Trump will stay in Iran nuclear deal, but won’t certify compliance

by Sarah Westwood
October 13, 2017

President Trump will decline to certify the Iran nuclear deal on Friday through a process that will leave the agreement intact while inviting Congress to weigh in on new restrictions against Tehran.

The White House hopes the resulting U.S. policy toward Iran will expand beyond its current dependence on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, as the Iran deal is formally known, and involve a broader look at Iranian aggression.

But the approach Trump will lay out on Friday could allow the debate over how best to counter Iran to languish in a divided Congress, which could force Trump to continue observing a deal he described last month as an “embarrassment” to the U.S.

“We think the agreement is weak. It leaves areas unaddressed,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters at the White House Thursday evening.

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  • dmttbt says:

    What is John Kerry saying about all this on the deal he put together?? Has he taken his pay off and left the country?

  • Stan Joy says:

    Well, I am just an old bricklayer,(wife says real old) so perhaps I may be as little off. I just can not understand if you make an agreement with people who hate your guts, want to kill, just destroy you and is working toward those means, why would you agree to let them go on and NOT INSIST that you be able to physically inspect what they were doing??????? Though they tell you and the world that they want to get rid of you, you go ahead TRUST THEM to abide by this agreement, why?????? Are we STUPID or what??? Obviously I too go along with our President. God Bless

  • Samantha says:

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  • Anthony says:

    Iran can never be trusted, the US stupid ex-President that gave Iran Millions, is gone it’s time to sharpen the pencil and take care of the American Citizens first

    1. Tar Heel58 says:

      Make that BILLIONS! He knew what a mess he was creating for the next President. Then you have I suppose mostly Democrats begging for President Trump not to pull out of the deal. I don’t think they are even aware of what the “Deal” actually consists of. Just to add the same goes for the EPA. Obama had a stranglehold on the US. Again the ones begging for the setup Obama had in place aren’t even aware of the consequences. Make sure you know what your asking for, because if it was ever implemented you would be the first and loudest to complain.

  • Gary Smith says:

    Another Obama scam

  • WhiteFalcon says:

    The way I understood it, now that President Trump has decertified the deal the Congress has X amount of days to come up with an alternative plan and if they don’t, he may totally pull out of the deal. Now, I may be wrong, but that is the way I understand it.

  • bobnstuff says:

    The president had the power in dealing with foreign countries, Trump just handed this off to the Congress. If we pull out of the deal the other countries involved will still honor it so it’s the US that loses. Just on the economic level we lose $400,000,000 in trade. That business will go to other countries. How many jobs does $400,000,000 create?

    Trump is not the leader of the free world, he has walked away from that title. If congress chooses to pull out of this deal how long before any country trusts our country again.

    1. chw2000 says:

      “Trump is not the leader of the free world” but you’re certainly the dumb ass of the entire world. You, the self proclaimed guru of the world don’t know shit. You’e a dumb ass and an ass hole!

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Trump is running away from his job as fast as he can. Trump is having a problem with leadership in general these days. His party won’t follow him no other world leaders will follow him. All he has left are his mindless minions.

        1. Pete says:

          And the number of the so called “mindless minions” are growing every day.
          Primary challenge to the progressive ring kissing republicans is well under way. So far it is going quite well since the people who vote are sick of the preening big shots.
          Buckle up your wadded up undies bob, you will have to put up with it for 7+ more years. The DC “good old boys” reign is coming to a painful (for them) close, just ask Senator Corker.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Well did you notice that 80 conservative republicans didn’t vote for a deal Trump made? Did you notice that Trumps boy lost his primary. No one is carrying water for him. He has had to use EO’s to get anything done, just like Obama except more so. He has used more EO’s so far then any president since LBJ. Nothing is getting done and no one is doing anything Trump is asking for. Are you a leader if no one is following?

            Even Trump good friend Bannon says there’s a 30% chance that Trump won’t make it four years in office. The book makers have it at over a 50% change Trump will end up leaving. His Sec of State called him a moron.

          2. Pete says:

            Keep it up bob, we need you to keep the voters engaged at least thru the 1018 election. By then the shift to conservative based legislation will swing into high gear.
            Stay tuned, it will make your head hurt.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            If the congress doesn’t get some major bills past soon the Democrats will be the winners. If insurance rate jump thanks to Trumps action the Democrats will be the winners. Every time Trump attacks his own party members it the Democrats that win. Don’t take my word for it, conservative Republicans are saying the same thing. Also historically the party in power loses seats in the mid term election. Don’t count on the Democrats not showing up like in 2014 and 2016. They have learned their lesson. At this time Trump has no coattails to ride on, he isn’t on the republican ballet except as a target for the Democrats.

