Trump’s secret weapon is…

by Ben Kamisar - The Hill
July 16, 2016

Donald Trump has a secret weapon as he seeks to burnish his image in Cleveland: his daughter Ivanka Trump.

A mogul in her own right, Ivanka Trump has become her father’s most effective surrogate, softening the edges of Donald Trump’s brash and often controversial presidential campaign.

And she’s being called upon to play that role again in the spotlight of this week’s Republican National Convention.

“She’s seen much differently than her father — she certainly has a classier, more reasoned reputation, and she’s beloved by a lot of the people her father is not beloved by,” said Robert Thompson, a Syracuse University communications professor.

Expectations are high for her speech, with some seeing it as the presumptive nominee’s best chance to push back on accusations of sexism.

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  • Joann Wright says:

    <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!be197p:….,

  • xingqin says:

    Go to U and watch the videos on Clinton Corruption and the deaths of over 100 people who got too close to the Clintons. Hillary claims to be a Methodist Christian and yet she thinks it is alright to go against God’s Holy Word as long as it fits her own greedy needs. Baby Killing is murder, no matter how you want to title it. Gay life style, black lives matter instead of all lives matter, lie’s under oath, and selling out our country while waving the flag and telling you how great she is. Hillary makes Trump look like a Saint and even though most of us think Obama is the worse President in the History of our country, she could claim that title. If you love America, our Constitution, and want to see our Country return to being great again, Trump is a good start and he out shines Hillary on every level. Trump is not apolitically correct candidate and he has enough money that he does not have to lick the boots or kiss ass to buy his support. His support comes from those of us who are fed up with the socialist communist form of government we’ve seen under Obama and Hillary plans to continue. We need Pro-Life, protection of our Constitution and not idiots trying to redefine it. We need good health care and free enterprise. We need good paying jobs and no more free rides. We need enforcement of the laws we have on the books and not amnesty. We need to put America first and anyone who comes into our country should be forced to live under our laws and our way of life or go home. We need a stronger military and a Commander and Chief that has the respect of those under him.
    We need justices who interpret the Constitution and it’s original intent and who do not try to rewrite, bend, or misinterpret the laws to meet their own greedy needs. We need Donald Trump who will take the lead instead of trying to lead from behind and place blame of failures on anyone but himself.

  • Pat Frees says:

    Criminals helping criminals, Bernie and Hillary, there is not a chance in HELL that these two will succeed, and if criminally they do, watch the HELL out, this country will be out of control, starting a revolution possibly ,because this will show us how the government is a mafia in itself, and regardless how we vote they will manipulate the outcome. God help them if they do.

  • Korean_Vet says:

    One Thing for Sure–She’s “Ten Times Better Looking than I Am”-! And If
    She’s already “Shown that She Has the Brains–That Goes With the Looks”
    That Gives Her “An Advantage Of Being a Smart Gal”–“Who’s up on Books”-!
    (New “Lost” History Fact)–About the Battle of Brooklyn in Revolutionary War-!
    I Did Research about 22 years ago on “The Maryland Four Hundred” who in
    Truth “Saved the American Revolution” in 1775″ & about 10 years ago–found
    a NY Website backing my Research– ‘www.nyfreedom/oldstonehouse.htm.’
    400 men with old muskets–against 4,000 ‘crack’ British Troops–“That’s not
    Bravery, That’s not Courage–IT’S SUICIDE-!” But they did it & “Got Left Out
    of U.S. History Books”–when PhD’s who write our High School History Books-
    Put IT Down As Just Another ‘Lost Battle”-! But the “Rest of the Colonial
    Army “Saw what 400 men Did” & This was the Start of ‘America’s Fighting
    Spirit’-! After making 5 Vicious Attacks against a 10,000 man Jaw to keep it
    from closing with a 2nd 10,000 man Jaw-! The last man left of the 400–Geo.
    Washington made “Mordecai Gist” a Brigadier General for that one Battle-!
    They had no cameras in those days–but they had ‘Portrait-Artists’ & you can
    type his name into the “U.S. Art Galleries” to “See Him” & “Discover “That it
    really Did Happen”-! Out of 24 old History Books–the Battle of Brooklyn was
    only mentioned 4 times & in those 4–only a partial story was ever told -! Few
    Americans have ever known–“What price–to Win our Freedoms Did Cost”!

