rule following. Don’t like the rules, get involved and change them. What you say isn’t fraud. No votes are changed, erased not ignored. Must be the right wing conspirators destroying ‘paper trails’. Oops! That happens only on the right. I remember Iowa declaring a Republican primary winner once and changing the entire outcome 3 weeks later. I doubt your sources, if any, of such nonsense ‘voter fraud’.

        1. Jon Roy says:

          Lets see… so you doubt NBC & CBS news : Millions of uncounted votes found in LA and surrounding precincts. DNC instructing polling personnel to give crossover voters “Provisional” ballots that would never be counted. That was voter tampering and illegal. Switching registered Democrats to independent voters if they were College age, groups expected to vote for Sanders, so that they would get the “Provisional ” ballots and the votes not counted. That too was illegal. In AZ, areas that were expected to vote for Sanders polling places not open until noon and closing at 5pm?Cutting the polling places in those areas by half to create long lines? Multiple complaints by poll watchers that the paper trails were being destroyed? Maybe you’re ok with Clinton and her cronies stealing a primary. However, you don’t seem to realize that if they’ll change the outcome of any vote then they don’t care who votes or what the peoples votes meant. They’ll do what they want, whenever they want. That means YOU also don’t have a vote. They’ll let you go cast a ballot but the outcome is already their choice. Your choice doesn’t matter. Is that the America you want? Whatever the elite are willing to let you have? You’ve GOT to have your head in the sand if you don’t see what is happening in this election.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            I watch NBC and CBS news, never seeing your voter stuff. Even the right wing blogs didn’t have it. What’s your reliable source of CA, NY, AZ and CO primary irregularities?
            You are arguing for uniform national standards for voting to be passed by congress. When the Dems reclaim congress, it could happen, never with fading Republicans in charge from gerrymandering, another voting issue of fraud.
            Sorry you have so little faith in your party; get involved and change things. For official, not primary, voting, the laws govern so registrars are beholden to state laws and integrity that they will follow and do their duties. It also argues for national individual voting, taking presidential voting out of the hands of local and state corrupt officials. Choose your poison as all have possible deficiencies. I don’t see the fraud you do; it’s too easy to catch violators for state fraud.

          2. Jon Roy says:

            No, I’m not. Fraud is what went on. Not just following rules, not mistakes. Blatant fraud. Go ask a Bernie Sanders supporter. Go look at the e-mails between Clinton’s camp, CNN and the DNC chairwoman Shultz. Who if YOU were paying attention was dismissed (took the bullet for, but was minutes later hired by Clinton) over the same fraud. Her 1st replacement dismissed (sacrificed) days later as more of those same e-mails came out. You must have missed that? But you, who watch NBC and CBS news but didn’t see their reporting on it. Must not have seen that even CNN reported it. You are either all 3 monkeys (see no, hear no, speak no…) or just pulling chains to amuse yourself. But you are good at diverting the point. almost like that’s your job maybe?
            However if you are who you say you are then you could NOT have missed any of the last months events. I’ll leave you with Hillary’s own explanation of her achievements. Which is perhaps is one of the best reasons NOT to vote for her and given by her own lips.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            Bernie is 4-square behind Hillary; no fraud, just stacked rules. You missed the convention and endorsement. I watched the media; you interpret wrong.
            Of course DWS’s favorite would hire her. Me too, just not DNC chair who blew the Senate in 2014. Sending of emails by DWS isn’t ‘fraud’. You righties should pay attention to words and their meanings. Nobody in elections is an enemy; no political opponent either. No fraud here for Hillary; ask Bernie.
            You think Trump and Hillary actually write their own tweets and Facebook messages?