          4. Pete says:

            Like I said bob, we DO need your input to keep the grass roots voters engaged, post away. By all means bob, post away.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            You have a lot more faith in the grass roots then I do. I have been a Republican committeeman and it’s very rare that grass root movements get very far. One of my biggest complains was how little input the local party has. The Republican party is all about money and it’s the money men that have the real power, they are the king makers. In Trumps case it’s a little different, he is an outsider and by all rights should have died in the primaries. He is a fluke. As you might have noticed he has little power in the party. Remember Trump is not a true conservative, he just plays one on TV. The core of Trump followers are Tabloid Conservative with limited knowledge of how the government works or what a true conservative is. The are the follower of people like Hannity. They make a lot of noise about the constitution but have never read it. They as a rule are sheep and repeat the Fox News line. These folks are useful for there vote but are not liked or respected by the party. If you want respect in the republican party you had better have a bunch of money, they don’t like poor people. As I say I have been there.

          6. Pete says:

            Keep up the condescending attitude toward the people who voted for and support the Trump version of conservatism, you are peeing on the leg of 60+ million voters. That will not win you any elections, but suit yourself.
            I personally know of four doctors, three attorneys & a host of business men who like myself, a retired military officer, are pleased with the results of the November 2016 election. It’s the actual results we see happening since January 20th that solidifies that approval.
            If Trump should turn to the GOP elites version of “Conservatism” that approval would quickly disappear. The entrenched GOP has promised much and delivered precious little for decades now, they simply are no longer trustworthy.

          7. bobnstuff says:

            Trump isn’t a conservative, never has been. He says what he thinks you want to here. Ask the real conservative, they will tell you.

          8. kbfallon says:

            Tell that to a jackazz and he’ll kick you in the forehead.

          9. bobnstuff says:

            If I told it to a jackazz he would agree with me since he would most likely be a democrat.

          10. Retired says:

            A jackass has more brains than YOU and the Demon Rat Party .

          11. bobnstuff says:

            I should go over to the local democrats, the throw much better parties but can’t even get people to run for elections. This year I’m not campaigning for anyone, instead I’m working the polls as a poll worker.

          12. Retired says:

            You have already been there otherwise you would NOT know .

          13. bobnstuff says:

            No just heard stories from members of the Republican committee. They weren’t impressed.

          14. Retired says:

            You mean post fantacy and lies don’t you , bobs favorite past time ????

          15. bobnstuff says:

            I can back up everything I say. You just don’t want to believe your own eye.

          16. Retired says:

            From your left wing media ????

          17. Retired says:

            Keep on reading the Anti US media , I hear Obama and Hillary calling you .

          18. bobnstuff says:

            Ted said there was going to be a problem and he wasn’t the only one. Are you saying Ted Cruz is lying.

          19. Retired says:

            Ted did not make the grade to be President and Trump is the man in the WH . Why don’t you answer about your hate anti US media that you believe .

          20. bobnstuff says:

            Yes Trump is in the White House and Ted Cruz can block everything Trump wants done. He’s pretty good at blocking things when he wants to. Trump hasn’t figured out that he isn’t the boss of the senate and he can’t fire them.

          21. Retired says:

            You are so full of BS , Ted blocked himself in the debates and he will go no where in the future . Trump can swing the ax and get them removed from the position they hold .

          22. bobnstuff says:

            And then Trump will grow wings and fly away. Without the congress Trump is dead in the water. All he can do is write EO’s 49 so far.

          23. Retired says:

            You are one sick hate full puppy .

          24. kbfallon says:

            Lets hope he does more like 10-15 per day from now on…..whatever it takes. Stock market is showing the true tale of how President Trump is doing. Record highs and even the libbies like you are loving their 401k’s record increases.

          25. bobnstuff says:

            He would keep the courts busy if he did since he still is have problems writing ones that can stand up in court. Just think how much higher the market would be had we elected someone who could do something.

          26. Retired says:

            So you support legislation from the bench , favorite trick from the demon Rat Party .

          27. bobnstuff says:

            Trump is trying to legislate by EO but as in most thing he is very bad at it so the courts get to stop him. To bad the republicans don’t hole both houses of congress, oh wait they do but they won’t work with Trump.