  • BILL3000 says:

    YES! Donald’s’ Anchor Baby Ivanka WILL Be Giving Head to ALL Delegates to the R.N.C.C,,Both Males and Females AND to those of Undecided Gender As Often as They Desire It!!!(EXCEPT Ben Carson)!!!!!!!

  • texexpatriate says:

    The young woman is rich, talented, smart, polite, patriotic, and courageous. Sort of unlike Michelle Obama.

    1. BILL3000 says:

      AND,Ivanka Gives Great Head to ANYONE for Very Reasonable Prices!!!

  • onefour says:

    When you allow any and all have voter registration when they apply for a drivers license you know there is fraud afoot. This includes citizens and non citizens legal and illegal.

    1. BILL3000 says:

      AND Extraterrestrial Acephalics like onefour!!

      1. onefour says:

        how little you know with a small brain syndrome

  • NJ Lady says:

    Okay, if you say so!

  • Oh I have heard her scream for higher wages. Because she gets it and as is always the case, the voters do not for we no longer have an informed citizenry that the fathers believed, NO, they KNEW FOR A FACT THAT THIS IS ONE THING YOU HAVE TO BE TO BEAT THESE TYRANTS. THE OTHER IS AN ARMED CITIZENRY.. The company will NEVER take the loss of sales revenues for you quickly find there are less people buying, he/she has to get laid off, thus being halftime workers. Being his workers on a half pay scale not for the regular amt of hours; so, they go into their local supermarket and to their total surprise, but not to ours for they actually believed this blatant Socialist lie, and find milk has gone up from $2.98 to a whopping $6.00. So it is with the cheese, and everything
    else your family needs. Can’t buy much with that extra
    wage hike has helped you now?Are you beginning to GET IT Now? Hillary said, Bernie Promised. OK, let us begin with the history of dear Senator Sanders shall we. Bernie was no more a Socialist, he is and continue to be a Communist, or an anarchist. For I have seen some of his speeches for civil disobedience. He was right there with Bill Ayers, Hoffman and et al, But there is a distinction, while we wanted to end the war, he was advocating overturning the government. And one last thing, he is advocating for free college tuition huh>? OK once you are out of school and have make it successfully into your careers as you settle down with wife, kids, you find that all of a sudden, they are taking out an immense amts. from your paycheck once or twice a month. That goes to give college students free college just as you got, but neglects to say who will pay for it/YOU ARE YOU IDIOTS. My beloved Russian Grandmother always told me…The Doctor makes as much as does the butcher! P. Kathy Kleiman

    1. reggie says:

      Clinton pay scale differences, yeah, she works for women, BS!
      “During those years, the median annual salary for a woman working in Clinton’s office was $15,708.38 less than the median salary for a man, according to the analysis of data compiled from official Senate expenditure reports.” One of many sources.
      free beacon com/politics/hillary-clintons-war-on-women/
      add “dot” before “com”

      1. BILL3000 says:

        Ah,the famous Fascist Propaganda rag for Dim Wis and Paranoid Schizophrenics “free” beacon? Edited,I believe by Dr.Goebbels’ great Grandson.

    2. BILL3000 says:

      right,P.,Kathy Kleiman,AND we can Become Informed Citizens by Reading 1776 Coalition,”Patriot” News Daily,Fix This Nation,and EVERYTHING by Matt Barber in Barbwire and by Alex Jones,Beck,Breitbart,C.N.S.,Heritage Foundation, Goebbels,LaBarbera,Limbaugh,and MOST CRUCIALLY:Joseph Farah in W.N.D.,AND all the Oher Purveyor’s of New American Fascist Paranoid Propaganda!!!
      Sieg Heil!
      Trump for Nuremberg 2016!!!!

  • Born in the South and proud says:

    God Bless America Trump 2016

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Ivanka? …best chance to push back on accusations of sexism.

    …………..She will try, but the sexist B S came from her fathers mouth.

    Fathers treat loving daughters a lot different than feminist wantabes with a big mouth and an agenda.