          4. Jon Roy says:

            Wow! Next you’re going to say that she did nothing wrong by setting up an illegal server and using it for transmitting classified documents and information while S of S…. Sort of like Hillary stating that Comer said she told the truth when he stated REPEATEDLY that she lied. Oh wait, you’d say he never said that. He only answered nearly every question when he was asked at the hearing if what she said was true
            as : “No, that was not true.”
            I’m sure you just can’t believe that she used her time as Sec of State to get money from anyone wanting to buy influence (Pay for Play). Oh wow, you didn’t read those e-mails either? Huma has a rather damning one that Wiki-leaks has put on the e-net that you should read. I have. I guess you won’t of course.
            It’s pretty obvious that you are completely disconnected from what’s happening around us or you are here to try to justify every crime and low handed action the Clintons have committed over the 40+ years they have been in politics.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            Keep it real. Hill’s server was not illegal. Any ‘transmission’ of documents was deemed at the time unclassified, with exceptions noted. There was no evil intent, only the urge to thwart folks like the conspiratorial right wingers like you.
            I’m dismayed at the casual intermingling of foundation and government business–a clear lack of perspective on comingling private and public business meetings. If she was like me, it was simply the press of work, no doubt loaded for any SecState in our world today. I think the issue has been put to bed and won’t pursue it like the dog bone growling right wingers. Millions of Americans who support Hillary like me are tired of the unjustified attacks on our next president and ‘what difference does it make’ that you keep hounding her. (Get it?). Believe that she’d be in jail or court if anything was a crime and ‘low handed’ is your definition of routine stuff that we all do in living life. Get a hobby.

          6. ezekiel22 says:

            I find it very entertaining how you keep trying to downplay Hillary and her lawbreaking. You downplay and excuse her obvious lies and deflections. Make yourself credible and earn some respect by at least being even handed. Unless you can give Bush 2 the exact same leeway you painfully give Hillary you lose. It is very arguable that she has cost as many lives as any bad actions by Bush.
            According to Comey over 150 emails were marked classified or higher at the point of origination. That is a lot more than you admit. Clinton had more than one server as was proven while she claimed one only. It would have been a lot more convenient to have all of her mail routed through the government system in place. It would have been secure which her servers were not according to the FBI.
            Hillary has planned to run for president since before Barack took the oath of office. She knew that this pay for play would have her jailed before she got her chance so she tried to hide those dealings. She and Bill both promised to not do Foundation business while Hillary was in office. Seems that this puts even the administration in a fix.
            So far no Clinton supporter has been able to satisfactorily answer as to how Clinton is so able to be president when she plans and does things like this.

            Personally this campaign is getting to be fun. The dems are in a panic because of the growing support from minorities to Trump. You really cannot lessen the impact by trying to call people Uncle Toms either. Hillary’s rope a dope strategy has not figured this in. She took the blacks and Hispanic voters for granted.

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            I don’t know the ‘attorney’ or any of these ‘partisans’ but your ‘supposed’ law citation applies to government workers, not private citizens, etc. These folks moreover were not at a registration office or polling place where the law would apply. Guess again.

  • florida3guy says:

    No, intimidation is when those disgusting Black Panthers stand outside the voting polls with clubs and nothing is done to stop it. Now do you get it?

    1. podunk1 says:

      Absolutely nothing is more important than cleaning up the election process! No enemy in history has threatened a nation more savagely than this single issue!

      1. Moniqueghage1 says:

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        1. podunk1 says:

          They’ll stop this crap when the site starts charging $5,000 for every ad they run without permission!

          Bill the person and the web site the list to call!

      2. Earl Rogerson says:

        The Biggest Threat to The Country is The Republiscum Party.

        1. Tiger says:

          Actually you don’t have a party it died with O. He is a Progressive/Communist and so is H. Bernie was a Socialist, you have no party. Neither do the Republicans.

          1. pmbalele says:

            You are lost angel. We should rescue you from lies of Repubs and TPs. These believed the WH was built for White males and not for Blacks or women. Surprise – we are going to have a female-Hillary as president. Her husband Bill will be First Gentlemen. You better listen to me little girl and join me to vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 a.

          2. Tiger says:

            Sigh you are lost my poor confused and I can’t believe you are for real, friend. H is going to stroke out before this is over, the news out on Huma won’t be hidden and she isn’t going anywhere but to a home for a long rest and Billy hot on her heels.

          3. pmbalele says:

            I am sorry. Huma is a victim of your Repub friend – Antony Weiner. That is what you get if you socialize with Republican male like Weiner, Trump. Newt, Gov. Sanford. They use women and then dump you. I told you Trump is planning a trip to E-Europe again for a young woman. Stay away from Republican males. Join us a Big Tent with our Leader Hillary.

