Trump’s anti-trade talk riles Republicans, resonates with blue-collar backers

by S.A. Miller
June 30, 2016

Donald Trump’s powerful stance against trade deals and globalization has just about everybody in the political arena squirming — everybody, that is, except Mr. Trump and the blue-collar supporters he will need to win the White House in November.

His fierce attack on the North American Free Trade Agreement and the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement exposed a gaping rift in the Republican Party that has been plastered over for years between pro-business Republican leaders and the party’s working-class voters.

The usually firmly Republican-allied U.S. Chamber of Commerce was looking for cover Wednesday after clashing with Mr. Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, over his anti-globalization agenda.

Republican elected officials who have always touted free trade didn’t know which way to turn.

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  • Worried Vet says:

    Well this kind of talk will destroy this country. Hillary will be Obama on steroids. When people say these things when Hillary is a crook, guilty of treason and to take the chance to elect her is disgusting. I don’t like Trump but I will vote for him. With our debt and the way the morals have went out the window, I have to. When liberals push for laws where the majority don’t want, they lie like its normal. Trump isn’t close to perfect but I do think he has much more concern for the population than liberals have and ever will. Liberal want control of us period. I used to vote for the one I thought the best, no matter what party. I voted for Bill and voted for Hillary in 08. This DNC platform now to punish corporations because they don’t agree with global warming was the last straw. That is trying to control free speech and the next step they take can only be very bad for us. I won’t ever vote democrat again until they change.

  • Lkfeinb says:

    A big lesson needs to be learned from the British vote. They went off the cliff. Everything is going to cost them more because the pound is devalued. That is what Trump is suggesting to do with free trade. He is a loose cannon and should not be given your vote.
    What is the answer if you hate Hillary? That is your choice. Just don’t promote or vote for this uninformed, narcissistic demagogue.

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    When will conservatives learn Trump shoots from the lip, train of thought palaver? Do you want to vote for and support with hard earned money a guy who has little maturity and no self-control over his mouth? It’s Hillary all the way. Don’t lower yourselves to the Tea Party/Freedom Caucus/’build a wall’ mentality.

    1. Lkfeinb says:

      There is too much anger on this site and not enough research and thinking. I don’t think you will get far with a rational response.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Clear eyed observer, you. Good pickup, so there’s hope for others on this site. ‘Ultra’ conservatives are characterized by excessive need for confirmation and support, with emotion ruling the roost. Keep up the good thinking.

        1. Susan Meyer says:

          WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!! There is so much hate because Obama has created it. Obama hates America and America’s Rules of Law. If a Black Person gets killed, Obama is immediately on his/her side regardless of who is at fault. Goes to a Black criminal’s funeral, but won’t even get a mention out of him if the victim is white. Doesn’t this tell you anything?

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            To this extent you are right–the election twice of a black man has riled the bigoted southern base of conservatives against him. Hate groups according to the Southern Poverty Center that prosecutes them have proliferated over the past 7 years against him.
            As a minority president, he naturally will defend his people. Aren’t you defending whites no matter how bigoted? Presumably you are white. But you treat the blacks differently. This tells me you are verging on racial bigotry or surrounded by such people, outnumbered and forced to wacky racial discrimination. Most of the nation that elected the president is ahead of you in tolerance and Christian love.

    2. gf says:

      You are a PHD, MD? A very intelligent person. However, I disagree, Donald J. Trump, will be the best POTUS since Ronald Reagan. The Clinton’s are the most corrupt politicians ever. The Clinton’s are in it for the power and the graft. They do not give a damn about the average American, busting their ass to make a living. HRC, has spent over 250 million dollars already. Where is the money going, and where did it come from? The Clinton Foundation, is nothing more than a tax free slush fund for the Clinton’s. With foreign contributions buying influence, quid pro quo, you give the Clinton’s money, you buy them. If HRC, gets in the White House, it will be a continuation, of the Obama destruction of the USA. We should not worry however. Donald J. Trump, is going to bury her. The largest electoral landslide, since Ronald Reagan.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        President of the United States is not a roll to play. It’s not a cushy retirement spa in the White House. It’s not a prominent travel resource to tour the world. It’s not a concrete bunker where one can secretly meet moneymen and rake in a fortune, though Dick Cheney tried hard with oilmen.
        POTUS is a place to make a difference in people’s lives; that doesn’t include a casino, golf course, steaks and beers with your name on them. It includes space to invite world leaders hoping to improve the lot of their people while you improve the American Way. It is a place to demonstrate what the land of the free and home of the brave means. It’s a place to make government provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare. It’s a place to insure that God-given rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness have equal opportunity with your leadership. I can’t imagine Trump doing any of this for anybody but himself and his family.
        To your points, tax exempt charities like Clinton Global Initiative cannot engage in political activity not donate to it. Anything coming from CGI is salary for its director Hillary, legally usable for campaigning. In office CGI will be given to her family to operate as a blind trust. No influence, no slush, no foreigners.
        I submit we’d be in bankruptcy and austerity mode without Mr. Obama in charge. We’d still have 16 million sick people dying for lack of affordable healthcare. We’d still be stationed in Iraq and protector against ISIL, Iran and opposition Iraqi subversives. I submit we’d still have banks making risky bets without adequate reserves to cover losses to trusting depositors and homeowners. We’d be embroiled in wars with Iran, Syria and Ukrainian territory. We’d have armed forces going toe to toe with ISIL fighters. We’d have more tax cuts for fat cats and fewer jobs for middle class workers. We know this is true because it all took place to a degree in 2008-2009 when the nation’s and world’s economies tanked into the Great Recession. Nobody wants to repeat that terrible businessman-president’s term of office with anybody claiming to be a Republican like phony Trump. We’re going to have a landslide, but Hillary will win it and retake all of congress because of what you read above. Vote Hillary.