    1. reggie says:

      http://dailycaller com/2015/08/17/attorney-trump-companies-employ-more-female-execs-than-male-video/
      http://wwwbreitbart com/2016-presidential-race/2016/05/06/black-female-trump-executive-slams-critics-in-viral-video-the-trump-family-i-know/ Just 2 sources, add ‘dot’ before ‘com’

      1. BILL3000 says:

        dailycaller and breitbart,reggie_Okay,but you forgot the Official Trump!!

    2. BILL3000 says:

      Perhaps,but Ivanka has a big mouth AND:Gives Great Head for very reasonable fees!!

  • Margo Haynes says:

    Definitely Hillary would finish what our treasonous President has begun. That said, I just received an email from Dave Hodges Common Sense Show …it is a MUST READ!

  • dze53 says:

    Ivanka is a wonderful role model for the young women in this country. She exudes intelligence and class.

    1. McFerguson says:

      Yeah, she really does. She’s a beauty who presents herself as elegant, almost royal…

      1. BILL3000 says:

        AND : Ivanka Gives Great HEAD!!!

        1. McFerguson says:

          You got a lotta class there, Billy Boy. Ya gotta be a democrat…

          1. unkclif says:

            no he is just like yourself. Mc F an ass.

          2. Kathy Giles says:

            These libtards are repulsive.

          3. McFerguson says:

            Couldn’t agree more, Kathy…

        2. DEW says:

          So does your mother !!

        3. rc says:

          You are an ignorant f***!

        4. Kathy Giles says:

          You will never know whether she does or not, you pervert!

        5. Robert says:

          You have just shown what a low life POS you really are.

      2. bobnstuff says:

        Shes lucky that she takes after her mother since non of those thing come from her father.

        1. Kathy Giles says:

          You dont know a damn thing about it bobnstuff. Why dont you shut your pie hole.

      3. Kathy Giles says:

        Yes, Ivanka is stunning as well as intelligent.

    2. CharlieSeattle says:

      …unlike Killary, who exudes deception and crassness.

      1. Born in the South and proud says:

        killary is the perfect poster child for all that is wrong in this country and world
        Trump 2016 Let Freedom Ring

        1. BILL3000 says:

          IMPORTANT Error There,Born in the South and Proud!! Yes,the word begins with an “F”,but Factually,Honestly It’s:
          Trump 2016 Let FASCISM Ring !!

          1. psychosally says:

            by south you mean cuba huh cuz no one here has an attitude and mind and mouth like yours

          2. Kathy Giles says:

            I am from the south and we were all raised to be respectful and honest. I didn’t hear a bad word until I started high school. So, quit talking about the south. We are probably more intelligent and respectful than you.

          3. psychosally says:

            why are you responding to me when I’m talking to bill 3000-and I am also from the south ,follow the conversation kathy

          4. Kathy Giles says:

            No, Trump is not anything like Fascist. That describes Hilliary and Obama, not Trump. Sad to say, he will even take care of you, dumb ass. One way or the other.

          5. Robert says:

            Do you even know the meaning of the word you ungrateful imbecile.

      2. Kathy Giles says:

        Hilliary, the cocaine addict murdering lying lesbian whore. Who wants her? Not even Bill. He is voting Trump!

    3. Kathy Giles says:

      Shows she is very well brought up. Trump raised her to be that woman.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    I just hope this election’s not rigged like it was for Opey! Hellary will be our finish as a country and her love for islam is stronger than Obama’s! TRUMP all the way!

    1. dawntoo says:

      There will be voter fraud. This means Trump has to be able to get so many more voted that the Clinton machine can not steal the election.

      1. Kathy Giles says:


    2. BILL3000 says:

      Good Luck,Rodney Steward on you upcoming Brain Implant!! Here’s Hoping for the Surgery’s Success!!!1
      In the mean time,however ,Unlimited Injections of Super-Strength Thorazine may help you manage those Nasty Outbreaks of Paranoid Dementia!!!

      1. DEW says:

        Get back under your rock lib nobody is paying attention to you and your ignorant postings !!