          4. Tiger says:

            LOLOL Lordy you are a character.

          5. pmbalele says:

            I am crying here praying that you and your friends vote for Hillary. She is my Angel and Obama is my Savior. Do you get it now? Thanks. I will see you at the polling station on November 8 at 9 am. Breakfast is on me.

          6. Tiger says:

            OK dear would be fun to have breakfast with you noting like a great laugh to start off the day. No offense.

          7. k9maiden says:

            You are a USEFUL IDIOT pmbalele

          8. Elaine says:

            There seem to be a lot of Useful Idiots out there.

          9. pmbalele says:

            I see you with two mangoes on your chest. Therefore, you must be an American woman. Trump does not want you. He gets his wives from E-Europe. You as woman is part of what Trump calls American women as; Fat.” “Pigs” “Dogs” “Disgusting animals” “ugly”. I am really sorry if you’re going to vote for Trump. He hates you as an American woman.

          10. k9maiden says:

            Are you a paid troll by the Killary Regime? No one is as misinformed as you unless you have been completely brainwashed. I’m beginning to think you are a Muslim Terrorist, a pal of the two Regimes, BO and Killary, and you are just waiting to take over the country? Anyone with an ounce of brains, who refuses to listen to the Communist Media, the propaganda from all the left winged billionaires who own and control the media, and lie, cover and are as corrupt as Killary, that we will have escalated terror attacks. KILLARY owes the Arab Nations big time for 100’s of millions of dollars they have given her. Now it is pay back time and I cannot believe how brainwashed you leftist are. DT will win, but unfortunately we all know the election in 2012 was completely rigged, because those that voted for BO KNEW what he was up to by that time and the regime KNEW they wouldn’t be in for a second term. The rig is in for Killary, that’s why she isn’t dirtying her hands by attending to the business of visiting the LA victims, but, instead, she went to a $27,000 plate dinner thrown by Cher, another dumb idiot who only has an 8th grade education and wouldn’t give up one of her $2,000 manicures to help the poor. You people are just plain stupid! If you don’t have the common sense to see that Killary doesn’t give a crap about anything except power, money and control, you deserve what you get under the Regime. Payback is a bitch, but the rest of us deserve a fair election, at the very least, and at the very most, we deserve what our Founding Fathers fought and gave their lives for so we could live in a country free from tyranny. I’m sick of stupid, uninformed people who refuse to see the truth until it is to late for all of us. WAKE THE HELL UP!

          11. pmbalele says:

            Did you ask if I am paid troll by the Hillary Regime? No. I just love the Clintons and Obamas. They are beautiful people. That is why I want Hillary in the WH again – this time as President.

          12. Rick2101 says:

            The dominance of the white-male in American politics and business is starting to dissolve. Society is always changing and many are paranoid. Thank goodness they are a minority faction in America. It will take a couple election cycles, but the majority is the majority. “Democrats hold advantages in party identification among blacks, Asians, Hispanics, well-educated adults and Millennials. Republicans have leads among whites – particularly white men, those with less education and evangelical Protestants – as well as members of the Silent Generation.”

          13. k9maiden says:

            God, will you racist on the left please STOP IT!! You people will do everything and anything to the point of going absolutely crazy to find RACISM IN EVERY SENTENCE! How hard it must be to live like that, day to day, finding a word, an action, or any semblance of anything to do with racism when it was the Demoncrappy Party, the party of Killary and BO who were the founders of the KKK, who were the originators of the Jim Crow Laws! NEWS FLASH!!!! It was the Republicans under Lincoln who freed the slaves, it was the Southern Demoncraps who wanted to keep them on the reservations. All of the Black men who ran for Congress after the Civil War were Republican, but the Commie professors have managed to change history to make it look like it was the Republicans and under informed and ignorant people bought it. Remember what Johnson said (Democratic POTUS in the 60’s) suggest you stop following the Demoncraps who are keeping the Blacks on the Plantation for your votes, and follow highly intelligent Blacks who had the brains to see what this party has done to Black people. Dr. Carson, Allen West, Condi Rice and on an on.