        1. Susan Meyer says:

          Where in the world are you getting your information? Obamacare is a disaster and if you don’t know that, you certainly are not intelligent. Rates were suppose to go down (NOT), you like you doctor, you can keep your doctor (NOT), if you like your plan, you can keep your plan (NOT). The premiums have skyrocketed while the deductibles have also skyrocketed. Obama is giving guns and money to countries that want to kill us. The borders are so porous every Tom, Dick and Harry can walk right in and we have no idea who they are or what their mission is. Most likely the mission is to kill us and Obama says “hey, come on in and kill every American you see (and I don’t believe Obama is an American). Obama is Muslim of the worst kind. Taking the oath of office to protect the Constitution and protect the American people while his hand is on top of the Koran should send up a Red Flag for everyone. He is liar and a fraud Dr.Bill. If you are a medical doctor sure wouldn’t want to be your patient. I’m going to stop here as I just realized you are Muslim/Communist/Socialist and you are in favor of our country being changed into a third world country. You will no longer be able to write what you wrote nor would I be allowed to write what I just wrote. Thanks, but no thanks. I want to live in freedom with a leader who loves America, the American people, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and THE AMERICAN FLAG. Vote for Hillary and you are guaranteed to be dictated to. The younger generation will have one long row to hoe. Please think about these things before you vote Hillary. This country cannot withstand 4 more years of Obama’s agenda, which will also be Hillary’s.




          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Are you ignorant of 16 million people having health insurance that never had it before? Those folks could not get insurance before ACA. They were bounced out of their policies for being too sick. They were dying. They were priced out of life-saving coverages. What about stopping hospital revolving door treatments–so expensive? How about medical records online? It doesn’t take much to see how valuable those features, just a sample, are for the nation. Rates are rising at a slower rate than before. Inadequate policies are being upgraded–by insurance companies profiting off sick people. Have a heart!!!
            Just what countries are getting guns and money in foreign aid that want to attack America?
            Borders are always porous unless you want to shoot to kill anybody who crosses–not the American way.
            It’s hardly simply that they ‘walk in’. You are dissing the hard working border patrol and ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement laborers we depend on.
            It’s not Obama whose 4.9 billion dollar request for more funds was cut by congress to 3.4 billion. And you just called Sen. McCain a liar who rebuffed your non-American Muslim charges. Who are you to know better?
            Your Qu’ran story is false. Where are you getting your information from? Certainly not from reputable sources. Better get out of the house and test your nonsense with ordinary Americans. Are you one?

          2. freeeagle777 says:

            Do you really think that calling yourself a Doctor will make someone believe it ?
            Your own words do you in ….
            You are as much a REAL Doctor as Hillary is concerned about regular working people that have to put food on the table each and every day ….
            Your sense of logic is so far out there that only someone
            that has had too many drinks or too many Little Cigs. would come up with these conclusions …
            Your a liar and so is the guy you voted against , Mr. McCain . In your whole life you have only voted for Democrats . You hate all Republicans and everything they stand for . I hope I live long enough to see the Independent Party become the biggest Party .
            I hope when we do , we will not become as CLOSED Minded as you are !
            Every one knows how Corrupt the Clintons are and when Mr. Trump starts reminding every one of the things that went on between 1993 -2001 , the Country will get their refresher course … to start off , the attack by the military in Waco Tx. killing 168 unarmed mostly women and children , allowing Chinese Generals to Tour and take Notes in our Military Installations , allowing Loral Industries to sell Missile Guidance Technologies to the Chinese Government , Pardoning Hard Core Criminals before leaving office … Using the White House as a Brothel . Setting the IRS on anyone the Clintons thought were their enemies ( Real or Not ) … if I had time I could give you 1000 more things these Fine Citizens did while they were in charge before …..

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            It’s a really anti-intellectual crack easily dismissed with online google skills by you.
            Are you against regular working people putting adequate food on their tables daily? How’s that illogical?
            You mention personal habits with familiarity perhaps from your own usage. I don’t do drugs or smoke.
            You don’t know my voting record, presumptuous one, but you are wrong again.
            My own parents were elected Republican officials and I couldn’t hate them, contrary to your wild accusation.
            In a 2 party system in America you wish for the impossible. I submit that your post makes you closed minded. That’s it for open discussion with you.