      2. Rodney Steward says:

        My what a picture, Billy-Bob and the Duggar gang! With faces like that U have to be for Hellary to keep that free train ride going, and she did say she would continue Opey’s agenda!

      3. Kathy Giles says:

        Good one.

    3. Kathy Giles says:

      Go Trump!

  • grama18 says:

    I love — TRUMP– GO Trump ! KICK –O’s — ASS !

    1. grandmary42 says:

      You mean kick Hillary’s ass, right?
      Go Trump!

      1. grama18 says:

        YUP !! BOTH of THEM !

        1. BILL3000 says:

          You Want to Fuck BOTH of THEM,grama18??!! Excessively LUSTFUL ld gal,aren’t you,grama18??!

          1. psychosally says:

            pay no attn to bill-hes 13 and feeling his cheerios because 2 other preteens follow him

          2. HENRI says:

            YOU GOT TO LOVE GRANNY 18

          3. grama18 says:

            OH MY !! YOU are a disgusting piece of garbage !

        2. Joann Wright says:

          <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!be197p:….,.

      2. BILL3000 says:

        Oh,it Really Doesn’t Matte,grama18 and grandmary42 !!!…As Long as Trump GOES!! The Sewers in Queens would be a Great Final Resting Place for Donald!!!

        1. DEW says:

          Yea you sound like a sewer’s life down there ??

        2. grandmary42 says:

          I guess you’re one of those American hating persons! I’m wondering what
          grievance you are holding. Why don’t you look at the country and do
          what you can to improve it and don’t tell me vote for Hillary! I
          believe she is only for Hillary, no one else! She lies to get votes.
          She would sell her soul to the devil if it meant more money/power for
          her. Think outside yourself, think of the future generation!

          1. psychosally says:

            no hes a rino for cruz,lol

          2. Kathy Giles says:

            No, Trump is not a Rino. Where do you get this garbage?

          3. psychosally says:

            not talking about trump kathy-talking about bill 3000

          4. bobnstuff says:

            You are right he is not a RINO, he isn’t even a republican.

          5. Robert says:

            Neither are you.

          6. bobnstuff says:

            In fact I’m a life time republican, I’ve worked for the party and held office in the republican party. Since I helped build the party before it was hijacked I thing I’m the true republican not one of those Johnny come lately TP right wing nut jobs. Since Trump has only been a republican for 7 years is he really a republican or just a democrat playing the part of one.

          7. bobnstuff says:

            So we should vote for a man who is so full of himself that he puts his name on everything he can, doesn’t like to pay his bills and likes to fire people. His record is full of his taking advantage of the little guy for his own wealth. What good things has he done to help man kind or even Americans? Everything he does he does for Trump. Has he ever worked to get healthcare for children, has he helped get money for the poor or the sick. What in his past would make me want to vote for him. He lies about his worth, he lied when he said we could see his taxes. Talk about lying to get votes, he tells different lies to different groups just to get their votes. I wouldn’t buy a used car from this guy. Would you leave him alone in a room with your daughter?

          8. rc says:

            So, therefore you’re gonna vote for a felon…or excuse me, because she is so mightier than us regular peons, she once again manipulated her fat ass out of trouble. Yeah, that’s what we need another damn elitist who has one set of rules for she & Bill and another one for us? Are you recently or long term brain dead?

          9. bobnstuff says:

            You gave me no reason to vote for Trump! Just because Trump can buy his way out of things doesn’t make him honest. Do you want a President with Mob ties? How about one who launders money for terrorists. How about someone who doesn’t pay his taxes until he is taken to court then lies about what his property is worth. This is the guy you are voting for.

          10. Kathy Giles says:

            Trump does not have mob ties. More lies spread by the millions from george Soros.

          11. bobnstuff says:

            You can’t build in Atlantic City without working with the Mob, Vegas and New York are the same way.

          12. Tiger12a says:

            bobnstuff-get lost-what about Killary stealing furniture from the White House and getting financial support from terrorist and lies to the American people about the Bengazi , she would rather have Obama reelected than
            help Ambassador Stevens from the terrorist attack. Tells her daughter that the embassy was attacked because of terrorist and tells the American people it was the recent video that caused the attacked that killed 4 Americans in Bengazi. She is do full of it and you want to vote for this witch. She lies her way to anything. She not to be trusted.