          14. Elaine says:

            Great comment, k9maiden. For any liberals out there who refuse to believe … these are ACTUAL Lyndon B. Johnson quotes, verbatim!

        2. Tor293 says:

          Earl, you are one of the weak minded followers who will be the first to whine when Hil-LIAR-ry takes over the Oral Office and the shit hits the fan. You and the rest of the weak minded need lobotomy’s!!

        3. Rodney Steward says:

          ISIS BAIT, thank God U idiots will be wiped out!

        4. SueJer says:

          Lobotomy required!

        5. k9maiden says:

          You are one of the “USEFUL IDIOTS” that Alinsky talks about.Those SHEEPLE that will destroy the nation from within. The Communist have already succeeding in most of the 45 goals set in print to all Americans in the 50’s. Back then we thought “NEVER IN AMERICA” but sadly, since the Democratic Socialist Party has taken over the Blue Dog Demoncraps, that is just what’s happening. People like you Earl, care more about your party than America. America, with a Killary Regime will see an escalation in Islamic Terrorist attacks and Muslims flooding the country like ants to a picnic! You, sir, need to go live in a Communist country, why the HELL do you think all those refugees are fleeing to America and have since the country originated, because they are escaping a tyrannical government where they will be tortured or killed if they say one thing against the tyrant. The Killary Regime will assure the destruction of the free world. I just wish idiot like you wouldn’t be able to vote and put those of us who KNOW what is going on in jeopardy including our children and grandchildren. I am not a Republican, I am disgusted with Republicans because they have allowed an ineligible Communist/Muslim/Arab to continue destroying this country, and now they are not doing enough to prevent a perverted, lunatic bitch who lied, cheated and murdered her way to power and control. Get with it or don’t vote. USEFUL IDIOTS for the Communist Party, no, we don’t need them, America is turning into a cesspool because of you idiots.

      3. Kevin says:

        I agree 100% – Except that I do not intend to die from “their sword” – my .300 H&H magnum has a lot longer range! 🙂

        1. podunk1 says:

          No question about it & only a “soon” miracle will stop it.

    2. justanagent says:

      It’s past time for some push back

      1. Tor293 says:

        Just, it’s time for a major push back by the entire Legal American population, or we will live to regret it.

    3. gerald Hughes says:

      Just like the Black Panther, bringing a club to a gun fight

  • grandmary42 says:

    It is definitely a REAL problem!

    1. Earl Rogerson says:

      The Real Problem is Trump and All The Republiscums.

      1. Tiger says:

        Really O the Muslim been in charge for the past almost 8 years, you people own the mess he has made.

        1. Earl Rogerson says:

          Obama inherited the mess that Dubya made, And He did his Best to Straighten it out despite all The Republiscum Obstruction.

          1. Tiger says:

            Wrong on every account. I checked you out you are pure, unadulterated evil and the prime example of the problem with this country.

            Bush didn’t change the Rules of Engagement downrange in favor of the enemy.
            Bush didn’t have us reading Miranda Rights to those killing us downrange.
            Bush didn’t stop Gitmo Tribunals like O did.
            Bush didn’t apologize to our enemies for America.
            Bush didn’t send the bust of Churchill back to Britain like O did and we know Churchill hated Islam.
            Bush didn’t have our enemies visiting in the WH.
            Bush didn’t kill Gadhafi who was no imminent threat or use our military resources and the UN to do it but O did.
            We didn’t have Benghazi under Bush.
            Bush didn’t trade terrorists for a deserter.
            Bush didn’t try to get Egypt to get a Muslim Brotherhood into office but O did.
            Assad wasn’t killing people and there was no Syrian crisis under Bush but O drew Red Lines and backed away now we have Syria and refugees.
            Bush didn’t drop Sanctions on Iran and make them our best friend giving them billions of dollars but O did.
            Bush was loved by our military but O isn’t.
            Bush kept our immigration laws and didn’t bring the enemy to America but O has.
            Bush kept America safe, named the enemy and was respected but O hasn’t kept us sage, isn’t naming the enemy and even denying they are Muslims and O isn’t respected by anybody.
            Bush told congress build the wall or we will lose our sovereignty but the congress spent the money on something else and O has open borders.
            Bush didn’t have any BLM and police killings but O has.
            Bush didn’t choose Muslims over Christians but O has.
            Bush kept Gitmo open but O down to 61 prisoners and closing it slowly releasing the murdering scum on the world again.
            Bush didn’t tell Putin in an open mic he could do more for him when re-elected but O did.
            Bush didn’t let 6,000 drug dealers out of Federal Pens but O has.
            Bush didn’t double our National debt but O has.