          4. freeeagle777 says:

            Big words don’t make you more intelligent … Not using them logically and with a small amount of common sense shows what your I.Q. level really is !

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            You are simply anti-intellectual. If those are big words to you, you must go back to school or get a better peer group. I’m noted for plain speaking (with the common sense you don’t recognize). What about trade policies and Trump?

          6. freeeagle777 says:

            You really are a delusional and narcissistic little man that ask for more tolerance on your points of view but , expresses resentment and anger in your words .
            You criticize anyone that has a difference of opinion and go out of your way to belittle all that think differently .. How can anyone argue any points with someone like you ? You know everything and your distorted sense of logic won’t allow you to even think of any others ideas to be relevant to whatever solution may be possible ….
            You want more illegal immigration not because you feel any association with these lawbreakers but , because you believe these poor ignorant people will be more easily persuaded to be Democrats .
            My mother came to this legally , even thought my father could have easily have put her in his Army Air Corp plane and brought her here illegally …
            You are for a person that thinks that most people are beneath contempt .
            She cares about herself only.
            She wants more Free Trade with third World Countries that have NO Minimum Wage , that will bring their products to this Country and pay Zero Import Taxes upon arriving here .
            These company’s will be competing with U.S. company’s that provide at the minimum a Livable wage .U.S. Corp’s have to adhere to environmental laws , Workers Compensation laws and pay Corp & personal Taxes .Do you think that any poor person that is not ignorant to the fact that she would like most wages in this Country to become Sub Standard would knowingly vote for such a person ?
            No Dr Bill or Dr Bull … you or her do not care about any poor person that arrives here Legal or illegal , they are just people that you can be used to become a bigger voting block for the Democratic Party …
            If you were a real Doctor you would be well aware of what the so called Affordable Care Act was all about . The ACA is all about more Government control and giving the Federal Government access to private medical records and using that information to extort whomever the President and their underlings deem to be their enemies , real or imagined.
            You claim that your parents were Republican Politicians ? Is that suppose to excuse your of sense of what really is wrong ?
            I am registered as Non Party Affiliation .
            That means that my Vote for Trump or Sanders will be because I believe they are the Best Choices this Country has at the moment even if my small gold bar investment drops in price .
            I am not a Republican or Democrat , and neither is Trump or Sanders .
            If Clinton had not rigged the system Mr Sanders would only be a few delegates from Clinton at this moment . I voted for Ross Perot twice even when I knew he would lose in 96 . I vote for the person not a D or an R at the end of some ones name
            PS.. I don’t smoke , drink or take ANY medications .

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            Any anger and resentment is when facts, reality and common sense are avoided by fellow mankind. Any belittlement is in your eyes, as folks can’t handle the truth and think it’s degrading. Let’s have your arguments instead of prescribing the process of interaction to limit me. And any distortion is usually due to faulty data, viewpoint and lack of sense on readers’ parts. I do lots of analysis, trained others to do so, and then synthesize what’s there. I can’t help it if you don’t or can’t do the same.
            I never said I want anything but legal immigration, so right there you misunderstood me. Whose fault is that? I have no illusions that immigrants may become members of either party. But with their fresh eyes and newly adopted homeland, many, maybe most will vote for freedom, progress, more rights just like Democrats advocate.
            Your mother’s view of free trade is precisely what is bringing middle class workers down. We don’t want to compete with foreign labor that has no minimum wages first because it’s bad for them and second it’s stealing our jobs. That’s a bad trade deal for America, the reason many Democrats and I oppose TPP. Cheap foreign goods are nice, but not at the expense of good paying American jobs, and more workers here out of work. She’s a good Republican fat cat supporter.
            ACA is aimed, not a control, but at providing cheaper healthcare to more people and those who couldn’t get it before. There are other positive provisions in this law, that admittedly needs modification, but Republicans refuse to compromise and make the tweaks. Despite your distrust of government, 20 million more people have coverage than before making a healthier America which is good for you and me. Again in American there are differences of opinion but nobody should be deemed your ‘enemy’ without you resembling ISIL or Boco Haram or Al Qaida operatives. They kill everybody around and Americans don’t do that.
            About politics you are entitled to your choice. I continually weight the aims and policies of each party and rather consistently come down on the side of Democrats as human beings and Christians with love and compassion for others. It’s not what Republicans do. BTW primary and caucus rules are not set by candidates so you are wrong about Clinton ‘rigging the system’. It’s a Republican trick to change the rules of voting, registration et al, in the middle of the game like they are trying to do now against Trump who won fair and square. Count voter suppression among their tricks against Dems.
            You must be a tiny minority not taking meds on the far right. Everybody I know is on some kind of medication. Don’t you have healthcare insurance?

    3. beowulf32 says:

      STFU A HOLE.

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