          28. Retired says:

            But you had no problem when your Muslim King did it ,why is that ???? Are you a Russian Bot , I know there are a lot of Russians in your neck of the woods just like many from the Ghetto .

          29. bobnstuff says:

            Obama’s not an idiot like Trump, he can write a EO that holds up and actually does what it’s meant to. The difference between constitutional lawyers that Obama had vs. defense layers Trump has always used.

            I had a Russian son in law for a while. Last I heard he was a college professor in Glasgow Scotland. He’s a internationally recognized expert on international terrorism. Can’t change a light bulb.

          30. Retired says:

            Who are you trying to kid with that BS , someone wrote them for Obama and no one had the guts to go against his EOs . Some of his Russian must have rubbed off on you .

          31. bobnstuff says:

            Of course someone wrote them for Obama but he know what to have written and what he was looking at when they were handed to him. He even read them before he signed them. He had good lawyers working for him. People want to be part of the Obama White House.

          32. Retired says:

            If you knew anything about Obama everything went through Jarret , she was the Boss and Brain behind him . I started to follow him as soon as there was talk about him going to WDC . She nursed him in Ill. before getting into politics .

          33. kbfallon says:

            No common-sense at all……..None! You see Bob-O ….those are actually trees and not just a forest! Get It?

          34. Retired says:

            No, he was talking about McQueen and McTurtle .

          35. bobnstuff says:

            No he was talking about everyone from Trump on down.

          36. Retired says:

            You sure are limited as to what goes on in WDC , better get some new media sources .

          37. kbfallon says:

            Look up Azz Monkey in a dictionary and you will find Bob sitting there smelling his fingers after picking at his ……..?

          38. kbfallon says:

            And Hillary’s leading in all the polls, heading for a landslide victory!
            You’re so bright I bet your momma calls you son.

          39. bobnstuff says:

            So which of Trumps promise has congress passed, its been 9 months now. Were are all those day one promise? Trump has done one thing, he has worked on his golf game. Remember him saying he wouldn’t have time to play golf?

          40. Retired says:

            McTurtle is holding everything up .

          41. bobnstuff says:

            Gee, a man that Trump has attacked is holding up Trump agenda. Trump is a Great leader.

          42. Retired says:

            He is telling it the way it is in WDC and people like you and the Mc. twins can NOT handle it .

          43. Retired says:

            Bright like a burned out Light Bulb .

          44. Retired says:

            Been reading the NE again along with your fake news media ????

          45. kbfallon says:

            It’s called………………Lead-Follow- or get the FK out of the way.

          46. bobnstuff says:

            I’m still waiting for that follow thing.

          47. Retired says:

            Just think bobnbull claims to be a republican , more like McQueen and McTurtle ????

          48. bobnstuff says:

            You mean the people that built the party, the real republicans, not the bunch of helpless folks that the tea party have been sending to Washington.

          49. Retired says:

            Yes we see how they are also dividing the party to has ben Democrats !!!

          50. bobnstuff says:

            Only because they are stuck with a bunch of fools who don’t understand how the congress works or that once elected you represent all the people, even the ones that didn’t vote for you.

          51. Retired says:

            Those fools are the Old goats that want it their way or hit the road to no return .The only ones congress represents are the lobbyist who fill their Campaign Chest and Pac money . Only fools have not woken up to that.

    2. kbfallon says:

      Well now Bobby….The democrats have shown that 10 trillion dollars in spending ( Borrowed at that) produced diddly-squat in jobs! And how far do you think 400 million will go in todays world…..For crying out loud obammie gave the Iranians 1.5 BILLION dollars secretly in the middle of night…. 400 million dollars? My ex wife would pizz that away in a week or two.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Lets see, the Republicans took the House in 2010 and held it for the rest of the Obama presidency, the took the Senate in 2014 so they had both house for the last two years. All spending bills must start in the House and the congress controls all spending. Now tell me about that $10 trillion in spending. Every dine was approved by republicans.

        As far as Obama giving then $150 billion, it was that entire group of nations that released the money and it was Iran’s money in the first place.

        1. kbfallon says:

          This frontier gibberish was exactly what I expected you to repeat….So Mr. Einstein jr. …how come they hid the money and delivered it secretly… the middle of the night–the mullahs are the ones who made it public to rub it into obammies face how ignorant he was …and now they are using it to wreck havoc throughout the middle east and bolstering their nuclear arms program……is it true -that you have a cousin named GOMER ?