            Your deaf, dumb and blind.

          2. k9maiden says:

            Earl and “useful idiots for the regimes” are the very reason our country is turning into a cesspool

          3. Tiger says:

            Indeed and unbelievable that they exist. Who in this world gave birth to these people? Clones bred to breed them?

          4. Earl Rogerson says:

            Of Course The War Mongering Cadets Stood and Cheered for The War Monger in Chief.

          5. Tiger says:

            War Mongering Cadets and War Mongering Chief? Do you know that O’s drones have killed over 3,000 civilians and maimed more than that, destroyed villages and that there is a War Crimes complaint in the International courts against him along with Human Rights Organizations?

            Did you know that more men have died downrange under O in Afghanistan than under Bush? Of course not and when your sorry arse is in danger don’t look to the military to protect you, or the war mongering police or the war mongering firemen cause lots of X military there also.

          6. Tiger says:

            Let us get this straight also. Bush had permission from the country he had drones striking. He had 50 strikes and you arses went monkey crazy throwing crap but O has no permission and has over 450 strikes that HE ALONE tells where to strike, HE ALONE kills.


          7. Tiger says:

            Obama has used drone strikes much more than Bush:

            Obama has increased the number of drone attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and
            elsewhere. Indeed, most people who have looked at the numbers believe
            that Obama has killed many more civilians with drone attacks than Bush
            did using the same method.

          8. Anouk says:

            Vive la difference!

          9. Tiger says:

            And may there always be La Difference.

          10. Steamer says:

            You may actually be the one BLACK LIFE that doesn’t MATTER! Quit trolling and go clean up your room like your momma told ya!

          11. k9maiden says:

            Stupid as HELL aren’t you? What did BO inherit? Why did he Triple the national debt? Why is unemployment at an all time high? Why has there been terror attacks on our own ground and what is up with all those mass attacks from liberals and Muslims during the BO Regime? Could it be the last piece of the puzzle to take over America, like Hitler did in Germany, no guns to protect ourselves, no problem, we have a dictator. You are a troll, you have nothing of substance to say, you are just defending the indefensible!

          12. RealGeraldHughes says:

            You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Wayne Thorson says:

    Trump has admitted to losing the election by posting the reason that he lost.

    1. Hey dumbass Trump is going to beat the shit out of Hillary.

    2. Just1Saddletramp says:

      Because of ineligible. illegal alien alien voters and deceased people. Right ??

    3. clem says:

      Do you leave that hat on while inserting your head up your rectum?

    4. Anouk says:

      A too big hat for a too small head. No room for the brain.

      1. Wayne Thorson says:

        No, just plain common sense.

  • Climax says:

    How do you intimidate by monitoring? Perhaps our own POTUS or sate governors should use the National Guards and place two members of it at each polling station to assure honesty.

    1. Jon Roy says:

      If you want honesty from Obama you’re going to be disappointed.

      1. Earl Rogerson says:

        All Trump Spews is Verbal Diarrhea.

        1. Climax says:

          No argument there, and Hillary just throws out lying verbal diarrhea who which one of the losers to we get stuck with?

      2. Kevin says:

        I see where “Earl” is a satan worshiper – hm, makes sense that someone like that would oppose Trump. You shall know them by their enemies…

    2. Earl Rogerson says:

      Trump Supporters will do more than just monitor.

      1. Climax says:

        As I said, Perhaps in all fairness we should have each State National Guard monitor each election poll to make sure no hanky panky happens. Seems as though the Democrats were doing more than monitoring according to what was happening in Ohio and other similar locations.

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