          13. bobnstuff says:

            That’s still no reason to vote FOR Trump. Hillary is small change in comparison, You really need to read the real reports on Benghazi.


          14. reggie says:

            He never gives up, you need to ignore him.

          15. unkclif says:

            no she is not a felon , All of the money and all of the brain power the Republican party has to work with could NOT FINE anything to charge her with. That is not she is so slick it is The REPUBLICANS could not prove it. They were the best and brightest you rc, could vote in , right?

          16. Kathy Giles says:

            Guess what? The Republicans are not through with her yet. Trump will win and he can send her to prison. Bet on it.

          17. Kathy Giles says:

            Bobnstuff–Trump is none of the things that you have mentioned. He does pay his bills and the only people he fires are those who don’t do their job. The show apprentice was only a show. He has helped more people and given more to charities than is talked about. His son has a foundation for children. He has saved peoples ranches, sent his plane to take a sick child to a doctor, sent a man imprisoned in Mexico the money to rebuild his life, and a score of other things that are not mentioned. Donald is not full of himself. He was in business and branded everything so that people would know it was the best. And, his products were the best. He is not a con man. The Trump University was extortion of a billionnaire. He has, by the way, won the case. Hilliary, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Kasich, and many others have spent millions to spread lies about the Don. They are all lies. So, quit bashing Trump. He is the best thing America has seen in a long, long time. Vote Trump everyone! Hilliary and Obama have alread betrayed us. The Don can save America! Go Donald.

          18. bobnstuff says:

            Thousands of law suits say different. He burned Sysco for $750,000 in unpaid bills. He said he likes firing people. What his son does doesn’t count, He is full of himself and his brand means nothing, his steaks proves that point. He has not won the case, in fact he is trying to bully his way out of it just like he does every time. These facts are not new, If you do your homework you will see that this is how he has been doing business for years. Where are his tax returns?

          19. Tiger12a says:

            Okay, and the one you like- Killary-what about her all her lying, untrustworthy, she will say anything to get away with wrong doing. She is not good for America and she will contnue Obammers policies. We dont need that.

          20. bobnstuff says:

            We are not talking about Hillary here, Nothing Hillary did or did not do changes who Trump really is.

          21. Robert says:

            You are a lying POS.

          22. bobnstuff says:

            Show me one thing I said that isn’t true. I gave links. I’m not a big Hillary fan but having watched Trump for many years I could never vote for him. Please go look at his history, he is a bully and a cheat. He first came into the public eye for throwing poor people put of their homes and he and his Dad ended up in court. Go look at how many time he was bailed out by people and who he has been in bed with. He works very well with Muslims and get money from them. Don’t take my word for it go look up where he has holdings and who he is in business with.

          23. Lilly Putney says:

            Would you leave bill Clonton alone with your Daughter?A man that spends any where to two or three months a year with a pediphole on his private Island called Lolita Island. Any one got got any answers?

          24. bobnstuff says:

            I don’t think Bill is running this time but isn’t Trump being sued about having sex with a thirteen year old? Didn’t Trump hang out with that very same pedophile? You can give me reasons to not vote for Hillary but no real reason to vote FOR Trump.

          25. Lilly Putney says:

            Well that is your opinion but facts are f acts. It is well noted about Bills little stays with that person I have never in my 81 years ever heard any where that trump has even been seen with that person. I have gone to ever site I can find no evidence of a so called case about a 13 year old. I have googled all police reports from every state in the union and unless it was in a foreign country it is a lie. As for Bill is not running? Hillary has already said he would be her economic adviser. That is the Presidents job not the first mates.

          26. bobnstuff says:

            The little girl who is now grown up is suing Trump over it and she has names and dates to back her story, it’s in the news.
            Trump is planning to farm out much of the job of President to very smart people. That’s how he runs his business.

          27. HENRI says:

            Y O U G O T THAT R I G H T AMEN!!!!!!

        3. Robert says:

          That’s where your mind is.

      3. HENRI says:


        1. Kathy Giles says:

          Vote Trump!

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