          1. Retired says:

            No, he is GOMER .

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Would you advertise you were moving that kind of money? Every terrorist group in the world would have tried to make off with it.

          3. Retired says:

            That is not the point , it was transferred in non traceable currency , but you slept through that . Once Kim Boy sends you a package it will be to late and seeing where you live it might come from Iran .

          4. bobnstuff says:

            And you know it was non traceable how?

          5. Retired says:

            Your Fake News did not point that out ??? It was part of the deal . Or did you simply try to ignore the fact as you usually do .

          6. kbfallon says:

            Didn’t the people who give you your daily words of the day—tell you that we possess the most powerful fighting force known to mankind….just maybe we could carry cash around and not get robbed! JEEEEEZZZZZZ! I bet you are only allowed to carry ten dollars at a time and have to wear a name and address tag on your shirt. Huh?

          7. bobnstuff says:

            A powerful fighting force that would be aloud to land at an Iranian airport. Going in on the QT makes a lot more sense.

        2. Retired says:

          Here you go with your Bullshitsky again , did you forget about the cowards and Turn Coats that are just as Crazy as Demon Rats . If it was all theirs ,Why did they insist on non traceable currency other than to use the money against the USA . There is a sucker born every day to that story and you are it in this case.

    3. Retired says:

      You mean he is not a Kiss Butt to the UN -OWO/NWO and the Bilderberg society along with the IMF/IMG and World Central Bank like the Three Presidents before him .

    4. Jose says:

      Why does anyone with a brain even comment on the “always negative” comments of boobiestuffed

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Well I have not always been negative, only when the news is bad. I have even said nice things about Trump when he has done nice things. Just the other day I said the the DHS nomination look good. I praised Trump for how he handled 9/11. I wish I could have a chance to say more good things about Trump.

        1. Retired says:

          That is what you get for listening to the left wing Media nuts. Just like they did with the Vegas daily BS .

    5. Tar Heel58 says:

      Who gives a crap about every other country. You mean the ones that are out numbered by Muslim over their on Country men. Do we want to lead or follow? I personally prefer to lead. President Trump had no influence in the decisions and chooses these other countries have made on Global Climate. That was Barry and the Globalist agenda.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        I’m a businessman, spent my whole life building businesses. If we want to do business today we must be global. We need the markets all around the world. Our President needs to be working to help grow the market places not picking fights and calling names. We need NAFTA and the TPP. The more trade deals the better. We need new markets like Iran who at one time was a good trading partner, they have money to spend and we want it to be spent with American companies. They are now back in business. By doing things like pulling out of the Paris Accord Trump is costing our businesses money and Americans jobs. It makes no difference if climate change is man made or not, this is a great business opportunity. The country that develop the new energy system for the future will be the big winners. We need to be at the table were the new rules are being created. Trump pulled out to protect coal jobs that will go away anyway. Coal is dying, let it die. We need to be the leader in the new economy and we need our President to understand this. The one thing our president is good at is selling things. He needs to be selling the US to the world as a reliable partner. The last thing our customers need is crazy or unpredictable. It’s all about doing business and our market needs to be the whole world. None of this should be about Obama, like him, hate him, he’s gone. It needs to be about how can we build the economy and improving the lives of American. If it solve a problem and make life better for all Americans who care who’s name is on it.

  • Oldawg70 says:

    Iran is our enemy…nuff said!

    1. Joel Frank says:

      Iran is the #1 purveyor of terror. Let us see who the Democrats in the Senate back, the security of the United States or the rouge regime in Iran?

  • Tiger says:

    I have to trust him being as he has been right on everything so far but I wanted him to tell them to shove it up their turbans.

    1. kbfallon says:

      I think that the Mullahs are watching our “unpredictable” President very closely and not shaking their sabres as loudly as they were before…. nor is rocket man.

      1. Tiger says:

        I think so also. They will get their sabers up their asses and their rockets stuffed up there also, think there is enough room?

        1. kbfallon says:

          They wear those table clothes so they can shit themselves while walking and then just shake it out.

        2. Samantha says:

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    2. Retired says:

      That just might be coming , he is more on the ball than congress .

    3. dmttbt says:

      I think he is giving it over to congress to take responsibility for the deal but I am with you I want them to shove it as well.
      On the travel ban the lower courts have stopped that again. How is it that all the other presidents were allowed to use the powers of their office but a lower court gets to stop Trump. The sanctuary city funds stop has been overridden because it would hurt them financially. No s hit.

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